Dish Best Served Cold 1226-1230


A Dish Best Served Cold 1226

The scene that happened in the Jiangbei Defense Zone was still not hidden after all.

    As time passed, what happened on that day was like a storm that swept through the five defense zones of Yan Xia.

    "What did you say?"

    "The Battle of Jiangbei, where the four major special war teams were wiped out?"

    "All of them were killed by the Green Dragon, in one fell swoop?"


    "Why more than that?"

    "It is said that when the Green Dragon opened its doors, the chief instructors of the major defense zones had already felt something bad."

    "Thus, they disregarded their status and wanted to join the battle to interrupt the Green Dragon's power accumulation."

    "As a result, what do you guess?"

    "Just in the nick of time, Instructor Green Dragon, actually made a strong move!"

    "And, with one man, fighting three major defense instructors alone!"

    "In the end, with an invincible, instant sweep!"

    "One punch, one kick, one palm, and the Chief Instructor of the three defense zones is heavily injured!"

    "Among them, the chief instructor of the Jiangbei Defense Zone was killed on the spot and beaten to a pulp alive!"

    "Instructor Zhu Rong of the Northwest Defense Zone was punched into a hundred meters of earth.He's still in the hospital, unconscious, and I'm afraid he won't wake up in the future."

    "The only one who is still alive normally is Instructor Lan Xing from the southwest!"

    "After a walk through the Ghost Gate, although my life was saved, I was also robbed of half my life by that young general, Green Dragon!"


    "Holy shit!"

    "That strong?"

    "One person battling three major instructors in an epic battle, and still finish the abuse?"

    "A single person stepped on the entire Yan Xia military district?"

    "Three major chief instructors, one wounded, one dead and one disabled?"

    "Fuck it, I'm going to fuck it up!"

    "Could it be any stronger?"



    "It's too strong~"

    "Who is this Young General Green Dragon?"

    As things fermented, the five defense zones of Yan Xia, undoubtedly boiled completely!

    Soldiers from the Jiangdong, Jiangbei, southwest, northwest, and border regions were all talking about the chaos of this war.

    Of course, in this incident, the most attention was paid to the two major defense regions, Jiangdong and Yanjing.

    Naturally, the reason why Jiangdong was attracting attention was because of the awkward and delicate relationship between Qinglong and Jiangdong.

    Although, not many people knew about this matter.However, even if only one or two people among the various defense zones knew about it, that would undoubtedly spread throughout the entire defense zone in a very short period of time.

    "Did you guys hear about it?"

    "This Green Dragon, it is said to be created by the Jiangdong Defense Zone.And that Green Dragon Major General, who also previously taught Jiangdong, was the chief instructor for the Jiangdong Defense Zone!"


    "What?Jiang Dong's instructor?Two Dogs, you're bullshitting, right?"

    "Isn't Lin Qinghe also the chief instructor of the Jiangdong Defense Zone?"

    "And, isn't the Jiangdong Defense Force, the Flying Eagles, the Green Dragon and Jiangdong, have nothing to do with each other?"In the defense zone, someone was confused.

    "Don't interrupt, you guys listen to me in detail."

    "A few months ago, Yanjing and Jiangdong, jointly built a war team, named Qinglong."

    "Lu Tianhe, who was then the chief instructor of the Yanjing Defense Zone, exerted his best efforts to push this Chu instructor and overthrow the position of Major General to coach the Green Dragon."

    "But then, who would have thought that that Jiangdong Defense Zone's Chief Instructor, Wu Yang, would have eyes but no pearls and not know any better."

    "He actually took it upon himself to remove Instructor Chu, saying that Instructor Chu was mistaken and taught a bunch of trash.In the end, he forced the Green Dragon away as well."

    "Because of this matter, Instructor Lu Tianhe Lu had a direct falling out with the Jiangdong Defense Zone.In a fit of rage, Yanjing set up its own independent competition."

    "And, Instructor Lu took the blame and invited Qinglong back."

    "That's why this situation has arisen today."

    Listening to the man's narration, the crowd only understood the twists and turns of the situation.


    "So, Jiang Dong is to blame for what has happened to him now."

    "Such a powerful figure was forced out by them?"

    "This Jiangdong's chief executive is afraid that he's not a fury."

    "Now I guess, that group of idiots in the Jiangdong Defense Zone are repenting their intestines, right?"

    "Once upon a time, they disdained and expelled the people from the defense zone, but now they have shocked the three armies and stepped down the entire Yan Xia Defense Zone by their own strength."

