His True Colors 126-130


His True Colors Chapter 126

After arriving at the villa, the old lady couldn't wait to tell Su Hachao about the cooperation with the Tian family, if it was before, Su Hachao would have been very excited because he could get this project, he would have the capital to compete with Su Yingxia, but now, his heart was no longer satisfied with any position under the chairman of the board.

    Only when he became the chairman of the board would he have a way to drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family and then take revenge on Han Qianqiang.

    As the saying goes, things don't happen three times, Su Hachao has already been beaten by Han Qianqian three times, such humiliation is by no means something he can accept.

    But on the surface, Su Hachao still looked grateful and excited.

    "Grandmother, thank you for being willing to believe in me, don't worry, I will definitely do a good job on this matter and will never let you down."Su Hachao said.

    The old lady looked like she was full of gratification and said, "I hope you can make progress on this matter, if you can do a good job on this matter, I will give you the position of chairman of the board."

    Can do well?

    I can't wait that long anymore.

    Su Haichao hid a touch of grimness in his eyes and said, "Grandmother is thirsty, I'll go get you some water."

    The old lady nodded, it was not unreasonable that she liked this grandson because he knew how to please the old man.

    Su Hachao carried a cup of warm water to the old lady, the old lady was also really thirsty, and drank half of it in one gulp.

    After some more paternalism of the in-laws and grandchildren, the old lady felt a little sleepy after sending Su Hachao away, so she went back to her room to sleep.

    Su Hachao after leaving the villa, back to the car, the hand can not stop shaking.

    "What's there to be afraid of, it's done, you're about to become the chairman, what's there to be afraid of!"Su Haichao said to himself to cheer up, just now when he poured the water, he put in added ingredients, if nothing unexpected, the old lady will die tonight.

    This is the idea born after Su Hachao was beaten by Han Qianqian, and did not want the chairman's position in the old lady's hands, because only then could he become the chairman of the Su Family Company in the fastest time.

    After taking a deep breath, Su Hachao stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

    Han Qianqiang hadn't even picked Su Yingxia up from work lately because he thought that a proper distant calm might be able to slowly forget about that incident in Golden Bridge City with time.

    At the evening meal at home, Su Guoyao received a phone call, when he became pale, Su Yingxia and the others were unsure, but Jiang Lan directly grabbed Su Guoyao's ear.

    "Su Guoyao, you wouldn't have kept a mistress outside, she's pregnant, right."Jiang Lan said furiously.

    For Jiang Lan's clear brain circuit, Han Giang had already seen countless times, this woman was seriously neurotic, but it was good that Su Guoyao's patience was very strong, otherwise the two would have divorced long ago.

    Su Guoyao tugged away from Jiang Lan's hand, looking idle and a little trance-like.

    "You talk back, is it the b*tch who called you."Jiang Lan questioned.

    "What b*tchy woman, where is the bitchy woman, do I have the money to keep a mistress?"Su Guoyao yelled angrily at Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan had never seen Su Guoyao have the guts to lose his temper with her so much, and Su Guoyao's acting like this made Jiang Lan think that he was guilty of being a thief.

    "How dare you fierce me, Su Guoyao are you out of your mind."Jiang Lan waved his hand and slapped Su Guoyao's face.

    Seeing that the two of them were not right, Su Yingxia quickly asked, "Dad, what happened, you quickly say it."

    Su Guoyao's throat squirmed a bit before he said, "Your grandmother, she died!"

    There was silence in the villa, and even 'outsiders' like Han Qianqian who didn't care about the old woman's death were very surprised.

    Her body was considered very hardy, so how could she suddenly die!

    "You ...... you said that Mom died?"Jiang Lan stammered and asked.

    Su Guoyao nodded his head as if dead, although the old lady treats him badly, but after all, he is his own mother, people die, it is inevitable to be heartbroken.

    Su Yingxia was also like that, even though she was looked down upon by the old lady, but the sudden news of the nightmare was still a bit too much for her to accept.

    "How could it be so sudden, how could a good person die?"Su Yingxia asked incredulously.

    "I'm not too sure, let's go, back to Su's villa."Su Guoyao stood up and said.

    The family left in a hurry, and the table of food hadn't moved a few times yet.

    Jiang Lan said to He Ting before she left, "These meals are considered a bargain for you today."

    When they arrived at the Su family villa, all the Su family's relatives had already arrived.

    In the old lady's room, Su Haichao and Su Yehan were kneeling by the bedside, crying in a daze, Su Haichao's snotty, tearful expression of heartbreak was so deafening that no one could see the slightest flaw.

    Su Yingxia saw this scene is also somewhat moved, nose sore.

    Suddenly, Su Hachao ragingly walked up to Han Qianqian and said angrily, "It's all you, you're the one who killed grandmother."

    Han Qianqian frowned, some trivial matters for him to take the blame for, he could endure without arguing, but the old lady's death was such a big matter, if Su Haichao wanted to dump the blame on him, he would never accept it.

    "What does grandmother's death have to do with me, how could I have caused it."Han Qianli coldly said.

    "If it wasn't for you, why would Tian Ling'er come to our house, today grandmother was just tired and said she wanted to rest, she cursed grandmother to not live long, if she didn't do it, who else could it be."Su Haichao said.

