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 Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2011

Kong Delong suddenly asked a question, making Dong Ruolin unable to cover up in time, the whole person was embarrassed and said, "You you you don't talk nonsense, I I don't like Ye Chen!"

      "I don't believe you!"Kong Delong trailed off, "I've been picking up girls for so many years, I know women no better, and with the way you're looking right now, you must be secretly in love with Ye Chen!"

      Dong Ruolin pretended to be impatient and said, "Oh my, whatever you think, I don't care to talk to you."

      Kong Delong reminded, "Ruo Lin, Ye Chen is married, you better stay away from him, otherwise if it gets out that the Dong family's eldest daughter likes a married man, the Dong family's face will be disgraced by you!"

      When Dong Ruolin heard this, she got angry and took off, "You still have the nerve to talk about me?You swallowed your own necklace to do the surgery thing is all over the city, the whole Yanjing who does not know ah, then you wore a green helmet, pedal a big two-eight all the way from Yanjing to Jinling, the whole Yanjing is even more nobody knows, nobody knows, why do not you yourself say that the Kong family's face is disgraced by you?"

      "I" Kong Delong felt shame on his face and a fire in his stomach, and said in exasperation, "Ruo Lin, is it necessary?Do you have to hurt each other with me?"

      Jorin Dong asked him back, "Who told you to talk about me?"

      Condron sighed helplessly and said, "Gotta!I do understand that you are the one who has a crush on Ye Chen"

      He said, muttering depressingly, "It's fucking weird!Where the hell is Ye Chen, a married man, good?Why do you all like him?Have all the other men in the world died?"

      Dong Ruolin also no longer hid the fact that she liked Ye Chen and asked curiously, "Who else likes him?"

      Kong Delong was upset, "That's Song Wanting of the Jinling Song Family!Why did I swallow the necklace last time, wasn't it because it was Song Wanting's birthday?I wanted to chase her down and the two families even a marriage, but I didn't expect that she didn't even bother to look at me the whole time, her attention was all focused on that Ye Chen, that's why I was so angry that I choked up with Ye Chen."

      Jorin Dong exclaimed, "No way!Song Wanting likes Ye Chen?Brother, you're kidding me, right?"

      Condron said, depressed, "Can I still lie to you?What's in it for me?To be honest I quite like Song Wanting, and now that she's become the head of the Song family again, it would be a great help to the Kong family if she could marry with them, but I didn't expect her to look down on me!"The mobile phone one second to remember provides you with a wonderful dread novel to read.

      Dong Ruolin's beautiful and touching appearance immediately appeared in her mind.

      Although Dong Ruolin was also the eldest lady of a big family, she was really very lacking in confidence in front of Song Wanting.

      Firstly, the strength of the Song family wasn't weaker than the Dong family, and secondly, people Song Wanting was indeed a rare top-notch beauty, not only was she extremely beautiful, but her temperament was also very good, and she was definitely an impeccable top-notch beauty.

      Dong Ruolin even felt that Song Wanting was truly the number one beauty in Jinling, and although Xiao Choran's looks weren't inferior to Song Wanting's, Xiao Choran was still a cut below Song Wanting, a lady's daughter, in terms of temperament.

      And what was even better was that Song Wanting had now become the head of the Song family.

      This wasn't something that a big lady could compare to, after all, most big ladies of big families were outsiders who would marry out in the future, and no big family would hand over the family inheritance to a woman.

      But the Song family was partial to doing so.

      Song Wanting was now in charge of a hundred billion dollar big family by herself, and was definitely a top female tycoon in the country.

      Even Gu Qiuyi hadn't actually inherited the Gu family yet, so to really talk about her worth, the current Song Wanting would even be above Gu Qiuyi!

      This kind of a super beauty, but also like Ye Chen, this time let Dong Ruolin aware of the strong competitive pressure.

      The first thing that you need to do is to get rid of the old man's body, and then you'll be able to get rid of him.Why is he so popular?"

Chapter 2012

As Kong Delong drove to Townsend's, the quiet villa area of Townsend's erupted into a resonant chorus of cursing early in the morning.

