Secret Identity 1921-1930


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1921

Ye Changmin's entire body was already furious.

    She gritted her teeth and roared "Ye Chen!Don't think that I, Ye Changmin, am just a piece of clay, in the Ye family, my status is much higher than yours!You better show me some respect!"

    Ye Chen didn't pay any attention to her, but pointed to Hongwu and pointed to the empty seat next to Ye Changmin.

    Hong Wu understood and immediately took Wu Donghai to Ye Changmin's side as well.

    Then, Ye Chen stretched out his hand and took off Wu Donghai's hood, looking at him with a slight smile "Hello, Mr. Wu, we meet again."

    "Ye Yeh Chen?!"

    At this instant, Wu Donghai's entire body, seemed as if it had been struck by lightning several times from the outside to the inside!

    In no way could he have imagined that Ye Chen would appear in front of him!

    could it be that...?

    Is he behind all of this today!

    How did he get so much energy?!

    Ye Chen saw his expression of horror and said with a smile "Mr. Wu, long time no see, but let me introduce you to this shrew beside you first."

    Ye Changmin stared at Ye Chen in a corner of her eyes and gritted her teeth "Ye Chen!Don't you go too far!"

    Ye Chen ignored her and continued to say to Wu Donghai, "This shrew's real name is not Cuihua Li, but Ye Changmin, she is the eldest daughter of the Yanjing Ye family and my father's sister, my aunt."

    "What?!"It was as if a nuclear bomb had exploded in Wu Donghai's heart!

    His frightened voice was trembling as he said "You oh no you!You really you really are a Ye family member?!"

    Ye Chen laughed "I am indeed a member of the Ye family, but it's no big deal."

    Wu Donghai cold sweat dripped and shivered "Young Master Ye why don't you just tell us who you are!If I knew you were the young master of the Ye family, I would definitely be at your head, even if you gave me ten thousand guts, I wouldn't dare to confront you!"

    Ye Chen laughed "Wu Donghai, don't be so frightened ah, look at you, your face is white.This Ye family ah, really not as scary as you think,"

    Saying that, he pointed at Ye Changmin who was beside him and said, "Look, didn't you tie up Ye's head daughter too?"

    Wu Donghai was frightened and waved his hands repeatedly and said, "Young Master Ye, don't say that!This matter was entirely the work of those two sons of bitches, Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong, who took the liberty to do this, and they told me that they were kidnapping Ma Lan, not Ms. Ye, and I didn't know until I came here that they had the audacity to kidnap Ms. Ye as well!"

    Ye Chen pointed at Ye Changmin and asked Wu Donghai "Did you just hit her?"

    Wu Donghai looked like a dead father and choked out, "I was wrong I really didn't know Ms. Ye's true identity at the time."

    Ye Chen laughed and said, "Is it fun to beat the Ye family's eldest sister?"

    Wu Donghai shook his head like a rattle drum.

    The side of Ye Changmin, face as ugly as possible.

    Wu Donghai was scared out of his wits and choked "Young Master Ye, I really don't know your and Ms. Ye's identity ah, otherwise, how would I dare to have any ill intentions towards you two."

    Ye Chen then looked at Wu Donghai and asked, "Mr. Wu, ever thought about what will happen to the Wu family after today?"

    When Wu Donghai heard this, his entire body suddenly trembled violently.

Chapter 1922

How could he not know what would happen to the Wu family next?

    Ye Changmin would definitely fight to the death with herself. m.pdiea.

    The Ye family, on the other hand, would definitely stand up for her.

    The Wu family in its heyday was not even good enough to look at in front of the Ye family, let alone the current Wu family, whose strength had been mostly knocked out by Ye Chen, was not even a mole in front of the Ye family at this time!

    Wu Donghai even felt that the Ye family might torture themselves to death

    Thinking of this, he immediately choked up and begged, "Young Master Ye, Madam Ye, it's all my fault for being blind and accidentally offending you both, please forgive me."

