Secret Identity 2061-2075


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2061

In the western suburbs of Tokyo, on the panhandle of West Tama County.

      A couple of men in black were looking down from where Song Wan-ting had fallen off the cliff, seeing a fire burning far below, and one of them whispered, "Now, the people in the car should be dead, right?"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      The other man sneered, "A fall from such a height and a fire burning up, if this doesn't kill you through, I'll chop off your head for you."

      The man laughed, "In that case, you can return to Mr. Hashimoto."

      The man beside him nodded and said, "Hurry up and clean up the scene first, all the impact debris, glass slag, and tire rub marks on the ground to make sure no one sees that there was an accident here after dawn."


      A few men in black immediately began to clear the scene.

      The leader, however, pulled out his cell phone and called Hashimoto Kensen, reporting, "Mr. Hashimoto, things are almost done, we'll evacuate after the scene is cleared."

      Hashimoto nearly first opened his mouth and asked, "Is the man dead?Have you identified the body yet?"

      The man laughed, "Can't confirm the corpse ah, this cliff is several hundred meters high, even if Amaterasu Daijin himself fell from here, he would probably be finished."

      Hashimoto nearly first smacked his lips and said, "Without seeing the body with my own eyes, I'm still a little unsure about this."

      The man said, "Mr. Hashimoto, the person has rolled to the bottom of the cliff with the car, and I look from above, the car has burned up, on this fire, Amaterasu Daijin inside will also have to turn into ashes, you just relax 10,000 hearts."

      Hashimoto Konzen couldn't help but complain, "Why are you always making fun of Amaterasu Daijin?Have you no fear in your heart?"

      The man trailed off and laughed into the phone, "Awe my ass, I'm a man of many sins, if there really was an Amaterasu Great God, I'm afraid he would have killed me long ago, the fact that I'm alive and continue to sin proves that there is no God in this world!"

      Hashimoto Konzen said helplessly, "Okay, okay, I'm not going to talk to you, just make sure the person is dead, I'm sure I trust you one hundred percent."

      The man hmmm, and said, "Okay, the final payment will be sent to my house at that time, remember, I want old bills that are not serialized."

      Hashimoto was busy first, "No problem, I'll still send it to you in the morning!"

      "Okay, I'll hang up then!"

      At this time in the valley.

      Song Wanting was still struggling to get through.

      She didn't know where she was and from where she could get out of the big mountain, but what she was thinking was very simple: she had to walk farther before climbing up the valley, otherwise, if she climbed up and was bumped into by the other party, it would really be inevitable.

      What made her feel very magical was that in the past ten minutes, her body was actually feeling better and better.

      Not only did she soon no longer feel any pain from the injury, but her body didn't even feel like it had just been seriously injured at all.

      And now she could still feel that there was still a very powerful energy in her body, which was continuously conducting itself around her body, making her physical condition feel better and better, even feeling like her body was filled with inexhaustible power.

Chapter 2062

She thought to herself, "This power of yours must have originated from that divine medicine that Master Ye gave me at first, so that I could carry it with me at all times in case of emergencies, but I didn't expect that this medicine really saved my life at a critical moment!"

      Thinking of Ye Chen, Song Wanting felt an unprecedented surge of inspiration on her spiritual level as well.

      She kept cheering herself up in her heart, "Since Master Ye has given me the chance to live, I must return to Jinling alive!"


      The ancient capital of six dynasties.

      Although not as prosperous as Yanjing or Zhonghai, nor as affluent as the new first-tier cities in the south, it has its own charm and heritage after all.

      The people who lived here loved this land and this spring water.

      Just as Song Wanting vowed to return to Jinling alive, a private plane at Jinling Airport had slowly moved to the end of the runway.

      This was the Song family's private plane, which could accommodate more than twenty people and also had a separate and independent bedroom.

      At this time, Song Honor was lying on the bed in the separate bedroom, holding a glass of red wine, with a smile on his lips.

      Hashimoto Kensen had just called him and told him, "Mr. Song, the commercial vehicle that your sister was riding in fell from a cliff hundreds of meters high in West Todoroki County to the bottom of the valley, and the vehicle spontaneously combusted right afterwards, and your sister has been reduced to ashes one hundred percent!"

      Song Honor smiled grimly, "Good!Great!I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and it's thanks to Mr. Hashimoto's help that I can get what I want today."

      Mr. Hashimoto Konen smiled, "Mr. Song, in the future, it is most important for both of us to cooperate and make more money!"

      Song Honor said with a smile, "Please don't worry about that, Mr. Hashimoto, we will definitely cooperate with you in the future, and I won't give you a penny of the money that should be paid."

      Hashimoto said, "Then when Mr. Song arrives in Japan, we'll have a good drink!"

      Song Honor sighed and said, "Oops!This time I'm going to Japan mainly to make a show for the old man, that old thing is old, but he's clear-headed, if I act a little bit wrong, he will definitely notice, so I'm going to Japan this time, it's better for the two of us not to meet in order to avoid suspicion."

      Hashimoto nearly asked first, "Mr. Song, when are we going to sign the contract then?"

      Song Honor said, "Wait until I bring my sister's body or ashes back to Jinling and give her a funeral before I choose an opportunity to sign a contract with Mr. Hashimoto."

      Hashimoto Konzen smiled obscenely and said, "Haha, that's no problem, Mr. Song must be very pained at the loss of his loved one, so let's wait a little longer on the drinking and talking."

      Song Honor also laughed and said, "Yes, my clever and capable sister died so miserably, this is really painful for me, hahahaha!"

      Saying that, he lamented with a bit of regret, "If that old thing hadn't passed on the family headship to my sister and made her feel at ease by my side to assist me, I wouldn't have wanted her dead today."

      At this point, Song Honor's eyes flashed with a hint of grimness as he said coldly, "If you want to blame it, blame that old thing for establishing her in my path!Anyone who stands in my way must die!"

      Nearly Hashimoto spoke first, "Mr. Song, what if that old man wants to regain the headship of the family?Or what if, when we sign, he doesn't agree to the terms of the partnership we've set up?"

      Song Honor smiled grimly and said indifferently, "Don't worry, Mr. Hashimoto, none of this you're worried about will happen, I'll find an opportunity to reunite him with his beloved granddaughter, and no one can stop me from becoming the head of the Song family!"

Chapter 2063

The Ito Family's power in Tokyo was now basically unmatched.

