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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2197

This arduous day, Ye Changmin didn't want to continue for a single day.

      If she really had to wait until the Qingming Festival to go back, it was simply no different from wanting her life.

      Ye Zhongquan couldn't help but comfort her: "Alright Changmin, just stop your temperament and get down to business and wait for a few more days, and then if Chen'er is still unwilling to release you, I'll give him a call."

      Ye Changmin naturally had ten thousand grievances in her heart and didn't dare to say more.

      She mused in her heart, "I can now see that in my father's eyes, Ye Chen is currently the most important person in the Ye family."

      "After all, once he does get married to Gu Yanzhong's daughter, Gu Qiuyi, then he will be one of the heirs to the trillion dollar family fortune of the Gu family, which will bring great help to the Ye family."

      "In this case, how can my daughter, who is already married, compare to Ye Chen in terms of her importance in her father's eyes?"

      "Hey, it looks like I can only break my teeth and swallow in my stomach."

      So, she could only say with anger, "Okay dad, I know then I'll just wait patiently for a few more days, if after three to five days, Yechen still doesn't say to release me, then you must give him a call to talk about it."

      She said, her nose was sore, and she sobbed quietly again.

      Ye Zhongquan consoled, "Okay, don't worry, three days, if Chen'er still doesn't release you after three days, Dad will call him personally!"

      Ye Changmin nodded and choked out, "Dad, I'll hang up first then"

      "Okay, hang up."

      With the end of the video call, Ye Changmin's eyes couldn't stop the tears from popping down.

      Just at this moment, a knock was suddenly heard from outside the door.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product.

      Before she could see who was outside the door, she couldn't hold back and cursed, "You bunch of bastards, when exactly are you going to let me out?"

      Ye Chen looked at Ye Changmin who had dull skin and swollen bags under her eyes, frowned and said, "Auntie, the weather in Jinling is so damp and cold, you've lived here for nine days and this fire hasn't been suppressed yet?"

      Once Ye Changmin saw that it was Ye Chen, she was angrily questioned, "Ye Chen!You agreed to let me leave in seven days, but I've already been locked up here by your people for nine days, so why don't you let me go?!"

      Saying that, she saw Hong Wu standing beside Ye Chen and angrily rebuked, "This is the bastard who privately detained me for another two days, he simply deserves to die!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "It's my intention to keep you for two more days."

      "What do you mean?!"

      Ye Changmin asked angrily, "You obviously said 7 days, why did it turn into 9 days?On what grounds?"

      Ye Chen snorted and said faintly, "Are you my aunt?How can you leave after only 7 days after a trip?Say what you will about keeping you for two more days, don't you?"

      Ye Changmin was about to explode with anger at Ye Chen's cavalier attitude and angrily rebuked, "Ye Chen!Don't give me that crap!I don't know you yet?I'm telling you, you'd better not mess with me, so let me back in!"

      Ye Chen gently shook his head and said with a sigh, "It seems that nine days can't hold down your fire at all, Yanjing is dry and your fire is so strong that it will definitely be worse when you go back, in my opinion, you should continue to stay in Jinling for a few more days and completely subside your fire before leaving."

      Saying that, he immediately said to Hong Wu who was beside him, "Hong Wu!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2198

Hong Wu was busy with an arch, "Master Ye, what are your orders?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "This aunt of mine needs to continue to stay in Jinling for a few more days, and during this time, it will be troublesome for you to continue to keep a close eye on her, everything is the same as before."

      Hong Wu was busy asking, "Master Ye, how many days exactly are the days you are talking about?"

      Ye Chen thought about it and smiled, "This way, let's say 7 days, make it a whole week, it's easy to account for, if these 7 days aren't enough, it proves that this aunt of mine has too much liver fire, then we'll have to give her a big treatment."

      Hong Wu smiled, "Okay Master Ye, I know!"

      What Ye Chen was thinking at this time was: "You Ye Changmin think you're the Ye family's daughter, you dare to come to Jinling to act like the Queen Mother descended to earth, and you're still unrepentant to this day, since you're stubborn, don't blame me for being merciless, I don't believe I can't cure you today!"

      Hearing Ye Chen's words, Ye Changmin's face instantly went pale!

      Her tone instantly softened and she choked out a plea, "Ye Chen!You can't do that!I've been tortured to the point of not looking like [PENNY] a human being for the last nine days, do you know what kind of life I've had?It's okay to eat without oil and water, no face wash, no face mask, not even an eye cream, ah"

      "My skin is in such a poor state, it'll take at least a month to heal back when I go back ah, if you lock me up for another seven days, then this skin of mine will really be finished."

      Ye Chen put away the smile on his face and said seriously, "My good aunt, you still don't understand why I want you to stay in Jinling and here!"

      "I'm letting you stay here so that you can put away that temper of yours and learn to behave with your tail between your legs; if you can do it, I'll let you go; if you can't, I'll let you stay until you can do it!"

      "As for your skin being good or bad, what does it have to do with me?"

      Ye Changmin was extremely resentful in her heart, but on the surface, she still pleaded with an aggrieved face, "Chen'er, I'm your aunt, we're family, how can you do this to me?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "Aigoo, you've started treating me like family now?When you came here from Yanjing to boss me around, why didn't you treat me like family?How come you didn't treat me like family when you ran up to my mother-in-law and spouted off?"

      Ye Changmin was so embarrassed that he cunningly said, "I I that wasn't for your own good?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "So you did all that for my own good!"

      Ye Changmin said obsequiously, "Oh my, of course!I'm your aunt, and if I don't do it for your own good, for whose good?"

      Ye Chen clapped his hands and smiled, "That's a real coincidence, Auntie, I'm doing all this for your own good!You must not fail me in my filial devotion to you!"

      Saying that, he looked at Ye Changmin with a serious expression, and

      Continuing, "I'm giving you two choices right now!"

      "First one, you're honestly here for another seven days!"

      "For seven days, you are not allowed to curse, go crazy, or whine or shout here!"

      "If you behave well, after seven days, I will myself let you go!"

      After hearing this, Ye Changmin hurriedly asked, "What about the second option?"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "The second option is to stay here for another month!For a month, you can curse if you want, you can go crazy if you want, you can yell and scream as much as you want, and after a month I'll see if I'm in a good mood!"

      "If I'm in a good mood, then you can just go back."

      "But if I'm not in a good mood, then sorry, I may have to keep you for a while longer and do my duty as a landlord!"


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