    Tian Ling'er!

    Why did she come to the Soviet house?

    Han Qianqiang sank, but even if she had come to the Su family, the old lady's death couldn't have anything to do with her ah.

    Tian Ling'er was just an eighteen-year-old girl this year, so how could she have the guts to kill someone.

    Tian Ling'er came to the Su family, it was the old lady's assistant who told Su Haichao about this, the first time Su Haichao learned this news, he planned to pin shit on Tian Ling'er's head, only this way he could not be suspected, after all, he had also come to see the old lady today, he could also be treated as a suspect.

    "Han three thousand, what's going on?"Su Yingxia coldly questioned Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqian looked helpless and said, "I went to see Tian Changsheng today, and although he won't approve of the Su family, he promised to find an item in the Tian family's chain of industries to cooperate with the Su family, and Tian Ling'er came to the Su family to tell grandmother about this matter, I think."

    At this time, the assistant said at the right time, "Miss Tian did say this matter."

    "The Tian family would be so kind to help the Su family?I think it's because you don't like grandmother, that's why you let Tian Ling'er do it, Han Qianqian, I didn't expect that you would be so ruthless, grandmother wouldn't let him go even though he's a year old."Su Haichao couldn't let Tian Ling'er clear his name, the blame had to be carried by Han Qianqian and Tian Ling'er.

    "Is that so?Since you're so sure, then call the police."Han Qianli coldly said.

    Hearing the word police, Su Haichao's heart trembled, if the authorities intervened in this matter and investigated it thoroughly, he would definitely reveal himself.

    "The Heavenly Family is so powerful in Cloud City, what's the use of even calling the police?Not only did you let Tian Ling'er harm Grandma, but you also want to harm our Su Family?"Su Haichao said.

    "How did I harm the Su family again?"Han Qianqiang looked at Su Haichao with cold eyes.

    "If you can't find evidence, won't the Heavenly Family be able to use the excuse of smearing Tian Ling'er to deal with the Su Family?Isn't that still hurting the Soviet family?"Su Hae Chao said.

    The other relatives also agreed with Su Hachao's statement, and one eye looked venomously at Han Three Thousand.

    "Han Qianli, get out, this is not a place you can stay."

    "Good, you outsider, get out quickly, don't appear in the Su villa ever again."

    "Grandma's death must have something to do with you, the Su family won't recognize you in the future."

    The crowd of relatives scolded and cursed, Han Qianliang's empty eyes, looking at Su Hachao, his speech was like a carefully planned story, saying that he was not allowed to say that grandmother's death had something to do with him.

    But no one in the entire family would believe what Han Qianli said, so there was no point in voicing his suspicions.

    After driving Han 3000 out of the room, Su Hae Chao said to the other relatives, "Grandmother's death is related to Tian Ling'er, we can't reveal this matter, we can only treat Grandmother's death as normal."

    "How can we do this, killing is against the law, should we let Tian Ling'er and Han Qianxiang go free?"Su Yeh Han said.

    "The Su family is not qualified to deal with the Tian family yet, but under my leadership, it will definitely surpass the Tian family in the future, and we can take advantage of this cooperation with the Tian family to slowly find evidence of Tian Ling'er's crimes, so don't worry, I will definitely avenge my grandmother's death."

Chapter 127

Su Haichao's words were clearly spoken from the position of the chairman, but there was no one in the room who objected, because they all knew very well that the old lady would eventually give the chairman's position to Su Haichao, and now that the old lady was dead, he should naturally inherit the position.

    "Hai Chao, do you mean that we can only swallow our anger?"Su Guolin said with a disgruntled face.

    Su Haichao sighed and said, "Do you think that the Su Family is now qualified to deal with the Tian Family?If we tear our faces off with the Heavenly Family, we'll all suffer, a momentary forbearance is nothing, as long as there's a chance to take revenge in the future."

    When the others heard this, they all nodded their heads.

    The old lady was already dead, there was no reason why everyone in the family should be buried with her.

    Going to find trouble with the Heavenly Family at this stage was undoubtedly a moth to a flame, and the old lady's death couldn't be declared to the outside world as having anything to do with the Heavenly Family, or else the Heavenly Family would definitely cut off the root of the problem.

    Everyone in the Su family was selfish, and would never do it if it would affect their own interests.

    "What about Han 3,000?Could he have tipped off the Celestial Family?Let the Celestial Family know that we suspect Tian Ling'er."

    "Good, Han Qianqian, the gullible thing, will definitely betray us."

    "It would be good if we could drive this trash out of the Su Family, but I'm afraid that driving him away at this time would be detrimental to us ah."

    Hearing these words, Su Haichao looked at Su Yingxia with a cold smile on his face and said, "Su Yingxia, this wimp is your family's, you have the responsibility to find a way to deal with it."

    Su Yingxia definitely didn't believe that his grandmother's death had anything to do with Han Qianqian, and he would never team up with Tian Ling'er to do such a thing.

    But now that every relative believed Su Haichao's words, if she spoke for Han Third Thousand, she would definitely cause discontent among the crowd.

