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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2001

Old Mrs. Xiao had never been so happy as she was today, shivering all over for a meal.

      She followed the foreman's words and kept busy at the supermarket, and at seven o'clock in the evening, she finally received the meal coupon she was longing for.

      Although she had already had a desperately full meal at noon, the evening meal was still like a starving dog that had been locked up for three days, and she ate until she couldn't stand up in the cafeteria.

      Only after she had rested on her seat in the cafeteria for half an hour, could she barely stand up with her hands on the table.

      Having eaten and drunk enough, the whole person was energetic.

      Old Mrs. Xiao wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and touched her stomach with her palm, contentedly lamenting to herself: "I didn't expect that eating after this labor would be so delicious!It's been a long day!"

      Immediately, the old lady looked at the time and found that it was already past eight o'clock, so she planned to hurry home.

      Although she has always been selfish, but after experiencing all kinds of hardships and tribulations during this period of time, she has more or less cared for her children and grandchildren.

      Thinking that her son and grandson were still lying on the bed to be fed, Mrs. Xiao hurried to the window of the canteen and opened her mouth to ask the staff member who was getting ready to leave work, "Excuse me to ask, do we still need these leftover vegetables and leftover steamed buns and rice?"

      The other looked at her and said with a helpless look on his face, "No way old lady, you've eaten for three people by yourself and you're still not full?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao wiped her mouth with embarrassment and said with a compensatory smile, "Hey, I am full, the children at home are still hungry, you don't know ah, almost two days and two nights without food."

      The other party was surprised and asked, "Really or not?In what age are people still unable to eat?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao's face was hot and embarrassed and said, "Hey, you don't know, something happened in my family this period of time, the eldest daughter-in-law of my family, ah, got breast cancer, found out that it is late stage, and now it is almost dead ball, my eldest son spent all the money in the family to treat her."

      Saying so, Old Lady Xiao suddenly felt very refreshing in her heart.

      It was really very refreshing!

      She had long been displeased with Qian Hongyan, and if Wu Donghai hadn't stopped her, the old lady herself would have hated to beat Qian Hongyan half to death.

      Especially recently, Qian Hongyan has been disobeying her in various ways, even forcing her to come out to work, and she has long hated Qian Hongyan to the bone in her heart.

      Therefore, making up rumors that Qian Hongyan was dying of breast cancer in front of others made her feel a sense of revenge.

      When the cafeteria staff heard this, they screamed, "Huh?Late stage breast cancer, that's too bad."

      "That's not all!"Old Mrs. Xiao sighed, "Hey my eldest daughter-in-law has terminal breast cancer, my second daughter-in-law is even worse!"

      The staff hurriedly asked, "Old lady, what's wrong with your second daughter-in-law again?"

      Mrs. Xiao said with a regretful face, "Second daughter-in-law already had uremia, living on dialysis all day, and as a result, on the way to the hospital for dialysis some time ago, she let the car hit her again, and all her limbs were amputated below the buttocks."

      The staff is freaking out: "Is this so bad?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao had a face like this: "What is this?Worse is yet to come!"

      The staff pursued, "What could be worse?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao lamented and said, "My second son's wife, who lost her legs and had to go to the hospital for dialysis, was already miserable enough, but she ended up having a stroke again, and now she's crooked all day long, smacking and twitching, just like that Zhao Si'er in Country Love, which is even worse than Zhao Si'er's condition."

      When she said Ma Lan, Old Mrs. Xiao felt even more relieved.

Chapter 2002

She hated that Mashiro really was as miserable as she had made it up to be!I even want her to be as miserable as possible!

      However, how did the staff know that she was completely believing what she was saying?

      The staff felt that no one in their right mind would have the time to curse their family members out of thin air.So what the old lady said must be the truth.

      So she said with incomparable sympathy, "No wonder you're still out to work at such an old age, it's not easy for your family to be in such a mess one after another!"

      She said, "Old lady, we still have seven or eight steamed buns left, almost four servings of rice, and a little leftover food base.I'll pack some for you to bring back!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was excited, but still forced down her ecstatic mood and said with a forlorn face, "I don't have a lunch box ah my two daughters-in-law are dying, I can't afford to buy that thing ah."

      She said, the old lady drew the plastic bag hanging by the counter and said offhand, "How about this big sister, you put all those leftovers in a plastic bag for me and I'll carry them home."

