Dish Best Served Cold 1231-1235

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1231

"But now, I find that I can't even do the simplest of these things."

    As he said that, tears flowed down from Qiu Mu Orange's eyes.

    He felt more and more that he was not a competent wife at all, much less worthy of Ye Fan's excellence.

    Looking at how sad and self-conscious Qiu Mu Orange was, Ye Fan, however, puffed out a laugh.

    "You silly ninny, this is the first time I've ever seen a woman in tears because she didn't have the chance to do housework."

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, but in his heart, he was extraordinarily sweet.

    Today's society, materialistic desires were not ancient.

    Especially because of the proliferation of female boxing on the internet, many women, too, had already been lost in it.

    Not to mention like Qiu Mu orange grabbing to do housework, in the home is completely the role of the ancestors.

    The monthly salary of three thousand, they are not able to feed themselves, but readily demand their future husband tens of thousands of monthly salary.

    After marriage is also ten fingers do not touch the spring water, and even more so, but also the right to the surname, to the house hung in their names, but also move to have children warning.

    For these, Ye Fan also just as a joke.

    In Ye Fan's view, when a woman makes these unreasonable demands, that marriage has already become a transaction, and life will become a torment.

    True love should be selfless devotion and dedication to the other party.

    "Alright, alright, I'll let you make tomorrow's breakfast, okay?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled as he walked up and gently embraced Qiu Mu Orange into his arms, whispering comfortingly.

    In his heart, at the same time, he also felt more and more pity for this girl.

    Of course, Ye Fan knew that Qiu Mu Orange just wanted to do something for herself.But all kind people would never be able to keep accepting the efforts of others without reciprocation.

    Even between husband and wife, this was naturally the case.

    "Hmph, it's what you said, don't give it to me to steal it from now on."

    "And, I promise, I definitely won't sleep through tomorrow~"

    Qiu Mu Orange wrinkled her nose, her ghostly words still carrying a bit of a nasal tone.There were still undried tear stains hanging on her stunningly beautiful face.

    That appearance was quite adorable.

    So much so that Ye Fan couldn't help but, reach out his hand and gently rub a little bit on Qiu Mu Orange's agonized nose.

    Eventually, under Ye Fan's comfort, only then did Qiu Mu Orange sit down and finish her breakfast.

    Afterwards, Ye Fan drove himself and sent Qiu Mu Orange to work.

    Of course, Ye Fan could have done all this work without having to do it himself, and even the housework could have been done by a nanny.

    But Ye Fan didn't, instead he did it himself.

    Because Ye Fan knew that he didn't have much time left to spend with Qiu Mu Orange.

    Therefore, he especially cherished every bit of time he had with her.

    Half an hour later, with the roar of a car.

    Ye Fan, who had gone to take Qiu Mu Orange to work, had also returned.

    However, when he returned to the villa, he found that there was a man standing at the entrance.

    The man was dressed in white, with starry eyebrows and sword eyes, and there was majesty contained between his eyebrows.

    The entire man, just like that, was standing there with a smile in his face, standing with his hands in the air.

    It was as if he was a generation of Sword Immortals from the ancient times, suave and arrogant.

    This person was no other.It was the number one strongest person in Yan Xia, Ye Qingtian.

    Seeing Ye Fan, the two smiled at each other.

    "Sending your wife back?"

    "Well.She just got her license not long ago, and she's still a novice, so I don't feel comfortable driving by myself."Ye Fan nodded and smiled lightly in return.


    "I originally thought that among the Seven Pillars of Yan Xia, the amorous person is no more than my War God Ye Qingtian."

    "Now it seems that there's another country's peerless Ye Fan."

    "It's fine to love your wife, but a great husband can't be afraid of his wife."

    "Otherwise, if word gets out that the strongest pillar of my great summer is a wife-bearer, it will make the strongest men of other countries laugh."

    Ye Qingtian laughed.

    And at this time, Ye Fan had already walked into the living room, made tea for Ye Qingtian and invited him to take a seat.

    However, when he heard those words of Ye Qingtian just now, Ye Fan fell curious in his heart and couldn't help but ask, "So, the War God also has a woman he likes?"

    "To be able to win the favor of the strongest man in Yan Xia, I reckon that girl, must have a gorgeous posture."

    As they talked about this, the man in front of them, the majestic Yan Xia, suddenly became much more affectionate and soft, "I won't lie to you, she is indeed the number one beauty that I, Ye, have seen a lot in my life."