      The one cursing the street was old lady Xiao.

      She woke up early in the morning and found that the two hundred dollars in her pocket was gone, and her first thought was that the money had been stolen!

      She thought at the time that her money was eighty percent stolen by Zhang Guifen and the three of them.

      But when she wanted to go and pull Qian Hongyan and confront Zhang Guifen together, she realized that Qian Hongyan had left a note and the person had disappeared.

      In this instant, Mrs. Xiao realized that the 200 yuan of hard-earned money she had taken was stolen by her eldest daughter-in-law, Qian Hongyan.

      She exploded then!

      You know, this two hundred yuan is what she has earned through hardship and beating and scolding, and she didn't even have time to spend any of it, but it was all stolen by Qian Hongyan, how could she not be furious?

      So, an angry old lady Xiao stood on the second floor terrace and cursed, "Qian Hongyan!You stole my hard-earned money!You shall die a horrible death!"

      Xiao Weiwei rushed over and asked, "Grandma, what's going on?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao cried, "Your thousand cuts mother, stole all my money!My hard-earned money!The money for our family of four to eat dumplings on New Year's Eve, all fucking stolen by her!"

      "Huh?!"Xiao Weiwei asked off the top of her head, "Grandma, what's going on?Did Mom steal your money?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao handed the note left by Qian Hongyan to Xiao Weiwei and cried out, "Read it yourself!It's from your bitch mother!It says it's going to meet us later!"

      Once Xiao Weiwei looked at the four words, which were indeed her mother's handwriting, she became giddy and took off, "Mom's gone?!Where did she go?Why didn't she tell me?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao wailed, "That bitch must have left without saying goodbye because she didn't want to stay and suffer, or be dragged into your father and brother's affairs!"

      Said Old Mrs. Xiao, sitting on her buttocks, slapping the ground with her hands as she cried, "This son of a bitch is really a sin!She can go, get as far away as she likes, but why steal from me!Doesn't her conscience hurt when she steals money from an old lady like me?"

      Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong also heard the old lady's words, and Xiao Changqian shouted from the inside of the house, "Mom, what did you say!That stinking bitch Qian Hongyan stole your money and ran away?!"

      "Yes!"Old Mrs. Xiao cried, "This thousand-knife son of a bitch has stolen all my money."

      Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth and cursed, "Qian Hongyan, that bastard!Why didn't I see that she was such a son of a bitch earlier!"

      Xiao Hailong was also incredibly angry, "Mom is too much!She's gone, and she doesn't care if our family lives or dies?!"

      Old Mrs. Shaw cried, "No!I can't let her go!Call the police!Hurry up and call the police!"

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Chapter 2013

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    Here, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan also happened to go downstairs, and just happened to see Ma Lan who came out on crutches.

    Ma Lan hurriedly asked excitedly "Hey, did you guys hear that dead old woman scolding the street?"

    Ye Chen and Xiao Churan nodded, Xiao Churan was a little embarrassed and said "Grandmother doesn't know what's wrong, she's cursing on the second floor terrace early in the morning."

    When Ma Lan heard this, she said excitedly "Churan, quick!Help me upstairs!"

    Xiao Churan said helplessly, "Mom, what's so good about this?"

    Mashiro's right arm was cradling the crutch, and his left arm was slapping on the seat leg, saying, "What could be better than this?Hurry up and help me, or you won't be able to see the show if you're late!"

    Xiao Choran could only sigh and said, "Then I'll help you up."

    When Ye Chen saw this, he took the first step to help Ma Lan up and said, "Wife, it's better for me to help Mom."

    Xiao Churan nodded and said, "Then I'll go press the elevator."

    Ma Lan came to the balcony and looked down, and saw old Mrs. Xiao sitting on the floor of the second floor balcony and cursing.

    Previously, in the house, you could only hear Old Mrs. Xiao making noise, but you couldn't hear what she was saying, but after coming out, the sound immediately became clearer.

