Dish Best Served Cold 1236-1240

 A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1236

"Yes, I'm Mr. Chu."

    In front of the villa door, Lu Yanxi and Lu Hua were still in shock and hadn't returned to their senses.

    But Ye Fan was holding a bowl and eating dumplings while smiling breezily.

    The Jiangdong people had a custom that whenever a relative traveled far away, they would wrap dumplings to send them off.

    This time when Ye Fan was about to leave, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan's husband and wife, they also made dumplings together on a whim.

    However, this process was by no means smooth.

    Teaching a person with nearly blank cooking skills to make dumplings was never an easy task.To Ye Fan, the hardship was no less than a clan master duel.

    But Qiu Mu Orange insisted on learning and insisted on letting Ye Fan eat the farewell dumplings she had wrapped for him.

    In the end, the two of them drummed for half a day before they were able to fix the dinner.

    Fortunately, the time was about the same, and they had just made this dinner when Lu Yanxi and the others arrived.

    At this time, Ye Fan was still wearing the pink scarf on his body, with white flour on his sleeves, completely looking like a squeezed "housewife".

    "Have you eaten yet?"

    "Do you want to go in for a bowl of dumplings?"

    Evan asked enthusiastically.


    "O cement coal!"

    However, at this time, Lu Hua had undoubtedly recovered from his shock.

    The two of them looked at Ye Fan with blackened faces, finding it hard to believe that the Martial God Temple would allow someone so young to participate in this operation.


    "Playing with us?"

    "A punk kid, and you're asking me, Lu Hua, to personally invite you?"

    "I really don't know what the Martial God Temple over there is thinking."

    Lu Hua was undoubtedly extremely dissatisfied with this.

    This operation was originally ferocious and dangerous, and he certainly hoped that all the participants would be strong party members who could stand alone.

    Even if not every single one of them could not be a highly respected martial predecessor like Kong Lao, but at least they couldn't pull back the hind legs weren't they!

    Now that the Martial Divine Hall had recruited a bratty youngster into their ranks, Lu Hua was naturally dissatisfied.

    What made him even more dissatisfied was that the Martial Divine Hall had even arranged for them to personally pay their respects to this youngster.

    "It's fortunate that Kong Lao didn't come, otherwise, I'm afraid I would have been angry to death!"

    Lu Hua said something viciously, while not lingering, he turned his head and left.

    "What's wrong with him?"

    "On gunpowder?"

    "If you don't want to eat it, don't get mad."

    "Besides, my wife wrapped me dumplings and I'm not happy to let him eat them?"

    Ye Fan was not angry at Lu Hua's dissatisfaction.

    Instead, he even smiled faintly, as if nothing had happened, but he didn't take it to heart at all.

    "What about you?"

    "Would you like to try my wife's cooking?"

    "It's rare enough to wrap dumplings for this first time."

    Ye Fan was almost flaunting, praising Autumn Mu Orange in front of the outsiders.

    "I'm not interested."

    At this time, it was obvious that Lu Yanxi didn't have a good attitude either.

    Especially after seeing how young Ye Fan was, the previous expectation and respect had undoubtedly all disappeared.

    Yes, the young man in front of him was completely different from the "Old Mr. Chu" he had imagined, simply a far cry from the one he had imagined.

    He originally thought that the person who could make his father hold his father in such high esteem, even if not as good as Kong Lao, must be an extremely cultivated and dignified martial arts senior.

    However, the ideal was plump, but the reality was extraordinarily bone-chilling!

    He had never thought that this "Old Mr. Chu" would be the unkempt, hangdog young man in front of him.

    If it wasn't for the fact that his father was familiar with this Mr. Chu, I guess Lu Yanxi would have turned his head and left just like Lu Hua.

    After all, this Ye Fan, was too young.

    And being young was often associated with being weak and unreliable.

    "When really not eating?"

    "There won't be a shop past this village."Ye Fan said jokingly.

    "Alright, I don't have time to gossip with you.After dinner, immediately head to Jianghai International Airport, we'll wait for you there."

    "If you don't arrive by ten o'clock at night, you won't have to participate in this mission."

    "Do you understand what I'm saying? ...."

    Lu Yanxi was still saying, when the shout of Qiu Mu Orange came from just inside the villa.

