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Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2191

Upon hearing the command, Chen Zhai Kai immediately took off without hesitation, "Okay Master Ye, I'll arrange a plane to send the two of them to Sierra Leone, and I'll arrange for someone to guard them 24 hours a day, never letting them have a chance to escape!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, pointed at Hashimoto Kensen next to him, and spoke, "Right, send this Japanese friend along with him."

      Hashimoto nearly first heard this, scared to the point of tears, choked and pleaded: "Mr. Ye, this is entirely the father and son of the surname Song, the two of them are the mastermind, I'm just a business, you said nothing can not send me to Sierra Leone ah, please let me go!".

      Ye Chen sneered, "Hashimoto Konzen, do you think you're not responsible just because you're not the mastermind?I tell you, your nature is as bad as both of them!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen and then to Chen Zekai commanded, "Old Chen, this Hashimoto nearly first to Sierra Leone, all treatment and Song Tianming, Song Honor equal treatment, absolutely no bias, understand?"

      Without hesitation, Chen Zekai nodded and said, "Don't worry, Master Ye, I'll make the proper arrangements!"

      Ye Chen turned to look at Song Ji Mo, the old master Song, and asked, "Old master, are you satisfied with my disposition?"

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.

      But when it really came down to it, he realized that he was still unable to be decisive and desperate.

      After all, they are his own sons and grandsons, if you really kill them, then it would be a white hair to black hair, inevitably a family tragedy.

      As the saying goes, a tiger's poison doesn't eat its own children, and although there have been patricides of sons over the years, there have been few instances of fathers killing their children.

      It is also the case with the old man Song.

      It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

      It's not just a matter of time.

      It is the common people who can't stop their passions and desires.

      The one who can't cut off the flesh and blood relationship at the critical moment is Master Song's trouble.

      It is because of this that he can only put these two people at Ye Chen's disposal.

      Now, Ye Chen decided to send them to Sierra Leone, although the conditions are extremely difficult, but in the end, they still left them a dog's life.

      This also made Master Song relieved.

      Thus, he hurriedly said respectfully to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, no matter what decision you make, I have no half-hearted opinion!"

      Ye Chen nodded and asked Song Wanting again, "Wanting, do you have an opinion?If you have an opinion, feel free to bring it up."

      Song Wanting also hurriedly said, "Master Ye, Wanting has no opinion, everything is at your disposal!"

      Ye Chen then said, "Since everyone is fine with it, let's follow this, Old Chen, have someone bring the three of them down, don't be an eyesore here."

      Chen Zekai immediately ordered a few men in black, "Take the three of them down and keep them under strict guard!Absolutely no slip-ups, do you understand?"

Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2192

The crowd was busy saying, "I hear you!"

      Saying that, he escorted these three people outside.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor had been crying and begging for mercy, Song Tian Ming turned his head to look at Master Song and cried out, "Dad please, for the sake of our father and son, help me plead with Master Ye and ask Master Ye to spare me!Otherwise I might have died in Sierra Leone, Dad!"

      Song's old man's heart was aching.

      Ye Chen had said that they should be allowed to stay in Sierra Leone for 20 years, Song Tian Ming was already over 50 this year, and his body might not be able to carry 20 years when he went to that extremely underdeveloped and impoverished area of Sierra Leone.

      It's very likely that he would have died in Sierra Leone before the 20-year period was up.

      So now this glance may be the last time father and son will look at each other in this life.

      Song Honor's legs were paralyzed at this time, being added up and dragged outside, begging bitterly, "Grandpa I'm only in my twenties this year, I don't want the best years of my life to be confined in Sierra Leone, please help me grandpa!"

      Master Song's expression struggled and tangled, and Ye Chen then sternly shouted, "Gag them all!"

      A few black-clothed men immediately gagged them with something so that they couldn't say anything, and the scene became much quieter.

      Then, all three of them were dragged out.

      Master Song, seeing this, knew that there was no possibility of maneuvering, and sighed deeply, as if he had suddenly aged more than ten years.

      Ye Chen took in his performance, gently shook his head, and spoke in a loud voice, "Master Song, you know better than me the truth of raising a tiger as a problem, you should not only consider for yourself, but also for Wan Ting, if you don't put an end to the consequences of these two, they will definitely be the biggest threat to Wan Ting someday in the future when you are gone!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen smiled slightly and continued, "As long as I, Ye Chen, am here, I won't let the two of them really threaten Wan Ting, that is to say, if the two of them are not eliminated, I will definitely not let them off when they strike at Wan Ting again in the future, so, by the way, imprisoning them in Sierra Leone is not to protect Wan Ting, but to keep them alive!Otherwise they will be reduced to ashes once they fly to the flame!"

      Master Song's entire body was startled, whirled around to look at Song Wanting and hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye you're right!Just leave them to fend for themselves in Sierra Leone!"

