His True Colors 136-140


His True Colors Chapter 136-140

Chapter 136

"Yes?"Han Qianqian's mouth lightly spat out these two words, indifferent and cold, like the attitude of a superior speaking to a mole.

    With just two words, this familiar voice caused Qin Lin to tremble.

    He ......

    When Qin Lin turned his head and saw the familiar face under the cap, Qin Lin would have almost gone to his knees if not for the presence of someone else!

    Why did he suddenly return to Yanjing?

    Many people couldn't tell the difference between Han 3000 and Han Jun, but Qin Lin knew the characteristics of these two, and Han Jun was still being held in Qin City, so there was no way he could be here.

    "Mr. Han ...... Han."Qin Lin's mouth was dry and he regretted his arrogant attitude just now, so he bowed slightly and shouted out to Han Marchant.

    "Is it so difficult to see you now?"Han Qianli asked faintly.

    "No, no, no."Qin Lin waved his hands repeatedly in panic and said, "Please, Mr. Han, please follow me."

    Several of the bodyguards saw Qin Lin's sudden change in attitude and gawked.

    Who was this guy that could make the chairman of the Feng Qian Group so feared!

    Dumbfounded, he watched Qin Lin bring Han Marchant into the company, and it was still Han Marchant in the front and Qin Lin in the back.

    "Who is this ...... he is, our chairman is even so respectful."

    "F*ck, we wouldn't have offended some big shot."

    "Sh*t, this is really f*cked up, what should we do, what should we do."

    Several security guards were cold sweating and looking panicked, they never dreamed that this humble young man would be so powerful.

    Qin Lin's office.

    Qin Lin stood behind Han Qianli as if he was walking on thin ice, others didn't know how powerful Han Qianli was, but he was very clear that this person who wasn't valued by the Han family had already set up his own dark chess of influence in Yanjing before he was even an adult, even he, who was called by outsiders as the best person in his age, was just a pawn in Han Qianli's hand.

    "Mr. Han, when are you going to ......"


    Before the words were spoken, Han Marchant turned around and kicked Qin Lin, who took a few steps back and fell to his knees.

    "Mr. Han, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."Qin Lin said with a panicked kowtow.

    "Haven't seen you for a few years, you seem to have forgotten who you are."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    "Mr. Han, I know, I'm just a dog of yours, I would never dare to forget, never dare ah."Qin Lin said with a terrified face, having seen the blood-soaked Han Qianqian, that image was like a demon in Qin Lin's eyes.

    He knew that the young man in front of him would never have two words if he wanted to kill him.

    Five years ago, a family in Yanjing had been tragically wiped out, and the case had yet to be closed, and the man who had created the bloodshed in his family was standing right in front of him right now!

    Han Qianli turned around, looked through the floor-to-ceiling windows of his office at the crowd of people like ants under the Feng Qian building, and said, "I hope you remember that I gave all this to you, no matter how full of feathers you are, I want it back, and you can't stop it with you."

    The frightened Qin Lin nodded his head in succession, ignoring the pain from his body, and said, "Mr. Han, I will always remember my position, and will never dare to forget your kindness."

    "I heard that Han Cheng is about to die?"Han Marchand asked.

    "Han Cheng was in bad shape after he was admitted to the hospital, and now he should be stoned with money so he can save his breath."Qin Lin said.

    "I'm back, so he should almost die."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Qin Lin's eyelids jumped when he heard that!

    Although the Han family had given up on Han Giang, was he going to go out of his way to kill his own father?Such a ruthless person was simply the devil.

    "Mr. Han, if you need anything, you can feel free to ask."Qin Lin said.

    "With your current stamina, you're not enough to make an enemy of the Han family, so continue to mope around, and the day I need you, I'll naturally come looking for you.Of course, it's also possible that the next time I come for you, it'll be to take your life."Han Giangli said.

    Qin Lin was so frightened that he fell to the ground, and this bright and shiny Chairman of Feng Qian in person was like a dog lying on the ground, wagging its tail and begging for mercy.

    Leaving Feng Qian's company, at the entrance of the company, the few security guards who were disrespectful to Han 3,000 just now were close to kneeling down and apologizing to Han 3,000, saying sorry to Han 3,000 incessantly.

    "Mr. Han, we were blind just now, I'm sorry, I hope you don't bother with us."

    "Mr. Han, we were wrong, I hope you don't let Qin Dong fire us."

    "Don't be afraid, I have no intention of bothering you, but next time, you won't be so lucky."

    Several security guards thanked him repeatedly and watched Han Qianli walk away.

    The Han family compound.

    In a place like Yanjing, the emphasis on the row could be no luxury villa, but rather a courtyard house in a deep alleyway.

    Four in, four out, every inch of land.

    There is an independent garden, a fish pond, and even a hundred-year-old Hainan yellow pear in the courtyard.

    Nangong Qianqiu was situated on a rocking chair under the tree, and Yanjun was standing not far away.

    "This untalented thing, let him return to Yanjing, he can't wait to go spend his time, right?"Nangong Qianqiu said in a cold voice.