    "Okay, wife, I'll come right away~"

    "Er.Well, if you'll excuse me, my wife is calling me, I have to hurry over."

    "Otherwise, you'll have to kneel on the scrubs~"

    Ye Fan hurriedly agreed, then couldn't care less about what Lu Yanxi said and turned his head to head back.



    At that time, Lu Yanxi was undoubtedly going to be mad.

    She hadn't finished her side of the business, but this Ye Fan had even left?


    "Or a wimp who's afraid of his wife?"

    "What kind of strange teammate is this?"

    Lu Yanxi was full of black lines and cursed in a low voice with an iron face.

    What she hated most in her life was this kind of wimp who was afraid of his wife.

    If you don't have any manhood, what's the difference between you and a woman?

    Those who achieve great things should have great spirit.

    Like Ye Fan, he was doomed to a lifetime of nothing.

    "Forget it, don't bother with him."

    "Love to come or not."

    "Anyway, one more of him is no more, one less of him is no less."

    Lu Yanxi didn't care if Ye Fan had heard about Jiang Hai's rendezvous or not anymore, after Ye Fan went back, she also left with him.

    Jiang Hai.

    Kong Lao had been waiting here for a long time, but after seeing that it was still just Lu Yanxi and Lu Hua who had arrived, he frowned.

    "What's going on?"

    "Where's old Mr. Chu?"

    "Have you invited them yet?"

    "Please, my ass!"Lu Hua, perhaps because he was angry in his heart, just burst out.

    "Kong Lao, you don't know that this Mr. Chu, is just a bratty teenager."

    "Or a wimp who is afraid of his wife!"

    "He was wearing a scarf and doing chores for his wife when we got there?"

    "Here we were talking business, and there he was called back by his wife like a dog."

    "Mudd, a man who is so afraid of his wife that she crawls to such a state of fear has simply disgraced our manhood!"

    "I don't know why the top chose such people to travel with us."

    "Isn't that holding us back?"

    "And let us personally come to Jiangdong to pick him up, a brat, he's worthy?"

    Lu Hua was so angry that he couldn't stop complaining.


    "A teenager?"

    Kong Ming was obviously surprised, and then began to speculate as to why the Martial God Temple had made such an arrangement.

    "Kong Lao, I think we shouldn't wait any longer, let's just leave with the three of us."

    "Otherwise, this kind of person is carrying a burden."

    As for Ye Fan's strength, naturally Ye didn't tell them.

    After all, the deeper the bottom card was hidden, the better the effect would be.

    Otherwise, if it were to leak out, then the Yanxia Martial Dao would be subjected to a common international crusade.

Chapter 1237

It was in order to hide Ye Fan's strength that the Martial God Temple didn't inform Kong Ming and the others too much about Ye Fan.

    However, after all, Kong Ming was an old man and he didn't think that the Martial God Temple would be so rash.

    Ye Fan was able to participate in this operation, there must be something remarkable about him.

    Therefore, in the face of Lu Hua's words, however, Kong Ming shook his head and said, "Let's wait a little longer."

    "There must be a reason why this Mr. Chu was chosen by the Martial God Hall."

    "If what I expect is correct, it should be a descendant of some great person."

    "The purpose of going with us this time is probably more to increase our knowledge."

    "Even if we don't look at his face, we still have to look at the Martial Shrine's face, don't we?"

    Kong Ming said in a deep voice.

    His words, however, also reminded Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi.

    "Right, what Kong is saying is right."

    "I also think that this Mr. Chu should have a big background."

    "Most likely, it's the descendant of a certain Martial God Hall's Hall Master."

    "Otherwise, a junior teenager, how could the Martial God Temple let us personally come to Jiangdong to pay our respects?"

    Lu Yanxi nodded his head in deep thought.

    Only this reason could explain why his own father had allowed himself to have more contact with this Mr. Chu.

    Presumably, his own father's real purpose was not to let himself suck up to Ye Fan, but to suck up to the person behind Ye Fan.

    "No way, those six hall masters of the Martial God Hall shouldn't have a surname Chu, right?"

    Lu Hua heard this, but his face was a bit ugly.

    He had to know that he had previously scolded Ye Fan in front of him.

