His True Colors 121-125


His True Colors Chapter 121

A group of people were sitting in the hall, not only Mo Yang and Lin Yong were present, the ferocious Knife Twelve was also there.

    Currently in Cloud City's three boxing gyms, Knife Twelve had fought down, completely with his fists, Ye Fei's previous men had fought hard in the process, but couldn't help the hardness of Knife Twelve's fists, so in the end, he had to obediently submit.

    "Why are you looking for me today when you're so free?"Mo Yang asked to Han Qianqian.

    "Can't I find you if I'm fine?Look at you guys, what are you discussing?"Han Giangli smiled.

    The three of them were discussing how to deal with Fang Peng, as Fang Peng had made a lot of small moves recently, and it looked a bit like he was trying to expand his power.

    In the past, Fang Peng was entrenched in one place and posed no threat to Mo Yang, so they could completely ignore this number, but now that he was making moves, Mo Yang couldn't ignore it anymore.

    However, Fang Peng's backstage was again the Cloud City's Heavenly Family, which made Mo Yang very hurtful.

    This kind of backstage was different from Changbin Ye Fei, the Heavenly Family was after all the big man in the mall, they could do more and would be more carefree compared to those who had the status of an official.

    If they really fought with Fang Peng, the Heavenly Family was a hurdle that they would be able to step over no matter what.

    "Fang Peng has recently moved stupidly, so he should be making a move."Mo Yang said.

    "Fang Peng."Han Qianqiang frowned, Fang Peng was controlled by the Heavenly Family, and if he made a move, it meant that the Heavenly Family had acted.

    But the situation in Cloud City where the Heavenly Family was almost alone, what else did they want?

    After pondering over the matter, Han Giang said to Mo Yang, "Let's leave this matter alone and see what the Heavenly Family wants."

    "Aren't you afraid that all this we've done will become the Heavenly Family's graft?"Mo Yang was worried, Changbin and Ye Fei were both taken care of by them, and this time the Heavenly Family intervened across the room and the fishermen won, Mo Yang couldn't accept this kind of holding back.

    "Don't worry, I have a way to get it done."Han Marchan smiled, as today Chang Sheng was his apprentice, if the Tian family really wanted to expand their power in the grey area, there was no harm in joining forces with the Tian family.

    Seeing how confident Han 3,000 was, Mo Yang didn't say anything more, he believed that Han 3,000 could handle it.

    After chatting for a while, Han 3,000 received a call from Shi Jing, who very inexplicably wished Han 3,000 could find time to return to Yanjing, saying that his father wasn't going to make it and wanted him to see him one last time as his son.

    Han Qianqian felt very strange about this matter, Han Cheng didn't even inform him when he was admitted to the hospital, the entire Han family had already treated him as an outsider, so why would he suddenly ask him to return to Yanjing?

    And Han 3000 knew that Shi Jing could never make a decision on this matter without permission, which meant that it was most likely signaled by Nangong Qianqiu, which would be worth thinking deeply about.

    After all, Nangong Qianqiu loved Han Jun deeply and had never treated Han Giang as a Han family member, so how could he let him back into the Han family?

    Mo Yang saw Han Qianqiang hang up the phone with a heavy face and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Han 3,000 yuan said something that puzzled Mo Yang, saying, "I have no place on earth, a bottle comes to be the master of Heng Shan.This is my favorite line of the poem, if one day you think I don't look like me, use the first half of the line let me take the second half of the line, can't answer, then I will no longer be me."

    "What you don't look like you, you're not you, you don't have a fever, do you?"Mo Yang was confused by the winding and reached out to touch Han Three Thousand's forehead.

    Han Three Thousand Year raised her hand to pat it away and said, "You don't need to know what it means, just remember my words."

    "That's a crepe, what does it mean?"Mo Yang asked.

    Han Qianqiang smiled and didn't explain.

    I have no possessions on earth, a bottle comes to be the master of Heng Mountain.

    This is Han Qianqian's obsession after leaving the Han family.

    There's no place for me in the world, so I'll just be the master of Heng Mountain.

    If the Han family can't accommodate me, I'll make a new Han family and become its master!

    Leaving the Magic City nightclub, Han Giangan finds a woman sitting on the front of his car in a voluptuous pose, and a man taking pictures of her.

    This woman isn't afraid of damaging other people's property, is she?

    Han Giangli stepped forward and said with a smile, "Are you guys done shooting?"

    The woman with her thighs exposed looked Han Qianli up and down and said with contempt, "Does it have anything to do with you?If you want to take pictures, line up first."

    The man who was busy taking pictures with his phone in hand also looked at Han Qianqian with contempt, "What's the hurry, we haven't taken enough pictures yet."

    "Take more pictures, I'm going to send them to my friends to show my sisters, but I've been in a Lamborghini."The woman said with an excited look on her face, and then changed several poses.

    Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh, sitting on the front of the car, is it even if you've been in a Lamborghini?

    "What are you laughing at, a bumpkin, go away and don't interfere with my photo shoot."The woman said in boredom.

    Han Giangli shrugged his shoulders helplessly and didn't say anything, just stood quietly.

    After the woman had taken enough pictures, she switched to that man to take pictures, and the two of them had a good time.