    Ye Changmin was hating Ye Chen to the bone marrow, but didn't dare to attack too much, so he directed all his anger at Wu Donghai, gnashing his teeth and cursing, "Surnamed Wu, in this matter today, I, Ye Changmin, will definitely not spare you!Just you wait, I'll make sure you're dead for sure!"

    When Wu Donghai heard this, he almost collapsed.

    The damage to the family's reputation, the shrinking of assets, these, biting their teeth could still be accepted.

    However, if the Ye family really wanted to kowtow to themselves, how could they bear it?

    If it's the end of the family, it's all over!

    When he thought of this, he immediately looked at Ye Chen with red eyes and begged with a crying voice, "Young Master Ye, please help me, this is really a misunderstanding, if the Ye family can forgive me, I am willing to give 20 shares of all its industries to you!All I ask is that you and Ms. Yeh will be kind enough to help!"

    Ye Changmin gritted her teeth and said, "Not to mention your 20 shares, so what if it's 50 or 100?It's not even an ass in my eyes!"

    Ye Chen waved his hand "Don't, it's not even a fart in your eyes, it's quite a bit in my eyes."

    After saying that, he immediately said to Wu Donghai "Mr. Wu, not only did you kidnap my mother-in-law, you also kidnapped my aunt, I'm really considered a double victim of your matter today.How about this, adjust 20 to 40, and listen to my orders in everything from now on, I guarantee that the Ye family won't find trouble with you."

    When Wu Donghai heard this, he was happy and sad at the same time.

    The happy part was that since Ye Chen had already proposed a solution, he and the Wu family, still had a chance to live.

    The sadness was that Ye Chen was clearly bringing a knife to cut his own flesh, and the 40 shares was almost equivalent to cutting the entire Wu family off at the waist.

    Ye Changmin was unwilling at this time.

    She had really suffered too many grievances and calamities today.

    And she couldn't do anything to Ye Chen, so the only person to vent her anger was Wu Donghai.

    If Ye Chen blocked Wu Donghai's outlet, wouldn't he have to go after the father and son who kidnapped him!

    But, they were just two henchmen, what could I do even if I killed their entire family?

    Thinking of this, she shouted angrily "Ye Chen!It's not for you to decide whether to bother him or not, it's for me to decide!It's your grandfather's call!"

    Ye Chen said indifferently "I've already given Wu Donghai a solution to this matter, as long as he agrees, then it's useless for any of you to oppose."

    Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Ye Changmin, his voice suddenly raised eight degrees and snapped with extreme coldness "And!Don't think that just because I haven't been in the Ye family for so many years that I can be at the mercy of your Ye family, and don't even think that you can use me as a marriage partner or let me go back to help the Ye family climb up to other dignitaries, I will never give the Ye family that chance!"

    "So, if next time, you still dare to plot against me behind my back, then don't blame me for disregarding the bloodline!Whether it's you, or the rest of the Ye family, I won't spare a single one of them!"

    Ye Changmin was frightened by Ye Chen's eyes and tone of voice for a moment of nervousness, but she was incredibly strong and roared "Ye Chen!You think you have the ability to compete with the Ye family now?Isn't your Diagonal Group, your $10 billion in cash, all from the Ye family!The Ye family can lift you up or tear you down!Without the Ye family, you're just a stinking hanger-on with no roots!With the Ye Family's strength, it would be ten or a hundred times easier to exterminate you than it would be to exterminate Wu Donghai!"

    Ye Chen looked at her hysterical appearance and raised his eyebrows, playfully asking "Oh?Right?"

Chapter 1923

Ye Changmin's pride was deeply stung by Ye Chen's playful gaze!

      She growled through gritted teeth, "Of course!You think I'm joking with you?If you continue to be so disrespectful and ungrateful, I guarantee you'll be finished sooner or later!Not only are you finished, but your wife, your mother-in-law, and all those people around you are all finished!"