    This kind of thing was usually something that only Han Jun would do, but Nangong Qianqiu would only think that he had gone to expand his circle of friends and make more friends to better the Han family.

    Han Qianqiu, on the other hand, didn't come home, and no matter where he went, the old lady would only think he was fooling around.

    "I told him to come home tomorrow,"Yan Jun said.

    When Nangong Qianqiu heard this, she looked dissatisfied, but she didn't say much, Yan Jun had an extraordinary status in the Han family, and although he was superficially the Han family's bodyguard, his presence was such that even Nangong Qianqiu didn't dare to accuse him casually.

    Nangong Qianqiu knew clearly that the reason why the Han family was able to exist today, Yan Jun had made a lot of efforts behind the scenes, in the past when it was still Grandpa Han Qianqiang at the helm of the Han family, Yan Jun was his best right hand man, even when he breathed his last, he also said that he would make sure to find a way to keep Yan Jun in the Han family.

    A faint smile appeared on Nangong Qianqiu's face as she looked at a knife mark on the yellow pear tree, which she had personally compared and carved every year after Han Jun grew taller, it was also part of Han Jun's growing history, but Han Qianqiu was not qualified to leave a mark on the tree.

    Soon, grandmother will soon set you free again, and how could she break her promise to you?

    Late that night, Han 3,000 quietly returned to the Han family compound, and although Yan Jun was aware of it, he had fallen asleep and did not get up, merely sighing.

    The difference between Han 3,000 and Han Jun was reflected in every aspect.

    Han Jun's room was near the old lady and had good lighting, but Han 3000's room was the most cornered part of the entire courtyard, formerly a utility room, perennially without light, and dark and damp.

    Returning to his own room, Han 3,000 yuan found the dust was almost a finger thick, which meant that no one had ever entered his room after he left, and even more so, no servant would clean it for him.

    "Even the dog's cage, which is cleaned once a week, is my place so unworthy of your attention?"Han Giangli said coldly through clenched teeth.

    The hand gripped the corner of the cabinet and actually crushed it straight away!

    Looking at the exact same scene as when he left, Han Giang walked to the south wall, a clearly visible scratch on the wall, this was his height when he was twelve years old, it was also from that time that Han Giang recognized his position in the Han family and understood that the only way to live well was to rely on himself.

    "That year, you were so short, no wonder you were looked down upon."Han Three Thousand stroked the wall scratches, revealing a faint bitter smile.

    Sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall, Han Qianqian seemed to have returned to her childhood.

    At that time, Nangong Qianqiu wouldn't let him on the table for meals.

    Back then, when he was bullied by Han Jun, Nangong Qianqiu would scold and accuse him for a while, never asking who was right and who was wrong.

    Even Han's servants would laugh at him behind his back at that time.

    Too many humiliations and injustices happened in this quadrangle.

    And now, you even want me to go to jail for Han Jun?

    Nangong Qianqiu, if you really do something like this, then don't blame me, Han Qianqiang, for not remembering the blood relationship.

    The Han Clan, where there is me, Han Qianqian, is the Han Clan!

    The next day, Han Qianlian saw the tall Nangong Qianqiu under the yellow pear tree.

    "Are there any more rules, don't you know to call grandma when you see me?"Nangong Qianqiu said in a stern voice to Han Qianqiang.

Chapter 137

Han Qianqiu walked under the tree and gave a slight nod to Yanjun, but didn't call Nangong Qianqiu.

    Disrespectful and filial?

    Han Chien-Chan hadn't, but he had long since been expelled from the Han family and Nangong Chien-Chow had never treated him as a grandson, so how could he call Nangong Chien-Chow grandmother?

    "I'm back now, what do you want me to do?"Han Qianqiu asked faintly.

    Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth and said, "How could the Han family produce such an uneducated thing like you, if it wasn't for Han Jun going to jail, you'd never be able to return to this place."

    The contempt from Nangong Qianqiu wouldn't hit Han thirdly, as he was used to it since he was a child.

    "I heard that Han Cheng is dying, do you need me to give him a final send-off?"Han Qianqian said.

    Nangong Qianqiu stood up with a fierce look on his face, and swung his cane at Han Three Thousand's shoulder, cursing angrily, "He's your father no matter what, without him, there would be no you, how can you talk like that."

    The shoulder hurt, but Han Giangli didn't even furrow his eyebrows and said, "Without me, there would be no Han Jun, your old man doesn't want to."

    "Hmph, how do you compare to Han Jun, he's the future heir of my Han family, while you're just a trash, an accessory."Nangong Qianqiu was disdainful.

    "Hurry up and get down to business, I don't have time to waste with you."Han Qianqiu said.

    "Go find Shi Jing, I find it annoying to even look at you one more time, so get out of here."Nangong Qianqiu scolded.

    Han Qianqian was about to take a step, but then suddenly stopped and said, "Don't play with fire, I can still give him a way out."

    "Han Qianqiu, what do you mean?"Nangong Qianqiu was trembling with anger, this brat had warned him like this, completely disregarding her old man.

    Only after Han Qianqiu walked away did Nangong Qianqiu sit down again, furious.

