Secret Identity 1941-1950


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1941

When Ye Chen and Xiao Changkun arrived at the hospital, Xiao Churan had already arrived.

      When the two sons-in-law arrived at the hospital room, Ma Lan was holding Xiao Churan's hand and crying so sadly.

      Xiao Churan had also been wiping her tears in distress.

      Although Ye Chen had heard that his mother-in-law had suffered quite badly today, he had been outside and hadn't gone in, so he hadn't seen what was going on inside.

      Also, after Ma Lan was brought out by Hongwu's men, she was sent directly to the hospital, and Ye Chen didn't see her face.

      Now when he saw Ma Lan with a swollen nose and face and a piece of hair missing from her forehead, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart, "Oh my, this mother-in-law of mine is really miserable, this time she suffered like this, but it's really an unmitigated disaster, ghost knows that Ye Changmin would suddenly run to her?"

      Seeing Ye Chen coming, Ma Lan, who had a belly full of grievances, finally had something to vent, crying, "Good son-in-law, Mom is really miserable ah"

      Saying that, he immediately cried up and down.

      Ye Chen rushed forward and asked with an act of concern, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

      Ma Lan waved her hand and wiped away her tears, "Hey, can't mention it, can't mention it, it's just a handful of bitter tears."

      When Xiao Changkun saw her like this, he didn't dare to laugh even if he wanted to, so he just stood there alone and didn't move or speak.

      When Ma Lan took one look at him, she said angrily, "Xiao Changkun, what are you doing here!"

      Xiao Changkun was busy saying, "What do you think I'm doing here, of course I'm here to see you."

      "To see me?"Mashiro said angrily, "I think you're here to see me laugh!"

      Xiao Changkun grumbled in his heart, "Hey hey, you're really right, but I can't admit it."

      So, I could only say awkwardly, "Where are you talking about, even if we were to separate and divorce, after all, we've spent half of our lives together, you've been bullied like this, I must be heartbroken ah."

      Marashi glared at him, "You're distressed about nothing you!I still don't know what's going through your old dog's mind, you'd hate for me to be crippled for the rest of my fucking life!"

      Xiao Changkun didn't expect Ma Lan to guess so accurately, but didn't dare to make any response.

      Fortunately, Xiao Choran, who was on the side, then said in a roundabout way, "Mom, don't argue with Dad, he also came to see you out of concern."

      Ma Lan said in a bad mood, "I don't need his concern."

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.

      Ye Chen instantly understood Ma Lan's meaning.

      So he immediately said generously, "Mom, in that case, it's better for me to cook in the future, and in addition to transfer 100,000 yuan of pocket money to you later, you're really bored during this period of time, you can go online and buy something random to play with, just to pass the time."

      Ma Lan was so touched when she heard this!

      In fact, she didn't expect Ye Chen to give herself money at all.

      She just felt that Ye Chen had promised himself that he would give 30,000 yuan a month for food and another 10,000 yuan for the hard work of cooking, and he didn't dare to withhold the food, but the hard work was rightfully his own.

      But now I have a look at myself and crippled, no way to buy food and cook, the work is no one to do it, not to mention, the 10,000 yuan hard work fee is afraid that you can not ask Ye Chen for.

Chapter 1942

That's why she wanted to act pitiful, hoping that Ye Chen wouldn't deduct the 10,000 hard-earned dollars from her.

      But I didn't expect that Ye Chen would be so generous as to directly give himself 100,000!

      Hearing this, Ma Lan's entire body felt refreshed and grateful to Ye Chen, busy saying, "Hey, you're really Mom's good son-in-law!With a son-in-law like you, it's a blessing that Mom has had for several lifetimes."

      Xiao Churan heard this and was secretly tongue-tied.

      The reason why she was shocked is because she found that her mother was really sincere when she said this, and it seems that she really said it from the bottom of her heart, not just a few polite words!

      Ye Chen didn't expect that 100,000 yuan could move Ma Lan like this, so he couldn't help but laugh inwardly, thinking, "If I had known that this superb mother-in-law could be dispatched with such a little money, wouldn't I have saved my mind by giving her some money earlier?"

      However, if you think about it, this matter is not that simple.

      In the past, when Ma Lan was in control of her family's finances, she had at least two million or so in her hands, not to mention more.

