Secret Identity 1981-1990


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1981

Gu Yanzhong originally thought that Ye Chen wouldn't agree, but he didn't expect him to agree so readily, so he immediately spoke up, "Your grandfather would be very happy if he knew that you were willing to go back and participate in the Ancestor Ceremony!"

      Ye Chen smiled, thinking to himself, "Whether or not he will be happy should not depend on whether or not I will go to the Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony, but on whether or not I will follow his arrangement and become a tool for the Ye family's external marriage."

      However, he didn't say these words to Gu Yanzhong.

      At this time, Gu Qiuyi spoke again, "Right brother Ye Chen, the time for my concert in Jinling has been set!"

      Ye Chen was very surprised and asked, "A concert?In Jinling?"

      Gu Qiuyi nodded her head and said with a smile, "Originally, the next stop of my concert tour was Jinling, but the exact time hadn't been set before."

      Ye Chen just remembered that when he was going to bring his wife to have dinner with Gu Qiuyi, she had excitedly told him that Gu Qiuyi was going to have a concert in Jinling in the near future, but he didn't expect this matter to be on the agenda now.

      So Ye Chen asked her, "Inan, when is your concert?"

      Gu Qiuyi said, "It's on the second day of the second lunar month, on your birthday, at 7:00 p.m. at the Ollie's Pitch Arena in Jinling!"

      Ye Chen was surprised.

      February 2 of the Lunar Calendar?That's your birthday?

      Did this girl, on purpose, pick that day for her concert?

      At this time, Gu Qiuyi said with an expectant face, "Brother Ye Chen, I've reserved tickets for you for the best seats, you must come and give me a show then!"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Don't worry, I'll be there then."

      Gu Qiuyi said happily, "Then we'll see you in Jinling then!"


      At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door from the video call Gu Yanzhong's side.

      Gu Yanzhong said, "Come in."

      Then, the second Gu family member, Gu Yanzheng, pushed the door in and said respectfully, "Big brother, big sister-in-law, someone from the Su family has come to the door to deliver a gift."

      Gu Yanzhong frowned tightly and asked in surprise, "The Su family?I've never gotten along with them, so why do they suddenly come to my door and give me gifts?"

      Gu Yanzheng shook his head, also somewhat puzzled and said, "I don't understand this either, this time, it's the family Su Shou Dao's pair of children, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, Su Shou Dao himself didn't come, I guess he's also self-conscious, knowing that you've been very unhappy with him because of what happened to Big Brother Ye in the beginning."

      Gu Yanzhong was even more puzzled and spoke up, "Su Shou Dao didn't come, what are the Su family's juniors doing here?I've never heard of the Su family's senior coming out to visit on New Year's Eve before!"

      The Su family had always had a very high posture in Yanjing.

      Whether it was Su Chengfeng or his several sons, they never visited others during the New Year, but at most, they would only visit their in-laws.

      Even these juniors of the Su family, who were Su Zhiyu's equals, never lowered themselves and took the initiative to visit other families.First post.

      Therefore, Gu Yanzhong couldn't figure out why a pair of Su Shoudao's children had to come visit him.

      Ye Chen was also a little surprised.

Chapter 1982

Last time in Japan, he had saved Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu in passing, thinking that he was saving two of his compatriots in passing, but he hadn't expected that they were the children of his enemies, and this incident had once made him very depressed.

      Unexpectedly, these two had now gone to Gu Yanzhong's house.

      Could it be that the Su family was now even trying to pull in the Gu family?

      However, Ye Chen didn't say anything more in the video, after all, Gu Yanzheng didn't know about his experience in Japan either.

      At this time, the second youngest member of the Gu family, Gu Yanzhong, said, "Big brother, why is the Su family's junior coming over to give gifts, I'm not too sure about this, but I feel that it might have something to do with the Su family's encounter in Japan a while ago, the Su family really lost a lot of money during this period of time, maybe now they have the idea of trying to gather more families."

      Gu Yanzhong said with a cold face, "In all of Yanjing, the one I despise the least is that Su Shoudao!You're a complete son of a bitch!The anti-Yeh alliance that targeted Big Brother Ye back then was the trash in which he roused the secret arrows that hurt people!"The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Lin Wanqiu, who was on the side, spoke up, "To look at or not to look at is to look at, but as the saying goes, reach out and don't hit the smiling face, not to mention that this time it's Su Shoudao's two children who are here, so you shouldn't transfer the grudges from that year to the younger generation, otherwise if it gets out, won't it be a laughing stock."