    "Don't worry, I'll find a way to make him shut up,"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao's eyes hid a proud smile in the depths of his eyes, he was originally very worried that someone would investigate his grandmother's death, but he didn't expect Tian Ling'er to take the initiative to take the blame, which created a great opportunity for him to clear his name of suspicion.

    I'm afraid this is the heavens helping me too.

    Even the heavens want me to become the chairman of the board, who else can stop it?

    Su Haichao looked at all the relatives of the Su family and said, "From now on, I'm the chairman of the board, is that okay with you?"

    "Of course no comment, grandmother was going to give you the chairman's position, who dares to have a problem with it."Su Yehan said.

    Su Haichao looked at Su Yingxia with a cold face: "What about you?Won't disobey it."

    Su Yingxia didn't want to become the chairman of the Su family, she was just trying to fight for her breath in front of her grandmother, and now that her grandmother was dead, Su Haichao was the one in charge of the company.

    "I'm fine with it, but if you want to target me, I advise you to think carefully."Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao smiled and said, "How would I target you, you are now but working for me, you are my subordinate, you do a good job on the west side of the city project, it is also good for the company, but you have to remember clearly, I am the chairman of the board in the future, if I know that you make half a mistake, don't blame me for being unforgiving."

    Su Yingxia knew that it would be hard in the future in the company, but as long as she was the person in charge of the west side of the city project, Su Hachao would never dare to touch her.

    "Haichao, if grandmother dies, what about my bride-price?"Su Yeh Han couldn't wait to ask, compared to the old lady's death, the sadness was over, she was now most concerned about what should be done with those bride-price gifts.

    In the past, grandmother kept the bride-price, but now, grandmother had died, and she was the one who had the most hope of being seen, so in Su Yeh Han's opinion, it was time to give those bride-price to her.

    Su Haichao knew what Su Yehan wanted, and he also thought that the Han family was interested in Su Yehan, saying, "These things, of course, will be handed over to you."

    Su Yehan's face was happy, for the bride-price coveted for a long time, now can finally get their hands on it, it is worth tens of millions ah, in the future spending money no longer need to be tight.

    Although the other girls of the same generation were a little unconvinced, but they knew that the chances of it being themselves were not high, and having offended Su Yehan, with the relationship between Su Yehan and Su Hachao, they would definitely not have a good time in the company in the future, so they could only endure it.

    As for this matter, if anything changed in the future, the Han family would definitely make Su Yeh Han spit out the bride-price, so they didn't have to worry too much.

    "What are you still standing here for, why don't you go warn Han 3000?"Su Haichao looked at Su Yingxia with dissatisfaction and said toe-to-toe.

    Su Yingxia silently left the room, after finding Han Qianli in the living room, she spoke without waiting for Han Qianli to speak, "You don't need to explain to me because no one will believe your words, I only ask you not to tell the Heavenly Family about our suspicions."

    Han Qianqian looked calm and nodded, no one in the Su Family would believe him, which was normal since he had no standing in the Su Family at all.

    "What about you?"Han Giangli asked.

    Su Yingxia naturally didn't think in her heart that Han Qianqian had done this, but she didn't say anything, nor did she shake or nod her head.

    Everyone from the Su family came to the living room to discuss the old lady's funeral, and when Han Qianqian knew that Su Yehan would take those bridal gifts with her, he said to Su Yehan, "You have to spend this money sparingly, or you won't be able to take anything out when you're asked to spit it out later."

    Su Yehan looked at Han Qianqian in disgust and said, "What are you, what does it have to do with you if I spend my own money, don't forget that you're just an outsider, what qualifications do you have to tell me what to do in front of me."

    "Are you so sure that the bride-price is yours?"Han Giangli flatly said.

    "Of course."Su Yeh Han said proudly, "Who else is qualified but me."

    "I'm just kindly advising, to be able to send such a large bride-price, the other party must be from a big place, and if you can't come up with the money, you might end up with a broken family,"Han Qianqian said.

    "Fury, are you cursing me?"Su Yehan glared viciously at Han Qianqian.

    "Han Qiannian, there's no place for you to talk here, so shut up."Su Haichao snapped coldly.

    "I have good intentions."Han Three Thousand Year shrugged helplessly.

    "Oh, a piece of good intentions, open your dog eyes and see, who can compare to this lady?"Su Yehan stuck her waist in the air and looked proud of herself.

    Among these relatives, Su Yehan is indeed unbeatable to the others, but who would have thought that this bridal gift originally belonged to Su Yingxia?

    Although Han Three thousand didn't care about this bride-price and he never accepted this kindness from Shi Jing, he wouldn't let it fall into Su Yehan's hands either.

    As much as he ate in now, Han 3000 would make Su Yehan spit it all out later.

    "Hai Chao, you quickly have someone bring out the bride-price, these are my things, I haven't seen them for a long time."Su Yeh Han couldn't wait to say to Su Hae Chao.

    Su Hachao nodded and led a few people to move the bride-price to the living room.

    Gold ornaments and jades, 8.88 million in cash, looking at many people present with red eyes, thinking how good it would be if this bride-price belonged to them.

    Su Yehan couldn't wait to bring the gold bracelet on her hand, the gold phoenix hairpin on her head, complacent.