      The staff nodded eagerly and said, "I'm fine with that, as long as you don't mind!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao panicked, "No dislike, no dislike!"

      Soon, the staff got all the leftover food for Old Lady Xiao, and it was packed in four large plastic bags.

      Mrs. Xiao regretted it once she got started, thinking: "So many leftovers, too damn heavy!How can we carry this back?"

      But then I thought, "No, I have to carry everything back, with this food, the family can at least cover two days, otherwise the hundred dollars I earned today will be enough for what?"

      Thinking of this, she could only thank her while biting her teeth and carrying the four big bags of food back home.

      On the way back, Old Mrs. Xiao didn't bother to take a taxi.

      It costs a lot of money to take a taxi home from here, and the hundred yuan she worked so hard to earn all day might be half gone by taxi.

      On second thought, it was better to take a bus.

      So, she went to the roadside shop and bought two ham sausages, thinking that she could use the ham sausages to make up for Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong's health and also get some change for the bus.

      On the bus, all the other old people swiped their senior citizen cards to take the bus for free, but Mrs. Xiao didn't have one and could only put a dollar in the coin box.

      In fact, she already knew that the local household registration of the elderly, 65 years of age or older, you can go to the civil affairs department to do a free ride on the bus elderly card.

      However, before Mrs. Xiao, never take the bus, are full-time driver, special car pick-up, that time she, how to look at the free ride on the bus elderly card?

      At that time, she was very embarrassed to have this card, not to mention using it.

      But now she regretted it, and at the same time muttered in her heart, "It looks like I'll hurry up and get the senior citizen card after the New Year and after people go to work, then at least it's free to take public transportation.first issue

      Carrying several large bags of food, Old Lady Xiao returned to the villa of Tomson Yi Pin with great difficulty.

      When she walked into the entrance of Tomson Yi Pin, she was about to brush the gate when a well-dressed middle-aged woman held her nose and shouted at her, "Where is this old woman from?You're walking here with slop?Do you know what this place is?It's Tomson!You won't be able to afford any house here for several lifetimes!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was tired of vomiting blood, and when she saw a woman pop up out of nowhere and scream at her, she cursed angrily, "Fart your mother!Do you know where I live?I live in villa A04!Have a look at that bird of yours, fancy as a pheasant, I'd say you live in a peripheral flat at best!"

      As soon as the woman heard this, she rushed over in anger and smacked Old Mrs. Xiao directly, cursing, "Dead old woman, my mother's set of flat more than 20 million, and you fucking dare to mock me?You're so poor, and you dare to say you live in a villa, you fucking deserve it!"

Chapter 2003

Old Mrs. Xiao didn't expect that she had worked hard all day and didn't even bother to hit the road when she came back, but she was slapped by a woman she didn't know.

      The woman smacked her and cursed in a corner, "Bad old woman, all the fucking pig food, and still came to Townsend to pretend to be a pussy, what a fucking brain problem!"

      After saying that, he immediately yelled to the security guard not far away, "Hey, hurry up and come here, are you fucking blind?I spent over 20 million dollars on a house with you and this is how you serve honored homeowners like us?Who is going to protect the owners' feelings and interests when a bad old woman like this pig and dog mixes in?"

      The security guard was also nervous.

      Old Mrs. Xiao looked somewhat haggard and full of fatigue, and at a glance, she didn't look like an old lady from a rich family.

      Moreover, she was carrying four large plastic bags in her hands, which were filled with steamed buns and rice, as well as vegetable soup that looked like a mess, which was even more uncharacteristic of the owners of Thomson One.

      So, he hurriedly said to that old lady, "Excuse me old lady, we are a private residence here, idle people are not allowed to go out inside, and please leave quickly."

      The old lady Xiao was trembling with anger.

      Even if she wasn't the owner of Townsend One, she was at least a resident of Townsend One!And a resident of one of Townsend's finest villas!Why should I be beaten and kicked out?

      The enraged old lady Xiao immediately took out her card with great effort, shook it in her hand a few times and said angrily, "Open your dog's eyes and show me clearly, this is the access card for the gate of Thomson One!"

      The security guard and the female landlord were stunned.

      The access control card of Tomson Yiyin was very atmospheric in design, and there was also Tomson Yiyin's unique logo on the card, one of them was the owner of this place and the other worked here, so they were all too familiar with this card.

      When they saw the card, both of them had a question in their hearts: "Is this bad old woman, really the owner of Tomson Yiyin?"