    "Not only does she have a magnificent face, she also has the power to shake the clouds."

    "Sometimes, even I am ashamed of myself in front of him."

    Ye Qingtian shook his head and lamented.

    He had never said these words to anyone else.

    Today, he also saw that Ye Fan was an infatuated man and said it.

    And Ye Fan was undoubtedly getting more and more interested: "Oh?"

    "And it makes you all ashamed of yourself?"

    "I do wonder, who is the goddess in the heart of the God of War now?"

    However, faced with Ye Fan's question, Ye waved his hand as if he didn't want to continue this topic and instead said, "Forget it, let's not talk about it."

    "Ye Fan, I'm looking for you today, but I'm here to ask forgiveness!"

    "I can hear that a few days ago, the Jiangbei Defense Zone was turned upside down by you."

    "Several major special battle teams were wiped out by your Green Dragon Regiment!"

    "The three major instructors, under you, one wounded, one dead and one disabled."

    "In all these years, such a bloody incident has never happened in my Yan Xia Defense Zone."

    "Do you know that after this incident happened, the military top brass, directly filed a complaint to the Martial Temple."

    "The most taboo thing about my Yan Xia Martial Dao is bullying the weak and killing on a large scale."

    "What you did, however, touched the bottom line."

    "Even in the Martial God Hall, there are people advocating to cure you of your transgressions."

    Ye Qingtian said in a deep voice, and Yu Qi was all with a bit of seriousness.

    Clearly, even Ye Qingtian felt that what Ye Fan had done was a bit too much.

    However, facing this, Ye Fan remained calm.

    He lifted his teacup, took a sip, and smiled calmly, "Yes?"

    "Someone wants to cure me of my faults, just let him come."

    "Tell him that I, Ye Fan, am waiting for him here."

    "Only if he is capable, what harm will it do if I, Ye Fan, give him the head of my item?"

    "You~" Ye Fan said this, infuriating Ye Qingtian's old eyes.

    Finally, with a helpless smile, "You, ah, you sure do have this temper."

    "I knew before I came here that it would be impossible to make you know your mistakes."

    "But Ye Fan, I'd advise you to try to restrain yourself a bit."

    "Otherwise, with this lonely and arrogant temperament of yours, I'm afraid you'll offend many people in the future."

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, "Knowing your mistakes?What wrong have I done, and why do I know it?"

    "It was those people who offended me in the first place."

    "If you want to blame them, you can only blame them for not being able to control themselves."

    "Martial cultivation is for quick and easy revenge."

    "If you have mastered power, but still allow people to bully you, then what use is it for this power?"

Chapter 1232

In the room, Ye Fan spoke in a deep voice as he drank tea.

    A short speech, but it left Ye Qingtian speechless, he opened his mouth and was stunned, not knowing how to refute.

    In the end, Ye Qingtian smiled bitterly, "Well, I'm nominally here to educate you, but I've been educated by you at the wrong time."

    "Forget it, let's not mention this matter."

    "I've learned about this matter anyway, and it's true that they messed with you in the first place."

    "Your only fault is that you were a little too hard on them."

    "But you're right, the weak are prey to the strong in this world.If you want to blame them, you can only blame them for not being able to control themselves."

    "If I were in your position, I guess there wouldn't be many of those people who would be able to survive."

    In between the words, Ye Qingtian picked up the tea that Ye Fan had made for him and drank it down.

    For a moment, the room fell into a brief silence.

    Only the crisp sound of clear tea entering the cup flowed quietly in the room.

    After a moment of silence, it was Ye Fan who was the first to break the silence here, "The War God has come here to find me, it should be for more than just the Jiangbei matter, right?"

    "If what I expected is right, you should have something else to tell me."

    The Jiangbei incident, although it was making a lot of noise in the entire Yanxia Military Region.

    But to Ye Qingtian, who stood at the peak of the Martial Dao, at best, it was just a few dead ants.

    Even if the Martial God Temple really wanted to blame him, it would definitely not let Ye Qingtian personally go out because of this matter.

    Therefore, Ye Fan concluded that this Ye Qingtian would definitely have something else to say.

    Ye Optimus smiled at his words, "You brat, but you can't hide it from me."

    "I can't hide it from you, this time I [Region 8] have found you here, there is indeed a matter that needs your action."

    "Oh? What is it?"Ye Fan asked curiously.

