Secret Identity 1951-1960


Chapter 1951

Old Mrs. Xiao was dizzy from this slap from Zhang Guifen.

      She really didn't expect that after all the insults she had said to Zhang Guifen before, Zhang Guifen didn't even do anything to her.

      She never expected that when she showed her weakness to her, she had accidentally touched her backbone.

      Although Zhang Guifen was not very educated, she was indeed a filial daughter.

      At first, her mother was forced by her brother-in-law to drink pills to commit suicide, and she rushed back from her in-laws' house after hearing the news.

      At that time, her mother was already critically ill and hopelessly ill.

      In the hospital, Zhang Guifen's mother was incredibly weak and said to her that she wanted to go home and that she was uncomfortable being in the hospital.

      Zhang Guifen knew it was because she knew she was going to die, and when she was dying, all she wanted was to save her family some money and not let her continue to stay in the hospital for fearless treatment.

      She wanted to take her mother back to her in-laws and pay her respects for a few days, so that she could finish the last part of her life.

      But her in-laws strongly objected, especially her mother-in-law, who cursed at her over the phone for this, saying that if she dared to take her mother back, she shouldn't even enter the house.

      The brother who was afraid of his wife was also reluctant to let his mother go back because he was afraid that it would be unlucky for her to die in his own home.

      In the end, Zhang Guifen could only take her mother back to her family's old house, which had been abandoned for many years.

      In the old house, Zhang Guifen did her best to wipe her mother's body with warm water, put on clean clothes, and made her a bowl of egg noodles.

      The actual time you'll be able to get the most out of the game, you'll be able to get the most out of the game, you'll be able to get the most out of the game.

      That day, Zhang Guifen cried all her tears.

      After her mother was buried, Zhang Guifen beat up her brother-in-law, which was put into the detention center.

      Because of her filial piety, when she heard that Ma Lan was very unfaithful to Mrs. Xiao, she felt sympathy for Mrs. Xiao and hatred for Ma Lan.

      On the whole, she is a peasant woman who is coarse, sloppy and not very educated, but she always respects her late mother and is full of fear for humanity.

      Although spirited in nature, she was not a bad person.

      She could endure the insults Mrs. Xiao gave her, but she could not tolerate even the slightest offense to her mother.

      Old Mrs. Xiao only said that dying in a better room would guarantee a good birth in the next life, reminding her of her mother who died tragically in a dilapidated tiled room.Fastest Updated.

      She had always felt that her mother, although poor and destitute, was loyal and kind.

      It's just that her fate was so troubled that she never enjoyed any blessings in her life, and was eventually forced into a desperate situation by her daughter-in-law.

      She also felt that even if such a mother died in the most dilapidated room in the world, God would let her have a good birth in her next life and enjoy a lifetime of blessings.

      And what Mrs. Xiao had just said, unintentionally, not only negated the faith she had always held within her heart, but also blasphemed the holy and great image of her mother in her heart.

      Therefore, she could not endure it any longer and slapped Old Mrs. Xiao.

      At this time, Old Mrs. Xiao covered her face and looked at Zhang Guifen with resentment.

Chapter 1952

Although she was incomparably annoyed, but at this time, given ten thousand guts, she wouldn't dare to make a move against Zhang Guifen.

      Wu Donghai's men said in a cold voice at this time, "We came over this time on the orders of General Manager Wu to empty the assets in this villa, General Manager Wu means that from now on, apart from the hard decorated part and the large pieces of furniture like the bed and sofa, all the other appliances, all the valuable furnishings and the good wine stored in the basement, all of them will be emptied and nothing will be left behind!"

      As soon as Old Lady Xiao heard this, she felt incomparably desperate.The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Originally, she was still thinking of running out of money, she could sell the appliances in the villa, especially that warehouse in the basement stocked with wine, at least a million, but she didn't expect that Wu Donghai, who was so rich, would even think of such a thing, and before she was ready to take action, his people had already found her!

      Old Mrs. Xiao said with a bitter face, "A few little brothers, you can move the appliances and whatnot, but please keep those wines for us, after all, we like to have a few drinks once in a while"

      The man at the head of the group sneered, "You're about to lose your fucking appetite, and you still have the fucking time to drink?If you have that energy, you'd better study how to make a living!"

      After saying that, he immediately said to the few people around him, "Start moving!Don't leave me any small items of value!"


      Several of the men immediately agreed to do so, and immediately afterwards began to scour the villa for a while.

