Secret Identity 1931-1940


Amazing son-in-law Novel

Chapter 1931

When Zhang Guifen and the others heard this, they were shocked to the point of dumbfounded!

      And at the same time, even more excited ecstasy!

      She opened her mouth to follow up, "Did Mrs. Xiao get her daughter-in-law's villa in Townsend?"

      The prison guard said bluntly, "People are buying another set."

      "Holy shit!"Zhang Guifen said in a jaw-dropping voice, "A villa of more than 100 million, just buy it?"

      The prison guard laughed, "Of course, they paid over a million dollars just to get bail for the three of you, it's because they are thinking of your kindness to her in the first place, that's why they want to bail you out and receive you to Thompson to live a godly life!"

      Zhang Guifen moved by the flow of tears, while wiping, choked, "Old Mrs. Xiao to me, are almost caught up with my own mother ......"

      The other two were also excited, and one of them lamented, "Yes, when Sister Gui Fen you helped out righteously, the old lady is also a person who knows how to repay kindness, in the end, it's all because of the good fruit you have planted!"

      Zhang Guifen's sense of justice exploded and said seriously, "That son of a bitch Ma Lan is so unfilial to her mother-in-law, it's only right and proper that I teach her a lesson!If she dares to bully Old Mrs. Xiao again in the future, I will not spare her!"

      The prison guard hastily reminded, "O Zhang Guifen!This is a rare opportunity to be released on bail, so make sure you do a good job when you get out, and don't ever do anything illegal again.If you're brought in again for fighting, not only will you have to make up the rest of your sentence, you'll also be punished severely and severely for being a repeat offender!"

      Zhang Guifen blurted out, "Huh?!So serious?!"

      "Of course it is!"The prison guard said very seriously, "You must be a good law-abiding citizen, not to mention fighting with others, even if you litter or spit, you may receive administrative punishment!"

      Said the prison guard, adding, "After you get out, even if you have a criminal record, our law enforcement officers, as well as the community streets, will keep a strict eye on your every move, and if you really mess up then, the law will definitely not forgive you!"

      Zhang Guifen was frightened and hurriedly waved her hand, "Don't worry!I'll be clean and new when I get out!"

      "That's more like it!"

      The prison guard nodded in satisfaction and said, "Also ah, you went to Mrs. Xiao's house and lived in the Townsend Villa, it's the best house in all of Jinling, and the days you spent there were divine, so you have to cherish it all the more, or else you'll have to return here to sleep in the Chase bunk again, understand?"

      "I see, I see!"

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      But now, she actually had the opportunity to live in a luxurious villa in Tomson, this was simply a step from the bottom of the valley directly to the pinnacle ah!

      The three of them were almost crying out of excitement.

      The prison guard then reminded, "Don't be happy yet, we still have a bunch of paperwork to do here, so you guys cooperate well and you should be out in a few minutes!"

      "Okay, okay!We will cooperate fully!"


      While Zhang Guifen and the others were going through the formalities for bail, Old Lady Xiao, who had been waiting at home for a long time, received a phone call from the hospital.

      On the phone, the eager-talking doctor came up and asked her, "Hello, are you a family member of Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao hmmm, "I am, what's wrong?"

Chapter 1932

The other side hurriedly said, "Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong have both suffered serious injuries and are now being treated in the emergency department of our Jinling People's Hospital, so your families should hurry over here!"


      Old Mrs. Xiao was astonished and said, "The two of them are injured?!What the hell is going on?!"

      They said, "They've had their limbs broken, they're not life-threatening, but their injuries are quite serious and they need to be tended to, so get over here as soon as you can."

      Old Mrs. Xiao panicked!

      Xiao Weiwei at the side spoke up and asked, "Grandma, what happened?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said in tears, "The hospital called and said that your father and your brother were injured!He's in the hospital right now!Let's hurry over there!"

      "Huh?!"Xiao Weiwei stood up in shock and asked with great nervousness, "Grandma, what's going on?Didn't Dad and Brother teach that bitch Mashi a lesson?Why are they still injured and hospitalized?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said eagerly, "Oops!I don't know!Hurry up and get ready and go to the hospital!"