    "And what they Jiang Dong relied on, in front of Qing Long and Instructor Chu, are simply worse than pigs and dogs~"

    "It is said that before he died, that Lin Qinghe cried out to his father and mother in front of Instructor Chu, begging him to spare his life~"

    As the saying goes, a king becomes a king and a foe becomes a foe.

    That day in the battle of Jiangbei, Green Dragon Major General Ye Fan, became famous and stirred up the entire Yan Xia Defense Zone.

    Even though, several people died in Ye Fan's hands.However, the soldiers in the defense zone didn't have any hatred towards Ye Fan, but on the contrary, they respected him as a hero and idol.

    Just because, Green Dragon and Ye Fan's experience was simply the history of a small man's struggle against the odds.

    When they were weak, they were not treated well and were swept away like dogs.

    But now, they returned as kings and shook the three armies with a single battle!

    With blood is the truth, it smacked the Edo Defense District in the face.

    Such a deed makes one feel rejuvenated when reading about it.

    Of course, some people were happy and some were sad.

    Under this kind of public opinion, the Jiangdong Defense Zone, which was at the cusp of the storm, was completely reduced to a joke.

    In particular, the head of the defense zone, Wu Yang, also fell into a reputation of having eyes but no pearls.

    Even within the Jiangdong Defense Zone, there were a large number of generals discussing behind the scenes, pointing fingers at Wu Yang and others.


    "Our Grand Chief Wuyang, we really have eyes but no pearls~"

    "Favoring the villain, instead of driving away the real talent."

    "This is fucking frakking behavior."

    "That Lin Qinghe, nepotism, abuse of power, and his son, bullying others with his power."

    "Their father and son have done all the bad things and deserve to die."

    "It's only us, the great headmaster, who would be partial to such despicable villains~"


    These past few days, almost everywhere in Jiangdong, there was this kind of one-sided discussion.

    After Wu Yang heard it, his old face undoubtedly looked even worse.

    "Head Master, they are all nonsense, don't take it to heart~"

    "Don't worry, I'm going to arrest these bastards and rip their mouths off!"Little Yang, the assistant who had followed Wu Yang for decades, advised from the side.

    But Wu Yang shook his head and smiled miserably: "No need.Actually, they're right, it's me, Wu Yang, who has eyes but no pearls, and doesn't know what's going on.It's also me, Wu Yang, who misbelieved the villain ah."

    Wu Yang shook his head and said, unknowingly, he had reached the place where the green dragon had thrown the handful of yellow soil.

    At this time, Wu Yang, looking at the reddish yellow soil beneath his feet, until this moment, he only understood that the words "The flying eagle has been sent to you" before Qinglong left, is and consciousness.

    It turned out that his Flying Eagle, which he regarded as pride, glory, and the strongest of the three armies, had turned into a shovel of yellow earth under the Green Dragon's attack.

    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, it was me, Wu Yang, who underestimated you and the Green Dragon ah~"

    Wu Yang sighed long and sadly, he had never thought that it would end up like this.

    Just because of his wrong decision at the beginning, the Jiangdong Defense Zone nowadays had completely become a joke for the entire Yan Xia.

Chapter 1227

However, for Wu Yang to sit in this position today, he was by no means someone who would admit defeat and give in so easily.

    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, don't think you've won."

    "It's still too early to say who will laugh in the end."

    "You killed so many people in my Jiangdong, this debt, I, Wuyang, will definitely retrieve it!"

    Under the setting sun, Wu Yang clutched his palm.There was a cold light flashing across his brows and eyes.

    The incident in Jiangbei had undoubtedly caused Wu Yang to lose all his face.

    Calling up the previous crimes Ye Fan had committed in Jiangdong, it finally made Wu Yang determined to deal with Ye Fan.

    Xiao Yang, who was on the side, was worried when he heard, "Chief Wu Yang, you won't be using your army to deal with him?"

    "Chief Administrator Wu, you have to think twice, this is a breach of discipline."

    The army was all external, but now Wu Yang was mobilizing his corps on a large scale in order to deal with Ye Fan, undoubtedly it was a breach of discipline, once it was revealed, the top would pursue the bottom, and Wu Yang's future would definitely be lost.

    Wu Yang shook his head, "Don't worry, it's just a Ye Fan, I'm not ready to even lose my future for him."

    "Then, Chief Wu Yang, you are planning?"Xiao Yang asked in confusion.

    Wu Yang sneered, "It's simple, the evidence of Ye Fan's murder is solid, whether it's the death of Chen Lan before, or now they are causing havoc in Jiangbei, no matter that crime, it's a capital crime!"