      Gu Yanzhong pondered for a moment, nodded and said, "Fine, let's see what kind of medicine they're selling."

      With that, he said to Ye Chen, "Chen'er, someone from the Su family has come to give a gift, I'll go and accept it."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Okay Uncle Gu, you go and get busy, I'll wish your family a happy new year in advance."

      Gu Yanzhong smiled and nodded repeatedly, "Happy!Happy!I've never been happier than I have these recent New Year's celebrations!"

      Saying that, he couldn't help but sigh again, "Hey, it would be great if you could spend New Year's Eve in Yanjing, Chen'er!It would be better than nothing if the four of us could spend the New Year together!I'll just close the door and enjoy a family reunion then, even if the King of Heaven comes to my door, I won't see!"

      Ye Chen knew that both Gu Yanzhong and his wife, who were both bent on making him his son-in-law, and even his own parents' spirits in the heavens, definitely wished the same.

      It was just that he hadn't even moved to divorce Xiao Choran, so at this moment, he didn't know how to respond to Gu Yanzhong's words.

      At this time, Lin Wanqiu came out and said in a roundabout way, "Alright, alright, Chen'er must have a number in his heart, there's no chance that this wish of yours will be fulfilled in a few years, so why be too hasty now."

      Gu Yanzhong nodded, "No hurry, no hurry, good food is not afraid of late, after waiting for so many years, I don't care if I have to wait for three more years!"

      Saying that, he said to Ye Chen, "Chen'er, Uncle won't talk much with you for now, we'll talk some other time, and Uncle here wishes you a happy new year too!"

      Ye Chen busily said, "Thank you, Uncle Gu!"

      Gu Qiuyi spoke up at this time, "Dad and Mom, you guys go ahead, I'll talk to Brother Ye Chen for a while longer."

      Gu Yanzhong said, "You'd better come along, I don't have anything to talk about with senior Su, don't you know each other?You can exchange pleasantries with them on my behalf and then find an excuse to send the guests away."

      Gu Qiuyi said helplessly, "Alright then."

      After saying that, Gu Qiuyi said to Ye Chen again, "Brother Ye Chen, I'll hang up first then."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Okay, you go and get busy."

      At this moment, the main hall of the Gu family quadrangle.

      The talented Su Zhi Fei was sitting on the rosewood sofa together with the pavilion-ruled Su Zhi Yu.

      The Gu family's servants retired first after serving tea, and they were the only two in the main hall for now.

      Su Zhifei saw Su Zhifei was a little nervous, and whispered in his ear, "Brother, when you meet your dream lover later, you mustn't act too nervous."

Chapter 1983

Su Zhi Fei was already a bit apprehensive, and once he heard his sister say that, he was even more nervous.

      Both of them, brother and sister, and Gu Qiu Yi belonged to the same top rich second generation in Yanjing, and although their relationship wasn't particularly close, they could both be considered ordinary friends.

      Su Zhi Fei had been secretly in love with Gu Qiu Yi for many years, but since she never mixed with the rich second generation, he didn't have many opportunities to get in touch with her.

      Moreover, Su Zhi Fei didn't dare to confess his love to Gu Qiuyi because he knew that in the eyes of his father, Su Shou Dao, the Gu family was somewhat up to no good.

      Su Zhi Fei was the eldest son and grandson of the Su family, and there was no doubt that at some time in the future, he would be the head of the Su family.

      Therefore, Su Shou Dao paid great attention to his marriage.

      In Su Shoudao's opinion, the Su family was now the number one family in the country, and the second ranked family, the Ye family, was on opposite sides of the fence from them, so there was absolutely no need for Su Zhifei to look for a suitable marriage partner in the country.

      Su Shou Dao's plan for Su Zhi Fei was to either marry someone from above, or simply find a top big family from abroad to marry.

      Therefore, he naturally couldn't be willing to let his son be with Gu Qiu Yi from the Gu family.

      Su Zhi Fei had never thought of confessing to Gu Qiu Yi before either.One Second Remember on your mobile phone provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      As the eldest son and grandson of the Su family, although he was not as capable as Su Zhifei, he was more aware than Su Zhifei.

      He knew that he couldn't make his own decisions about his marriage, so he simply gave up his right to choose on his own and let his family arrange it for him, which was enough.