      At this time, Qian Hongyan, who was preparing ingredients in the kitchen, heard the noise, came out and asked, "Mom, what's wrong?What's going on?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao glared at her and shouted angrily, "Go and change your clothes and come with us to the hospital!Chang Qian and Hailong are injured and hospitalized!"

      "Huh?!"Qian Hongyan was also confused and asked off the cuff, "What's going on ah this is ......It's understandable that Ma Lan is in the hospital, but why are they still in the hospital?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao shouted harshly, "Where did you get all that nonsense?Hurry up and get changed and follow along to help!"

      How dare Qian Hongyan make a faux pas, hurriedly wiped her hands on her apron, and in a panic, she said, "I'm going to change my clothes ......"

      The three generations of women of the Xiao family's grandparents hurried out the door and headed straight to the Jinling People's Hospital.first appearance

      At the same time, at the entrance of the Jinling Women's Detention Center, Zhang Guifen, Li Yueqin, and Dong Yuling, holding their shop rolls and clothes, walked out of the iron gate by the high wall.

      As soon as they went out, Zhang Guifen immediately said to the two people beside her, "Yueqin, Yuling, people say that you must not look back after you come out, or you'll have to come back sooner or later, got it?"

      The other two nodded vigorously, "Got it sister Guifen!"

      At this time, Li Yueqin asked her, "Sister Guifen, Old Mrs. Xiao has bailed us out, why haven't you seen us to pick us up?"

      "That's right."Dong Yuling chimed in, "With such a big deal done, isn't it easy to arrange a car for us?"

      Zhang Guifen hurriedly said, "Don't you think so!They've already bailed us out and let us go to Tomson's. It's already a great favor, how can we expect others to do everything?O man, be content and grateful!"

      The other two shrugged their shoulders, "Alright ......Sister Guifen you're right, we'll know later."

      Zhang Guifen will say: "We three take a car to go to Thompson's first product, it's almost time for dinner, it is possible that Mrs. Xiao is waiting at home to host a banquet for us to receive the dust!"

      The other two were overjoyed when they heard this and said, "Then let's hurry up and take a taxi over there!"

      Just then, a Mercedes-Benz sedan stopped in front of the trio, and after the driver got out, he asked them, "Excuse me, are you Ms. Zhang Guifen, Ms. Li Yueqin, and Ms. Dong Yuling?"

      Zhang Guifen nodded hurriedly, "It's us, who are you?"

      The driver smiled and said, "I'm a driver sent by Old Mrs. Xiao to take you to Townsend!Please, three of you, get in the car."

Chapter 1933

Zhang Guifen listened to the driver, looking at the luxurious Mercedes-Benz car, excited gee, and said out of the blue, "Old Mrs. Xiao can be really good to us!I've never been in a Mercedes minivan in my life!"

      Li Yueqin, who was beside her, also sighed, "The best little sedan I've ever been in, or the police car driven by a comrade police officer when I was first arrested."

      Dong Yuling nodded her head repeatedly, "Sister Yueqin, I'm the same!"

      The driver heard their conversation, smiled and said, "Hurry up and get in, three!"

      "Okay, okay!"Zhang Guifen was the first to react and hurriedly pulled open the rear door and sat in.

      The other two also squeezed inward, and the driver was busy saying, "We only have two seats in the back, so one of you three can sit in the passenger seat."

      The other side of the rear door is being pulled open by Li Yueqin to get in, and Dong Yuling, who was a step behind, muttered: "So big a car, only two seats in the back?The Santana driven by a fellow police officer can seat three people in the back!"

      Zhang Guifen said to her in the car, "You don't know shit, people really only have two seats in here, and in the middle is an extra large armrest that feels like leather!Well, that's a comfortable arm to put on it!

      Li Yueqin hurriedly sat in and said with a smile, "Yes?Let me touch and feel it too!"