      However, after experiencing all of her money being pitched by Qian Hongyan and spending a few days in the detention center, her entire starting point was lowered quite a bit, and her appetite was not as great as before.

      Ye Chen is also very crisp in his work, after this side finished, there immediately transferred 100,000 yuan to Ma Lan's card, and when Ma Lan received the bank's prompted arrival text message, she was immediately overjoyed and said happily: "Still my son-in-law loves me!"

      At this time, the doctor just happened to come in to check on her, so Xiao Choran hurriedly asked her, "Doctor, may I ask you how my mother is doing?"

      The female doctor explained, "The patient is mainly just recovering from her convalescence, this does take a period of time, but there's nothing else to pay attention to, you can let her observe and observe in the hospital, or you can take her home to recuperate first, it's fine."

      Xiao Choran then said, "Mom, why don't we just take you home to recuperate, so it's easier for us to take care of you too!Besides, it's almost New Year's Eve, it's too cold to stay in the hospital."

      Ma Lan nodded repeatedly, "This hospital feels especially bad luck, I don't want to stay a minute longer, anyway, it's not the first time I've broken my leg, I've already had experience with it, so just wait for me to finish this bottle of fluid later, and then just take me home!"

      Meanwhile, at the Jinling People's Hospital.

      Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong were forced to leave the ward because they couldn't pay their hospital fees.

      When both father and son were lying on the hospital's mobile trolley, Old Mrs. Xiao, along with Xiao Weiwei, pushed them to the parking lot.

      When they came, it was Xiao Weiwei who drove the family's newly bought Bentley.

      The Bentley was not an ambulance, and there was no way for them and their son to safely lie flat in it, so they had to find an ambulance to transport them.

      However, finding an ambulance cost money.

      The family of four had no cash on them, and all their bank cards as well as their electronic payment accounts had been frozen, and now they were really penniless, and they didn't know what to pay for parking to drive out of the hospital later.

      Just when they were at their wits' end, two middle-aged people stepped forward and spoke, "It's Old Mrs. Xiao, isn't it?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was busy saying, "It's me, you two are?"

      The other party said, "Our General Manager Wu, seeing that your family is also quite pitiful, has arranged an ambulance for you, specifically to take the four of you back to the villa."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was relieved and said gratefully, "That's wonderful!Please arrange an ambulance to take my son and my grandson back, and I'll drive back with my granddaughter."

      The other waved his hand, "Sorry, you two will have to go back together in the ambulance too, because this Bentley was bought with our money, so Mr. Wu asked us to take it back!"

Chapter 1943

??When Old Lady Xiao heard the other party's words, her entire body was as if struck by lightning.Dumbfounded on the spot!

      ??She said helplessly and pleadingly, "Two little brothers, please call Mr. Wu, and tell him that our family is now broke, and beg him to be merciful and leave us a little way out, at least leave us this Bentley ......"first published

      ??After that, she quickly added, "Even if it's just to borrow us for a few years!"

      ??The other side of the expressionless said: "I'm sorry, our General Manager Wu said, a family like yours, is really not up to the stage, so he does not want to have any interest with you, the villa still let you live, is already his greatest kindness, if you still do not know how to behave, then I'm sorry, the villa our General Manager Wu can also take back at any time!"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao's heart ached, but at this time, she didn't dare to say any disobedient words.

      ??Xiao Weiwei on the side could not help but choke: "Please both of you say it to Wu again, look at my father and my brother now, our family has no merit as well as hard work, no hard work as well as fatigue ah ......"

      ??The other side coldly said, "If you guys are still talking nonsense so much, then the villa is really gone."

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao rushed to speak at this time, "Weiwei, stop it!Hurry up and get the car keys out!"

      ??Xiao Weiwei was extremely angry, but didn't dare to remain negative, so she could only cry and pulled out her car keys and handed them to the other party.

      ??The person took the keys and said to the Xiao family, "Okay, the ambulance has been arranged for you, your family of five should hurry back, we'll drive the car away first."

      ??After saying that, they got into the Bentley and directly started the car to leave the scene.

      ??And then, a dilapidated ambulance drove up to the family and stopped, the driver lowered the window and asked, "Are you the ones who are going to Thompson?"

      ??"Yes ......."Old Mrs. Xiao nodded dejectedly and said, "Please send the four of us, to Thomson A06."