    Ye looked around first and saw no one around before he said, "Ye Fan, have you heard of it, Yuan Spirit Fruit?"

    "Well?Yuan Ling Fruit?"Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed slightly, "You mean, that Yuan Spirit Fruit that's greatly beneficial to martial cultivation?"

    Ye Qingtian did not expect Ye Fan to know, and was slightly shocked, the more he felt that this Ye Fan was not simple.

    One had to know that the matter regarding the Origin Spirit Fruit was also a confidential matter in the martial world.

    Among the globe, the countries that knew about this item were only about a dozen or so.

    The only ones who really knew about this matter were the ones who ruled the martial dao of various countries.

    But this Ye Fan actually knew about it, which naturally made Ye Qingtian somewhat impressed.

    However, where did Ye Qingtian know that Ye Fan was holding the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, which was a book of all things, and it naturally contained an introduction about the Origin Fruit.

    Therefore, there was nothing to be fussed about if Ye Fan knew about this object.

    "Yes, it's this Origin Spirit Fruit."

    "This fruit germinates for ten years, blossoms for ten years, and bears fruit for ten years.In other words, it matures once every thirty years, making it an extremely rare cultivation treasure.Moreover, it has no side effects."

    "It's especially effective for those who are strong below Ancestor."

    "A single Primordial Fruit has the potential to give birth to a Martial Dao Grandmaster."

    "Of course, even if a clan master takes it, that would be a considerable aid to cultivation."

    "It can be said to be, extremely precious!"

    Ye Qingtian said from the side.

    But as Ye Fan listened, he looked at Ye Qingtian, "So, the War God is the one who has news about the Origin Fruit?"

    Ye Qingtian nodded.

    "As I said, this Yuan Spirit Fruit ripens once every thirty years."

    "And now, exactly thirty years have passed since the last time it ripened."

    "I'm looking for you this time, but I also want you to go to the land of America on behalf of Yan Xia, to snatch the Origin Spirit Fruit."

    "Let me go?Wouldn't the odds of winning such treasures be better if you personally went there, War God?"Ye Fan asked curiously.

    Ye Qingtian shook his head, "You don't understand.When this Origin Fruit Tree was first discovered, martial dao from every country sent top-ranked strongmen to fight for it."

    "As a result, in the land of America, several title clerics fought.The aftermath of the battle not only affected countless local residents, but also caused many of the Origin Fruit Trees to be destroyed in the war."

    "Therefore, ever since then, all the countries that knew about the Origin Fruit made a pact with each other to forbid powerful clansmen and above from participating in the looting."

    "Otherwise, they will be subjected to the joint sanction of the martial powerhouses of the remaining countries!"

    "So, not only me and Sword Sage and the others can't go, but also the strongest people on the Yan Xia Clan Master List."

    Ye Qingtian said in a deep voice.

    These secret secrets at the national level, Ye Fan naturally didn't know.

    After all, Ye Fan was only a small person before, and he certainly couldn't get in touch with such matters between the top levels of the country.

    This was the gap between the circles.

    Ordinary people were exposed to nothing more than the trivial matters around them throughout their lives.

    But those who stood at the top were naturally exposed to a very different landscape.

    Now that Ye Fan manifested his majesty and was acknowledged by the Martial God Temple side, these things were said to Ye Fan.

    "So, you want me to go and fight for it as an Entering Powerful One?"

    Underneath the clerics was the Entering Transformation.

    Since countries forbade strong clerics from participating in battles, but naturally, the vast majority of those who went to fight would be at the Entering Transformation realm.

    Ye Qingtian nodded heavily, "Right."

    "Your identity is still in the secrecy stage."

    "The Martial Divine Hall doesn't have your name, and you haven't been on the clansmen's list."

    "So those people abroad, naturally, don't know that you already have the power of a clan master."

    "Even if you exposed your strength at the final robbery stage, it doesn't matter too much.Let's just say that you made the breakthrough during the war."

    "There are some things, even if the crowd knows it all, but without proof, they can't attack my Yan Xia Wudao."

    "What's more, it's already an unspoken rule in various countries, and it's not just us Yan Xia that's using it."

    Indeed, by using this method to send in strong clansmen, one could bypass the contract signed by the martial dao of each country in the first place.

    However, this method also had many restrictions.

    That was, the other party must be a hidden Zongshi powerhouse.

    Otherwise, there was no way to muddle through!

    After all, how many people could be strong enough to be a national clan master or above?