      The middle-aged woman spoke up, "Just take a card out casually, who knows if it's real or not, good guts you swipe it and try it!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said angrily, "Good!You wait!I'm going to paint you!"

      Saying so, she immediately swiped her card on the gate's sensor area.

      The gate immediately sounded an alert: "Hello, distinguished resident of Villa A04, welcome home!"

      In Townsend, the occupants are divided into two categories.

      One category, the owners, the owners of the property, which is clearly recorded on the title deeds of this property.

      The other category, on the other hand, is the occupants.

      However, the occupants are still not to be underestimated.

      After all, most of the occupants were the owner's immediate family members, and the lesser ones were also involved.

      For example, as the current head of the Song family, Song Wanting was famous in Jinling, if she bought a villa here, she would be the owner, while her grandfather, other elders in the family, and her siblings would be the residents here.

      Although the occupants were not the owners, they were not something that the average person could mess with because they were close to the owners.

      Once that middle-aged woman saw that Old Lady Xiao had really swiped her card successfully and was really a resident of Villa A04, she paled in fright!

      Although she had a fortune in the tens of millions, she was just a middle class person in Jinling.

      The Series A villas, each of which cost tens of millions of dollars, were impossible for her to afford.

Chapter 2004

So, she was also well aware that anyone who could live in a Series A villa must have much more energy than herself.

      Thinking that she had just slapped this old woman, this woman was already about to pee.

      In her heart at this time anxiously pondered, "It's over it's over it's over!This is a real disaster!Who would have thought this old lady had some serious skills!I even slapped her just now, so if she wants to get in trouble with me, then I'm in big trouble, right?!"

      The security guard was now shaking with fear.

      "What's going on?Is this old lady really a resident of a villa in Thompson's?How come I don't remember her anymore?"

      "Besides, everyone who can live in the villa area is either rich or noble, so if this old lady is so rich, so capable, and so well-connected, why would she return to Townsend with a few bags of leftover food?"

      "Is it becoming popular for rich people to eat slop now?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao angrily questioned the woman at this time, "Open your dog eyes and see clearly?Now you tell me, am I a resident of A04 or not?!"

      That woman was scared out of her wits!

      Just as she was shaking and unsure of what to do, Xiao Changkun happened to be returning from a walk.

      Although he saw Old Lady Xiao's back, he smelled the smell of leftover food before he could get a good look.

      So he held his nose and planned to walk around a bit.

      [3Q Chinese]Xiao Changkun had just reached the gate, and with a swipe of his card, the intelligent voice prompted, "Hello, esteemed resident of Villa A05, welcome home!"

      The gate should open, and as soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard that it was A05, she immediately looked over, recognized him at once, and hurriedly shouted, "Chang Kun!Chang Kun!"

      When Xiao Changkun turned his head, he found that it was his own mother and said with some embarrassment, "Mom, what are you doing here?"

      This mom from Xiao Changkun scared the woman so much that she almost peed her pants.

      She panicked in her heart and thought, "Dead, dead, dead, really dead today!What's this old lady's story?Living in villa A04 for himself and villa A05 for his son, this looks like a top big family!I can't believe I beat up an old lady from a top family, will their family try to kill me."

      At this time, Old Mrs. Xiao, pointing at the woman in front of her, angrily said to Xiao Changkun, "Changkun!This bitch beat me up!Hurry up and teach her a lesson for me!"

      Xiao Changkun was a little embarrassed in his heart.

      So then he muttered under his breath, "First of all, this mother of mine has been causing trouble all day long, she doesn't know if other people hit her or not, and even if they do, she's probably the one who caused the trouble in the first place."

      "Secondly, she treats me so badly, I'm not going to help her out with this, all the people living in Townsend are neither rich nor rich, if I really mess with someone with a face, won't I be causing trouble for myself?"

      Thinking of this, he said to Mrs. Xiao, "Mom, this kind of thing should call the police, and besides, you can't just take scissors on this New Year's Eve, how can you fight with someone, don't you think?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao's anger covered her chest and was about to give him a piece of moral kidnapping, Xiao Changkun had already spoken, "Let's say mom, you call the police first, if the police can't solve the problem, you'll find me again, let's say that, okay?"

      After saying that, without waiting for the old lady's response, she said, "That, Mom, there's something going on at home, I'm leaving first."