      ??The driver and a young man on the passenger side stepped out of the car and helped them lift Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong and his son up, then said to Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei, "You two follow and squeeze in the back."

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao nodded and said to Xiao Weiwei, "Weiwei, this ambulance is a bit high, you hold grandma for a bit."

      ??Xiao Weiwei wiped a handful of tears and rubbed her reddened eyes, choking, "Okay grandmother ......"

      ??Qian Hongyan hurriedly followed up and said obsequiously, "Mom, I'll also help you!"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao opened her hand and snapped in a fury, "Get out!Don't you touch me!"

      ??Qian Hongyan didn't expect the old lady to suddenly get angry with herself and asked somewhat aggrievedly, "Mom, where did I offend you again?"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and scolded, "You've offended me everywhere!If it wasn't for you, our family wouldn't be what it is today!If it weren't for you, Chang Qian wouldn't have lost his ten million!If it weren't for you, Chang Qian wouldn't have been subjected to Mashi's sarcasm all this time!If it wasn't for you, Chang Qian wouldn't have been able to do anything to Ma Lan, he and Hailong are in such a miserable state now, and it's all because of you!"

      ??Qian Hongyan cried out all of a sudden.

Chapter 1944

??She was also grieving in her heart and cried, "Mom, I know you've been holding a grudge because of my pregnancy in the black coal kiln, but I was really trying to survive, otherwise I would have died long ago!"

      ??"And it wasn't my subjective intent to lose that $10 million in the first place!"

      ??"I meant to swindle Mashiro of her money and villa so I could improve our family's living conditions!All the work I've done, all the sacrifices I've made this can be for this family!"

      ??As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard her talk about the pregnancy, she felt as if she had been slapped twice and immediately cursed angrily, "You shameless slut, and you dare to mention the pregnancy!It's a travesty of family ethics, morality and shame!If it wasn't for Wu Donghai protecting you, I would have kicked you out of the house long ago!"

      ??Said Old Lady Xiao, so angry that even her breathing rhythm was messed up, gritting her teeth, "And!You weren't just pregnant with a bastard when you came out of the Black Kiln!And you've got a venereal disease!And I've infected my son!You think I don't know?!"

      ??Qian Hongyan flushed red all of a sudden.

      ??Just when she didn't know how to fight back, the driver asked somewhat impatiently, "I said are you family going to leave or not?If you guys want to fight, pull those two sick people on the bus down with you, we're still waiting to get off work, we don't have time to spend here with you!"

      ??When Old Lady Xiao heard this, she wimped out and hurriedly said, "Don't be angry, Master Driver, let's go, this way!"

      ??After saying that, he stared at Qian Hongyan fiercely, then climbed into the ambulance with the help of Xiao Weiwei.

      ??Although Xiao Weiwei had some sympathy for her mother, she didn't dare to defend her at this time, so she could only give her mother a wink and let her get into the ambulance first.

      ??Qian Hongyan also knew very well that she had no other place to stay other than the Thompson A06 Villa, so she could only swallow her pride and get into the car, sitting in the corner with only the best of intentions.

      ??After the family of five are on the ambulance, the ambulance will immediately go to Tomson Yipin.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the old lady and ask her: "Mom, what can we do afterwards, our family is now, again, as poor as ......".

      ??The old lady Xiao wiped her tears, incomparably painful and incomparably despondent said: "I do not know what to do, now our home a penny are gone, you two and injured like this, the future treatment, medication, rehabilitation are quite a lot of money, really cornered ......".The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      ??Xiao Hailong cried, "Grandmother, why don't we go back to Thomson and see if there's anything valuable we can get out and sell to the outside world?There are still quite a few good things in that villa of ours, and the good wine in the cellar alone would probably sell for quite a bit of money!"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao nodded, "There's really no other way, it's the only way!"

      ??Xiao Weiwei asked at this time, "Right grandmother, those two people just said that Wu Donghai has arranged three helpers for our family, where are they?"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao was also at a loss, "I don't know, maybe it's arranged but the person hasn't arrived yet?"

      ??"Hey ......"Xiao Weiwei let out a long sigh, "If he could really send three helpers over, it would be considered that he Wu Donghai is more or less conscientious, otherwise, with Dad and brother injured like this, it would be really hard for the three of us to take care of them."