    "I just need to report their crimes to the top, and then, the top will naturally act according to the law and send someone to capture Ye Fan."

    "I don't believe it, I'm boundless, but I still can't do anything about a brat?"

    Wu Yang's eyebrows were gloomy and his palms were clenched.

    Actually, Wu Yang didn't want to rely on Jiangdong's power to deal with Ye Fan.

    But Wu Yang knew very well that even a strong national martial artist like Lan Chen had died under Ye Fan, and unless he mobilized a massive corps, there was really no way for him to subdue Ye Fan.

    However, just because they Jiangdong didn't have strong people who could stand up to Ye Fan, it didn't mean that the country didn't have any.

    Ye Fan had committed a heinous crime, even if the country was trying to protect the authority of the law, it would definitely not let Ye Fan go free and do whatever he wanted!

    Just like that, that night, Wu Yang listed out the ten sins of Ye Fan and implored the country to send out strong men to capture Ye Fan.

    Even, in order to put pressure on the country, Wu Yang pulled together the major defense zones of Jiangbei, Southwest, and Northwest to jointly submit a letter requesting his superiors, to severely punish Ye Fan.

    On this day, the wind and sun were beautiful.

    I don't know if it was because of the weather, but today's Wu Yang was in a great mood.

    He woke up early in the morning to spread out the wine and food and prepare a feast.

    "Chief Steward, what is this that makes you so happy?"Assistant Xiao Yang asked in confusion.

    One must know that ever since Ye Fan led the Green Dragon to make a scene in Jiangbei, for many days, Wuyang had been sad.

    But today, Wu Yang's mood had actually undergone a 180-degree change, and Xiao Yang was naturally curious.


    "Little Yang, I haven't told you yet.Remember, that application that I joined forces with the chief executives of the major defense zones to question Ye Fan?"

    "Just yesterday, I got word back from the top that they're sending someone to my Jiangdong to convey instructions from the top."

    "What does it mean that the working group is stationed directly here?"

    "This certainly shows that the higher-ups are taking this matter seriously!"

    "In other words, our purpose, is going to be accomplished.The country, is going to take action against Ye Fan."

    Wu Yang smiled coldly, he didn't expect this to go so smoothly.

    He had thought that people like Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong would definitely try to protect Ye Fan.

    With them causing trouble, it might not be that easy to use the power of the state to capture Ye Fan.

    But it turned out that Wu Yang was overthinking!

    The application he had submitted just the day before yesterday had been responded to yesterday.

    Today, the working group directly entered.

    According to this speed of calculation, then tomorrow, wouldn't Ye Fan and the others have to be put to death by ambush.

    "Alright, let's stop chatting for now."

    "If my estimate is right, the people sent from above will arrive at noon today."

    "You quickly prepare, go to the city and hire a few chefs to come, so that at noon, for the members of the task force, to receive the dust!"

    Wu Yang waved his hand, then told his men to hurry and get ready in order to welcome the arrival of the admiral.

    As expected, and just as Wu Yang expected, at eleven o'clock in the morning, a few foreign cars with Beijing brand appeared outside the Jiangdong Defense Zone.

    After getting the news, Wu Yang, who was busy with his men, went to welcome them.

    At this time, the Tianhe crossed the river and the cold wind was bitter.

    Wu Yang was full of respect, his old face was piled with smiles, standing in front of the door with a smile to welcome.

    In front, the door opened.

    There were several people in military uniforms, coming straight up.

    After the two sides met, they routinely saluted.


    "Several, I have set up a banquet and have been waiting for a long time."

    "Quick, inside please."

    Wu Yang entertained warmly.

    However, in the face of Wu Yang's enthusiasm, the looks of those "imperial envoys" were still cold.

    The leader even looked towards Wu Yang and coldly said, "Are you Wu Yang?Chief of the Jiangdong Defense Zone?"

    Wuyang was stunned, not thinking much, and nodded directly, "Yes, I am Wuyang."

    After Wu Yang's nod, the leader immediately took out his briefcase, from which he took out a confidential document that should have the highest level seal, and read it out to Wu Yang.

    "Wu Yang, the head of Jiangdong, during his tenure of office, is ill-informed and biased against the villain.And connived at his men, sidelined the virtuous, mistreated Qinglong, and forced away Major General Qinglong."

    "Talentless, incompetent, and unethical!"

    "So much so that it ended up having serious consequences and caused extremely bad effects."

