Secret Identity 1971-1980


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 1971

Marashi has three sets of criteria for measuring the value of an item.

      The first one was, how much money could the item be exchanged for.

      The second one was how much face the item could be exchanged for.

      In her eyes, all things in the world and all-encompassing, it came down to money and face.

      For example, the top-grade caviar skin care products that Ye Chen gave her had a purchase price of nearly 400,000 and sold to the outside world for at least 300,000, so she was able to clearly feel the weight of the 300,000.

      That would fit her first set of criteria, worth a fortune!

      For example, the basic Hermes backpack that cost more than 100,000 yuan, not only can Lan Ma sell it to the takeaway for 100,000 yuan, but also carry it out every day, so that she can enjoy the envy and jealousy of other people's eyes, make her feel the weight of 100,000 yuan, and at the same time, she can feel very proud.

      This would fit her second set of criteria, face.

      At this time, Ma Lan, looking at the set of Yuan Qing Hua, interested in the matter, thought: "If a thing can't be exchanged for money and can't be taken out to pretend with others, then how valuable is it?"

      "This Yuan Qing Hua Elephant Ear Vase does seem to be worth a lot of money, but one can't sell it outside rather than take it out to show off, so in my mother's eyes, it's a worthless piece of junk."

      "Unless I steal it some other day and sell it for thousands of dollars."

      But then Marashi thought, "No!This thing was forwarded to Xiao Changkun by Ye Chen, if I sold it secretly, it wouldn't matter if Xiao Changkun was angry, but if Ye Chen was angry, it would be difficult"

      Thinking of this, Ma Lan could only give up on the idea of playing with the pair of Yuan Qing Hua Dragon Pattern Elephant Ear Bottles.

      At that moment, Hong Wu continued to start reading out the list of gifts again.

      Qin Gang gave an emerald gemstone worth fifty million, while Wang Zhenggang gave a pink diamond of similar value.

      These two were relatively familiar with each other and had a good relationship, they coincidentally each gave Ye Chen a sports car during the last car show, so this time they simply agreed in advance to send a valuable piece of jewelry together.

      Although they were both jewels and similar in value, the varieties were different, so they weren't afraid of crashing.

      At this time, Qin Aoxue as well as Wang Yunkai, each held a gift box and displayed the gems in it.

      One green and one pink two gems, under the light refracted colorful color, the quality is indeed perfect.

      Ma Lan was so interested in these two gems that her eyes even fell into them.

      She couldn't help but think of the emerald bracelet that Qin Gang had given to Ye Chen a while ago.

      The bracelet was worth at least a few million dollars, which Ye Chen gave to Xiao Churan, then Ma Lan stole it and wore it for herself, but it was accidentally broken when Qian Hongyan set it up.

      And since then, Ma Lan doesn't have much jewelry to show for it.

      Now that she saw these two sparkling gems, she was tempted to make a necklace and wear them around her neck.

      However, she would just dare to think about such a thing, if Ye Chen didn't tell her, she would never dare to steal it to ask for it.

      After displaying the gems, Hongwu continued to read, "Tai Lai Li, send Master Ye European Helicopter Company's production, one EC145 helicopter!"

      The whole room was deeply shocked again by this statement! 

Chapter 1972

Master Song just delivered a yacht, and Lee Tai Lai delivered a helicopter.

      Xiao Choran was also shocked and unable to speak, receiving the gifts now, her entire body was already a little scared.

      Scared because these gifts were just too valuable!

      So expensive that even those people from the high society would not give such an expensive gift at all.

      So far, all the gifts mentioned were priced in the tens of millions or even higher, and any one of them taken out was a valuable treasure, but as a result, these people brought them all to give to Ye Chen, which made Xiao Churan feel incomparably magical.

      Li Tai Lai spoke at this time: "Master Ye, I heard that you don't usually leave Jinling very often, Hai Cheng is actually not too far from Jinling, it may take four or five hours to drive, but if you take a helicopter, two hours will be enough, so I was thinking of sending you a helicopter.If you have any short to medium distance commuting needs, you can just take a helicopter, it's much faster than taking a car."

      Ye Chen nodded slightly, "Mr. Li is very kind."

      In fact, to the current Ye Chen, whether it was a hot spring villa, a private yacht, or a private helicopter, none of these were actually attractive to him.

      When he was very young, the Ye family had almost every type of civilian transportation.

      Luxury cars worth millions or tens of millions of dollars were not worth mentioning at all, and the Ye family had several private jets worth hundreds of millions, even billions, alone.

      Villas and manors worth over a hundred million dollars could not be counted anywhere in the world.

