His True Colors 131-135


His True Colors Chapter 131

As soon as Wang Mao said this, all the members of the Go Association looked at Xu Huan, it was well known that Wang Mao had two disciples, one Xie Fei and one Xu Huan.

    Xie Fei had been expelled by Wang Mao some time ago, and the only person who could replace him was Xu Huan.

    However, Xu Huan's attainments in Go were not outstanding, if it was Xie Fei, they could still understand, but sending Xu Huan to fight, wasn't it obvious that they would lose?

    At this time, Han Qianqian had already approached Tian Changsheng, and due to his late arrival, he had no idea what was happening.

    "Chairman, with Xu Huan's strength, how could he be a match for Senior Apprentice Shangguan's disciple, it's better not to waste time, you should just go out and fight."

    "Yeah, how could Xu Huan win."

    "We all know about her attainments in Go, ah."

    Hearing these words, although Xu Huan was unconvinced, she could only bite her teeth and remain silent, as her understanding of Go was indeed not deep, let alone her strength.

    This Ouyang Xiujie in front of her was clearly an expert, and even if she fought, she would just lose face.

    "When did I ever say that I'd let Xu Huan fight, I've always had a close disciple, but you guys just don't know."Wang Mao said with a hard scalp, he didn't discuss this matter with Han Qianli beforehand, he didn't know if Han Qianli was willing or not, but in this situation, he could only drive a duck to the wall.

    "Close the door disciple!"

    "Who is it, why haven't I heard of it before."

    "Chairman, who is your closed disciple?"

    Wang Mao stretched out his hand, pointed at Han Qianqiang and said, "It's him."


    "Who is this person, I've never seen him before."

    "Not even a member of the association, he's actually Wang Mao's closed door disciple, it can't be a joke."

    While the crowd was in a daze, Han Qianli was also very blinded, he obviously said that he was here to help Wang Mao play chess, how come he became his disciple again for no reason?

    "Master, among our conditions, there's no such thing as pretending to be an apprentice."Han Qianli whispered to Tianchang Sheng.

    "Just think of it as a favor, this old man Wang Mao has no other choice."Tian Changsheng said with a smile, he knew that Wang Mao also had no other choice, that's why he said such things, pretending to be a disciple was just that, it wasn't a big deal.

    "He's taking advantage of you, aren't you angry?"Han Giangli smiled.

    "What does it have to do with me?"Tian Changsheng was puzzled.

    "You are my apprentice, and I am his apprentice, so wouldn't you be his grandson?"Han Giangli said.

    Hearing this, Tianchang Sheng's expression instantly froze, Han Qianli didn't mention that he still hadn't reacted, this was a big f*cking loss, somehow he had become Wang Mao's apprentice grandson!

    "This old thing ...... "Tianchang Sheng looked like he was gnashing his teeth, if it was another occasion, he would definitely have to have a good theory with Wang Mao.

    "Hey."Han Qianqiang suddenly sighed and said, "If I had known that his opponent was Shangguan Black and White, I might as well have slept a little more at home."

    For Shangguan Black and White, the ruling bull of the Weiqi world, Han Giangli still had a lot of respect for him, he almost represented the highest point of the Huaxia Weiqi world, of course, it wasn't that no one could win against him, it was just that his official achievements, various awards were now unsurpassed.

    "What's wrong, wimp?Have you ever played chess with him?"Tian Changsheng asked.

    "That's not true, how could a person of his level possibly play against me, a little person with no name,"Han Marchiang said.

    "Isn't today a good opportunity?If you can win against him, you'll definitely gain fame."Tian Changsheng said with a look like he was watching the game.

    Han Giangli shook his head decisively, winning was definitely not something he dared to think about, a lot of his own understanding of the big picture of Go came from Shangguan Black and White, and in a sense, Shangguan Black and White was half a master to him.

    But to create some trouble for Shangguan Black and White, Han Giang was still very confident.

    Smiling, he walked to Wang Mao's side, since he had said that, Han Three Thousand naturally still wanted to give him some face, after all, Wang Mao was also a person in Cloud City.

    "Master, it's my honor to fight on your behalf,"Han Qianqian said.

    Wang Mao looked at Han Qianqian gratefully, if Han Qianqian didn't act with him, it wouldn't just be a simple matter of losing face on the chessboard today.

    Shangguan Baihei looked at Han 3000 with disdain and said, "Fine, you can fight again when your disciple loses, but I advise you to get ready early."

    Shangguan Baihei had confidence in Ouyang Shuojie's strength, this was after all his carefully cultivated disciple, if he couldn't even win against Wang Mao's disciple, wouldn't it be a waste of effort.

    "Hey, I still have to waste time with you, so hurry up, my time is precious."Ouyang Xiujie looked like he was listless, as if playing against Han Qianqian had completely failed to lift his spirits.

    Xu Huan brought in the chess board, Ouyang Xiujie played white and Han Qianqian played black, and the game officially began.

    The people watching the game stretched their necks, Wang Mao was also very nervous, if Han 3000 couldn't win against Ouyang Xiujie, this battle would be inevitable for him, and if Han 3000 lost, he would almost be in a losing position, and his dignity would be completely trampled by Shangguan Black and White, so he was very nervous.