      ??"Who wouldn't say so ......"Old Mrs. Xiao lamented, "I guess Wu Donghai is also really angry with us in his heart, but he should more or less still have some hope for us, just that he's angry right now, if we have the chance in the future, we must behave well, we should still be able to regain his trust!"

      ??Xiao Weiwei nodded and lamented, "Hey, let's hope the three helpers he arranged arrive soon, they'd better be waiting at Thompson's by now, or we won't know how to get Dad and brother back to their room later ......"

Chapter 1945

?At this moment, in the a06 villa of Thomson.

      ?Zhang Guifen, Li Yueqin as well as Dong Yuling, the three of them, just filled their stomachs.

      ??They waited left and right, but they couldn't wait for Old Mrs. Xiao's family to return, and they were so hungry that they just happened to find the ingredients prepared by Rich Hongyan in the kitchen that hadn't been ready to go into the pot yet, so they took it upon themselves to use those ingredients to make a sumptuous meal.

      ??Before Wu Donghai had just withdrawn his investment, the living standard of the Xiao family was still very good, after all, Wu Donghai had invested in the Xiao Group, which had revived the Xiao Group back to life, and the old lady had also returned to her previous old Buddha's general style of doing things, and the living standard had also improved greatly.

      ??Moreover, Qian Hongyan had specially prepared very sumptuous ingredients today in order to wait for Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong's father and son to celebrate after they took care of Ma Lan.

      ??Unexpectedly, the Xiao family didn't eat a single bite of these ingredients and all of them were cheap to Zhang Guifen.

      ??The three people have just eaten a big belly and are lying on the sofa watching TV.

      ??This TV, after Xiao Hailong sold the big TV, moved up from the underground floor room, compared to the previous one, is indeed quite small, in the large living room, but also more or less not very harmonious.

      ??As Zhang Guifen watched the TV, she smacked her lips and said, "Oh my, this villa of Old Mrs. Xiao, everywhere is good, but this TV seems to be a bit too small, and compared to such a large living room, it doesn't look too harmonious."

      ??Dong Yuling asked in surprise, "My drop mother come!That's not a 50-inch TV, is it?The TV set in my village chief's house isn't that big, and this is small?"

      ??"Yeah ......"Li Yueqin chimed in, "I've never even seen a TV that big before."

      ??Zhang Guifen waved her hand and said, "You don't understand, the TVs of rich people are seventy to eighty inches to start with, last year when I was working in the city's housekeeping company, I went to a rich person's house to clean, and that TV was several laps bigger than this!"

      ??Dong Yuling lamented, "Boy!What's the point of making such a big TV, aren't you tired of running your eyeballs back and forth over it?"

      ??Zhang Guifen sneered, "Look at you, according to what you're saying, when people go to the cinema to watch a movie, their eyeballs have to be tired off the ground!"

      ??Dong Yuling scratched her head, "I've never been to a movie theater either, I don't know what it's like in a movie theater."

      ??The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.

      ??On the side, Li Yueqin asked, "It's bigger than this wall, that's too scary!"

      ??Zhang Guifen said, "You two really haven't seen the world, wait until later and ask Old Mrs. Xiao to take us to see a movie in the cinema, you'll see then!"

      ??The three of them were talking and the ambulance had driven into the courtyard.

      ??But the sound of their TV was played loudly, so no one heard anything outside.

      ??After the ambulance stopped, the driver and co-driver jumped out of the car and somewhat roughly moved Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong and his son out of the car.

      ??They did not move down together with the mobile hospital bed, but directly moved the people down and placed them on the marble floor of the courtyard.

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao saw that they were just about to get into the car and leave, and hurriedly said, "Aren't you going to help us get the two of them in?"

      ??The driver said impatiently, "The customer's request is to get you to the place, not including the entry fee, so if you want us to help, that's fine, we'll pay two hundred dollars each."

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao said, "I don't have a penny!"

      ??The driver frowned and asked, "You live in such a luxurious villa and you don't have four hundred dollars?"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao said urgently, "Now we don't even need cash to go out, so we haven't put any money in the house, and now our mobile phone payments and bank cards are all frozen, we really can't do anything about it."

Chapter 1946

??The driver waved his hand, "We'd love nothing more than to help then."

      ??Xiao Weiwei said angrily, "You guys are doctors, isn't it right to save lives and help the injured?"