      Speaking of which, Ye Changmin had also completely exploded, she hissed like a shrew, "I'm telling you, your parents were lucky back then to die and still be able to return to the Ye family's ancestral grave!In the future, if you die, you won't even be eligible to enter the Ye family's ancestral grave!"

      Ye Chen's expression turned incomparably gloomy.

      He looked at Ye Changmin and said indifferently, "You are my father's real sister, so I can't hit you."

      Ye Changmin sneered, "You still know that I'm your father's real sister?!Don't hurry up and respectfully take me"

      Without waiting for Ye Changmin to finish, Ye Chen immediately snapped at Hongwu, "Hongwu!You're not related to her by blood, slap her mouth for me!"

      Hong Wu immediately said loudly, "As ordered, Master Ye!"

      Saying that, he immediately rushed over and grabbed Ye Changmin's collar.

      Ye Changmin was shocked and threatened, "If you dare to hit me once, I will definitely kill you in the future!"

      Hong Wu directly slapped a hard slap over, directly smacking out two of Ye Changmin's back teeth and coldly saying, "My life was given to me by Grandmaster Ye, even if Grandmaster Ye asked me to kill the Heavenly King Laozi, I would never blink an eye, let alone you, an uneducated shrew!"

      Saying that, another slap slammed over.

      Hong Wu had already been angry by Ye Changmin's attitude towards Ye Chen to the point of explosion, it was hard to wait for Ye Chen to give his initial approval, naturally, he was merciless.

      Ye Changmin was dizzy from the two slaps, angry and furious, and shouted like mad, "You will all die!All of you will die!!!"

      Ye Chen looked at her and said coldly.

      "If you had investigated me seriously, you should know why I'm revered as Master Ye in Jinling!"

      "If you have seriously investigated me, then you should also know why the eight Heavenly Kings sent by Wu Donghai were wiped out by me at Changbai Mountain!"

      At this point, Ye Chen smiled and continued.

      "If you've investigated me seriously, you should know that I just went to Japan the other day, and as for the things that happened in Japan a while ago, I think you have a good idea!"

      Ye Changmin's face kept changing drastically, becoming more and more frightened and pale!

      Ye Chen stared at her intently and asked again, "Don't you want me to go back and marry Gu Qiu Yi?Then have you ever wondered why my father's lifelong best friend, Gu Yanzhong, who was already terminally ill, could suddenly become alive and well?Is there really some kind of bullshit medical miracle?"

      After saying that, Ye Chen pointed at Hong Wu and continued to question, "When Hong Wu was in the Heavenly Fragrance Residence, he was almost tortured and killed by Wu Donghai's men, and with only his last breath left, how did he survive, do you know?"A second to remember for your mobile phone provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      Ye Changmin's expression had gone as white as paper!

      At this time, Ye Chen's entire body did not conceal his strength, his aura filled his entire body, and he shouted in a domineering and stern voice, "If you haven't thought of these questions before, then move your brains now and give me a good think!Think about it and then tell me, between the two of us, it's you who can destroy me and me who can destroy you!"

      Ye Changmin was suddenly dumbfounded by the strength of Ye Chen's body and the words he had said!

      The Ye family had indeed investigated many things about Ye Chen in Jinling.

      But many of the clues they got were actually not sufficient.

      For example, they knew that Ye Chen seemed to be very strong, but they never had a clear idea of how strong it was.

      They also knew about the incident where Wu Donghai's Eight Heavenly Kings perished under the Changbai Mountain, but who did that incident was unclear to them as well.

      There was also Gu Yanzhong!

Chapter 1924

Gu Yanzhong, who has terminal pancreatic cancer, suddenly regains his health.

      However, everyone had investigated in a circle, but no one had gotten any valid information.

      Now, when Ye Chen suddenly said so, Ye Changmin was suddenly frightened and asked, "All these things have something to do with you?!"