    "It's still good for Han Jun to be able to please me, this uneducated thing dares to talk to me like this, completely not putting this grandmother of mine in his eyes, you'd better die in it."Nangong Qianqiu said with dark eyes.

    Previously, she only wanted Han Qianxiang to go to jail instead of Han Jun, but now, a new idea was born.

    Only if Han Third Thousand died in jail, there would never be any chance of this matter being exposed.

    "Yan Jun, I know you don't want to kill him, but you're a member of my Han family, and I hope you don't interfere too much in what I'm about to do."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "Don't worry old lady, I won't interfere in any party's affairs."Yan Jun said that this any party also indicated Han Jun, which meant that if Han Jun fell into Han Qianqiu's hands, he still wouldn't interfere.

    But Nangong Qianqiu didn't understand this level of meaning, because in her opinion, since Han 3000 was back in Yanjing, he was definitely dead!

    Arriving at the hospital, Han Qianqian saw Han Cheng lying in the hospital bed.

    Shi Jing dodged Han Qianqiang's gaze, not daring to look directly at her because she felt that this matter was very unfair to Han Qianqiang, but Nangong Qianqiu gave her word and she had to follow it.

    "Is it because he's going to die, or is it because I came back?"Han Qianli faintly asked Shi Jing.

    Hearing this, Shi Jing was shocked, could it be that he had sensed something?

    Seeing that Shi Jing didn't say anything, Han Qianli continued, "Even if he dies, it may not be possible for Han Jun to leave Qin City and come back for the funeral, so why don't you let me go and meet Han Jun."

    Shi Jing's face was pale and she buried her head deeply, their plan seemed to have been caved in by Han Qianqian.

    But if he knew, why would he come back?

    Did he willingly go to jail in Han's place?How is this possible!

    "Three thousand, you ......"

    "This is the last chance I'll give the Han family, how you decide is up to you."Han Marchant said and left the hospital room.

    Shi Jing couldn't recover for a long time, the last chance he gave the Han family, what did that mean!

    Shi Jing couldn't figure out why she had sensed a crisis in the entire Han family, and that crisis was brought about by Han Qianqian's mouth!

    Does he have a plan against the Han family?

    With Han 3000's current strength, it was still too premature to deal with the Han family, those petty fights in Cloud City, the Han family wouldn't even care, and Qin Lin's current ability was by no means able to compete with the Han family.

    What Han 3000 called his chance was for Han Jun and Nangong Qianqiu, and it could also be said that his chance was because he hadn't been able to sever this blood relationship, but this time, if things really happened as he thought they would, Han 3000 wouldn't have to have any excuse to care about the blood relationship.

    After a long time, Shi Jing took a deep breath, looked at Han Cheng, who was doomed to never wake up on the hospital bed, and said, "Mom's decision, was it really the right one?Why do I have a very bad feeling about this."

    "Back then, that Taoist priest's words completely changed Mom's opinion of the two of them, and Han Jun got Mom's attention because of it, but Han 3000 became a thorn in the old lady's side, but ...... but the two of them, they're both our sons."

    Two days before her twelfth birthday, after a coincidence, the old lady met a man who called himself the Descending Heavenly Master, who divined a hang for Han's two brothers.

    Han Jun had the face of an emperor, and the Han family, in his hands, would surely continue to be rich and prosperous.

    Han 3000, on the other hand, had the face of a traitor and would drag the Han family down.

    So from that time on, Nangong Qianqiu no longer considered Han Qianqiang as his grandson.

    Later on, Han Jun's sweet tongue won the old lady's affection even more, and when all the love was bet on Han Jun alone, Han 3000 naturally became more and more unpopular with her.

    There were very few people who knew about this matter, and Shi Jing even found it very absurd because what that priest said was so mysterious that there was no way to determine if it was true or not, but Nangong Qianqiu was convinced of it.

    "Perhaps the person who can truly hold up the Han family is not Han Jun at all, but Han Qianxiang."As a middle ground, Shi Jing was able to distinguish more clearly between the abilities of both Han Jun and Han Qianxiang; the former was fond of spending money and spending lavishly, spending all day on wine and flesh, and not at all ambitious about his career.

    Although the latter was expelled from Yanjing and joined the Su family, he had many secret deployments while enduring humiliation.

    Shi Jing didn't investigate deeply, but she also knew that a lot of things in Cloud City were related to Han Qianqiu, and in terms of ability in this area, Han Jun was far inferior to Han Qianqiu.

    But Nangong Qianqiu was blinded by Han Jun's sweet words, so how could she acknowledge Han Qianqiang's excellence?

    Shi Jing could only hope now that nothing would go wrong in this matter and that Han Jun would come out and be able to change his ways and truly become the pillar of the Han family.

    "You must bless the Han family."Shi Jing said this, tearfully pulling out Han Cheng's oxygen.

    After a slight shaking of his arms and legs, Han Cheng completely said goodbye to the world, which was a relief to him.

    Shi Jing cried into tears, this was after all the person she had poured her life's feelings into, but she had to do it for the sake of the Han family, and in Nangong Qianqiu's plan, Han Cheng's death was an indispensable part of it.