    The only person on the scene who didn't care was Shangguan Black and White, he didn't even care about the process of the game, the result was a win, so how could he care about the process?

    When the game started, the whole association was silent, everyone was engrossed in watching the changing winds and clouds on the chess game.

    From their point of view, there was an insurmountable difference in strength between Shangguan Black and White and Wang Mao, and the strength of their disciples would naturally be very different, but as the game slowly unfolded, everyone's expressions changed.

    The chess board's victory liberation was clearly tilted towards Han Qianqian, Ouyang Xiujie's falling pieces were becoming slower and slower, which also showed that he was in a dilemma, which couldn't help but shock people, Wang Mao actually had a close disciple with such a strong strength!

    Never heard of it before, could it be that Wang Mao was deliberately hiding his strength?

    As the chess went into closing, the winner was still undecided, but anyone with a discerning eye could tell what the final outcome would be.

    Perhaps a little impatient with the waiting, Shangguan Black and White, who hadn't been looking at the state of the chess game, opened his mouth and said to Ouyang Xiujie, "After wasting so much time, it's almost time."

    This reminder was undoubtedly a tremendous pressure on Ouyang Xiujie, and after hearing this, Han Qianli only received four words, "It's almost time."

    Immediately, the black attack was overwhelming, the white crumbled, and the winner fell, Ouyang Shuojie's face ashen.

    "Losing, I can't believe I've lost."

    "I didn't expect ah, it actually turned out like this."

    "Awesome, I didn't expect there to be such a powerful person."

    Hearing the sighs of the association members, Shangguan Black and White smiled proudly, wasn't it normal for his disciple to be powerful?

    "Wang Mao, it's your turn."Shangguan Black and White said to Wang Mao.

    Wang Mao turned his head, looked at Shangguan Black and White with a smile on his face and said, "Your disciple has already lost, what's the point of me going on again?"

    Hearing this, Shangguan Black and White's face turned cold and said, "How is this possible, how can my disciple lose, do you still want to open your eyes and tell lies in front of so many people?"

    "Elder Shangguan, it was indeed your disciple who lost."

    "And, the loss wasn't light."

    "I didn't expect the chairman to have such a powerful close disciple, it's really well hidden."

    Shangguan Black and White walked up to the chess board, only to see that Bai Zi had lost, while Ouyang Xiujie had an ugly look on his face.

    He had really lost!

    I can't believe we actually lost!

    "Master, I'm sorry, I've disappointed you."Ouyang Xiujie said painfully, he didn't expect such a person who was not in his eyes to be so strong, the whole process of the game, Ouyang Xiujie felt incomparably great pressure, almost like being pressed against the ground and rubbing.

    Shangguan Black and White bit his teeth and said in a cold voice, "I warned you not to take it lightly, did you take my words to heart?"

    In Shangguan Black and White's opinion, Ouyang Xiujie must have been too lightly defeated, which was why he had lost to Han Qianqiang.

    But Ouyang Xiujie was clear that even if he put out one hundred percent of his strength, he wouldn't be able to win.

    "Senior Shangguan, I wonder if you could give some instruction?"Han Qianqian suddenly spoke up.

Chapter 132

Han Qianli said this, the whole audience was in an uproar, even Wang Mao's face was pale, after winning Ouyang Xiujie, he should have just quit, now saying this, isn't it provoking Shangguan Black and White?

    "Young man, how can you say such disrespectful words, can anyone be a rival to Senior Shangguan?"

    "It was a fluke that you won against Senior Apprentice Shangguan's disciple, but you still dare to be so arrogant."

    "Young man, restrain yourself, or else you'll lose your face as well."

    The association members looked at Han Qianqian angrily one by one, quite dissatisfied with his disrespect.

    Wang Mao knew that Han Qianli and Shangguan Black and White were playing against each other to their own death, and quickly said, "Quickly apologize."

    Han 3000 looked at Shangguan Black and White with a torch-like gaze, in Tianchang Sheng's words, this was indeed a rare opportunity, if you missed it, you probably wouldn't meet it a second time in your life, even if you lost, so what?How do you know what the limits of strength are if you don't challenge yourself?

    Tian Changsheng was different from the others, looking at Han Qianqian with an appreciative face, young man, if you don't even have the guts to do this, then what is it called young man, knowing difficulties is the embodiment of what a young man should have.

    It was true that Shangguan Black and White had a great reputation, but to not dare to challenge just because of his great reputation, wasn't that a wimp?

    "Elder Shangguan, I hope you can give me this opportunity."Han Giangli said.

    Shangguan Black and White looked cold, for how many years, no young man had ever dared to challenge him, he really didn't know how to die.

    Ouyang Xiujie had disgraced himself, Shangguan Black and White had no intention of letting up, but now that Han Qianqian had taken the initiative to seek his death, how could he let go.

    "My disciple accidentally lost at your hands, you really consider yourself an expert, okay, I'll teach you a lesson for this arrogant young man."Shangguan Black and White said.

    Every member of the association looked at Han Qianqian with disdain in their eyes, not at all optimistic about his death-seeking behavior.

