Secret Identity 2076-2090


Chapter 2076

Song Wanting even had a thought that sprouted within her, she felt, "From today onwards, I, Song Wanting, am willing to do anything for Master Ye, even if Master Ye lets me die immediately, I will willingly die for him and have no complaints whatsoever!"

      Ye Chen didn't know Song Wanting's inner activities at this time, he just kept comforting her with a gentle tone: "Wanting, between you and me, there's no need to say thank you, let alone say any great kindness, you're my friend, it's only right and proper for me to save you, not to mention that you're in Japan, even if you're in the middle of a mountain of fire and knives, I, Ye Chen, will never say anything."

      Ye Chen was expressing his steadfastness towards his friend and friendship to Song Wanting, but he never expected that to Song Wanting's ears, these words would become the most touching expression of emotion in the world!

      At this moment, she even loved Ye Chen to her bones, and was even willing to just hold him tightly and rub her entire body into his bones.

      Her heart was filled with love and emotion for Ye Chen, and as her brain heated up, she immediately stood on tiptoe and took the initiative to kiss Ye Chen's lips.

      This was the second time Song Wanting had kissed Ye Chen.

      It was also the second time in her life that she kissed.

      Her lips were cold and still had a faint salty taste from her tears, making Ye Chen's heart ache all of a sudden.

      Song Wanting kissed Ye Chen and her hands also hugged him tighter.

      At this moment, how much she longed for time to stop here, to be able to let herself and the man she loved stay in this beautiful moment forever.

      Even if this life came to an abrupt end, she was already satisfied.

      Unfortunately, reality is not a fairy tale.

      While she was immersed in the kiss, the sound of a helicopter whistling came from the valley not far away.

      Ye Chen hurriedly turned his head to look, and in the sky, three helicopters were coming in formation.

      At the nose of the helicopter, three high power searchlights were shining back and forth in the valley.

      Ye Chen hurriedly said to her, "We can't stay here for long, the police in all of Tokyo are looking for you now."

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Master Ye, the police are looking for me just in time for me to call the police!"

      Ye Chen's brow creased slightly as he asked her, "Are you going to call the police?"

      "Right!"Song Wanting cut to the chase and said, "The truck that hit me was obviously premeditated, and it was meant to kill me!"

      I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," she said.

      When it came to this, Song Wanting suddenly couldn't control her emotions again, incomparably sad and choked, "Yanzi and Xiaohui have followed me for so long, have been reserved, accompanying me to Japan on a business trip on New Year's Eve, I also planned to bring them to have a good time in Tokyo, I didn't expect them"

      At this time, Song Wanting could no longer speak and cried out in sorrow.

      Ye Chen hurriedly comforted her, "Wan Ting, don't worry, they won't all die in vain!"

      Song Wanting nodded heavily, wiped away her tears, and said resolutely, "So I'm going to call the police, have the police catch those behind it, bring them to justice, and avenge Swallow and the three of them!"

      Ye Chen shook his head and said seriously, "You're not familiar with life in Tokyo, calling the police won't serve any purpose, but instead you might alert the snakes."

      Song Wanting hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, then what you mean is that you won't call the police?"

      "Right!"Ye Chen nodded and said, "Wan Ting, we still don't know whether it's someone in Japan who wants you dead or someone at home, so calling the police in Japan won't solve anything, if you trust me, let me handle this matter, I'll find out what happened and give you, and the three people who died, an explanation!"

Chapter 2077

When Song Wanting heard Ye Chen's words, without any thought at all, she cut him off and said, "Master Ye, I'll listen to you!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, "It's still more or less relevant in Japan, I'll bring you to my friend's house first later, during this period you should not contact with anyone, including your grandfather and your other family members, until this matter is investigated to the bottom of the matter."

      Song Wanting was surprised and asked, "Master Ye, can't I tell my grandfather?He must be very worried about me now, and if I remain unaccounted for, I fear he will worry excessively and affect his health."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and comforted, "Don't worry about that, your grandfather has taken the Rejuvenation Pill, so his body will never have any serious problems, and don't forget, the Rejuvenation Pill that I gave you before on your birthday is also in his old man's hand, with this Rejuvenation Pill in his hand, he will never have any problems."

      Saying that, Ye Chen further explained, "The vast majority of secrets are leaked from the person's own mouth, the real secret should be known by as few people as possible, it's best if no one but yourself knows about it, otherwise, once the secret is known by others, it's hard to make sure that it won't be known by more people."Fastest Updated.

      Although Song Wanting's expression was struggling, she quickly lifted her head and looked at Ye Chen seriously, "Okay Master Ye, then I won't tell anyone yet."

      Ye Chen nodded and asked her, "You didn't contact your grandfather and the rest of your family just now, did you?"

      "No" Song Wanting said hurriedly, "My phone just got a signal, I immediately contacted you, Master Ye, I was going to contact you and then contact my grandfather, I haven't cared yet."

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Then quickly turn off your phone, not only do you not receive any calls, but also do not use WeChat and any other communication software."

      Song Wanting said good-naturedly, "Okay Master Ye, I'll turn off the phone."

      Saying that, she immediately pressed and long-pressed the power button to turn off her phone that had a shattered screen.

      Immediately, she remembered something and looked at Ye Chen with a puzzled face and asked, "Master Ye, how on earth did you find me in this deep forest?"

      Ye Chen said truthfully, "The eldest lady of the Ito family in Japan is my friend, after your accident I asked her to help me find your whereabouts, he sent some Japanese ninja experts, the legendary ninjas, to the mountains of West Tama County to look for clues related to you."

      "They found the commercial vehicle where you had your accident, and then followed you all the way here, chasing you, and I rushed over after I got your location."

      Song Wanting exclaimed, "Huh?!A ninja?Master Ye, are you saying that ninjas really exist in this world?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "The ninja is actually no big deal, he's like our Chinese martial arts experts, he's all real."

      Song Wanting nodded in sudden realization, then remembered something and exclaimed, "They have been secretly tracking me, does that mean that they are also secretly observing us now?"

      "Uh this,"

      Ye Chen laughed somewhat awkwardly and said, "You're right, they have indeed been secretly following."

      Song Wanting was bashful, "Then, then what we did just now, did they they see it all?"

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "Definitely saw it."

      Song Wanting was embarrassed and shyly lowered her head and snapped, "Master Ye you why don't you remind me of this it's too embarrassing"

      Ye Chen spread out his hands and said with an innocent face, "I can't be blamed for this Wan Ting, I knew you would suddenly jump on me then I was also a blank mind"

      Song Wanting heard him say that, recalling the scene just now when she actively jumped into Ye Chen's bosom and kissed his lips, her face became more and more red, so she had to shyly whisper, "Oh no this Master Ye, where are we going now?"