    "Today, after the joint deliberation of the Supreme Command, it is now decided to revoke all defense district duties in Wuyang, ordered to home, subject to investigation, watching the heart of self-reflection!"

    "With immediate effect, the position of Chief Administrator of the Jiangdong Defense Zone is held by Lu Tianhe.Deputy Chief Administrator, Fang Shaohong takes over."


    At that moment, it was as if thunder from the nine heavens struck down.

    Wu Yang's entire body was directly struck in place.

    He stared at his eyes with a pair of dead eyes, which were close to jumping out.

    The entire person, trembled tremendously!



    "Why would it be me?"

    "For...Why is that?"

    "It's Ye Fan who killed, and it's Ye Fan who committed the crime.Why, you don't treat Ye Fan's crime, but you dismiss me."


    "I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced~"

    At this time, Wu Yang's entire body was nearly insane.

    He had never dreamed that what he had waited for half a day in pain would end up like this.

    He had thought that he would use the power of the state to put Ye Fan to death.

    But he never expected that the sword he had hired to finally behead him would be himself!

    "Why is that~"


    "I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced~"

    Wu Yang's eyes were red, and his entire body was roaring hysterically.

    He couldn't figure out why, why, the country would protect a bratty brat, a murderous thug, but sacrifice him.

    As Wu Yang was nearing madness, at the front, there was an old man, sitting in a wheelchair, being slowly pushed over.

    The person sitting in the wheelchair was, quite literally, Lu Tianhe.

    And the person pushing him over was Fang Shaohong.

    After these two people appeared, a faint laughter sounded out.

    "Chief Wuyang, can't you see the situation clearly?"

    "To the country, you are far less valuable than Mr. Chu."

    "A Gryphon, and a true dragon, who do you think, the country will choose?"

Chapter 1228

"A mole, and a real dragon, who do you think, the country will choose?"


    Lu Tianhe's faint laughter echoed incessantly in Wu Yang's ears.

    Sometimes, reality is so cruel.

    Many things are like this, there is no right or wrong at all, all there is is just benefits.

    Just like Wu Yang and Ye Fan, one was a pedantic and stubborn defense district chief, whose retirement was imminent.

    And the other, is a magnificent young hero, pillar god.Not only have to eat all-powerful posture, there is the power of the dragon and tiger.

    Even anyone, in this situation, would definitely choose to shelter Ye Fan without hesitation, and give up Wu Yang.

    What's more, the root cause of the chaos in Jiangbei is not Ye Fan.

    Everything was because of Wuyang!

    If Wu Yang hadn't been partial to the villain and allowed his men to mistreat Green Dragon and force Ye Fan and the others to leave, how could it have happened later?

    Perhaps, Ye Fan's tactics were a bit ruthless.

    Not only did he torture and kill the three major defense zone instructors, he also allowed the Green Dragon Regiment to destroy four special battle teams.

    But, could Ye Fan be blamed for that?

    They were the ones who started the trouble in the first place, and they were also the ones who threatened to slaughter the Green Dragon and exterminate Ye Fan.

    In a way, Ye Fan and the others were only just defending themselves.

    Now this ending, it can only be said that Han Ping and the others are not as skilled as others and have themselves to blame.

    Now Wu Yang is still vainly thinking of using the power of the state to put Ye Fan to death, he is obviously delusional.

    Even an idiot would naturally know which is the lesser of the two, between Wu Yang and Ye Fan.

    How could the country offend a future pillar powerhouse who could rebuke Yan Xia martial dao just to stand up for Wu Yang?

    On the contrary, the state would not only not hold Ye Fan accountable for his mistakes, but would also punish Wu Yang in order to show Ye Fan goodwill.

    For these things, even if the top didn't say it explicitly, after hearing this document and the words of Lu Tianhe and the others, Wuyang undoubtedly understood everything.

    He knew that he had been abandoned by the country.

    It was just that Wu Yang couldn't figure out how Ye Fan was able to get the country to pay so much attention to him.


    "Why, exactly?"

    "That Ye Fan, even if he's powerful, is no more than a yellow-haired boy."

    "Could it be that the weight of my hall, the head of a defense district, is still no match for a teenager?"

    Wuyang couldn't stop shaking his head, his eyes red, shouting miserably.

    He couldn't accept that in the end, it would end up like this.

    He was even more unable to accept that he had spent his entire life bowing and scraping for this country, but in the end, he was worse than a teenager.

    "Just because he has a few points of brute strength?"

    "Just because he knows a few kung fu moves?"