      They even brought a flatbed trolley specially designed for moving, and put all the valuable things on the trolley and pulled them out a little bit.

      Not only did they remove all the liquor, even the TV set on the wall was also removed.

      What's more, the kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and cutlery were all pulled away by them as well.

      Old Mrs. Xiao choked, "A few little brothers, at least give us the cooking pots and pans to keep."

      The man said coldly, "These can be imported German kitchenware, a single pot is tens of thousands of dollars, keep it for you, you're sure to sell it all in two days!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao cried, "I couldn't sell the pot even if I tried."

      The man said disdainfully, "We don't care about that, if you want to cook, you can find your own way to buy another pot!"

      After saying that, he checked in each room to make sure nothing of value was left behind, and then said to his men, "You guys carry everything to the car first!"

      A few of his men went out the door, and the man said again to Zhang Guifen, "From now on, you'll be living here in a solid manner, and General Manager Wu has only one request for you, and that is, you must never go next door to Ms. Ma Lan's house to find any trouble with their family, or else, you will not be tolerated lightly!"

      As soon as Zhang Guifen heard this, he nodded his head as if pounding garlic and said, "Don't worry, I will never trouble Ma Lan!The reason why I found trouble with Ma Lan before was all because of this ungrateful, bad wife of Old Mrs. Xiao, so I'll definitely never do it again!"

      The man was satisfied with that and spoke up, "Okay, you wanted that bedroom on the third floor, didn't you?Hurry up and occupy it, we'll be leaving first."

      Zhang Guifen was excited and said, "Yes!I got it!Take care!"

      After the gang left, old Mrs. Xiao sat on the ground and wailed, "Oh my, this life of mine, why is it so bitter?"

      Xiao Weiwei also cried out and said, "Grandma, this Wu Donghai is too much, he's clearly trying to play us"

      Qian Hongyan spoke up at this time, "People's General Manager Wu may not really want to play us, he originally wanted to arrange a few helpers for our family, but I didn't expect your grandmother to offend him to death as soon as she came up, and now not only are the helpers gone, but there are also three more enemies."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and questioned, "Qian Hongyan, you unruly bitch, how dare you tell me what to do!"

      Qian Hongyan had already had enough of the old lady's bossing, and when she saw the old lady getting angry with herself, she got furious and scolded, "You dead old woman, don't bully others too much!You really think you're the same old Mrs. Xiao?You're already broke now, and you're still fucking telling me what to do here, I fucking owe you the Xiao family ah!"

Chapter 1953

Old Mrs. Xiao didn't expect that Qian Hongyan, who had always been pressured to death by herself, would dare to call the shots against her!

      At this moment, her heart was simply overwhelmed with rage, but when she thought that she was currently helpless, she was suddenly like a deflated ball and didn't dare to say anything.

      If she had treated Zhang Guifen a little better in the beginning, then the three of them would have been loyal lickers to her, and Qian Hongyan naturally wouldn't dare to make a mistake.

      It's a pity that she has already made enemies with Zhang Guifen and the other three, so if she offends Qian Hongyan at this time, she won't be able to find half a helper.

      So she could only say with resentment, "I don't want to fight with you, let's just hurry up and send Chang Qian back to his room, then we can move Hailong in!"

      Xiao Changqian was on the verge of tears and choked, "Mom, you still remember me, I can't handle it anymore"

      Old Mrs. Xiao panicked, "Weiwei and Hongyan, you guys quickly bring Changqian back to his room and let him rest well."

      They struggled to carry Xiao Chang Qian to the elevator, and when Xiao Weiwei couldn't make any effort, she said to Zhang Guifen, "Can't the three of you come over and give him a hand?Just stand by and watch?"

      Zhang Guifen said expressionlessly, "When the three of us came, we really wanted to be a cow for your family, but your grandmother didn't want to, now, the three of us are co-tenants with you, helping you is a matter of affection, not helping you is our duty!"

      Xiao Weiwei said angrily, "Can't you just reach out and help then?"

      Zhang Guifen shook her head, "Sorry, the love is gone!"

      After that, she said to Old Mrs. Xiao, "The biggest room on the third floor will be mine from now on!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao stood there, her eyes filled with tears, but she dared not speak out in anger.

      After all, it was all the trouble she had caused, and she could only break her teeth and swallow into her stomach.

      Otherwise, Zhang Guifen would definitely not let up yet!

      After Zhang Guifen warned Old Mrs. Xiao, she took Li Yueqin and Dong Yuling up to the third floor.