      Dong Yuling looked outside at the spacious and luxurious back seat, and the large, armchair with LCD screen and control knobs, and said with an envious face, "I also want to feel it."

      Li Yueqin waved her hand at her: "Gee, you'll feel it next time!Hurry up and sit in the front, Mrs. Xiao is still waiting for us."

      Dong Yuling was helpless, and could only ghostly go to the passenger side.

      In fact, this Mercedes Benz was not a luxurious car, but it was just a one-million-something Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan, and its price was not even one-fifth of that of a Rolls-Royce.

      However, to Zhang Guifen and the other three, this car was already the top luxury car that they could imagine.

      If a Rolls-Royce were to be placed in front of them, they might not be able to recognize it either.

      After all, to the most ordinary people, Mercedes-Benz was still the most well known!

      Zhang Guifen sat in the back of this luxury Mercedes sedan, thrilled!

      She couldn't help but think, "Riding in a luxury car, living in a luxury house, am I finally going to hit the ground running!This old lady Xiao is simply my nobleman!"

      Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel secretly proud of herself, thinking, "Old Mrs. Xiao is so good to me, I must be twice as good to her in the future, and from now on, I'll treat her as my own mother!"

      The Mercedes drove fast and steady all the way.

      This car had a pass for Thomson, so it delivered them directly to the entrance of Villa A06.

      Then, the driver used the administrator password to open the outer gate of the villa, and then helped Zhang Guifen three people to enter their fingerprints and said to them, "After entering your fingerprints, you can go in and out of the gate directly without a key."

      Zhang Guifen looked at the villa's large courtyard and shivered with joy, she asked, "This master, suffer to ask you, can we swipe our fingerprints to enter the inside door as well?"

      "Yes."The driver nodded and said, "The gate of the courtyard and the main gate of the villa are both a smart home system, after the fingerprints are entered they can all be used universally, you can go in now, after that ah, treat this place as your home, no matter what, never be polite!"

      Zhang Guifen hurriedly asked, "What about Old Mrs. Xiao?Why didn't she come out?"

      The driver laughed, "Old Mrs. Xiao went out for a little while, so let me pick you up first, you can go in first and choose your room, there are still quite a few empty rooms in the villa."


      As soon as she heard that she was going to choose a room, Zhang Guifen carried her own pavlova and ran over.

      The other two were also not willing to be weak and hurriedly ran after them to the door.

      Zhang Guifen's side tried swiping his fingerprints on the door handle, and the door did indeed answer the door!

      She pushed excitedly through the door, and upon entering, was shocked by the incredibly luxurious interior!

Chapter 1934

This villa, after all, was the best and largest villa within the urban area of Jinling, and it had been very luxuriously decorated again, with a flamboyant and showy style of decoration, exposing the ultimate monetaryism everywhere.

      Therefore, Zhang Guifen and the others had gone completely insane after just one glance!

      Before coming here, they had also fantasized about what the inside of Old Lady Xiao's villa was like.

      However, even their boldest guesses were far less than what the villa actually looked like!

      Dong Yuling exclaimed in awe, "Which of these is still some kind of villa!That's all the palace is, right?!"

      "Bullshit!"Li Yueqin blurted out, "This is much more luxurious than the palace!Holy shit!Look at that sofa, it's so beautiful!I'm going to go lie down!"

      Said the man, and he had run away.

      "I'm going too!"Dong Yuling saw Li Yueqin go, unwillingly she hurriedly also left her shop roll and ran all the way over.

      This set of sofa, a top European sofa imported from Italy, dedicated to European royalty, was originally imported directly from abroad by the villa's original owner who spent over a million dollars.

      The difference with Huanghuali furniture is that Huanghuali itself is expensive on the wood, in fact, it is not comfortable to use, it is equivalent to buying a set of gold bricks as a mattress, expensive is really expensive, but hard is also really hard.

      So, Huanghuali furniture is more like a financial product.

      But this European-style furniture is different.

      It is mainly expensive brand, expensive workmanship, expensive extraordinary luxury appearance and all-around comfort.