    If this Ye Fan really had a powerful background, Lu Hua couldn't help but worry about his own safety.

    While the three were talking, a voice came from not far away.

    "Sorry to keep you waiting."

    It was none other than Ye Fan, who had just arrived from Yunzhou, who was speaking at this time.

    "You are?"

    Kong Ming had never seen Ye Fan and was naturally confused.

    Still, Lu Yanxi introduced from the side, "Old Kong, he is that Mr. Chu."

    "Oh, so young?"

    Even though Kong Ming had been prepared, he was still surprised at Ye Fan's youth when he saw his face.

    It was reasonable to say that this operation was a matter of great importance, the future of Yan Xia's martial dao future was at stake, the Martial God Hall should have arranged for all strong people to accompany them, but now, a young man had been added, wasn't this child's play?

    However, mindful of the powerful background that might exist behind Ye Fan, Kong Ming didn't say anything.

    Just nodding, he didn't even introduce himself and directly said, "Well, since we're here, let's go."

    "But before we leave, I'll say something up front."

    "This trip is fierce and dangerous, it's not child's play, nor is it fun, the slightest mistake is the land of doom and gloom."

    "Therefore, until the mission is over, all of you, must obey my orders unconditionally."

    "Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences!"

    After saying that, Kong Ming also got up and walked directly towards the waiting hall.

    "Brother, let's go over there as well."

    Lu Hua's attitude was suddenly much better this time, not only did he no longer have the contempt and disdain he had for Ye Fan, but he also took the initiative to chat and greet him.


    Ye Fan nodded his head.

    Just like this, the group of four people got on a plane to Yanjing.

    According to the plan, they first flew to Yanjing in Jianghai.

    Then in Yanjing, they would take a chartered plane and fly directly to the American continent, and due to the great distance between them, the trip would take almost twenty hours.


    "Your last name is Ye?"

    "That's strange, why does the Martial God Temple over there, let us address you as Mr. Chu?"

    On the plane, Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi were prying into the details of Ye Fan.

    As for Kong Ming, it seemed that he didn't talk much because he had a generation gap with these young people, always sitting there with his eyes closed.

    However, when Lu Hua learned Ye Fan's name, he was curious and asked Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled, "You guys should have heard of the allusion of the three becoming a tiger, right?"

    "Actually, in the beginning, it was someone who got my last name wrong and thought my last name was Chu.Then slowly, one thing led to another, and everyone followed and called me Mr. Chu."

    "I didn't bother to correct them, so I let them go."

    Ye Fan's words were half-true and half-true, neither right nor wrong.

    At first, the first one to call him Mr. Chu was still Li Er.

    Li Er used to be a slave for the Chu family, knew a few things about Ye Fan's background and knew that Ye Fan was of Chu family blood, so he naturally respected him as Mr. Chu.

    Later on, when Ye Fan became famous, everyone naturally followed Li Er and respected him as Mr. Chu.

    It is only thought that Ye Fan deliberately used the title "Mr. Chu" to hide his true identity.

    "Oh, so that's how it is."

    Lu Yanxi and the others nodded their heads, but after learning Ye Fan's real name, they almost subconsciously connected him with someone from the Martial God Temple.

    Could it be that this Ye Fan, when he was really a descendant of him?

    Lu Hua hesitated for a long time, but finally didn't hold back and asked sideways, "Then I wonder if Brother Ye, do you know the guardian of my Yan Xia Martial Dao, the God of War, Ye Qingtian?"

    Ye Fan nodded, "The name of the War God, I naturally know it."

    "If it wasn't for him this time, I wouldn't have joined you and headed to America."


    "So, you're really a descendant of the God of War?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Lu Hua and the others were all shocked.

    Even Kong Ming, who had been resting with his eyes closed, opened his eyes wide open.

    Although, he had expected that this Ye Fan, who was so young to be able to participate in such an important action, must have quite a few connections in the Martial God Hall.However, he hadn't expected that this Ye Fan's background would be Ye Qingtian.

    Ye Qingtian was the strongest person in Yan Xia, and this Ye Fan had him to rely on, yet there was no one to fear in this Yan Xia land.