      The three generations of women in the Xiao family could only make an effort to move both Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong to the second floor.

      In order to conveniently take care of the father and son, Xiao Weiwei and Qian Hongyan, got them both to the master bedroom on the second floor, so that they could sleep on the same bed.

      And Old Lady Xiao's original personal belongings had already been thrown outside the door of the third floor by Zhang Guifen.

      The old lady still wanted to find another room on the third floor, but she did not expect that all the other rooms on the third floor were occupied by the other two women.

      Helplessly, the Xiao family could only draw a line with the three of them, Zhang Guifen and the three of them lived on the third floor, Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong lived in the master bedroom on the second floor, and Xiao Weiwei and Qian Hongyan lived in one of the second bedrooms on the second floor, while the other second bedroom was given to Old Madam Xiao.

      After all the work, the family of five was exhausted and hungry.

      Old Mrs. Xiao wanted to have a bite to eat, so she commanded Qian Hongyan, "Hurry down and make something to eat, you're starving!"

      Qian Hongyan choked: "do a fart ah do, before the preparation of the ingredients, are let Zhang Guifen they three ate, now the pots and pans also all by Wu Donghai's people took away, home on half a bag of rice, even the rice cooker are gone, what I take to cook?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao asked in despair, "Is there nothing left to eat in the fridge?It's better to take a few ham hocks and eat them than to starve!"first issue

      Qian Hongyan said in exasperation, "Your mother is demented, right?How can I get you ham sausages when they've taken away the fridge?Why don't you pay me and I'll go out and buy it for you?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao just remembered that Wu Donghai's men had just removed the entire refrigerator.

      In other words, now this villa, not even a bite of food could be found!

      Xiao Hailong was grieving at this time and cried, "Mom I'm so hungry, I haven't had a bite to eat since I went out."

Chapter 1954

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do that.

      Xiao Weiwei cried, "Mom, why don't I go find a job tomorrow?"

      Qian Hongyan nodded and said, "It's possible to find a job, but it's also tomorrow, and the paycheck will have to wait until next month, which will be the New Year when we have a good look at it, our family can't go hungry for the New Year ah"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said at this point, "If you really can't, go find an hourly worker!Get a job that pays by the day!"

      Vivian Shaw said, "That's all there is to it."

      At the same time, Zhang Guifen, on the third floor, was giving a meeting to Li Yueqin and Dong Yuling.

      The three of them were facing the same situation as the Xiao family, that is, they had no money.

      So, Zhang Guifen said to the two of them, "We are already blessed in several lifetimes to be able to live in this big villa now, and as for the matter of food, I think the three of us have to think of our own ways."

      Dong Yuling hurriedly said, "Sister Guifen, what do you think we should do?It's still two days before New Year's Eve, so we have to prepare for it a little, not to mention the big fish and meat, but at least wrap a dumpling for dinner?"

      The company said: "This is actually simple, I know a few cleaning companies, are specialized in door-to-door cleaning for people, an hour to earn a twenty to twenty dollars, we three together, a day to do eight hours, a hundred and six, which adds up to five hundred, and now to the root of the year, the service industry costs are rising, to the bath house to give people back rub can also earn a lot," said the company.As long as the three of us are practical and willing to work, the money we earn is definitely enough for us to live."

      Li Yueqin immediately said, "No problem, I have not gone to any school, but I still have the strength of two arms!"

      Dong Yuling also nodded repeatedly, "Then the two of us will listen to Sister Guifen's arrangements!"

      Zhang Guifen gave a hmmm and said, "Go to bed early tonight, and we'll go out and find work in the morning!"

      Villa A05, next door, was another story.

      Although Ma Lan's leg was in a plaster cast, she was in a rather good mood.

      Ye Chen and Xiao Choran's small two made a dinner together, and Ma Lan's leg with the cast stretched diagonally straight out to the dining table, eating while browsing Taobao with her phone, her expression relaxed.

      When Xiao Changkun saw this, he sarcastically said, "Ma Lan, you're really getting heartless, not long after you broke your leg, but instead of shouting and cursing, you're shopping in Taobao like nobody's business.That's not your Ma Lan character!"

      Mashi glared at him and said in a despicable manner, "What do you know?I'm not the same as I used to be, and I've learned how to psych herself out now!"

      Ye Chen was very curious and asked, "Mom, can you tell me how you did the psychological distraction?"