      Saying that, Master Song looked at Song Wanting again and spoke, "Wanting, now that you've returned, the position of Chairman of the Song Group is naturally still yours, so from now on, you'll continue to preside over the Song Group's big and small affairs."

      Song Wanting nodded respectfully, "Okay grandpa, Wanting knows."

      Master Song instructed, "Wan Ting, grandpa doesn't ask you to take the Song Group and storm ahead, as long as you can stabilize the status quo and keep the Song Group from going downhill, grandpa will be very satisfied, so you don't want to talk about any cross-border cooperation in the future, I would rather the Song Group not explore any overseas markets or cooperate with any overseas companies, than for you to fall into a dangerousIn the middle of the situation, understand?"

      Song Wanting nodded gently and said, "Grandpa don't worry, I will definitely take my personal safety seriously in the future, in addition to this matter of cooperating with an overseas company, I think it is still possible to continue, there is no need to throw in the towel just because of this matter."

      Saying that, she made a slight pause, and then said, "This time, Master Ye helped me to talk about the cooperation with New Japan Railway, the chairman of New Japan Railway, Shinwa Watanabe, has already signed a cooperation agreement with me in Japan, the agreement is that the two sides will build a joint venture to build a factory, and the funding will be made on a 50-50 basis, but New Japan Railway is willing to give 60 shares to our Song Group."

      "What?!"As soon as this was said, everyone on the scene was stunned and unable to speak one by one.

      New Nippon Iron had always been very strong in foreign cooperation, they were even deadly unwilling to give up their 51 controlling stake, even if the Song Group had given all 60 of their earnings to New Nippon Iron, New Nippon Iron was still unwilling to give up their controlling stake.

      Therefore, in the eyes of everyone on the scene, New Japan Railway was the most difficult bone to chew.

      However, Song Wanting said that New Nippon Iron was now not only willing to give up its controlling stake, but also willing to give up 10 shares for nothing to the Song Group, which was like a dream come true!

Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2193

Song originally thought that Song Wanting had encountered a joint set-up by the Song family and outsiders this time when she went to Japan to talk about cooperation, so in order for her to not encounter such a danger again, he preferred that Song Wanting give up on her plans to expand overseas and her cooperation with overseas.

      However, he never expected that Song Wanting would be able to get such a lucrative contract from New Nippon Steel.

      New Nippon Steel was the global leader in the steel industry, and in this line, they had an extremely high voice, and for a company like the Song Clan to cooperate with others, they just had to rush up and beg.

      Not only do they have to beg, but they also have to prepare all the land and all the local relations, and then invite Nippon Steel to reward the light and come over to cooperate.

      This feeling, equivalent to their own home one bedroom cleaned up neatly, and then run to someone else's home, invite others over to stay for a few days.

      It's not a humble attitude.

      Generally speaking, the more unequal the cooperation, the more unequal the treaty.

      One of the most common unequal treaties is to pay a large sum of money and take a small sum of money from oneself and have someone else pay a small sum of money and take a large sum of money.

      However, who would have thought that Song Wanting would have overturned the state of balance between the Song Group and New Japan Railway, making New Japan Railway pay big money and take a small head, which was really something that no one dared to imagine before.

      Many in the board felt that this was a fantasy.

      However, they didn't dare to directly question Song Wanting, the chairman of the board, so they could only converse with each other below.

      Soon, an old director stood up and spoke up, "Chairman, as far as I know, New Nippon Steel is never willing to sacrifice its controlling stake, will the other party fulfill this contract you mentioned as promised?Or are there any hidden clauses in the contract, or harsher betting agreements?"

      In fact, contract traps are a really common thing.

      Many established capitalists, love to trap their rivals, or partners, inside contracts.

      Many entrepreneurs start their business, get generous investment from capitalists, and resolve to do a big job.

      If they do well, naturally, everyone is happy.

      But if they don't do well, they are in big trouble.

      Some investors, require the investee to add an unlimited joint and several liability in the contract, don't see unlimited joint and several liability only six words, but the power behind the lack of can let the investee to lose all their money.

      Because, once the signing of unlimited joint and several liability, business if the dry is not good, lost money, investors have the right to be invested in their own pocket, compensation for all the investment money.

      For example, before the mobile phone, Lao Luo, is because of the signing of unlimited joint and several liability, that is why after the failure of the business, personal debt up to 400 million.

      Many other business founders, because they could not afford to compensate their investors, ended up being kicked out of the business they had worked so hard to create, and even lost their fortunes and ended up in jail.

      Therefore, the directors were also worried about whether there was any similar gambling clause in this agreement that Song Wanting signed.

      Song Wanting didn't explain much, she directly took out a contract from her carry-on backpack and said, "This is the original version of the contract that Shinwa Watanabe, the chairman of New Nippon Steel, signed with me, you can have a look at it and see if there are any problems with the details of the terms and conditions."

      The old director reached out and took the contract over, and a bunch of other people, etc., rushed around.

      Even Old Master Song was a little unable to hold back and stepped forward to take a look at it.


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