    "Mom, Han Cheng is gone."Shi Jing said after dialing the phone to Nangong Qianqiu.

    Nangong Qianqiu at home was silent for a moment and said, "I know, let's put this news out first, then I'll go apply for parole for Han Jun."

    It was impossible for Nangong Qianqiu to have no sadness in her heart, after all, that was also her bone, but for the sake of Han Jun, it was the only thing to do.

    Han Cheng's death quickly spread in Yanjing, but it didn't surprise too many people, after all, those people had already learned of Han Cheng's condition through the hospital's channels, and it was better to die early than remain unconscious.

    When the news spread, Nangong Qianqiu called the person in charge of Qincheng, hoping to have Han Jun temporarily released from prison and give Han Cheng a send-off.

    But the answer she got made Nangong Qianqiu very angry, the other party refused to do anything and said very firmly that there was no possibility of parole for Han Jun, which made Nangong Qianqiu vomit blood.

    She had fought for Han Cheng's life to come up with this move, and if Han Jun couldn't return home on parole, then all her plans would be impossible.

    The next day, the Han family's compound set up a spirit, and big names from every field in Yanjing came to pay their respects, while Han Qianxiang, under Nangong Qianqiu's orders, stayed in his room and couldn't show his face.

Chapter 138

Keeping company with dust and bad air.

    Han Qianqiu did not leave her room until the day of Han Cheng's burial.

    The ashes reliquary, and even Han Cheng's phase, were all served by the Han family's bodyguards, and without a paroled Han Jun, Han 3000 still didn't get Nangong Qianqiu's approval, and still wasn't qualified to give Han Cheng a send-off.

    In Nangong Qianqiu's eyes, Han 3000 had long ago thought that he was not a member of the Han family, he was merely somewhat useful, and that was why he was eligible to return to Yanjing.

    A few days later, Han Cheng's funeral was over, and Nangong Qianqiu personally came to the door of Han Three Thousand's room.

    "Unfilial thing, don't come out to see me yet."Nangong Qianqiu leaned on his crutches and said in a stern voice.

    Han Qianqian pushed open the door of the room, looking indifferent, and said, "I'm neither a member of the Han family, so how can I talk about being unfilial?"

    With a cold face, Nangong Qianqiu said, "Han Jun remembered his brotherly love with you and wanted to see you, you should be happy to have such a brother."

    Han Qianqiu laughed, what a grand reason, even at a time like this, Nangong Qianqiu still put Han Jun in a very high position.

    Without saying a word, she left the house and got into the car.

    As the car drove away, the foreboding feeling in Shi Jing's heart grew stronger, always feeling that something big was about to happen, her eyelids jumping straight.

    "Mom, nothing will happen, right?"Shi Jing asked to Nangong Qianqiu.

    Nangong Qianqiu smiled coldly and said, "Other than us, who can tell the difference between the two of them, don't worry about the sky, go cook a meal, but my good grandson hasn't had a tasty meal for a long time."

    Qin City, was known as one of the largest prisons in Huaxia, and it was heavily guarded.

    When Han Qianqian arrived at Qin City, Nangong Qianqiu had already led Han Qianqian directly to a private visiting room with a paid man.

    Only people with special conditions were allowed to use this place, and there wouldn't be any surveillance equipment present, belonging to the biggest loophole in Qin City opened up by money, and even some of the people held here would have young women come to visit them on a regular basis to meet all of those people's needs.

    After Han Qianli walked into the visiting room, he smelled a refreshing fragrance, faint, making people want to inhale more.

    In a few minutes, Han Jun, who was dressed in a prison uniform, appeared in front of Han Three Thousand.

    "Han Three Thousand, you've come, dammit, you're almost done getting away with it outside."The Han family didn't treat Han Three Thousand as a relative, and naturally Han Jun didn't treat him as a brother, and having been brainwashed by Nangong Qianqiu since he was a child, Han Jun even treated Han Three Thousand as if he were an enemy.

    This time the plan to have Han 3000 imprisoned in his place was his idea, it was him who rightfully felt that Han 3000 should stand in for him, because only he could hold up the Han family, and what qualifications did Han 3000 have?

    "If you have a fart, let it out,"Han Marchant said.

    Han Jun laughed and looked like a dude, saying, "How do you talk to my son?Don't you know what your f*cking position is in the family?"

    Domineering and arrogant, Han Jun possessed all the unscrupulous traits of a rich second generation, and with a person like this, Nangong Qianqiu was really blind to think of him as the heir of the Han family.

    "Have you forgotten that I'm no longer a member of the Han family?"Han 3000 said.

    "Right."Han Jun laughed and said, "I had really forgotten, you went to ...... Cloud City right, and joined some bullshit Su family, and became a famous wimp, my good brother, you really lived up to expectations ah, really still made a name for yourself with the name of a wimp, you must never mention that you're a Han family member .Our Han family can't afford to be humiliated."

    "Did you call me here just to humiliate me?"Han Marchant said.

    Han Jun frowned, how come the medicine hadn't worked yet, the faint fragrance in the visitation room was Nangong Qianqiu's psychedelic incense that she had prepared in advance, it was reasonable to say that after so much delay, it should almost work ah.