    "It's just that the War God has been practicing alone all these years and has never married.Could it be that this Ye Fan, is the War God's illegitimate son who is hiding out?"Kong Ming guessed in his mind.


    Ye Fan was stunned and looked at Lu Yanxi and Lu Hua, who were filled with fear, and laughed.

    "You've misunderstood, between me and the War God, we're just duckweed.At most, it's just a friend relationship, not a family member."

    "Of course, we are both surnamed Ye, perhaps a few thousand years ago, some connection?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, he did not expect that these people had such a rich imagination.

    Just because their surname was the same as the War God, they thought they were descendants of the War God.

    What a laugh.


    "But Brother Ye, at such a young age, can get to know people like the War God, so he must have a high family behind him, right?"

    "Or is it our Yan Xia, the hidden martial family?"

    Lu Hua, however, pursued the question again, seemingly interested in Ye Fan's background.

Chapter 1238

Ye Fan still shook his head and smiled back as he sipped the specially provided tea, "What's talk of high doors?"

    "I, Ye Fan, came from an ordinary background, and my mother was just a farmer."

    "Since childhood, I also grew up in the countryside."

    "It was only by coincidence that Fang entered the path of martial arts."

    "What I was able to achieve today was nothing more than my own luck."

    Ye Fan did not conceal it, but gave a frank account of his origin.

    There was no need to conceal it, it wasn't like it was something shameful.

    Ye Fan was never taboo about his ordinary origins, nor did he feel shame.

    They wanted to know, so Ye Fan was frank about it.


    "Farmer's boy?"Lu Hua frowned.

    "Villager?"Lu Yanxi was also shocked.

    "Ye Fan, you're joking with us, right?"

    "If you have no relational background, how could the Martial Temple let us take you out to see the world?"Lu Yanxi was a little skeptical.

    Ye Fan spread his hands and slowly said, "Why do I have to joke with you guys?"

    "As for why you said I would join this operation, I guess it's because of the power in my hands."

    "Only I am here to help you capture the Primordial Fruit."

    "Only I, too, can shelter you guys to return safely."

    "Otherwise, with just the strength of a few of you, this trip will be a disaster."

    Ye Fan's words were bland, but the pride in his tone was distinctive.

    Lu Hua and the others were black-faced at the words.

    "Just you?"

    "And power?"

    "And shelter us?"

    "How much power can you, a punk, master even if you start cultivating from your mother's womb?"

    "Not much of a man, but he can brag a lot!"


    "Ares and the others, why did they choose you to be on the team?"

    Lu Hua rolled his eyes at Ye Fan, while he didn't bother to pay attention to him anymore and turned his head to sit directly in front of the cabin.

    After learning that Ye Fan didn't have a background and was just a country bumpkin, Lu Hua naturally had no interest in him anymore.

    The fact that he was so warm and polite to Ye Fan just now was just because he was afraid of Ye Fan's background behind him.

    But now, it seemed that it was purely because they had thought too much!

    This guy, is a poor-born and damn narcissistic idiot.

    Lu Yanxi also looked at Ye Fan with eyes full of displeasure, it was obvious that those arrogant words that Ye Fan had just said were also disgusting to Lu Yanxi.

    If these words were spoken by Kong Lao, Lu Hua and the others would naturally not find them inappropriate.

    But a milquetoast brat was spouting nonsense here, it was strange that they weren't annoyed?

    "A word of advice, when you get to America later, temper your arrogant and cocky nature."

    "Otherwise, if you mess with anyone, don't blame us for seeing death!"

    Lu Yanxi solemnly warned Ye Fan, then also left the place and walked to the front row to sit down against Lu Hua.

    Kong Ming didn't say anything, just shook his head in disappointment, then continued to close his eyes and sit quietly.

    Just like this, Lu Hua and the others who were laughing with Ye Fan just now, were unwilling to even pay attention to Ye Fan, and directly left him out here, ignoring him.

    Ye Fan just gave a bitter smile to this.

    As expected, whether it was the secular world or the martial world, people's nature of disliking the poor and loving the rich never changed.

    After that, Ye Fan didn't say anything else.

    Lv Hua and the others did not want to take care of themselves, so Ye Fan naturally could not take the hot face to the cold buttocks.