Chapter 2078

Ye Chen said, "Let's go to Miss Ito's mansion for a while to hide out and wait and see what happens."

      At this moment, Itoh Cabbage was still waiting in the same spot.

      After all, she was much, much less skilled than Ye Chen, so it was impossible for her to keep up with Ye Chen's running pace, so she simply waited in the same spot.

      Since there were people from the Tokyo Police Department searching the surrounding mountains, and there were often police helicopters in the sky patrolling back and forth, she had her helicopter turn off its engine and quietly waited for news of Ye Chen.

      At that moment, the head ninja under her command sent her a message, "My lady, Mr. Yeh has found that Miss Song."

      Itoh Nao-chan was relieved, and her fingertips kept tapping on the screen, replying, "That's good, ask Ye Tatsu-kun what he plans to do next."

      The other party sent an embarrassed expression and said, "Missy Ye-san and Miss Song are hugging and kissing, so we're too embarrassed to come forward and dawdle ah"

      When Itachi Nabiki saw this, her entire body was stunned.

      Immediately afterwards, her heart also immediately surged with jealousy.

      In her sour heart, she secretly thought, "Originally, I also thought that Ye Chenjun is a married man after all, and even if I love him, I can't go and destroy his relationship and family"

      "But, I never thought that Ye Chenjun and that Song Wanting would even hug and kiss Is Song Wanting the object of Ye Chenjun's extramarital affair?Or, to put it more bluntly, is Song Wanting the lover of Ye Chenjun?"

      "If Song Wanting can be Ye Chenjun's lover, then why can't I"

      "I also love Ye Chenjun from the bottom of my heart, why can't I be like Song Wanting and be Ye Chenjun's lover?"

      "Although I don't despise being a third party, if Ye Chenjun is willing to give me that chance, I'm willing to hide in the shadows for the rest of my life and be his underground lover."

      "After all, I love him more than anything, and fame, fame, fame, are nothing in his presence."

      Just as she was imagining things, her phone suddenly vibrated, it was a call from Ye Chen.

      She hurriedly answered the phone, her voice somewhat panicked and unnatural, "Uh Ye Chenjun you you met with Miss Song?"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "Yes, we saw it."

      Itochi was busy asking, "Is Miss Song okay?"

      Ye Chen said, "She's quite good, Cabbage Patch, I'm calling you because I want to discuss the next arrangements with you."

      Ito Cabbage hurriedly said, "Ye Chen-kun, everything will be at your disposal next, and the entire Ito family's power will be invoked with you!"

      Ye Chen earnestly said, "That's really thankful Cabbage Patch, my current plan is to have the helicopter come over first and bring Wan Ting to your mansion so that she can stay at your house for the time being, but you must keep this matter strictly confidential and never leak it out."

      Cabbage Ito said without thinking, "No problem, Ye Chen-kun wait for a moment, I'll be over to pick you up!"

Chapter 2079

When Ye Chen and Song Wanting were together, taking the Ito family's helicopter back to downtown Tokyo, Song Honor was in the Tokyo Police Department, already somewhat unable to sit still.

      He was incomparably nervous at this time, and surmised, "Song Wanting is still alive and dead, and has not found any whereabouts for several hours, and if we delay any longer, it will be dawn, and if we still can't find her then, then this matter will be really tricky!"

      "Song Wanting's corpse should have stayed honestly in that commercial vehicle, but instead, she has mysteriously disappeared and disappeared into the vast mountains, is she now dead or alive?"

      Song Honor was very worried because he was afraid that Song Wanting wasn't dead.

      Because, as long as Song Wanting didn't die, then the lie that New Nippon Steel's Vice President Hashimoto Konzen had concocted to Song Wanting before would be completely debunked.

      After all, this matter is Hashimoto Konzen's own initiative, on the one hand, to seek more profit space for Nippon Steel, but also for his own personal interests.

      That's why he had cooperated with Song Honor to deceive Song Wanting, saying that she was told to go to West Domo County to find the chairman of the board to sign the contract, but in fact, the chairman of New Nippon Steel didn't even know about it.

      If Song Wanting was still alive, as soon as the police asked her why she had gone to West Domo County, it would be a complete shambles.

      At that time, the Japanese police would definitely arrest Hashimoto Konzen at the first opportunity.

      The police will then arrest Hashimoto for murder, one of the most serious crimes in Japan, and with three people dead, Hashimoto will not hesitate to betray Song.

      At that time, the murder of Song Wanting by her father and son will be revealed to the world.

      At this moment, Hashimoto is also pacing nervously in his own home.

      The members of the team responsible for assassinating Song Wanting were standing in front of him.

      These people are standing side by side in front of the sofa, one by one, with their heads down, not daring to look at Hashimoto Konzen.

      Hashimoto had just made a phone call to a friend from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, asking for an update on the latest developments.

      After learning that Song Wanting's fate was still unknown, he was as nervous as Song Honor.

      He knew very well that if Song Wanting was still alive, he would be the first to suffer bad luck!

      So, he angrily walked up to these people and smacked them one by one directly with his big mouth, cursing furiously, "You bunch of lunchboxes!Rubbish!What's the use of raising you?Such a simple thing can't be done!"

      Several people you look at me, I look at you, no one dared to open their mouths to pick up the fight.

      Hashimoto Kensen saw them all silent, even more angry gnashing of teeth: "A bunch of trash!You can't even f**k a woman!You've caused me so much trouble!If I'm f**king exposed, none of you will escape!"

      Twenty minutes later.

      The helicopter slowly landed in the courtyard of the Ito family's mansion.

      Ito Yuuhiko, who had lost both his legs, was pushed by his sister, Ito Emi, who had already been waiting in the courtyard.

      As soon as the helicopter landed, Ito Emi immediately pushed Ito Yuuhiko to the outside of the cabin.

      Ye Chen just happened to be one step ahead of the helicopter at this time and reached out to assist Song Wanting down as well.

      Ito Cai Cai Zi followed Song Wanting down from the plane, seeing Ye Chen reach out to help Song Wanting down, her heart was slightly jealous, but even more envious.

Chapter 2080

At the moment when she was slightly lost in thought, Ye Chen, who was below the helicopter, reached out his hand to her again.

      Ito Cai Zi did not expect that Ye Chen would still have to assist her in getting off the plane, and her heart was suddenly as sweet as honey.