    "You are finally in my hands, and I don't know when exactly your master will come to marry me, I can't wait."Su Yeh Han said with self-pleasure.

    When Jiang Lan saw this scene, she couldn't help but look coldly at Han Marchant, people get married with such a heavy bride-price, but Han Marchant has nothing when he joins their family, what a human being.

    Although there was now a hillside villa, but how could a gold-worshipping woman like Jiang Lan dislike money?

    And it's a matter of saving face, Su Yingxia is clearly more beautiful and excellent than Su Yehan, but she's losing in this regard.

    It's all because of this wimp!

    It was just becoming less and less realistic to kick him out of the Su family now, because once he was kicked out, he would definitely tip off the Celestial Family, and Jiang Lan was no fool in that regard, knowing how serious the consequences of messing with the Celestial Family would be.

    Han Qianli looked at the scene with a faint smile, hoping that you'll still be able to laugh by the day you're made to spit them out.

    After discussing how to deal with the old lady's funeral, the various relatives of the Su family dispersed, but Su Haichao's family didn't leave, as he was now the chairman of the company, so naturally he was qualified to live here.

Chapter 128

The next day, the old lady's hearth was erected at the Su family villa, and many people who heard about this matter rushed to the Su family villa one after another to bid the old lady a final farewell.

    Although the Su family no longer cooperated with others after taking over the project in the west of the city, the old friendship was still there, so many people came to the Su family villa.

    In front of people, Su Haichao's performance was still as good as yesterday, his eyes were red and swollen, appearing extremely sad, while mentioning the old lady's cause of death to outsiders, it was also a recurrence of an old illness.

    Although outsiders felt that this matter was very sudden, but the old lady was an old woman, such an accident is also common, and this is an internal matter of the Su family, outsiders did not delve into.

    Han Qianli stood outside the villa dressed in black, not even qualified to wear mourning, because this villa already belonged to Su Hachao, and Su Hachao wouldn't even let him in the door.

    Idle and bored, Han Third Thousand can only quietly watch Su Haichao perform.

    The old lady died, and Su Hachao became the chairman of the Su family, he was the biggest beneficiary, so sudden death, to say that there is no reason must be impossible.

    Han Qiangiang thought that this matter must be related to Su Hachao, but suffered from the lack of evidence at hand, there is nothing he can do.

    But now that the Su family company's company is now overshadowed by him, I'm sure Su Yingxia's future life will not be easy.

    Just thinking indiscriminately, Han Qianli's phone rang.

    "I haven't had time to go shopping with you in the last few days."Han Three Thousand said after picking up the phone.

    Tian Ling'er knew the news of the old lady's death, and this call wasn't an urge to urge Han Third Thousand to go shopping with her, but she was very curious as to how the old lady had suddenly died.

    Yesterday's meeting was still alive and well, even if there was a sudden serious illness, she couldn't have died so quickly.

    "Why did the old lady suddenly die?"Tian Ling'er asked.

    Su Yingxia had already warned Han Qianli about his suspicions about the Celestial Family, so Han Qianli wouldn't tell Tian Ling'er, and he also knew what kind of consequences this suspicion would trigger if the Celestial Family found out.

    Of course, one good thing was that the Celestial Family would find out who was behind it.But the downside was that the Su Family would never be able to afford it.

    How could the Celestial Family let the Su Family off the hook if they dared to smear Tian Ling'er.

    "Not too sure, I'm even going in the door of the Su family villa right now."Han Giangli said.

    Tian Ling'er on the other end of the phone couldn't help but smile at the corners of her mouth when she heard this, the more the Su Family rejected Han Qianli, the better it was for her.

    "Since you have nothing to do, come over to my house, Grandpa Wang came early this morning and is still in the study with Grandpa, I don't know what he's talking about."Tian Ling'er said.

    Wang Mao?

    He and Tian Changsheng were friends, and it was normal for friends to catch up, but with Wang Mao's character, shouldn't he concentrate on the Dao after losing the game?Why would you waste your time with Tien Chang Sheng?

    "I can't get into the villa, but I can't just leave, so let's do it another day."Han Giangli said.

    Tian Ling'er pursed her lips, why was this guy willing to be deadbeat in the Su family, was Su Yingxia really that good?

    In terms of posture, in terms of figure, Tianlinger doesn't feel that she will lose to Su Yingxia, and she is still young, her body is still in the development stage, maybe her figure will be better than Su Yingxia later.

    What a blind man, can't you even see the potential stock like Miss Ben?

    "I'm not talking to you, grandpa's out."Saying that, Tian Ling'er hung up the phone and looked down at her chest, thinking that she had to make it a little bigger, maybe she could attract Han Qianqian.

    "God, I'm counting on you for this, you must help me think of something."Wang Mao said to Tian Changsheng before he left.

    "Grandpa Wang, take care."

    "Ling'er is so good, Grandpa Wang forgot to bring you a gift this time, make up for it next time."Wang Mao said and walked towards the door.

    "Grandpa Wang, that's what you said last time too."Tian Ling'er smiled.

    Wang Mao didn't look back and hurried out the door.