      Ye Chen snorted coldly, "What do you mean it has to do with me?These things were all done by my own hands, Ye Chen!"

      Now, even Wu Donghai was shocked beyond words.

      The death of the Eight Heavenly Kings had caused the Wu family to suffer a great loss, but they still didn't know how the Eight Heavenly Kings had died.

      Now, he finally understood.

      It turned out that the Eight Great Heavenly Kings had all died in Ye Chen's hands!

      Deep inside, he couldn't help but issue soul torture to himself, "This Ye Chen, how powerful is he?!"

      Ye Changmin was also scared silly.

      Wu Donghai couldn't understand what exactly Ye Chen meant by the phrase 'what happened in Japan some time ago', but Ye Changmin knew!

      Japan's three big families reshuffled almost overnight ago, one was wiped out full of families, one was half wiped out, leaving only one Ito family, the head of which, Yuhiko Ito, had also lost his legs.

      Behind this, there was an extremely powerful expert who had beheaded countless ninjas and even saved the siblings of Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei, could it be Ye Chen!

      Ye Chen then pointed at Wu Donghai and asked Ye Changmin, "Do you know that Wu Donghai has a son named Wu Qi, who was in Jinling some time ago, and like a demon, he had to eat shit every hour?"

      Wu Donghai's expression instantly turned incomparably pale!

      And Ye Changmin, too, was shocked beyond words!

      The Wu family was far from famous in Yanjing though.

      However, Wu Donghai's second son, Wu Qi, was surprisingly famous in Yanjing.

      It was mainly also because during that time, short video platforms had been pushing Wu Qi-related videos.

      Up and down the country, no one knew about it.

      At that time, the top masters of several big families had analyzed this matter and thought that Wu Qi must have been made very strong psychologically by the expert who could do anything.

      Ye Changmin asked herself inwardly, "Could it be that, that incident was also Ye Chen's doing?!"

      Wu Donghai had also collapsed at this point!

      He pushed down his anger and choked out, "Young Master Ye!That little boy of mine has always been sensible!He was just studying peacefully in Jinling, he didn't do anything bad, why did you want to harm him to this extent!!!"

      Ye Chen looked at Wu Donghai and smacked him directly in the face with a slap, angrily reprimanding him, "That bastard son of yours takes pleasure in playing with and trampling on girls!"

      "Enough of playing with girls and still not stopping, you have to use scum psychology to brainwash and drive each other to suicide!"

      "Everyone must be put to death for this beastly deed!"

      "And now you come licking your chops to tell me that your beastly son has always understood and never done anything bad?!"

      "Who gave you the guts to be a dog?!"

Chapter 1925

Wu Donghai was scared to look up by Ye Chen's reprimand.

      He naturally knew these things about Wu Qi.

      But he originally felt that it was all between his son and other girls, even if he did harm a few girls, after all, he hadn't harmed Ye Chen and those around him, so why should Ye Chen harm him?

      However, seeing Ye Chen so furious right now, he realized that the sense of justice within Ye Chen's heart was far beyond his imagination!

      Ye Chen stared at Wu Donghai at this time and coldly said, "Wu Donghai, I was going to fucking wind you up, but I didn't expect you to be so right and wrong!In that case, I don't want your 40% either, let the Ye family do what they want with you from now on!"

      Wu Donghai bawled his eyes out!

      His hands were still behind his back, but his body immediately leaned forward and knelt on the ground, kowtowing heavily as he cried and begged, "Young Master Ye, I was wrong!I know I was wrong!That son of mine really deserves to die, it is already a great kindness for you to spare his life, it is I who have eyes but no pearls, it is I who have no discipline, please be merciful and spare me once."

      Ye Chen said in a cold voice, "This isn't the only thing you've done to discipline the incompetent!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen questioned, "That brother-in-law of yours, Xue Nanshan, has committed even more crimes that are too numerous to mention!As the head of the First Family of Jiangnan, all these things that Xue Nanshan pulled off under your banner happened right under your nose, and you knew it, so why didn't you stop it?Why didn't you stop it?If you had led him to the right path earlier, he wouldn't have tainted so many people, and I wouldn't have let him sink the river!"