      Marashi waved her hand, "Harm!Isn't that simple?Think about it my good son-in-law, if I sit here and keep thinking about this leg of mine, then I'm sure I'm going to get sicker and sicker the more I think about it, and I'm going to end up pissing myself off so much that I won't be able to get this leg back to its natural state, don't you think?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "That's indeed the case."

      Ma Lan smiled hehely, "So ah, I don't think about this so much, and I don't think about my legs either, I just focus on that Li Cuihua!"

      Ye Chen was dumbfounded, Cuihua Li?Isn't that your own aunt Ye Changmin?

      Ma Lan then said proudly, "I thought to myself, I'm really lucky this time!Being deliberately retaliated against by that fraudster Li Cuihua, not only did she not get screwed over, she fucking fought her!"Fastest Update

      "How awesome is it that not only did she get in a fight, but she hammered her nose into the ground?"

      At this point, Ma Lan, refreshed, continued again, "Now that this Li Cuihua has also been arrested, I don't have to worry about anyone taking revenge on me in the future, do you think I can be upset?"

      Xiao Churan was surprised at the side and asked, "Mom, who is Li Cuihua?Is it a pyramid scheme?"

      Ma Lan realized she had let her mouth slip and nodded hurriedly, "Yes, yes, Li Cuihua is the leader of that pyramid scheme!The most vicious son of a bitch!"

Chapter 1955

Ye Chen marveled at this spiritual victory method of Ma Lan, and at the same time, he was also relieved that this matter had been satisfactorily resolved. m.ajaig.

    What he was most worried about before was that Ye Changmin had exposed his identity, after all, this aunt of his acted in an extremely arrogant style, it was possible that which instant brain would be hot and reveal the Ye family's identity.

    It's a good thing that Ye Changmin chose the wrong way to come up with the slutty operation of writing 100 million cheques directly to Ma Lan, so that Ma Lan can classify her as a liar right away.

    And the word Citibank even stung the most painful wound in Ma Lan's heart, so much so that Ma Lan directly responded to Ye Changmin's bribe with forceful means.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen also couldn't help but feel funny.

    This aunt of his own, who had been raised in Yanjing for so many years, was always an object of respect wherever she went, but she definitely never expected that she would fold in Jinling after her heroic life.

    Moreover, it was still folded in Ma Lan's hands.

    I'm sure that she will be able to teach her a little lesson this time as well.

    As Ye Chen was thinking, his phone suddenly received a WeChat, he took a look and it was a video sent by Hong Wu, the thumbnail of the video could be seen to be a small dilapidated room, and his aunt Ye Changmin was standing in front of the camera with a bitter face.

    He knew that Hongwu should have settled her down, so he immediately got up, went to the bathroom, and clicked on the video.

    The video started to play and Hong Wu's voice came out, "Master Ye, take a look, this is the room prepared for your aunt!In the shantytowns of the city!"

    The video is of a small room of probably less than 20 square meters, a very shabby room with little more than a bed, a simple wardrobe, a table and a chair.

    Although this kind of self-built house is in poor condition, one advantage is that the landlord has made a separate bathroom for each room, so at least there is no need to queue for the public toilet.

    But the toilet looked ordinary, small, broken, and very dark.

    As for the toilet, that was definitely not available, the landlord had configured it with a very cheap squat toilet.

    Ye Changmin stood in the middle of the room with a depressed face and said with great anger, "You show Ye Chen how to live in this shabby place!"

    As Hongwu filmed the video, he said in a cold voice, "Why can't we live?Master Ye used to even live on construction sites for years, in much worse conditions than this, and if Master Ye can live there, why can't you?"

    Ye Changmin was furious, "Don't you dare compare me to him!I've lived for over forty years and I haven't experienced a single day of hardship!"

    Hong Wu sneered and said, "Then congratulations, from now on, your seven-day trip to the beautiful dream will begin, haven't you never had a hard time?Seven days behind you, so you can have it all at once!"

    After saying that, Hong Wu said, "Master Ye, are you still satisfied with this environment?If you think it's still a bit of a superior condition, I'll find something worse!"

    Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh dumbly when he saw this.

    Although he wasn't very old, but after so many years of crawling around outside and coming into contact with so many different kinds of people, he knew human nature better than very many people.

    Therefore, he loved to punish evil people from the root of human nature.

    For example, Wei's pharmaceutical Wei Yongzheng, a lifetime of despise Wei Liang that was born under the Changbai Mountain mother, let others down not to say, but also delayed people a lifetime, more hateful, delayed people even so, people are dead, he is still spouting nonsense, such a person, from the root of human nature is bad.