      Not to mention the luxury yachts.

      In fact, when Ye Chen's father was young, he had bought a luxury cruise ship, the kind of luxury cruise ship that could carry hundreds of people and helicopters for round-the-world travel.

      Back then, Ye Changsha bought a luxury cruise ship solely to make his wife happy.

      Although Ye Chen's mother was also a grandson of Yan Huang, but she was an expatriate Chinese, her entire family was on the other side of the ocean, and she had grown up in the West and was very much a fan of outdoor travel.

      In order to satisfy his wife's need to visit her family and to travel outside, Ye Chang-tao bought the luxury cruise ship with a huge sum of money and promised her that every year she would set aside two months of her time to accompany her on a cruise ship to visit her family across the ocean, traveling halfway across the world along the way, with an even trip.

      From the age of three, Ye Chen went back to her grandmother's house once a year with her parents on a luxury cruise ship until her parents' accident at the age of eight.

      While others had the luxury of being able to travel around the world before they died, Ye Chen had traveled around the world once a year since he was three years old.

      During those years, what Ye Chen lived every day was a life of luxury that many people could not enjoy in their lifetime, so much so that he, personally, had long since lost his pursuit for material things.

      When everyone saw so many gifts being given out, Ye Chen's expression was still very indifferent, and one couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed, they knew that none of these gifts seemed to have been delivered to Ye Chen's heart.

      Then, Wei Liang gave Ye Chen an emerald carving of Guan Yun Chang, in his words, Guan Yun Chang was the God of Martial Wealth, which could protect Ye Chen's peace and fortune.

      Ye Chen smiled and accepted it with thanks, his heart was still ancient.

      Finally to Hong Wu himself, he took out a beautifully wrapped gift box and handed it to Ye Chen, saying seriously, "Master Ye, this is a small token of appreciation from me."

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Hongwu, you read so many people's gifts, why don't you tell us what your own gift is?"

      Hong Wu was a little embarrassed and said, "This Hong Wu is afraid that what you are sending Master Ye is unsatisfactory and makes a mockery of it."

      Ye Chen shook his head, "Whatever you give away, I'm grateful, so how could I not be satisfied."

      Hong Wu nodded and said seriously, "Master Ye, what I am sending you is a villa located near the Imperial Palace residence in Tokyo, Japan."

Chapter 1973

Everyone was filled with surprise after hearing that Hongwu had given Ye Chen a villa located in Tokyo, completely confused as to why Hongwu would send Ye Chen a villa far away in Japan.

      But Richard Chen and Wei Liang, after a moment of astonishment, had an immediate realization in their hearts!

      At the same time, they all lamented how they hadn't thought of that!

      In the beginning in Japan, they had been following Ye Chen, busy closing down the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical production line, and after everyone arrived in Osaka, Ye Chen suddenly had to go to Kyoto alone.

      At that moment, Hongwu guessed that Ye Chen must have gone to look for Itachi.

      Hongwu was a very smart person and had been saddling up at Ye Chen's side for a long time, so he knew more about some of Ye Chen's things.

      He had long seen that Ye Chen seemed to have some admiration for that Japanese female fighter named Ito Nai Nai Nai, and then that female fighter had returned to Japan for treatment because of her injuries from the match.

      Hong Wu paid attention to the follow-up of Ito Nachiko, she first received treatment in Tokyo and then went to Kyoto to recuperate, but when Ye Chen suddenly went to Kyoto while he was in Osaka, Hong Wu immediately guessed the reason why.

      What was even more bizarre was that Ye Chen drove to Kyoto that day and then drove from Kyoto to Tokyo at night, and combined with the Japanese news reports about the series of times at that time, Hongwu then used these clues to structure the whole thing in his mind, and guessed pretty much the same.

      He knew that Ito Naija had inherited the Ito family and started working hard to become the heir to the Ito family, and he also knew that the Ito family had a luxurious mansion near the royal residence in Tokyo, so he simply bought a mansion next to the Ito family mansion and gave it to Yatsuo.

      From his point of view, this should be a pitch to Ye Chen, who would definitely like it.

      Richard Chen and Wei Liang had also followed Ye Chen all the way to Japan, so they also knew the general line of events.

      Now that they suddenly found out that Hongwu the chicken thief had given Ye Chen a set of Tokyo villas, they immediately knew what Hongwu was thinking.

      While admiring him, they were also frustrated that they hadn't thought of this layer.

      The first thought in Ye Chen's mind was also surprise when he heard that Hongwu had given him a set of Tokyo villas.

      He didn't think to understand at first, why would Hongwu give himself a Tokyo villa, and it seemed like it was close to the Ito family's residence in Tokyo.