      Plus, this was the first time Ye Chen had opened his mouth and asked Ito Naija to help with his business, so Ito Naija took this extremely seriously and sent out almost the entire Ito family's forces.

      Tens of thousands of people searched tightly in Tokyo, and soon followed the trajectory of Song Wanting's movements all the way to the entrance to the mountain in West Tama County.

      Since the road where Song Wan-ting went up the mountain usually had very little traffic, there was no CCTV on this road.

      After learning that the trail was interrupted at the foot of the West Tama County mountain, the clever and clever Ito Nachiko almost immediately became acutely aware that the location of Song Wanting's accident must be right on the West Tama County mountain road.

      Not only was the area unpopulated, the elevation of the road was also very high, so if someone had deliberately harmed Song Wanting, doing it here would be a perfect choice indeed.

      Therefore, Ito Nana-chan immediately called off the massive search and announced that a heavy prize of 100 million yen would be awarded to the 1st team to find the West Tama County clue.

      She then immediately arranged for the Ito clan's ninja to travel to the deep mountains of West Tama County so that they could sneak in and search for clues.

      At the same time, Ye Chen who was in Jinling was also a bit restless.

      At this time, he was pacing back and forth in the living room, pondering in his heart, "Judging from Wan Ting's voice, she must have encountered unusual danger, and it's very likely that someone is trying to deliberately harm her, or even, it's very likely that she has met with an unfortunate accident by now"

      "After all, she is only a weak woman, even if she were to face an adult male alone she wouldn't have any chance of winning, not to mention the fact that she is in a foreign country at the moment and has no one to rely on other than a few assistants, I'm afraid the situation is fierce"

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen felt his heart cringe.

      For Song Wanting, he naturally had a strong fondness in his heart.

      It wasn't because Ye Chen was triple-minded, but because a girl like Song Wanting was so rare, so as long as a normal man would have a good feeling for her after spending time with her.

      She was beautiful, gentle, sensible, generous, and more importantly, she treated people sincerely, even if it was from the perspective of a normal friend, he would be worried and heartbroken when she was in danger.

      What's more, Ye Chen was fortunate enough to have her heart and first kiss, so when she was in danger, Ye Chen was even more heartbroken.

      Unfortunately, Song Wanting was in Tokyo, and even if Ye Chen had the ability to go to heaven, it would be impossible for him to rush to her side immediately to rescue her.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Therefore, he could only pray for Song Wanting's good fortune while at the same time praying in his heart, "Wanting, I hope you will always obediently listen to me and carry the pill I gave you close to your body, if you take it with you, it might be able to save your life."

      Half an hour passed.

      Ito Nana returned a phone call to Ye Chen and opened her mouth, "Ye Chen-kun, the people I sent out to chase all the way to the western suburbs of Tokyo, West Tama County, where Miss Song was riding in a car, up the mountain, the CCTV footage is no longer visible, so I suspect that Miss Song should be the one who had an accident in the mountain, I have now sent my best ninjas to the deep mountains to search, if there is anything elseThe news, I will inform Ye Chenjun first!"

      Ye Chen was even more worried when he heard that Itoh Cabbage had said that Song Wanting had been in an accident in the mountains.

      The voice just now was filled with crashing sounds as well as friction, and he thought it was just a car accident, but as soon as he heard that it was an accident in the mountains, he immediately felt that the chances of Song Wanting surviving were even smaller!

Chapter 2064

No matter which country you are in, mountain roads are much more dangerous than ordinary roads.

      The worst thing you can do in a car accident on a mountain road is to fall off a cliff, and once you tumble off a 100 meter high cliff, the chances of survival are slim to none.

      In the rally, the car running the mountain must be equipped with a very strong anti-rolling frame, only then, can ensure that the vehicle in the high-speed rolling, falling can ensure that the cab is not deformed, so as to protect the safety of the driver.

      But ordinary civilian cars, even 10 million Rolls-Royces, don't have such things as anti-roll bars at all, so if they fall off a cliff, the Rolls-Royce will fall into a pile of scrap metal!

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen hurriedly said to Ito, "Cabbage Patch, I beg you one thing, make sure that your ninja find Song Wanting's whereabouts as soon as possible, and as long as she still has a shred of breath, also bring her out of the mountain, to the hospital, and wait for me to come!"

      Itachi Nana-chan hurriedly asked, "Yatsuo-kun, you're coming to Japan?"

      "Right!"Ye Chen cut off the nail and said, "I'm going over there now!"

      Itachi's heart leapt for joy!

      "Yatsuo-kun is coming to Japan!Then I can see Ye Chenjun again!"

      But after a few moments, Ito's heart was slightly jealous again, "Ye Chenjun came to Japan for that Miss Song, not for me Why is he so nervous about that Miss Song?Is that Miss Song his confidante?"

      Although Ito's heart was a bit sour, she had a very strong sense of the big picture and quickly threw all these thoughts out of her mind, saying off the top of her head, "Yatsuo-kun, I'll arrange for a helicopter to wait for you at Tokyo Narita Airport right now!"

      "If I find Miss Song's whereabouts on Ye Tatsun-kun's way to Japan, then I'll immediately take her to the best hospital and have a helicopter take you to the hospital to meet her as soon as Ye Tatsun-kun lands on the ground."

      "If I haven't found Miss Song's whereabouts after Ye Chenjun arrives in Japan, then I'll have a helicopter take Ye Chenjun to West Tama County and I'll accompany Ye Chenjun in his search!"

      Seeing that Itachi Naija had arranged things so thoughtfully, Ye Chen was grateful and said, "Good Naija!Thank you so much!"

      Ito Nai-chan hurriedly said, "Ye Chen-kun and Nai-chan don't have to be so polite, Nai-chan's life was saved by Ye Chen-kun, this little matter is nothing."

      Ye Chen's heart was more than a little relieved, and spoke, "Cabbage Patch, you first arrange for a helicopter to wait for me at Narita Airport, I'll take a direct flight over!"

      "Okay Yatsuo-kun!"

      Ye Chen on this side hung up the phone of Itoh Cabbage Patch on the other side, and then he immediately called Chen Zhaichai, and as soon as the call came through, Ye Chen immediately ordered, "Old Chen, arrange for the plane to make preparations for takeoff, and then send a helicopter to pick me up, I want to get to Tokyo as soon as possible!"

      Chen Zhai Kai was amazed and said, "Young Master, why do you suddenly want to go to Tokyo at this late hour?"