    "Hey, you be careful, you can't just lean on the reflector."Seeing that the man actually put his elbows on the reflector, his entire body weight relying on the reflector for support, Han Qianli couldn't help but remind him.

    "What are you bleeping about, does it have anything to do with you?I'll take as many pictures as I want, Fury, get out of here, the owner of the car will be out in a minute, and a man like you doesn't look like a prince on a horse, is it necessary?"The man said impatiently.

    "It's so annoying, unseen bumpkin, even if you take a picture, people won't believe you've been in this kind of car, so why waste time and delay us."The woman said.

    "Hey."The man suddenly sighed and exclaimed, "It would have been nice to sit in and take pictures, it would have been more realistic."

    The woman apparently had the same thought and said, "Why don't we wait, the owner of the car comes out and let him borrow us for a shot, someone so rich shouldn't be stingy."

    Han 3,000 yuan heard this, pulled out the key and pressed the unlock button.

    When the car lights came on, a man and a woman were confused.

    "I'm sorry, I don't have time, but I took note of the two of you, and if the car has any scratches, I'll be looking for you."Han 3,000 said, opening the car door and sitting on it.

    "This ...... this car is yours?"The woman looked at Han Qianqian in amazement, she had just purposely checked him out and found that the man was covered in dirt, that's why she had taken him for a bumpkin, but she didn't expect him to be the owner of the car.

    The man was dumbfounded as well, he'd actually told the car owner to pull over and wait in line!Isn't that a joke?Other people's cars, why do you need to take pictures and send them to your friends?

    As soon as Han Giangli started the engine, the woman walked to the side of the main driver, lying on the window, deliberately revealing a piece of white flowers on her chest, and fawningly said, "I'm free tonight, do you want to take me out to dinner?"

    "No, I still have two dogs at home waiting for me to feed them."Han Giangli smiled faintly, stepped on the accelerator, and sailed away.

    The woman was lucky to get back to her feet quickly, otherwise she would have fallen on her face.

    "What's the drag, it's just a broken car, what's so divine about it."The woman cursed, completely forgetting the slutty pose she was in when she was taking pictures.

    "Let's go, don't be embarrassed here."The man walked up to the side and pulled the woman to leave.

    The woman shook off his hand and said with a disgusted face, "Don't touch me, if you weren't useless, would I be so embarrassed?Break up, I'm not happy to ride in that stupid car of yours."

    When Han Qianqiang returned home, he found the old lady sitting in the living room, why did she suddenly come?

    "Han Qianqian, come over and greet your grandmother."Jiang Lan snapped at Han Three Thousand.

    "Grandmother, what brings you here at all."Han Third Thousand smiled.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, you're not small, you have such a good relationship with the old man of the Heavenly Family, if it wasn't for you, would Su Haichao be so humiliated today?I'm asking you, did you intentionally make our Su family look bad."The old lady questioned in a stern tone.

    "Grandmother, you have some misunderstanding about this matter, I didn't bring up the bet, why didn't you go and ask Su Haichao why he was so stupid before you came to chastise me?"Han Qianli coldly said.

    "You ...... "The old lady was so furious that if she didn't believe that Han Three Thousand could attend the birthday party, she would have stopped Su Haichao right then and there, because Han Three Thousand kneeling was just a show to her, it didn't matter.

    But who could have imagined that Han Three Thousand Thousand Dollars would actually go?

Chapter 122

Today, Han 3,000 was not in a good mood, as he was troubled by the problem of returning to Yanjing, so naturally, he wouldn't speak kindly to the old lady of the Su family.

    If it had been before, Han Three Thousand might not have talked back to her, and it wouldn't have been a problem to let her complain a bit since it had already happened anyway, but he wasn't in the mood to listen to the old lady dawdle right now.

    "Grandmother, this matter isn't my fault, so I won't admit it."Han Qianli said with a strong attitude.

    The old lady was so angry that this wimp dared to pretend to be in front of her.

    Jiang Lan on the side saw this situation and became anxious.

    Although they were now living in a hillside villa, their family still had to rely on the Su family to maintain their livelihood, what if the old lady was unhappy and made things difficult for Su Yingxia at work?

    "Han Qianqian, you still haven't apologized to grandmother, how can you speak to her with such an attitude."Jiang Lan accused.

    Han Qianli ignored Jiang Lan and instead said to the old lady, "If I were to kneel down to Su Haichao, would you take it for granted?"

    "Isn't it normal for you to kneel, you wimp?"The old lady said without hesitation.

    Han Giangli smiled coldly and said, "In that case, why should I apologize to you?"

    "Okay, I can forget about this, after all, it happened, but you have to make up for the disgrace of the Su family at the banquet."The old lady said.

    "Make amends?"Han Giangli's lips curved in a playful smile as he asked, "I wonder how Grandma wants me to make up for it?"

    "Put in a few good words for the Su family in front of the Heavenly Master, preferably one that will allow the Master to acknowledge the Su family's position in Cloud City."The old lady's tone wasn't a discussion with Han Qianli, but rather she spoke these words with a commanding attitude.

    Han Qianli shook her head, she came to the door to raise her voice, the intention was not to help Su Hachao speak, that was the real point.