      Although she was already an expert and had taken the rejuvenation pills, which had increased her strength by a large amount, she was still a small woman at heart, and seeing Ye Chen so gentlemanly and considerate, she immediately, slightly shyly, handed over her hand and gently said, "Thank you, Ye Chen-kun."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said indifferently, "It's fine, it should be."

      At this time, Ito Yuuhiko was pushed over by Ito Emi, and he said in a somewhat excited tone, "Mr. Ye, I didn't expect us to meet so soon!"

      Ye Chen smiled bitterly, "Yes, I didn't expect to meet again so soon, how is Mr. Ito doing?"

      Ito Yuhiko folded his hands and said respectfully: "Back to Mr. Ye, I'm not too bad lately, but since the injury, the health quality has not been too good, often cold and flu, weak night sweats, it just so happens that these days Tokyo cooled down, so I originally planned to go to the Maldives in the next two days [pen fun Pavilion] beach to recuperate for a period of time!, I didn't expect that you would suddenly say you came."

      Ye Chen nodded and pointed at Song Wanting and said, "Mr. Ito, let me introduce you, this is my good friend, Miss Song Wanting, the chairman of the Song Clan, Miss Song is in a bit of trouble, so I came over for her this time."

      Ito Yuhiko looked at Song Wanting and said very politely, "Hello Miss Song, I'm Ito Yuhiko, Mr. Ye is a guest of the Ito family, you are his friend, so naturally you are one of the guests of the Ito family, welcome to the house."

      Song Wanting was also very polite and bowed slightly, "Thank you Mr. Ito!"

      At this time, Song Wanting was very surprised deep inside.

      She knew very well in her heart what the Ito family's status was in Japan.

      In Japan, the most powerful family was the Ito Family.

      Other than the Ito Family, the rest were the big zaibatsu made up of a few families, but the Ito Family's strength was no less powerful even when compared to those big zaibatsu.

      Unexpectedly, Ito Family's Ito Yuuhiko was so respectful and polite to Ye Chen, which made her even more shocked at Ye Chen's strength.

      Ito Yuanyan was now slandering in his heart, "This Song Wanting, looks like she is not inferior to my daughter in terms of looks, figure, and temperament, and is definitely among the top beauties, she is so close to Ye Chen, could it be, that there is some unknown deep relationship between her and Ye Chen?If that's the case, then my daughter's chances with Ye Chen are even smaller!"

      Just as he was lamenting in his heart, his sister Ito Emi hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, it's quite cold outside, let's go inside and talk."

      Only then did Ito Yuuhiko came back to his senses and hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, yes!Hurry up and go in and talk, go in and have the vegetables prepare a tea ceremony to serve the two of you while I have the chef prepare some breakfast."first issue

      Inside the Japanese style parlor.

      Ye Chen and Song Wanting sat next to each other on the floor.

      Ito Naija, on the other hand, was kneeling at one end of the tea table, making tea for everyone with an elegant and unhurried manner.

      Ye Chen then opened his mouth and asked Song Wanting, "Wanting, what happened to you last night?Can you tell me more about it?"

      Ito Yuhiko was also in a hurry to speak at this time, "Miss Song, I'm still considered to have some energy in Japan, you might as well tell us what happened, I'm sure I, as well as the entire Ito family, can help you!"

      Song Wanting bowed slightly, "Thank you, Master Ye, Mr. Ito, and Miss Ito."

      Only after thanking her did Song Wanting continue, "I came to Japan this time to enter into a strategic partnership with New Nippon Steel, I had several rounds of repeated talks with their Vice President, and it wasn't until last night that their Chairman decided to meet me and sign a contract with me"

      "Since their chairman was in West Todmore County, I took a car over there all night, but I was suddenly hit by a car on the way over a cliff."

      Ito Yuuhiko frowned and spoke, "Things are a bit strange, the chairman of Nippon Steel and I have a deep friendship, and according to his style, he shouldn't be looking for you to sign a contract in the middle of the night, and even if he did, he wouldn't call you to West Tama County, because his mansion is close to me, just a few minutes away, and he even came to visit me at the house after dinner yesterday!"

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Ito Yuuhiko's words made Ye Chen suddenly alert. 

      He opened his mouth and asked, "Mr. Ito, are you well acquainted with that chairman of New Nippon Steel?"

      "Yes!"Ito Yuhiko said very seriously, "The chairman of New Nippon Steel is named Watanabe Shinwa, and he is very close to me."

      Ye Chen nodded and spoke, "Then please ask him if he's going to cooperate with a Chinese company to build a factory recently, and if so, ask him which one he's cooperating with and if it's set."

      Ito Yuhiko said instantly, "Okay Mr. Ye, I'll ask him right now."

      Song Wanting hurriedly asked Ye Chen, "Master Ye, are you thinking that there is something wrong with Mr. Watanabe?"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "One is this Watanabe Shinwa, and the other is the vice chairman who asked you to meet Watanabe Shinwa, both of them are suspicious, but I'm still not sure who is in trouble, and I can't rule out that they're both fine or both."

      Song Wanting nodded lightly and didn't say anything more.

      This was because, in her heart, she also knew very well that this matter was far beyond her control, and since Ye Chen had already come to Japan for himself, she was completely at his disposal for everything.

      As soon as Ito Yuuhiko heard that there might be a problem, he hurriedly patted his chest and said, "Mr. Ye, I am very familiar with Watanabe Shinwa, he is a person who, although his business tactics are slightly cunning, he is still a very honest person, I believe that he should have nothing to do with the matter of murdering Miss Song."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Mr. Ito, it's not that I don't trust you, but this matter is related to multiple lives, so it's better to be more cautious, please ask this Watanabe Shinwa for me, and also please try to be more natural when you ask, so that he won't hear what you mean."

      Ito Yuuhiko nodded and immediately pulled out his phone, finding Watanabe Shinwa's number and calling it.

      The call was quickly answered, and a lazy voice came out, "Hey, Ito, what are you calling so early for, you bastard?"

      Yuuhiko Ito laughed and said, "Where are you now, Watanabe?"

      Shinwa Watanabe yawned, "I'm sleeping, where else would I be!What do you want?If there's nothing important, just let me sleep a little longer."

      Ito Yuhiko then said, "I heard you're going to work with a Chinese company?Is there any firm that you're interested in?"

      Watanabe Shinwa asked curiously, "What?You're going into the steel business too?"

      Yuuhiko Ito said, "No no, I'm just asking, it just so happens that I also know some friends in China, so if you haven't decided on a partnership on your side, I might be able to help you with the matchmaking."

      Shinwa Watanabe said, "We have indeed thought about it, and we do seem to be connecting with some powerful Chinese companies lately, but I'll leave that to Hashimoto."