    With a population of 1.4 billion people in Yan Xia, there were only ten clansmen and six titles.

    It only adds up to sixteen.

    Who was a grandmaster, who wasn't a grandmaster, and even like the War God their strengths and weaknesses, the intelligence departments of the martial arts of various countries had already studied them thoroughly.

    When the boxing champion Mo Liao Cheng engaged in broken shoes, it was the intelligence department of the martial arts of the United States of America that poked out.

    In this world, the one who knows better than you know yourself is the enemy.

    So, this contract is not that easy to exploit.

    Just like Ye Qingtian, when you go out for one stop, people will be able to recognize you.

    There are also those people on the Yan Xia Clan Masters list, their portraits have already been spread all over the world in the major martial arts forums.Who would believe it if they wanted to impersonate an Entering Transformation powerhouse?

    Only a strong man like Ye Fan, who hadn't really been exposed yet, could take this gap.

Chapter 1233

"How, Evan?"

    "Can we go?"

    "With your strength, at a critical moment, you will be able to sweep the nations with a bang!"

    "Moreover, regardless of whether this trip is successful or not, the Martial God Hall will also have a reward to give away after returning."

    Ye Qingtian looked towards Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan's decision.

    Although, it was undoubtedly the best person to lead this trip with Ye Fan.

    However, with that temper of Ye Fan's, if he didn't want to go, there was nothing Ye Qingtian and the others could do.

    After all, to a certain extent, Ye Qingtian was only asking for his help, and Ye Fan naturally had the power to refuse.

    Faced with Ye Qingtian's question, Ye Fan didn't rush to answer.

    Instead, he took a light sip of tea and then asked, "So, this is a mission sent to me by the country?"

    "Hey, can't say it's a mission.All I can say is that I'm asking you to do me a favor.If you don't want to go, I won't force you.However, Ye Fan, I really want you to go there.After all, this is also a matter that concerns the fate of my Yan Xia Martial Dao country."

    "As you know, every realm of martial dao cultivation is a hurdle, especially when it comes to becoming a master, that threshold is even harder to cross!"

    "The list of my Yan Xia clansmen has not changed for decades."


    "It's because too many strong people are trapped at the peak of Entering Transformation for decades and have difficulty breaking the bottleneck."

    "And if I, Yan Xia, can obtain a Yuan Spiritual Fruit and take it for a strong person at the peak of Entering Transformation, the chances of stepping into a grandmaster will undoubtedly be eighty percent!"

    "A master is like a dragon, and the birth of a martial arts master is also of great significance to the country!"

    Ye couldn't help but persuade from the side.

    Perhaps, compared to the Sealed Master, the Martial Dao Master's strength was inferior.

    However, in terms of practicality, it was still the Martial Grandmaster's role that was greater.

    A grandmaster was a title grandmaster, and that was the difference between a strategic nuclear weapon and a conventional weapon.

    Nuclear weapons were awesome, right?

    Of course it's awesome!

    But in a normal war, who would use nuclear weapons?

    Only idiots would, right.

    After all, when a nuclear war starts, the whole world is going to be fucked.

    So-called strategic weapons are just that, more than anything else, they're just there as a deterrent, to calm the situation.

    It was still conventional weapons that were really used for warfare.

    In the martial arts world, even if there was a conflict between countries, they would only send a grandmaster to fight it out.

    Even if there was a conflict between countries, they would only send a strong master to fight it out, but there would rarely be a war between title masters.

    It was precisely for this reason that the role of Martial Dao Masters was undoubtedly magnified.

    This was also why, in order to fight for the Origin Spirit Fruit, Ye Qingtian personally came as a lobbyist to convince Ye Fan to go there.

    Hearing these words from Ye Qingtian, Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh softly.

    "Don't you laugh, give me permission to go or not!"

    "A man in a hurry~"

    Although Ye Qingtian was the strongest person in Yanxia, he never put up much of a front in front of Ye Fan, and was easy-going as if he was an old friend who had known Ye Fan for many years.

    "You've spoken to this extent, can I still not go?"

    "I'll help with that favor.All as a way to return the favor, and by the way, do something for the country."

    In the end, Ye Fan nodded his head and agreed.

    These days, the War God had indeed helped Ye Fan quite a bit, and whether it was public or private, this favor, Ye Fan undoubtedly had no reason to refuse.