      Ye Chen blurted out, "Wan Ting is in trouble in Tokyo, her life and death are unknown, I must get there as soon as possible!"

      "Something happened to Miss Song?!"As soon as he heard this, Richard Chen knew that Ye Chen must be very anxious at the moment, so he immediately spoke, "Young Master, I'll immediately arrange this, it's now 11:00 p.m. The helicopter is expected to arrive at you in fifteen minutes, pick you up and then fly to the airport for almost twenty minutes, counting the landing time, and arrive at the airport at around 11:40!"

      "I'll have the plane waiting for you at the end of the runway, you'll get off the helicopter and board directly for immediate takeoff, while flying at maximum speed to Tokyo, where you're expected to arrive at two in the morning, three in the morning, Yanjing time!"

Chapter 2065

The deep mountains of West Domo County.

      Song Wanting was still carefully and slowly walking through the valley.

      Even though it was winter, the valley was very dense with plants because there were many pines and cypresses and other evergreen plants.

      Moreover, in this dark and cold valley, there was absolutely no trace of any human visitation, so even a goat path was not available.

      So it was extremely difficult to walk in such a place.

      Not to mention a female stream like Song Wanting, even an expert who was good at exploring through would find it difficult to increase her speed.

      Fortunately, it was the winter season, so Song Wanting was dressed in thicker clothes, with a thicker cashmere trench coat on top, a black mid-skirt with black corseted bottoms, and a pair of black leather boots, so she wouldn't be hurt by the dense pine needles and dried branches and leaves.

      Song Wanting was already used to the darkness at the bottom of the valley, and she could have used her cell phone, which had a broken screen, to illuminate her surroundings so that she could walk with less effort.

      However, she was afraid that the person who wanted to murder her would not give up and was still searching for her whereabouts, so she didn't dare to give off any light.

      Occasionally, when she wants to check if her phone has a signal, she also hides her phone in her trench coat and wraps her head and phone completely in it, for fear of giving off light.Fastest Updated.

      After groping her way through the valley for two to three hours, although Song Wanting was still very strong, her hands and face, which had been repeatedly scratched by the branches and leaves of the trees, were already covered in tiny red marks, some of which even oozed a bit of blood.

      But at this time, Song Wanting couldn't care less about the pain, her only thought was to grit her teeth and get out of the mountain and survive!

      At that moment, the special plane Song Honor was flying was the first to land at the Tokyo airport.

      Once he landed, he didn't hesitate to head straight to the Tokyo Police Department.

      He had already figured out that this time, coming to Tokyo was nothing more than making a show for the old man.

      When Song Wanting's body was found, he would first express his grief, then he would leave the matter to the Tokyo Police Department to investigate, and he could take Song Wanting's body or ashes and return to Jinling for a big funeral.

      On the way to the Tokyo Police Department by car, Song Honor received a phone call from the United States.

      When he pressed the answer button, he heard his father Song Tianming's voice on the other end of the phone.

      "Hello, Honor, is it convenient for you to speak now?"

      Song Honor gave a hmmm and said indifferently, "I'm surrounded by my beloved ones, so don't worry, Dad."

      Song Tian Ming then asked, "You're in Tokyo?"

      "Yes Dad, I'm here."

Chapter 2066

Song Tian Ming asked again, "How is Hashimoto nearly done with things first?Pretty?"

      Song Honor sneered and said, "It should be quite pretty, according to him, the car rolled off a cliff a few hundred meters down and burned into a pile of scrap metal, and the people inside, they were probably all burnt to cinders."first published

      Song Tian Ming said with satisfaction, "That's good, that's good!"

      And then he asked, "By the way, did your grandfather suspect anything before you came?"

      Song Honor said, "I don't think so, but I'm not sure if he'll suspect later."

      Song Tian Ming sneered, "It's fine, he doesn't have anything for later anymore."

      Song Honor was delighted and hurriedly asked after him, "Dad, is it ready to do something about grandpa?"

      Song Tian Ming said, "No, not so fast."

      Song Honor's expression was a bit worried and said, "Dad, don't forget, when that old guy passed the family headship to Wan Ting, he said in public that as long as Wan Ting doesn't have any offspring yet, the Song family headship will have to be inherited by Ye Chen, if we don't finish off the old guy quickly, won't we be giving Ye Chen a dowry?!"

      Song Tian Ming said, "If we do something to the old man now, it will be too obvious, with Song Wanting gram death in a foreign land and the old thing dying in Jinling, even if we don't leave any evidence behind, the outside world will think we did it!"

      Song Honor nervously asked, "What then?!We can't really wait for the old man to invite Ye Chen to join the Song family, can we?In that case, we're all screwed!We're definitely not Ye Chen's match!"

      Song Tian Ming said, "You don't have to worry about this, I had someone get a batch of neurological drugs used by American agents, the initial stage after taking the drug can make the person taking the drug incomparably obedient, at that time, whatever we say, the old man will do, at that time we will directly ask the old man to announce the annulment of the previous verbal agreement, and then announce that I will take over as the head of the family."

      Song Honor pursued, "You just said that the initial stage of drug taking can make the other party obedient, what about the middle and later stages?Does the drug wear off?"

      "No."Song Tian Ming sneered, "After taking this drug for a period of time, it can irreversibly destroy a person's brain, not only can it never be cured, but it can't be detected at all, the apparent symptoms are no different from Alzheimer's, and we can then say that the old man is suffering from Alzheimer's because he was stimulated by Song Wanting's death, and anyway, I've become the head of the family, so that he becomesDementia is good for us."

      Song Honor smiled excitedly, "Dad!What a brilliant move you've made!When the time comes, we'll just raise the old thing like a mascot and arrange for a few servants to take care of his food, drink, and shelter!"

      "Well!"Song Tian Ming smiled grimly and said, "The old man just called me and told me to go back as soon as possible, I've already had the medicine brought in through a special channel, I'll find a chance to feed it to him when Song Wanting's funeral is over!"

      Song Honor remembered something and spoke up, "Dad, the old man still has a Rejuvenation Pill!On Song Wanting's birthday, Ye Chen gave it to her and she passed it on to the old guy, what if he took the rejuvenation pill and everything went back to normal?I'm afraid we'll be in big trouble then!"

      Song Tian Ming said coldly, "Honor, don't be afraid!There's no turning back on this!For the sake of the Song family's $200 billion in assets, we must go all the way to the dark side, where God will stop God and Buddha will stop Buddha!"