    "Damn, I thought that this Ye Fan was after the War God, after this fucking mess, he's just a countryside turtle ah."

    "Is there really no one left in my Yanxia Martial Dao to let a country bumpkin participate in such an important action?"

    "I hope it's not a drag queen?"


    "I don't think it should be that bad."

    "Although this guy's origin is a bit humble, I think he still has some strength."

    "Otherwise, those instructors in the military area wouldn't have lost to him."Although Lu Yanxi did not have a good impression of Ye Fan, Lu Yanxi undoubtedly still remembered the words that Lu Tianhe had said to her before she left.

    "You're talking about, just Han Ping and Zhu Rong those goods, right?"

    "These people are all people who are selling themselves short."

    "Apprentices are somewhat flowery and have no real skills at all."

    "Let's say Han Ping, he's the fifth in the Ancestor Ranking, and Fairy Han's own nephew."

    "But if he had a few talents in martial arts, Immortal Han would never pass on his own mastery to a person with a foreign name and accept him as his own disciple, right?"

    "These people, I defeat them only as a dog."

    "Defeating them doesn't prove anything?"

    "What's more, your father you said that Han Pingding lost at the hands of Ye Fan, not that this brat won by any means."

    "What if he used treacherous means and secretly made it?"

    "In short, he's just a woolly kid in his early twenties after all, destined not to be great at anything again."

    "The Martial Shrine making him go with us to America is a mistake!"

    Lu Hua said in a deep voice, not a small voice, as if he wasn't afraid of Ye Fan hearing it in the slightest.

    Lu Yanxi also nodded his head in deep thought, "Well, it's really not right to let a teenager go with the team."

    "However, what's done is done, there's nothing we can do about it."

    "Forget it, don't think about it."

    "Lu Hua, have something to eat."

    "This is the fruit my mother brought me, try it."

    Between the words, Lu Yanxi took the fruit from the backpack beside him and handed it to Lu Hua.

    "Kong Lao, you can have some too."

    After that, Lu Yanxi sent some over to Kong Ming.

    But Ye Fan, however, was automatically ignored by Lu Yanxi.

    "Mmm, it's delicious."

    "It's so good to have a mother to love, unlike me, my mother died early..."

    Over here, Lu Hua and the others were laughing and chatting.

    But Ye Fan was sitting alone, sipping tea there by himself, quietly watching the sky outside the glare window.And yet, he did not take the initiative to come forward to get close to Lu Hua and the others in the slightest.

    "This punk is quite proud."

    Seeing Ye Fan like this, Lu Hua shook his head and sneered.

    As he spoke, he picked up the teapot and was about to fill it, when he suddenly found that the teapot was out of water.,

    "I'll pour it."

    Lu Yanxi got up and was about to go to the front of the tea shop to get some water, but was stopped by Lu Hua.

    "Rock Eve, you can just sit down."

    "This kind of errand work, let that jerk do it."

    "Always let him start the job."

    Lu Hua laughed lightly, then turned back, looking at Ye Fan, "Hey, kid, come over and get us a jug of water."

    Lu Hua shouted, no one responded.


    "Did you not hear me when I spoke to you?"

    "Go get me some water yet!"

    Lu Hua was already a little unhappy.

    But Ye Fan remained oblivious and sat there peacefully, ignoring Lu Hua.


    "A country bumpkin who dares to put up a fight at me?"

    "You f**king want to die, don't you?"

Chapter 1239

Lu Hua was originally of a rigid nature.

    He was already dissatisfied with Ye Fan's participation in this operation, after all, no one would like a rookie teammate.

    Of course, if this Ye Fan served some other purpose, Lv Hua wouldn't be too angry.

    But now, he had asked him to pour a jug of water, and this Ye Fan was still there putting up a fight and pretending to be indifferent to hearing it, Lv Hua's entire body directly exploded at the sight of it.

    "You're a bratty, stinky brat, what do you have to be proud of?"

    "You're the youngest person here, so are you fucking aggravated to be asked to pour a pot of tea?"

    "Besides, you're a low-born peasant from a humble background, what are you holding here in front of us?"

    Lu Hua roared as he got up and was about to fuck Ye Fan.

    Fortunately, Lu Yanxi stopped him in time, then quickly advised, "Lu Hua, calm down."