    Now that he had offended Shangguan Black and White, it would be difficult for him to get ahead in the future with Shangguan Black and White's influence in the Huaxia Go world.

    In this society, it's not that hard work will be rewarded, nor is it that one will get ahead just because one is powerful, the factors behind every achievement are full of tricks.

    Take Ouyang Xiujie for example, his strength was indeed not bad among young people, but when looking at the entire Huaxia, it wasn't like there was no one who could compare with him, but why weren't those people as famous as Ouyang Xiujie?Because their master, not Shangguan Black and White.

    The relationship backdoor, applicable to all fields, this is something no one can change.

    But they also didn't know that Han 3,000 was just a hobby for Go, and had never thought of making a name for themselves in this matter, much less wanting to make a name for themselves with Go.

    Han Three thousand still played black, and was the first to land a piece.

    Shangguan Heihei was worthy of his name as a grandmaster, and each move was so exquisite that Shangguan Heihei had already occupied a great advantage when his pieces entered the middle game.

    The win or lose seems to have been divided, those association members looked at Han Marchant's eyes, even more contemptuous, ungrateful things, have to hit the head broken blood to know regret, challenge Shangguan Black and White, is not this not doomed to disgrace?

    "How much longer can you struggle?"Shangguan He-hei said indifferently.

    Han 3,000 paled, not speaking, although the path of the chess is varied, but every expert has their own habits, Han 3,000 had memorized almost all of Shangguan Heiheo's famous games, at the moment he was recalling, trying to guess Shangguan Heiheo's next direction from those games, once there were traces, although Han 3,000 would lose, but at least he would not lose too badly.

    Han 3,000's falling speed was getting slower and slower, and to an observer, he was indeed dying to stall for time.

    "You're already set to lose, abandon your son and surrender, what's the point of wasting time."

    "Elder Shangguan's time is precious, you really don't know how to be ungrateful."

    "Chairman, your disciple's character is no good."

    Han Qianqiang's brows furrowed slightly and said in a cold voice, "Watching chess without speaking, abandoning your son and surrendering before you've won or lost, is this your character?"

    This sentence left the crowd dumbfounded, and they could only look at Han Qianli angrily.

    Shangguan Black and White sneered, if this tenacity was reflected in Ouyang Shuojie's body, he would definitely appreciate it, but on Han Qianli, he would consider it a brake act, because this was Wang Mao's disciple, and he certainly couldn't be half as optimistic.

    "Grandpa, he's so handsome."At this time, Tian Ling'er whispered in Tian Changsheng's ear.

    This brat, the words he just said were indeed quite domineering, the entire association members, couldn't say half a word to refute it, and facing an expert like Shangguan Black and White, he didn't have the slightest bit of cowardice and acted as if he was getting more and more courageous, this was invaluable to today's young people.

    It was just that the more excellent he was, the more Tianchang Sheng was worried instead.

    Such a person would never be a wimp, did he have a difficult reason for entering the Su family or did he have some sort of purpose?

    And it was a threat to Tian Ling'er now that she had apparently fallen in love with him.

    A two-edged sword, hurting people and himself ah.

    "Yeah?What's handsome about being so ugly."Tian Changsheng said with a deflated mouth.

    Tian Ling'er pursed her lips in dissatisfaction and said viciously, "Grandpa, your beard has grown again."

    Tianchang Sheng shivered in fright, quickly covered his chin and said, "Handsome, it is quite handsome, and granddaughter's eyes, how can it be worse?"

    It was only when she heard this that Tian Ling'er was satisfied, pitying the old man of the Tian family, such a high position in Cloud City, but he was threatened to death by a little girl.

    As the chess game entered the closing stage, the crowd noticed that Shangguan Black and White's expression was gradually becoming more dignified, and the board position became less clear, although Shangguan Black and White still had the advantage, but it seemed that Han Marchant was slowly regaining the disadvantage, which made the crowd unbelievable.

    Winning Ouyang Xiujie before was already enough to shock them, could he still win against Shangguan Black and White?This was a titanic figure in the Go world, if he lost in the hands of this young man, wouldn't it shake the entire Huaxia Go world.

    Wang Mao was red in the face, even when he played against Shangguan Black and White, he had never made Shangguan Black and White so serious, this kid was really too strong!

    Only then could Wang Mao clearly feel how big the gap was between himself and Han Qianqian.

    Who was this young man, so young yet with such high attainments in Go, it was unimaginable.

    When Tian Changsheng found Wang Mao's eyes looking at Han Qianqian in shock, he couldn't help but feel a little proud, a thought he couldn't control was born in his heart.

    Amazing, isn't it, this is my master!

    Tian Chang Sheng had never thought that he would be proud of this, he had been reluctant to worship before, but after only a few days had passed, his thoughts had changed so drastically.

    Everyone was breathing rapidly as they watched the situation change on the board, as nervous as if they were playing chess themselves, they suddenly had some hope that Han Qiangan could win, because it would be big news, and Yun Cheng could rely on Han Qiangan to make a name for itself in the Go world.

    It was just that there was a gap between Han 3,000 and Shangguan He-heo, and they eventually lost.