      Wu Donghai's entire being was startled!

      He then immediately realized that his brother-in-law, Xue Nanshan, and the annihilation of the entire beggar gang's top management was also Ye Chen's doing!

      So, Wu Donghai couldn't care less about the shock and cried out, "I'm sorry Young Master Ye!This thing I do have an unshirkable responsibility at the time I knew he was doing these things, I would have wanted to stop, but my wife and I a crying two and three hanged, I this heart softened, thought, anyway, I do not participate in their own, as he tossed Wan Wan did not expect, it is because of this, is to make a mortal mistake".

      Ye Chen gritted his teeth and said, "You have indeed committed a mortal mistake!How many children and families did Xue Nanshan ruin, every debt is partly on your Wu Donghai head!Judging by your crimes, even if I kill you now, the Nine Heavens above will let you atone for what you've done in your next life, in your next life!Let you suffer all the miseries of the world in your nine lifetimes!"

      Wu Donghai cried snot and tears and his voice trembled, "Young Master Ye, I really know I was wrong!Please give me a chance to mend my ways, I'm willing to surrender 60% of the Wu family's assets to you, I just ask you to give me a chance to saddle up, and the Wu family will obey you in everything from now on!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "It's not just about money anymore, if you really want to change your evil ways, I can give you a chance, it's up to you to accept it."

      When Wu Donghai heard this, he hurriedly kowtowed as he said, "Young Master Ye, please speak!I will do my best to grasp this opportunity!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Change 40% of your family's assets to Hong Wu, it will be held by Hong Wu in the future, and take out another 20% for charity to make up for the evil your brother-in-law Xue Nanshan has done over the years!"

      Hongwu blurted out, "Master Ye, how can this be done? Hongwu this old life is given by you, these assets to be given are also given to you how can you give me"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "If Mr. Wu agrees to this solution, then you can take the 40% for now."

      Wu Donghai didn't dare to say a word, and hurriedly nodded repeatedly, "Young Master Ye, don't worry, I'll do this today!"

      Ye Chen added, "Wu Donghai, from today onwards, you are Hongwu's man, if Hongwu tells you to go east, you must go east, half a point deviation in direction, I want your Wu family to completely disappear in Jiangnan, do you understand?"

      Wu Donghai which dared to say half a word, hurriedly nodded as if pounding garlic and said: "Young Master Ye you can rest assured, in the future, I am the fifth master's man."

      Ye Chen said to Hong Wu, "Hong Wu, control him well from now on, if he dares to disobey me in any way, tell me immediately!"

      Hongwu hurriedly stated, "Master Ye, don't worry, Hongwu knows!As for Wu Donghai's shares, Hongwu will hold them for you for now!"

      Ye Chen nodded slightly.

      Whirling, he looked towards Ye Changmin whose cheek was swollen by Hongwu and said indifferently, "Aunt, since you're here, you can stay in Jinling for a week until the year is over and then return, but nephew I've been quite busy lately, so I won't visit you in advance to wish you a happy new year."

Chapter 1926

Saying that, Ye Chen spoke in a serious tone and warned, "This is the end of today's matter, if I find out that you still dare to make any small moves behind my back, then don't blame me for being rude to you!"

      Ye Changmin stared at Ye Chen, wanting to say a few words to back up the scene, but the words came to her mouth and all of a sudden, she couldn't say them.

      She found that Ye Chen's personality was too similar to his father, his own second brother, Ye Changsha.

      Why was Ye Changsha so famous back then?

      He looked like a weak scholar, but he was able to stand across the front of a thousand armies.

      As long as he decides to do something, he never gives up or fails.The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Even if the whole world was in his way, he would kill his way out.