    "This is a plane."

    "Ten thousand meters up in the air, if something happens, we won't survive."

    "This kid doesn't know any better, what are you seeing with him?"

    Lu Yanxi advised evenly.

    Kong Ming also opened his eyes at this time and said to Lu Hua in a deep voice, "Lu Hua, sit down!"

    "This America isn't even here yet, so what, our own people are going to start infighting?"

    "How dare you fool around on the plane, you don't want to live?"

    Kong Ming harshly reprimanded.

    Lu Hua was disgruntled, but argued, "Old Kong, he's the one..."

    "That's enough, all of you, shut up."

    Kong Ming directly interrupted Lu Hua's words, but he stayed honestly.

    Then, Kong Ming looked at Ye Fan, "Your name is Ye Fan, right?"

    "At your age, by all rights, you are not qualified to participate in this operation."

    "However, the Martial God Temple should have sent you here to let you come out with us to have a long look and expand your horizons."

    "Since you are here to broaden your horizons, you should naturally have the appearance of humbly seeking advice."

    "Lu Hua is from a martial family, his status is noble and his heritage is strong, even his strength talent is enough to rank in the top five among the new generation of Yan Xia."

    "He is one of the ten young talents that the Martial God Temple focuses on cultivating."

    "Back then, he once fought a fierce battle against two great Entering Powers with one person!"

    "Not only is he strong, he's also extremely experienced in battle, and is qualified enough to serve as your teacher."

    "What, you're aggrieved to pour a jug of water for someone who can serve as your teacher?"

    Kong Ming's words were low, but he looked at Ye Fan and asked in a cold voice.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, but just sat there alone with his head lowered.

    When Kong Ming saw this, he thought that Ye Fan knew that he was wrong, so his tone softened a bit, "Since you know that you were wrong, I won't blame you anymore."

    "Now, go and pour a cup of tea for Lu Hua as an apology."

    Kong Ming said in a deep voice, but Ye Fan remained indifferent.


    "Why don't you go yet?!"Kong Ming was somewhat unhappy and urged again.

    Up to this point, Ye Fan, who had not moved a muscle, was laughing.

    "Pour him tea to apologize?"

    "Even you don't have the qualifications, let alone him."

    "If you want a cup of tea, serve yourself."

    "If you want me to serve you, cut off your own hands first, and maybe I'll pour you a cup of tea out of humanitarian concern."


    "The erector is arrogant~"

    "Even me you dare to insult?"Ye Fan's words caused Kong Ming to be thunderously angry as well.

    A pair of tiger eyes contained power and raged at Ye Fan with an erect fury.

    Ye Fan was young and energetic, and Kong Ming could understand that he had just clashed with Lu Hua.However, he never expected that this punk kid was so crazy that he didn't even care about him.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled and faintly said, "Sorry son, didn't mean to offend, just spoke a bit directly."

    After saying that, Ye Fan turned his head and continued to drink tea in a cozy manner with his teacup.


    Seeing Ye Fan acting like a dead pig wasn't afraid of boiling water, Kong Ming was almost angry to death, an old face livid to the core.

    "Kong Lao, see that?"

    "It's not that I'm narrow-minded enough to make things difficult for him."

    "It's mainly that this jerk is ungrateful and arrogant to the core."

    "If you ask me, such a jerk should be thrown right out of the plane."

    "Let him go back to wherever he came from!"

    "Otherwise, we didn't die at the hands of the enemy on this trip to the Americas, and I'm afraid he'll be the one to drag us to death."

    Lu Hua said viciously and even suggested throwing Ye Fan out of the plane.

    This also shows how deep this Lu Hua's hatred for Ye Fan was.

    In fact, sometimes Ye Fan didn't know why he was so hated by people.

    Once Qiu Mu Ying was, later Lin Qinghe was also, and now this Lu Hua, who had only met him a few times, was filled with hostility towards him.

    Could it be that it was because he was from an ordinary background?

    Just because he, Ye Fan, disobeyed him?

    Just because Ye Fan didn't flatter him?

    Ye Fan couldn't think about it, and didn't want to.

    In his eyes, Lu Hua and these people were just insignificant in the end, they were just insignificant insects.