    "I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced~"

    Wuyang looked like a madman, still shouting.

    At this time, the man who had just read out the document, however, raised his head, looked towards Wuyang and said in a deep voice, "Wuyang, Wuyang, until now, you still don't know what kind of person this Mr. Chu that you have provoked is."

    "Not to mention that you, the chief of a defense zone, is even the combined weight of your Jiangdong 300,000 soldiers, is not as good as him."

    "With Mr. Chu here, you can protect Yanxia for a hundred years without any worries!"

    "And you, who are nothing but an old dog with eyes and no knowledge, what are you comparing yourself to Mr. Chu?"

    This person's words were icy and cold, and there was endless anger contained within them.

    In the end, this person even gave a low shout, "Someone, take him down."

    "Tie him up and send him to Yunzhou to kowtow to Mr. Chu for forgiveness!"


    With a command from this man, several men in uniform strolled out behind this man and directly captured Wuyang.

    Looking at the scene before them, the tens of thousands of generals and soldiers throughout the Jiangdong Defense Zone all trembled with sweat.

    Before this, no one would have thought that the head of the defense zone, who was above ten thousand people and stationed on one side just a few minutes ago, would have been sacked and investigated and become a prisoner.

    At this point, Wu Yang knew that he was defeated, he was completely defeated.

    As the saying goes, no man is good for a thousand days, no flower is red for a hundred days.

    A long time ago, Wu Yang had thought about the scene when he fell from power.

    However, he had never dreamed that he would fall at the hands of a young man.

    "Ye Fan, you've won, you've won~"

    Wuyang looked up to the sky, old tears streaming down his face.

    At this time, Wu Yang, where there is still half of the previous majesty, only as if a candle-dead old man, recalling the past glory.

    In the end, Wu Yang was still handcuffed by the inspectors and put into a car, ready to be sent to Yunzhou to give Ye Fan a boarding pass.

    "Instructor Lu...Oh, I forgot, I should be addressed as Chief Instructor Lu now."

    "From now on, the Jiangdong Defense Zone will be handed over to the two of you in charge."

    "However, before you leave, you still have to remind the two of you."

    "I don't know, have you ever thought about why the higher-ups named the two of you to serve as Jiangdong Chief Steward and take charge of the defense zone?"

    "Oh?Could it be that there is a deeper meaning to this?"Hearing this, both Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were confused.

    The man nodded his head, "That's natural."

    "The reason why the top asked you guys to parachute into Jiangdong is because between the two of you and Mr. Chu, you have a good personal friendship."

    "You guys taking charge of the Jiangdong Defense Zone will help improve the relationship between the Jiangdong Defense Zone and Mr. Chu."

    "As you know, during this period of time, because of Wu Yang and the others, there has been a lot of unpleasantness between Mr. Chu and the Jiangdong Defense Zone, and there has even been a trend of incompatibility."

    "This is by no means a good sign."

    "In the future, I hope that the Jiangdong Defense Zone will change this situation as soon as possible under your leadership."

    "Remember, Mr. Chu means a lot to Yanxia."

    "As long as what Mr. Chu does isn't too out of the ordinary, you guys shouldn't provoke him."

    "Otherwise, this Wuyang's downfall is a lesson from the past!"

    The man's words were low and heavy as he instructed Lu Tianhe and the others.

    Fang Shaohong and the two of them heard the words, but their faces changed slightly.

    Even though, both of them more or less knew some of Ye Fan's skills, they did not expect that their superiors valued Ye Fan to such an extent.

    To have them serve as the chief administrator of the Jiangdong Defense Zone just to act like a show of goodwill.

    "It seems that this cousin of Yuyan's is really something~"

    At this time, Wu Yang had already been escorted to Yunzhou.

    Looking at the vehicles that were gradually going away, Lu Tianhe shook his head and smiled bitterly.

    Actually, he felt that he had already thought highly enough of Ye Fan, but now it seemed that he had underestimated him.


    "At such a young age, he can rebuke Jiangdong."

    "From the first time I saw him at first, I knew that this person is by no means an idle person."

    "At first, I originally thought that Mr. Chu, the esteem of Jiangdong, was his greatest source of support."

    "But now, it seems that this young man is afraid that there are still some secrets hidden on his body that we don't know about."

    Fang Shaohong also watched from afar, his words ghostly, his old eyes containing inexplicable emotions.

Chapter 1229

After leaving the Jiangdong Defense Zone, Wu Yang and the others rushed to Yunzhou and took Wu Yang to confess and apologize to Ye Fan.