      Yuuhiko Ito asked, "Hashimoto?It's Hashimoto Konzen, right?"

      "Yes."Watanabe Shinwa said with a smile, "Speaking from the bottom of my heart, this kind of cooperation to build a factory isn't too big a business for the whole Nippon Steel, I usually don't directly ask, but if you have a friend who wants to cooperate, then I can sell you a face."

      Ito Yuhiko smiled, "I'll thank you in advance then, but has Hashimoto's side decided on a partner ah?If he already has a confirmed candidate on his side, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for me to suddenly step across the line."

      Watanabe Shinwa said indifferently, "You don't need to worry about whether Hashimoto's side is suitable or not, he's just a senior worker, if I don't ask about anything, he'll make the decisions, but if I ask, he'll only take orders."

      Ito Yuuhiko laughed, "Okay, I know, I'll ask my friend about it, I'll contact you if I need to."

      Shinwa Watanabe then said, "You don't have anything else, do you?If there's nothing else, I'll hang up and go back to sleep!"

      "Okay, you sleep!"

      When he hung up the phone, Ito Yuhiko said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, it seems that Watanabe really doesn't know about this, he didn't even ask Miss Song about the collaboration between Miss Song and Hashimoto Konen, so how could he be involved in murdering Miss Song?"

Chapter 2082

Ye Chen nodded slightly and looked to the side at Song Wanting, "Was it that Hashimoto Kon first who called you and asked you to sign with the chairman yesterday?"

      Song Wanting said firmly, "That's right, it was Hashimoto Konzen who called me and asked me to go to West Domo County to sign a contract with the chairman."

      Ye Chen snorted coldly between his nose, "It seems that the problem lies with this Hashimoto Konzen, he must have deliberately tricked you into going to West Domo County and then set up an ambush on the mountain road in West Domo County."

      Song Wanting was very confused and asked, "Master Ye, I don't understand why Hashimoto Konzen would want to harm me?Why would he design to put me to death when I have no grudge against him and have never even had any previous interaction with him?"

      Ye Chen coldly said, "Many perpetrators and victims are also not acquainted with each other, what really drives him to murder each other is mostly profit, it must be beneficial to kill you, that's why he did it."

      Song Wanting was even more surprised and asked, "I really can't think of any benefit to him if I die?He won't get anything out of it!"

      Ye Chen looked at Song Wanting and said seriously, "It might be hard for him to gain any benefits directly after you die, but the key is to see if there's anyone to give him benefits after you die!"

      Song Wanting's expression tightened, "Master Ye you you mean someone hired him to kill me?!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head firmly, "I think it should be!"

      Song Wanting was suddenly a little nervous and at the same time a little confused, her mouth was vague and she said, "But but but this doesn't make sense ah I never usually offend anyone, who would it benefit if I died?"

      Ye Chen looked at her and smiled but didn't say anything, this was because he already had an answer in his mind at this time.

      He felt that the person behind this matter was most likely Song Honor and his father Song Tian Ming.

      The Song family's situation was very well understood by Ye Chen.

      Song Wanting's parents had died early, and there were still several uncles and uncles in the family.

      Among them, Song Honor's father, Song Tian Ming, was the most influential.

      Because he was the eldest son, he was also the old man's originally set successor.

      So, when it came to Song Wanting's generation, Song Honor was naturally the one with the most influence.

      And because Song Wanting had no parents and was alone, she hadn't been very influential.

      It was also fortunate that Master Song took care of her and cared for her, so she could still enjoy the treatment of a big sister even if her parents were gone.

      In case Master Song is the kind of old feudal man who prefers men to women, and Song Wanting is without her parents, she would have been treated as a marriage tool by the Song family and married to a rich young man from a big family as a wife.

      However, ever since Song Wanting met Ye Chen, her status in the Song family has risen sharply.

      When Song old man was on the verge of death, it was Song Wanting who asked Ye Chen to pull him back from hell, and then Ye Chen also gave the old man a rejuvenation potion for Song Wanting's sake, so that he could regain his health and be twenty years younger.

      So, when Ye Chen gave the rejuvenation pill to Song Wanting as a birthday gift on her birthday, the old master Song was so excited that he simply passed on the position of head of the family to Song Wanting as well.

      In this way, Song Wanting suddenly became the most powerful one in the Song family, while the power and influence of Song Honor's father and son shrank dramatically in comparison.

      Under such circumstances, Song Honor and his son must have been very dissatisfied with Song Wanting.

      Once the discontent kept piling up in their hearts, it would seem logical that the idea of murdering Song Wanting would arise over time!

Chapter 2083

Song Wanting really couldn't think of who wanted her life.

      Although the shadows of Song Honor and Song Tian Ming flashed in her mind, she immediately dismissed the thought.

      She felt that Song Honor had grown up with her since childhood and treated her like her own sister, so it was impossible for him to have evil intentions towards her.

      It wasn't that Song Wanting was so simple or foolish, but she felt that affection was priceless, and she shouldn't have doubted her cousin as well as her uncle.

      Ye Chen could see that she didn't suspect Song Honor, so it was just a slapdash point of view on the topic.

      He was also only suspicious of Song Honor now, and there was no need to go into too much detail with Song Wanting until he found definitive evidence.

      So, he said to Song Wanting, "For these two days, Wan Ting, you will temporarily stay at Mr. Ito's house, or as I said, don't contact anyone, let alone let anyone know that you are still alive, I will investigate who exactly wants to harm you."

      Song Wanting nodded gently and said respectfully, "Master Ye, Wanting will listen to your arrangements for everything."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "You haven't slept all night, let Miss Ito arrange a room for you to rest after dinner later."

      Ito Naija hurriedly said, "Miss Song, what style of room do you like?Is it a Japanese-style tatami or a European-style soft bed?I'll get the servants ready to come out ahead of time!"

      Song Wanting busily said, "Miss Ito is too kind, I'll do anything."

      Ito Cabbage smiled sweetly and said, "In that case, I'll arrange a Japanese harmony room for you, it's a way of getting into the countryside."

      Song Wanting said politely, "Then thank you, Miss Ito!"

      Ito Nana-chan said seriously, "Miss Song is a good friend of Ye Chen-kun, and when she comes to the Ito family, she treats this place as if it were her home."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful dreadful novel to read.

      Saying that, Ito Naija said with some regret, "Miss Song came to Tokyo, it's reasonable that I should accompany you to have a good stroll, but Ye Tatsu-kun doesn't let you show your face, so this time I'll have to beg you to stay at home, after things are settled, I'll take you for a good stroll again!"