    By having Tianchang Sheng acknowledge the Su family's position in Yun City, wouldn't this be a disguised way for Tianchang Sheng to pull the Su family into Yun City's first-tier family?

    This wishful planning was really loud and clear, the key was that this old woman was asking for help, but she still looked like she was high and mighty.

    No matter how much of a wimp Han Qianqian had behaved in the past in the Su family, it was impossible for the old woman to rub her nose in it like this.

    It wasn't impossible to help, but one had to show an attitude of asking for help.

    "Grandmother, you want me to do something for the Su family, yet you still treat me with disdain, may I ask why I'm doing this?"Han Giangli said indifferently.

    "This is my chance for you to redeem yourself."The old lady acted as if she was on top of the world, as if Han Qianli had done something wrong and had to make up for it with this.

    Han Three Thousand couldn't help but laugh, what a ridiculous thing to do, self-redeem yourself?

    Does he need to redeem himself?

    Su Hai Chao was to blame, the reason why it led to this result and disgraced the Su family was because Su Hai Chao had contributed to it, and Han Qianqian didn't take the blame for this.

    "I'm sorry, I don't need to."Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

    The old lady gritted her teeth and looked at Han Three Thousand with vicious eyes, saying, "Don't think that just because Su Yingxia became the project manager, you can rely on her not to put me in her eyes, it's just a matter of words even if I go down as her manager."

    "We'll see."Han Giangli said and went back to his room.

    The old lady's threat was ridiculous.

    The identity of Su Yingxia's person in charge was a matter of the Su family's survival, did she dare to do that?Does she dare to gamble on the future of the Su family out of a moment of anger?

    She wouldn't, and didn't have the guts.

    The old lady's back groove teeth were about to clench, in these three years, Han 3,000 had fought and scolded, but ever since Su Yingxia had a position in the company, his attitude had become more and more arrogant.

    The old lady knew that this was a bullying move, but if she really wanted to deal with Han 3000 in this way, the Su family would be digging their own grave, and she couldn't do that.

    "Jiang Lan, this is your good son-in-law, who dares not even put me in his eyes."The old lady said to Jiang Lan in a cold voice.

    Jiang Lan, the shrew who was most afraid of the old lady, said in a silent voice, "Mom, I also want Yingxia to divorce him, but Yingxia won't."

    In the past, the old lady didn't allow Su Yingxia to divorce Han Qianqian because she wanted to take care of the Su family's face and didn't want the Su family to become a joke again in Yun City.

    But now that Han Qianqian is so arrogant, the old lady can't help but want them to divorce, because once Su Yingxia is controlled behind Han Qianqian's back, it's a huge threat to the Su family.

    But ...... the old lady again had to admit that the current Han 3000 still had some use for the Su family, no matter how he befriended Tianchang Sheng, at least now Tianchang Sheng did value him, the Su family could completely use this to draw closer to the Tian family, this would allow the Su family to avoid detours on the road to a first-tier family.

    "I'll give you three days to let Su Yingxia persuade Han Qianli to do this, otherwise, you won't be able to live a good life in the future."The old lady threatened.

    Jiang Lan nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice and said, "Mom, don't worry, I'll make Su Yingxia do it, this wimp won't listen to anyone, but does he dare not listen to Han 3000?"

    The old lady retained a glance at the hillside villa before leaving, if not for her face, she would like to live here, after all, this is her lifelong dream.

    The old lady will sometimes wonder if she would have invited her to live in the villa if she had been nicer to Su Yingxia.

    But thinking that Su Yingxia was only a daughter, and in the future the chairman of the Su family's board of directors would still have to let Su Hachao take the seat, the old lady would dispel this thought.

    As for this villa, if there was a chance, the old lady would snatch it from Su Yingxia's hands and let Su Hachao live here in the future, after all, he was the future head of the Su family, how could Su Yingxia deserve to live here.

    When the old lady returned to her villa, she found Su Hachao sitting in the living room with a furious expression on his face.

    "Haichao, what are you doing here?"The old lady asked.

    Su Haichao stood up, looking hesitant to speak.

    "If you have something to say, just say it."The old lady said.

    "Grandmother, we can't let Han Qianli continue to be arrogant, he's not taking us seriously at all now."Su Haichao said.

    The old lady was also very angry when it came to this matter, just now Han 3000's attitude towards her was simply arrogant, but now Su Yingxia's position was crucial, even the old lady could only endure it.

    "Su Yingxia is in charge of the west side of the city project and has a position in the company, that's why Han 3000 dared to be so arrogant, but you also know that without Su Yingxia, the cooperation on the west side of the city project won't be sustainable."The old lady said.

    This point was naturally clear to Su Haichao, and since the last incident, Su Haichao had never thought of dismissing Su Yingxia's position, after all, this cooperation decided the future of the Su family.

    "Grandmother, the reason he is so arrogant is because you are too soft and have not suppressed Su Yingxia's anger.I know that you don't want to make things too ugly, after all, Su Yingxia has helped the Su family a lot and she is also your granddaughter, but I can come and be the bad guy."Su Hachao said.

    The old lady frowned at the news, he came to be the bad guy?

    "You don't want me to give you the chairmanship right now, do you?"The old lady said.