      ??The driver looked at her seriously: "Little girl I want to make it clear to you, we are not doctors, and this is not a public hospital's 120 ambulance, but a private company operating transit ambulance, just like a taxi, we are driving to pull work to make money, pay us to work, understand?"

      ??Xiao Weiwei couldn't say anything at once.

      ??The man disdainfully said, "What kind of person, living in such a nice villa, can't even afford to pay four hundred dollars!"

      ??Afterwards, the two got straight into the car and started the car to leave.

      ??Xiao Weiwei stomped her foot in anger, the old lady sighed helplessly and said to her and Qian Hongyan, "This old bone of mine is unable to make any effort, you two first carry Chang Qian into the house, then come out to carry Hailong."

      ??Xiao Weiwei and Qian Hongyan also knew that there was no other way, they could only bite their teeth and use their milk strength to carefully lift up Xiao Changqian.

      ??Xiao Chang Qian's painful incessant ouch, mouth painfully said: "You guys move a little less, it's really too painful ......"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao shook her head and sighed, "Chang Qian, there's really nothing else to do now, just bear with it!"

      ??Saying that, she said to Xiao Weiwei and Qian Hongyan, "You two hold Chang Qian back, I'll open the door first!"

      ??Xiao Weiwei and Qian Hongyan strenuously racked Xiao Changqian and moved step by step to the door, Old Mrs. Xiao was about to swipe her fingerprints to open the door, suddenly heard the movement of the TV inside, surprised and asked Xiao Weiwei: "Weiwei, didn't turn off the TV when you left?"

      ??Xiao Weiwei shook her head, "I was in such a hurry when I left that I forgot."

      ??"Alright."Old Mrs. Xiao didn't think much about it and just opened the door.

      ??As soon as the door opened, she saw at a glance that there were three people lying on the living room sofa inside!

      ??She shouted in fright, "You guys ......Who are you guys?!"

      ??When Zhang Guifen three heard the commotion, they suddenly turned around and found Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei coming, recognizing the two former cellmates at a glance.The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      ??Zhang Guifen was so excited that she ran over in one horse and said excitedly, "Old lady!You're back!We've been waiting for you for half a day!"

      ??When Old Lady Xiao saw the three people running over barefoot, she was shocked and couldn't speak.

      ??Naturally, she recognized Zhang Guifen and the others, but she was completely unable to figure out why these three people had come out.And, why in your own home?

      ??So, she was surprised and asked, "Guifen, you guys ......What are you guys doing here!"

      ??Zhang Guifen said excitedly, "Old lady!You're still playing dumb!Weren't you the one who gave us bail and bailed us out?"

      ??"Me?!"Old Mrs. Xiao looked confused and said, "This ......I'm afraid there's some kind of misunderstanding, isn't there?"

      ??"Where's the misunderstanding!"Zhang Guifen hurriedly said, "Old lady, I know that you are grateful that we helped you a lot and took care of you at the detention center, so you want to repay your kindness and want us to come and follow you to live with you in Townsend to enjoy your happiness!"

      ??Li Yueqin, who was on the side, echoed, "Yes Old Lady Xiao, you're really something!And they sent a special Dash to pick us up, and it's the first time in my life I've ever been on a Dash!"

      ??With some emotion, Zhang Guifen said, "Old lady, I'll say this from the bottom of my heart, all three of us are very grateful to you!So we've also all thought about it, and from now on, ah, the three of us will live here and not leave, and together we'll take care of you as if you were our own mother and send you off to your old age!"

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao's heart swelled with a deep despair and anxiously took off, "Guifen ah, listen to me, there must be some misunderstanding, the one who bailed you out, it really wasn't me ah!And it's true that I didn't want you guys to come live here with me!"

Chapter 1947

Old Mrs. Xiao is a typical person who uses people towards the front, not towards the back. m.waiweilai.

    When she was in the detention center, she needed Zhang Guifen to back her up, so she was extremely polite to Zhang Guifen at that time, simply treating her as her own daughter.

    But in reality, she didn't look down on a vulgar village woman like Zhang Guifen at all.

    Therefore, the day she left the detention center, she completely forgot about Zhang Guifen.

    For her, Zhang Guifen is only a tool that must be used during a special period, and after that special period, she never wants to have anything to do with Zhang Guifen again.