      Just saying that, Song Tian Ming said, "Besides, if the Rejuvenation Pill can really reverse his brain damage, the worst that can happen is that I'll find a chance to give him some more medicine, and as long as we don't reveal that we killed Song Wanting or that we gave the old man the medicine, no one will suspect us."

      After a pause, Song Tian Ming sneered, "Besides, even if they suspect, so what?We didn't kill Song Wanting directly, so who can condemn us?Everything has to be about evidence!"

      Song Honor said, "You're right, as long as there's no proof that we're behind it, no one can do anything about it!"

      Song Tian Ming snorted coldly, "The old thing is to blame for this, he's too biased!He really treats me like a piece of meat!This time, we'll take back the entire Song family!I'm the eldest son of the Song family, you're the grandson of the Song family, and the Song family should have been ours!"

Chapter 2067

When Ye Chen left home, Xiao Churan was still soaking in the hot spring.

      She didn't even know that her husband left from the hot spring in a bathrobe and said he was going to get a drink, but as a result of this, the person had already taken a helicopter to the airport and then a plane to Japan.

      She couldn't wait for Ye Chen left and right, and after coming out of the hot spring, she returned to the living room and didn't see Ye Chen's shadow.

      She picked up her phone to call Ye Chen, but it showed that the phone was off.

      This made her even more puzzled, and when she returned to the bedroom, she didn't find Ye Chen's shadow either, but only saw a note that Ye Chen had left for himself on the bedside table.

      The note had a line written on it: "Honey, a friend is in danger of losing her life, I have to rush over to save her."

      After reading it, Xiao Churan was shocked: "Save someone?!It's not like something terrible has happened, is it?!"

      Thinking of this, she quickly sent a voice to Ye Chen, "Honey, where have you been?What's going on?Either way, you can be sure to be safe!"

      Tokyo, Japan.

      The ninjas of the Ito clan, in a helicopter, arrived near the mountains of West Tama Prefecture in the shortest possible time.

      The helicopter then landed a few kilometers away from the base of the mountain, and ten ninjas dressed in black fishtailed out, running at great speed towards the mountain.

      The reason why they didn't let the helicopter fly in directly was because Itachi was afraid of spooking the snakes.

      She had a similar view as Ye Chen, Song Wanting was most likely murdered, so at this time, if she let them go in to search by helicopter with great fanfare, in case Song Wanting wasn't dead and her own people were disturbed, it would cause more trouble instead.

      However, the mountains in West Domo County stretched for hundreds of kilometers, and the Pan Mountain Road alone was dozens of kilometers long, so they could only hide in the darkness and follow the Pan Mountain Road on foot to check for clues.

      Luckily, the Ito family had more ninjas out this time, and ten ninjas poured out of their nest to start inspecting all the clues from the intersection into the mountain.

      Even as they searched, the Ito ninja departed from their home by helicopter to Narita Airport.

      It was two in the morning Tokyo time.

      As Song Honor had personally alerted the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a large number of police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department had been ordered to depart in a full-scale search for Song Wan-ting.

      The news of Song Wan-ting's disappearance in Tokyo is a nightmare for the Tokyo Police Department's director.

      A few days ago, an unprecedented chaos broke out in Tokyo, with all kinds of assassinations and assassinations, and many rich and powerful bigwigs died one after another in a series of violent incidents that even shocked the entire world.

      Not only did it make the world laugh at Tokyo's law and order problems, it also made the Tokyo Police Department lose face in front of the world.

      After all the hard work to restore things to normal and the law and order is almost peaceful, who would have thought that another famous foreign entrepreneur would be lost in Tokyo!

      The Song Group, with a total market value of nearly 200 billion RMB, Song Wanting, as the chairman of the Song Group, was a proper business elite no matter what country she went to with her worth.

      But it was this business elite who had lost contact in Tokyo, and according to her family's report, it was likely that something bad had happened to her!

      The head of the Tokyo Police Department feels like he's on his back, if this Song Wanting really dies in Tokyo, then Tokyo will simply never want this face again!

      So, he immediately rushed to the Police Department to supervise the war and sent thousands of police officers to begin searching for Song Wanting.

      Just like the Ito family, the Tokyo Police Department was using the surveillance cameras to pursue all the clues before Song Wanting's disappearance.

      Moreover, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department already had direct access to all the surveillance cameras in Tokyo, so they quickly found the relevant clues and locked the location of Song Wanting's accident in West Tama County.

Chapter 2068

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department officers didn't care about alerting the snakes.

      They directly sent hundreds of police officers to drive to West Tama County, intending to block all roads into and out of the mountains, while the Tokyo Police Department also sent six police helicopters to fly to the mountains of West Tama County, intending to find Song Wanting's whereabouts as soon as possible.

      Ito Nana-chan quickly got the news and immediately instructed the ninjas she had sent out to keep a low profile and try not to have any direct contact with the police department.

      Tokyo time, two-thirty in the morning.

      The ninja of the Ito clan, after passing through several mountains, smelled the smell of burning near the incident that had been cleared by the murderer.

      They then used that smell to find their way down the valley.First.

      Along the way, they found the broken and gruesome body of Song Wanting's assistant, Chen Yan, who had been thrown out of the car.

      They immediately passed the news on to Itoh Cabbage, who was shocked and immediately instructed them, "See if the face is still recognizable, then search the internet for Song Wanting's photo to see if it's the same person!"

      After identifying the body, the lead ninja said to Itochi, "My lady, this corpse should not be Miss Song's, let's continue our search!"

      Itachi was relieved and busy, "Get down there and take a look!"

      The ninja said, "My lady, there's something I need to tell you."

      Itachi Nao-chan was busy saying, "Yes, you say."

      The head ninja said, "This cliff, at least a few hundred meters high, we're only just halfway down, from that female corpse just now, we can see that the vehicle tumbled and fell, it received a huge impact as well as the huge inertia from the tumble, so the people inside, most likely won't survive."

      "Also, the smell of burning could be smelled the further down you go, which proves that the vehicle spontaneously combusted after falling to the bottom of the valley, so the likelihood of anyone surviving is even less, and even top ninjas would probably have a hard time getting out of this situation."

      Ito's heart was tight, and she was busy saying, "I know, you guys go down and see what's going on and report back to me in time!"

      The head ninja said, "My lady, our cell phone signal is very unstable right now, if we go any further down we may not be able to find any signal, we may be out of touch for a while, don't worry, once we find a clue, we'll climb up immediately and report back to you!"