    "Grandmother, only if I become the chairman of the board can I truly suppress Su Yingxia in status, and don't you think that Su Yingxia is already controlled by Han Giang?Now that Su Yingxia is deliberately showing her cold attitude towards Han 3000 in front of us, her wolfish ambition, don't you know that the dog and dog couple are acting in front of you.Su Yingxia wants you to misunderstand that she is not close to Han 3,000 and wants you to pay more attention to her."Su Haichao said eagerly.

    He couldn't wait to become the chairman because only by sitting in this position would he have more power to deal with Su Yingxia and Han Qianxiang.

    "No."The old lady decisively refused, although the chairman would fall on Su Hai Chao's head in the future, but now the old lady couldn't accept it, although she favored Su Hai Chao, but she was very clear about Su Hai Chao's ability, Su Hai Chao was simply incapable of managing the entire company right now.

    If the company was handed over to him at this time, it would not be a very good time for the Su family.

    Su Hachao bit his teeth and said, "Grandmother, since the chairman's position is mine sooner or later, why can't you give it to me now."

Chapter 123

The old lady looked at Su Hachao with a sunken face and anger, and said, "If you weren't useless, the chairman's position would have been given to you long ago, you can be the chairman because the Su family only has one grandson, if not, the chairman would never be you."

    This sentence could be said to have degraded Su Hachao to nothing, which caused him to develop an extremely strong hatred for the old lady in his heart.

    "Grandmother, do you want to watch Su Yingxia's position in the company grow higher and higher?"Su Haichao said through clenched teeth.

    "I have my own way to deal with her, if you want to get the status of chairman as soon as possible, improve your ability, otherwise you will only have to wait for the day I close my eyes."The old lady said.

    Close your eyes!

    Fine, I'll wait until the day you close your eyes.

    After Su Haichao left the villa, his heart was overshadowed by killing intent, since only your death will allow me to take the chairman's seat, then you can go to hell!

    Hillside Villa, Jiang Lan persuaded in Su Yingxia's room, the old lady only gave three days, if they couldn't do what the old lady asked, their future days in the Su family would be sad.

    "Why don't you think about yourself, even though you are now the head of the west side of the city project, but the old lady wants to override your rights, there are many ways, why would you delay your future for a wimp."The oily Su Yingxia gave Jiang Lan a great headache, the good words that should be said have been said over and over again, but Su Yingxia just wouldn't do it.

    "Our family depends on you to support us, if the old lady targets you, how will you support us in the future, and the cost of the hillside villa is hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, can you still expect him?"

    "My good times with your father are just beginning, is it worth it for you to risk your life for an outsider now?"

    Su Yingxia's face was as heavy as water, what right did she have to ask Han Marchant for such a shameless thing.

    She hadn't expected that grandmother would come to the house and make such an excessive condition.

    "Mom, I'm not that thick-skinned."Su Yingxia said.

    "Is now the time to care about face?And you let him work, rightfully so, he's been eating and drinking for free in our house for three years, so what if he's helping you a little now."Jiang Lan was disdainful.

    Three years of eating and drinking for nothing?

    Such a ridiculous thing Jiang Lan could also say.

    Let's not talk about the things that Han Qianli helped Su Yingxia with, after all she didn't know, but the value of this villa, is it not worth the three years of food and drink Han Qianli spent in the Su family?

    People are invincible when they are cheapest, and this saying was most vividly reflected in Jiang Lan.

    "Mom, don't forget who bought the place you're living in now."Su Yingxia said.

    "Silly girl, now the head of the household is you, what does it matter who bought it, this house already belongs to you."Jiang Lan righteously looked at Su Yingxia with a very strong smile on her face, she felt that she was really too smart to let Han Qianqian transfer the house to Su Yingxia early, this kind of wise decision, who else but her could come up with it.

    "Mom, you can't be so shameless as a human being."Su Yingxia said.

    "What do you mean by skinless and shameless, people don't do it for themselves and the heavens punish them, nowadays in this society, who isn't willing to do anything to make their life better, what's my point."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia sighed, it was impossible to reason with Jiang Lan, because her selfishness had reached the extreme.

    "What are you waiting for, go find Han Qianxiang ah, your grandmother has already spoken on this matter, you should know very well your grandmother's temper."Jiang Lan reminded.

    Su Yingxia knew what kind of person the old lady was, if she really couldn't do this matter, she would definitely be hindered at every turn in the company in the future, although she wouldn't be deprived of her identity, it was inevitable that her rights would be weakened.

    "You let me think about it some more."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan looked at the time, it was almost time to take care of her skin, and said, "Okay, think it over quickly, I'm going back to my room for skin care."

    After Jiang Lan left, Su Yingxia lay on her bed with no sleep.

    Han Qianqian had already helped her a lot, without Han Qianqian, the Su family would not have been able to take the west side of the city project, almost everything the Su family had existing was done by Han Qianqian.

    If it had been before, Su Yingxia might not have been so difficult to talk about, but after the incident in Golden Bridge City, she was estranged from Han 3,000, and now there was the matter of Tian Ling'er sending the car, Su Yingxia was even more reluctant to face Han 3,000.

    Why can't they just explain it all?Even if there are hard feelings, we're still married, so why can't you tell me?