      Therefore, this kind of sofa was actually a high-end luxury consumable product.

      After the two of them jumped onto the sofa, they also forgot to take off their shoes, so they directly used their feet to stomp on the sofa surface, constantly turning over in various ways and looking for the most comfortable position.

      Zhang Guifen hurriedly said, "Hey hey hey, you two slow down, don't sit down with someone else's sofa collapsed!And the soles of your shoes, they're all dirty from the couch."

      Dong Yuling laughed and said, "Oh all right, don't they say, let's treat us like our own home, I'm at home with my shoes on the bed like this!"The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Li Yueqin said excitedly, "Sister Guifen, come and feel this sofa, it's really too comfortable!I don't think the Jade Emperor's chair in heaven is as comfortable as this!"

      "Yes?"Zhang Guifen smiled and said, "I think this sofa is really nice too, it's so imposing!I'll try!"

      Afterwards, she stepped forward to the single-seat couch and sat down on it.

      "Ouch!It's so soft!"Zhang Guifen was lying in the sofa, her whole body was stuck in the soft leather, dancing happily.

      Dong Yuling, who was lying beside her, was busy saying, "Oh my, Sister Guifen, you haven't laid down to try it, this sofa is more comfortable lying down!"

      After saying that, he hurriedly stepped on the couch and turned over, pulled Zhang Guifen and said obsequiously, "Sister Guifen, come and try lying down!You're guaranteed to lie down and not be able to get up!"

      Zhang Guifen lay on it and tried it out, and was delighted, saying, "Oh my gosh, that's fantastic!I'm tempted to sleep on the couch from now on!"

      Dong Yuling smiled and said, "The sofa is so comfortable, the bed must be even more comfortable!"

      Li Yueqin hurriedly asked, "Then shall we go check the room?This villa is so big, surely the three of us can still secure a room each!"

      Zhang Guifen said, "This, we might as well wait for the old lady to come back, and then ask her to arrange a room for us."

      Dong Yuling trailed off, "I can't wait, this villa room must be big or small, there are south-facing and north-facing, I want a south-facing, bigger one, and I can still get some sun every day!"

      Li Yueqin busily said, "I also want to face south!"

      As soon as she heard this, Zhang Guifen jumped up from the couch and ran for the stairs, saying under her breath, "No!Gotta let me pick first!"

Chapter 1935

Old Mrs. Xiao had no idea that when she went to the hospital, her home had already been occupied by three people, Zhang Guifen.Baidu search, more read for free.

      She and Xiao Weiwei rushed to the hospital in a hurry to find Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, a pair of father and son who were by now wrapped in plaster and half mummified.

      Although both of them were not life-threatening, all of their limbs were fractured to the point that they were completely incapacitated and could only lie in bed and wail in pain.

      As soon as Old Lady Xiao entered the door and saw the two of them in this state, she was shocked and anxious, and hurriedly went forward and asked after them, "Chang Qian!Sea Dragon!You guys what's wrong with you guys?!"

      As soon as Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong saw the old lady coming, they both failed to control their tears and wailed.Baidu search, more free reading.

      Xiao Hailong, in particular, was crying very sadly.

      Xiao Weiwei cried out at once and asked pitifully, "Dad, brother, how did you become like this."

      Xiao Hailong's eyes reddened as he cried, "Grandma!Dad and I were ruined by Wu Tung Hoi's men!Grandma, I've been wronged!I was kind enough to do something for him, Wu Donghai, but not only was he ungrateful, he even turned around and had me and Dad beaten up like this, he's just an animal!"

      Xiao Changqian also lamented, "Mom people say that accompanying a person is like accompanying a tiger, I can understand today.Wu Donghai is the kind of person we can't afford to keep company with, so we must keep our distance from him in the future!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said eagerly, "What the hell happened!You're going to tell me everything, every single thing!"Fastest Update

      It was only then that Xiao Chang Qian told the whole story, as it was.