    Moreover, now that Ye Fan's cultivation was also in a bottleneck, perhaps the appearance of the Origin Spirit Fruit was an unattainable chance for Ye Fan himself.



    "With your presence, you will definitely not return home empty-handed this time."

    "Ye Fan, do you know that thirty years ago, in that Battle of the Americas, my Yan Xia Martial Dao sent eight strong men who entered the peak of Transformation, and in the end, not only did they return empty-handed, two more were killed in the scuffle, and the remaining six were seriously or lightly injured, suffering heavy casualties ah."

    "This time, you'll have to fight for your life."

    "Also, if you see an Indian powerhouse, give me a death sentence."

    Yes, the casualties of my Yan Xia Martial Dao thirty years ago were thanks to the strong men of the Indian Country!

    Of course, it wasn't that my Yan Xia strongmen were inferior, it was mainly because there was a grandmaster mixed in with the other strongmen.

    A clan master is like a dragon, and when an Entering Strong Man versus a Martial Dao Master, it's naturally a one-sided slaughter.

    This was also why, the casualties of the last time, were so heavy.

    After this matter was finished, Ye Qingtian asked to Ye Fan, "However, if you really participated in this competition for the Yuan Spirit Fruit, your identity is bound to be impossible to hide."

    "A Junior Grandmaster is bound to attract the prying eyes of the martial dao of various countries then."

    "So Ye Fan, I really hope that you, after returning from this trip to South America, will join the Martial God Temple."

    "You have the identity of the Deputy Master of the Martial God Temple, and many powers will be much more scrupulous."

    "What's more, there are some resources as well as some opportunities to enter the secret realm that only members of the Martial God Temple can enjoy."

    "If you don't join the Martial God Temple, there are some opportunities that I wouldn't be able to nominate to you even if I wanted to."

    Ye Qingtian said to Ye Fan in a public spirit.

    To Ye Fan, this Yan Xia's strongest man was undoubtedly extremely appreciative.

    Ye Qingtian had even always regarded Ye Fan as the future pillar of Yan Xia.

    However, to Ye Qingtian's disappointment, Ye Fan had refused after all.

    "War God, let's talk about joining the Martial God Hall later."

    "I'm not ungrateful, but mainly I have some personal grudges that I haven't understood yet."

    "Before that, I don't want to consider anything else."

    "Personal grudges?What grudge, can I help you?"Ye Qingtian was suddenly curious.

    It must be known that the current Ye Fan, although he hadn't been publicly announced by the Martial God Temple, there was no doubt that he was already the seventh pillar powerhouse of Yan Xia.

    To be able to sit in this position, it could be said that the entire Yan Xia was at his mercy.

    For today's Ye Fan, what other grudges could bother him?

    "No need, I'll take care of it myself."Ye Fan shook his head, but didn't elaborate.

    "Alright, since you're insistent, I won't try to persuade you anymore.However, if you've figured it out, feel free to come to me, the Martial God Hall's door is always open for you."

    "With that said, I will not bother you anymore."

    "When I return, I will immediately determine the people who will accompany you to South America on this trip."

    "Three days later, I will have them, come to Yunzhou to mix with you."

    After saying that, Ye didn't linger any longer and got up to leave.

    Ye Fan didn't keep him either, it was impossible to keep a man like this windy man.

    After sending Ye Qingtian away, Ye Fan went to the Genting Mountain Villa again.

    At this time, the villa was already bent into seventy-eight.

    In a short while, it was expected to be finished.

    "Just in time, when I return from this trip to South America, the Genting Mountain Villa will almost be completely finished."

    "After that, I'll immediately start building the Cloud Dao Heaven's End Formation!"

    "Once the great formation in Yunzhou, Jingzhou, and Yanjing is complete, the Chu family will almost be ready to go."

    At the top of the cloud top mountain, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative.

    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing Ye Fan's shirt and hunting!

Chapter 1234

During this period of time, Ye Fan had been waiting for news from Ye Qingtian's side.

    Two days later, however, Lu Tianhe suddenly called to express his greetings to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, thank you for saving my life that day, Jiang Bei."

    "If it wasn't for my mobility, I would have paid a personal visit today to show my gratitude."

    Among the words came Lu Tianhe's respectful and reverent words.

    After that day's battle in Jiangbei, Ye Fan's position in Lu Tianhe's heart had undoubtedly been elevated once again.

    After all, Ye Fan alone fought a fierce battle against a group of heroes, and with his own strength, he was able to turn the tide and tyrannize the three major military instructors, which could be said to have trampled down the entire Yan Xia military world.