      The words didn't fall off, stepping away.The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      He didn't want to be pestered by the old lady, let alone have anything more to do with her.

      After all, tomorrow was the New Year's Eve, and at a time like this, what he wanted most was to spend the New Year with his family in peace and security, nothing else mattered.

Chapter 2005

Seeing that Xiao Changkun had run away, Old Mrs. Xiao was furious.

      Her heart cried out in grief and anger, "What kind of son is this!You don't care if your own mother gets beaten up?Is this still human?It's simply beastly!"

      But what she didn't know was that the woman across the street was now almost scared out of her wits.

      She didn't know what cracks there were in the relationship between Xiao Changkun and Old Madam Xiao, but she could hear that they were mother and son.

      In her heart, she was terrified and thought, "This old woman and that man are obviously mothers, yet they don't live in the same villa, but bought two of the best villas to live next to each other, one set A04 and one set A05, what kind of a fucking family must this be?How much money do we have to make at home?How much energy must be behind it?"

      As soon as she thought of this, she regretted her actions of finding trouble with the old lady just now.

      So, she nervously and hastily whispered an apology: "Old lady, I'm so sorry I really didn't expect you to be a resident of the villa area just now, it's all my fault, please don't be so common with me."

      Old Mrs. Xiao scolded angrily, "You slapped me once and then said you were sorry and that was it?"

      The woman quickly asked again, "What do you want to do about it or tell me how I can make you feel better?How about you whip me, no matter how many times you whip me, I won't fight back!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth, and at that time she could not wait to rush over and smite this woman's face.

      However, she thought carefully, "Although I smack her to relieve my hatred, it won't serve any practical purpose ah rather than this, it's better to blackmail her for some money!"

      Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly, "You scolded me and slapped me, you have to give me some compensation for this matter to make sense, right?"

      The woman nodded without hesitation, "You're right!I'm willing to make amends!Tell me how much you want, and I'll pay you back."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was going to open her mouth to call ten thousand.

      But after pondering for a moment, she didn't think it was appropriate to call ten thousand.

      The current Old Lady Xiao is no longer the old lady who was like an old Buddha.

      In the past, the old lady Xiao had a lot of money in her hands, not to mention ten thousand, a million may not really be in her eyes.

      However, the current Mrs. Xiao, for a hundred dollars, she had spent a whole day in the supermarket pulling plastic bags, so ten thousand dollars was already a huge amount of money to her now.

      So, the old lady thought: "After all, she just slapped me, if I ask her for 10,000 yuan, what if she gets angry and calls the police to accuse me of extortion and blackmail?Wouldn't that mean I'd be arrested back in the guardhouse?"

      "Nowadays, it's not easy to make money, I'm exhausted, I only make a hundred dollars a day, take a slap if you can change a hundred dollars is also a good deal ah a hundred dollars, will not be said to be extortion, right?"

      Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Xiao said sternly, "I'm so old, you slap me, the problem can be big or small, but I'm always generous, you pay a hundred dollars, this matter is over!"

      "One hundred?!"The woman's eyes were about to fall to the ground.

      She had thought that since this old lady could afford to live in villa A04, there must be some bulls in her family, and she was really in trouble if she beat her up today.

      So, even if Old Lady Xiao asked her for a hundred and eighty thousand, she decided to agree without hesitation and then transfer the money as fast as possible to settle the matter.

      But unexpectedly, as soon as the old lady asked, she only needed a hundred dollars.

      She was overjoyed, nodding her head and saying, "No problem no problem!I'll get you the money!"

      I said, pulling out my wallet, which produced a hundred yuan in cash, handed it to the old lady Xiao, then pointed at the security guard and said: "Old lady, we have witnesses here, you just said to give a hundred yuan this matter is over, I also give you the money now, you can't find me in the future."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was overjoyed as she took this hundred dollar bill.

Chapter 2006

In the back of my mind, I thought, "That's a hundred dollars for a slap on the wrist, that's a lot more than a hard day's work!"

      So, she suppressed her excitement and spoke, "Okay, let's forget about this matter, and remember, when you go out in the future, don't look down on people with dog eyes!"

      The other party immediately nodded respectfully, "Don't worry, I'll remember."

      When Mrs. Xiao arrived home with two hundred yuan in her pocket and four large plastic bags, the house was filled with the aroma of food.

      It was Zhang Guifen and the three of them who cooked the food.