      However, after being kidnapped and almost killed by ninjas in Japan last time, he suddenly had a feeling that life was short.

      He felt that even if he lived a good life, it would only be a few decades, and he might die young due to an accident at some point.

      If that was the case, why did he need to stoop to the level of a marriage?

      Since you've always liked her, why don't you have the courage to pursue her?

      After he told Su Zhiyu about his plan, Su Zhiyu immediately raised her hands in agreement, and thoughtfully helped him think of a way to approach Gu Qiuyi.

      Su Zhiyu knew that Gu Qiuyi had a series of national concert tours coming up after the year, so she suggested to her brother that he come and talk to Gu Qiuyi about the naming rights of the concerts.

      It just so happens that Su Zhi Fei himself has a nationally renowned cosmetics company in his name, so Su Zhi Fish suggests using this cosmetics brand to negotiate a title partnership with Gu Qiuyi.

      Su Zhiyu's original intention was to let Su Zhifei establish a business relationship with Gu Qiuyi first, so that he could go to Gu Qiuyi's concert as the title company to support her.

      In this way, first public and then private, curves to save the country, basically can quickly close the relationship between the two.

      If the brother is capable and charismatic enough, it will probably be done.

      At this time, Su Zhi Fei's heart was somewhat apprehensive, and he asked Su Zhi Yue in a low voice, "Do you think Gu Qiuyi will agree to let me title her concert?"

      Su Zhiyu seriously said, "If you do as I say, I don't think there's much of a problem."

Chapter 1984

Su Zhi Fei nodded gently, but was still a bit bottomless, whispering, "I heard earlier that Gu Qiu Yi seems to have an early engagement with a descendant of the Ye family, if I really confess to her, can she say yes?"

      Su Zhiyu helplessly consoled, "Gee brother!Why are you dilly-dallying like a pussy!"

      "Don't think too much about this, there's no turning back with a bow!"

      "And so what if she's engaged?The one who has a marriage contract with her is that Ye family's son, when Ye and his wife were killed earlier, he had already disappeared, whether he is still alive or not is still unknown, so how could he come back to finish his marriage with Gu Qiu Yi?"

      At this point, Su Zhiyu said, "You, just play well and behave well, you are the eldest son and grandson of the Su family, in terms of wealth and power, not many people in the country can compare with you, in terms of looks, you also look like a talent, and high culture and education, I think you match Gu Qiu Yi, is more than enough."

      Su Zhi Fei lamented again, "Actually, there's one more thing, I don't know if you're clear about it."

      Su Zhiyu asked, "What is it?"

      Su Zhi Fei said: "Dad has been very much at odds with Ye Changyi back then, in order to counter Ye Changyi's unstoppable strength, Dad also formed an anti-Yeh alliance back then, the hatred with Ye Changyi can be said to be very deep, and Ye Changyi and Gu Qiu Yi's dad, are also good buddies, so I'm worried that Gu Qiu Yi's dad has a prejudice against our Su family."

      Su Zhiyu frowned tightly and spoke up, "I know that Dad and that Ye Changsha don't get along, I've heard about it from my younger uncle, but I've never heard about the fact that Ye Changsha and Gu Yanzhong are sworn brothers."

      Saying that, Su Zhiyu consoled, "But it's been so many years, I don't think he would hold a grudge like that, right?Besides, even if he has preconceived notions about Dad, he's still prejudiced against him and won't be able to see things with us juniors, and besides, Gu Qiu Yi is his only daughter, so if Gu Qiu Yi really likes you, I'm sure he'll respect his daughter's choice, don't you think?"

      Su Zhi Fei heard her say that and the tension eased a little, nodding his head and saying, "You have a point I'll try it!"

      Su Zhiyu smiled, "You, be a little more confident, there's no telling how many women around the world are lining up to marry you, and many of them are even better than Gu Qiu Yi in terms of overall qualifications, what do you have to be inferior to?"

      Su Zhi Fei accosted with a smile: "That's what I said, but my heart is still nervous."

      Su Zhiyi seriously said, "It's your mindset, not being confident enough is the key!If I fall in love with any man in the future, I definitely won't feel inferior in front of him at all, even if his identity is a prince in the Middle East."

      Saying that, Su Zhiyu shamefacedly said, "A prince is actually no big deal, let's not mention that I don't like that foreign guy, even if I did put a prince in front of me, I'd still be looking at him with my heels!"

