His True Colors 141


His True Colors Chapter 141

After Han Jun left, Shen Lingyao sat on the sofa in the living room, nervous and terrified, she didn't expect this to happen if she brought Han Jun home, and she couldn't figure out why Han 3000 had suddenly become like this.

    Han 3000 had endured so many years for Su Yingxia, did he change his mind just because he didn't get Su Yingxia?If that's who he is, why did he wait until now to change?

    As Su Yingxia's good sister, Shen Lingyao felt obligated to persuade Su Yingxia to prevent their relationship from coming to an end.

    Taking out the phone, she dialed Su Yingxia's number.

    "Yingxia, how's your relationship with Han Giangni recently?"Shen Ling Yao asked.

    Su Yingxia felt a little sad when she mentioned this matter, as she could feel that she seemed to be drifting away from Han Qianli, and this time Han Qianli left, in Su Yingxia's opinion, perhaps on purpose, hoping that the two of them would calm down.

    "Why did you suddenly ask about this."Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao sighed and said, "Aren't I afraid that you might have missed out on a good man?Just think about it, how Han Qianqian has treated you for so many years and has helped you so much, and now even Tian Ling'er is giving him a sports car, isn't it obvious that there is a rivalry?"

    Tian Ling'er's existence did make Su Yingxia feel a great crisis, after all, she was the Tian family's petite daughter, a woman that many men in the entire Cloud City wanted to have, if it wasn't for Tian Changsheng standing in the way, the people pursuing Tian Ling'er would have already crowded the gates of the Tian family, and yet such a person gave Han Qianqian a Lamborghini.

    "He recently left Cloud City, so I don't know when he'll be back,"Su Yingxia said.

    Leaving Cloud City?

    Why did you leave her house just now?

    Han Qianqiang wouldn't be playing some kind of trick with Su Yingxia, right?

    After thinking about it, Shen Ling Yao decided to tell Su Ying Xia about seeing Han 3000 today, but of course, this would definitely have to be hidden from her at home.

    "He's already back, I even saw him today, and I think it's possible that he didn't leave at all and was just looking for an excuse."Shen Lingyao said.

    "He's back!"Su Yingxia asked in surprise, she was unusually apprehensive during the days that Han Qianli was gone, she always felt that something was going to happen, and was relieved to hear that Han Qianli was back, she could finally see him when she came home from work.

    "Yingxia, since you're his wife, something should happen, just think about it, he's a young and energetic man."Shen Lingyao said.

    The reasoning Su Yingxia understood, but it was very difficult for her to take this step.

    After three years of mutual respect, how could she, as a woman, take the initiative?

    "You have no idea how stupid he is."Su Yingxia said helplessly, letting Han Marchant in bed, but it was just an extra line to show that she was reserved, she didn't expect Han Marchant to take it seriously, which made Su Yingxia very speechless.

    "What happened?"Shen Lingyao was confused.

    Su Yingxia was too shy to say anything, but Shen Lingyao was her own sister, so she still told Shen Lingyao those things.

    Shen Lingyao even rolled her eyes after hearing this, Han Qianqian is too stupid, can't he even see such an obvious hint?It's not all Su Yingxia's fault.

    "He, he's a pig right."Shen Lingyao said speechlessly.

    "Tonight, when he comes home, you tell him to go to his room and remove the cord, if he still can't understand this, just let him die."Shen Lingyao said.

    Su Yingxia was scared during the days Han Qianli left, afraid that Han Qianli would leave her forever, she didn't want to count that incident in Golden Bridge City and was willing to trust Han Qianli.

    "I'll try."

    After Han Jun took a taxi to the Genting Mountain villa area, the security guard respectfully called out to Han 3000, surprising Han Jun.

    In Han Jun's eyes, Han 3,000 should be mixed up badly in Cloud City, so how come there was a woman to like and a respectful security guard at the gate, could it be that he, a trash, could still make it in Cloud City?

    The reason why the security guards were respectful to Han 3000 was because they were all from the Heavenly Family, and the relationship between the Heavenly Family and Han 3000 was naturally needless to say.