      They work as cleaners in the supermarket today, 120 yuan a day, three people is three hundred and sixty.

      These days, three hundred and sixty three people take down the restaurant, which is just an ordinary meal.

      But if you cook and eat carefully, this three hundred and sixty is still very rich.

      Zhang Guifen and the three of them were all from the countryside and were also quite practical, and when they thought of being tired after a long day, they wanted to eat more meat to treat themselves, so they went to the market and bought two pounds of pork, bought some potatoes, beans, and vermicelli, and came home straight to a pot of messy stew.

      The cost of a pot of stew is less than a hundred dollars, but the quantity is really enough, the smell of the pork burned out, the hood can not be suppressed.

      What's even more interesting is that when the pot of stew began to stew out the aroma, Zhang Guifen turned off the range hood.

      Then she also deliberately opened the kitchen door in order for the aroma to spread a little wider.

      This was simply great torture for Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong who were on the second floor.

      Although this kind of stew did not come up to any high level, it was one of the most practical, most delicious and most gluttonous dishes in ordinary people's homes.

      What's more, Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong were both starving, and when they were starving, their sense of smell became extremely sensitive, so a little fragrance could make them go crazy for it.

      The two of them had thought that the rice was cooked by their own family and couldn't wait so they wanted to eat it quickly, but when they called Qian Hongyan to ask, they realized that the rice wasn't cooked by their own family, but by their three new tenants.

      This made the father and son despair to the extreme.Fastest Update

      Xiao Weiwei and Qian Hongyan were equally desperate.

      Just at this moment, Old Mrs. Xiao pushed the door in with a black face.

      As soon as she entered, she cursed and said, "Those three rural old women, what an insolent bunch!There are tables in the dining room, but you're still running to the coffee table to eat, you really think you're home here!"

      Xiao Weiwei was so excited to see her come in that she said, "Grandmother you're back!We're starving, just waiting for you to come back and bring us food!"

      Xiao Hailong also cried, "Grandma!I'm really hungry and if I don't eat, I'm going to starve."

      Old Mrs. Xiao sighed, handed the four plastic bags in her hand to Xiao Weiwei and said, "This is for you guys, go get some chopsticks and eat quickly."

      At the sight of the plastic bags she carried in her hands, the Xiao family couldn't care less about where the food in them came from, only thinking to quickly eat all of it in their stomachs.

      Thus, Xiao Weiwei said excitedly, "Grandma, I'm going to the dining room to get the chopsticks!"

      Qian Hongyan was also happy, and was busy saying, "You can't take it all by yourself, I'll come with you!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "Qian Hongyan, you stop right there!You're not going to eat a single bite of the food I brought back!"

Chapter 2007

Qian Hongyan did not expect that Old Lady Xiao would turn against her at this time.

      She pointed at the large plastic bags of food and said, "Mom, you brought back so much food, what's wrong with letting me have a few bites?I've been starving here for so long."

      Old Mrs. Xiao sneered, "If you want to eat, go out and work by yourself to earn money, relying on me, an old woman, to support you... do you want shame?"

      Qian Hongyan became anxious and blurted out, "That's because I was trapped by Xiao Changkun!Otherwise, I'd work as a cashier and make more money than you!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao trailed off, "It has nothing to do with me if you earn more or less, you earn yours and I earn mine, neither of us is taking advantage of anyone, so don't even think about eating the food I brought back, if you want to eat it, go earn it yourself!"

      Qian Hongyan looked at her sadly and angrily and took off, "Old lady, you're going to fall down on the well, aren't you?I'll run away from home if you force me to!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao laughed and clapped her hands, "Oh that's great, hurry up and go, I can't wait to buy a firecracker to celebrate when you're gone!If Wu Donghai hadn't stopped me, I'd have let you out of our house. Why would I keep you around to be an eyesore?Since you're leaving on your own, it's great that Wu Donghai definitely won't blame me!"

      Qian Hongyan gritted her teeth, "OK!We'll see about that, old thing."

      Xiao Weiwei then hurriedly came out to round things up, "Grandmother, don't be so mean to mom, she's been hungry for so long too, let her have some too!"

      "Let her eat?"Old Mrs. Xiao sneered, "I wouldn't let her have a bite even if I poured it all out and fed it to the dogs!"

      Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao said, "Give me the food, you go get the chopsticks, we'll eat here as a family of four, let her dry watch!"