    "I'll go, isn't this the head of the Jiangdong Defense Zone, Wu Yang?"

    "What's going on here?"

    However, they had just arrived outside of Ye Fan's house, just in time to catch Li Er coming to the villa to talk to Ye Fan about something.

    At that moment, Li Er was shocked to see Wu Yang on the side, with his hands cuffed, slumping like a prisoner, staying there.

    Although Li Er didn't have much influence in the military world, he had seen Wu Yang before.

    At first, he had met Wuyang when he had asked someone to make connections to send his son to the Jiangdong Defense Zone.

    However, at that time, Li Er had only a brief glimpse of Wuyang.

    Wuyang didn't even pay any attention to him.

    After all, Wu Yang was a general stationed on one side after all, how could a small man like Li Er just meet him.

    Yes, in Wuyang's eyes, commoners like Li Er were all small people.

    Even if they had a lot of wealth, but without an officially recognized status, they would only be considered a rich man after all.

    Later, Li Er also had no choice but to ask for an audience with Wu Yang and could not see him, so he had to go through an acquaintance and another layer of connections to send his son in.

    Now, seeing the formerly high and mighty head of the defense district, who was difficult for even him to meet, now guarding Ye Fan's door with a grey face, Li Er was surprised and confused.

    However, in the face of Li Er's question, Wuyang naturally didn't answer ah.

    The current Wu Yang, who had long since lost his former arrogance and pride, even spoke a lot less.

    "Excuse me, you are a friend of Mr. Chu, right?"

    "I wonder if you could pass on a message for us, even if we bring the sinner Wuyang and come to give Mr. Chu an apology."

    "Only please Mr. Chu, come out and meet."

    In the end, it was the entourage that escorted Wuyang here that struck up a conversation with Li Er.

    When Li Er heard it, he was directly shocked, and his old eyes, all of them were huge!

    "Are you saying that this Chief Wuyang, is here to apologize to Mr. Chu for admitting his mistake?"

    "What the fuck!"

    "Mr. Chu this bull is huge~"

    "Even the generals who hold the army in their hands and are guarding one side have submitted to Mr. Chu's majesty?"

    "You guys wait, I'm going in to pass on a message."

    After Li Er learned of this, his entire body was excited.

    Then he hurriedly went in to report to Ye Fan.

    However, the Ye Fan in the room was just quietly reading a book while lightly sipping tea, oblivious to the pleas of the people outside.

    Ye Fan's meaning was already obvious, no doubt he didn't want to meet them.

    "Mr. Chu, let's meet~"

    "After all, the people out there have an unusual status."

    "In case you anger people, I'm afraid there will be quite a bit of trouble in the future."

    Li Er was still advising.

    Ye Fan remained silent and turned a deaf ear.Whether it was to the person outside the door's plea for an audience or to Li Er's plea for mercy, he turned a deaf ear.

    In the end, after Li Er persuaded for half a day, Ye Fan still didn't say a word.

    The helpless Li Er had no choice but to go out and tell them about Ye Fan's attitude.

    The people who came along with Wu Yang were not angry.After expressing their gratitude to Li Er again, they continued to wait.

    Just like this, only after three full days, did Ye Fan Fang let them in to meet.

    "Mr. Chu, you have been wronged by the previous incident in Jiangdong."

    "We, on the orders of our superiors, especially on behalf of the Yanxia military, offer our most sincere apologies to Mr. Chu."

    "At the same time, we also bring Wuyang here to kowtow to Mr. Chu and acknowledge his mistake."

    In the room, Ye Fan was sitting peacefully.

    He looked calm, looking down at the books in his hands.The fragrance of tea lingered in front of him, and the heat was dense.

    In front of him, Wu Yang and the people accompanying him stood respectfully.

    At this time, the one who spoke was a burly man, who seemed to be the leader of this pedestrian.

    As for Wu Yang, he kept his head down throughout and did not speak, not even daring to look at Ye Fan.

    "Wuyang, what are you still standing there for?"

    "You mistreated the Green Dragon, forced Mr. Chu away, and made a heinous mistake, so kneel down and admit your mistake!"

    After this man finished speaking, he kicked at Wu Yang's knee.

    With a bang, this unstoppable man kneeled down in front of Ye Fan just like this.

    After forcing Wu Yang to kneel, this man then looked at Ye Fan and respectfully said, "Mr. Chu, regarding what happened in Jiangdong previously, my uncle was also extremely angry when he learned about it."

