Secret Identity 2194-2196


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2194

When everyone saw the contract, everyone's eyes grew wider and wider.

      It was indeed a formal contract, and the terms and conditions were clear and unambiguous, with no ambiguous side clauses, let alone anything that hid business risks.

      Seeing that at the end, it did indeed have the official seal of Nippon Steel and the autograph of Shinwa Watanabe, it was indeed a true and valid contract without a doubt.

      This time, everyone couldn't help but be pleased.

      The old director said with great excitement, "Oh my, I've never seen Nippon Steel sign a contract with such big concessions!This is arguably unprecedented!Our Chairman Song's pride is too great!A face is worth at least two or three billion dollars!Even higher!"

      Others echoed in agreement, "Yes, Chairman Song taking such a favorable contract from Nippon Steel is almost unheard of in Nippon Steel's history, and if we announce this news to the public, then the stock price will definitely rise quickly!"

      Someone looked at the time and said offhandedly, "The news of Chairman Song's safe return has probably been released by the media, which is already great news, and now with this contract from Nippon Steel, if this news is also released to the public, it will be two great benefits!When our stock resumes trading, we'll be sure to pull it up three or four times in a row!The group's market value could grow by as little as 3 or 40!"

      "Chairman Song, this time, you've really taken the Song Group a big step forward!"

      Song Wanting said very seriously at this time, "The reason why the cooperation of New Japan Railways was able to be negotiated and to get such great favorable terms was entirely because of Master Ye's help in bridging the gap, and New Japan Railways' chairman, Watanabe Shinwa, also signed this agreement entirely on Master Ye's behalf, so everything depends on Master Ye."

      Saying that, she looked towards Ye Chen and said from the bottom of her heart, "Master Ye, everything this time is all thanks to you, if it wasn't for you, I would have died in Japan; if it wasn't for you, grandpa he would have been poisoned and had his brain destroyed; not to mention still being able to get such favorable terms from New Japan Railways Wan Ting is really grateful"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "There's no need to be so polite, these are just what friends should do, it's just a show of hands."

      After saying this, Ye Chen stood up and said, "Wanting, you just came back, and there are a bunch of things waiting for you to clap in the group, I won't bother much, it just happens to be a few days out too, I have to go home early."

      As soon as Song Wanting heard this, she said with a face full of reluctance, "Master Ye doesn't know if it's convenient for you to have lunch together?You've done so much for us and we haven't had a chance to thank you properly."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Didn't I say there's no need to be so polite?You just get busy with your work first, you can eat anytime, you can wait until you're done with what's in front of you and we'll meet up again."

      Master Song also said on the side, "Yes Wanting, Master Ye has been away from home for several days for you, and you should return early to reassure your family."

      Song Wanting could only nod her head, "Master Ye, then I'll see you out."

      "No need."Ye Chen said, "You quickly take advantage of the fact that everyone is here, and continue to touch the work with everyone, you're back now, the cooperation of the New Japan Railway has also been talked about, it's reasonable to say that a conference should be held tomorrow, hurry up and prepare, and try to make the influence a little bigger, it will be good for you, and for the Song Clan."

      Song Wanting nodded her head in gratitude and said, "Okay Master Ye, Wan Ting knows, then take your time, Wan Ting will arrange a banquet some other day, you must be grateful to come over then"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Good, I'll definitely come then."

      Saying that, he waved his hand to Master Song again, "Master Song, I'm leaving first."

      Master Song even bowed deeply and said with immense respect, "Master Ye, take care."

      Ye Chen stepped out from the reporting hall, and both Chen Zekai and Hong Wu were respectfully waiting outside the door.

      Seeing him come out, Richard Chen rushed forward and spoke in a low voice, "Young Master, the car is ready, shall I take you home or?"

      Ye Chen faintly said, "Well, go home."

      Hong Wu, who was on the side, also ran over and asked for advice, "Master Ye, your aunt has been in the city village for the ninth day, she has been crying all day and night for two days to go back, causing the neighbors in the city village to call the 110 for several rounds of complaints, do you think we should let her go?"

Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2195

When Ye Chen heard this, his entire body was slightly startled and opened his mouth to ask, "Why hasn't he let her go after nine days?Didn't we say seven days?"

      Hong Wu was a bit embarrassed and said, "Master Ye, I was thinking that I need your nod to release my side in this matter, I'm not good at taking the initiative"

      Richard Chan on the side exclaimed, "Hongwu, why haven't you released him yet?Miss is a person with a tremendous temper, if you don't let her go when the time comes, beware of her turning back to take revenge on you!"

      Hong Wu hehehehe smiled and scratched his head, "That I wasn't thinking that Master Ye had been in Japan rescuing Miss Song a few days ago, and then tossed all the way back by boat, so I must have been particularly busy, so I didn't call Master Ye to consult you on this matter, wanting to wait for you to come back and tell you."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Okay, then let her go."

      Hong Wu hurriedly said, "Okay Master Ye, I'll arrange this."

      Zekai Chen then said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, I think it would be best if you go there and tell the Eldest Miss that it is your intention to delay her release for two days, otherwise, she will definitely seek revenge on Hong Wu once she returns to Yanjing."

      Hong Wu said without hesitation, "Retaliate against me?Tell her to come on!I, Hongwu, have also died once, I won't be afraid of her!"

      Chen Zekai waved his hand and said seriously, "You are not understanding the Eldest Miss's style of acting, she is a person who especially holds grudges and has various means, if Young Master offends her, she will definitely not be able to do anything to Young Master, but if you offend her, then she will not only find trouble with you, she will most likely not even spare your family and friends."