      "A prince sounds like quite powerful to say, with family assets of hundreds of billions of dollars, but within their kind of family, the various princes add up to a few hundred, and on average, a prince has assets of more than a billion dollars, which is not enough for Miss Ben's own pocket money."

      Su Zhi Fei looked at Su Zhi fish, lightly laughed and seriously said, "Hey, sometimes I wish I could have your kind of character, I don't put anything in my eyes, so I naturally live a very open-minded life."

      Su Zhifei asked him back, "Are you praising me, or are you undermining me?"

      "Kudos to you!"Su Zhi Fei seriously said, "I'm just because I'm hanging on to the name of the eldest son and grandson, so I've been subjected to all sorts of restrictions and demands from my grandfather and father since I was young, the edges of my personality have long been smoothed out in front of them, and there's no sense of resistance at all, unlike you, who can fight twice no matter who you're with."

      Su Zhiyu said, "After all, we are in different situations, it is you who will inherit the family in the future, not me, so I can live a little heartless."

      Su Zhi Fei nodded and asked her, "By the way, aren't you looking for Grandfather En?How's the search going?"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Su Zhiyu sighed: "Just got the surveillance video of several major airports in Japan, one by one stare to find, I guess to find my 30th birthday, I'm still thinking of a reliable solution."

      After saying that, Su Zhiyu was busy: "Right, I'll drop the surveillance video thing to accompany you to Gujia today, you must help me comb together when you return!"

Chapter 1985

Hearing his sister's words, Su Zhi Fei didn't hesitate to pat his chest and promised, "Don't worry, I'll do my best to cooperate with you when I go back!"

      Su Zhiyu nodded in satisfaction and was about to speak when two men and two women walked in at the entrance of the main hall.

      The ones who came were the three members of Gu Yanzhong's family, and the second oldest, Gu Yanzheng.

      As soon as she saw Gu Qiu Yi come in, Su Zhi Fei became a little nervous, and her palms immediately began to sweat.

      When Su Zhifei at the side saw it, she hurriedly poked him gently with her finger and gave him a reminding look, then she immediately stood up and said with a smile to the four people who came, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin, and Qiu Yi, hello, sorry for taking the liberty to disturb you, I wish you a happy new year in advance!"

      Saying that, he quickly took out a long gift box and handed it to Lin Wanqiu, saying, "Auntie Lin, this is a New Year's gift for you and Uncle Gu!"

      Lin Wanqiu saw that it was Su Zhiyu who spoke first, so she took the initiative to pick up the conversation and smiled, "Oh my, it's Zhiyu, isn't it?I haven't seen you in years, you've grown prettier!"

      Su Zhiyu smiled generously and said, "Auntie Lin you're overpraised, to say pretty, Sister Qiu Yi is much prettier than me!"

      Lin Wanqiu said, "You're too polite for a child, why did you bring a gift when you came to sit at home?"

      Su Zhiyu said, "It should be Auntie Lin, it's not a very expensive gift, it's a painting by the painter Zhang Daqian before his death."

      Lin Wanqiu seriously said, "Zhiyu, this is too valuable, Auntie can't accept it."

      Su Zhiyu hurriedly said, "Auntie Lin, you mustn't be so polite, honestly, a painting isn't much money, it's just a token of appreciation."

      Saying that, she hurriedly changed the subject and introduced the somewhat wooden Su Zhi Fei beside her, "Right, Auntie Lin, Uncle Gu, this is my brother, Su Zhi Fei!Sister Chuyi and my brother should know each other, right?"

      Gu Qiuyi nodded and said indifferently, "Acquaintance, I've met Mr. Su a few times."

      When Gu Yanzhong saw that Su Zhi Fei looked seven or eight points similar to Su Shou Dao, he was suddenly a little unhappy.

      He looked at Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu with a smiley expression and said, "To say it from the bottom of my heart, the Gu family has never had a visit from the Su family in the past ten years, I wonder why you siblings have condescended to come to my house?"

      Su Zhiyu hurriedly said, "Uncle Gu is like this, my brother has a cosmetics company, this year I want to focus on enhancing brand awareness, it just so happens that I am a fan of Sister Qiu Yi, I know that Sister Qiu Yi is about to open a concert tour, so I want to set up a cooperation between the two sides, so that my brother will be the title of Sister Qiu Yi's concert."