    Ye Fan didn't care how they treated him, what their attitude was, even if they isolated and excluded him.

    The only thing he cared about was his own family and friends.

    That's why, along the way, facing the contempt and ridicule of Lu Hua, Ye Fan ignored them.

    At this point, facing Lu Hua's anger, Kong Ming waved his hand, "It's just that, there's no need to get along with him during the flight."

    "Everything, wait until after America."

    "Hmph, it's really bad luck to be traveling with this kind of person~" as Kong Ming said so, Lu Hua naturally sat back and didn't attack Ye Fan again.

    However, still cursing there in a low voice, his words were filled with disgust.

    For the next few hours, Lu Hua and the others naturally didn't pay any attention to Ye Fan again.

    Finally, at sunset, Ye Fan and his group, finally resisted the American continent.

    Ye Fan's destination was the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

    The Amazon Rainforest accounts for half of the world's rainforest area and 20% of the world's forests, making it the largest and most diverse tropical rainforest in the world, and is therefore known as the "lungs of the Earth" and the "green heart".

    Perhaps because humans have rarely set foot in this rainforest, it retains almost the most pristine environmental landscapes, dense forests and a variety of plant and animal species, and is known as the "kingdom of flora and fauna of the world".

    "Only in this kind of environment can such a magical fruit like the Origin Fruit grow."

    "Back then, if some strong people hadn't entered it by mistake and discovered the Spiritual Fruit Tree growing inside.Otherwise, the world probably wouldn't have known that there was still such a fruit that contained boundless spiritual power, right?"

    At this time, Ye Fan and the others had already gotten off the plane.

    As it was already evening, they planned to eat some food nearby first and then find a hotel to stay in.

    Waiting for tomorrow, they would then officially enter the Amazon to explore the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

    However, Ye Fan was unaware that by the time they descended on America, there were already martial teams from several countries as well as a large number of martial forces, arriving here.

    All powerful people gathered in the Americas, a storm, but invisibly, quietly brewing.

Chapter 1240

At this time, a thousand meters away, under a long pavilion, there was a woman, her face covered with a light veil, sitting quietly.

    In front of her was the fragrance of tea, and behind her was a willow.

    Around her, there were even several strong men guarding the place.

    If Kong Ming were here, he would surely feel that the guards standing guard on the outskirts alone were all strong men no weaker than him.

    Finally, a moment later, there was a young man who crossed over the layers of protection and walked quickly towards this place, and upon seeing the woman in front of him, he immediately bowed and reported, "Teacher, there's news from the front that this evening, the strong men from the Yan Xia side have also arrived at Manaus."

    Hearing this, the woman who had been bowing and drinking tea, finally raised her head, "Finally arrived?"

    "A few people have come, but they can be strong Ancestor Masters."

    The young man shook his head and said in a deep voice, "Back to Teacher, the men have carefully compared the strong men sent by Yan Xia this time, there are four in total, and none of them are the strongest on the Yan Xia Zongshi list."

    "Among them, the one with the greatest reputation is the one known as the first person under a clan master, Kong Ming!"

    "The other three, I guess they are all up-and-coming talents and have no reputation.Strength, they should also be below the clansmen, and all of them are not enough to be feared."

    The woman nodded, "With such a lineup like Yan Xia, there is indeed a fight in this land of America."

    "Haha, so what's the point?"

    "With Teacher personally sitting in and planning this battle for the Primordial Fruit, we, Chu Gate, will definitely be the one laughing in the end!"

    "As for the other kingdoms, they are nothing more than playthings in the hands of our Chu Gate."

    The youth, however, sneered and laughed, and his words were full of pride and confidence.

    It was clear that the battle had not yet begun, and it was as if he had already seen victory.

    The woman at the side heard, but shook her head, "Don't be careless."

    "You should know the purpose of my trip."

    "I won't make a move unless there are unexpected circumstances."

    "So, the power you can truly use at will is still below the level of a master."

    "Teacher, don't worry, I have a sense of propriety.You just go about your business, the rest, leave it to me.I will definitely not let them Gryphon disciples, disturb your great matter."The youth smiled back.