    This kind of deed, even talking about it, felt heartbreaking.

    As a personal witness of that day, the shock that Ye Fan had brought to Lu Tianhe was undoubtedly even more intense.

    Now, Lu Tianhe was close to treating Ye Fan as his idol!

    Thinking back to when I first met Ye Fan in Jingzhou, how insignificant the teenager was at that time.

    Even Lu Tianhe, hadn't cared about the teenager!

    However, who would have thought that the young man who had been excluded by the Ye family and despised by his own siblings in Jingzhou City would have grown to this point today.

    Not only did he pierce through the Yanxia Defense Zone, he also made the country pay such attention.

    Even, in order to get closer to Ye Fan, he was even directly put in charge of the Jiangdong Defense Zone!

    Yes, from a certain point of view, Lu Tianhe's life, and even today's power, was all thanks to Ye Fan.

    To this man, Lu Tianhe naturally admired him from the bottom of his heart.

    "No need to be polite."

    "You were injured in the first place, but it was also to shelter the Green Dragon."

    "If I say thank you, it's also me thanking you on behalf of the Green Dragon."

    Ye Fan said indifferently.

    Throughout, Ye Fan had this kind of cloudy and light tone.

    Even though the one speaking to him at this moment was a sitting general!

    "Don't, Mr. Chu's words, I can't afford that."

    "What's more, thanks to Mr. Chu's trust, he let the Green Dragon compete with me, if the Green Dragon is damaged as a result, I, Lu Tianhe, would have no face to meet Mr. Chu even if I were to die."Lu Tianhe said with a sweat.

    After that, Ye Fan didn't exchange pleasantries with Lu Tianhe anymore and only asked how his injuries were.

    That day, when Ye Fan brought Lu Tianhe out, Lu Tianhe was dying and miserable, almost hanging on by a thread.

    Ye Yuyan and the others, at one point, thought that Lu Tianhe couldn't be saved.

    In the end, Ye Fan asked Qing Long to send "spiritual medicine", which pulled Lu Tianhe back from the gate of ghosts.

    Of course, Ye Fan's "elixir" here is not a real panacea, but just some medicine according to the recipe he got from the great-grandmother, so that Lu Tianhe can take a daily medicinal bath to recover.

    "Thank you Mr. Chu for your thoughts, thanks to the medicine Mr. Chu sent me, I'm in much better condition now."

    "Other than not being able to walk off the ground yet, the rest of my injuries are no longer a problem."

    They chatted briefly a few more times before Lu Tianhe stepped into the main topic and said to Ye Fan, "By the way, Mr. Chu, General Ye should have told you about the trip to America."

    "Originally, the plan was for the instructors of our several defense zones to go together.Now that something like this has happened, we can only trouble you, Mr. Chu."

    "In addition, I have received news that there are three others who will accompany Mr. Chu, and the dog daughter is among them."

    "This lady daughter of mine, although she is somewhat talented in the martial path.But her nature is a bit capricious, and this time in the Heart of America, if Dog Daughter has rushed Mr. Chu in any place, Mr. Chu will only teach her a lesson, don't mind me."

    "Also, if nothing unexpected happens, they should be here this afternoon."

    Lu Tianhe said respectfully from Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, while saying, "After going around for half a day, you're trying to say that I should take care of your daughter more on the way."

    "Don't worry, I'll shelter him as much as I can."

    "Then thank you, Mr. Chu."After Lu Tianhe thanked him, he also hung up the phone.

    Sure enough, that afternoon, a line of three people appeared at the international airport in Jianghai.

    One of them, dressed in a grey robe, had somewhat white hair, but his steps were steady and strong, and there was an invisible majesty between his eyebrows.

    At a glance, one could tell that he was someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

    The other two, a man and a woman, were both relatively young.

    It looked like they were around thirty years old at most.

    However, both of them were extremely outstanding looking.

    The male was dressed in a suit, with starry eyebrows and sword eyes, appearing to be Kongwu.

    The woman was wearing a dark red leather jacket, her body slim and sexy.The slim skirt on her body outlined a near perfect curve.

    Along the way, it even caused many passersby to look at her secretly.

    After all, it was uncommon to see a girl with face and material like this.

    These two, one on the left and one on the right, followed beside that old man, their words and actions appearing unusually respectful.

    "Old Man Kong, this is Jiangdong."