      Gu Yanzhong was a little surprised, he had thought that Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei should come over, in all probability, to represent the Su family and come over to talk about some sort of family level cooperation.

      However, what he hadn't expected was that the siblings had come just to talk to his daughter about a small cooperation at a concert.

      However, he was slightly relieved that since he was looking for his daughter to talk about cooperation, he didn't need to get involved.

      So he said calmly, "You guys can just talk to Qiu Yi directly about this, and generally her matters, your Aunt Lin and I won't interfere."

      Su Zhiyu nodded, then looked towards Gu Qiuyi and asked her, "Sister Qiuyi, I don't know what you think?"Fastest Update

      Gu Qiuyi wasn't really interested, she didn't enter the entertainment industry itself to make money, so she was fundamentally different from those actresses who saw money.

      Other female celebrities, no matter what they did, probably only really looked at money.

      It depends on how much money is given to what variety shows and promotional activities they participate in; what songs they sing or what movies and dramas they participate in.

Chapter 1986

There are even some who would sell their bodies for money.

      But Gu Qiuyi was an exception.

      Money really had no real meaning to her.

      Moreover, she had already made plans to quit the entertainment industry after she reunited with Ye Chen.

      She was thinking of quitting the entertainment industry first, then after Ye Chen dealt with his current marital problems, she would finish her marriage with Ye Chen and then focus on teaching her children at home.

      She had even thought about announcing her complete withdrawal from the concert when the tour was at its last show, completely staying away from all music, movies, and TV shows.debut

      So, this kind of cooperation that Su Zhiyu said, she is even more not interested at all.

      So, she then said bluntly: "Sorry ah Zhiyu, my tour this time, there is no plan to find a title provider, and the concert promotion related materials have already been made, some online platforms have also started to promote, this time it is too late to sign the title, and it is also too late to modify the promotional materials that have already been done."

      Su Zhiyu was busy saying, "How can it be Miss Qiu Yi, as long as you can give the nod, we'll be fine even if we get on the bus in the middle of the day."

      Saying that, she also quickly gave Su Zhi Fei a wink.

      On the side, Su Zhi Fei hurriedly spoke, "It's like this Miss Qiu Yi, I want to combine this title with your concert, and then do a large public welfare nature of promotion, as long as you nod, I can provide ten million sponsorship for each concert, at that time, all of this ten million in Miss Qiu Yi's name, donated to charity, and the use of this money, will be specificallyWhat do you think about working to improve the living environment and quality of education for orphans?"

      When Gu Qiuyi heard this, she suddenly became a bit hesitant.

      Originally, she had made up her mind that she was going to reject it directly, but she didn't expect that Su Zhi Fei would use a charitable way to cooperate with her.

      Moreover, it was a charity action specifically for orphans.

      This instantly touched the softest place in her heart.

      At first, after reuniting with Ye Chen and learning that Ye Chen had actually lived in the orphanage for ten years, Gu Qiuyi had always felt heartbroken for Ye Chen's ten years of difficult childhood as well as adolescence.

      A person, if he or she became an adult and entered the society, suffering a little bit is actually nothing, after all, that kind of life is also a kind of hardship.

      However, if one suffers too much in childhood, it is probably a lifelong experience that is difficult for anyone to let go of.

      After all, childhood is originally a beautiful period of innocence and sunshine, it is too important for anyone.

      If you had a good childhood, you can still feel happy even when you think about it in your 80s and 70s.

      If you had a bad childhood, I'm afraid that you would be shrouded in a powerful shadow for the rest of your life, unable to escape.

      Because her heart ached for Ye Chen, Gu Qiuyi's heart also ached for the other orphans who had similar experiences to Ye Chen.

      At this moment, she was also somewhat ashamed in her heart and couldn't help thinking to herself, "I'm so stupid!Actually should have thought to do something for the other orphans, why wait for someone else to remind you"

      Thinking of this, she spoke up, "How about this Mr. Su, since it's for charity, using your money and playing in my name, I'm too ashamed to do it, why don't your cosmetics company and I join forces to do this, for every concert, your cosmetics company will donate 10 million and I personally will donate 10 million!"

Chapter 1987

Hearing Gu Qiuyi's promise, Su Zhifei was overjoyed.

      Immediately, he looked at his sister Su Zhifei, and his face was full of admiration.

      At this moment, Su Zhifei really admired his sister Su Zhifei.