    As such, letting him settle under the Changbai Mountain for the rest of his life is the best punishment for him.

    Also the best way for him to atone for his sins.

Chapter 1956

This aunt of yours. m.xymjc.

    From a young age, she was born in a large mansion in Yanjing, and has enjoyed a lifetime of glory and riches, always being proud and arrogant, unattractive and above the fray.

    As such, the best way to punish her is to let her live a bitter life and ruthlessly discourage her!

    So, Ye Chen sent a voice to Hong Wu: "Hong Wu, this environment is fine as far as I'm concerned, but you must have your people guard it tightly 24 hours a day, and never allow her to buy any merchants on it or order any takeaways!"

    "If she buys something, or orders takeout, your people will just intercept her and never give it to her!"

    "As for her daily food, just have your people buy her some from an outside diner depending on their mood, but keep in mind that the food standard for a single day should never exceed fifty dollars!"

    At this moment, the city village shantytown.

    Hong Wu used the speaker of his mobile phone and played the voice that Ye Chen had just sent.

    The current Ye Changmin listened and his face became even uglier!

    She said in exasperation, "That's too much!Even if you don't let me shop, you won't let me order takeout?!"

    Hong Wu sneered, "Just don't let you order, what?"

    Ye Changmin angrily said, "I want to call Ye Chen!"

    Hong Wu laughed, "With my knowledge of Master Ye, if you make this call, the daily food standard will definitely decrease rather than increase!You'll regret making that call then!"

    Ye Changmin gritted her teeth, "Don't fucking bluff me here!"

    After saying that, he immediately pulled out his phone and called Ye Chen.

    When Ye Chen got on the phone, Ye Changmin immediately took off and reprimanded, "Ye Chen!You've gone too far, haven't you?You let me stay in Jinling for a week and live in this pigsty of an environment, I'll put up with it!But why do you still restrict me from buying or ordering takeout?"

    "And!What good food can you get for a $50 a day food standard?What if I'm malnourished during this time?What if you eat gutter oil and it causes heavy metal poisoning?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Auntie, is Hongwu by your side?You put the speakerphone on, I'll talk to him."

    Ye Changmin immediately turned on the speaker, so Ye Chen spoke up, "Hongwu, can you hear me?"

    Hong Wu's voice soon came, "Master Ye I am here, do whatever you want!"

    Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "My aunt, ah, is still too axial in temper!"

    Saying that, he sighed and said, "Let's put it this way, lower her daily food standard from fifty to thirty, if she's still not satisfied, lower it to twenty or ten, it's really no good, five dollars a day is fine, buy two steamed buns, one dollar for pickled vegetables, and the remaining two dollars can buy something else to fight tooth and nail!"

    Hong Wu immediately laughed out loud, "Okay Master Ye, I got it!"

    Ye Changmin broke down and cried, "What do you mean, Ye Chen?!If you don't want to give me a little extra, fine, why are you withholding twenty from me?!"

    Aunt Ye Chen said: "Aunt, I'm doing this for your own good, so that you can suffer a little bit of hardship and hone your skills, so that you can learn a little bit more in the future when you return to society for the second time, but I see that you are really not sincere. Ancient people say that the heavens will descend on people, and they must first suffer their minds, tendons and bones, and starve their bodies and skin.A purer man!"

Chapter 1957

Ye Changmin really didn't expect that what Hongwu had said before had come true in a prophecy.

      She wanted to find Ye Chen to ask for some preferential treatment, but she didn't expect Ye Chen to not only ignore her, but also directly reduce her daily food standard from fifty to thirty.

      At this moment, she experienced the same pain as the old lady Xiao at this time.

      If she had known that this would be the outcome, why did she have to pretend this?

      Hong Wu looked at the weeping Ye Changmin and ridiculed with a sneer, "What did I say?I told you that Master Ye would definitely lower your food standards, and you still don't believe me, are you convinced now?"

     [PENCIL] Ye Changmin didn't speak with a black face.

      She didn't dare to speak either.

      Because she knew that it was wrong to say more than one thing, it is possible to say a few more words, every day really have to gnaw steamed bread on pickles.

      When Hong Wu saw that she didn't dare to make any more mistakes, she smiled and said, "Then Madam Ye will enjoy a good seven days here, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

      Ye Changmin stared at Hong Wu fiercely, seeing Hong Wu leave the room, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

      She immediately pulled out her own phone and sent a video call to Ye Zhongquan, who was far away in Yanjing.