      Therefore, the high society of Yanjing, back then, all had a saying that the Ye family had a son who could bind the celestial dragon!

      When it came to Ye Changba, even his opponents would give him a thumbs up in their hearts.

      At that time, he was the Ye family's brightest rising star.

      Now, Ye Changmin found herself seeing that strength of her second brother in Ye Chen's body.

      Therefore, at this moment, her heart was in awe of Ye Chen.

      It was also at this moment that she knew that she couldn't offend this nephew that she hadn't seen for years anymore, otherwise, she really didn't know if he would really be righteous or not.

      So, she could only break her teeth and swallow into her stomach, only after a long while did she aggrievedly say, "Chen'er, I'll listen to you on this matter today, I won't hold your mother-in-law or Wu Donghai responsible"

      At this point, she said almost pleadingly, "But the father and son who kidnapped me, you can't defend them anymore, can you?You have to give Auntie an explanation after all she's suffered today."

      After saying that, Ye Changmin thought of her series of miserable encounters today, her nose was sore and she actually shed tears.

      She was really miserable today.

      She had wanted to find Ma Lan to pretend to be a pawn and buy her off by the way, but she hadn't expected to be hammered by Ma Lan.

      And then being brought here by Xiao Hailong, Xiao Changqian and his father and son.

      And then Wu Donghai came back and beat himself up, and almost had himself shot, causing him to pee his pants

      She had never suffered anything in her life, and today she had tasted all the human misery.

      And even more annoying is that the battle with Ma Lan has never been done, but she also rode on her face and beaten severely, I wanted to kill her to relieve anger, but she is Ye Chen's mother-in-law, he can not find her revenge.

      Wu Donghai now serves up most of his family fortune and is willing to be Ye Chen's lackey.

      In this way, only the Xiao family father and son are left to take revenge

      When Ye Chen heard this, he frowned and asked Hong Wu, "What's the situation with Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong now?"

      Hong Wu said, "These two people have been smashed by Wu Donghai's men and have become invalids, what they do next is up to you, Master Ye!"

Chapter 1927

Without a doubt, Ye Chen had no half-hearted feelings towards Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, father and son. m.gereay.

    However, upon hearing that the two of them had had their limbs broken, the fire in Ye Chen's heart was mostly gone.

    No one knew the Xiao family's gang better than he did.

    One by one, although all of them were repulsive, they were not considered to be the worst of the worst.

    A large part of the reason why Qian Hongyan had made a game to trap Ma Lan was also because Ma Lan was playing cards at a friend's house when she met Qian Hongyan and Xiao Changqian, who were running to see the house, and then made a mockery of them, causing Qian Hongyan's heart to collapse before trying to cheat Ma Lan out of her money.

    Now Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong kidnap Ma Lan to send her to the Black Brick Kiln, also to avenge themselves for sending Qian Hongyan to the Black Coal Kiln, and to be honest, Ma Lan is still taking the bullet for herself to a certain extent.

    Ultimately, the Xiao family was really bad, but not to the point where they had to be screwed over.

    Moreover, Ye Chen really didn't like his aunt who was a trouble maker and unstoppable, if she really let her kill Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong to take out her anger, it would be cheap, so it would be better to let her hold this fire all the time with nowhere to vent it, and it would be a way to wear down her annoying personality.

    So Ye Chen spoke up, "Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong are my wife's real uncle and real cousin, my father-in-law's real brother and real nephew no matter what, if you kill them, will our family still have to spend this year for such a big funeral"

    Ye Changmin hurriedly said, "Then let's wait until after the New Year to slaughter the two of them, that's always okay, right?"

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "My wife is a person with a soft heart, if they really die, my wife will be sad and upset, so it's better to let them live."