    Su Yingxia also wanted to forget about these things and get back together with Han Qianli, but she couldn't because it was difficult for her to take a compromising step, or perhaps ...... her bones were used to Han Qianli's forbearance.

    "Why do you know Tianchang Sheng?How much more is there that you haven't told me."Su Yingxia was talking to herself, and the emotions in her heart were becoming more and more complicated, as she felt that Han 3000 was hiding a lot from her, and this distrust caused her to reject Han 3000 more and more in her heart.

    But there were some things that Han Qianli really couldn't tell Su Yingxia right now, because she simply couldn't accept them.

    In the other room, Han Qianqian couldn't sleep either, thinking about the bizarre phone call from Shi Jing today, his mind confused.

    Why would Nangong Qianqiu agree to him returning to Yanjing?

    Since Han Three Thousand Years old, Nangong Qianqiu would only bring Han Jun with her to all high-level gatherings in Yanjing, so although the outside world knew that the Han family had two sons, only Han Jun really acknowledged them, and even due to Han Three Thousand Years' long absence, there were rumors that he had died of a serious illness.

    More than three years ago, Nangong Qianqiu had Han 3,000 secretly sent to Yun City, and since then ordered Han 3,000 to never return to Yanjing, and never reveal himself as a member of the Han family.

    Since it was done so decisively, why the sudden change in attitude?

    "If you really want to take things this far, don't blame me for not thinking of this dispensable blood relationship."Han Three Thousand's voice was filled with coldness, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

    He had already thought of a very absurd possibility when he received the call, and it was because of this possibility that he had said that to Mo Yang.

    The next day, when Han Giang woke up to eat breakfast at the restaurant, he saw Su Yingxia.

    He knew that it wasn't a coincidence, but that Su Yingxia was deliberately waiting for him.

    "Did grandmother ask you to let me go to Tianchang Sheng and put in a good word for the Su family?"Han Giangli asked.

    Su Yingxia didn't say anything and didn't react in any way.

    Han Qianli raised an eyebrow, it seemed like a good guess, or else Su Yingxia would at least shake her head and deny it.

    "All you need to do is nod your head and I'll go ahead and do this, but it's not up to me to decide whether or not Tianchang Sheng can take the Su family seriously."Han Giangli continued.

    Su Yingxia hesitated for a moment, but most heavily still nodded his head.

    Han Three Thousand didn't have any complaints and couldn't rise the slightest bit of discontent towards Su Yingxia, saying, "Do you also think it's my fault for making Su Hechao kneel in this matter?"

    Su Yingxia finished the last mouthful of porridge and got up to leave, not saying a word the entire time.

    Han Giangli sighed, full of bitter smiles.

    He Ting these days sensed that the atmosphere between the two was a little not quite the same, although husband and wife quarrels are common, but bed quarrels and bed end peace, once there is an overnight gas is very troublesome.

    "Three thousand, Auntie He used her experience of coming over to tell you that when two couples get along, they should never have an overnight feud, whether you're wrong or not, as a man, what's the big deal about bowing your head and admitting a mistake."He Ting said.

    Bowing his head and admitting his fault was not a problem for Han Qianqian, but there were some things Su Yingxia wanted to get an explanation for, and he was biased that he couldn't explain yet, which was helpless.

    "Auntie He, if your husband went to Golden Bridge City and he said he didn't go messing around, would you believe him?"Han Giangli said.

    He Ting looked at Han Qianqian in shock and said, "You went to Golden Bridge City?"

    Han Qianli nodded his head with a bitter smile.

    "How can you go to that kind of place that's not three or four, tell me about you, your wife is so beautiful, why are you still messing with those women."He Ting said speechlessly, no wonder things got so bad, Han 3000 had cheated on his wife and was still going to a lady!

    "Aunt He, although I went to Golden Bridge City, I really didn't do anything but go on an errand."Han Qianli explained weakly.

    He Ting knew that Han Three Thousand was a good person, but she still found it a little hard to believe when she went to Golden Bridge City and didn't do anything.

Chapter 124


    Tian Ling'er was sitting in the living room with her slim, white, seductive legs crossed, looking like she had a sad face.

    She really wanted to ask Han Qianqiang out, but had been unable to think of a suitable reason, the so-called reserved, this Heavenly Family Miss really wanted to throw her head on the ground.

    Hearing Tian Ling'er's sighing, Tian Changsheng approached with a smile on his face and said with a smile, "Our family's Ling'er is in some kind of trouble, tell me so grandpa can help you out."

    Tian Ling'er looked at Tianchang Sheng as if she was spoiling, and said pitifully and helplessly, "Grandpa, are you still looking for Han Giang to play chess today?"

    In the past, Tianchang Sheng was very interested in playing chess, and if anyone asked him to play, the wind and rain could not stop him, nor could the lightning and thunder, but when it came to Han Qianqian, the old man was in no mood at all.

    He had lost so badly that he had lost all interest in the matter of playing chess, and was instead looking forward to being able to watch Han 3000 play chess.

    "Your grandfather I've lost all I have left in my pants, so don't torture me."Tianchang Sheng smiled bitterly.

    Tian Ling'er pursed her cherry lips and said with dissatisfaction, "Aren't you very good?Conceding defeat so soon?"