      As soon as the video came through, Ye Changmin cried, "Dad!That bastard Ye Chen insulted me!Look what a shithole he's gotten me into!"

      Saying that, she switched cameras and filmed the situation in the room.

      Ye Zhongquan also didn't expect that Ye Chen was really so cruel to his own aunt, directly arranging such a difficult environment for her, and was more or less dissatisfied in his heart.

      He sighed, "Chen'er did a bit too much in this matter, no matter what, you're his own aunt."

      Saying that, Ye Zhongquan sighed again and said seriously, "But, Chen'er is of great use to the Ye family now, not to mention anything else, as long as he returns to the Ye family and marries that daughter of the Gu family, the Ye family's strength will immediately rise by a large amount!It would be perfect if he could handle the Su girl."

      Hearing her father's sigh, Ye Changmin suddenly thought of what Ye Chen had said to himself on the helicopter.

      He said that the eight kings of the Wu family had died at his hands .

      He said that Gu Yinzhong, who was terminally ill, had been given a new lease of life because of him.

      He even went so far as to say that he was personally responsible for a series of earth-shattering events that happened to the three great families of Japan some time ago

      In this way, Ye Chen's strength was likely far beyond everyone's knowledge

      Thinking of this, Ye Changmin's heart thudded and surmised, "These things must never, ever be known to father!Otherwise, he would have paid more attention to that little bastard Ye Chen!I, Ye Changmin, can't let him back into the family no matter what!Otherwise, once this brat returns to the Ye family, the Ye family will have no place for me to stand!"

      So, Ye Changmin immediately spoke up, "Dad, I'll be honest, Ye Chen is a cold-blooded creature with no affection!You are mindful of the fact that he is a Ye family bloodline and want him to return to the Ye family, but he doesn't even care about the Ye family bloodline in his body, he can even treat me, his own aunt, this way, in case we return to the Ye family and we displease him a little bit, then wouldn't he want to scourge the entire Ye family?"

      Ye Zhongquan went silent all of a sudden.

      Ye Changmin's words also created a few alarms in his heart.

      Everyone wished to have a tiger general under their command who could cross their swords, but the first and very realistic question to consider was whether they could hold down the other party.

Chapter 1958

What Ye Chen did today was indeed a bit over the top in Ye Zhong Quan's opinion.

      Even if Ye Changmin was at fault for going to his mother-in-law without permission, as Ye Changmin's own nephew, he shouldn't have screwed his own aunt like this.

      He even forced his own aunt to stay in the Jinling city village for a week on New Year's Eve.

      From this, it was evident that it was definitely not as easy as one would think for the Ye family to tame Ye Chen and have him reclaim his ancestry and use it for the Ye family.

      Therefore, this matter must not be rushed, or else it might backfire.

      After Ye Zhongquan figured this out, he spoke, "Changmin, this matter is after all your fault, so even though Chen'er is indeed a bit over the top, there's no need for you to completely turn against Chen'er, you'll just grieve for a few days, we'll discuss this matter in the long run later."

      Ye Changmin was secretly relieved, busy saying, "I know dad, I won't be able to accompany you during this period of time, especially for the New Year, I can't pay my respects to you"

      Ye Zhongquan smiled slightly, "These are all small things, no need to be mindful, Dad is waiting for you to return."

      "Good!"Ye Changmin wiped her tears as she nodded repeatedly at the video camera.

      At this time, in Ye Zhongquan's picture, his eldest son Ye Changkong stepped in and spoke slightly anxiously, "Dad, I've heard a piece of news."

      Ye Zhongquan's eyebrows furrowed, "What news?"

      Ye Changkong said, "I've heard that the Su family is buying up experts from all over Asia, and the price they're offering is extremely high, an ordinary martial arts expert will be paid tens of millions a year, and martial arts masters will be paid by the hundreds of millions a year, it's expected that the investment in this alone will cost over ten billion dollars, and many of the top experts who have retired from the world are planning to reappear in the world."

      Ye Zhongquan was surprised and asked, "Why are you making so much noise?"

      Ye Changkong said, "Maybe it's to quickly make up for the lost combat power in Japan, I heard that dozens of experts from the Su family have already been sued by the Japanese prosecution, the Japanese court is working overtime to comb through the files, trying to get a trial as soon as possible, none of these experts from the Su family will be able to escape jail."

      Ye Zhongquan nodded his head, he knew very well how important combat power was to the top families.