    When Ye Changmin heard this, she was in a hurry and felt sick all over, she got out, "They have put me in this situation, you have to let me vent my anger ah"

    Ye Chen frowned and asked, "How to calculate out of breath they both have ruined their limbs, for a few months I'm afraid they can only lie in bed and eat and drink, you still can't get out of that breath"

    "Can't get out" said Ye Changmin angrily, "If I don't kill them, I won't be able to get out even if I die with this bad breath"

    Ye Chen shouted angrily, "If you can't get out, you'll just hold it in"

    This roar scared Changmin Ye's liver to death

    Ye Chen stared at her fiercely and asked in a cold voice, "You're obviously the one who caused the trouble in the first place, and you still want to kill others at every turn, who gave you the stinky habit"

    Ye Changmin's expression was depressed and she choked, "Your aunt I've grown so big, I've never suffered such a big loss today"

    Ye Chen said coldly, "Then today is just the day for you to have a taste, and this is just the first plate of food, with this character of yours, if you don't change, you'll have to suffer much more later"

    Saying that, Ye Chen waved his hand somewhat irritably, "Nonsense I don't want to say so much to you, in short, this matter ends here today, I will never allow you to continue to spread this matter in any direction or else, I am the only one who asks if you understand me"

    Ye Changmin saw that Ye Chen's expression didn't have the slightest intention of joking with her, and her heart inevitably beat a little.

    She realized that she was afraid that there was no way for her to get back in today's matter.

    Otherwise, with a character like Ye Chen's, he would definitely not spare himself.

    So she could only say dejectedly, "Okay I understand."

    Ye Chen nodded and said to Hong Wu, "Hong Wu, quickly arrange for a self-built house in the city village, settle my aunt who has come from afar, have people keep an eye on her 24 hours a day, never allow her to go out for half a step in the next seven days, once the seven days are up, send her directly to the airport and let her go back"

    Hong Wu immediately nodded, "Don't worry Master Ye, Hong Wu will do it right"

Chapter 1928

Ye Chen looked at Wu Donghai again, "Report everything to Hongwu from now on, don't make any small moves, do you understand?"

    Wu Donghai panicked and kowtowed, "Young Master Ye rest assured, from today onwards, I will do everything you and the Fifth Master command"

    Ye Chen added, "By the way, Tomson A06, you bought it, right?"

    Wu Donghai said awkwardly, "Yes, I bought it."

    Ye Chen asked him, "You bought this villa to live for the Xiao family to disgust me, right?"

    "Yes" said Wu Donghai nervously, "Young Master Ye, this matter is all my fault, don't worry, I'll take back the villa and tell the Xiao family to get out"

    "Don't "Ye Chen waved his hand and opened his mouth, "How meaningless it is to get out.You do this, first stop all the business of the Xiao Clan and withdraw all the investments you gave them, I still want them to return to the previous state where they actually have nothing despite living in Townsend I. m.bigmb."

    Wu Donghai said without hesitation, "Okay Young Master Ye, I will arrange today"

    Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, "Alright, Hongwu, you arrange my aunt, Wu Donghai go and arrange the Xiao Clan, as for Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, don't twist and turn the relevant authorities, just send them to the hospital."

    The two of them hurriedly and respectfully agreed.

    The expression of Ye Changmin at the side was incomparably ugly.

    But ugly was ugly, and she no longer dared to have any resistance now.

    So, she could only say in an angry voice, "Chen'er, look at my aunt, she is also injured and has lost two of her teeth, why don't you also have someone send me to the hospital first"

    Ye Chen nodded, "Sending you to the hospital is fine, but you shouldn't have any crooked ideas, otherwise, it won't be as simple as leaving you to live in Jinling for a week, it might make you live in Jinling for a year and a half."

    Ye Changmin shuddered when she heard this.

    Ye Chen had placed himself in a village in the city, basically no different from being under house arrest, the environment there must be extremely harsh, staying for a day was a great torment, a week was simply a collapse, if it was a year, it was really worse than death.

    So, she could only honestly say, "Don't worry, since aunt said she would do as you say, she will never engage in anything else."