    When she came out, her voice became clear. Old Mrs. Xiao was still scolding, "You Qian Hongyan, the Thousand Knives!How dare you steal my hard-earned money!Where's your conscience?I curse you for getting hit by a car on your way out!"

    As soon as Ma Lan heard this, he laughed and shouted, "Hey, old woman, what's wrong with this?Isn't your eldest daughter-in-law the most filial and agreeable to you?Why are you stealing your hard-earned money on New Year's Eve?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao suddenly heard Ma Lan's voice, looked up and saw Ma Lan's smiling face, and suddenly became angry and gnashed her teeth and scolded, "Ma Lan, our family business has nothing to do with you, you shrew!Don't you dare talk sarcasm here!"

    Ma Lan left her mouth, "Aigoo, you're already seventy years old, and you're cursing on the terrace in the morning, why do you still have the face to call me a shrew?You've got some thick skin!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao raged, "You're full of shit!The biggest shrew in the world is you Marashi, and you still think you can pretend to be a good person now that you're living in Townsend One and dressing like a five and six?"

    Ma Lan is not angry, laughingly said "Oh, old woman, you also said, I am now a person who lives in Tangchen 1, this Tangchen 1 ah, the quality must also be up to mention before it, can not be similar to you, are living in Tangchen 1 to come, but also to steal other people's food, do you want shame ah?".

    Said Mashi and then hurriedly "Oh yes!Did your family enjoy the leeks you stole from our house last time?"

    "You you" Old Mrs. Xiao was trembling with anger and gritted her teeth "Ma Lan!I haven't paid you back for the daffodil you used on me!Don't you fucking dare mention this to me!"

    Ma Lan laughed and said, "It was you who stole our leeks, why can't I mention it?I also heard that it was because she ate our leeks that your eldest daughter-in-law found out she was pregnant, right?So in the end, you have our leeks to thank for this one!If it weren't for our leeks, your son would be a happy father!"

    The poisoning from the daffodil and the incontinence were the most helpless moments in her life, and every time she thought of them, her heart felt like a knife.

    She was already immersed in the pain of having her hard-earned money stolen, and now she was being mocked by Ma Lan for revisiting the past, so the fire in her heart was about to ignite this villa!

    Just when she wanted to scold Ma Lan, but didn't know where to begin, a police car drove downstairs in a hurry.

    A few police officers got out of the car, and Xiao Weiwei opened the door, so one of them asked Xiao Weiwei, "Did your family call the police?".

    Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said "Yes, yes, it was my grandmother who told me to call the police."

    The old lady Xiao heard this, hastily stood up, lying on the balcony guardrail, crying out, "comrade police officers, you must help us to decide!Our house has been burglarized!I can't live with my hard-earned money gone!"

Chapter 2014

A few police officers once heard this,m.aisuren.

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    I think it is also, casually can live more than one hundred million villa people, million for them is nothing?The ten million estimate was just a frown.

    But seeing how this old lady was acting so devastated the entire time, it seemed the amount had to be in the tens of millions!

    This could be a very serious theft!

    So, a few people hurry to enter the door, directly asked Xiao Weiwei, "When did the theft happen?How much property has been stolen?"

    Xiao Weiwei was slightly embarrassed and said, "This trouble you guys go to the second floor and ask my grandmother, the lost money is all hers, she knows the situation best."


    A few police officers were busy going upstairs, led by Xiao Weiwei, to the second floor bedroom.

    The police officer was surprised to see two men, an old man and a young man, sleeping in the second floor bedroom, but didn't think much of it and came directly to the terrace and asked Mrs. Xiao, "Old lady, did you lose your belongings?".

    "Right!It's me!"Old Mrs. Xiao said resentfully, "A woman named Qian Hongyan!He stole my hard-earned money and ran away!You've got to catch her!"

    The police officer nodded hurriedly, pulled out the PDA for police officers and spoke, "Do you know the details of this Qian Hongyan?Like where you're from, age, and an ID number would be great!That way, we can just locate specific information and start arresting people right away."

    "ID number?"Old Mrs. Xiao thought about it and asked Xiao Weiwei "Do you know your mother's ID number?"