      Itachi immediately said, "Yes!Go and see what's going on, if you find Miss Song's corpse, tell me the first time, if you can't find Miss Song's corpse, then Miss Song is most likely still alive, search the area well!"

      "Okay Missy, we're coming down!"

      Whirling around, the ten ninjas jumped quickly downwards like parkour experts.

      These people still have excellent eyesight in the middle of the night, and very agile reach, in the steep cliff steep slope, still able to safely, quickly and accurately find the landing point, and soon one by one down to the bottom of the valley.

      At the bottom of the valley, the commercial vehicle Song Wanting was riding in had already been burned to the ground.

      The snow that had accumulated in the valley over the winter ensured that the leaking fuel from the commercial vehicle did not cause a mountain fire, but even so, the burning snow still gathered into a small stream at the bottom.

      Inside the commercial vehicle, which had been burned to a pile of scrap metal, were two charred bodies.

      The corpses had almost turned into carbon ash, and when the wind blew, they dropped black carbon dust, and if you touched them with your hands, they would probably turn into a cloud of black ash.

      By the outline, one could tell that there were two corpses in the car, and that they were a man and a woman.

      However, the female corpse was completely unidentifiable.

      One of the ninjas exclaimed, "Boss, the people have been burned like this, Amaterasu can't even save them, let's go up and find a signal to revive Missy."

      The lead ninja was about to nod his head when he suddenly saw a hint of abnormality on the ground through the faint light.

      He immediately lay down on the ground and sniffed it, and then felt the different degrees of softness and hardness of the ground in different locations with his hands, and exclaimed in alarm, "It's a fresh set of footprints!Someone's still alive!"

Chapter 2069

Tokyo time, 2:50 am.

      The private plane that Ye Chen was flying landed at Narita Airport.

      He didn't have a single person with him this time and rushed to Tokyo by himself.

      On this journey, Ye Chen had been connected to the plane's wireless network since there was only wireless network on the plane and no communication network.

      He kept an eye on Song Wanting's avatar in WeChat, expecting her to send a message.

      However, Song Wanting hadn't given him any feedback.

      More than two hours of flight, Ye Chen's entire body was very anxious and was getting more and more demoralized.

      He would always involuntarily envision the worst possible outcome: if Song Wanting was really dead, what should he do?

      This time, although I had brought the Rejuvenation Pill with me, but although the Rejuvenation Pill was [PEN] magical, it did not have the effect of bringing back the dead in the true sense of the word.

      If the person was truly gone, no amount of rejuvenation pills would be of any help!

      And although there were records about higher level pills in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, that information was too profound for Ye Chen to comprehend, and he simply didn't have the ability to achieve it.

      Therefore, he could only keep praying in his heart that Song Wanting was still alive.

      Or, even if she only had her last breath left, he could bring her back!

      Getting off the plane, Ye Chen passed through the customs as fast as he could.

      Then, he saw that Ito Naija was already waiting at the exit of the customs.

      Seeing Ye Chen, her heart leaped for joy and she ran towards him in three or two steps, her eyes full of excitement and admiration and said, "Ye Chen-kun, you're here."

      Ye Chen nodded and opened his mouth to ask her, "Cabbage, did your people find anything?"

      Itachi said hurriedly, "The ninjas I sent out just gave me feedback that they have found the vehicle where Miss Song was involved in the accident, and three bodies were found at the scene, two women and one man."


      Ye Chen's heart thudded and asked off the cuff, "Have the bodies been identified?"The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Itoh Cabbage was quick to explain, "The male corpse is Miss Song's driver, the other two female corpses, one of which has been confirmed not to be Miss Song herself, and a female corpse in the passenger side of the car has been burned beyond recognition, but since this female corpse was sitting on the passenger side, I presume she is not Miss Song herself either."

      Ye Chen hurriedly asked again, "Then there's no one else at the scene?If no one else was there, where did Wan-ting go?Could this burned body be her?"

      Ito Nachiko added, "It's like this Yatsuo-kun, my ninja told me that fresh footprints were found at the scene, and someone should have escaped before the vehicle spontaneously combusted."

      Saying that, Ito Nachiko exclaimed, "The ninja told me that this matter is very unbelievable, because the scene is really too tragic, the commercial vehicle fell from a cliff several hundred meters high and spontaneously combusted, under such circumstances, even a ninja would have a hard time surviving, but that person survived and still has the ability to move, it's a miracle of miracles!!"

      Ye Chen instantly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this!

      It seemed that the person who had survived and had escaped would be Song Wanting herself.

Chapter 2070

Song Wanting must have relied on the pill she had given her, so she was able to stay alive under such a dangerous condition.

      So, Ye Chen hurriedly asked again, "Cabbage, did your people find Song Wanting's whereabouts?"

      Ito-chan shook her head and said, "Right now they're tracking the traces left by Miss Song, but they haven't found where she herself is yet, but I'm sure they'll be able to find her since she's alive."

      Saying that, Ito Nana-chan said, "Oh yes Yatsuo-kun, the police department has sent a large number of police officers to West Tama County to search for her, I believe they are also looking for Miss Song's whereabouts, and they have many police helicopters, which are more suitable for a quick and extensive search and rescue, so I believe they will be able to find Miss Song's whereabouts soon."

      Ye Chen shook his head with a heavy expression and said, "The reason why Wan Ting met with an unfortunate accident, in my opinion, someone must have assassinated her, if the Tokyo Police Department finds her whereabouts, this matter will definitely be impossible to hide from the person behind the curtain, and I'm afraid that the other party will make a comeback then."

      Saying that, Ye Chen hurriedly asked her, "Cabbage, is the helicopter ready yet?"

      Itachi nodded, "It's at the helipad, ready to go!"

      "Good, get to the place of the incident as soon as possible!"

      Helicopters soon whirred up from Narita Airport and crossed half of the Tokyo metropolitan area, heading straight for West Tama County.

      At this time, the West Tama County, which had always been peaceful, was suddenly bustling with activity and noise.

      Thousands of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department officers and special operations team members swarmed to the area, and several police helicopters with high-powered searchlights hovered over the mountains.

      Secretly, the ninjas of the Ito clan were in the valley, pursuing the traces left behind by Song Wanting.

      After all, Song Wanting wasn't a trainer, let alone an expert, so she couldn't hide her trajectory of movement.

      The lead ninja was very smart, as he chased the traces left by Song Wanting, while not forgetting to order people to eliminate the traces left by Song Wanting bit by bit.