    "What else can you do, this little pervert can even win against Wang Mao, grandpa I lost so much that I don't dare to go looking for abuse."Tian Changsheng exclaimed, there was no shame in losing the game, after all, there was still Wang Mao accompanying him, even that Cloud City Go Association's president had lost, where did Tian Changsheng dare to talk tough.

    "Hey."Tian Ling'er let out another long sigh, if grandpa didn't play chess, she wouldn't really be able to find a reason to ask Han Qianqian out.

    Just at this moment, Tian Ling'er's phone rang, and the energetic Tian Ling'er took out her phone, momentarily stunned, and three seconds later, she was as excited and dancing as if she had been hit by chicken blood.

    The incoming call showed the three words Little White Horse, which was the nickname Tian Ling'er had given Han Qianqian.

    "Grandpa, he actually took the initiative to call me."Tian Ling'er was so excited that she couldn't restrain herself, stomping her feet in place.

    Tian Changsheng saw this situation and smiled on the surface, but in reality, he was worried.

    He had warned Tian Ling'er not to use too much affection, but now it seemed that Tian Ling'er had completely taken his words at face value.

    However, Tianchang Sheng could understand that in the entire Cloud City, besides Han Qianqiang's not-so-good reputation, it was almost impossible to find a second person as good as him.

    "Don't pick it up yet, I'll see what you'll do if he hangs up later."Tian Changsheng reminded.

    "Right right right."Tian Ling'er instantly calmed down, took a deep breath, and pressed the answer button.

    "What are you looking for Miss Ben for?"Tian Ling'er sat on the sofa and deliberately acted high and cold.

    "Is Master Tian at home?I want to find him."Han Giangli said.

    Tian Ling'er had a disgruntled expression, this guy was calling, not for her, but for grandpa!

    But he was able to come to the house, so it was a meeting.

    "Hmph, who do you think you are, my grandfather is someone you can just meet if you want to?"The Celestial Spirit was proud.

    "Forget it if you're not here."

    Hearing this, Tian Ling'er was afraid that Han Qianli would hang up the phone and quickly said, "In, in, my grandfather is here, when are you coming."

    Han Qianli on the other end of the phone was laughing and crying, this lady, the Heavenly Princess was too funny.

    Not only did Han Qianli find it hilarious, Tianchang Sheng was also laughing and crying.

    "Okay, I'll come right away."Han Three Thousand said.

    After hanging up the phone, Tian Ling'er found Tian Changsheng looking at her and laughing, knowing that she had acted too excited just now, and raised her fist to threaten Tian Changsheng, "Grandpa, I'm warning you, if you tell anyone else about this, I'll rip out your beard."

    The old man kept quiet and covered his chin, obviously very scared, and quickly said, "Grandpa how can you do such an immoral thing, don't worry, I will help you keep it a secret."

    From the time she was a child, Tian Ling'er's means of tormenting Tian Changsheng was to pull out his beard, and this matter was almost an indelible shadow to Tian Changsheng.The kind of pain that could make one's scalp go numb.

    But the only one in the entire Tian family who dared to do this was this princess.

    Not long after, Han Qianqiang arrived at the Tian family.

    Tian Ling'er was personally greeted at the door, and when she saw Han Qianli, she was in an inexplicably good mood, but she still acted aloof in front of Han Qianli.

    "What are you looking for my grandfather for?"Tian Ling'er stuck her waist in and asked.

    Han Giangli discovered that Tianling'er was even standing outside barefoot, it was a good thing this was morning and the blazing sun hadn't baked the earth yet, otherwise she could have brushed oil on cumin if she had stood on these feet a little longer.

    "My lady, can't you even afford shoes?"Han Giangli smiled.

    "Yeah, are you going to send me?"Tian Ling'er said in a righteous manner.

    Han Giangli shrugged her shoulders and said, "You're wearing a designer brand, I can't afford to send it."

    "Che, do you think Miss Ben is that kind of person?Tell you what, I give you a car and you give me a pair of shoes, is that too much to ask?"Celestia said.

    "Okay, it's decided."

    Tian Ling'er said and ran back home, finally finding another chance, but she didn't even give it a chance to refuse in order to avoid Han 3000's rejection.

    Han 3000 smiled helplessly, this princess had a good temper, but sometimes she also seemed a bit overbearing.

    In the living room, Tianchang Sheng cooked tea and beckoned to Han Three Thousand.

    The old man was very particular about drinking tea and was very demanding of it, and after pouring a cup for Han Three Thousand, Han Three Thousand drained it in one gulp.

    "How does it taste?"Tenchansheng asked.

    "Quench your thirst."Han Qianqiang didn't know much about tea, so naturally she didn't dare to banter in front of someone like Tian Changsheng.

    Tianchang Sheng glared at her and said, "Exterminate the natural resources, you'd better go drink plain water."

    "Ahem, how can I talk to my master."Han Qianli straightened his back and said with a serious face.

    Tianchang Sheng was like a balloon deflated, but unfortunately it was too late to regret this, so he poured another cup for Han Qianli.

    Han 3000 came to find Tianchang Sheng today and had a request for him, so he was just pretending, not serious with Tianchang Sheng, he couldn't do Jiang Lan's deadly shamelessness.