    "I just want to see what kind of realm you're useless to now,"Han Jun said.

    At that moment, Han Giangli suddenly frowned, a sense of powerlessness emanating from his limbs and his head suddenly dizzy.

    Bracing his hand on the table, Han Three Thousand Year gritted his teeth and said, "Nangong Qianqiu really didn't disappoint me."

    Seeing the change in Han three thousand years, Han Jun knew that the effect of the medicine had manifested itself, and now Han three thousand years should be in a state of full body weakness.

    Standing up and walking over to Han Qianqian, Han Jun lifted his foot and kicked Han Qianqian, cursing, "You should have f*cking come to jail for me long ago, causing me to suffer so much."

    After saying that, Han Jun punched and kicked Han Three Thousand for a while.

    With Han Three Thousand's strength, a piece of trash like Han Jun would be able to handle it with a single punch, but Han Three Thousand couldn't exert any power over his entire body right now, so he could only let him do as he pleased.

    "Han Three Thousand, do you know that your greatest value is the stand-in you can become, grandmother said that you are a traitorous face, that's why she drove you out of the Han family, with you here, the entire Han family will be destroyed."

    Han Jun stepped on Han Three Thousand's face and continued condescendingly, "You're also really f*cking pitiful, you don't even have a life of your own, the two of us are from the same mother's womb, but our status in the Han family is very different, do you want to know why?"

    Han Giang's eyes grew blurry and Han Jun's voice seemed intermittent, but the last thing he remembered was that Han Jun had taken off his clothes and then put on his prison clothes.

    This trick of stealing his clothes allowed Han Third Thousand to shake his body and become Han Jun.

    When Han 3,000 woke up, he was already in the prison cell, a large room for twelve people who were locked in for various reasons.

    Sitting up with his head covered, Han three thousand years old felt his shoulder being kicked hard, then he heard an angry and cursing voice in his ear, "Han Jun, you had a great f*cking sleep, go brush the toilet."

    Han Giangli rubbed his shoulders, it seemed that guy Han Jun wasn't doing well in jail, but it was his turn to brush the toilets.

    Han Jun's life in prison was indeed miserable, getting beaten up twice in three days was commonplace, scrubbing toilets was almost a daily job, and sometimes the boss in this big room was constipated, and he had to rub the boss's belly while he was squatting in the pit, so it could be said that he was living like a pig and dog.

    "From today onwards, our well water doesn't offend each other, so it's best not to mess with me."Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

    "F*ck, you've actually got a f*cking temper."

    "Han Jun, what are you sleeping in your head, do you want to get beaten again."

    "Damn it, three days without a beating, give me a beating first."

    Seven or eight people in the big room surrounded towards Han 3,000, a boss looking like a man with a smiling face looking at the upcoming fights, for him, it was a rare relief from boredom, but unfortunately Han Jun was too useless, every time he held a headache and begged for forgiveness, without half a new idea.

    Han Giangli looked at the few people surrounding him and said indifferently, "Don't blame me for not warning you."

    The large room was filled with wailing cries of pain.

    Those who had been treating Han Jun as trash, how could they know that it was Han Qianxiang in front of them now?But not Han Jun, the loser who could be bullied at will.

    The boss who was sitting steadily on the fishing platform watching the show found everyone, in less than a minute, all falling to the ground, jaw-dropped.

    "This ......"

    "F*ck, boss, what kind of drugs did Han Jun take today, he's so powerful."

    "Boss, what should we do, we can't beat him."

    When that boss saw Han Qianli coming towards him, his heart trembled and threatened Han Qianli, "Han Jun, if you don't want to get f*cking killed, you'll go and brush the toilet honestly."

    Han Qianqian listened but didn't listen and continued to walk towards him.

    This caused the big house boss to panic a bit, he hadn't even been beaten up by such a group of people, and he was going to get hammered to death?

    "Han Jun, what do you ...... you want!"The boss said in fear.

    "You're the best man in this big room?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Yes."Saying this word, the boss quickly slapped himself a few times and said, "No, no, you're the boss, you're the boss."

    Han Giangli nodded in satisfaction and said, "Knowing that I'm the boss, why don't you go brush the toilet."

    "By the way, what's your name?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Guan, Guan Yong, my name is Guan Yong."

    In less than ten minutes, Han Three Thousand reversed his position in the big room, and Han Jun, who was expecting Han Three Thousand to be brutally beaten inside, never dreamed of this scene.

Chapter 139

The Han family compound.

    Han Jun was sitting under the yellow pear tree, this was a place exclusive to Nangong Qianqiu, no one else dared to sit here except for him.

    When Nangong Qianqiu appeared, Han Jun busily stood up and walked over to the old lady to support her, saying, "Grandmother, why didn't you tell me when you went out, I'll go help you ah."

    Nangong Qianqiu was all cheerful and smiling, she loved the care that Han Jun brought to her, and only Han Jun's care could be taken as genuine.

    "Do you really think grandma can't even walk this far?"Nangong Qianqiu said.