      And then, he immediately realized that Hongwu should have seen some clues and that's why he had come specifically to make a pitch.

      At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly had some mixed feelings in his heart.

      It was true that he admired Itachi Cai Zi and knew her feelings towards him, but he was a married man after all and really shouldn't get too close to her.

      The reason why he wanted to see her before in Japan was mainly to heal her, but he just didn't expect that it would lead to so many things later.

      After healing Itachi Nashiko and at the same time sending her safely to Tokyo, Ye Chen's heart had been put down quite a bit.

      But now Hongwu had suddenly sent a set of Tokyo villas, boarding up the image of Ito Naija-chan, deepening it in Ye Chen's mind once again.

      At this time, Lan Ma clapped her hands straight in happiness: "Oh my, I've long wanted to go to Japan for fun, to see the cherry blossoms, shopping and so on, if I had my own villa in Tokyo, wouldn't it be possible to go over there often?"

      Hong Wu was busy saying, "Ms. Ma, you can go over there anytime, I also have a few servants over in Tokyo on standby 24/7 to make sure that whenever you go there, it's in the best condition and someone is taking care of you to the best of their ability!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful dusk novel to read.

      "Oh, that's great!"Ma Lan said excitedly, "I, ah, have long wanted to travel abroad or something, but unfortunately, ah, earlier years have been unhappy, and there is not much opportunity, now my son-in-law has prospered, I have to go out often from now on!"

      Saying that, she asked Master Song, "Oh Mr. Song, can you drive that yacht you gave us all the way to Japan?"

Chapter 1974

Song Jimo hurriedly replied, "Madam Ma, that yacht has a maximum range of more than two thousand nautical miles, counting nearly four thousand kilometers, which is enough to go all the way from Jinling to the sea port and then arrive in Tokyo, but since this involves immigration, you have to report to customs in advance to do so."

      Ma Lan immediately said excitedly to Ye Chen, "Good son-in-law, how about we take some time to travel to Japan on our own yacht then?"

      Ye Chen said vaguely, "We'll talk about this when we have time."

      Lan Ma was busy, "Is it still hard to tell the time?Your father and I don't work, you don't work either, so Choran runs the company on her own, she's the boss, and it's just a matter of saying when she wants to go on vacation."

      Xiao Chu Ran was busy, "Mom, what are you talking nonsense, entrepreneurship is about focus to see results, how can I leave the company behind and run off to travel by myself"

      Lan Ma said, "That doesn't matter, you'll stay and continue working then, and let Ye Chen take us to Tokyo for fun, it's just as well that none of us are home, so you can concentrate more on your company."(first post)

      Xiao Choran was speechless all of a sudden.

      Although she didn't want her family to leave her family to travel, but Nae Ma Lan was very tactful in saying this.

      She first asked Xiao Churan to go with her, but Xiao Churan refused on the grounds that she wanted to work hard on her business.

      So she said again to let Xiao Churan stay behind to start a business, Xiao Churan can't refute, otherwise it's just a blow to her face.

      So Xiao Churan had no choice but to say, "Hey, whatever."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and spoke, "Let's not talk about this for now, it's going to be the New Year soon, it's natural to spend this time at home for the holidays, as for whether or not to go out for a trip, we'll wait until after the New Year."

      Ma Lan nodded busily and smiled, "Good son-in-law, mom listens to you!"

      Ye Chen mmmed, whirled around to look at the crowd and said seriously, "Today, I really thank you all for making a special trip to our house and giving so many gifts to break the bank."

      The crowd was busy saying, "Where, where, where, this is what we should do!"

      Ye Chen looked at the crowd and smiled, "As the saying goes, gifts are reciprocal, when I have a clear head after the New Year, I will definitely prepare a return gift for everyone, and then, I will have to bother Mr. Qin to help me prepare some materials."

      As soon as this was said, all the people who had come to pay their respects to the New Year showed a kind of ecstasy that was hard to suppress.

      They knew that Ye Chen was giving them back pills!

      Otherwise, Ye Chen would never have spoken out and asked Qin Gang to prepare the materials!

      What does Chin Kong do?

      He just specializes in all kinds of Chinese herbs!

      Ye Chen's first medicinal concoction was the materials provided by Qin Gang!

      Ye Chen now said that he wanted Qin Gang to prepare materials, what else could it be if it wasn't making pills?

      The reason why Ye Chen didn't say it explicitly was because he didn't want to mention the pills directly in front of his wife, as well as his in-laws.

      Whether it was the previous basic pills or the later rejuvenation pills, he didn't let his family know about it.