    Xiao Weiwei said awkwardly "I I can only remember a small part of it, not all of it"

    Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said, "Go look for your father's marriage certificate with her!That must have her ID number on it!"

    Xiao Weiwei nodded "Okay Grandma, I'm on my way"

    Several police officers exchanged glances with each other, and the one at the head spoke up and asked, "Old lady, this Qian Hongyan who stole your money, what is his relationship to you?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and said, "That bastard is my eldest daughter-in-law!I really guarded against it day and night, but I didn't realize that home thieves were hard to guard against!"

    The lead police officer said awkwardly "If it is a family member, you should carefully consider whether to go through the legal process, because theft is not just a trivial matter, this is a criminal offense."

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    Old Mrs. Xiao snorted "more serious?I'm not only serious, I'm deadly serious!It's better if you catch her and sentence her to life in prison!How dare she steal my money? How dare she!I'm going to show her today that this old woman of mine can never be bullied just because she wants to!Gotta give her something to look at!"

    The first police officer to see this, and no longer persuade, nodded "since you claim the other side is the theft of your property, then we will carry out according to the theft case down.".

    The old lady Xiao nodded in panic "right right right!It's to follow the theft down and catch her!Sentence her!"

    The first officer asked again, "Old lady, how much did you lose this time?This includes, but is not limited to, cash, debts, and any personal things of value."

    The old woman blurted out "She stole the whole two hundred dollars from me!That's all my hard-earned money!"

    The police officer was confused "How much more?!Two hundred?!"

Chapter 2015

In response to the police officer's confirmation, Old Lady Xiao nodded and gritted her teeth, "Yes, it's two hundred!"

    The police officer thought his ears were out of whack at this point. m.xllgz.

    "An old lady who lives in one of Thompson's finest villas would call the police for two hundred dollars?Something's wrong."

    Here, he thought, "Could it be that rich people are always like this, saying two million as two hundred?Last time at the class reunion, that rich kid in class was the same way when he talked about that luxury car of his, it was obviously a Rolls Royce with over five million dollars, and when he talked about how much it was, he downplayed it by saying over five hundred, is this the common disease of the rich?"

    But when he thought about it, he was a bit puzzled "By all means, this old lady has a fortune of over a hundred million, she wouldn't be so excited even if she lost two million."

    So he looked at the old lady again and said, "Hello old lady, let me confirm with you again, you said that your daughter-in-law, that is, this Qian Hongyan stole two hundred from you, this two hundred, refers to two million, right?"

    "No."Old Mrs. Xiao said "It's two hundred yuan, two hundred RMB, cash, two hundred!"

    "Huh?!"A couple of police officers jaws could not help but drop to the ground.

    The first one was embarrassed and said "Old lady, your eldest daughter-in-law took two hundred dollars from you and you're going to call the police to arrest her?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao's eyebrows stood up and questioned, "What?No?She stole my hard-earned money, and I can't call the police?"

    The first police officer said awkwardly "can be, but I have to tell you a basic legal common sense, according to our country's legal definition of theft, the crime of theft sentencing conditions is that the amount of money involved must at least reach a large amount of standard.".

    Saying that, he explained, "This threshold of a larger amount is more than one thousand dollars to three thousand dollars, and there is no way to pursue criminal responsibility if you can't reach this standard."

    Old Mrs. Xiao frowned "What the hell!She's stealing my hard-earned money!Do you know I worked hard all day yesterday to earn a hundred dollars!I got slapped in the face and someone else paid me another $100!And this two hundred dollars is the money for our family to eat dumplings on New Year's Eve!"

    The police officers have heard silly, thought "this old lady is not a joke with us, right?You live in such a big house and call the police for $200?And this $200 is $100 from a part-time job and $100 from a beating?No ordinary person is poor enough for this, let alone her living in such a large luxury villa.It's too magical!"

    However, he could only patiently explain "No way ah old lady, this is expressly stipulated by the law, if the other party just stole your two hundred, we really can't file a case, we can only give you registration first, if later on she reached the filing standard because of other things, we can try to help you recover the loss."

    Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said "Then I remembered wrongly!She didn't steal two hundred dollars from me, she stole two thousand!"

    The police officer said embarrassed "how much money she stole from you, the specific is to see the detection of the case, even if you now say it is two thousand, we filed a case, people also caught, and finally found that you are lying, the other side simply can not reach the filing standards, then you are legally responsible for your lies."

    I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it, but I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it.No detention of the other party, just a certain degree of restriction of personal freedom, regular community corrections, and then you might be required not to leave Jinling, or the street where your villa is located, and then you'll pretty much be through."

    "What?!"Old Mrs. Xiao blurted out, "Your management is too lenient, isn't it?It's theft!"

    The police officer sighed helplessly, "say so old lady, theft is indeed a crime, but whether to pursue a degree, if the student to report that the same table stole his eraser, worth a dollar, we also go to arrest?It's not appropriate."

Chapter 2016

The police officer said, "Madam, if your daughter-in-law only stole two hundred yuan from you, we really can't file a case against her.

    The police officer was only using the TV as an analogy, but Old Mrs. Xiao suddenly thought of the incident where she sold the TV in Wu Donghai's villa with Xiao Hailong and Xiao Changqian, and became frightened and asked nervously, "Comrade police officer, if you stole a TV worth 100,000, what would be the sentence?"


    "What?!"Old Mrs. Xiao was scared to death!

    "Eleven years for stealing a TV?!That's too scary, isn't it?!"

    "Fortunately, Wu Donghai didn't call the police then!Otherwise, at my age, I'd probably just die of old age in prison by then."

    In the house, the Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong lying on the bed were also frightened by these words.

    Xiao Hailong's entire body shivered with fright, and in a whirl, Xiao Changqian, who was next to him, felt a wet heat from the sheets and asked offhandedly, "Hailong you you why did you wet the bed?!"

    Xiao Hailong whispered bitterly "Dad, I'm scared ah stealing a TV is a sentence of eleven years, this is too scary"

    Xiao Changqian was particularly helpless, lamenting "Hey!It's scary, but don't wet the bed!That's great, you've got my pants all wet."

    Xiao Hailong's mouth flattened and his voice choked, "Dad I'm sorry I really didn't hold back I promise I won't next time."

    The first thing you need to do is to listen to what the outside police say about your grandmother, and what two hundred dollars is for the police.What's the point!If we accidentally tell anyone about the sale of the TV again, we might get in trouble."

    At this time, Old Mrs. Xiao was also a little panicked.

    She really didn't expect that Qian Hongyan stealing two hundred yuan from herself wasn't even enough to file a case.

    But her own family stealing and selling Wu Donghai's TV was enough to be sentenced for more than ten years, which really scared her.

    The police officer saw the old lady's face was not right, so he thought she was just angry.?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao sighed in depression and said, "Okay, that's it, it's cheap for this son of a bitch."

    The police officer nodded his head "You can just think about it, if there is nothing else, we will leave first."

    At this time, Xiao Weiwei happened to come over with a marriage certificate and spoke, "Officer, marriage certificate for you."

    Old Mrs. Xiao said in exasperation "What's the point of getting a marriage certificate, hurry up and send a few police officers down."

Chapter 2017

Ma Lan, who was on the third floor balcony, saw the old lady let Xiao Weiwei send a group of police officers away, so she pulled her voice and said with a smile, "Oh I say old lady, didn't you want to call the police to arrest that big son in law of yours?Why are you going soft now?It seems you still have a soft spot for your eldest daughter-in-law!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was already suffocating in her heart, and when she heard Ma Lan chattering across the street again, she burst into a rage and scolded, "Ma Lan, my family's affairs have nothing to do with you, so don't whine here!"

      "Yo, don't think I'm squealing?"Ma Lan mocked, "Don't live next door to our house if you don't like my jibberish!"