    But Shangguan He-hei was not the least bit happy about the win, because in his opinion, he should have won big, but now, just a small victory of ten eyes, this way of winning the game was a shame for him, because Han 3000 was only a young man in his early twenties, at such a young age he had such a strong strength, give him a few years or ten years, Shangguan He-hei knew that he would definitely not be his opponent.

    Han Qianli breathed a long sigh of relief and said, "Being able to control it within ten eyes, trying my best, Senior Shangguan is worthy of being a master."

    These words seemed modest, but they were actually slapping Shangguan Heheihei's face.

    Shangguan He-hei gritted his teeth and said, "Wang Mao, he's not your disciple, right, I didn't expect that you would even bring in outside help."

    "Shangguan black and white, you came to me this time, you also have an impure purpose, don't worry, I will never spread this matter out."Wang Mao said with a smile, his heart was smooth to the max, he was so happy to be able to push Shangguan Black and White to this point.

    "Hmph, we'll see, if you have the ability, let him participate in this year's Go tournament and compete against Ouyang Xiujie in the tournament."Shangguan Black and White coldly said.

    "I'm just a hobby, I won't take part in any competition, and he ...... I didn't put it in my eyes."

Chapter 133

Almost spitting blood, Shangguan He-hei left angrily with Ouyang Xiujie, while those association members looked at Han Qianli in stunned silence.

    He had gone so far as to say right in front of Shangguan Black and White that he hadn't put Ouyang Xiujie in his sights.

    And displaying such a strong strength simply because of a hobby!

    "My god, who the hell is this guy, he's so arrogant."

    "I've never seen this person before, but he doesn't even care about Shangguan Black and White."

    "He's not arrogant, to be able to push Shangguan Black and White to this point, not just anyone can do it."

    "My mother, Cloud City actually has someone so powerful, what a long face for our Cloud City Go World."

    Han Qianli looked at the people who were stupid enough to want to talk to him, and quickly said to Wang Mao, "Grandpa Wang, I still have some things to do, so I'll leave first."

    After saying that, Han Three Thousand Thousand wiped his feet, Tian Ling'er reacted quickly and trotted to catch up with Han Three Thousand.

    Tianchang Sheng walked up to Wang Mao and said with dissatisfaction, "You old thing, how dare you take advantage of me."

    "How did I take advantage of you?"Wang Mao was puzzled.

    Tianchang Sheng originally did not want to tell others about the matter of paying homage to his master, after all, he was also an old man, it was humiliating to say it.

    But now the situation was different, Han Qianqiang had forced Shangguan Black and White to such a situation, and lost the chess game by a tiny difference of ten points, such an expert was nothing to be ashamed of when he was his master.

    "I'm his disciple, aren't you taking advantage of me and I've become your disciple grandson?"Tian Changsheng said.

    Wang Mao was jaw-dropped, Tian Changsheng, actually worshipped him as his master?This old man can not easily convince people ah, they two fought for so many years, although in recent years to turn a dry war into jade, but Tianchang Sheng has never served him ah, and now ...... now actually become the young man's disciple!

    This young man's position in Tianchang Sheng's heart was too high!

    "You ...... you ......" Wang Mao fidgeted, unable to say anything.

    "Me what me, I helped you so much this time, you think of how to thank me."Tian Changsheng said proudly.

    This favor was indeed not small, otherwise Wang Mao would definitely lose face today, now not only did he not lose face, but he also made Shangguan Black and White eat it, this was something that Wang Mao didn't even dare to think about.

    "Alright, alright, I will thank you properly."

    After leaving the Go Association, Tian Ling'er followed Han Qianli with a smile on her face, just like that, without saying a word, she was also in an extremely good mood, just in time to play against Shangguan Black and White, Han Qianli's devotion to the seriousness of the game, watching Tian Ling'er as if she was drunk, the more contact, the more she found Han Qianli charming.

    "What are you smiling about?"Han Qianli was puzzled.

    Tian Ling'er tilted her head and said, "It's nothing, I just want to laugh, can't I?"

    "Fine, you're the Miss of the Heavenly Family, who has the right to stop you if you want to do whatever you want in Cloud City."Han Giangli said.

    "You're free today, right?"Tian Ling'er asked.

    There was definitely no getting away from this, so it might as well be done while it was still early, Han Giang said, "Let's go, you can go shopping anywhere you want, but I have limited time, an hour at most."

    "Do you think it takes me long to go shopping as well as other women?I'm not."The Celestial Spirit said this in good conscience, as if she had completely forgotten the battle of going shopping with her best friend for an entire day.

    The two of them went to the mall, looking very much like a couple to outsiders and making people envious.

    Tian Ling'er didn't go to the brand-name stores she had been to before, but found a very ordinary business, where the shoes were probably between three hundred and one thousand, very expensive for an ordinary family, but for her Miss Tianjia, it was impossible to enter such stores before.

    Tian Ling'er chose a few pairs of high heels and tried them on one by one for Han Qianli.

    When she asked Han Qianqian if they were good looking, Han Qianqian's answer was unanimous: two words, good looking.

    Tian Ling'er didn't feel that Han Qianli was trying to dress her up, because she was confident that she looked good in everything she wore.