    Tianchang Sheng smiled faintly and said, "You're going to scare him so much that he won't dare to come back next time."

    Tian Ling'er pouted and said with an unhappy face, "Who let him say that every time, from the first time I saw him, he said that he gave me a gift, it's been many years and I haven't seen what kind of gift."

    "Hahahahaha."Tian Changsheng laughed, although Wang Mao had a high status in Cloud City, he was also an upright person and never accepted benefits from others, so he was stretched to the limit, how could he have spare money to buy a gift for Tian Ling'er?

    But this old man also wanted to save face, and he always had to bring up such a matter.

    "Grandpa, what did Grandpa Wang come to see you for?"Celestia asked curiously.

    "Here's looking for my help."Tianchang Sheng sat on the couch and smiled.

    "Help?Grandpa Wang isn't a mall person, so what can finding you do to help."Tian Ling'er said puzzled, she wasn't really angry at Wang Mao for not giving her a gift, because she knew Wang Mao's situation very well and still admired him in her heart, there weren't many people who didn't move before money nowadays.

    "He has an old rival who will be making a trip to Cloud City recently, he's been losing for decades, this old guy said that this might be the last time we meet, he doesn't want to lose."Tian Changsheng said.

    "Cut."Tian Ling'er unabashedly despised Tian Changsheng and said, "Are you just going to help him win?Grandpa is losing so much that he has a mental shadow."

    Speaking of this, Tianchang Sheng's expression became frozen, aside from the martial arts school, his biggest hobby was playing chess, but under Han Qianqian's fierce ravages, Tianchang Sheng now had one less hobby, not to mention playing chess, just the sight of it would make his brain hurt.

    "How do I talk to grandpa?Grandpa was also a great killer before he met Han Qianqian."Tian Changsheng said unconvinced.

    "What happened after you encountered it?"Tian Ling'er's ghostly elf looked at Tian Changsheng.

    Tian Changsheng took a deep breath and feigned to look like he was going to do something angry, but Tian Ling'er looked at him without any fear, causing the old man to let off steam.

    "Can't you save some face for grandpa?"Tian Changsheng said bitterly.

    "Grandpa!"Tian Ling'er's expression was suddenly shocked as she said, "Grandpa Wang wouldn't be looking for Han Giang's help, so he's asking you to step in, right?"

    "Or what?"Tian Changsheng nodded his head.

    Tian Ling'er laughed loudly, her silvery laughter echoing throughout the villa.

    "Han Qianli is so powerful, even Grandpa Wang had to ask him for help."After Tian Ling'er had had enough of laughing, she raised her pink fist and said with a proud face.

    "Look at how proud you are, the one who is powerful is Han Qianli, not you, what are you happy about."Tian Changsheng was speechless.

    "Grandpa, I'm his woman, of course I'm happy."

    "He's a married man, you're not too shy."Tian Changsheng sighed, with the Tian family's status, if it were anyone else, the old man would never have agreed to this, but Han Qianxiang was an exception, not only did Tian Ling'er value it, but even he had to value it as well.

    The performance of the Martial Hall, and the game against Wang Mao, all showed that Han Three Thousand was powerful, and all of him, not only that, the recent change in power in the grey area of Cloud City also had a deep relationship with him.

    The Heavenly Family is now facing the situation of the yellow and green, the two sons at the knee are not high enough, if not for the mountains that he has beaten down, the Heavenly Family would have collapsed.

    The reason why the old man doesn't care about the shopping mall, full powers to the two sons, is to train them, because the Tian family has a strong capital, even if a few small mistakes are irrelevant.

    However, over the years, the growth of the two sons had been far less than the old master had expected, and once he closed his eyes, the Tian family would have to live off the bottom, and within a few decades, the Tian family would definitely sunset in Cloud City.

    In the old master's opinion, although Han Qianqian was an outsider, if he was able to join the Heavenly Family, he would definitely be able to continue the Heavenly Family's glory, and perhaps, in his hands, the Heavenly Family would be able to take it to the next level, out of Cloud City!

    "Grandpa, do you think I'll lose to Su Yingxia?"The Celestial Spirit held her head high and thrust her waist in the air, looking confident.

    "Of course not."The old man's face was full of smiles, but his eyes had a hint of worry.

    To lose or not to lose he didn't know, but Tian Ling'er must not lose, otherwise Tian Ling'er would suffer an incomparably harsh blow in this matter, she was now fully invested in this one-sided relationship, once thwarted, the consequences were unimaginable.

Chapter 129

On the day of the old lady's cremation, Han 3,000 was still unable to follow the troops, because of Su Hachao's attitude, so now everyone completely treated Han 3,000 as an outsider, but when they arrived at the crematorium, Su Hachao encountered one thing.

    The crematorium had grades, and with the old lady's status, it was natural to choose the highest grade, but due to Su Haichao's fault for not booking it, he could only leave the old lady's corpse out in the open, and a bunch of people dryly waited.

    "What should we do, if we can't be cremated today, we'll miss the auspicious day, Hai Chao, do something quickly."

    "Yeah, we can't keep Mom waiting here."

    "Hai Chao, now you are the chairman of the Su family, won't they give this face?"