      Only then did Old Mrs. Xiao understand that when they kidnapped Ma Lan, they had also incidentally kidnapped a multinational fraudster.

      The most annoying thing was that Wu Donghai, who was such a sophisticated person, was also tricked by the multinational swindler and broke the limbs of his son and grandson to please the other party!

      Hearing this, Old Lady Xiao burst into tears, patting her thighs and wailing, "What a God-less eyesore!If you don't go after Mashi today, that international swindler will destroy his family!But you guys went out on a limb at this time, solved the problem for Ma Lan and then caused the trouble to yourself, today Ma Lan should have gone to hell, but it turned out to be a good thing, you directly helped Interpol and caught that fraudster, which is equivalent to helping Ma Lan be completely relieved."

      I'm not sure how much of a loss I've ever suffered in my life," he said.And it's a big loss that you voluntarily took into your mouth!Weiwei, slap me twice!It's so hard on my heart."

Chapter 1936

Saying that, Old Lady Xiao turned around and left the ward.

      She stepped forward to the cash register and opened her mouth, "I'm here to pay the hospital fees for Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong."

      The other party inquired for a while and opened his mouth, "The treatment fee that has been incurred is twenty-six thousand seven hundred, plus another eighty thousand for the hospital deposit, making a total of one hundred and sixty-six thousand seven hundred."

      Old Mrs. Xiao couldn't help but feel some pain.

      "This hundred thousand is not much, but it's not small either, if this money doesn't find Wu Donghai a hundred times to compensate back, I really can't sleep in my dreams!"

      Thinking about it, Old Lady Xiao still pulled out a bank card from her own wallet and handed it to the other party, "Here, swipe the card."

      The other party took the card, swiped it on the POS machine, entered the amount, and said to the old lady, "Please lose the password."

      The old lady Xiao immediately pressed the password and confirmation, but the result was that the POS machine never automatically issued the bill.

      The staff member in charge of the cashier took a look at it and spoke, "Your card is frozen, trouble to change it."

      "What?Frozen?!"Old Mrs. Xiao frowned, "How is that possible!I've got tens of millions on this card!"Fastest Update

      At first, after Wu Donghai helped the Xiao family pay off their debts and the bank unsealed the previously seized property, Old Mrs. Xiao's savings came back partly.

      And then, after Wu Donghai invested the Xiao family's money, Old Mrs. Xiao also managed to find some companies that helped people walk away from their accounts, and walked the money into her card, and now she has more than 20 million cash in her card, which had been the money she had left for her retirement.

      Now, the other party suddenly tells her that the card is frozen, and she gets nervous.

      How would the other party know if she has tens of millions in her card or not, and somewhat impatiently said, "I don't care how much money you have in your card, but the POS machine gave me feedback that this card has been frozen, so if you have a problem, call the bank."

Chapter 1937

Seeing Mrs. Xiao standing still, the hospital's billing clerk asked, "Are you still paying?If you don't pay the fee, we may ask you to discharge the two patients."

      Mrs. Xiao immediately pulled out her other bank card, chose one, handed it to the other, and said, "Try this one again!"

      The collector nodded, took it and swiped it, and after Mrs. Xiao entered her password, he shook his head and said, "This one's frozen too."

      "Then try this one again!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao handed over all her cards in a row and none of them gave the hint that they had been frozen!

      This made old Mrs. Xiao's entire body slump!Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful fiction reading.

      Just when she was at a loss for words, a phone call came in, and she hurriedly answered it, only to hear the other party say: "Hello Madam, I am calling to inform you that all real estate under your name, such as enterprises, villas, vehicles and antique calligraphy and paintings, have now been seized by our hospital, please repay Mr. Wu Donghai's investment as soon as possible, otherwise, all your assets will enter the auction process!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao cried, "You you're driving me to death!"

      The other party acted like it was business and said, "Sorry, we are also following the rules, the amount of debt claimed by your creditor has far exceeded your assets, so if you don't pay your debts in time, we will prosecute you!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao choked, "Your son and grandson are in the hospital now, you have to make me pay the hospital bill, right?"