    "However, my father told us to go to Yunzhou to meet up with Mr. Chu, and then head to the American continent together afterwards."

    "So, I'm afraid we'll have to sit for a few hours' drive."

    At this moment, the woman with the beautiful figure, while looking at her phone, politely said to the old man beside her.


    "More hurrying?"

    When the old man heard that they hadn't even arrived yet, he was a bit unhappy and his brows furrowed slightly.

    After all, it was reasonable to say that when they went to the Americas to execute their characters, a direct flight over in Yanjing was the closest.

    But the Martial God Hall had to make them go around to Jiangdong to pick up a man named Mr. Chu.

    This naturally made the old man a little discontented!

    He was the leader of the team this time anyway, and it would be detrimental to have him personally pick up the members under his banner?

    "Yan Xi, what is this Mr. Chu's origin, and he even asked us to pick him up from his house personally?"

    "Of course, we're juniors, it's just a matter of going to pick it up."

    "Old Man Kong is highly respected, a long-established elder in the martial arts world, and the person in charge of this team."

    "In all fairness and reason, Mr. Na Chu should come to pay his respects to Elder Kong."

    "But the higher-ups don't know what's going on, but they're asking us to go to Yunzhou to find him?"

    "It's inexplicable!"

    At this time, the handsome man on the side was also complaining with a disgruntled heart.

    Lu Yanxi shook his head and said, "I'm not sure."

    "But from what my father said, he should be a person of good strength."

    "It's said that in the defense zone competition a few days ago, the instructors of the three major defense zones, including Jiangbei and Southwest, all lost to him."

    "Oh, yeah?"Lu Hua sneered, "No wonder such a big rack has just gone out of style."

    "But that's the case, then it's not worthy of letting Kong Lao personally pick it up."

    "Let's do it this way, I think we'll just wait here and let him come to us in Jianghai."

    "This way, it will also save time.We'll end up taking a plane from Jianghai anyway."

Chapter 1235

Lu Hua suggested from the side.

    "This..."Lu Yanxi was undoubtedly a bit hesitant.

    After all, he didn't know anything about this Mr. Chu either.The only thing she knew was what her father had instructed her before she left.

    Telling her that Mr. Chu was a big man, and that she must get along with Mr. Chu.

    So, now that Lu Hua asked her to call Ye Fan to come over to pay her respects to Kong Lao by herself, Lu Yanxi was naturally a little hesitant.

    If she provoked Mr. Chu as a result, that was not what Lu Yanxi wanted to see.

    So, Lu Yanxi only had to return, "Lu Hua, I think it would be better for the two of us to take a trip to Yunzhou ourselves, so as to appear more polite."

    "After all, there's naturally a reason for such an arrangement from above."

    "It means that this Mr. Chu, in the Yanxia Martial Dao World, must also be a respected elder."

    "The two of us being juniors, and now that we are on a mission together, we should go to pay our respects."

    "Kong Lao, what do you think?"

    After Lu Yanxi finished speaking, he looked to the side at Kong Ming.

    This trip to Africa, Kong Ming was in charge, and Lu Yanxi and the others, the juniors, naturally had to listen to his opinions.

    But actually, before this, the Martial God Temple planned for Ye Fan to be this person in charge.

    Later, considering that Ye Fan needed to hide his strength to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, he had Kong Ming be the nominal person in charge.

    However, none of these considerations, whether it was Kong Ming, or Lu Yanxi and the others, knew.

    They only believed that it was because of Kong Ming's strength and prestige that he had become the person in charge of this operation!

    In response to Lu Yanxi's question, Kong Lao also nodded, "Well, what Yanxi said is reasonable."

    "Let's say, Xiaohua, Yan Xi, you two will make a trip to Yunzhou to meet up with Old Man Chu and convey the greetings of the Martial God Temple, then lead him to Jiang Hai."

    "I'll be waiting for you here."Kong Ming said in a deep voice.

    Yes, Kong Ming almost had a preconceived notion that this Mr. Chu was an old and powerful man of the same high esteem as him.Otherwise, there was no way that the Martial God Hall would have allowed them to personally pick him up.

    Only, the only thing that puzzled Kong Ming was that he had never heard that there was someone surnamed Chu among the older strongmen.

    "Perhaps, it's because I've paid too little attention to the Jiangdong Martial Dao~"

    Kong Ming shook his head, thinking inwardly.