    In the end, she bought a pair of high heels that were more than six hundred dollars, Han 3,000 yuan to pay, Tian Ling'er was satisfied, the two of them separated at the entrance of the mall, and when Tian Ling'er left, she looked particularly anxious, as if there was something urgent.

    The first time Tian Ling'er returned home, using the clear storage box where she usually stored her shoes, she packed up her high heels and solemnly placed them on the bedside table, looking as if she wasn't going to wear them.

    There was no shortage of thousands of shoes in this Miss Celestial's shoe cabinet, but those shoes were clearly worthless compared to the ones Han Qianli had given her.

    After Han 3,000 left the mall, he stopped in front of a jewelry store for a long time, a diamond necklace in the window was very beautiful, when he saw the necklace the first time he thought of Su Yingxia, if it was hung around her neck, it would be very beautiful, I guess.

    Just as Han Qianli was engrossed, a young man and woman came out of the store.

    The man saw Han Qianli's infatuation and scoffed, "Look at this, a worthless man can only watch from outside, you found a boyfriend like me, you know how happy you are."

    The woman covered her mouth and laughed lightly, despising Han Qianqian and said, "I wouldn't be able to look at such a poor pimp even if I were blind."

    After saying that, the two of them walked away and walked to the BMW Z4 next to the BMW Z4 parked at the roadside parking spot, while there was a Lamborghini parked near their car.

    "That's a beautiful car, when will you be able to buy one?"The woman asked the man.

    Slightly embarrassed, the man said, "Get in the car, what nonsense, can the average person afford this car?"

    The lights were flashing and the unlocked Lamborghini was greeting its owner.

    The woman sits in the car looking around to see who the owner of the Lamborghini is.

    And Han Giang, who suddenly stopped, had an old man standing in front of him, blocking his way.

    "Grandpa Yan."Han Qianli shouted incredulously.

    Yan Jun, Han 3,000's master since childhood, it could be said that Han 3,000 had such an ability now, Yan Jun's cultivation was indispensable, and in the entire Han family, only Yan Jun was truly good to him, Han 3,000 treated him like his own grandfather, so he never called him master, but instead addressed him as grandfather.

    The aged Yan Jun looked different from the rest of his peers, his posture upright and vibrant.

    With a kind smile, he said, "I haven't seen you for more than three years, you've grown taller."

    "Grandfather Yan."Han Giangli looked at Yan Jun helplessly and said, "You're presbyopic, aren't you, how old am I and how tall can I still grow?"

    Yan Jun walked over to Han Qianli, put his left hand on Han Qianli's shoulder and said, "Not bad, your physique is stronger than before, it seems that the homework I gave you didn't fall behind."

    "Grandpa Yan, but I haven't missed a day."Han Qianli said with a guilty conscience, it was true that he hadn't delayed in the past and exercised every day, but recently Su Yingxia didn't need him to run with him, Han Qianli had been lazy for a while.

    "Since you were a child, every time you lie, you subconsciously rub your hands, you haven't gotten rid of this problem yet."Yan Jun laughed loudly.

    Han Qianli was sweating, in this world, the only one who knew him best was Yan Jun, but he even knew this little detail.

    "Grandfather Yan, why did you come to Cloud City?"Han Giangli asked.

    The smile on Yan Jun's face gradually dissipated, and Han Qianli's heart sank.

    "Do they want you to bring me back?"Han Giangli said.

    "Although I'm your master, you know ......."

    "Grandpa Yan, I know, but can you give me two more days?"Han Giangli said.

    "Fine, it just so happens that I'm going to meet a friend in the next two days, remember what I told you, when it's time to resist, resist."After saying that, Yan Jun turned around and left.

    Han Giang clenched his fists and his whole body trembled slightly, he never expected that Yan Jun would appear here.

    However, Han Third Thousand knew that Yan Jun was only following orders, so he couldn't be blamed.

    After getting in the car, Han Qianli sank to the Cloud City Prison and left from the prison only an hour later.

    After that, he went to the bank and withdrew a lot of cash, then went to a small village on the outskirts of Cloud City and put all the cash in a dilapidated house that was almost on the verge of collapsing.

    "I hope you don't disappoint me, or I'll kill you with my own hands."

    It was only after everything was done that Han Three Thousand returned to the hillside villa, and to return to Yanjing, he had to find a reason to perfume Su Yingxia.

Chapter 134

That night at the dinner table, Han 3000 mentioned to Su Yingxia that he was going to leave for a while, and Su Yingxia nodded her head very coldly with a flat, indifferent expression on the surface.

    However, Jiang Lan felt that Han Three Thousand would definitely not go for anything good, and said in a cold voice, "Han Three Thousand, if you're keeping a woman outside, you'd better not let us find out, or else I'll make you get out of the Su family."

    Han Three Thousand directly filtered out Jiang Lan's words, this woman looked at him with hatred in her eyes, so naturally she couldn't say anything good.

    "Right, before you leave, keep all the money you have on you, I can't let you use the Su Family's money to support another woman."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Qianli smiled and said, "I have tens of billions, do you want it?"

    Jiang Lan laughed coldly, this punk dared to say that he had tens of billions, wasn't this bragging?