      "I'm sorry, but you are now a negative equity holder, and if you have money, you also need to repay Mr. Wu Donghai first."

      "You're full of shit!"Old Mrs. Xiao roared in anger, "What's the difference between you and drinking human blood?!"

      "I'm sorry, but it's right and proper to pay debts."

      Old Mrs. Xiao roared, "God damn you, go to hell!If you bully an old lady like me, you'll die a horrible death!"

      Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao immediately hung up the phone in anger.

      Here, the toll collector said awkwardly, "Old lady, are you going to pay the fee or not?If you don't pay, you will be troubled to get out of the way first, because the people behind you still have to pay the fee."

      Old Mrs. Xiao said with a black face, "Don't pay!You can't even afford to eat, so what's the point of paying!"

      Saying that, she immediately used her cell phone to call Wu Donghai.

      Although she didn't know exactly what Wu Donghai's situation was right now, she still took a chance and dialed his number.

      Unexpectedly, the call was quickly connected.

      After Wu Donghai answered the phone, he asked in a bad tone, "Old woman, what's the matter with you?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said flatteringly, "Oh, Mr. Wu, it's like this, Mr. Wu, how come I heard that you suddenly want to withdraw your capital?Didn't we say we'd be partners for a long time?What am I going to do if you suddenly withdraw your investment?Could there be some kind of misunderstanding here?"

Chapter 1938

Wu Donghai said coldly, "There's no misunderstanding, I've just completely lost confidence in your family, so I don't expect you to do anything to help me, in that case, what are you waiting for if you don't quickly withdraw your capital?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao immediately begged pitifully, "Oh, Mr. Wu!Did you not feel very satisfied with what my son and grandson did today?If it's not good enough, just tell me, I'll make sure they correct it next time, please give our family another chance!"

      Wu Donghai said impatiently, "I've given you opportunities, but the point is that you don't fight for them!So don't come running to beg me now either."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was incomparably desperate inside, suddenly thinking of the villa, she hurriedly pursued, "Mr. Wu, about the villa, we signed an agreement at first, you agreed to lend it to us for 10 years first, you can't go back on that!Otherwise our family would be sleeping on the streets!"

      Wu Donghai sneered, "Of course the villa can meet again, you stay for a while, but you have to make it clear to your son, if he dares to divorce Qian Hongyan, then I will immediately kick your whole family out!"

      The old lady Xiao said sadly and angrily, "Mr. Wu, you don't need us to deal with Ye Chen now, so why do you still want my son to continue to be with that dirty woman Qian Hongyan?As you know, there is nothing a man hates more than being cuckolded by his own woman, and as long as this Qian Hongyan is still around, my son will never get past this hurdle."

      Wu Donghai said despicably, "It has nothing to do with me if your son can't get over this hurdle, I'm guaranteed Qian Hongyan, if you don't want to, you can just move out of Townsend First and leave that villa for Qian Hongyan to live in."

      As soon as Old Lady Xiao heard this, she instantly realized that she couldn't say any more, if she continued to talk to Wu Donghai, it was likely that she wouldn't even be able to keep the right to live in the villa.

      Old Mrs. Xiao had experienced what it was like to sleep on the streets, so she never wanted to live that bitter life again.

      She couldn't help but surmise in her heart, "As long as I can keep the residency of the Townsend One Villa, even if my son keeps a green hat on his head, I can accept it, I'm so old, I won't live many more years, and I don't want to suffer that kind of pain for the rest of these years!"

      So, she could only bite her tongue and say, "Don't worry, Mr. Wu!I will definitely keep Qian Hongyan in the Xiao family!"

      Wu Donghai snorted coldly, "Count you sensible!Don't bother calling me ever again."Fastest Updated.

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly followed up, "Mr. Wu, don't hang up the phone in a hurry, there's one more thing I want to ask you for."

      "You say."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was busy saying, "My son and grandson have been seriously injured and now have no money for treatment, could you please lend us a few hundred thousand to save the day?"