      He knew that although this sister of his was a few years younger than himself, her brain was much better than his!

      Using the name of charity to persuade Gu Qiuyi to accept the title partnership was also a solution that Su Zhiyu had already thought of.

      Su Zhiyu had analyzed Gu Qiuyi, she didn't lack money, love or suitors, it was really not easy for an ordinary man to impress her.

      Not to mention pursuing her, even if they wanted to work with her, it would be hard to do so.

      Therefore, Su Zhiyu felt that if she wanted to impress Gu Qiuyi, she must find another way.

      She thought of the fact that Gu Qiuyi once had a fiancĂ© arranged by her parents, and that fiancĂ©'s life and death was unknown, so she thought that she could impress Gu Qiuyi by giving charity to orphans.

      After all, the probability of a child who had been missing for many years was one of two possibilities: either she was long gone or had been raised as an orphan.

      Therefore, she felt that as long as her brother made a name for giving charity to orphans, Gu Qiuyi would definitely not refuse.

      And sure enough!

      Gu Qiuyi was totally right in her wheelhouse!

      So, Su Zhi Fei was very excited and said, "Miss Gu, in that case, let's wait until the contract is signed after the year, and I'll directly arrange for payment then."

      Gu Qiuyi nodded and said, "Since we are each donating 10 million, there is no need for you to pay my agency, we can then each donate 10 million to a local charity before each concert starts, I wonder what Mr. Su thinks?"

      Su Zhi Fei, of course, had no half-hearted opinion and said without hesitation, "No problem!Absolutely no problem!Just do it the way Miss Gu says!"

      Gu Qiuyi actually had some selfish intentions.

      Her first concert tour after the year would be in Jinling, and Jinling was the place where Ye Chen had lived for so many years, so deep inside her heart, she wished to donate a sum of money to Jinling's charities first.

      When the time came, the money could even be used to improve as well as expand that orphanage where Ye Chen had lived since he was a child.

      After all, there were more than a billion people in the country, and if they really donated the money directly to the charity, they might not be able to share much with Jinling in the end.

      Rather than that, it would be better to donate twenty million directly to Jinling.

      Su Zhi Fei didn't know about Gu Qiuyi's plans, he had been very concerned about Gu Qiuyi, so he knew that Gu Qiuyi's first concert after the year was chosen in Jinling.

      However, because of his sister's previous reminder, he pretended to be curious and asked, "By the way Miss Gu, I wonder where your first concert of the year will be?"

      Gu Qiuyi immediately said, "The first concert is in Jinling, on the second day of the second lunar month."

      Su Zhi Fei nodded and smiled, "Jinling is not far away, you can fly there in two hours, since we have also reached a cooperation, then I will definitely go to Jinling to hold the concert for Miss Gu, and by the way, I will personally donate the promised amount to the Jinling Charity Foundation."

Chapter 1988

Gu Qiu Yi smiled slightly: "Then I'll thank Mr. Su on behalf of the orphans in Jinling."

      Su Zhi Fei waved his hand in succession: "No, no, this is all the right thing to do, not to mention that I'm actually borrowing the money I donated, which was all originally intended to be used for sponsorship, so even if the orphans of Jinling want to thank, it will be Miss Gu who will be thanking them, not me."

      Gu Qiuyi smiled somehow or not, then said, "Mr. Su, since the cooperation has been decided, let's wait for the year to actually advance, I still have some things to do now, so I have to excuse myself."

      Once Su Zhiyu heard this, he quickly stood up and said with a smile, "Sister Qiu Yi, you're busy beforehand, so we won't bother you!"

      Gu Qiuyi nodded gently and said, "Then I'll have someone escort the two of you out."

      After saying that, she greeted the household maids over and instructed, "Auntie Chen, please help me escort the guests."

      A middle-aged maid immediately came over and respectfully said, "This way for the two guests."

      Su Zhi Fei had some reluctance in his heart, but he still stood up and said to Gu Qiuyi as well as Gu Yanzhong and Lin Wanqiu, "Miss Gu, Uncle Gu and Auntie Lin, we'll be leaving first."

      Gu Yanzhong nodded his head and said nonchalantly, "Take care."

      Lin Wanqiu instead smiled and said politely, "Then we won't see you two off, take it slow on the road."

      Su Zhiyu hurriedly said, "Auntie Lin, you stay, come visit us at home when you have time."