    Su Haichao had already negotiated with the crematorium, but today's highest ranking cremators were not ordinary people, he proposed to cut in on this matter, and was cleaved and scolded by the crematorium's leaders, who didn't give him the slightest bit of face.

    "And after entering the crematorium, if you still go out like this, I heard that it will be ominous."

    "This ...... grandmother won't swindle a corpse, right!"

    Su Haichao also listened a little trembling, the old lady was killed by him, if it is really a fraudulent corpse, will not be able to find him for life?

    "I'll try again."Su Hachao said with a hard scalp.

    After arriving at the leader's office, that leader said with an impatient face after seeing Su Hachao, "I told you, it's impossible to cut in for you, mind what Su family Chen family Liu family, this is the rule."

    "Big brother, we've come all the way here, you help arrange it, if you can help this, I will definitely not treat you badly."Su Haichao said bashfully.

    "Get lost, if you want to bribe me, why don't you go out and ask around about who I am."That leader looked like a righteous man, if it were usual, he would be willing to open this back door, but today's senior crematoria were all people with backgrounds, if he broke the rules in this situation, and those big shots knew about it, he would not be able to keep this position.

    Seeing his firm attitude, Su Haichao gritted his teeth, how could he explain this to his relatives in the Su family?He's the chairman of the board now, if he can't handle this, how can those relatives trust him to do a good job with the company?

    At this time, Han Qianli suddenly arrived at the office.

    "Han Qianqian, why are you here, didn't I warn you that you won't be allowed to attend your grandmother's funeral, so get out."Su Haichao said in a stern voice.

    While Su Haichao was losing his temper, the leader in the office stood up at the first time, but with a pleasant face, he walked over to Han Three Thousand and said, "Brother Han, why are you here."

    The leader didn't know who exactly Han Qianqian was, but a much bigger person had just spoken, and he wanted to be received properly.

    "I wanted to ask you a favor."Han Qianli said with a smile.

    "No problem, as long as you ask, I can help with any favor."The leader said.

    Su Haichao eyed the scene in front of him, this leader just told him to get lost, how could he have such a good attitude towards Han Qianqian, the wimp?

    "You help think of a way to cremate the old lady of the Su family,"Han Qianqian said.

    The leader took a glance at Su Haichao, this dog is a bit capable of finding a big man to help.

    "Okay, no problem, I'll go arrange it."After the leader said that, he left the office.

    Su Hachao felt afraid that he was hallucinating in front of his eyes, the person who told him to get lost was now willing to help because of Han Qianqian's words!How was that possible.

    "Han three thousand years old, what are you up to again."Su Haichao questioned Han Qianqian.

    "Don't you have eyes?What you couldn't do, I did for you."Han Giangli smiled.

    "You're full of sh*t, how could you do what I couldn't do."Su Hechao said with a fierce expression.

    He was now the chairman of the Su Family, and his status was much higher than Han Qianli, so how could there be something he couldn't do that Han Qianli could do?

    "Suhaichao, are you blind, can't you see that he's gone to make arrangements?"Han Marchiang said.

    This sentence disowned Su Haichao so much that he didn't know how to refute it, and even if he didn't admit it, the fact was that that leader treated Han Three Thousand with great respect, and all he got in return was the word roll.

    "Han Qianqian, this is the Heavenly Family helping you, right, how long do you think you can be arrogant?After the Celestial Family has squeezed all the value out of your use, do you think you can still be proud of yourself?"Su Haichao sneered.

    "You really guessed right, it's true that the Heavenly Family helped me with this, but my use of it is more than you can imagine."Han Giangli finished with a smile and left the office.

    This matter was a relationship that Tian Changsheng walked away from, and with Tian Changsheng there, the leader only dared to offend others.

    But Han Three Thousand also paid some price, having to appear to help Wang Mao, this was a condition put forward by Tianchang Sheng, Han Three Thousand did not agree to it.

    When Su Haichao returned to the Su family relatives, those relatives one by one admired Su Haichao to the utmost.

    "Haichao, I told you, how could this little thing be difficult for you, the leader of the crematorium has just appeared and said that he will help us soon."

    "Worthy of being the chairman of our company, Haichao, you're amazing."

    "With the company in your hands, it can definitely grow better and better."

    Although this was not done by Su Hachao, but no one knew that it was done by Han Qianqian, this kind of boasting Su Hachao of course took it at face value, and said with a smile, "This was not a big deal in the first place, no matter how I am also the chairman of the company now, he still has to give this face."

    "That's right, who would dare not give Su's chairman's face?"

    Just when the Su family's relatives were proud of themselves, a disdainful voice sounded out, "What kind of fart chairman, I didn't put it in my eyes."

    When Su Haichao saw the owner of the voice, he couldn't help but change his face, this was the leader in the office just now, Su family relatives didn't know who he was giving face to, but he himself was very clear.

    "How can you ...... you talk like that, if you weren't afraid of Hai Chao, how could you give us privileges?"A certain Su relative said disdainfully to the leader.

    "Yo, you're still rubbing your nose in it?When have I ever given you face?"The leader looked at Su Hachao and said.

    Su Hachao's smugness had not yet been replaced, a pot of cold water from head to toe.