      "Lend you a few hundred thousand?"Wu Donghai said disdainfully, "Don't forget, your Xiao Group still owes me tens of millions of dollars, and you're still licking your chops and asking me to borrow money at a time like this, how thick is your skin?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao cried, "But my son and grandson can't just spend their time like this."

      Wu Dongdao said, "I heard that they are no longer in any danger and their casts are on, you can totally take them home and slowly recuperate."

      Old Mrs. Xiao choked, "But neither of them are able to take care of themselves now, and it will cost a lot of money to hire a caregiver or something."

      Wu Donghai smiled and said, "This ah, you don't have to worry at all, I will tell the hospital about their treatment fees, you don't have to pay them, you can bring the two of them back at any time.In addition, I have already arranged three helpers for you, just wait, when the time comes, these three people will give you a good helping hand."

      Old Mrs. Xiao felt a glimmer of humanity from Wu Donghai at this moment, and thought to herself, "No matter what, it's not bad that people can still keep the villa for us and arrange three helpers to come over, this time they might be really angry and that's why they made the decision to withdraw their investment, maybe they will re-invest in the Xiao family in the future when they are in a better mood!"

      Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said gratefully, "Then thank you very much!"

Chapter 1939

At this moment, Ma Lan's situation was also very miserable. m.dragonb.

    She was first sent by Hongwu's men to the best orthopedic hospital in Jinling, and then urgently arranged for a specialist to perform joint surgery on her knee.

    In fact, the best way for an injury like hers was to undergo the surgery in the shortest possible time, and after fixing the knee with steel plates and nails, it would be wrapped and protected with a plaster cast.

    In this way, you can also get the best recovery results.

    After the surgery, back in the hospital room, Hongwu's men were already waiting for her here.

    The man spoke up and said to Ma Lan, "Ms. Ma, you have made a great merit in arresting Li Cuihua this time, so all your treatment costs this time will be covered by our Interpol."

    Ma Lan looked at her right leg, which was again plastered, and burst into tears in distress, choking out, "Comrade Interpol, you can't let that Li Cuihua go no matter what!"

    The man nodded and said seriously, "Don't worry Ms. Ma, we'll bring her to justice!"

    Saying that, he then instructed, "Right, Ms. Ma, for your personal safety, there's one more thing I have to remind you of."

    As soon as Ma Lan heard that it was even about her personal safety, she was busy saying, "You say it!"

    The man said seriously: "Li Chuihua is a transnational fraudster, behind her, is a large fraud syndicate spanning dozens of countries, although we arrested Li Chuihua this time, but Li Chuihua's accomplices are still many have not been arrested by us, so you must not say anything about this matter to anyone, otherwise, it is very likely to be fraud syndicate.Retaliation!"

    Ma Lan bawled her eyes out at this!

    "Holy shit, it's never ending!That's what got me into the guardhouse last time, all that suffering and a broken leg."

    "Now I have this leg just in time, I haven't been able to bounce around for two days, or because of this, it's broken again, you say they'll come back for revenge next time, what will I do after that ah I how I'm so miserable ah me."

    The man hurriedly consoled, "Madam Ma, don't get excited, this time is still different from the last time."

    Ma Lan cried, "What's the difference, aren't you still not catching them clean?As long as they have another accomplice outside, they could come after me!And they won't let me off the hook even more this time when I've gotten their boss, Cuihua Li, into it!Before it was breaking my leg, then after that it could potentially take my life!"

    The man explained, "It's like this Ms. Ma, it's that we're still very cautious, the matter of capturing Li Cuihua didn't leak any information to the public, as long as we don't leak it, and your side doesn't leak this matter, no one will associate it with you."

    Lan Ma was only slightly relieved at this, and hurriedly asked, "But look at me now in this miserable state, my leg is broken, my face has been beaten and swollen into a pig's head, and a lock of my hair has been glued out by that Li Cuihua, how am I going to explain this to my family?"