    After helping Nangong Qianqiu sit down, only then did Han Jun say, "Grandmother, that's not what I meant, I just want to serve you at any time, you don't know how much I've missed you during this time in jail, I was afraid that those servants wouldn't take good care of you."

    "It's been a hard time for you, but you also have to know that you can't just show up in Yanjing now, or else you'll be in big trouble,"Nangong Qianqiu said.

    Han Jun was clear about this taboo, although he had Han Qianqiu in jail for him, he was too high-profile in Yanjing, and once he showed his face, he could be finished.

    But being stuck at home like this every day was too much for Han Jun to accept.

    "Grandma, look at me, I've been in jail for so long, if I don't go and relax, I'm going to be depressed."Han Jun said with a sigh.

    "If you want to go on a trip, grandmother can have someone take you there, but you have to be careful with everything, you're so close to being fine, grandmother doesn't want you to get into trouble again."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "Grandmother, I'm such a big person, aren't you still worried?And where I'm going, nothing will happen to me."Han Jun said with a smile.

    "What place?"Nangong Qianqiu was confused.

    "Cloud City."

    "Cloud City!"

    Nangong Qianqiu frowned as Han Qianqiang joined the Su family in Cloud City, why would he want to go to Cloud City?It's not a good place to be, what if those people treat Han Jun as that wimp Han Giang and let him get bullied?

    "Grandmother, Han 3000 is about to disgrace our Han family in Cloud City, I'll go this time as a way to help Han's parents save face, what do you think?"Han Jun said.

    As long as it was something that would make Han Jun happy, Nangong Qianqiu wouldn't refuse it, and it was time for Han Jun to make up for the pain he had suffered during this time, so Nangong Qianqiu just instructed, "Fine, as long as you're happy, but Grandma still wants you to bring some bodyguards with you so that you won't be bullied."

    "Good."Han Jun said excitedly.

    That day, Han Jun left towards Cloud City under the secret escort of the Han family's bodyguards.

    When Shi Jing returned home, she found that Han Jun wasn't at home and was afraid that he would go out and mess around again, so she quickly found Nangong Qianqiu.

    "Mom, have you seen Han Jun?Why isn't he at home."Shi Jing asked eagerly.

    "He went out to play."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "Going to play!How can you let him go out now, if someone finds out, our secret will be exposed."Shi Jing said with a speechless face, she knew that Nangong Qianqiu spoiled Han Jun, but she couldn't let him act recklessly like this, once the east window was revealed, the entire Han family would be condemned.

    "Don't worry, he went to Cloud City, it's absolutely impossible for him to be exposed there."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "What!"Shi Jing felt like she had been struck by lightning.

    Han Jun had gone to Cloud City!How could he go to Cloud City?

    There was Han 3000's home there, and Han 3000's wife.

    What would happen if ...... they mistook Han Jun for Han 3000, Shi Jing wouldn't even dare to imagine!

    "Mom, how can you let him go to Cloud City, don't you know Han Giang is there?But Han Marchioness has a wife."Shi Jing said in horror, what consequences would this matter have if Han Qianqian knew about it?

    "So what if he has a wife, is Hanjun still interested in his woman?And even if you fancy it, what does it matter."Nangong Qianqiu said indifferently.

    "You ...... "Shi Jing was furious, so what if it's fancy, so what?They're brothers, how could this happen?

    "Me what me?"Nangong Qianqiu was furious and said in a cold voice, "There's nothing else to get out of here, what he wants to do is not something you are qualified to dictate to him."

    "Mom, I can put up with everything else, but this matter is absolutely not okay, how can he have a relationship with his brother's woman."Shi Jing said.

    "That's her honor, how can that trash Han 3000 be compared to Han Jun."


    Shi Jing was thunderstruck by Nangong Qianqiu's words, even if he favored Han Jun, he didn't have to go overboard to this extent!

    "Mom, are you trying to force Han 3,000 to die?"Shi Jing said.

    "I'm preparing to go tomorrow to tell him that his woman has been taken care of and can die in prison in peace, otherwise everyone in Cloud City who has anything to do with him will have to die."Nangong Qianqiu had this idea after Han Jun left.

    To ensure that Han Jun's matter was foolproof, Han Qianqiu's death was inevitable.

    Hearing this, Shi Jing was utterly desperate, she even wished for Han Third Thousand to leave Qin City and teach Nangong Qianqiu a harsh lesson.

    "Fine, do whatever you want, I won't meddle in the Han family's affairs anymore."Shi Jing said weakly, no amount of rebuttal from her could resist Nangong Qianqiu's one-two punch.

    "Get lost."Nangong Qianqiu said rudely, in her eyes, there was only Han Jun, so how could she respect Shi Jing.

    Shi Jing went back to her room, her eyes were dull, the Han family had completely changed in Nangong Qianqiu's hands.

    She suddenly thought of those words of Han 3000, this was the last chance given to the Han family, and now it seemed that this chance had been erased by Nangong Qianqiu, so what would he do next?

    Being in Qin City, is he still able to control what's going on outside?

    The next day, Nangong Qianqiu met with Han Marchioness.