    But never in a million years had she expected that this Zhang Guifen would somehow appear in her house!

    I'm not sure how much I'd like to see you do.

    In her opinion, it was you, Mrs. Xiao, who bailed us out, arranged for a driver to bring us to Thomson, and even recorded our fingerprints on the front door.

    Thinking of this, Zhang Guifen asked with a confused face, "Old lady, what's wrong with you?You're the one who did all these good things, so why won't you admit it again?"

    "Yes!"Li Yueqin and Dong Yuling also leaned in, not understanding, and asked: "old lady, these are obviously all you did, why do you still deny on, this is why?".

    Old Mrs. Xiao was surrounded by the three of them, feeling the stinky smell of them, feeling dizzy and choking her with a cough.

    The three of them hadn't paid much attention to personal hygiene, plus now it's winter, the clothes are worn thick, not very hygienic, not much bathing and not much change of clothes, so that the three of them have a heavy body odor.

    Now it was the three of them who surrounded the old lady, and the smell was even more sour.

    Old Mrs. Xiao covered her nose as she said incomparably aggrieved, "Guifen na, you have really misunderstood, these things are really not my doing"

    Zhang Guifen smiled hehehe, revealing a mouth full of big yellow teeth, and laughed, "Ouch, old lady, I know you're kind-hearted and some things you might not want to say, but it doesn't matter, the feelings between us inmates are very deep after all!Now that the three of us are also out, from now on, ah, we'll all stay by your side and serve you well!"

    The side of Dong Yuling also said: "Yes old lady, when you did not come back, the three of us have arranged a room, thanks to your villa is big enough, enough rooms, after ah, the three of us will live here, you, is the three of us mother!"

    "What?!"When Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, she was on fire and took off, "You have arranged all the rooms?Who gave you the authority?!"

    Dong Yuling did not expect the old lady to suddenly become angry, busy asking, "What's wrong old lady, you let us come over to live with you, we'll definitely share a room ah!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao was shaking with anger and said in annoyance, "This is my home, and I'll let it go if you barge in without permission, but who gave you the right to divide my bedroom!Get out of here right now!"

    Xiao Weiwei hurriedly came over at this time and whispered, "Grandmother, we are short of manpower right now, why don't we let them help out and let them go when Dad and Brother are in a better situation."

    Old Mrs. Xiao threw up her hands and said coldly, "We can't let them here even if we're short of manpower, they stink like this, letting them stay for another minute would be compromising my life!Besides, Wu will definitely be ten thousand times better than these three stinking old women in arranging help for us!"

    Saying that, she looked at Zhang Guifen and said sternly, "You three, get out of here now!"

    Zhang Guifen was dumbfounded!

Chapter 1948

She looked at Old Mrs. Xiao and said incredulously, "Old Mrs. Xiao, you're letting us get out of here?That's too much!Don't forget, at first in the detention center, but the three of us have been taking care of you and helping you, even that daughter-in-law of yours, Ma Lan, we helped you to teach you a lesson!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao asked viciously, "Did I ask you to help me?When did I ever say I'd let you guys teach Mashiro a lesson for me?It was entirely because you yourselves were upset with Ma Lan that you hit her!"

    Zhang Guifen was completely disappointed: "Old Mrs. Xiao, you're really quicker to turn the other cheek!We defended you so much in the caretaker's office in the first place, but we didn't expect to get such a result in return!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao said with a blank expression, "I'm really sorry to disappoint you, but this is also a lesson for you, telling you to recognize your own identity in the future and not just think about climbing high branches all day long!"

    Zhang Guifen gritted her teeth and said, "Yoho, you talk like that old lady, don't you?Okay!Then I'm not leaving yet!I'll see what you can do to me!"

    Li Yueqin and Dong Yuling also said evenly, "Exactly!We won't leave!"

    The old lady Xiao didn't think that these three people still wanted to play a rascal, and said coldly: "You three don't want to play around with me here, you don't even look at yourselves in the mirror, you're the kind of dirt bag that emits a stench, are you worthy of living in this villa of Tomson?If even you guys can live in such a luxurious villa, then it's really God's disgrace!"

    Said Old Mrs. Xiao, full of arrogance, "When I was in the detention center, it was a phoenix that fell into trouble and fell into the chicken coop, temporarily forced to live in the chicken coop for two days, do you really think I'm the same as you guys?"