      Lin Wanqiu politely said, "Good, visit the house if you have time."

      With a few simple pleasantries, the family's maids sent the Su siblings out.

      After they left, Gu Yanzhong then frowned and muttered, "I always felt that the Su family's two descendants were strange."Fastest Updated.

      Lin Wanqiu nodded her head and said, "I also have this feeling, it seems a bit unnatural."

      Saying that, Lin Wanqiu said, "I guess it might have something to do with what they encountered in Japan some time ago, right?After all, it was quite a big deal that time, and it's said that if a mysterious person hadn't saved them in passing, the two of them might have had to die in Japan."

      Gu Yanzhong nodded and lamented, "Hey, I heard that Su Shoudao also went to Japan at that time, how come he didn't die in Japan?"

      Lin Wanqiu earnestly instructed, "You ah, don't talk nonsense, Su Shoudao is now by all accounts the prospective head of the Su family, we really can't afford to provoke him, if you talk nonsense like that, won't you find yourself in trouble if word spreads?"

      Gu Yanzhong gritted his teeth, "That old bastard Su Shoudao, in all of Yanjing, this grandson is the most damned bastard!How many times did Brother Longtan have the chance to kill him directly, but in the end he was softened and let him go?It's fucking disgusting!"

      Lin Wanqiu patted him on the back and comforted him, "Okay, okay, let's not dwell on these things, even if you are now seriously ill, our family is not the Su family's opponent when it comes to strength, Su Shoudao's revenge, when Chen'er will come back to Yanjing, you and your master will join hands again to take revenge."

      Gu Yanzhong nodded repeatedly and said seriously, "You're right!One day Chen'er will return to Yanjing, get married to Inan, and then inherit the entire Ye family, at that time, I'll see what else his Su family has to be proud of!"

      Gu Qiuyi, who was more or less shy on the side, whispered, "Oh dad my marriage to brother Ye Chen hasn't even begun yet, don't forget that he's married now."

      Gu Yanzhong waved his hand and said firmly, "Inan, don't worry, within three years, Tatsuo will definitely marry you!"

      A little shy and surprised, Gu Qiuyi asked, "Dad how are you so sure?"

      Gu Yanzhong looked at Gu Qiuyi and said very seriously, "Chen'er's character, as well as his style of acting, is too much like your Uncle Ye, and based on this alone, I dare to conclude that sooner or later, Chen'er will follow the arrangements his parents made before he died and marry you!"

Chapter 1989

Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish on the way back, Su Zhi Fei driving, Su Zhi Fish in the passenger car.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.

    Su Zhiyu saw this, helpless smile, said "brother, this thing I helped you to do, find the matter of the grandfather, you must help me!"

    Su Zhi Fei did not hesitate to say off the cuff, "Zhi Yu, you put your heart in your mouth, I will do my best, even if I am blinded by this pair of eyes, I will help you find your grandfather."

    Su Zhiyu nodded in satisfaction "Counting you as having a conscience!"

    At this time, Su Zhi Fei sighed again "Hey those videos are really too much, and only two of us have seen Eunuch, can't find others to help, really don't know so much information we have to see when to go.".

    Su Zhiyu said "I've already thought of a rough method of operation, it should save us a lot of effort."

    Su Zhi Fei hurriedly asked "What method of operation?Quickly tell me."

    Su Zhiyu explained, "Although we're the only two people who have seen Eunuch's face, and the others can't help us find someone directly from the video feed, they can at least do a simple screening for us!"

    "First of all, I can start by asking the SU staff to help me pass over all the female passengers, male and female, young and old, in the airport video, and then among the men, all the whites, blacks, and brown-skinned people as well, leaving the yellow-skinned male passengers who look underage, the middle-aged who look over 30 years oldMale travellers, and older, middle-aged and elderly travellers are all screened out!Only young adult travelers who look to be about 18 to 28 years old."

    "Then, I asked them to crop out the video, all the frontal photos of eligible young male travelers!"

    "That way we don't have to stare at the video feed all the time, we can have hundreds of people watching it for us!"

    "Have them screen the eligible travelers for us and take screenshots of his front, we just need to look for Eunji from all the clear photos that come out of the screenshots!"

    When Su Zhi Fei heard this, he said excitedly, "Yes, Fish!That's a pretty quick turn of mind, according to you, we don't have to stare at the video, we just have to wait for someone else to capture the picture and then go from it to someone who looks like Eunji!"