    Unlike Lan Chen and the others, he had spent most of his life devoted to cultivation and most of his life studying the martial dao, and was never enthusiastic about matters of fighting for fame and fortune.Therefore, he naturally knew less about some current affairs in the martial dao world.

    Especially in these recent years, he had been training behind closed doors in order to break through his bottleneck, and even more so, his news was closed, so he naturally knew very little about some of the strongest people of the day.

    After Kong Ming had spoken, Lu Hua didn't say anything else, so he drove off to Yunzhou along with Lu Yanxi.

    A few hours later, these two appeared outside the western suburban villa.

    The breeze was gusting, the willows were clinging to it, and there was an ancient canal winding through not far away.

    Looking at the quiet and elegant surroundings, Lu Hua did enjoy himself, "This place is elegant, no silks and bamboo to disturb the ears, no case toil, but it is a rare and quiet place."

    "It seems that this old gentleman Chu is also a man who has escaped the world."

    "No wonder I've never heard of this person in the southwest land."

    Lu Hua had always admired those reclusive high ranking people who, even though they possessed talents and abilities that could hold supreme power, were able to abandon the prosperity of the world and all temptations, secluding themselves in seclusion and cultivating their bodies.

    This empty-mindedness alone has surpassed most people in the world.

    "Let's go, Rock Eve, let's go in together and pay our respects to old Mr. Chu."

    "I'm becoming more and more curious about this Old Man Chu's appearance."

    Lu Hua laughed and then walked towards the villa door along with Lu Yanxi.

    Then, Lu Hua's qi sank into his dantian, and in a split second, a middle-powered voice rose up, and it spread across the nine heavens.

    "Dare I ask if old Mr. Chu is here?"

    "Senior Lu Hua~"

    "Land Rock Eve~"

    "By order of the Martial Shrine, I have come to pay my respects to Old Man Chu!"

    In front of the door, Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi both cupped their hands and shouted respectfully.

    One second~.

    Two seconds.


    A full minute passed and there was still no sound behind the door, only the wind and birdsong.



    "Shouldn't it?"

    "Is this light still on?"

    Lu Hua frowned.

    However, just as they were confused, the tight door of the room, finally opened.

    Only a young man, shuffling along with slippers and a pink apron with white noodles on his hands, appeared in front of Lu Yanxi and the two like this.

    "Haha, you guys are here?"

    "Come in."

    "It just so happens that I'm wrapping dumplings with my wife, so we'll leave later after we eat them."Ye Fan greeted warmly.

    However, looking at the smoky young man in front of him, Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi were both slightly stunned, then Lu Hua smiled, "You should be, Mr. Chu's grandson, right?"

    "I wonder if you could take us to pay our respects to your grandfather?"

    This time it was Ye Fan's turn to be confused: "Old Mr. Chu?What old Mr. Chu?"

    "It's just me and my wife at home, so where's the old man?"

    "Oh oh, then it looks like we've got the wrong door, sorry."Hearing this, Lu Hua and the two thought they had knocked on the wrong door, and after saying sorry, they also turned around and left.

    However, after leaving, Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi looked and looked again and again and were confused, "This is the one, there's no mistake."

    "Could it be that the Martial God Temple gave the wrong address?"

    Confused, Lu Hua and the two knocked on the villa's door once again.

    "That, may I ask, is this really not Old Man Chu's home?"

    Ye Fan came out with the dumplings this time.

    As he ate, he shook his head and said, "This is my home, not Old Man Chu's home."

    "That's strange."

    "Rock Eve, why don't you ask your father."

    "Didn't you say that your father is familiar with Mr. Chu, maybe he knows the address?"

    Lu Hua looked at Lu Yanxi and said slowly.

    Lu Yanxi nodded, "Okay, I'll ask."

    "You are, Lu Tianhe's daughter, Lu Yanxi, right?"At this time, hearing Lu Hua's conversation between the two, Ye Fan's gaze looked over and asked with a smile.

    Lu Yanxi was shocked, "How do you know?"

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Don't ask, the Mr. Chu you're looking for is me."

    "Your father called me this morning and asked me to look out for you on the road."


    "You ....You are Mr. Chu?"

    At that time, Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi were both confused, their eyes staring at the young man in front of them in disbelief as they stared at him.

    They had never thought that the Martial God Hall would let them personally pay homage to Mr. Chu, whom Lu Tianhe had asked her to honor, would be this young man in front of them.

    This...This fucking, is only in his early twenties, right?


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