    "If you have tens of billions, I'm the boss of the four major banks, what's the bragging about."Jiang Lan was disdainful.

    Han Giangli shrugged his shoulders and said, "Since you don't believe me, what money should I be allowed to take?"

    "Han Qianqian, don't pretend in front of me, I know you still have money, you'd better take it all out today, this is our Su Family, I don't care where you die, but not a single penny of the money can be taken away."Jiang Lan stood up with a menacing look.

    "Mom, stop talking about it, what does his money have to do with our Su family."Su Yingxia said to Jiang Lan.

    "What do you mean it doesn't matter, if he enters the Su family, he's a member of the Su family, even if he has a pair of underpants on him, that's still our Su family."Jiang Lan said shamelessly.

    Han Qianqiang couldn't help but notice that Jiang Lan was so shameless, if she said it again, she might say something that would ruin the three views, standing up and preparing to go back to her room.

    In a hurry, Jiang Lan pulled Han Three Thousand, "It's not that easy to leave, take the money out quickly."

    Han Qianqiang impatiently shook off Jiang Lan's hand, turned his gaze gloomily towards Jiang Lan and said, "If you make any more nonsense, don't blame me for being rude."

    Hearing this, Jiang Lan's shrewishness rose and she scolded harshly, "Han Qianli, what kind of a thing are you, do you know what your position is in this family?"

    "Jiang Lan, what are you again, living in my house, bossing me around, and towering over me, do you have the right?"Han Qianli coldly said.

    "Hahahahaha."Jiang Lan laughed at the words and said, "Han Qianli, when is this place your home, the head of the villa is but Ying Xia, are you out of your mind?"

    At this time, Su Yingxia hurriedly blocked between the two of them, although the head of the household was indeed her, but she never considered herself the owner of the villa, this was just a momentary muddle she did something, and she felt that it was also because of this matter that the distance between her and Han 3,000 yuan was closed.

    Su Yingxia had already regretted this more than once, so naturally she wouldn't use this to flaunt her power in front of Han 3000.

    "Mom, just cut the crap."Su Yingxia said.

    "Yingxia, this man is going out to keep another woman, and you still speak for him?"Jiang Lan said in a furious voice.

    Han Marchiang took a deep breath and walked in front of Jiang Lan.


    A loud slap, striking the entire villa in silence.

    Jiang Lan touched her face and looked incredulously at Han Qianqian, this ...... wimp, dared to hit her!

    "My forbearance is not a reason for you to rub your nose in it, and I'm warning you for the last time, if you talk nonsense again, I'll be rude to you."Han Qianqiang's face was as frosty and cold to the bone.

    Jiang Lan's eyes flickered with fear, even Su Guoyao was dumbfounded, he seemed to have seen again the frighteningly chilling momentum Han Third Thousand had when he had beaten Su Hai Chao last time.

    "Han Marchioness, what are you doing!"After Su Yingxia came back to her senses, she didn't dare to yell at Han Qianqian incredulously.

    After all, Jiang Lan was her mother, and as a junior, how could Han Qianxiang hit an elder?

    Han Qianli smiled bitterly, shook his head and returned to his room.

    Listening to Jiang Lan making a fuss outside, Han Giang's heart was calm, this kind of person should have taught her a lesson long ago, although this lesson wasn't enough, but sooner or later, Han Giang would make her recognize her true self!

    Su Yingxia sat on the sofa in the living room, as if she had lost her soul, the helplessness in Han Qianli's expression just now seemed to make the two of them a little farther apart.

    She knew that Han three thousand is not wrong, it was Jiang Lan's unreasonable Han three thousand to take action, but ...... but Jiang Lan is her mother after all.

    Jiang Lan was rolling around in the living room, and Su Guoyao couldn't persuade him, when Su Yingxia suddenly stood up and said to Jiang Lan in a cold voice, "You guys move out."

    The crying Jiang Lan was stunned when she heard this, move out?Where else is she going to live now?And the mountainside villa is such a luxurious place, she can't afford to leave ah, this is her capital to show off in front of her sisters, if her sisters know that she doesn't have the qualifications to live in the mountainside villa, wouldn't she be disgraced.

    Jiang Lan hurriedly stood up and walked to Su Yingxia's side and said, "Yingxia, Mom won't make a scene anymore, and she won't make a scene anymore."

    Su Yingxia directly drove them away is also somewhat impersonal, after all, it is a family, she can not do so decisive, faintly said: "And then next time, we all move out, this place was bought by him with money, you do not think that I am the head of the household is the owner of this place, he is the real owner."

    Jiang Lan was not convinced, the head of the household was Su Yingxia, why should the villa owner still be Han Qianqian, but she knew that Su Yingxia was angry right now, although this daughter would usually listen to her most of the time, but Su Yingxia was not that easy to mess with once she got really angry.

    More importantly, their old couple's life now depended on Su Yingxia, and Jiang Lan didn't dare to go too far.

    "Okay, okay, whatever you say, mom will stop making a scene, and this wimp is leaving anyway."Lan Jiang said.

    The next day, Han Qianqiang didn't tell Su Yingxia and left the villa in his car alone.