      Saying that, Ma Lan sneered, "I heard from Xiao Changkun yesterday that you ran off to work at the supermarket?Sure, an old woman who's done nothing all her life and now she's getting old and starting a career?But I've heard that you seem to have a pretty boring career, just pulling plastic bags for people at the supermarket!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and sternly scolded, "What I do has nothing to do with you?Do I need you to tell me what to do here?"

      Ma Lan laughed, "What you do really has nothing to do with me, I'm just lamenting that even you, an old thing, will have today."

      Saying that, Ma Lan laughed to herself and sighed, "Oh, forget it, since you're so poor that you're going to work in a supermarket, what's there for me to be bothered with someone like you?We're not of the same world anymore, and I'm living a life you couldn't even dream of living, and wasting all this talk with you is completely against the bull, so I can only wish you good luck."first issue

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious at Ma Lan's blood rushing straight to her head and gritted her teeth, "Ma Lan!Pay attention when it's thundering and raining, I think you'll be struck by lightning sooner or later!"

      Ma Lan laughed in shame, "You've done all sorts of bad things, or else you would have oppressed your two sons, held the financial power of the family, and even sold your own granddaughter's body in exchange for glory and wealth.Chopping you to death eight times won't kill me once!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao almost collapsed, jumping to her feet as she cursed angrily, "You you don't want to be here spewing shit all over the place!"

      Ma Lan waved her hand impatiently, "Okay, old thing, don't fix that useless thing, let's see who is having a good day, it's over, look at my leg injury, my son-in-law gave me hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy anything on the Internet, you?Poor into this kind of forced, food can not eat but also go to the supermarket to work, we two ah, that is the difference between the phoenix and pheasant!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was so angry that she couldn't speak at all, and her entire body was completely speechless, only feeling her blood pressure rise suddenly, straight to her own heavenly lid.

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services."

      After saying that, Ma Lan waved to Ye Chen and Xiao Choran, "Good son-in-law, good daughter, let's go downstairs and eat, we don't want to get along with that old thing!"

      As soon as the words died down, he turned his head and said to old Mrs. Xiao, "Oh old thing, I'm going to eat first, by the way, I'll tell you that our breakfast is particularly sumptuous, there are phoenix claws with black bean sauce, steamed ribs with black bean sauce, fresh shrimp siu mai, barbecued pork buns, oh yes, there's also raw rolled fish fillet congee, all of them are authentic Cantonese breakfast tea, you ah, just continue to starve."

      Old Mrs. Xiao's blood pressure had burst from Ma Lan's anger, and she only felt dizzy in her head, almost about to fall to the ground.

      At this time, Xiao Weiwei just happened to come back, and upon seeing this, she hurriedly assisted her.

      But although Mrs. Xiao was already dizzy, she was still swearing at the top of her voice: "Ma Lan, don't go, I will never forgive you today!You get out here!"

      Ma Lan had had enough of her mouth before she didn't bother to continue to take care of her and said directly to Ye Chen, "Good son-in-law, help Mom downstairs."

      Xiao Churan followed after her and asked, "Mom, where did our family get so many wide style refreshments?"

Chapter 2018

Ma Lan said with a smile, "Silly girl, I was just lying to her, where to buy wide range of refreshments in this New Year?Besides, I wouldn't do it, I'm just mad at that awful wife!"

      Ma Lan then said: "You don't know, your grandmother usually likes Canton-style refreshments, nothing to do is to go to a teahouse to eat a morning, every time to go with the Empress Dowager with the royal meals, a little big table, now she became a downtrodden household, I still have to stimulate her?".

      Xiao Churan sighed helplessly and said, "Mom, it's time to overturn that feud between you and grandma, right?She's so old, so don't you dare to treat her like that."

      Ma Lan said disdainfully, "So what if she's old?I'm telling you, there's just a certain group of people in this society, and the older she gets, the worse she gets!This kind of person, the older they get, the more they can save up a belly full of bad water, all bad and stinking!You have no idea how she tortured me in the detention center in the first place, and I was already merciful for not rushing over and killing her!"

      There was nothing that Xiao Churan could do with this mother, so she could only ask, "Alright mom, what are we going to have for breakfast anyway?"