    "Old Master, I've come to find you today, and there's something I want to ask you for,"Han Qianli said.

    When Tian Changsheng heard this, he couldn't help but smile and asked, "It can't be related to the Su family, can it."

    After living for so many decades, Tianchang Sheng had already figured it out, so he was able to guess, and Han 3000 wasn't surprised when he said, "The Su family wishes to gain your approval, so could you help out?"

    "Helping isn't impossible, but the current Su Family, to be honest, can't enter my eyes."Tianchang Sheng said, it was true, and now that Tian Ling'er was clearly showing her liking for Han Giang, he wasn't willing to help the Su Family inside.

    The word approval was a simple one, but with his approval, the Su Family could gain too much in Cloud City, and Tian Changsheng had no reason to help his granddaughter's enemies.

    This statement Han Qianqian approved and nodded.

    The Su family thought that the west side of the city project would improve their status in Cloud City, and indeed it would improve that as well, but it was still insignificant to the Heavenly Family, the ceiling of Cloud City.

    The Heavenly Family was involved in every industry in Cloud City, although not monopolizing the entire Cloud City, with at least half of the economy driven by the Heavenly Family, this huge influence, how could the Su Family alone be seen by the Heavenly Changsheng with that little bit of fuss?

    At this time, Tian Ling'er, who had purposely gone back to her room to change her clothes, came back to the living room and sprayed on a lightly scented perfume.

    "Old man, is there any other way?"After taking a glance at the pure and lovely Tian Ling'er, Han Qianli turned to Tian Changsheng and asked.

    "It's not like there aren't any, the Tian family has a lot of industrial chains, so you can find one to cooperate with the Su family, which is a way to give face to the Su family."Tian Changsheng said.

    Without Tian Changsheng's personal approval, but there could be a cooperation with the Tian family, this was also a disguised way of helping the Su family, after all, having the qualifications to cooperate with the Tian family was already a way of proving their value.

    "Master, I'm counting on you for this, if you want me to do anything in the future, I'm obligated to do so."Han Giangli said.

    Tianchang Sheng smiled, waiting for Han Qianli's words, or else this favor would be in vain.

    "Alright, I'll remember your words, I owe you a favor."Tian Changsheng said.

Chapter 125

Han 3000 escaped temporarily with the excuse that he didn't have the time to go shopping with Tian Ling'er today, but Tian Ling'er also said that such a thing must be completed within three days, leaving Han 3000 quite helpless to agree.

    After Han Marchian left, Tian Ling'er's excitement passed and she sat paralyzed on the couch like a frosty eggplant, her essence emptied.

    "If you really don't have anything to do, you can go to the Su family and play."Tian Changsheng said with a smile.

    "Why would I go to Su's house, I'm not going there."Tian Ling'er used to be quite active, shopping and partying with her girlfriends and usually having a good time as long as she wasn't in class, but lately, after seeing how powerful Han Qianqian was and knowing that he was still the little piano prince, Tian Ling'er had no interest in these things at all.

    "Go to the Su family and let them know that the reason why the Heavenly Family is helping the Su family is because of Han 3000, let them know how powerful Han 3000 is ah."Tian Changsheng said.

    "No."Tian Ling'er decisively refused, "If they knew how powerful Han 3000 was, the Su Family would have to suck up to him, so wouldn't I have even less of a chance in the future.Grandpa, are you old and confused, why did you give me such a bad idea."

    "Silly girl, let them know that Han 3,000 is powerful because of the Tian family."Tian Changsheng said with a smile.

    Tian Ling'er felt that Tian Changsheng must have some idea and asked curiously, "Grandpa, do you have any plans?"

    "Can't tell you yet, with your sedentary nature, you just have to do what grandpa says, can I hurt you?"Tian Changsheng said.

    Tian Ling'er nodded, Grandpa definitely couldn't harm her, there was no doubt about it, and there was nothing to do anyway, so let's just follow Grandpa's plan.

    "Grandpa, I'm going then."

    Tian Ling'er drove the car alone and headed towards the Su family villa.

    At the Su family villa, the old lady was discussing with her assistant in the living room on how to train Su Haichao, because she could see that Su Haichao couldn't wait to take the chairman's position now, and the old lady also wanted to give him this heavy burden, but with his current ability, it was really hard to delegate him.

    When Tian Ling'er appeared, the old lady stood up, full of puzzlement, why would this Miss Tianjia suddenly come to the house, is she still unwilling to let Su Haichao go?

    Although she was dissatisfied, the old lady didn't dare to show the slightest bit of behavior when treating this Princess of the Heavenly Family.

    "Miss Tian, what wind has blown you to our house."The old lady said to Tian Ling'er with a smiling face.

    "A shameless wind, and it's quite strong."Tian Ling'er said.

    This was clearly a covert attempt to mock people, but the old lady was puzzled as to where this so-called shameless wind came from.

    "Miss Tian Ling'er, what do you mean by that, I don't quite understand."The old lady said.

    "Early this morning, Han 3,000 yuan went to my grandfather, hoping that my grandfather would approve of the Su family, do you think this is shameless enough, if it wasn't for you, would Han 3,000 yuan go to my grandfather?Such a small family like the Su family even wants to get my grandfather's approval, a fool's dream."Tian Ling'er looked at the old lady with disdain.