    A certain hotel, Shangguan black and white because of yesterday's matter has not yet relieved, although won Han 3000, but won incomparably wimp and suffocated, this matter once spread out, for his reputation is very big damage.

    The titan of the Go world had won a small victory over Ten Eyes in front of a young man in his early twenties, wasn't this being looked at as a joke?

    But now there was a more important matter for Shangguan Black and White to deal with, he had to go meet someone.

    "Master, what kind of person is so powerful that you still need to meet him personally?"Ouyang Xiujie looked at Shangguan Black and White puzzled, in the past, no matter which city they went to, there would be a local big shot who would personally meet them, Master took the initiative to meet someone, this was the first time in Ouyang Xiujie's memory.

    "It has nothing to do with you, you're playing the score in the hotel, you don't need to follow me."Shangguan Black and White said in a cold voice.

    Although Ouyang Xiujie was curious, but when he saw Shangguan Black and White's resolute attitude, he didn't dare to say anything more, moreover, yesterday's defeat at the hands of Han Qianqian, Ouyang Xiujie felt a great humiliation, he secretly vowed to win back next time, so the most important thing for him now was to refine his chess skills.

    After leaving the hotel, Shangguan Black and White took a taxi to another hotel, and when he entered the hotel's door, Shangguan Black and White took a few deep breaths, and when he reached the room door, he took a few more deep breaths before knocking on the door, which was enough to see how nervous he was.

    Ringing the doorbell, the door of the room opened in a short time.

    When Shangguan Black and White saw the person inside the door, he respectfully bent down and shouted, "Mr. Yan."

    The person in the room was Han Qianqian's master, Yan Jun.

    As the bodyguard of the Han family, Yan Jun had many underlings back then, and there were countless people who had received favors from him, Shangguan Black and White was one of them, if it wasn't for Yan Jun, it would have been difficult for Shangguan Black and White to be as successful as he was today.

    "Come in."Yan Jun said indifferently.

    Walking into the room, Shangguan Black and White was walking on thin ice, he hadn't seen Yan Jun for many years, and now he was considered a big man, but in front of Yan Jun, he couldn't restrain his nervousness at all, because he knew clearly that the old man in front of him, who was older than him, but more spiritual than he looked, and whose hands were stained with countless amounts of blood, was a thoroughly fierce person.

    "I heard that yesterday, you almost lost to a young man?"Yanjun asked with a smile.

Chapter 135

Hearing this, Shangguan Black and White was shaken, mistakenly thinking that Yan Jun was blaming him, and quickly explained, "Momentary carelessness, small victory over Ten Eyes."

    Yan Jun laughed and said, "Give him another five years, can you still win against him?Tell the truth."

    Five years.

    Shangguan Black and White's face was extremely ugly, he was now getting older and his brain was getting worse, during these five years, his chess skills would regress while that young man would keep improving, after another five years, the scales of victory and defeat would definitely tilt towards that young man.

    But admitting defeat, this was never something that Shangguan Black and White could say, as a Tai Dou figure, the most important thing was to save face, how could he admit defeat in front of a young man?

    "Mr. Yan, after five years, my disciple will be able to defeat him."Shangguan Black and White said.

    Yan Jun smiled indifferently, this guy thought he was dissatisfied with losing chess, but in reality, Yan Jun was happy about this matter, after all, it was Han Qianqian, someone he had cultivated since he was a child.

    But it was a good thing that Shangguan Black and White had animosity towards Han 3,000, life's growth needed opponents.

    Yan Jun wouldn't be as strong as he is today if he didn't have so many dead souls under the knife.

    "Your apprentice can be trained properly."Yan Jun said.

    Shangguan Black and White looked delighted, for Yan Jun to say this, in his opinion was acknowledging Ouyang Shujie's strength, to be acknowledged by Yan Jun, this was a very rare thing.

    Of course, in Sir Yan's eyes, Ouyang Xiujie was nothing more than a step on Han Qianli's growth path.

    "Thank you, Mr. Yan for looking up to me, I will definitely live up to my expectations."Shangguan He-hei said.

    Seeing that Yan Jun didn't speak, Shangguan Hephei asked curiously, "Mr. Yan, I wonder what you came to Cloud City for this time?"

    Yan Jun resided in Yanjing and hadn't left for many years, so Shangguan Black and White was curious as to what could have attracted him to appear as a big man.

    Shangguan Heihei regarded Yan Jun as a big figure, not because of the Han family, but because of Yan Jun's own strength, and by staying in the Han family, Yan Jun also helped the Han family raise their status in Yanjing, if the Han family didn't have Yan Jun's presence, the status would be greatly affected, this was Yan Jun's ability, once the king of the underground world.

    "Pick up a person."Yan Jun said indifferently.

    Hearing these words, Shangguan Black and White's breathing instantly quickened and there was a numbing feeling in his scalp.

    What kind of person was so powerful that they needed Yan Jun to pick them up personally?

    Shangguan Hephei knew his status, so he didn't dare to ask any detailed questions, and after chatting about some insignificant topics, Shangguan Hephei took his leave.

    "What kind of person is qualified to be picked up by him, could it be that there are still any big figures in Cloud City?"At the entrance of the hotel, Shangguan He-hei said with a sigh, even with his position, he couldn't imagine who that person was.