      This way, no one would be able to find the trail left by Song Wanting again.

      Even if someone from the Tokyo Police Department found the completely destroyed commercial vehicle, they would not be able to find any trace of Song Wanting leaving alive.

      This would ensure that Song Wanting would not be discovered by others to the greatest extent possible.

      The Tokyo Metropolitan Police had a large number of people and there were police helicopters searching at high altitude, so it didn't take long for them to find the commercial vehicle where Song Wanting's accident occurred.

      Afterwards, several police helicopters headed towards the valley where the accident occurred, and twenty to thirty heavily armed special operations officers came down from the helicopters.

      As soon as these special warriors came down, they immediately protected the scene tightly.

      They examined the scene for the first time and confirmed that there were two deceased inside the vehicle, then they retraced their steps upwards from the location of the commercial vehicle and found the body of Song Wanting's assistant, Chen Yan, halfway up the mountain.

      So their officer in charge, immediately reported to the headquarters via radio, "We have found the scene of the incident, the vehicle matches the one on the video surveillance, three bodies were found at the scene, one of them was identified as a woman surnamed Chen beside Song Wanting, the other two bodies were completely carbonized, only a man and a woman could be identified, but there was no way to confirm the woman'sIdentity."

      The commander-in-chief at the scene rushed over the radio to ask, "Is there anything else on the scene?You've only found three corpses now, but we found out from the CCTV footage that when the commercial vehicle left the hotel, there were four people in the vehicle, one of them was the driver, one of the other three was Song Wanting, the other two were Chen Yan, and Zhang Xiaohui, so there can't be only three corpses!"

      The head of the task force said, "It's true that only three bodies were found at the scene, and given the tragedy of the accident, it's impossible for anyone to have survived, and there were no signs of life on the scene."

      The commander-in-chief sounded incredibly confused and said, "This isn't right!Four people on the bus, only three left after the accident, where did the other one go?"

Chapter 2071

At this moment, Song Honor was sitting in the Tokyo Police Department's conference room with an anxious face.

      Because the Song Group is a powerful and well-known company, the Tokyo Police Department is very polite to Song Honor.

      The director, who had come overnight from home, was now personally entertaining Song Honor.

      Seeing Song Honor's anxious appearance, the director opened his mouth to comfort him, "Mr. Song, our large team has already begun a comprehensive search for your sister's whereabouts in West Domo County, so you don't need to be too anxious, once there are any results and clues, I will report back to you at once."

      Song Honor sighed lightly and covered his face in pain, choking out, "Wan Ting is my only sister and the person I love the most, please do your best to bring her back safe and sound!"

      The Police Chief nodded and assured, "Please don't worry Mr. Song, we will do our best to find Miss Song's whereabouts!"

      Song Honor said gratefully, "That's very kind of you!"

      At that moment, someone came in at the door and said urgently, "Chief, our men found Miss Song's commercial vehicle in the mountains of West Domoshire, the vehicle had crashed to the bottom of a ravine, and they found two charred bodies in it, and another one halfway up a steep hill!"

      As soon as Song Honor heard this, his eyes reddened and he immediately shed two lines of hot tears.

      He nervously asked after her, "Director, has something bad happened to Wan Ting?"

      The hall manager sighed and said, "Mr. Song, I beg your condolences."

      Song Honor covered his face and cried out in pain, "Why why why is Wan Ting she is still so young she is still so young ah!Why wasn't I the one who died!Why!"

      The director stepped forward and gently patted Song Honor's shoulder, and was about to open his mouth to comfort a couple of sentences, the person who came to report said again, "Director, we found out through surveillance that when Miss Song departed from the hotel, there were four people in the car along with her, so there is still one person whose whereabouts are unknown."

      Song Honor lifted his face up and asked in stunned silence, "What did you say?!There's one more person unaccounted for?!"

      "Right!"The man hurriedly said, "Four people got on the bus, there are only three bodies, the other one hasn't found any clues yet, and we highly suspect that the one whose whereabouts are unknown is Miss Song!"

      "What?!"Song Hornung was so nervous that he asked, "What evidence do you have that the missing person is my sister?Have you identified the body that fell to its death halfway up the hill?Also, was she in those two charred bodies in the car?"

      The man explained: "Is so Mr. Song, the corpse halfway up the hill has been confirmed, is Miss Song's assistant Chen Yan, as for the two charred corpses, we are through the high-definition camera carefully compared, when the commercial vehicle left the hotel's seating order, the only male is the driver sitting in the driver's seat, and at that time sitting in the passenger seat, is one of Miss Song's assistant, Zhang Xiaohui., when Miss Song got into the car at that time, she was sitting in the back row with her other assistant, Chen Yan."

      At this point, the man continued, "So, it follows that the charred corpse on the passenger side should be Zhang Xiaohui, unless Miss Song swapped places with Zhang Xiaohui halfway through the journey, but we believe that this possibility is minimal."

      The director reasoned at this point, "Now that we have confirmed the discovery of Chen Yan's corpse, the other two corpses are most likely the driver and Zhang Xiaohui, so in that case, it is very likely that Miss Song is still alive!"

      Song Honor's entire body almost collapsed when he heard this!

      He inwardly strained his abdomen, "What's going on?!What the hell is going on here?Why is Song Wanting still alive?Isn't it certain as well as certain that Hashimoto's near-senior people have rolled down the valley with the car and Song Wanting!Why is she flying off the handle?!"

Chapter 2072

So he hurriedly stood up and asked out of the blue, "Have you found my sister's whereabouts?Or have you found anything of value?!"

      The person who came to report shook his head and said, "Things are a bit tricky right now, and there are some inconsistencies, we didn't find any traces of Miss Song at the scene, nor did we find any traces of anyone alive, but we also didn't find any clues as to whether Miss Song got off the bus early or not, so everything is still unknown right now."

      Song Honor's heart had a few fears at this point "If Song Wanting is dead, then everything is easy to solve, even if the Tokyo Police Department finds out that she died from a homicide, I have nothing to worry about, I didn't do it anyway, it's almost impossible to find out, and then the Tokyo Police Department can continue toAfter pursuing the clues, I'll bring Song Wanting's body back to put on the funeral, and then I'll do the old thing, and the Song family will be mine and Dad's."

      "But, if Song Wanting isn't dead, then I'm afraid all of this will be for naught!Even if Song Wanting doesn't know that I secretly harmed her, as long as she returns to Jinling alive, she will definitely become extremely vigilant in the future, and then it will be hard to kill her!"first issue

      Thinking of this, he couldn't sit still a bit and spoke, "A few people, I want to go out for some air."