    Li Yueqin cursed angrily, "Old Mrs. Xiao!As the saying goes, a phoenix in distress is worse than a chicken!Don't you go too far, you old hag!If you annoy us, we'll still whack you even if you're old!"

    "Exactly!"Dong Yuling also immediately echoed, "How we beat Ma Lan in the beginning, we can beat you now too!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao said, "Try hitting me, if you dare to do it, I'll call the police immediately!I'll be sure to arrest you bumpkins back then!"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results of the study.

    The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital, but I had to go back to the hospital, so I had to go back to the hospital.Wha!"

    Thinking of this, she had to forcefully suppress the anger in her heart and coldly said, "Old lady, I can also see that you have nothing to play with us, right?Since you think we're too high up for you, it's always okay for us to go, right?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao nodded, "You better get going or I'll call the police right away!"

    Zhang Guifen gritted her teeth and said to the two people beside her, "Okay, no matter what, we were released early, there's no need to toss back for this, pack up and let's go!"

    Although the other two were unhappy, but at this time they didn't dare to make a fuss for fear of returning to the guardhouse again, so they could only nod their heads in anger.

    The three hearts [penpal 5200] emotion angry and lost, packed their own things, with the rolls ready to leave the place.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.You guys get out and get as far away as you can, and if you dare to come back next time, I'll call the police to arrest you at the first opportunity!"

    Zhang Guifen felt a great humiliation, but because she was afraid of causing trouble, she could only bite down and said to the two people around her, "Let's go!"

    Just at this moment, seven or eight strong men suddenly pushed in from outside, saw the situation and asked, "What's going on?Where are you three going?"

    Zhang Guifen thought that these fierce and strong men were all found by Old Mrs. Xiao, and nervously said, "A few big brothers, don't be impulsive, we're leaving!That's going!"

    The one leading the group coldly said, "What's the walk?!Our General Manager Wu has said that you three will be able to treat this place as your own from now on, this house is his, not Old Madam Xiao's, Old Madam Xiao is just borrowing it just like you, so as long as our General Manager Wu has nodded, none of the Heavenly Kings have the right to kick you out!"

Chapter 1949

Old Mrs. Xiao was suddenly confused.

      The three of them, Zhang Guifen and the others, were actually arranged by Wu Donghai!

      What the hell does this Wu Donghai mean!

      Are these the three that he said he had arranged for his helpers?

      Just before the old lady returned to her senses, Zhang Guifen heard the strong man's words and excitedly asked out of his mouth, "This big brother, you're telling the truth!Can we really live here now?"

      The man nodded, "Of course!Didn't the driver put your fingerprints in before?Make this place your home from now on!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao shouted in despair, "Little brother!Please tell Mr. Wu that we don't want such helpers!These three are peasant women who can't even read big words. How can they help us?Can we get three professional caregivers over here, preferably the kind who can also do laundry and cook!"

      The man shouted coldly, "Old woman, I find that although you are old and ugly, you think well and beautifully!You still want to bargain with our boss?And don't you see what you are?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was scolded and fidgeted, "Then we don't want any help, right?Let the three of them go, we'll do everything ourselves, that's always okay, right?"

      "That won't do either!As I just said, these three are just like your family, they will be residents of this house, equal to you, and you don't have any right to let them go!"

      Zhang Guifen just heard this, looked at Old Mrs. Xiao and said with a sneer, "Oh, Old Mrs. Xiao, I thought you were really a phoenix!It hasn't been long since you came out and you can turn over a new leaf so quickly, but I didn't think the villa wasn't even yours!Then why are you here with me?I really thought this was your villa!I didn't think it was the same as the three of us, it's just borrowing!"

      "Exactly!"Li Yueqin despised and said: "Just now screaming so much, making it seem as if it's really awesome, I didn't think it was all pretend!"

      Dong Yuling chimed in, "I thought you were really a phoenix, living in such a nice phoenix nest, but now I know that you are a pheasant borrowing from a phoenix nest."

      Old Mrs. Xiao's expression was very ugly.

      This villa was indeed not hers.

      It was someone else Wu Donghai's.

      They could only live if Wu Donghai let their family live there.

      If Wu Donghai ever stopped them from living there, then they would have to leave.