    "Leader, we were just joking around with our own family, I'm really sorry."Su Hachao quickly softened his attitude, if he were to say that it was because Han Qianqian helped, wouldn't he be humiliated.

    "Making fun of me, you really have a lot of guts, and you bunch of uninformed Su family members, if it wasn't for Mr. Han's presence, you'd be preparing to spend the night at the crematorium tonight."The leader scowled.

    Mr. Han?

    A question rose up in everyone's heart.

    This matter was not taken care of by Su Haichao, but by Mr. Han?

    But who is this Mr. Han!

    Su Yeh Han suddenly jumped up and asked Su Hai Chao, "Hai Chao, is that him?Is it the Mr. Han who delivered the bride price?"

    This foolish woman, is Mr. Han the only one who delivers bridal gifts?It could have been a casual perfunctory question, but Su Yehan asked so much, so it was impossible not to explain.

    And this matter also aroused the curiosity of the other relatives, because their chances were not great, but it wasn't absolute.

    "Hai Chao, did the person who sent the bride price appear?"

    "Really, where is he, when is he going to the Soo, and did he say who he's seeing?"

    A few of the Su family's younger girls couldn't wait to ask.

    Su Haichao shook his head and said, "It's Han Three Thousand."

    "Han 3,000!"

    "Han three thousand!"

    "How could it be him!"

    The crowd was surprised and a little disappointed at the same time, while Su Yingxia frowned.

    It's him again, he even took care of the cremation, how wide are his connections?

    He used to say he'd pay for Lin Yong's appearance, but he can't do it once, not every time, right?

    "Of course he couldn't do it, it must have been someone from the Heavenly Family who stepped in."Su Haichao said viciously.

    Hearing this, the Su family's relatives all dared to look angry, as they were misled by Su Haichao, they all felt that Tian Ling'er was the murderer, but they didn't dare to confront the Tian family without evidence, so this hatred could only be placed in their hearts.

    "Han Three Thousand Year really is in cahoots with the Heavenly Family."

    "This scourge will make him pay sooner or later."

    "F*ck, I really want to kill this wimp."

Chapter 130

With the help of Han Qianqian, the cremation and burial finally didn't delay the auspicious time and took place on the same day, but unfortunately, the Su family didn't appreciate Han Qianqian for it and instead hated him extraordinarily.

    Su Haichao, in particular, felt that he had lost face because of Han 3,000, so he gave Han 3,000 another piece of revenge.

    A few days later, the Su family's affairs calmed down and didn't cause much of a stir in Yun City, after all, the old lady wasn't much of a person in the Su family.

    This morning, Han Qianli hadn't gotten up yet, and the phone rang life-threateningly.

    "Why aren't you up yet, have you forgotten what's going on today?"Tian Ling'er expectedly said urgently.

    Han Giangli opened his hazy eyes, looked at the time, and hung up the phone directly.

    Nuts, it's not even six o'clock yet!

    The Tianlinger on the other end of the phone hadn't seen Han 3,000 for several days, that's why she couldn't wait, although it was still early, but in her opinion, Han 3,000 was going to face a formidable opponent today, and even Wang Mao hadn't won, so he rightfully had to get up early to get ready.

    Undeterred by being hung up on, Tian Ling'er continued to dial a second one until Han 3000 turned off her phone and the lady hammered the bear doll on the bed to vent.

    "How dare you turn off your phone when you don't answer my calls, I'm a Celestial Miss, how can you treat me like this."

    He slept until nine o'clock before Han Qianli slowly got up and turned his phone back on, leaving him speechless, less than ten seconds after turning it on, Tian Ling'er's call came back, she shouldn't have been dialing!

    "I'm getting up, I'll wash up and go out, if you call me again, I'll pull into the blacklist."After saying that, Han Qianli hung up the phone.

    Tian Ling'er was scratching her head in anger, but thinking of being pulled into the blacklist, she still didn't dare to continue harassing Han Qianli.

    At the same time, an old man and a young man walked out of the Peninsula Hotel.

    "Master, how many times has Wang Mao lost to you, and you're still looking for him to play chess, what's the point."The young man asked in puzzlement.

    The old man smiled faintly and said, "Who says I want to play chess with him, Cloud City just doesn't have anyone more powerful, otherwise with his strength, how could he be the president of the Go Association."

    Wang Mao was also quite famous in the domestic competition, but this old man did not put it in his eyes at all, because he was Shangguan Black and White, who was called a national scholar without peer, in the Chinese Weiqi world, all kinds of honorary titles to get soft, after becoming famous, changed his name to Black and White, in his words, his whole life, only Weiqi.It was a true titan level figure in the Go world, and Han Giangli also studied his chess book.

    Ouyang Xiujie, as Shangguan Black and White's disciple, was also a leading figure in the younger generation days, and many people thought that Ouyang Xiujie would definitely be the bearer of the Chinese Go world in the future, able to inherit Shangguan Black and White's mantle.

    "You don't play chess with him, why did you invite him?"Ouyang Xiujie asked in puzzlement.

    "Someone of his level is no longer worthy of being my opponent, but you still need to practice, he's still a person anyway, and if you can win him, it will do a lot of good to your reputation."Shangguan Black and White said.