      Song Wanting didn't expect that Ito Naija, as the Eldest Miss of the Ito Family, who was much more valuable and had a much stronger background than herself, would be so polite to her, and was a little flattered for a moment.

      However, she quickly realized a very realistic problem in her heart and secretly thought, "I've never met Miss Ito before, isn't she treating me so politely because of Master Ye's face?I can only say that Master Ye is too capable and too proud."

      While Song Wanting was feeling the emotion in her heart, Itachi Cai-chan had already prepared the matcha tea in the Japanese tea ceremony, and she was the first to bring the cup to Ye Chen, and with some respect and some shyness, she said, "Enjoy your tea, Ye Chen-kun!"

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and smiled, "Thank you Vegetable."

      Saying that, he extended his hand to receive the cup of tea.

      Ito Cabbage brought another cup as she did the same, and handed it to Song Wanting.

      Song Wanting found that while Ito Naija was very polite and courteous when she was serving tea to herself, her eyes were a little less bright than when she was serving tea to Ye Chen.

      The same woman, Song Wanting couldn't be clearer, Itachi faced Ye Chen was, what those few lights in her eyes meant.

      If a woman, when looking at a man, had a different kind of light in her eyes, then that man must be the love of her heart.

      Because, the light in the eyes was the radiance of love.

      Her heart was suddenly a little sad.

      The sadness was because it seemed that there was always no shortage of women who liked him around Ye Chen.

Chapter 2084

Moreover, those women who liked him were all tops excellent.

      Not to mention the Yamato Nadeshiko Ito, the Yamato Nadeshiko in front of him, just the Jinling, the Qin Ao Xue of the Qin family, and the Chen Xiao Zhao beside Divine Doctor Shi, which one was not the most beautiful woman on earth?

      But who couldn't see that they were both exceptionally devoted to Ye Chen?

      Thinking of this, the way she looked at Ye Chen's eyes was more or less grudging, at the same time, her heart also lamented, "You bad guy, I really don't know how many women you've messed with outside, there are so many women who love you, so many love debts, I'll see how you'll be able to pay them off in the future"

      At this time, Ito Yuhiko, who was on the side, opened his mouth to say to Song Wanting in order to please Ye Chen, "Miss Song, you also know about my relationship with the chairman of New Japan Railways, Watanabe Shinwa, after this matter is investigated and the murderer is severely punished, if you still need to cooperate with New Japan Railways, I can help you matchmaking, and I will definitely help you fight for the best terms of cooperation then."

      Song Wanting said gratefully, "That's really very kind of you Ito-san."

      Ito Yuhiko said seriously, "Miss Song, Mr. Ye has helped my Ito family so much, I can say that if it wasn't for Mr. Ye's help in the beginning, my Ito family would have probably met the end of the line!"

      Speaking of which, Yuuhiko Ito sighed, "Mr. Ye has been so gracious to us, you are his friend, that is, my Ito family's friend, helping friends is what we should do."

      After the Matsumoto family had been wiped out for kidnapping a pair of children from the Su family, Yuuhiko Ito had often lamented his good fortune.

      In the beginning, the Matsumoto family was going to kill the Su family's children and then frame their own family, but if it wasn't for Ye Chen, it would have been the Ito family that would have been wiped out.

      Not to mention, Ye Chen had also saved Ito Cabbage, so Ito Yuuhiko paid extremely high attention to him.

      Seeing that Song Wanting was his friend, he was naturally willing to sell Ye Chen's face and help Song Wanting.

      This was something that Ye Chen, who was on the side, could also see in his eyes.

      He couldn't help but say in his heart, "I didn't expect that after Ito Yuuhiko's injury, not only has his temper changed quite a bit, but he has also made quite a bit of progress in doing things."

      After breakfast.

      Song Wanting, who hadn't rested throughout the night, followed Ito's vegetable to the Ito family's guest room.

      Although she had taken the pills given to her by Ye Chen and was in good physical condition, the mental fatigue caused by high tension was not something that the pills could solve.

      Therefore, she lay down on the Japanese style tatami mats and fell asleep shortly afterwards.

      At this time, Ito Yuhiko also said somewhat apologetically after chatting with Ye Chen for a while, "Mr. Ye, I'm really sorry, my body has been quite weak since the amputation surgery, I woke up too early today, my state is already a bit unbearable, I'll go back to my room to rest for a while, if you need anything, just let me know, Nana-chan will be fine."

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and spoke, "Mr. Ito, go ahead."

      Yuuhiko Ito arched his hands somewhat weakly and said to Emi Ito, "Emi, walk me back to my room."

      Emi Ito was busy, "Hajime, Oni-san!"

      Oni-san is the Japanese term for elder brother.

      Japanese society was very clear about the superiority of elders, so in front of outsiders, Ito Emi had always been respectful to Ito Yuhiko, like a daughter to her father.

      Ito Emi then said to Ye Chen with a guilty face, "I'm sorry Mr. Ye, Oni-san's body is severely damaged and his vitality is injured, the doctor explained that he needs to rest more, please forgive me."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Ms. Ito, please take Mr. Ito back to rest, when I'm done with this matter, I'll definitely help Mr. Ito treat him properly, I may not be able to make his severed limb grow back for the time being, but at least I can let him return to his pre-injury state, or even better than then."

Chapter 2085

Itachi Naozi, who was making tea beside her, got excited when she heard Ye Chen's words!

      She knew how heavy the weight of Ye Chen's words were.

      At first, her own injuries were also extremely serious, and she didn't even dare to imagine that she would have a chance to heal in this lifetime, but what she didn't expect was that Ye Chen was able to quickly get rid of all her injuries with just a single pill.

      Not only that, there was a tremendous long change and improvement in his own physical quality.

      Therefore, Ito Naija believed that as long as Ye Chen was willing, he would be able to restore his father's body as well.

      Of course, Itoh Cabbage was also very clear in his heart that Ye Chen would definitely not be able to revive his father's severed limbs, but he could at least make his father's physical condition recover greatly.

      That way, apart from losing his legs, his father would at least still be a healthy person.

      Instead of being like now, his entire body was sickly, very emaciated and heartbreaking.

      Therefore, she almost immediately put down the tea set in her hand, got up and bowed deeply to Ye Chen, and said in gratitude, "Ye Chen-kun, thank you so much!"

      Even Ito Yuuhiko knew what Ye Chen was capable of!

      In the beginning, he had tried everything to find all the experts all over Japan, and there was no one who had any solution to his daughter's injury.

      He even thought that his daughter would never be able to leave her wheelchair for the rest of her life, and he even thought that her health might get worse under the effects of that kind of injury.