      However, these people present were all those who had received favors from himself, and they would understand as long as the words were spot on.

Chapter 1975

Ye Chen didn't have many rejuvenation pills left.

      Moreover, as the saying goes, rarity is precious, and the fact that Li Tailai had spent two billion for a rejuvenation pill proved that it was completely worth the price to the rich, so he didn't intend to use it to give back to the crowd.

      This kind of thing, if it was really rotten, it wouldn't seem so scarce and its value would naturally drop.

      Therefore, Ye Chen planned to ask Qin Gang to find some raw materials to make another batch of the first pill he had made and then give one to each of the people who had come to give gifts today.

      Everyone had only come over to pay their respects to Ye Chen and give him some New Year's gifts, but they never expected that Ye Chen would return the favor with pills, so everyone also looked extremely excited, and they suddenly realized that no matter how much money they had spent, it was worth ten thousand.

      After that, everyone exchanged glances, it was Hong who spoke up, "Master Ye, with so many of us here, it will definitely affect your family's original plan, so we'd better take our leave first!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "After the New Year, I'll pick a time to invite everyone for dinner, and I'll bring the return gifts for all of you with me at that time."

      The crowd panicked and bowed, saying in unison, "Thank you, Master Ye!"

      After the huge convoy drove off, and Ye Chen's family watched them leave at the door, Ma Lan was the first to press out, saying, "Holy shit, I'm really rich today!It's developed!It's another villa, a yacht, a helicopter, it's a real moneymaker!"

      Xiao Changkun was also excited and muttered, "That pair of Yuan Qing Hua Elephant Ear Vases, what a national treasure!I've got to get back to it!"

      Ma Lan looked to Ye Chen at this time and said, "Right good son-in-law!I see they left a lot of gift boxes, what's in them, why didn't they say so?"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "I don't know what's in there, if you want to know, why don't you go open it and see."

      Ma Lan said happily, "I just want to see what it is!Then I'm going to unpack it all one by one!"

      Xiao Churan was a little nervous and worried at this time and said, "Ye Chen, why did they give you so many expensive gifts ah these things together must be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it's too much?How can we take it?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "I give them help and they give us gifts, it's all between you and me, what's wrong with that?"

      Xiao Chu Ran said, "It's worth too much after all, you're giving them a feng shui reading?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "This thing, as long as you believe in it, you're willing to spend any amount of money, there used to be an all-powerful qigong master, how many big stars and tycoons served him as a seated guest and also threw their money away for him, wasn't it because they believed that qigong could change their fate?"

      Xiao Churan was busy, "But wasn't that qigong master exposed in the end?It's all a lie."

      Ye Chen smiled, "He's lying, but I'm not."

      Saying that, he added, "I read feng shui to these people, and without exception, these people have all received great benefits, otherwise why do you think they keep trusting me so much?Of course, I only believe it when I see the effect."

      Xiao Choran asked again, "Then what are you going to give them back when you say you're going to give them back?"

      Ye Chen said, "I returned to each of them a set of peace talismans."

      "Peace Talismans?!"Xiao Chu Ran asked in surprise, "Is it the kind of amulet that costs a few dollars a piece in temples?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Pretty much, but the difference is that the ones sold by the temple are the ones opened by the monks, and the ones I made are the ones I opened myself."

      Xiao Churan said with some concern, "You whole this is reliable or not ah, I always feel especially on edge, afraid that you will be arrested one day"

      Ye Chen consoled, "Wife, don't worry, I'm a person who does business, I've always operated with honesty and fairness, I've been reading feng shui for quite a long time, have you seen anyone come to trouble me?"

      Xiao Choran was asked by Ye Chen all of a sudden.

      What Ye Chen said was right.

      For such a long time, he hadn't missed out on making money by reading feng shui and had made a large villa of over 100 million, but none of those clients had come to trouble him.

      Especially Wang Zhenggang.

      The villa was a gift from Wang Zhenggang, and Wang Zhenggang had just given him a valuable pink diamond, which proved that Ye Chen must have actually helped him to be so loyal.

Chapter 1976

At this time, Ma Lan opened her mouth to advise, "Oh Choran, you don't know those things about feng shui, so don't give Ye Chen a hard time."

      Saying that, Ma Lan Ben said with a very serious face, "Mom doesn't expect you to help Ye Chen in his career, but Mom will never allow you to drag someone's Ye Chen's hind legs!Our family's future depends on someone else, Ye Chen!"

      "Mom "Xiao Choran was suddenly choked by Ma Lan and couldn't say anything.