    Shaking his head, Shangguan He-hei sighed, although he had a high status in the Huaxia Go world and was considered a well-known figure, he was still far from a true big shot.

    For example, this person who could make Yan Jun's appearance was by no means comparable to him.

    "This is the old saying that a mountain is still high, I have struggled for so many years, but I have only touched the goalposts of the true high society."

    Two days later, Yan Jun appeared at the Cloud City Airport with Han Qianqiang.

    During these two days, Han 3,000 went to meet with Mo Yang Lin Yong, as well as the other pawns in Cloud City's secret, and explained that he would be away for a while.

    Mo Yang was curious about this, but he was able to guess that Han 3000 still had a hidden identity, so he didn't ask too many questions.

    "Grandfather Yan, if I do anything to displease you this time back in Yanjing, I hope you don't blame me."Han Qianqian said to Yan Jun.

    Yan Jun almost treated Han Giang as his own grandson, he wasn't treated well by others in the Han family, but Yan Jun valued him very much.

    "No matter what you've done, Grandpa Yan won't be unhappy, so go back and bring back what belongs to you,"Yan Jun said.

    Han Giangli shook his head and said, "The Han family doesn't have anything that belongs to me, and I won't take anything."

    "You brat, you're still so stubborn."Yan Jun said helplessly.

    "It's not stubbornness, it's the bottom line of my dignity to live in this world, the moment I was kicked out of the Han family, I didn't belong to the Han family, and the Han family doesn't have anything that belongs to me."Han Qianqian said stubbornly.

    Yan Jun knew that Han Third Thousand had a strong temperament, and the unfair treatment he received as a child became a powerful obsession in his heart, which no one could change.

    Before boarding the plane, Han Three Thousand buckled his cap, which was his standard in Yanjing, as he was often mistaken for Han Jun, and he didn't want to live with the word.

    The long-lost Yanjing still had a lot of familiarity for Han Three Thousand, and after getting off the plane, Yan Jun said to him, "Go have some fun, and remember to go home tomorrow."

    Han 3,000 nodded and didn't say anything.

    Yanjing was big, so big that there were many places that Han 3000 had never been to, because no matter where he went as a child, his grandmother would only take Han Jun with her, and he had to stay home and wait until Han Jun came home to tell him how much fun it was to be anywhere.

    When he was little, Han Qianxiang longed for the amusement park that Han Jun talked about and vowed to go there himself when he grew up.

    But when Han three thousand really grew up, he never went there because it was a place Han Jun had visited, a place that his grandmother had left him prejudiced against, and he knew that even if he did go, he wouldn't be happy.

    Feng Qian Mansion.

    As a well-known large company in Yanjing, Feng Qian was involved in a lot of industries, and the chairman of Feng Qian, Qin Lin, had even more status in Yanjing, and although he couldn't be among those big families, there would still be a lot of people giving him face before that.

    Han 3,000 didn't have a work permit and was stopped by the company's security guards.

    The security guard's attitude was very rude, and he directly told Han Three Thousand to get lost, looking like he was cursing, clearly a dog's eye.

    "Let Qin Lin out."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    When the security guard heard this, he laughed uncontrollably.

    "Bastard, what the f*ck are you, do you deserve to see our chairman even with you?"The security guard sneered.

    "Worthy or not, let him out, you'll know."Han Marchian said.

    "You get out of here, don't disturb my work, if you say crap again, don't blame me for being rude, don't even look at what kind of goods you are, you want to see our chairman."

    "Little brother, get out of here, our Feng Qian's chairman, not someone like you can just meet."

    "Hey, I don't know where the bumpkin comes from, but he's so big-headed, even if he hasn't seen the world, he should have seen TV, but our chairman appears on TV a lot."

    Han Qianqian pinned at the door, like a statue of Buddha, standing still.

    Several security guards frowned at the sight of it.

    "You don't listen to good words, you have to take a beating to know how bad it is, right?"

    "Damn it, beat this dog thing up first."

    "The chairman will be back later, we can't let this thing make a mess."

    A few security guards jerked up their sleeves and walked towards Han Marchant with a menacing look.

    Just as they were about to make a move, a Bentley stopped at the entrance of the company, and a few security guards suddenly put away their arrogance.

    "It's over, the chairman is back, let him know that we can't even handle this small matter, I'm afraid we'll lose our jobs ah."

    "F*ck, if I lose my job, I have to beat this bastard up."

    "Dog thing, it's all because of you that we're in trouble, we'll see what the f*ck happens."

    Qin Lin was in his thirties this year, definitely the best person in Yanjing's age group, and after getting off the bus, his height of close to one meter nine made one feel that the aura was very powerful, which was evident from the few frightened security guards.


    "Chairman of the board."


    Qin Lin said with a disgruntled look on his face, "What's going on, and you're making a scene in front of the company, don't you know it will affect the company's image?"

    Several security guards were frightened, one of them quickly said, "Chairman, he wants to see you, we've tried to persuade him many times, but he just won't leave."

    Qin Lin smiled contemptuously and said, "There are many people who want to see me, what are you, get out of here."


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