      But never in his wildest dreams did he think that Ye Chen would be able to help his daughter recover as before.

      Not only recovered as before, but also took a big step forward.

      This was proof enough that Ye Chen was a person with great skills and great prowess!

      So, he also could not hide his excitement as he bowed with both hands, "Mr. Ye!Your willingness to treat me is truly a great blessing to me, and I will never forget your great kindness!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously, "Mr. Ito doesn't have to be so polite, my Ye Chen's style of acting has always been like this, if you respect me a foot, I will definitely respect you a foot!"

      As Ye Chen said, he had always done things with a clear grudge.

      It wasn't just that he would repay a grudge, but also a kindness.

      For example, Auntie Li from the orphanage, she had raised herself in her childhood, and even though he was Tang Sihai's man, she was still grateful to her and was even willing to do anything for her.

      Another example is Xiao Churan, when she was so unlucky, she was willing to marry her, and she didn't mock and insult her like other people, but she was respectful to her, and this is something that Yechen can't forget.

      In some cases, it is not even necessary to reach the point of so-called kindness, as long as the other party has enough goodwill towards him, he will return more kindness to the other party.

      Wang Zhenggang had lost his way and Ye Chen had gifted him with pills .

      Qin Gang was so devout that Ye Chen had gifted his family with two pills.

      Hong Wu was loyal and devoted, Ye Chen had not only gifted him with the earliest basic pills, but had also saved his life with the Rejuvenation Pill.

      Song Wanting had treated him well in the beginning and had always been respectful to him, so he was willing to wish her good luck in taking the master's position and saving her from an overnight trip to Japan.

      This was Ye Chen's code of conduct.

      At this time, what Ye Chen was thinking was very simple: although Ito Yuuhiko was a bit pretentious before, but since he saved Ito Nana-chan and helped the Ito family through the crisis, he immediately lost his way, so he could be said to be a very sensible person.

      Moreover, this time, he was extremely attentive to the fact that he had come to Japan and the things that Song Wanting had encountered, which he did see in his own eyes.

      Since he was so upbeat, helping him recover a bit was something within his power to do for himself.

Chapter 2086

After all, the Rejuvenation Pill had quite a few of its own, and it was no longer of much use to him, but it was extremely effective for Ito Yuuhiko.

      He wasn't a martial arts practitioner, and he wasn't that old, so if you scraped off a tenth of a Rejuvenation Pill and soaked it in water for him to take, I'm sure it would be able to bring his body back to health quickly.

      As for why it wasn't given to him immediately now, it was mainly because he wanted to more or less control the pace in such matters.

      There were times when being generous to others was all about rhythm.

      While generosity is good, it is also like medicine, which can both heal and hurt.

      Just like when injecting a drug, it is important to develop a scientific and reasonable rate of administration based on the drug's properties and the patient's condition.

      It is not good to give the medicine too fast.

      But it's not good to give too slow!

      Giving quickly will often make the other side despise the generosity, and may cause the other side to create a mentality of l rice grace and dou rice hatred.

      It can be given slowly, often the other party will also lose patience, the original gratitude will be consumed, replaced by a kind of grumbling and dissatisfaction.

      Now this kind of pace is just right, not giving immediately, nor will it drag on for a long time, just wait until you are busy with Song Wanting and then give immediately.

      This would not only make Ito Yuuhiko grateful, it would also make Ito Yuuhiko spontaneously help out more on this Song Wanting matter.

      Not only would he be able to help Song Wanting figure out the culprit behind it, but he would also be able to help Song Wanting facilitate the cooperation with Nippon Steel.

      It was likely to help Song Wanting turn this crisis into an opportunity.

      This way, Song Wanting will not only be able to survive the crisis without danger, but she will also be able to find out who is behind it, ensure that everything is safe in the future, and even get a cooperation agreement with very generous terms, which is simply the best of both worlds.

      Ito Yuuhiko, Ito Nana-chan, and Ito Emi, all thanked Ye Chen very respectfully at this point.

      Especially Ito Yuuhiko, while thanking him, his eyes were already red.

      When Ye Chen saw that he was emotional, he smiled at him and said, "Alright Mr. Ito, it's better to quickly go back to rest first, I'll tell you in advance when I'm ready to treat you."

      Ito Yuuhiko immediately said excitedly, "Okay Mr. Ye!In any case, I am grateful!"

      After Ito Yuuhiko was pushed away by Ito Emi, only Ye Chen and Ito Nachiko were left in the room.

      Ito Naija took the initiative to move her seat and sat down cross-legged directly opposite Ye Chen, adding tea for him as she asked with a pretty blush, "What is Ye Chen-kun's next plan?Should we investigate that Hashimoto Konzen?I can send ninjas over there to covertly monitor him if need be!"

      Ye Chen thought about it and nodded, "That's good, after all I'm not ready to startle the snakes yet, to solve this matter once and for all, not only do I need to find out who's behind it, but I also need to have solid evidence."

      Saying that, Yatsuo added, "If Cabbage Patch has ninjas who are trustworthy and competent, let them help me monitor Hashimoto Kon first, I want to see what he does every day, where he has been, who he has contacted, and what the contact is about."

      Ito Nana-chan immediately nodded and said, "Yatsuo-kun, don't worry, these are all small things, the ninja can handle them, I'll give them the order."

      Ye Chen thanked her and asked her again, "Cabbage Patch, your Ito family, how many ninjas in total can be mobilized now?"

      Ito Nana-chan thought about it and said, "There are about fifteen or sixteen ninjas that can be mobilized, all together."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Right, Miss Song's cousin also came to Tokyo, his name is Song Honor, but I don't know what hotel he's staying at in Tokyo, trouble Nai Nai-chan to arrange for someone to investigate, after the results of the investigation, then send two ninjas to secretly monitor him as well."

      Ito Naija-chan asked in surprise, "Yatsuo-kun, do you suspect that the person behind this is Miss Song's brother?"

      "Yes!"Ye Chen said gratefully, "I'll have to trouble the vegetables to keep an eye on some of this for me."

Chapter 2087

Noon, in the mountains of West Tama Prefecture.

      Excellent weather in Tokyo today.

      The sky is clear.

      The warm sun hangs high in the sky, spreading warmth and brightness throughout the land.

      On such a beautiful day, visibility was also at its best, so it was especially suitable for search and rescue.

      The Tokyo Police Department searched all night, but could not find any trace of Song Wanting, which made the entire department desperate.

      The search area, centered around the scene of the incident, spreads to five kilometers and then ten kilometers, but still nothing is found.