      She sort of saw that her mother's entire body had completely fallen to Ye Chen, and nothing she said could be of any use.

      So, she sighed helplessly, "Hey, I'm going to the office first"

      Ma Lan hurriedly said, "Churan, why don't you wait for mom to finish opening presents before you leave?"

      Xiao Choran shook his head, "I'm already very late, everyone is still waiting for me to hold the wrap-up meeting."

      Ma Lan said, "That's fine, then go ahead, if there's anything good, Mom will take pictures and send you!"

      Xiao Churan mmmed and said to Ye Chen and Xiao Changkun, "Honey, Dad, I'm leaving first."

      Ye Chen nodded, "Drive slower on the road, and pay attention to your safety."

      Xiao Churan was busy, "Don't worry, I'll pay attention."

      After Xiao Churan drove away, only then did Ye Chen return to the villa living room.

      Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were already holding a pile of gift boxes each and unwrapping them at this time.

      Ma Lan opened a gift box and exclaimed wildly in excitement, "Maaah!It's a limited edition Chanel bag!"

      Xiao Changkun, on the other hand, took out a bottle of Maotai wine and took a closer look at it before saying in a stunned voice: "My God, this is a five-star Maotai produced in '58!There are very few of them in existence, and a bottle appeared at auction some years ago and fetched $2.99 million!"

      "What?!"Lan Ma asked in horror, "A bottle of Maotai, 2.99 million?!It's crazy, right?!"

      Xiao Changkun left his mouth: "Look at you, you've never seen the world! 2.99 million Maotai scared you like this?Let me tell you, there's another kind of Maotai that only has ten bottles in the country, called Handi Maotai, and one bottle is worth tens of millions!"

      "Handi Moutai?"Mashi frowned and asked, "What do you mean?Thatch dug out of dry land?!"

      Xiao Changkun said despicably, "It's a wonder you even went to college, you're the Emperor of Hanwu, not an arid land!"

      Marashi spat, "Yuck!Who are you looking down on?Obviously you didn't make your words clear, how can I still not know about Emperor Wu of Han?"

      Xiao Changkun immediately said back, "You definitely don't know who Emperor Wu of Han is, if you can tell me what Emperor Wu's name is today, I'll count you as having gone to college!"

      Ma Lan was immediately speechless.

      She really couldn't remember who Emperor Han Wu was.

      Xiao Changkun saw her anxious face and mocked, "What?Can't remember?Did college go to waste?"

      Ma Lan said angrily, "Where's all the bullshit from you?I'm telling you, Xiao Chang-kun, that bottle of wine you're holding is worth three million. You mustn't drink it!Save it well to sell it later when it increases in value!"

      Xiao Changkun said in annoyance, "This is a gift from someone to my son-in-law Ye Chen, is it your turn to tell me what to do?My son-in-law says drink it, my son-in-law says sell it, my son-in-law says just smash it and listen to the noise, and you can only do nothing but watch!"


      Ye Chen saw the two quarreling again and shook his head helplessly.

      At this time, his phone suddenly rang, and the one who called was, surprisingly, Gu Qiuyi, so he said to the couple, "Dad and Mom, I have something to do, I'm going back to my room first."

      After saying that, without waiting for their response, he directly entered the elevator

Chapter 1977

Ye Chen returned to his room with Xiao Churan, which is why he connected to Gu Qiuyi's video call and asked her, "Hello, Inan."

      "Brother Yeh Chen!"In the video, Gu Qiuyi, wearing a home nightgown, waved her hand excitedly at Ye Chen.

      In the video, Gu Qiu Yi has no makeup, and her long black hair is also casually spread over her shoulders, without the imposing appearance of a top star, more like a girl next door who is so beautiful that she can't be seen.

      At this time, she was happily asking in the video, "What are you busy with, brother Yechen?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "It's not busy, isn't this New Year's Eve soon?Just prepare some New Year's Eve goods at home."

      Gu Qiuyi smiled happily, "Hehehe, me too!This year we're going back to our old house in Houhai for the New Year!"

      Saying that, she switched cameras and took a picture of the surroundings, and sure enough, it was in the Gu family's set of courtyards.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but ask, "Inan, your family's quadrangle is so large, doesn't it seem a bit lonely for a family of three to celebrate the New Year?"

      "No!"Gu Qiuyi smiled, "This year, celebrating the New Year with my second and third uncle's families, a total of three big families, it's quite lively."

      Ye Chen nodded, remembering her second and third uncles, he couldn't help but ask, "Inan, your second and third uncles, how are they doing lately?No more trouble with your family, right?"