      Take what the Su family had encountered in Japan this time, if it wasn't for the large reserve of their own experts, there was no way they would have been able to send nearly a hundred martial arts experts to Japan overnight.

      What was even more advantageous was that when these experts arrived in Japan, they were able to directly exterminate the Matsumoto family with the fury of a strong dragon slaying a snake in the ground.

      These experts, without using guns or cannons, can explode with their bare hands in powerful combat.

      As long as they had a passport and visa, they could enter and leave any country at any time and maintain their fighting power at all times.

      Such people were the most important ones for the big families to rely on when they went overseas to fight.

      The fighting power of guns was certainly powerful, but no family could transport people with loaded guns from one country, to another.

      Therefore, killers with guns, whose combat power was deeply limited, were almost useless once they needed to go overseas for a mission without a firearm.

      The martial arts experts that were captive-bred by the top big families, even in the countries with the strictest gun control in the world, they were still able to guarantee their combat power, which was the important thing about experts.

      Ye Changkong then said to Ye Zhongquan, "I heard that the Su family's eldest miss, Su Zhiyu, has been investigating a mysterious person across the country since she returned from Japan, and the Su family even secretly offered a billion dollars just to find information about this person."

      "Oh?"Ye Zhongquan was surprised and asked, "What is this person's origin?Is it an enemy of the Soviet family?"

      "No."Ye Changkong said, "I've heard that it seems like he's the savior of Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei!"

Chapter 1559

"Su Zhi Fei's savior?!"

      When Master Ye heard this, he was surprised and asked, "Is it the mysterious man that was said to be there?"

      "Right!"Ye Changkong nodded, "There were rumors back in the beginning that Su Zhiyu and her brother were rescued by a mysterious person in Japan."

      Ye asked again, "The mysterious man saved their siblings in Japan, and Su Zhiyu and the Su family are looking for clues about him in China, is this mysterious man a native of this country?!"

      Ye Changkong said, "It looks like it should be!Otherwise, the Su family wouldn't have needed to find a mysterious person in the country who had appeared in Japan, would that be carving a boat?"

      Master Ye perked up!

      He said excitedly, "No matter who that mysterious person is, at least one thing is certain, that mysterious person's strength is absolutely powerful to the point where we can't comprehend it, even unimaginable!"

      "Yes!"Ye Changkong also exclaimed, "To be able to kill a number of Iga ninjas and rescue Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei with one's own strength, this person's strength is absolutely ungodly!"

      Master Ye blurted out, "If such a talent can be used for my Ye family, what does the Ye family have to fear in the future!"

      Saying that, he immediately said to Ye Changkong, "Changkong ah, you quickly order to go down and closely monitor the Su family's progress, do everything you can to also find this mysterious person before the Su family, if you can't get ahead of him, then at least do your best to gather that mysterious person to our Ye family!"

      Ye Changkong nodded, "I know dad!"

      At this moment, Ye Changmin, who hadn't spoken in the video, had a very strange expression.

      She suddenly remembered what Ye Chen had told her before, could it be that the mysterious person that the Su family was looking for was him!

      Thinking about it, she even felt a chill down her back!

      If Ye Chen was really that mysterious man, then he couldn't let him go back to the Ye family even more!

      Originally from the Ye family bloodline, and with the marriage contract with the Gu family's eldest sister in place, these two trump cards were already enough for Ye Chen to exchange for an extremely high status in the Ye family.

      If he were to have this mysterious expert's identity next to him, he would simply be unbeatable, and at that time, he would be afraid that he would be driven out of the Ye family!

      Just as Ye Changmin was imagining things, Ye Zhongquan finished instructing Ye Changkong and looked at his phone when he found Ye Changmin's expression odd and asked in surprise, "Changmin, what's wrong with you?"

      Ye Changmin busily said, "Ah, Dad, I'm fine, I was just thinking about something."

      Ye Zhongquan nodded and sighed, "Okay Changmin, you rest early, just stay well in Jinling for the next few days, and when you come back, Dad will give you a good reception!"

      Ye Changmin was busy saying, "Thank you dad, I know!"

      Hanging up the video, Ye Changmin couldn't help but be scared after a while.

      At this moment, she was really regretting.

      I shouldn't have come to Jinling to wade through this muddle, I didn't think before coming here that Ye Chen would be such a hard nut to crack, and I didn't even think that this nephew of hers seemed to be an extremely deep hidden top expert!