      The Police Department decided to extend the search area to twenty kilometers, and if the twenty kilometers could not be searched, then they would have to announce that Song Wanting was missing.

      This made Song Honor very anxious.

      What he needed now was to find Song Wanting's body as soon as possible, otherwise as long as Song Wanting wasn't certain of her death, he wouldn't have peace of mind.

      Hashimoto Konzen was also anxious, now that the Tokyo Police Department had highly suspected that Song Wanting and her party had been deliberately killed, so they had begun to investigate from the scene.

      Although Hashimoto's men, have been very careful to handle the scene, but there is no perfect crime in this world, no matter how careful and cautious, will leave clues.

      Once the police find the key clue, they can run through the whole thing.

      At that time, from the men who actually carried out the murder to Hashimoto Konzen, who gave the order behind the scenes, no one will be able to escape.

      The master of the house, Song, who is in Jinling, is still gripped by the uncertainty of Song Wanting's whereabouts.Fastest Update

      He made several calls to Song Honor one morning, chasing up on the progress of the Tokyo Police Department, but all the feedback Song Honor gave him was that he hadn't found any clues.

      This also made the old man's heart grow heavier and heavier.

      Although he incomparably hoped that his granddaughter was safe and sound, the lack of any news for so long had prepared his heart for the worst.

      He knew that the longer it dragged on, the less chance his granddaughter had of surviving.

      So, he hurriedly called Ye Chen.

      As soon as the call came through, he choked with a pleading voice, "Master Ye, please do something to save Wan Ting!"

      Saying that, the old man didn't tense up for a moment and actually cried out.

      Ye Chen hurriedly consoled, "Don't be anxious first, Master, I will try my best to help with Wan Ting's matter."

      Master Song lamented, "Master Ye, you don't know, Honor has gone to Japan overnight, but the Japanese side still hasn't found Wan Ting's whereabouts, and the three people who were with Wan Ting have all died, and Wan Ting's life and death are unknown, how can I not be anxious about this"

      Ye Chen originally considered whether or not to tell Master Song the news that Song Wanting was already safe.

      But after thinking about it, he still felt that he had to keep this mouth shut, and since he had said that he would not tell, then no one would tell.

      Whether it was Master Song, or any other person who asked, he couldn't reveal half of it himself.

      So he said to Master Song, "Don't worry, Master Song, I've already informed my friends in Tokyo to help find Wan Ting's whereabouts, once I have any news, I'll be sure to tell you first."

      Master Song choked, "Master Ye, to be honest, I have a very bad feeling this time, the Wan Ting accident seems like it has met with man-made misfortune, and everyone else has died, but she is missing, I feel that it is very likely that she has met with misfortune, or is about to meet with misfortune"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "Old Master, there is still no conclusion to this matter, so you don't need to be too pessimistic, I believe that Wan Ting's auspicious nature should turn it around."

      Master Song was silent for a moment before he pleaded, "Master Ye, if it's possible, I dare to ask you for one thing"

Chapter 2088

Ye Chen busily said, "Please speak, old master."

      Master Song said in a trembling voice, "Master Ye, the old man begs you to make time to go to Japan, I'm afraid that in this world, you are the only one who has the chance to save her"

      Ye Chen didn't tell the Song family that he had come to Japan.

      Therefore, Master Song still thought that he was in Jinling now.

      But since Master Song had said so, he didn't hide it anymore and spoke up, "Master Song, to tell you the truth, I am in Tokyo right now, and I will do my best for Wan Ting's matter."

      Master Song was surprised and excited as he asked, "Master Ye, you're in Tokyo?!When did you go?"

      Ye Chen said truthfully, "Last night, when I heard about Wan Ting's accident, I asked Shangri-La's Chen to help me arrange a plane and flew over directly."

      Master Song was visibly relieved and said gratefully, "Master Ye, it's really a three-life honor for Wan Ting to have a friend like you!You are a man of great powers, I am sure you will be able to save Wan Ting"

      Saying that, he hurriedly added, "Master Ye, Honor also took some people to Tokyo last night, how about I ask him to meet you and have him do everything you tell him to do over there?"

      When Ye Chen heard this, he frowned.

      Seeing Song Honor?

      He wasn't interested.

      However, when he thought that Song Honor was the biggest suspect, Ye Chen felt that it wouldn't hurt to meet him.

      Meet him and see if this brat would reveal anything when he faced himself.

      So, Ye Chen said to Master Song, "Master Song, ask Mr. Song to give me a call, I will tell him the time and place to meet."

      Master Song was excited, "Yes, yes!Master Ye wait a moment, I'll inform Honor and have him pay you a visit right away!The future is in Tokyo, let him do everything you tell him to!"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Okay, let him give me a call."Updated fastest.

      Song Honor was now worrying in the hotel.

      I thought my trip to Japan was very simple, come and claim Song Wanting's corpse, discuss directly with my family on how to bring the corpse back, and then I can go back to Jinling to prepare for the big funeral.

      After the funeral, give grandpa the neurological medication dad had prepared, slowly turn him into Alzheimer's, and then just keep him as a mascot.

      But he never expected that after carefully planning everything, he would get stuck directly in the first step.

      He was here, but Song Wanting's corpse was gone.

      Just when he was riding a tiger and didn't know what to do next, a phone call came from Master Song.

      This is already the eighth phone call that Master Song has made to Song Hornung today.

      He looked at the word "grandpa" on the phone and couldn't help but curse out, "F**king old thing!What the f**k are you calling me for?I'm going to bore you to death sooner or later!"

      But scoldings aside, but he still did not dare to have the slightest delay, hurriedly pressed up the phone and pressed answer.

      As soon as the phone was connected, Song Honor immediately seemed like a different person, his voice respectful and with some self-recrimination and sadness, he said, "Grandpa, I'm sorry, there's still no news from the Tokyo Police Department, but don't worry, I'll definitely push them again!"

      Master Song gave a hmmm and said, "Honor, I'm calling you because there's something I want to tell you."

      Song Honor busily said, "Grandpa, just tell me what you want to command!"

      Master Song said, "Master Ye has also gone to Tokyo."

      Song Honor's entire body suddenly exploded with shock and sweat, and he spoke out, "What did you say?!"

Chapter 2089

Hearing that Ye Chen had come to Tokyo, Song Honor trembled with fear!

      He had never expected that Ye Chen would be in Tokyo!

      He knew that Song Wanting was easy to deal with, and so was the old man, but Master Ye Chen Ye, was by no means an easy man to deal with!

      So, when he heard about this, his entire body panicked.