      In other words, if Wu Donghai also wanted to let Zhang Guifen and the three of them live in, then she, Old Mrs. Xiao, had no right at all to obstruct them.

      Zhang Guifen had raised her eyebrows all of a sudden!

      She said excitedly to the two, "From now on, we are also residents of this large villa!Some old pheasant pretending to be a phoenix no longer has the right to throw us out!"

      "Exactly!"The other two were also very excited.

      After figuring out the interests involved, they were in a great mood.

      After all, this not only extinguished the old lady's arrogance, but also allowed the three of them to live in this large villa reasonably and legally.

      At this time, Zhang Guifen suddenly remembered something and asked the strong man who was leading the group, "This big brother, there is something I would like to ask you!"

      The man then said, "You say!"

Chapter 1950

Zhang Guifen said, "We looked at the rooms in this villa earlier and found that all those big, good rooms were occupied by the Xiao family, and all we could find were some marginal rooms, and since the three of us have equal rights and interests with their family, can we ask for the rooms to be reallocated?"

      "Right."Dong Yuling also came back to her senses and said excitedly, "I also want to live in the big south-facing bedroom!"

      The man was naturally watching the fun and smiled, "Of course, we don't care how you distribute it internally."

      "That's great!"Zhang Guifen immediately said, "I've reserved that big bedroom on the third floor!Whose bedroom is that?Hurry up and move out, or don't blame me for throwing out everything inside!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and said, "How dare you!The big third floor bedroom is my room!No one can rob it!"

      Zhang Guifen sneered, "You bad wife, get the hell away from me!I've just given you a face. We're here to serve you like a mother!But I never thought you'd be so desperate, old man!Now that people have spoken, then we'll go by strength, I'll take the room on the third floor, and if you dare to take it, weigh whether you have that ability or not!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was in despair!

      Not only despair, but deep regret!

      She now realized that these three people were originally the helpers Wu Donghai had arranged for himself!

      Had I known, I shouldn't have screamed at them and kicked them out.

      Originally, although the three of them couldn't come up to the stage, they had enough respect for themselves, and had the strength of two arms to command them to do something.

      But now it's good!

      I can't believe I've offended the three of them to death!

      And the three of them never made it out.

      Now Zhang Guifen wants to take her own room.

      Isn't that like throwing a rock at your own feet!

      Thinking of this, Mrs. Xiao felt as bad as she could.

      She could only lick her face and say to Zhang Guifen, "Oh my, Guifen na!It's all a misunderstanding, don't be so mean to me!I'm old and confused. I can't live much longer. Sometimes my brain doesn't work, so I say things that don't sound good.But I've always treated you like a daughter!"

      Zhang Guifen said with a face full of disgust, "Now you're getting close to me?Fuck you, man!What the fuck are you doing?I've seen through your old man this time!The opera says, 'There's no such thing as Zhong Wu Yan, there's no such thing as Xia Ying Chun', it's talking about dogs like you!From now on, when we all live under the same roof, you better not mess with me, or else I'll make you live and die in minutes!"

      When Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, she shivered in fright and took off, "Aren't you afraid of going back in?"

      At that moment, the strong man immediately added, "Don't worry, you don't have to worry, our General Manager Wu still has a lot of face, this little matter can definitely be handled!"

      When Zhang Guifen heard this, she immediately felt as if she had received a shot of cardiac stimulant and sneered, "Then I'm sorry Old Lady Xiao, from now on, the big room on the third floor belongs to me!"

      Old Lady Xiao almost collapsed, the large bedroom on the third floor was the best bedroom in the entire villa, when she had just moved in, she had fallen in love with that room, and it was also incredibly comfortable to live in, it was definitely incomparable to the other rooms.

      Moreover, the old lady was greedy for enjoyment throughout her life, such a good bedroom, she was planning to live there until she died, and now that she saw that it was going to be snatched away by Zhang Guifen, she was naturally anxious and cried, "Guifen!Look at me, I'm a handful of years old, I might die someday, you let me die in that better room, I'll have a good birth in my next life!"

      Zhang Guifen went forward and slapped Old Mrs. Xiao, shouting coldly, "Don't you fucking fart here!My mom was drinking pesticides and the hospital said it was hopeless, so we took her home and she ended up dying in the old dilapidated tile house, according to you, is my mom not going to be cast in a good grave in her next life?!"


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