      Gu Qiuyi was busy: "No no!My second and third uncle's families have been so nice lately, running to the house twice every three days and bringing bags and bags of various gifts with them every time they go!"

      "Oh right, it was also the two of them who suggested to my dad to go back to the old house for New Year's Eve this year, saying that the family hadn't spent a long time together in the heat of the New Year, so they wanted to get together, so my dad agreed."

      Ye Chen knew that Gu Qiuyi's second uncle Gu Yanzheng, third uncle Gu Yangang, and their sons, who were still in a state of incapacity to bear children, could guess without thinking that they must be very honest during this time.

      After all, they still expected to please Gu Yanzhong's family, and then obtain their own forgiveness.

      Previously, they had already signed an agreement with Gu Yanzhong that everything in the future would be at the mercy of Gu Yanzhong, the older brother, so it was impossible for them to make any waves now.

      So, Ye Chen then said with satisfaction, "That's good, if these two uncles of yours still have ill intentions, you must tell me at the first opportunity."

      Gu Qiuyi nodded her head in a row and said, "Brother Ye Chen, wait a moment, I'll go to my parents' room, they also have something to say to you!"

      Ye Chen was busy instructing, "You wear more clothes, this dress looks like it's for summer, don't freeze."

      Gu Qiu Yi smiled sweetly and said, "It won't freeze ah, because the entire quadrangle is laid with underfloor heating, the heat is sufficient, the house has been around twenty-eight degrees."

      Ye Chen only then put his mind at ease.

      In his mind, Gu Qiuyi was not so much a fiancĂ©e with a marriage contract and a parental matchmaker's agreement, but rather a little sister who had been relying on his side since childhood.

      Therefore, Ye Chen was extraordinarily concerned about her as well.

      Gu Qiu Yi in the video ran all the way through the large hall to Gu Yanzhong and Lin Wanqiu's room.

      Gu Yanzhong was drinking tea and reading at the desk at this time, Lin Wanqiu burned a fine sandalwood incense, brought the incense burner to Gu Yanzhong's desk, saw Gu Qiu Yi rushing in at this time, busy instructing, "Inan, be careful, don't fall!"

      Gu Qiuyi said excitedly, "Mom, I'm videoing with brother Yechen!"

      As soon as Gu Yanzhong heard the word Ye Chen, he immediately put down the book he was holding and asked excitedly, "You're videoing with Chen'er?Quick, quick, let me have a word with him!"

      Gu Qiuyi quickly placed her phone on the desk, the camera and screen were both facing Gu Yanzhong.

      Gu Yanzhong was in a very good mood at this time, and his entire state was also very young, and when he saw Ye Chen in the video, he immediately smiled and said, "Chen'er!How are you doing in Jinling these days?"

Chapter 1978

Ye Chen smiled, "Recalling Uncle, everything is fine, how are you and Aunt Lin doing?"

      "Yes!We're fine!"Gu Yanzhong nodded repeatedly as Lin Wanqiu stood beside him, looking at Ye Chen in the screen and said with a smile, "Chen'er, when will you come back to Yanjing for a few days?Your Uncle Gu has been particularly missing you lately, basically talking about you several times a day, causing my ears to become cocooned."

      Ye Chen smiled: "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin, when I'm done with the matter at hand, I'll take the time to go to Yanjing to see you two."

      Gu Qiuyi, who was standing on the other side of Gu Yanzhong, was busy muttering in dissatisfaction, "What do you mean, see the two of them, what about me?Don't I have to see it?"

      Ye Chen hurriedly laughed, "Look, of course, it was my slip of the tongue, I'll go back to see you and Uncle Gu and Aunt Lin sometime!Satisfied with that?"

      Gu Qiu Yi snorted proudly, "That's more like it!"

      At that moment, Gu Yanzhong spoke up, "By the way Chen'er, I heard that your aunt has gone to Jinling?"

      "Right."Ye Chen smiled slightly, "You've heard all about it, Uncle Gu?"

      Gu Yanzhong laughed and said, "Your grandfather called me this morning and told me about the matter between you and your aunt."

      Ye Chen asked in surprise, "He knows that I met with you?"

      Gu Yanzhong shook his head, "He doesn't know yet, so he also thought I hadn't received your message, so he told me about you."Fastest Updated.

      Ye Chen was puzzled and asked, "Why did he tell you these things?"

      Gu Yanzhong smiled, "I think he mainly meant to tell me your news, and then asked if I was still willing to fulfill the promise I made to your father back then to let you and Inan get married."

      Ye Chen was not embarrassed in his heart.

      It seemed that grandpa probably still wanted to get himself back to the Ye family and then let him marry Gu Qiu Yi.