      Master Song on the other end of the phone was a little surprised and asked him, "Honor, what's wrong with you?What's all the fuss about?"

      Only then did Song Honor come back to his senses, forcing down the tension in his heart and spoke, "Grandpa, what is Master Ye doing here?I kind of can't believe it, is he here for the Wan Ting thing?"

      Master Song gave a hmmm and said, "Master Ye is a righteous man, Wan Ting and Master Ye have always had a good relationship, now that something has happened to her, Master Ye rushed to Tokyo at the first time, it shows how much Master Ye values her, with Master Ye's help, the chances of finding Wan Ting are much higher!"

      Song Honour hates madness in his heart!

      He roared inwardly, "Sh*t!Ye Chen, this bastard, what kind of Tokyo is he coming to at this time!What's he doing in Tokyo when he's not at home with his wife?Tokyo can't turn without him, can it?!"

      Ye Chen's skill was clear to Song Honor.

      That was why he was worried.

      On the one hand, he was worried about exposing himself in front of Ye Chen; on the other hand, he was also worried about whether Ye Chen could really find Song Wanting out.

      If he really rescued Song Wanting, what would he do?

      At that moment, Master Song saw his half-hearted lack of response and opened his mouth to ask, "Honor?Are you still listening?"

      Song Honor was busy saying, "Listening, I'm listening!"

      After saying that, he quickly stated his position again, "Grandpa, it's great that Master Ye can come!I'm so much more at ease with this!"

      Song said, "Yes!As soon as I heard Master Ye say that he has arrived in Tokyo, this heart did become more solid all of a sudden, I believe that with Master Ye here, Wan Ting will definitely be able to turn good fortune into good fortune."

      Song Honor could only echo, "Grandpa you are right, I also feel that with Master Ye here, Wan Ting she will definitely be safe!"

      Master Song laughed twice in a rare way and said, "Honor, when you hang up the phone later, you will immediately call Master Ye and then hurry to meet with Master Ye, from now on you will have to do everything Master Ye tells you to do in Tokyo, understand?"

      Song Honor said without hesitation, "Grandpa don't worry, I'll definitely be at Master Ye's head!"

      Master Song said with satisfaction, "Just have this awareness, hurry up and give Master Ye a call!"

      Song Honor was busy saying, "Okay Grandpa!I'll hang up then!"


      Song Honor hung up the old man's phone, and his whole body went blue with anger!

      He couldn't control his emotions and smashed his fist on the tempered glass coffee table all at once!

      At the same time, his right hand was also cut by the glass, and there were several bloody cuts on it.

      Song Honor couldn't care about the pain at all, he was now full of anger and tension.

      He already hated Ye Chen to the bone, and in his heart, he thought, "This Ye Chen!Meddling in meddling is too lenient!"

      "Do you really think you're in charge of the sky and the air just because people call you Master Ye?!"

      "The Song family's business is my son's family business, so why are you meddling in it?!"

Chapter 2090

"If you hadn't insisted on getting involved in the first place, the old thing wouldn't have been able to go backwards and let Song Wanting, a woman, become the head of the Song family!"

      "In that case, I naturally wouldn't think of taking her life!"

      Thinking of this, Song Honor's eyes were filled with hatred as he said to himself in a cold voice, "Ye Chen, Song Wanting, this matter, you'd better not give me any rampage or make any demon moths, otherwise, I don't care what kind of Master Ye you are, I will find a way to kill you!"

      Saying that, Song Honor calmed his mind again, took out his phone and called Ye Chen.

      Once the call was made, Song Honor heard on the other end of the phone, Ye Chen said, "Hello."

      He hurriedly said, "Master Ye?I'm Honor Song!"

      Ye Chen said, "Oh, it's Mr. Song."

      Song Honor was busy saying, "Master Ye, just call me Xiao Song, Grandpa called me and said that you also came to Tokyo for Wan Ting's sake, he told me to do everything you tell me to, I don't know where you are now?"

      Ye Chen said, "I'm staying at a friend's house."

      Song Honor didn't think much about it, so he said, "Master Ye, a friend's house may not be convenient, and the conditions may not be really good, so why don't you stay in a hotel, I'll stay at the Aman Hotel Tokyo, and if you need it, I'll have someone give you the best room."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "No need to bother, it's quite convenient for me to stay at my friend's house."

      Saying that, Ye Chen deliberately used a tone of a leader to a subordinate and commanded, "Xiao Song, I want to meet with you, you should report to me in person about the situation related to Wan Ting and the current progress of the investigation of this matter."

      Song Honor was ten thousand times unhappy in his heart, but with a very pious mouth, he said, "Okay, Teacher Ye, give me an address, I'll rush over to meet with you now!"

      Ye Chen deliberately wanted to give Song Honor a hard time, so he calmly said, "No, aren't you staying at the Aman Hotel?You wait in the hotel for a while, I will arrange for someone to go over to pick you up, and I will call you when the person arrives."

      Song Honor also wanted to be polite and said, "Master Ye, what virtue I have, how worthy of having you send someone to pick me up, it's better for me to go over there myself."

      Ye Chen coldly said, "No need to say anything, just wait for the call."

      Saying that, Ye Chen directly hung up the phone.

      Song Honor on the other end of the phone was already about to explode his lungs.

      He slammed the phone down on the carpet and cursed angrily, "F**k!Who the f**k do you call Song?How dare you scream when I tell you to?Is that what you called Song?"

      Afterwards, he hissed in fury, "Sh*t!And you want me to come see you?Why are you so fucking arrogant?If you have a friend in Tokyo and a place to stay, you're not the one who's cool?It's f**king smoking!"

      However, although Song Honor scolded, he still saw this matter very clearly in his heart.

      "Even if I am ten thousand times dissatisfied with Ye Chen, I must still meet him honestly, follow his instructions honestly, and at the very least, pretend to be very cooperative on the surface"

      "Otherwise, if he senses something is wrong with me, won't that be the end of him?"

      "Ye Chen's temper is known to be bad, he and that sister of mine have been unclear, if he finds out that I hurt her, he might just get me killed in Japan, and then everything will be cool."

      At this moment, the Ito family residence.

      Song Wanting was still resting, and Ito Cabbage had been accompanying Ye Chen.

      When Ye Chen ended his call with Song Honor, he said to the Cabbage Patch Kid beside him, "Cabbage Patch Kid, I have to ask you to do me a favor."

      Ito Naija-chan was busy saying, "Ye Chen-kun, if there's anyone and need you can tell me!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "I want to trouble you to send a convoy to pick up someone for me to come here, the convoy should be as grand as possible, the more grand the better!"


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