    "Directly had people depose Wuyang from all his positions and told him to stay home and introspect."

    "And, he also appointed Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong to take over their positions."

    "In the future, if Mr. Chu needs anything useful, he can totally approach Lu Tianhe and the others directly."

    "You have saved Lu Tianhe's life, so I'm sure he would not dare to refuse your request."

    This man was all smiles, and his words were full of respect and esteem for Ye Fan.

    And when Ye Fan heard that, a slight ripple appeared in his eyebrows and eyes, "Your uncle?"

    When this person heard this, he quickly explained, "Haha, I was so excited to meet Mr. Chu that I forgot to introduce myself."

    "I am Ye Ze, my uncle is Ye Qingtian."

    After hearing the name Ye Qingtian, not only Ye Fan, but also Wuyang, who had been silent, then raised his head, "You .You are, the nephew of the War God?"

    All along, the God of War, Ye Qingtian, was an indelible legend in the military district.

    From the time Wu Yang was still a small corporal, Ye Qingtian's name had been heard like thunder.

    Even now, Wu Yang still regarded him as his lifelong idol to follow.

    Now, hearing that this Ye Ze was actually Ye Qingtian's nephew, Wu Yang was naturally horrified!

    He never expected that this incident would even alarm the War God.

    After hearing that, Ye Fan nodded his head as well, his tone instantly softening.

    "The War God's day-to-day life is even bothered by my matter, but it's heartfelt."

    "Go back and tell your uncle, just tell him that I remember this thought."

    "As for Wuyang, you can take him with you."

    "He's already been punished, for the sake of the War God, I'll spare his life as well."

    Ye Fan waved his hand, indicating that he was not pursuing the matter of Wuyang.


    "Since Mr. Chu has already forgiven Wuyang, my mission is complete."

    "We will leave you alone and take our leave."

    "By the way, Instructor Chu, before coming here, my uncle asked me to tell you to prepare the wine, and in a few days, he will personally come to Yunzhou to find Mr. Chu for a drink."

    Ye Ze said respectfully to Ye Fan.


    "If that's the case, I, Ye Fan, will definitely welcome it."

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, then had Ye Ze's group sent away.

    However, after Ye Ze left, Ye Fan couldn't help but fall into doubt.

    This Ye Qintian was good, there was no way he would come to drink with him.

    It was only afraid that, something was coming.

Chapter 1230

Early the next morning, the early autumn breeze, wrapped in a slight chill, brushed the earth.

    The alarm clock was originally set for six o'clock, but Qiu Mu Orange still slept until seven o'clock.

    For Autumn Mucheng Orange, the most painful time was none other than the time when she woke up in the morning.

    It was as if the soul was divorced from the body, the body was already up but the soul was still asleep.

    "Honey, I'm so sleepy~"

    The shadowy Autumn Mu Orange, while pampering herself, pressed down towards the place where Ye Fan was sleeping beside her.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange's arm fished for half a day, but there was no trace of a person.

    At this time, she opened her eyes and realized that the place where Ye Fan was sleeping was already empty.

    Qiu Mu Orange hurriedly looked at the time and found that it was nearly seven ten.

    At that time, Qiu Mu Orange was all chagrined and said, "Damn, slept through again~"

    "Qiu Mu Orange, you're such a big lazy pig, you're so grown up, you've slept through it every time, and you always let your husband serve you!"

    In a fit of rage, Qiu Mucang's hands scratched at her hair, hating herself for not being able to fight.

    After venting briefly, Qiu Mu Orange didn't even have time to change into her pajamas, so she quickly put on her slippers and ran out.

    As expected by Qiu Mu- orange, breakfast was already prepared on the dining table.

    "Wife, are you awake?"

    "Get cleaned up and ready for dinner."

    "I'll send you to work later."

    At this time, Ye Fan, who was wearing an apron and carrying a fried lotus egg just happened to come out of the kitchen, saw the newly awakened Qiu Mu Orange and whirled around with a smile.

    I'm afraid that many people would never dream that Mr. Chu, who had previously been killing and killing people in the Jiangbei Defense Zone, would reveal such a considerate and gentle side in front of his wife on a normal day.

    "Oh my, Ye Fan, didn't I say that I won't let you cook for me?"

    "I'm your wife, I'm supposed to cook for you."

    "Can't you just give me a chance to cook for you~"

    If it were an ordinary person, seeing her husband waking up in the morning and making breakfast, she would have run up to him to say thank you and give him a kiss at the same time.

    But Qiu Mu Orange didn't, and instead looked at Ye Fan with eyes full of resentment, complaining that he had cooked for himself again.