      At this time, Gu Yanzhong also saw Ye Chen's embarrassment and hurriedly said, "Chen'er, don't feel any pressure about this matter, I just told your grandfather that I was willing to fulfill my promise, but I also said that I have to respect the children's wishes in this matter."

      Saying that, Gu Yanzhong added, "Chen'er, you should follow your own pace, since I said that our family will wait for you for three years."

      Ye Chen gently nodded his head and spoke, "Uncle Gu, thank you for your understanding."

      Gu Yanzhong waved his hand and said, "Uncle Gu's life was saved by you, you and I don't need to be so polite."

      Then, Gu Yanzhong said, "Oh right, your grandfather also asked me to advise you, you and your aunt are family after all, don't be so angry, and don't hurt the harmony."

      Ye Chen said, "Uncle Gu, my aunt is a person who is too domineering, and my grandfather doesn't give her the necessary restraint, when she arrived in Jinling, she called me and ordered me around, and also found my mother-in-law to tug on things, it's really a bit arrogant over the top."

      Gu Yanzhong nodded his head and said, "Your aunt is in Yanjing, that's known to be difficult to deal with, but I didn't expect that going to Jinling would let you cure her."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "If she wasn't really too much, I wouldn't want to see her in general."

      Gu Yanzhong smiled slightly and said, "Your grandfather also wanted me to persuade you to return to the Ye family if you have time, after the Spring Festival this year, and then after the Lantern Festival, it will be almost March, he wants you to come back for the Qingming Festival and attend the Ye family's ancestor ceremony at Mt. Ye Ling with him."

      Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Organize an ancestral ceremony?"

      "Right."Gu Yanzhong said, "Your Ye family originally held an ancestor ceremony once every twelve years, which happens to be this year, and Ye Ling Mountain has been developed for more than three years, and it was only just completed last spring, and the Ye family only moved their ancestral graves there in the fall, so this year's Qingming Festival is also the first Qingming Festival where the Ye family's ancestral graves were moved to Ye Ling Mountain."

      "That's why your grandfather wants to hold a grand ancestral ceremony, when not only your family surname Ye, but also dozens of Ye branches across the country will go to participate, you are the first son and grandson of the Ye family, he wants you to be there, and incidentally also pay formal respects to your parents."

Chapter 1979

The Ye Family Ancestor Sacrifice was the grandest family event of the entire Ye Family.

      All big families attached great importance to ancestor worship, especially big families with long histories like the Ye family, with deep histories and many branches of the family, attached great importance to the ancestor worship ceremony.

      In fact, many rich families wanted to hold a grand ancestral ceremony, but a real ancestral ceremony could never be held by just any ordinary family.

      Some wealthy families can't afford to hold an ancestral ritual even if they want to.

      The reason is that these people may have only the last three or four generations of ancestors buried in their ancestral graves, and when it comes to their identities, the next few generations may all be peasants, so there are no stories that can be passed down to their descendants.

      Although the peasant class is also worthy of respect, in these high society, ancestors without a strong enough identity background are really a bit useless.

      Especially in the high society of Yanjing.

      In addition to money and power, what was being compared was family background and heritage.

      Yanjing has quite a few legacies that were in the flag during the Manchu period, these families' ancestors were all nobles in the flag during the Qing dynasty, and it was said that it was either which Ah Gong or which Gege, and there was even a first-grade member of the court back then.

      Such families had a strong background, and when the ancestor ceremony was held, any two or three ancestors' deeds were read out, and it would immediately give people a feeling of bullishness.

      The Ye family's ancestors were also imperial court officials back then. Ordinary families, who had a scholar from their ancestors would hate to build an ancestral shrine for the scholar's ancestors, but the Ye family, whose ancestors had produced hundreds of jinshi, ten scholar-yuan, and thirty-one triple A, including the scholar-yuan.

      In the nearly three hundred year history of the Qing Dynasty, there were a total of 112 examinations for the imperial examination.

      In this nearly three hundred years, only a total of more than 20,000 jinshi and 114 scholar-yuan had been produced.

      The Ye family alone accounted for nearly one-tenth of that, which was an extremely remarkable achievement.

      It was because the ancestors had produced a large number of talented people that the Ye family was able to continue to exist for hundreds of years, and had always been quite powerful, even in the era of war and chaos, it was at least a gentry.

      The Ye Family had spread its branches and leaves for so many years, and there were at least tens of thousands of Ye Family descendants all over the world, and a good portion of them had gone overseas.

      Their ancestors, going back a few hundred years, were the Ye Family's ancestors.