    "However, Teacher, my father has been trapped in a bottleneck for many years, so I hope that after this mission is over, if possible, you will be able to share some of the fruit and give it to my father."The youth looked at the woman in front of him and respectfully requested.

    The woman nodded, "You don't have to worry about that.As long as you do your own thing, after I obtain the fruit, the excess will be distributed."

    "No matter if it's the Chu family or the Jones family, they are all part of the Chu Gate."

    "You guys are strong, and it also means that the Truman is strong."

    "Alright, you can go down first."

    "At the same time, remind Monroe that he must not be reckless and that everything will go according to the plan."

    As the woman spoke, the youth in front of her also left.

    At this point, the world here was once again calm.

    However, no one knew that an invisible palm, however, was quietly peeking down in the darkness.

    However, with the arrival of powerful people from various countries, the city not far away called Manaus went, and it was undoubtedly completely noisy.

    Manaus was the closest city to the Amazon Forest, and strongmen from various countries would choose to settle here before entering the forest.

    The citizens living in the area clearly felt that within a few days, the city was suddenly flooded with a large number of foreigners.

    All the major hotels and inns were full.

    Even some of the local entertainment venues were experiencing a spending spree.

    The business of the roadside restaurants and hotels were also several times better than usual.

    Naturally, these subtle changes were not perceptible to ordinary people.

    Only some people with keen perceptions realized that this long-peaceful American continent was afraid that something big was about to happen.

    "Kong Lao, there are really quite a few strong people coming to America this time."

    "It's only been a short while, and I've sensed quite a few strong martial artists."

    "Even some of them have scents that even I find unfathomable."

    Ye Fan's group of several people, after arriving in America, undoubtedly entered Manaus City as well for a short recuperation.

    It was just that along the way, they clearly felt that the number of martial artists in this Manaus was a bit frightening.

    "That's natural."

    "Although the Origin Spirit Fruit is not very useful to strong warriors above the Ancestor level.However, it is undoubtedly the greatest treasure for those who are trapped at the peak of transformation."

    "Today's opportunity is a once-in-thirty years opportunity, and those strong people who got the news naturally flock to it."

    "I dare to say that the number of Entering Transformation powerhouses in this city now far exceeds our Yan Xia!"

    Kong Ming said in a deep, low voice that carried an invisible weight and majesty, giving people a strange sense of stability.

    "So what?"

    "Kong Lao is but the first person under our Yan Xia Clan Master."

    "In front of Kong Lao, these so-called Entering Powers are nothing more than dirt and dogs, not enough to be feared."

    Lu Yanxi, however, laughed from the side, not feeling any pressure in the slightest.

    However, Kong Lao shook his head, "You're thinking too simply."

    "There is a heaven outside the sky and a man outside the human.It's as strong as the War God, who has dominated Yan Xia for decades, but when you look around the world, you can't even rank in the top ten."

    "Even the God of War is like that, let alone me?"

    "You guys are still young, and you don't know how big the outside world is."

    "You don't know that there are some people who, although they are only in the Transformation Realm, are powerful enough to be comparable to a master."

    "What's more, you guys don't know that there might be one or even several unknown Ancestor powerhouses lurking in this small town."

    "Thirty years ago, my uncle's strength was not weaker than mine in the slightest, but he still fell here."

    "So, don't think that this trip to the Americas is just a fun trip."

    "I can tell you without exaggeration that what you will face next, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is nine lives!"

    "If you want to go back alive, then listen to the orders and act in strict compliance with my orders.Otherwise, there will be no one to collect your corpses when you are lying dead in a foreign land!"

    When Kong Ming said this, his eyes looked towards Ye Fan's direction.

    It was obvious that he was saying this at Ye Fan, warning him to restrain his temperament.

    But Ye Fan didn't say anything, always looking like he was careless.

    "I don't know what's going on, if you're in deep danger later, don't expect us to save you~"

    Lu Hua also noticed Ye Fan's hangry attitude, and his dislike for him was undoubtedly even greater.

    A cold snort, but he didn't pay any attention to Ye Fan either.

    "Alright, let's go to this restaurant."

    "Go in and have something to eat, then repair for the night."

    "Tomorrow, then follow me into the rainforest."

    The few people walked for a while longer, and when they found a restaurant, Kong Ming led the crowd in.


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