      When Hong Wu heard this, his entire body was suddenly a bit nervous.

      But he didn't want Ye Chen to look down on him, so he said with a hard scalp, "It's fine, I'm not scared of Hongwu!"

      Richard Chen sighed in disbelief.

      He understood Ye Changmin's personality too well.

      Ye Chen originally let Ye Changmin stay here for seven days, but as a result, Hongwu let her stay for nine days, then she would definitely be very Hongwu into her bones as well.

      Ye Chen had the strength and the old man's favoritism, she definitely wouldn't dare to do anything to Ye Chen, but she definitely wouldn't let Hong Wu go.

      Otherwise, she would have absolutely no place to vent all the anger she suffered in Jinling.

      Therefore, it was out of concern for Hongwu that he also suggested Ye Chen to help him take the blame for this.

      After all, Ye Chen had already offended Ye Changmin to death, and Ye Chen's mother-in-law, Ma Lan, had even hammered Ye Changmin, so with such a big feud on the table, detaining Ye Changmin for two more days was a trivial matter.

      Ye Chen laughed at this time and spoke, "Anyway, more lice don't bite, it's better for me to personally meet that aunt of mine!"

      As soon as Hong Wu heard this, he knew that Ye Chen was prepared to take care of this matter for himself, and he was instantly grateful.

      So, he hurriedly bowed and said respectfully, "I'm sorry Master Ye, Hongwu has caused you trouble."

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Eh ah, don't say that!You're all about doing things for me in the end, how can you say that you're causing me trouble."

      Saying that, Ye Chen said to Chen Zekai, "Old Chen, prepare the car, let's go over together!"

      "Good young master!"

      Ye Changmin was now in the rental house pulling her voice out to curse her mother.

      "Ye Chen!You're a bastard who didn't keep his word!Seven days have long since passed, so why don't you let me out!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2196

"And you bunch of Ye Chen's dogs!You won't let me out, will you?When I get out, I'll deal with you one by one!"

      "Do you really think that I, Ye Changmin, am made of clay?Hurry up and let me out!!!"

      The more Ye Changmin scolded the more agitated she became, and all of a sudden she kept coughing: "Cough cough cough cough if you don't let me out, I'll throw you all into the Yangtze River to feed the fish!I'm going to kill you all, one by one, so that you will never be reborn!"

      I don't blame Ye Changmin for being hysterical, but after nine days of living in a place with the lowest population, her entire body had completely collapsed.

      Coupled with the fact that this place in Jinling was located south of the Yangtze River, the winter was humid, and the rented house she lived in had no air conditioning or heating, so every day she could only wipe her tears on the bed wrapped in a damp blanket.

      From the very first second she moved in, she was looking forward to escaping after the seven-day period expired.

      But to her surprise, after seven days, Hongwu was unwilling to let her go.

      To Ye Changmin, this was not only anger, but also complete fear.

      She was afraid that Ye Chen would suddenly go back on his word, void the seven-day period, and then keep herself under house arrest without giving her a clear date.

      So, she was screaming and yelling like crazy every day, just to get the attention of the neighbors around her, to get the attention of 110, and to put pressure on Ye Chen and Ye Chen's dogs to release her as soon as possible.

      However, she didn't know that Hongwu had already moved all the surrounding neighbors yesterday.

      This self-built building, even including the landlord, had a total of thirty residents, and now, except for Ye Changmin, everyone else was enjoying in the free five-star hotel.

      Therefore, Ye Changmin's shouting and screaming was not heeded by anyone at all.

      Until her voice was almost dumb, no one paid any attention to her, not even the neighbors or police officers who came over to inquire.

      Ye Changmin, who was extremely depressed, immediately took out her cell phone and sent a video to her father, Ye Zhongquan, who was far away in Yanjing.

      As soon as the video went through, Ye Changmin cried out, "Dad!You quickly let that bastard Ye Chen release me ah I really can't take it anymore if you don't release me, I'll simply die here oooooh"

      Ye Zhongquan in the video footage sighed helplessly.

      He knew Ye Changmin's character well enough to know that it was absolutely impossible for him to do anything suicidal and self-inflicted, so he said seriously, "O Changmin!Don't get so excited!It's only been two days, hasn't it?Be patient, Tatsuo will definitely not keep you locked up, maybe he'll let you back in the next two days."

      Ye Changmin cried and said, "Dad!You don't know how I've spent the last nine days!When did I ever commit such a crime, Dad?If you don't go find that bastard Ye Chen, if he doesn't release me now, he may not release me tomorrow, what if he wants to keep me locked up here all the time?"

      She said and begged, "Dad, I'm begging you, just call him and tell him to let me go back soon."

      Ye Zhongquan said seriously, "Changmin, I had a hard time convincing Gu Yanzhong to persuade Chen'er to promise to come back for the Ancestor Ceremony on Qingming Festival, this matter is extremely important to the Ye family, there can't be any mistakes, if because of your matter, which caused Chen'er to change her mind again, it would definitely be a big loss for the Ye family!"

      Ye Changmin understood now.

      It turned out that the old man didn't want to go and pressure Ye Chen, mainly because he didn't want to offend Ye Chen for himself!

      At the thought that her own father couldn't be relied upon, Ye Changmin was so sad that she cried, "Dad!What if Ye Chen never releases me?"

      The old man was busy: "Oh Changmin, if Tatsuo doesn't release you by the Qingming Festival, then Dad will definitely ask him for an explanation."

      Ye Changmin collapsed, "Dad!Ching Ming Festival is in April, which is nearly two months away!"


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