      It was only that the ancient times spoke of the firstborn son inheriting the mantle, and the other firstborn and concubine sons had to be separated, so more and more of the Ye family had been reduced to a side family, leaving the firstborn line as the true patriarchal family.

      Just like Ye Chen's father had three brothers, if according to the ancient rules, after Ye Chen's grandfather's death, the three sons of the Ye family should be separated, at that time, it will be the firstborn son Ye Changkong who will inherit most of the family business as well as the mansion.

      The second and third sons, on the other hand, should leave the original Ye family residence with their own family members after three years of mourning for their father and start their own families.

      In this way, the second and third sons' families also became the Ye family's collateral families.

      At this time, these two collateral families were still relatively close to the patriarch's family, after all, the second and third sons and the eldest were still brothers in the same family.

      But when it came to Ye Chen's generation, the one who inherited the mantle of the Sovereign Family was Ye Chen's cousin, so the relationship between the two collateral families and the Sovereign Family was another generation farther away.

      By the time they reached the third and fourth generation, these two side families, themselves, had spawned several even finer side families, so they were even further away from the Sovereign Family.Updated fastest.

      If it lasted for five or six generations, the span might have been over a hundred years.

      At that time, people might not have known each other at all, and only in the genealogy could they find the names of the children and grandchildren of other collateral families.

Chapter 1980

Therefore, as a patriarchal family, it was necessary to use the ancestor ceremony to gather the people from the neighboring families every now and then.

      After getting to know each other, getting to know each other well, and worshipping their common ancestors together, they would then strengthen the ties between their bloodlines.

      This was also a necessary way for large families to maintain their power.

      Therefore, the Ye family would not only hold an ancestral ceremony every twelve years, but would also revise the entire Ye family's genealogy at the ancestral ceremony.Fastest Updated.

      Between this twelve years and the previous twelve years, every family would have new sons born, as well as older generations passing away, and there would also be young adults marrying wives.

      Therefore, every twelve years, the numerous side branches of the Ye Family would have to report the demographic changes of their families over the twelve years to the Sovereign Family.

      At that time, the patriarch family would then select a highly respected old man to personally renew the family tree, and write down the names, deeds, etc. of these people one by one in it.

      The existing Ye family genealogy recorded the names of millions of Ye family descendants, as well as the names of millions of their spouses, such as the son of the Ye family, so-and-so, who married the daughter of so-and-so, or the daughter of the Ye family, who married the son of so-and-so.

      Each revision of the genealogy was also very grand.

      The mother copy of the genealogy was stored in a constant temperature and humidity safe, and was only invited out by the descendants of the Ye family every time the ancestors were worshipped.

      After the rituals, the masters had to be respectfully invited back again immediately.

      Afterwards, a new genealogy was renewed.

      After the new genealogy was renewed, the new genealogy was also to be ceremoniously invited back as well, to be kept together with the numerous materiae from before.

      All the Ye family members regarded the genealogy as a family sacred object, sacred and inviolable.

      The suzerain family was the only family that had the right to keep the genealogy, so every time a collateral family came to pay homage to their ancestors, besides kowtowing to the genealogy, they would also develop a natural sense of belonging to the suzerain family.

      This is like the ancient emperor and his ministers, where the tedious rituals, ceremonies, and strict rules and traditions were used to reinforce, in the minds of the ministers, the idea of loyalty to the emperor.

      This, too, was a major source of reliance for the Sovereign Family to make the side families bow down.

      However, Ye Chen had no recollection of the Ye family's ancestor sacrifice ceremony anymore.

      The last ancestor sacrifice ceremony was twelve years ago, when he was still in the Jinling Welfare Institution .

      The last Ancestor Sacrifice Grand Ceremony was twenty-four years ago again, when he was too young to remember anything about it at all.

      However, although he could no longer find any memories of the Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony twenty-four years ago, he was still very clear about the Ye family's Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony, knowing that it was an extremely grand ceremony for the Ye family, and it was also the grandest ceremony for ancestors and parents.

      Therefore, Ye Chen couldn't help but have some anticipation in his heart.

      It wasn't that he was looking forward to going to pay homage to those Ye family ancestors, he was just looking forward to being able to pay homage to his own parents in a justifiable, grand and grand manner.

      The last time he followed Gu Yanzhong to pay homage to his parents, he had to disguise himself as Gu Yanzhong's driver, and it had been a regret in his heart that he hadn't been able to walk up to his parents' graves and kowtow to them as his true identity, in a grand and righteous manner.

      Thus, he said to Gu Yanzhong, "Uncle Gu, please convey to my grandfather that I will go to the Qingming Festival ancestor ceremony!"


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