    Every time she met with Han Jun, he was in a situation where his face was full of injuries, so Nangong Qianqiu was a bit surprised when she saw the unharmed Han Qianqiang.

    "You're kneeling to someone when you enter the cell."Nangong Qianqiu said disdainfully, but other than begging for mercy, Nangong Qianqiu couldn't think of a reason why Han 3,000 wasn't beaten.

    "Are you here to sympathize with me?"Han Qianqiu looked cold and asked.

    Nangong Qianqiu smiled contemptuously and said, "Sympathize with you?You don't deserve my sympathy, I'm just here to tell you that someone else has already lived in your place, your best choice is to die in Qin City, otherwise, everyone around you will be buried with you."

    Hearing this, Han Qianqian miserably stood up and said angrily, "Nangong Qianqiu, what do you mean!"

    "What do you mean?Han Jun has gone to Cloud City, and although it's a shame for him to use your name, I reluctantly accept it for his sake and for the sake of the Han family not being dragged down by this matter."

    Han Jun, actually went to Cloud City!

    The anger in Han Third Thousand's chest almost burst out, although he had been warned about this matter, he hadn't expected Nangong Qianqiu to actually do this.

    What would happen if ...... if Han Jun went to the hillside villa, Han Three Thousand didn't dare to think about it.

    A fist smashed on the tabletop, Han Three Thousand Castles said angrily, "Nangong Qianqiu, I'll make you regret the decision you made today, I was originally thinking of the last shred of blood, but now ...... I, Han Three Thousand Castles, no longer have any relationship with the Han family."

    "Oh, do you still consider yourself as a member of the Han family?You're not. Do I need you to remember that?Han Qianqian, you're too arrogant, I'll give you one month, if you don't die in Qin City, the entire Cloud City will be turned upside down."Nangong Qianqiu didn't fear Han Qianqian's threat in the slightest, in her eyes, could this kind of trash still make waves?

    Han Qianqiang breathed rapidly and sat back down, gritting her teeth and saying, "If Han Jun dares to act recklessly in Cloud City, I will kill him with my own hands, and even you won't be able to stop me then."

    Nangong Qianqiu shook her head and said with a sigh on her face, "Han Qianqiang, you don't know your situation yet, right, but you'll soon be clear about the situation you're facing, I'm only here to inform you, not to discuss with you, do you think you have the right to choose?"

    "You've forced me to this point by giving you no choice in the future, Nangong Qianqiu, and you'll regret everything you've done."

Chapter 140

After Han Qianqiu had met Nangong Qianqiu and returned to the big room, the others could clearly feel the strong killing intent in Han Qianqiu and stood straight in the corner one by one, not daring to speak.

    They really couldn't understand why someone who was previously so cowardly as to lick his shoes would suddenly become so strong and able to fight, and the whole feeling of the person was different.

    It was as if ...... it was like a completely different person.

    "Boss Han, what ...... happened to you, did something happen?Do you want us to help?"Guan Yong weakly asked Han Qianqian.

    He used to be the most powerful person in this big room, even when he had to have someone to help him pee, but his status had plummeted since Han Marchant came, and sometimes he had to personally give Han Marchant a massage, but Guan Yong didn't dare to complain at all.

    "Shut up and leave me alone."Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

    The group of people kept quiet and stood as if they were soldiers with their chests out.

    Han Jun had gone to Cloud City, which meant that Han Third Thousand had to leave here as soon as possible, or else if something happened in Cloud City, it would be irreversible.

    And with Han Jun's flirtatious personality, he would definitely do something worse than an animal.

    Suddenly, Han Giangli smashed his fist on the bedboard and punched through it.

    Guan Yong and the others shuddered in fright when they saw this, what kind of pervert was this fucking strength!

    "If you don't come, I'll make you live in a nightmare for the rest of your life."Han Giangli said through gritted teeth.

    The next day, prisoner's activity time, Han Three Thousand's gloomy face sat in the corner of the activity area, a sneaky man slowly approached, it was the same prisoner Han Three Thousand had seen in Cloud City Prison.

    Nicknamed Gopher, a man who treats prison as a homecoming, he is an expert escapee, and in his words to describe prison, that is to go home often, get tired of playing, and leave whenever he wants.

    Gopher has had dozens of jailbreaks, giving many jails a headache and even places reluctant to take him in.

    "Gopher, you're a little early,"Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

    The gopher shivered under the big sun, but he quickly said, "Brother 3000, this is Qin City, not just anyone can come here if they want to, don't I have to think of some way to get in."

    "I'll give you three days, if you can't do it, you can go to hell."Han Qianli said, standing up and going to the playground to move around.

    The gopher smiled bitterly, if it were any other place, three days would be more than enough time, but this was Qin City after all, the number one prison in Huaxia, how could it be so easy to get out.

    But he knew that Han Qianqian would never joke with him, if he didn't make it in three days, his little life would be on the line.

    "Fortunately, I've studied Qin Cheng for a long time, otherwise, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to save my little life this time."The gopher knew that he would be imprisoned here sooner or later, so he had learned about Qin City two years ago, and what was impossible for others to do, was not impossible in his hands.


    Cloud City Airport, Han Jun stretched out his lazy waist and got into a taxi.