      Qian Hongyan cried out and cursed angrily, "Old Mrs. Xiao, I married into your Xiao family and gave birth to children for your Xiao family, and now you won't even give me a bite to eat, you're really heartless!"

      Mrs. Xiao despised and said: "If you want to eat, just think of your own way, aren't you quite good at picking up wild men?Go out and hook up again!It might even get you on the list!"

      "You "Qian Hongyan boarded up shy and[Literary Museum] angry.

      The old lady always liked to insult her with the things she had done in the black coal kiln, but she couldn't find any strong way to refute it.

      So, she could only stomp her foot in resentment and gritted her teeth, "From today onwards, I, Qian Hongyan, and your Xiao family, will be cut off once and for all!"

      Saying that, he directly slammed the door and went back to his own room.

      Xiao Chang Qian had already lost half of his feelings for Qian Hongyan, so he was completely silent at this point, and in his heart he was also hoping that Qian Hongyan would quickly disappear.

      But Xiao Hailong, who was beside her, was somewhat intolerant.

      Although Qian Hongyan had done some things that were humiliating to the family, in the end, it was his mother.

      Seeing that his own mother was going to be forced to leave home, Xiao Hailong was naturally somewhat intolerant, so he opened his mouth and said to Old Mrs. Xiao, "Grandmother, it's not easy for her either, so please forgive her this time."

      Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly, "Anyone who speaks about this woman again, get out of this house."

      Xiao Hailong was already starving, so anything that conflicted with eating, then he would definitely choose the latter.

      Thus, he immediately shut his mouth in good sense and said no more.

      Xiao Weiwei quickly brought some utensils up, and together with Old Madam Xiao, she poured the leftover rice into the container, and Xiao Weiwei finished a steamed bun with a few bites dipped into the vegetable soup, followed by another steamed bun stuffed into her stomach as well.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was already full, so she took the chopsticks and fed Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong who were lying on the bed.

      The father and son were like newly hatched nestlings in a bird's nest, waiting to be fed one by one with their mouths wide open, and the moment they finally ate, both father and son could not help but burst into tears.Fastest Updated.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was somewhat distressed when she saw the two of them like this, so she said with red eyes, "Tomorrow mom will go to work for another day, buy some noodles and meat back at night, and we will wrap dumplings for the four of us to eat!"

      Xiao Changqian cried and asked, "Mom, can we have meat-filled dumplings here tomorrow?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded vigorously, "Don't worry, I'll be able to eat it, and then I'll buy it back and wrap it up with Wei Wei for you and your master!"

Chapter 2008

Xiao Changqian said with red eyes, "Mom, when I'm better, I'll go out to work, even if it's to carry cement at a construction site, I'll do everything I can to earn money to subsidize my family, and I won't let your old man go out to run around at such an old age if I say anything!"

      Xiao Hailong's mouth was also vague as he said, "Grandma, I'll be there!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded and said, "You two get down to the business of recuperating, and when you're well enough, I'll be counting on you to give me my final rest!"

      When the four members of the Xiao family finally had a full meal, Qian Hongyan cried her tears dry in her room.

      Hungry and cold, not only did Qian Hongyan completely despair of the Xiao family, she also made a decision in her heart to leave.

      She did not intend to remain in this family, nor did she intend to remain in Jinling.

      She wanted to return to her mother's home.

      Although her mother's family didn't have much money, and she had a brother who followed her parents to gnaw on her, but at least, her mother's family could still manage to feed her, so she wouldn't have to live in such a downward spiral.

      However, her mother's home was a bit far away, and a hard-seat train ride would take at least five to six hours, and a train ticket would cost more than a hundred yuan.

      After thinking about it, she decided to find a way out from Old Mrs. Xiao.

      That night, Old Mrs. Xiao slept very soundly because of the physical labor she had done all day.

      In the early hours of the morning, Qian Hongyan sneaked into her room and flipped out two hundred yuan from her clothes pocket.

      Of these two hundred, one hundred was the old lady's salary, and one hundred more, which the old lady had received a slap in return.

      Seeing these two pieces of cash, Qian Hongyan was extremely excited.

      Two hundred wasn't much, but it was enough to have breakfast after dawn and then take the train back to her mother's house for New Year's Eve!first issue

      So, almost without thinking, she pocketed the money, then packed a few clothes and personal belongings, and left Townsend before dawn with her suitcase.

      Before she left, she left a note in her room with only four words on it: "See you later."