    When Ye Fan heard that, he smiled.

    That smile was exceptionally sweet.

    "Silly girl, you work so hard every day, and I have nothing to do at home, so I just cook for you, do my chores, and pass the time."

    "It's been this way for so many years, what are you still robbing."

    Ye Fan said with a light smile.

    However, the more Ye Fan said that, the more the guilt in Qiu Mu Orange's heart intensified.

    In the past, before the Mu Fan Group was created, when Ye Fan was just the humble door-to-door son-in-law of the Ye family, Autumn Mu Orange also thought the same.

    Feeling that Ye Fan didn't go to work to earn money, cooking and keeping house was what he should do.

    Therefore, for more than three years, Qiu Mu Orange had been contentedly enjoying Ye Fan's care for her.

    But then, Qiu Mu Orange only discovered that she was wrong.

    This man's dedication was not the slightest bit less than hers.

    No matter how hard she worked, she was only sitting in the office dealing with business matters, and the biggest danger she faced was just the gain or loss of money.

    And what about Ye Fan?

    The ones he faced could be powerful big shots like Li Er and Chen Ao, murderous executioners like Wu He Rong and Wang Yuehe, and one wrong step would be the end of a thousand times worse.

    All these years, the danger and cruelty that Ye Fan had experienced was a thousand times more than her!

    But even so, Ye Fan still took care of her food and clothing without complaining.

    Previously, Qiu Mu Orange didn't know about the dangers versus situations that Ye Fan faced.

    Now that he knew, he naturally couldn't accept Ye Fan's care in peace.

    So, every day, she set the alarm clock for six o'clock and woke up an hour earlier so that she could cook for Ye Fan and let him feel the warmth and care of her as a wife.

    But nay, she slept every time.

    That's why, just now, Qiu Mu Orange would be so angry with herself.

    Thinking like this, Autumn Mu Orange's eyes, reddened.

    "Mu Orange, what's wrong?"

    "You're not satisfied with having your husband cooking for you?"Ye Fan smiled and comforted.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, her voice choked, "Ye Fan, I'm not dissatisfied."

    "I just feel that I'm so useless."

    "Other people's wives all keep their homes in order, wake up in the morning, and make breakfast for their own husbands.In the evening when her husband comes back, the table is also set with a sumptuous dinner.The men study hard, and the women have red sleeves."

    "But I, not only can't help you with anything outside, but at home, I still let you take care of it."

    "Ye Fan, I really feel so useless."

    "I don't have the same martial arts talent as Yuyan, nor do I have the wrist to command a powerhouse like Xu Lei."

    "I can't give you warmth, I can't give you care, and I don't have the virtuousness that a wife should have."

    "Before this, I couldn't even fry an egg.I couldn't even use a washing machine."

    "Tried to do your laundry and broke it."

    "I'm just a big dumbass, a big dumbass who can't do anything right."

    "I don't think I deserve to be your wife~"

    It wasn't the first time, from a long, long time ago, Qiu Mu Orange felt that she was getting farther and farther away from the young man in front of her.

    She only felt that this man beside her was like a star in the sky, radiant.

    Even though she was by his side day and night, it still gave her a sense of unreachable distance.

    Especially when she realized that she couldn't help Ye Fan at all, and would even become a burden to him, the trepidation in Qiu Mu Orange's heart was undoubtedly even more intense.

    Today's scene was nothing more than a concentrated outburst of the kind of guilt that had been buried in her heart for a long time.

    Hearing these words from Autumn Mu Orange, however, Ye Fan was slightly stunned.

    He didn't expect that this girl in front of him, who had always been proud and strong, was hiding so many heartfelt feelings deep inside her heart.

    "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?"

    "Who says you're useless."

    "If it wasn't for you, how could the Mufan Group have grown and glorified today."Ye Fan softly consoled.

    Qiu Mu Orange, however, shook her head: "No, Ye Fan, you don't need to comfort me."

    "The Mufan Group's success today is not due to me, but your majesty."

    "Even if it were anyone else, in a position above where I am now, they would have done just as well as me."

    "What's more, the existence or non-existence of the Mufan Group doesn't mean much to you.I know that the reason you established the Mufan Group in the first place was for me as well."

    "So, it's not at all what I've done for you."

    "But Ye Fan, I really want to do something for you."

    "I don't have Xu Lei's wrist, I don't have the same ability as Ye Yuyan, the only thing I can do is to cook for you and give you a comfortable and tidy home."


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