      The director hurriedly nodded, "Mr. Song is light!"

      Song Honor immediately walked out the door to an empty stairwell and dialed Hashimoto Konzen's phone.

      "Haha, Mr. Song, you should be at the Tokyo Police Department right now, right?"

      Song Honor said coldly, "Mr. Hashimoto, someone from the Tokyo Police Department told me that my sister is missing!What the hell is going on here?"

      Hashimoto Kon first asked in surprise.Missing?How did it go missing?"

      Song Honor gritted his teeth and roared in a low voice, "That's how they disappeared for no reason!No one knows where she is, and now neither a person nor a body can be found!"

      Hashimoto Kensen mumbled, "This isn't right!My people have obviously crashed her and the commercial vehicle she was riding in into the cliff valley, and according to them, the vehicle fell to the bottom of the valley for no more than a minute before it happened naturally, and even Amaterasu Daijin couldn't escape!"

      Song Honor said angrily, "Don't fucking talk that shit to me!Your Amaterasu Great Spirit couldn't escape, so my sister escaped!"

      "No one from the police department found her body!She wasn't even there!"

      Hashimoto Konzen also tensed up and said with a bit of a tremble in his voice, "This isn't f**king right!I really have a video here, it was taken by one of my men, and you can see on the video that your sister she was obviously still in the car when it hit!"

      Honor Song questioned angrily, "She was in the car at the time of the crash, and she disappeared when she crashed down the valley, so I'm asking you to answer me, where the hell did she go?"

      Hashimoto Konen-sen's voice was all a bit desperate as he said, "She she should be dead right ah at that height, there's no way anyone could have survived!"

      Song Honor questioned, "If she dies, won't the corpse walk on its own?!"

      Hashimoto near-sen fidgeted and said, "I don't know about this this one."

      Song honored the low growl, "So this is only one possibility, she must have escaped!I don't care how you do it, just find her and kill her now!Otherwise if this is revealed, we'll both be finished!"

Chapter 1273

Ye Chen and Itoh Cabbage flew in a helicopter for about thirty minutes before they approached West Tama County.

      As Ito Naozi's ninjas were still tracking Song Wanting's whereabouts, a large number of police forces from the Tokyo Police Department were also searching near the site of the incident.

      So, Ye Chen had the helicopter land in a relatively flat place on the top of a mountain about five kilometers away from the incident site.

      A distance of five kilometers would temporarily avoid the police department's search, while not being too far away from Song Wanting.

      After all, she wouldn't be able to walk too fast in the deep mountains on her feet, and it was estimated that she would have walked at most five kilometers since the incident.

      Therefore, even if the helicopter that Ye Chen was riding in was unlucky and landed completely in the opposite direction, the maximum straight line distance between him and Song Wanting would not exceed ten kilometers.

      Still putting more than two thousand meters to the top of the mountain, the weather was bitterly cold, and Ye Chen was standing on top of a boulder at the top of the mountain with anxiety in his heart.

      The pills he gave Song Wanting could save her once, but not twice, and if she was met by criminals again, or if she ran into any danger in the mountain, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to whip her.

      At the side, Itoh Naija, seeing Ye Chen's burning expression, immediately pulled out her phone and prepared to call the ninja she had sent out to inquire about the situation.

      At that moment, her phone happened to vibrate, and the one who called her was the ninja headed by the Ito family.

      Ito Naija hurriedly answered the phone and asked, "How's the situation?Have you found out where Miss Sun is?"

      The other party immediately said: "Back to Missy, we have found Miss Song's whereabouts, he is at the site of the incident, about four kilometers northeast of the valley, we just nearest to her, a straight line distance of about 500 meters, but I found Miss Song's condition is still good, so I did not disturb her, because there is no signal at the top of the mountain, so I went up to the firstHalfway called you for instructions, and the others are secretly trailing and protecting her."

      Itachi was relieved and said off the top of her head, "That's great!"

      Ye Chen then hurriedly pursued, "Does Wan Ting have a whereabouts?"

      Itachi nodded heavily and said to Ye Chen-kun, "Ye Chen-kun!My men have found Song Xiao, she is now traveling to the northeast, she seems to be in good shape, my men are about five or six hundred meters away from her, they haven't alerted her yet, and have called me specifically for advice, what do you think we should do?"

      As soon as Ye Chen heard this, a stone in his heart fell to the ground.

      Coming to Japan in the middle of the night, the only thing he was looking forward to was hearing the news that Song Wanting was safe and sound.

      So, he immediately said to Itachi, "Cabbage Patch, please have your people give a specific location, we're on our way!"

      In the valley.

      Song Wanting was still struggling to move forward.

      Since her phone had no signal, she couldn't use her location, and she herself couldn't figure out how far she had gone.

      However, Song Wanting was smart enough to rely on the Polaris in the sky to orient herself.

      The North Star was a star in the northern part of the sky, and due to its unique movement pattern, the star was almost immobile from the northern hemisphere.

      It is because Polaris remains motionless in the northern part of the sky that it is able to provide the most basic navigation of location.

      When one finds the North Star, one can find the North, and when one is facing the North, behind him is the South, while the right-hand direction is the East and the left-hand direction is the West.

      In this way, Song Wanting was able to ensure that he had been heading northeast, rather than aimlessly and sparsely going back and forth in the valley.First post.

      When you get lost in the mountains, if you don't have a way to tell where you are going, you will often circle around without realizing it.

      Song Wanting wanted to walk as far away from the incident as possible and wait until she had put enough safe distance before climbing up and finding a cell phone signal to call the police for help.

      However, she didn't know at this point that she was surrounded by 10 top ninjas.

      Fortunately, these ninjas were all sent out by Ito Naija, and they didn't have any malice towards Song Wanting, otherwise, Song Wanting was afraid that even if she had the Rejuvenation Pill in her hand, she would be in mortal danger.

      And at this time, she was even more unaware that Ye Chen, whom she was thinking of, had already arrived in Tokyo and was marching fast towards her in the darkness!

      Ye Chen's strength was extraordinary, and even if he didn't rely on helicopters, he was able to run fast and flat in this kind of place.

Chapter 2074

However, Itochi and the others were completely unable to keep up with his kind of pace, so they could only wait in place for Ye Chen's announcement.