    Arriving at the hillside villa, Han Jun knocked on the door, and after He Ting saw Han 3000, she smiled and said, "You can be considered to be back."

    This should be the family's nanny, He Tingli, and Han Jun nodded faintly without speaking.

    He Ting's eyebrows furrowed, Han Qianli was usually approachable, but why did she look like she had an arrogant attitude today, wasn't it just a few days away?How did this change.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, you still have the face to come back, go out and play with Junior enough."Jiang Lan, who didn't get any money from Han Qianli, hated Han Qianli with a passion, and hadn't seen Han Qianli in the past few days, which was considered clean eyes, but didn't expect him to come back so soon.

    Han Jun smiled coldly, this is how a wimp should be treated ah, looking at Jiang Lan's eyes, Han Jun could feel Han 3000's position in the family.

    My poor wimp brother, let me, as an older brother, help you find some face back.

    "Go, pour me a glass of water."Han Jun said to Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan looked at Han Jun in dismay, has this guy gotten a brain fart?How dare you command her!

    "Han Three Thousand Years, you've been out for a few days, are you out of your mind, what right do you have to order me around?"Jiang Lan raged.

    Han Jun frowned and walked up to Jiang Lan with a sneering expression and said, "I'm not qualified to order you?What are you, quickly go and pour me water, provoke me, be careful that I turn my back on you."

    Jiang Lan laughed in anger and gritted her teeth, "Han Qianqian, you're getting bolder now, turning against me?Well, I'd like to see how you're going to turn against me, and I'm going to make you get out today."


    A slap was thrown on Jiang Lan's face, Han Jun sat frankly on the sofa and said indifferently, "If you keep f*cking whining with me, I'll waste you."

    Han Jun wasn't here to take humiliation on behalf of Han 3000, even if he lived in Yun City with Han 3000's identity, this Su family would have to be his to say, so he wouldn't be polite to Jiang Lan, and this kind of person was never in Han Jun's eyes.

    The Han family's status in Yanjing, how could he put the Su family in the eyes of a mere Cloud City?

    Jiang Lan covered her face, looking incredulous, Han Qianqian dared to hit her!

    He Ting who was on the side was also dumbfounded, how come after leaving for a period of time, Han 3000 came back and became so irritable, like a changed person.

    "You ...... you dare to hit me?"Jiang Lan said in a furious voice.

    Han Jun turned to look at Jiang Lan and said disdainfully, "Don't think that I can let you bully all the time, from today onwards, I'm in charge of this family, you better behave yourself or you'll be beaten three times a day, you can see for yourself."

    "Oh, Han Qianqian you ......"

    Before he finished speaking, Han Jun stood up, kicked Jiang Lan in the abdomen, and said, "Didn't you hear what I just said?Hurry up and bring me water."

    With a pained face, Jiang Lan covered her abdomen and sat on the floor, too frightened by Han Qianli's strength to speak.

    This guy, how dare he be so bold, how dare he not put her in his sights!

    "I don't want to repeat what I said before."Han Jun said in a cold voice, sitting down again.

    The silent He Ting quickly brought a cup of water over to Han Jun, but Han Jun slapped it away.

    "Did I ask you to serve water?Didn't hear what I said, or are you too brain-dead to understand?"Han Jun said with a fierce glare at He Ting.

    He Ting was so scared that she took a few steps back and lowered her head with a pale face.

    Jiang Lan endured the pain and poured a glass of water for Han Jun. Although she didn't know why this Han 3000 in front of her had become so violent, but when Su Yingxia returned, would he still be arrogant?

    This time, I'll make sure Su Yingxia divorces you!

    The Su family with me, Jiang Lan, has absolutely nothing to say to you.

    After Su Guoyao returned home, he heard about Jiang Lan's beating and sought out Han Jun for a theory, but he was beaten up by Han Jun without any suspense.

    He's not Han Qianqian, he doesn't treat Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao as his parents-in-law, and in Han Jun's eyes, they're just passers-by at best.

    Su Yingxia returned home from work, and when she saw Han Qiangliang sitting on the sofa, her face unconsciously revealed a smile, finally back, good to be back.


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