      Ma Lan said, "Eat noodles for breakfast, I'm down tomato and egg noodles."

      After saying that, looking towards Ye Chen, flattered and said, "Good son-in-law you don't mind, when mom's legs are better, every day she will go out and buy all kinds of big fish and meat to make you a big meal!"

      Ye Chen laughed and said, "Mom, I'm not a picky eater, so you'd better cook more delicious food for Choran."

      "Sure sure sure!"Ma Lan said with a smile, "Choran is preparing for pregnancy, it is to eat more good to take care of the body."

      Xiao Churan said shyly, "Mom why are you talking nonsense again."

      Ma Lan said in a serious manner, "How can this be called nonsense?Mom is over here, before a woman wants to have a child ah, she must take care of her body to be healthy, you don't want to be like mom, you don't want to get pregnant in a muddle."

      Ye Chen listened with an embarrassed face, thinking, "Obviously you borrowed Xiao Changkun to get drunk and take the initiative to have sex with him, which is considered to be a deliberate act, how can you call it being pregnant in a muddle?"

      Xiao Choran didn't want to continue discussing this topic with her mother at this time, and opened her mouth, "Right mom, later Ruo Lin will come over with her cousin to sit down, so don't talk nonsense at that time."

      Ma Lan was surprised and asked, "Ruo Lin is coming?She hasn't returned to Yanjing yet?"

      Xiao Churan nodded, "Haven't been back ah, isn't she working in the Imperial Group, office workers are all off today, so she came to visit our home first, then went back to Yanjing for the New Year."

      Ma Lan asked again, "Is she still coming back to work after the New Year?"

      "Come on."Xiao Churan said, "She kinda likes the job of the Imperial Group."

      Ma Lan smacked her lips, looking very serious and said, "Something feels a little off!"

      Xiao Chu Ran was surprised and asked, "What's wrong?"

      Ma Lan said very seriously, "The Dong family is so powerful, how could she possibly despise a job at the Imperial Group?And it's been going on for so long, I think ah, she must have something else in mind!"

Chapter 2019

Ye Chen did not expect that Ma Lan's judgment of Dong Ruolin could be so accurate. m.xiaoshuo9999.

    In fact, when Dong Ruolin had just arrived at the Emperor's Group, Ye Chen had already guessed her motives.

    The Dong family must have heard that the Ye family had arranged an offspring in Jinling and had also bought the Imperial Hero Group to give to the other party, so the Dong family thought that this was a good opportunity to take the first step to arrange Dong Ruorin over.

    Originally, Ye Chen planned to just not allow Dong Ruolin to contact herself in the Imperial Hero Group, so that she would not be able to find her real body for a long time and believed that she would leave Jinling before long.

    But who would have thought that Dong Ruolin would coincidentally fall in love with herself.

    From the moment she confessed to Ye Chen, Ye Chen knew in his heart that this woman, it would be impossible to shake off for a while.

    This side, Xiao Churan heard her mother say that Dong Ruolin came to Jinling, in fact, has other plans, so she couldn't help but laugh "Mom, where are you thinking, people just come to work, how can there be any other plans.".

    The first thing you need to know is how to make sure you're getting the right amount of money.

    Xiao Chu Ran thought about it and said, "People might just want to be an independent woman ah, or they just want to make it on their own in the workplace, or maybe it's just simply because of the sentiment."

    "Emotions?!"Ma Lan waved her hand and said seriously "Oh my daughter, you don't understand!In this world, the poor may really have some so-called sentimentality, but the rich definitely don't!"

    Saying that, Ma Lan said with a certainty, "This group of rich people, all of them are profitless guys, all their energy is focused on making money, and they can't wait to fart to make use of it and create some value, so they will never run to a small place to waste time!".

    "The only explanation is that they're interested in something in this small place, and it's not likely, ah, that our Jinling is still hiding some great treasure of great value!"

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure that I'm going to be able to do it.