    Ouyang Xiujie was stunned, he didn't expect that his master would use Wang Mao as his stepping stone in this chess game.

    If he could win against Wang Mao, his reputation in the Go world could definitely become even more prominent.

    "Thank you, Master."Ouyang Xiujie said respectfully.

    "Although I didn't put Wang Mao in my eyes, he's still a bit capable, you must be careful."Shangguan Black and White warned.

    "Don't worry, Master, I will definitely not let you down."Ouyang Shuojie said with a serious expression.

    "There's no need to have too much psychological pressure, this will affect your performance, even if you lose, you won't lose face, he's an elder after all.But if you win, you'll be able to impress people, and this stepping stone has a lot of influence."Shangguan Black and White smiled proudly, his plan was almost perfect, Ouyang Xiujie's loss wouldn't have any impact, but if Wang Mao lost, Ouyang Xiujie would have smoothly stepped on this stepping stone.

    "Master, both inside and outside the chessboard, your strategies are unparalleled, I can become your disciple, it's really a three life fortune."Ouyang Xiujie smiled.

    "Don't flatter yourself, it's only proper to give that old man a little bit of credit."

    Go Association, most of the members were present, because they knew that when a titanic figure like Shangguan Black and White arrived in Cloud City, he would definitely come to the Go Association in person, and they all wanted to see Shangguan Black and White in person, and many of them worshipped him as their idol, and when the idol came, they naturally couldn't miss it.

    But no one present, except for Wang Mao, knew that Shangguan Heiheo was here to play chess with him.

    Not long after, when Shangguan Black and White appeared, the entire Go Association was agitated, men and women, young and old, one by one, looked excited.

    "Senior Shangguan, I didn't expect that it was really you who came."

    "Senior Shangguan came to Cloud City this time, is there something important you want to do?If there's anything I can use, please feel free to ask."

    "Senior Shangguan has really made our Cloud City Go Association shine, if you casually instruct us on a few moves, we will definitely be able to refine our chess skills quite a bit."

    Shangguan Black and White had long been accustomed to being touted, and a person of his level must not be greeted by a large number of people wherever he went.

    With an official smile on his face, he walked up to Wang Mao and said, "Whether or not you can point out a few moves depends on how strong your chairman is."

    Wang Mao looked a bit ugly, having lost for so many years, he already had a shadow when he faced Shangguan Black and White, and the retreat in his heart made him lose without a fight.

    "Is Senior Shangguan going to fight the chairman?"

    "Great, it's a great honor for us to be able to see Senior Shangguan play chess with our own eyes."

    "Chairman, there's no time to lose, let's start quickly."

    Watching Shangguan Black and White play chess, these people had all seen it before, but it was in a televised match, most of them had never been there in person, this opportunity was invaluable to them, so everyone was excited.

    Wang Mao looked at Tian Changsheng, didn't this old guy say that Han 3000 had already agreed?Why hasn't Han 3,000 yuan come yet.

    "Shangguan, I'm really a class act in front of you."Wang Mao said with a sweaty face.

    "You're too modest, though I've never lost when you and I play against each other, you've brought me quite a few surprises, which shows that you're still quite strong."Shangguan Black and White smiled.

    Xu Huan, who was standing behind Wang Mao, looked unconvinced, although she knew that Shangguan Black and White was very powerful, but saying such words was too arrogant, he had never lost, wasn't this a disguised way of saying that his master had never won?

    "Grandpa Shangguan, if you're so good, how come you didn't win the world championship?"Xu Huan said.

    As soon as this was said, everyone present turned pale, because they all knew clearly that although Shangguan Black and White's status was high, his biggest regret was that he had lost in a world-class tournament, and although it had only happened once, he had never participated in it again, which meant that he was very taboo about it, and wasn't Xu Huan deliberately rubbing salt into the wound by mentioning it in public?

    "Hmph, my master doesn't care to participate just yet, he never put his personal reputation first, he just wanted to make more contributions to the Huaxia Go world, that's why he didn't waste his time on this matter."Ouyang Xiujie said in a cold voice.

    In order to ease the atmosphere, after those members heard this, they all clapped their hands and sighed at Shangguan Black and White's righteousness.

    What else did Xu Huan want to say, he was stopped by Wang Mao, the other party was clearly here today, and the unnecessary verbal arguments might make them even more humiliated in the end.

    "Wang Mao, you don't have to worry, the one who fought today is not me, but my disciple."Shangguan Black and White said.

    Ouyang Xiujie cupped his fist and said, "Please don't hesitate to teach Grandpa Wang."

    Wang Mao's eyebrows furrowed, what did this old thing want, how could he let his disciple go out to fight?

    Soon Wang Mao figured out the rest of the original reason and couldn't help but feel indignant, this was looking for him to be a stepping stone ah!

    "Grandpa Wang, you won't get cowardly, will you?"Ouyang Xiujie said provocatively.

    At this time, Wang Mao finally saw Han Qianqian who slowly entered the door, his eyebrows stretched and said, "I'm an elder, playing against you, even if I win, I'm bullying the small with the big, in that case, I'll also let my disciple fight, how about it?If he loses, I'll play another game against you."


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