      Had I known that, to death, I wouldn't have come myself.

      Ye Changmin didn't consider Ye Chen as an enemy before she came, she just felt that Ye Chen was just an heir left out of the Ye family, and it would be a gift to him to let him return home.

      And after returning, this kind of person could only be the family's flag bearer and couldn't pose any threat to himself.

      But only after coming to Jinling did she truly realize that her nephew, who she hadn't seen again for more than ten years, had bones as hard as her second brother's.

      At this point, Ye Changmin slandered in her heart, "If Ye Chen was just like second brother, that's fine, but what's even worse is that second brother was a scholar back then, with hard bones but not hard fists."

      "And what about Ye Chen?"

      "Not only are the bones hard, but the fists are even harder!"

Chapter 1960

"Looks like I'm going to stay as far away from him as possible from now on!As much as possible, let's prevent him from having a chance to return to the Ye family!"

      At this moment.

      Yanjing, Su Family.

      Su Zhiyu was sitting in front of the computer in his study, looking over the information that was aggregated from all over the country.

      Ever since she came back from Japan, whether Su Zhiyu opened her eyes or closed them, her mind was filled with Ye Chen.

      Because of Ye Chen, she had trouble sleeping and eating all day.

      However, she didn't tell anyone else what was in her heart, even her brother or her mother.

      What she originally wanted was to use her energy to find the mysterious person who had saved her and thank him in person.

      However, she tried for several days without finding any valuable clues.

      Immediately afterwards, grandfather Su Chengfeng decided to search for a new group of experts at all costs in order to quickly replenish the Su family's missing strength.

      Su Zhiyu then immediately recommended the mysterious person to her grandfather, and in her words at the time, if the Su Family could find this mysterious person, this person would definitely be able to defeat one person against one hundred, and could increase the Su Family's striking power geometrically!

      Su Chengfeng was naturally overjoyed and immediately instructed Su Zhiyu to find that mysterious person at all costs.

      However, there was no way to find out information about that mysterious person.

      The Su family's informants had made many inquiries in China as well as Japan, and no one had even heard of where such a powerful expert existed.

      There was a huge roster of martial arts experts in the circle of martial arts people.

      Basically, the top masters who had a lineage, a history, and a reputation were known to almost everyone in the circle.

      Ye Chen, on the other hand, was precisely not a martial daoist, so he was not known by martial daoists at all.

      As such, it would be even more difficult for the martial dao people to figure out the information about him.

      What's more, at this stage, there were almost no martial arts masters who matched the kind of strength described by Su Zhiyu.

      The domestic martial arts experts, although not weaker than Japanese ninjas, and even some of them can exceed the strength of Japanese ninjas by a fraction, but there is really no one who can face exactly a few ninjas, and can still annihilate the enemy, and himself unharmed.

      The first thing you need to do is to look for all the recent immigration records from the Japanese customs, and then do a screening based on nationality, as well as approximate age group.

      However, since the Su family had committed the extermination of their family in Japan, Japan's homeland security department had become much stricter in managing customs like a chicken.

      In the past, the Su family could easily get the entry and exit records of the whole of Japan, but now, even after racking their brains, they couldn't get half of the information.

      Su Zhiyu also doubted that the mysterious expert, could be a Chinese living in Japan, then, I'm afraid the immigration data can not be traced.

      However, Su Zhiyu does not want to wait for the rabbit in her heart, so she, being a meticulous thinker, decided to start with the better domestic operation first.

      While looking for clues about the mystery man in China, she is also trying to do everything possible to break through Japan's layers of supervision, to get Japanese immigration records, and even immigration records as soon as possible.

      However, the Japanese data blockade is a bit strict, and it's difficult to make a breakthrough for a while.

      Just when she was at her wits' end, a female friend who was quite well-connected in Japan called her and said to her, "Zhiyu, I can't get the entry-exit information and immigration records here in Japan for the time being, but I did find a way for you to save the country by a curve, whether this is feasible depends on whether you have the patience."

      Su Zhiyu blurted out, "Tell me exactly what the solution is, I have plenty of patience!Even if I have to find a needle in a haystack, I'll find him!"

      The other side smiled: "It's like this, although Japan's homeland security department blocked the customs records, but did not block the airport's video surveillance, all the airport's video surveillance, in addition to uploading to the customs, itself also kept a backup, this I have a way to get you a set of copies, if you have the patience to find bit by bit from the countless surveillance videos of several airports, may be able to find!That spider of yours who saved your life!"


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