    Before coming to Cloud City, he had known some of Han Marchand's situation in Cloud City through Nangong Qianqiu, and although it was some superficial information, it was enough to know about the Su family.

    "Master, show me around first."Han Jun said.

    At Cloud City's busiest commercial street, Han Jun got out of the car.

    "It's not as good as Yanjing, but it's not bad for such a small place, but it's a pity that this wimp's image probably won't have any women liking him,"Han Jun said to himself.

    In less than five minutes, Han Jun heard someone calling Han 3,000, but he wasn't used to being called that, so he didn't react for a moment until they came to tap him on the shoulder.

    "Han Three Thousand, are you deaf and can't hear me calling you?"Shen Lingyao looked at Jun Han in puzzlement.

    Han Jun looked back at Shen Ling Yao, although they weren't superb, the legs were good, and he saw an unusual hint of meaning in Shen Ling Yao's eyes.

    For a veteran of love affairs like Han Jun, he knew very well what kind of eyes represented.

    It was a bit interesting to think that there were still women who didn't have eyes that would like Han Third Grade, a wimp.

    "Who are you, I don't know you."Han Jun deliberately said with a smiling face.

    Where did Shen Lingyao know that the person in front of her wasn't Han 3000 at all, and only took it as Han 3000 deliberately playing tricks with her.

    "You're a grown man, can you not be so stingy, don't I just owe you a little money?And I've invited you to dinner, too."Shen Lingyao said with dissatisfaction.

    This guy, why does he keep staring at his legs?Was it really because Su Yingxia didn't satisfy him, so he couldn't restrain his desire?

    "How can one meal be enough, how about you buy me another meal today?"Han Jun said.

    Shen Lingyao was appalled as she looked at Han Jun. This guy, he's not crazy, right?How dare you eat her cooking?

    "You're not kidding me, you're not afraid of being poisoned?"Shen Lingyao was confused.

    "Will it be poisoned, try it and you'll see."Han Jun said.

    Shen Lingyao didn't notice anything wrong with this 'Han 3000' in front of her, as she couldn't possibly think that in this world, Han 3000 would still have an identical brother existing.

    "If you're willing to eat, come home with me and I'll make it for you, but I'll write off the money I owe you, how about it?"Shen Lingyao said.

    Han Jun's heart was happy, back home, it wouldn't be as simple as eating.

    Shen Ling Yao was still happy in her heart, although she had been hiding her feelings for Han 3000, she liked Han 3000, this could not be denied, although she knew that she was sorry for doing this to Su Yingxia, but she could not restrain herself in her heart.

    This was a rare opportunity to be alone with Han Qianli, even if he couldn't become Han Qianli's woman in this life, he would be satisfied to spend more time with her.

    Back at home, Shen Lingyao changed into a household casual dress, which made her figure look even sexier.

    When Han Jun saw this scene, the corners of his mouth were smiling, how could he, a veteran of traveling flowers, not see such an obvious seduction?

    Hey, even a wimp like Han Qianxiang can be loved by someone, God is really blind.

    But by the looks of her, she shouldn't have had sex with Han Three Thousand yet, which was a bargain.

    While Shen Ling Yao was cooking, Han Jun walked into the kitchen and stood intimately behind Shen Ling Yao.

    "This cooking skill of yours is too unbearable,"Han Jun said with a smile.

    Shen Lingyao felt the distance between herself and Han Jun and instantly became nervous, not caring about what Han Jun said.

    "You ...... go wait for me in the living room, it'll be done soon."Shen Lingyao said nervously.

    Han Jun suddenly reached out and grabbed Shen Lingyao's arm, deliberately coming close to Shen Lingyao's ear and whispered, "How about we go to the room?"

    Shen Lingyao was so nervous that her breathing was quick, how could Han Giangli say such things, was it so hard that this guy had changed since he went to Golden Bridge City?

    At a certain moment, the thought of agreeing with Han Jun flashed through Shen Ling Yao's mind, but then the image of Su Yingxia appeared in her mind, which made Shen Ling Yao instantly sober up.

    "Han 3000, what are you talking about, are you doing this to Yingxia?"Shen Ling Yao turned her head and said with a face full of anger.

    Welcome Summer?

    So Ying-ha?

    Han Jun frowned, wasn't Su Yingxia that wimp's wife, how come this woman in front of him knew her too?

    "You like me, don't you?Don't you want to have sex with me?"Han Jun said.

    Shen Lingyao did like Han Qianqian, but she had no intention of destroying the relationship between Su Yingxia and her husband and wife, she pushed Han Jun away and said with a cold face, "Han Qianqian, who do you take me for, Su Yingxia is my best sister, how can I do something wrong to her, you go away, I won't tell Su Yingxia about today's incident, but you better remember, if you dare to doSorry about Su Yingxia, I will never let you off the hook."

    Han Jun understood, feeling that this was Su Yingxia's best friend ah, if it was a different woman, it wouldn't matter even if he was strong, but it was related to Su Yingxia, he had to deliberate, after all, he had just arrived in Cloud City, he still had to live with Han Qianqian's identity for a while.


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