    The man was busy saying, "Actually, this matter is easy to explain, how did you explain it to your family the last time you were in the detention center?"

    Mashiro: "I was telling them that I had been lured into a pyramid scheme and then taken into custody as a pyramid scheme."

    The man nodded and said, "You just told your family this time that a few members of the marketing organization deliberately designed to take revenge on you, so they beat you up like this, I think they will believe it."

    Ma Lan let out a long sigh, "Hey, that's the only way to do it now"

    The man took out Ma Lan's cell phone and handed it to her: "Ms. Ma, you can contact your family now, and to avoid suspicion, I'll be leaving first."

    Ma Lan nodded and looked at the man with some panic, urging, "Comrade Interpol, please make sure to keep today's matter strictly confidential, don't let Li Cuihua's associates know that it was me who got her in there, otherwise my little life will definitely be gone, please."

    The man said seriously, "Don't worry, we'll keep it strictly confidential!"

    When he said that, the man said, "Ms. Ma, you take care of your injuries, I'll leave first."

    After that person left, Ma Lan picked up her phone and quickly called Xiao Churan.

    As soon as the call came through, he immediately cried and said, "Churan ah my good daughter!Come to the hospital, Mom!Mom's leg is broken again. Why do you think she's so miserable?"

Chapter 1940

Xiao Churan was getting ready to leave work and was shocked when she heard this and asked off the top of her head, "Mom, what's wrong with you!Why is the leg broken again?!"

    Ma Lan said in tears, "Forget it, Mom let the MLM people retaliate, they caught me and gave me a good beating, my hair was glued out and my legs were broken."

    "Huh?!"Xiao Churan hurriedly asked, "Have you called the police?"

    Ma Lan cried as she said, "Call the police, the police comrades have arrested them, come and see mom!"

    Xiao Churan pursued, "Which hospital are you at, I'm on my way there!"

    Lan Ma choked out, "I'm in this Jinling Wound and Orthopedic Hospital, so come on."

    Xiao Choran took off, "Okay, mom wait a minute, I'm coming!"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the TV in the living room.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products.

    Ye Chen received a call from Xiao Churan, his heart already knew what was going on, but still pretended not to know, and asked when he opened his mouth, "Wife, are you off work?"

    Xiao Choran hurriedly said, "Honey, where are you?"

    Ye Chen casually said, "I'm at home."

    Xiao Churan asked again, "Where's Dad?"

    Ye Chen said, "Dad is also at home and just got back."

    Xiao Churan was busy, "Then you and Dad should drive to the orthopedic hospital quickly!Mom, she's in the hospital!I'm driving over there right now too, so I'll see you at the hospital."

    Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "What?Mom's in the hospital again?What's going on?"

    Xiao Choran said with a few sobs, "Mom she was retaliated by the people from the previous pyramid organization, those people broke her leg, but I don't know the details, so I have to hurry over there!"

    Ye Chen was busy saying, "That's okay!Then Dad and I will be heading out to get there too!"

    "Okay, I'll see you at the hospital!"

    Xiao Changkun was preparing to make tea and was surprised when he heard, "Ye Chen, what's wrong?"

    Ye Chen said, "Mom let the pyramid organization retaliate, her leg is broken, she's in the hospital, Churan told us to hurry over!"

    Xiao Changkun asked in surprise, "Ma Lan's leg is broken again?!Are you serious?!"

    Ye Chen said awkwardly, "Dad, why do I see you as if you're quite happy about this"

    Xiao Changkun earnestly said, "Ye Chen ah, this is to be reasonably said, I really should not gloat, but I think of Ma Lan's leg with a cast and crutches look like, just somehow fucking want to laugh it So is not a little unkind ah, hahaha."

    Ye Chen helplessly shook his head, "You also know that it's not generous, you mustn't laugh out loud when you see mom later."

    Xiao Chang Qian nodded, "Don't worry, I can endure it."

    After saying that, he hurriedly put down the tea set and urged, "Good son-in-law, let's hurry up and go, I can't wait to see just how messed up she is right now!"


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