    The old lady's face sank, Han Qianli went to the Celestial Family?Did he purposely let the Celestial Spirits come after her?

    This wimp actually found a little girl to help him out.

    "That's right, Han Qianqian doesn't know that I'm coming to the Su family, I just want to tell you that no matter how much he begs my grandfather, the Su family won't get grandpa's approval because your ...... rank is too low, even if there's a west side of the city project, grandpa won't look at it."Tian Ling'er said.

    The Tian family's industrial chain in Cloud City was very rich, involving almost all walks of life, and the old lady herself knew how difficult it was to get Tianchang Sheng's approval, and she only relied on Han Qianqiang's relationship with Tianchang Sheng to give it a try.

    Now it seemed that that wimp didn't have much of a place in Tian Chang Sheng's heart and had caused Tian Ling'er to come to her door to humiliate her.

    If I had known, I shouldn't have let that wimp come out and succeeded in a bad way.

    "Miss Tian, if Master Tian doesn't want it, why did you come to see me?Is it just to humiliate me?"The old lady said unhappily.

    "Didn't I just say that?The shameless wind was blowing too strong, that's why I was blown here, and I didn't want to come here of my own free will."Tian Ling'er said with an innocent face.

    The old lady was so angry at this that she almost spat blood, and said through gritted teeth, "Miss Tian Ling'er, if there's nothing else, you should go home, I'm getting old and I need to rest."

    "This is going to be a break?It won't be long to live."Tian Ling'er laughed.

    "You ......" the old lady was so angry that her scalp exploded and her hand that pointed at Tian Ling'er trembled.

    Tian Ling'er wasn't a wicked person, these words were all learned from TV dramas, seeing the old lady so angry, she softened in her heart and said, "Old lady, I came here today to tell you something, Han 3000 is only powerful because of the Tian family, it has nothing to do with him per se."

    "He's a piece of trash, I've known him for over three years, I don't need you to remind me."The old lady gritted her teeth.

    "That's good, although my grandfather won't approve of the Su family, but for the sake of Han 3000's face, he also gave the Su family the opportunity and promised to choose one among our Tian family's chain of industries to work with the Su family, you should be honored."Tian Ling'er said.

    The old lady's anger was instantly soothed by these words, the Heavenly Family was even willing to cooperate with the Su Family?

    Although it wasn't Tian Changsheng's personal endorsement, it was an opportunity for the Su Family.

    In the entire Yun City, those who were able to cooperate with the Tian family were all first-tier families, which meant that the Su family could be among the first-tier families in Yun City through this cooperation, and with the addition of the west side of the city project, this was a nail in the coffin.

    "Miss Tian, is what you said true?"The old lady asked excitedly.

    Sensing the old lady's change in mood, Tian Ling'er despised it in her heart, just now she was so hateful that she could not wait to kick her out, so soon she changed her face, she really was a snobbish old lady to the extreme.

    "I came all the way here, am I still joking with you?"Tian Ling'er said.

    "Thank you Miss Tian, thank you Miss Tian for coming to tell me this good news, and by the way, help me thank the old man of the Tian family, the Su family will definitely grasp this opportunity and will never let the old man down."There wasn't a big age difference between the old lady and Tian Changsheng, but there was a world of difference in status, so she treated Tian Changsheng with extreme respect.

    Tian Ling'er didn't mention Han Marchant again to avoid the old lady taking credit for Han Marchant's work.

    In fact, she didn't need to worry about this aspect at all, because the old lady couldn't possibly have such an idea, in her opinion, Han 3000 did these things as a matter of course, as a way to make up for the scolding of the Su family in the past three years, so how could she be grateful to Han 3000 for this matter.

    After Tian Ling'er left, the old lady sat on the sofa so excited that she could hardly herself, just now she was still discussing with her assistant on how to improve Su Hai Chao's ability, she didn't expect the opportunity to come so soon.

    Su Yingxia was now in charge of the project in the west of the city, weakening Su Hachao's position in the company, but if the cooperation with the Tian family was given to Su Hachao, then he could definitely regain his prestige in the company.

    "Chairman, are you going to hand over the cooperation with the Tian family to Su Hai Chao?"The assistant saw what the old woman was thinking and asked.

    "I know you're worried about making a mistake, but this is a real opportunity for him, and he's such a big man that he should know what he's doing, and it's vital that he works with the Celestials, I still trust him."The old lady said.

    The assistant wanted to stop talking, but the words that came to his lips were not said, because in his opinion, this matter was the most secure to leave it to Su Yingxia, the west side of the city project and the cooperation with the Tian family, once these two things could be done perfectly, the Su family could definitely become a first-tier family in Yun City.

    But he was clear that the old lady would never do that, because she would not give the Su Family's chairmanship to Su Yingxia.

    "Call Hai Chao and tell him to come back right away, I want to tell him about this matter."The old lady said.

    Su Hachao was in the company at the moment, a crazy idea was spreading in his head, when he received the call and knew that the old lady asked him to go to the villa, Su Hachao felt that his chance had come, and went to the pharmacy before driving towards the Su family villa.


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