    "Right!"Su Zhiyu nodded and said, "If we find that the young traveler on a certain screenshot does look like Eun Gong, then we'll find the person who intercepted the picture and have him send us the video that intercepted the photo at the time directly."

    "That way, we'll be able to determine more clearly, in conjunction with the video, whether this person is Eun Gong or not!"

    "If so, then we'll be able to follow that video at the time, and we'll be able to trace the entire trajectory of Eun-gong's movement through the airport, and we'll be able to determine, naturally, which flight he took and which city in the country he left Japan for, and then we can just go to that city and find Eun-gong!"

    Su ZhiFei gave a thumbs up to Su ZhiYu and exclaimed heartily, "Awesome awesome!I believe that with this method, a few days should be enough to find out En Gong's trail!"

    At this moment, Ye Chen, who was far away in Jinling, didn't know that Su Zhiyu was one step closer to finding himself.

    After he and his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, gathered up the gifts everyone had given him, they drove to a nearby largest supermarket to make their New Year's purchase as originally planned.

    Since it was about to be New Year's Eve, there were very many people out shopping for purchases, and there were people and cars everywhere.

    Ye Chen waited in line for more than half an hour just to park his car, which was the only way to finally get a parking space.

    After the son-in-law and his wife parked their car, they came to the supermarket and found that there were even more people inside the supermarket, almost like people next to each other, the entire supermarket was out of overload.

Chapter 1990

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available in the market.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available in the market.

    Xiao Changkun saw so many people inside, very frustrated and said "Hey!I really should have come out earlier to purchase so I could have lain at home and watched TV without having to come here for this kind of fun!"

    "Yeah."Ye Chen smiled helplessly and said "I wanted to come yesterday, but wasn't Mom hurt."

    Xiao Changkun snorted "Quickly forget about that stinky bitch, she's been causing trouble all day long!"

    Xiao Changkun then sighed, "She has been in so much trouble all day long, why hasn't she broken the law?How nice it would be to accidentally touch the high wire of the law and put her in jail for a few years!"

    Ye Chen couldn't help but be dumb and laughed, "Dad, if Churan hears this from you, she won't know how sad she'll be."

    Xiao Changkun was busy saying "Hey, I'm just mumbling to you, you mustn't say it to Churan!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "I know, don't worry."

    Xiao Changkun sighed and said "Hey, okay, let's stop talking about her, let's hurry up and buy the ingredients for the New Year's Eve dinner."

    Ye Chen mmmed "Then let's start with the vegetable section first, the first one into the supermarket will have to buy the vegetables first, because if we don't hurry up with this food, the rest of it will be leftover and not fresh that others have picked out."

    As they spoke, they arrived at the vegetable section.

    Although the vegetable area was large, the shelves were densely placed and the passage left in the middle was narrow, so it was easy to get crowded when there were many people.

    Ye Chen and Xiao Changkun were pushing their shopping carts inside, when they suddenly heard someone yelling at them, "You dead old woman, are you blind?You didn't see me mopping the floor?Why don't you get the hell out of here?"

    At this time, I heard a familiar voice again, an old woman said, "Guifen why are you always mopping the floor under my feet, this moment's work, that mop you have mopped under my feet a dozen times!"

    It was Mrs. Xiao who spoke.

    At that moment, she was wearing a green vest reserved for supermarket employees and holding a roll of break-point plastic bags designed for grocery shopping.

    In front of her, there stood a five big and three thick, also wearing a green vest woman.

    This woman was Zhang Guifen!

    At this time, Zhang Guifen, is standing in front of her with a mop, deliberately with a mop to her feet hard poke.

    The old lady Xiao was almost poked by her several times, and could only grab the edge of the shelf and beg, "Guifen ah, the previous thousands of mistakes, all my fault, please, for the sake of my age, don't be common knowledge with me!".

    Zhang Guifen glared at her angrily and said despicably, "Now you know how to beg for mercy?Weren't you arrogant before?Isn't it awesome when you yell at me?"

    The old lady Xiao was yelled by her and didn't dare to speak.

    Zhang Guifen continued to sneer, "I take it that you, Mrs. Xiao, live in luxury cars and villas, and live a nice little life!I didn't think you'd be such a shiny old bastard!It looks like five or six people, but it's not even a piece of shit!You looked down on me so much yesterday, aren't you still reduced to working in the same supermarket as me now?"


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