    Ma Lan said seriously, "Don't believe it yet!When I was little, I heard my grandmother say that their hometown was in a mountain nest, and they didn't see many outsiders all year round, and the rich people didn't even go there, but from a certain year on, every year there would be a few rich people who would go there and donate money to build a temple, some to the land temple, some to the temple of the Goddess of Mercy, saying that the gods there were very spiritual."

    "The people of the mountain wondered, and thought, I have not heard that we have any very powerful gods here, for if we did, how could we be so poor and have eaten the last meal without the next?It's not logical, is it?"

    Xiao Chu Ran nodded "It's indeed a bit strange, then?"

    Ma Lan said "Then it has been like this for several years, small and large temples have been built dozens of temples, but we are still poor, until a big detective from Yanjing all the way to the mountains to investigate the case, we understand that the original rich people, come to the mountains to donate temples, in order to steal a large tomb of the Han Dynasty!"

    "Huh?Tomb raiding?"Xiao Churan said awkwardly, "Mom, you've read too many novels, right?Where are all those fictional grave robbers!"

    Ma Lan said seriously, "Do you think grave robbers are mysterious in novels?I'm telling you, there are a lot more grave robbers in reality than what's described in fiction!"

    I'm telling you, that big tomb is under the mountain behind your grandmother's house, but the villagers don't know about it.During those years, various grave robbers used the name of donating to build a temple to drill dozens of holes underneath the temple, and they were about to hollow out the bottom of a mountain!"

Chapter 2020

Xiao Churan laughed "Mom, the more you say the more mysterious, and also digging the robber cave you think you are touching gold lieutenant?"

    Ma Lan saw that Xiao Churan didn't believe her, so she got anxious and said, "You girl, why don't you believe anything Mom says?My grandmother's family has opened up quite a few large tombs over the years, and a few years ago, not far from my grandmother's house, a particularly famous tomb of Marquis Haixiao was excavated, have you heard of Marquis Haixiao's tomb?"

    Xiao Chu Ran nodded "I've heard of it, it seems to be a pretty significant archaeological discovery, what happened to this tomb?"

    "What's wrong?"The reason why the tomb was discovered by the cultural relics department was because the villagers were disturbed by the tomb robbers when they were making a hole in the tomb.There are dozens of them!"

    Xiao Choran was dumbfounded "Is this gang of grave robbers really that powerful?"

    Ma Lan was a little anxious and said, "If you don't believe me, search it!"

    The first thing you need to know is that there are a lot of people who are very good at what they do, and there are a lot of people who are very good at what they do, and there are a lot of people who are very good at what they do.wav."

    Saying that, Ye Chen added, "A dozen or two decades ago, a provincial capital city in the central region, there was a case of cordyceps theft, a shop dealing with cordyceps, was stolen two hundred kilograms of cordyceps worth tens of millions of dollars in one night, do you know how the other party stole it?"

    Xiao Chu Ran shook his head "How did you steal it?"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes you're wearing.

    Xiao Choran said in amazement "This is too divine."

    Ye Chen nodded his head "Putting aside their illegal and criminal acts, just saying that their craft of drilling a hole is really great."

    Ma Lan looked at Xiao Churan and spoke "Now you believe what I said, right?"

    Xiao Choran could only nod "Mom, I believe."

    Ma Lan hmmm, and then said "So now you understand what it means to be unprofitable, right?To the tomb robbers, who would go to that poor country to donate a temple if there wasn't that tomb in the mountains?That Dong Ruolin is the same, if it wasn't for Jinling's profitability, why would she, a lady from a big Yanjing family, come here to waste time?That's why I said that there must be big treasures in Jinling that we never expected!"

    Xiao Churan frowned and said "But where is there any treasure in Jinling, even if there really is a tomb, it's impossible for someone's Dong family to rob it!"

    Ma Lan said, "The big treasure I'm talking about may not be the tomb.Maybe there's some big people hidden in our Jinling!"

    Xiao Choran smiled, "A big shot?What kind of big man could interest all the families in Yanjing?"

    After saying that, she pointed at Ye Chen and ridiculed, "There are many people in Jinling who call your son-in-law Master Ye and say that your son-in-law is some kind of real dragon on earth, is he the hidden big man?"


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