      Early morning of the 30th day of the New Year.

      Xiao Churan had finally started her vacation.

      However, she had already gotten used to going to bed early and waking up early, so she was already up and ready to wash up before seven o'clock.

      Ye Chen saw his wife get up, he also climbed up from the bed, today is the 30th day of the New Year, the family is still quite busy with many things, not only do we have to make arrangements for the New Year's Eve dinner, but also get the dumpling filling out in advance, after the New Year's Eve dinner, the family will watch the Spring Festival Gala while wrapping dumplings.

      Just at this time, Xiao Churan's phone suddenly rang, and she said in surprise, "Oh my, Ruo Lin called me so early I don't know what's the matter."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Honey, you'll know if you answer it."

      Xiao Churan nodded and answered the phone, "Hey, Ruo Lin, why are you calling so early?"

      Dong Ruo Lin laughed and said, "I'm on vacation ah!Today is a holiday, so my noon flight is back to Yanjing to have New Year's Eve dinner with my family."

      She said, "Is it convenient for you later?I'll make a visit to pay my uncle and aunt a New Year's visit."

      Xiao Chu Ran smiled, "Convenient is convenient, but you mustn't buy anything to come to the house ah, I didn't even bother to buy gifts for your family, so we're so close, so don't engage in these formalities."

      "Okay!"Dong Ruo Lin smiled and said, "Isn't that just a sentence?"

      Saying that, Dong Ruo Lin added, "By the way Hatsura, I asked my cousin to visit your home with me, is that okay?"

Chapter 2009

Xiao Choran had known Dong Ruorin for many years, and knew somewhat about her family, and when she heard that she was bringing her cousin along, she asked curiously, "Ruorin, the cousin you're talking about can't be Kong Delong, right?"

      Jorin Dong smiled, "That's him."

      "Huh?"Xiao Churan remembered the image of that dude in her mind at once and asked in surprise, "What is your cousin doing in Jinling?"

      Dong Ruolin said, "He, ah, has been in Yanjing for a long time and is always causing trouble, so he came to Jinling to hone his skills for a while."

      Xiao Chu Ran was surprised and asked, "Hone?How do you hone it?"

      Dong Ruolin laughed, "Living a miserable life, and now he's renting a place to live in the middle of the city village, the conditions aren't just hard."

      Xiao Churan couldn't help but laugh, "Your cousin is such a domineering person, having him live in the city village must be a great torture for him, right?Surely it couldn't have been his own decision, who the hell is so damaged?"

      Ye Chen was more or less embarrassed when he heard this.

      After all, the culprit who made Kong Delong come to Jinling to live a miserable life was him.

      Dong Ruolin smiled at this time, "My brother offended a big man in Yanjing that he couldn't afford to mess with, and they demanded that he had to suffer honestly in Jinling for a year before he could return, and today I'm going back to Yanjing for New Year's Eve, so he'll have to stay here by himself."

      Xiao Churan pursed her lips and said, "Honestly ah Ruo Lin, that cousin of yours is really a bit too arrogant usually, if he can really take it easy this time, it might not be a bad thing."

      "Yeah."Dong Ruolin laughed and said, "When we arrive at your home later, you can't mention this in front of him to save face."

      Xiao Churan was busy, "Don't worry, I know."

      Dong Ruolin [Doudou Novel] said, "That's fine, we'll be over there in a moment!"

      "Yes!I'll wait for you at home!"

      After hanging up the phone, Xiao Churan said to Ye Chen, "Honey, Ruo Lin and her cousin are coming over to the house later."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and asked, "Are they at home for lunch?"

      Xiao Choran shook her head, "No, Ruo Lin will leave after sitting for a while, she rushed to the airport to take a plane back to Yanjing."

      Said Xiao Choran, "Oh right husband, Ruo Lin's cousin will also come over later, let me introduce you to her, her cousin seems to be staying in Jinling for a whole year."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "I met her cousin when I went to Yanjing last time, wasn't it you who asked me to send a birthday gift to Ruo Lin her grandmother, at that time her cousin was also there."

      "Really?"Xiao Choran smiled and asked, "So have you had any contact with him?"

      Ye Chen smiled: "Just chatted for a few sentences, and there wasn't much contact."