      Ye Chen didn't want to directly take a helicopter to pick up Song Wanting, because that would probably disturb the others who were searching for her whereabouts.

      Therefore, it would be more reliable to rely on his own legs.

      It was good that Ye Chen was not that far away from Song Wanting, it was almost two or three kilometers from the positioning.

      So, after half an hour of speeding, Song Wanting had appeared in Ye Chen's sight.

      At this time, Song Wanting was climbing upwards from the bottom of the valley.

      She felt that she had largely pulled off a safe distance, so she wanted to climb upwards and look for a cell phone signal, then first report to Ye Chen and her family.

      At this time, Song Wanting, in her heart, couldn't help but worry: "If Master Ye is talking about the voice I sent to him when I had the accident, then he must be very worried about my safety, right?I don't know if there's a heartbeat right now, but I need to call Master Ye and let him know I'm still alive!"

      Ye Chen's heart was suddenly excited when he saw her.

      When he arrived from Jinling, Ye Chen was most afraid that Song Wanting's life would be threatened.

      Now seeing her figure with his own eyes made Ye Chen completely dispel all his previous tensions and worries.

      When Song Wanting climbed on top of a relatively flat boulder in the middle of the mountain, she pulled out her cell phone, which still showed no signal at this time.

      She walked back and forth on the boulder with her mobile phone, and finally caught a cell phone signal.

      So, she hurriedly kept still and then opened her messenger at the first opportunity.

      Since the network was very poor, her WeChat kept indicating that it was in connection.

      After waiting a few minutes, WeChat changed again from being connected, to being receiving.

      Although it showed that it was receiving, she didn't even receive a new WeChat.

      So, she could only give up on WeChat and call Ye Chen directly.

      Fortunately, the internet, although it was only one cell and almost difficult to connect to the internet, was a signal that could already sustain her to make the call out!

      After the phone rang twice, she heard Ye Chen's voice, "Wan Ting, how are you doing now?"

      Song Wanting heard Ye Chen's voice and felt as if Ye Chen was still in her ears, her heart was so excited that she cried out, "Master Ye I'm still alive."

      Ye Chen said softly, "I know."Yes.

      Song Wanting was sobbing now and choked, "Master Ye thank you if it wasn't for you, I would have been dead by now."

      Ye Chen looked at Song Wanting's back in distress and said softly, "Wanting, I have to tell you something, you should never be nervous, let alone afraid."

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Master Ye you say!"

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Knowing that something happened to you, I've come to Japan."

      "Ah?!"Song Wanting asked excitedly, "Master Ye, you're here in Japan?!"

      Ye Chen said, "That's right, I'm in Tokyo."

      Song Wanting was now extremely happy and moved, crying, "Master Ye, you have really come to Tokyo to find me?"

      Ye Chen sighed lightly and said, "Wanting, I was in the West Domo County where you had your accident."

      Song Wanting was now full of incredulity and exclaimed in shock, "Master Ye, how did you know that I was in the West Domo County where I had my accident?Where are you now?"

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Wan Ting, I'm right behind you now!"

Chapter 2075

The reason why Ye Chen told Song Wanting in a gradual manner was that he was afraid that he would suddenly call out to her, or suddenly tell her that he was right behind her and scare her.

      After all, Song Wanting had been walking alone in this kind of deep forest for so long, if she suddenly appeared without any psychological preparation, it would definitely scare her to a certain extent.

      That's why Ye Chen chose to guide her in a gradual manner, first letting her know that she had come to Japan, to Tokyo, to Sidomore County, and then telling her that he was right behind her.

      And when Song Wanting heard Ye Chen's words, she immediately turned back subconsciously!


      She realized that about ten meters behind her, there was a familiar figure standing about a dozen meters away!

      That familiar figure was the same Ye Chen she still thought of in her heart at the critical moment, Master Ye!

      Song Wanting's heart was almost thrilled to the point of ecstasy!

      She never dared to dream that Ye Chen would actually suddenly appear here!

      At this moment, Song Wanting's heart was completely filled with emotion and happiness!

      She choked on her heart, "Master Ye actually came to my rescue so late in the day, so far away, and Master Ye appeared before me within hours!It's like that supreme jewel in the movie with the colorful clouds on his feet!It must have been important to think of my place in his heart."

      Thinking of this, her entire body had been completely immersed in extreme emotion, and she cried out, "Master Ye!"

      After saying that, he ran towards Ye Chen in stride!

      Ye Chen was afraid that she would fall down on the mountain road, so he hurriedly took two quick steps as well.

      As soon as she reached the front, Song Wanting threw herself into Ye Chen's arms and cried out, "Master Ye I'm not dreaming, am I?Is that really you?You really came to my rescue."

      Ye Chen gently patted her back and comforted her, "You're not dreaming, it's really me, I'm here to save you!"

      Song Wanting suddenly cried pears and sobbed, "Master Ye, I thought I'd never see you again in my life".

      Ye Chen asked her, "Did you take the pill I gave you?"

      Song Wanting nodded her head like garlic, hugged Ye Chen tightly and said on his shoulder, "I've been good and obedient to you, carrying that medicine close to my body, after the car I was riding in fell off the cliff, I took that medicine at the first opportunity, thanks to that medicine, otherwise, Master Ye might have been unable to see me"

      Ye Chen sighed lightly and said, "When I gave you that medicine, it was so that you could use it in case of emergencies, but I never expected that you would actually use it, but today it turned out to be a prophecy!"

      Song Wanting choked with gratitude, "Master Ye, the greatest luck in my life is that I have known you, if it wasn't for you, I would have been long gone, and I would never be able to repay you for your great kindness in my life"

      Song Wanting's heart had always been very grateful to Ye Chen.

      Thinking back, her room had accidentally formed a feng shui bureau of a trapped dragon formation by mistake, and her entire fortune had been rapidly depleted to the point where her life had been endangered.

      If Ye Chen hadn't defused it in time, she might have already died of an accident.

      Not to mention, Ye Chen had helped her step by step to sit on the Song family's headship.

      Today, she encountered such a great death crisis in Japan, and it was also entirely thanks to the medicine that Ye Chen gave her that she was able to turn the danger into safety.

      Now, Ye Chen had even travelled thousands of miles and nights to come to the deep mountains of Japan to save her, this kindness had already made Song Wanting tears of gratitude.

      What's more, she loved Ye Chen deeply in her heart, so at this moment, she regarded Ye Chen as a beloved person who was more important than her own life.


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