      Xiao Churan nodded and said, "Her cousin, that person, character is quite uninviting, relying on some money in the family is arrogant as hell, usually speaks with a hatred of nostrils to people, especially flamboyant, later if he is with you to be proud, you must not take it to heart, after all, came as a guest, and it is the New Year, you must not start a conflict with others."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Don't worry, I know."

      At this moment, Kong Delong was driving the old Mercedes Benz sedan that was allotted to Dong Ruoling by the Emperor Group, following the direction indicated by the navigation to go to Townsend.

Chapter 2010

The co-driver fashioned Dong Ruolin, who had just hung up the phone with Xiao Churan, said cryptically, "Ruolin, just go to Ye Chen's house by yourself, don't bring me along, I really don't want to see him for a minute."

      Dong Ruolin saw Kong Delong's face full of grievances, as if she was a little daughter-in-law who had been bullied, and couldn't help but ridicule, "Brother, you're too wimpy, aren't you?I'm taking you to Ye Chen's house to pay my respects, it's not like I'm taking you to fight with Ye Chen, what are you afraid of?"

      Kong Delong sighed, "Hey, Ruo Lin, you don't know, I've met this Ye Chen a total of two times, and every time I see him, it's no good!The first time I swallowed a necklace and had an operation, and the second time I was directly asked by him to pedal a bicycle all the way from Yanjing to Jinling, which if I see him again, what if he's not happy and wants to send me to Africa to mine, then what am I going to do?"

      Dong Ruolin seriously said, "Brother, you're overthinking this a bit, in fact, Ye Chen is not a bad person by nature, and he never bullies anyone, it's always others who bully him that he will be cruel to others, so you just need to be a bit more humble and low-key in front of Ye Chen, he definitely won't find trouble with you."

      Kong Delong still had some palpable emotions, "Although that's true, but this man is happy and angry, how do I know if I will offend him because of some unintentional words"

      Dong Ruolin then instructed, "In that case, when you go, talk less, and when you see Ye Chen, respectfully call him Mr. Ye, and don't say anything else."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      Kong Delong begged, "Oh my, you can just go by yourself, can't you?I'll park the car at the entrance at that time, I'll just wait for you in the car."

      Dong Ruolin said with an angry face, "I just told someone Xiao Choran that you were going to go together, Xiao Choran must have also told Ye Chen, in case you don't go in by yourself and let me go alone, Ye Chen might think you have a problem with him!Think you don't give a shit about him!"

      After a pause, Dong Ruolin added, "In case he's not satisfied with you then and intentionally gives you small shoes, then don't blame me for not reminding you, after all, Jinling is his territory, you can't even fight him in Yanjing, let alone in his territory?"

      Hearing this, Kong Delong cringed and said in an urn, "Okay, okay, I'll go, okay?"

      Dong Ruolin seriously said, "I tell you, Ye Chen this person is actually very easy to get along with, but the premise is that you must not act in front of him, you must talk nicely with him, he must be polite to you, if you pretend with him, then you're finished."

      Said Dong Ruolin, "Once I went to a hot spring with Ye Chen and Choran, a bastard scraped my car and then turned around and scolded me, arrogant as hell, do you know what happened afterwards?"

      Condron shook his head, "How's it going?"

      Dong Ruolin said, "Ye Chen sent his men over and used a knife to carve two words on that man's head."

      Kong Delong was jaw-droppingly frightened: "Carve words on the brain with a knife?That's cruel, isn't it?"

      Dong Ruolin said, "You're the one who didn't see that guy's virtue, if you did you'd understand that it's actually not cruel at all to carve words on his forehead."

      Kong Delong hurriedly asked, "Then can you tell me exactly what words Ye Chen carved into his head?"

      Dong Ruolin said, "That guy likes to call others poor hangers-on when he opens and closes his mouth, so Ye Chen had someone carve those two words into his head."


      Kong Delong was suddenly scared out of his head, he even had a feeling as if those two words were carved on his forehead.

      He couldn't help but lament, "What's the difference between this Ye Chen and the devil?It's simply beastly!"

      Dong Ruorin immediately turned on her face and snapped out, "I forbid you to say bad things about Ye Chen!"

      "Huh?"Condron was confused and said in aggravation, "Rorin, I'm your brother!Why are you turning your elbows out?"

      Dong Ruolin snorted, "Ye Chen is a big hero in my heart, if I were to compare myself to you, an uneducated dude, then my elbow would definitely turn towards him!"

      Kong Delong cried, "Ruo Lin, you don't like that Ye Chen, do you?"


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