    Ye Chen hmmm, then said to Hong Wu: "Then first arrange for my aunt to go to the hospital, the tooth thing is not set in Jinling, let her go back to Yanjing and then set it."

    Hong Wu immediately agreed, "Okay Master Ye."

    Right after that, Hong Wu had people take Ye Changmin and Wu Donghai to different vehicles, and then had people go inside the warehouse to prepare to carry out the father and son, Xiao Changqian and Xiao Changkun, who had broken their limbs.

    At this time, the man and his son were lying on the cold concrete floor, having completely collapsed, and they cried for half a day inside the warehouse, almost dried up all their tears.

    Xiao Hailong was as depressed as he wanted to be, choking in his heart and thinking, "I originally wanted to teach Ma Lan a lesson and please Wu Donghai, but I didn't expect that the old woman they caught with Ma Lan was a multinational fraudster."

    "And this fraudster is so damn capable of making shit up that he even gave Yeh Chen a set of so-called luxury young master identities that made Dad and I believe it."

    "Even Wu Donghai believed that bitch's bullshit."

    "Wu Donghai you old dog, you say you believe in it, but there is no need to please him, the two of us to waste ah our master are to serve you, you can no matter what can not be so on us ah what the fuck is this thing called ah this."

Chapter 1929

At this point, in Xiao Hailong's heart, he had already repented until his guts were blue.

      Being beaten into oblivion by Wu Donghai's men wasn't actually the worst, after all, it was only a few months to recover from the injuries.

      The worst part was that the Interpol who had just come said that they would be handed over to the local authorities, if they were indeed handed over, father and son would definitely not escape the charge of kidnapping.

      This charge is a felony!The sentence is ten years to start!

      Xiao Hailong's emotions had completely broken down at the thought that he might have to spend ten years in prison.

      When carried out by Hongwu's men, Xiao Hailong choked with a snotty nose and tears, "May I ask a few Interpol comrades do you really want to send us to jail? Both of us were ordered by someone ah, the real mastermind behind the scenes is that Wu Donghai ah"

      Xiao Chang Qian also wept bitterly, "Although we father and son are at fault, we have already paid a painful price, can we beg you all to lift up your hands and give our master and son a way out."

      Xiao Hailong turned around with difficulty, looked at his father whose eyes were red and cried out, "Dad I don't want to go to jail ah dad"

      Xiao Changqian, his face full of tears, choked up and said, "When the time comes, blame everything on dad and tell him that everything was dad's idea and you didn't know anything about it, and try to get the judge to give a light sentence."

      When Xiao Hailong heard this, he burst into tears.

      Father and son were crying and the scene was suddenly a bit too noisy.

      Hong Wu came over at this time and said to the two in a cold voice, "Stop fucking crying!If you cry again, you'll really be sent to jail!"

      When Xiao Hailong heard this, he asked incredulously, "Comrade Interpol, do you mean you're not sending us to jail?"

      Hong Wu coldly said, "Count the two of you lucky, we have to keep this matter of capturing Li Cuihua absolutely secret, so we can't let anyone from other departments know about it for now, so we won't convey the matter of your kidnapping Ma Lan and Li Cuihua to the local authorities today!"

      "Really?!"When Xiao Hailong heard this, his entire body twitched with excitement.

      However, because of this convulsion, the severe pain in his limbs became more severe, so he kept howling.

      Although his mouth kept screaming in pain, Xiao Hailong's heart was incomparably excited.

      In any case, a prison sentence was finally spared!

      Townsend Villa at this moment.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was lying on the sofa in the living room of Villa A06, checking the time as she said to Xiao Weiwei who was sitting on the other side, "Why haven't your father and brother gotten it done yet?There's been no movement for so long."

      Xiao Weiwei said, "Probably can't take care of it, after all, there are quite a lot of things, not only do we have to find someone to give Ma Lan that, but we also have to make a video and send it to the black brick factory, so I guess this ordeal will go into the night."

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded lightly and said with a bad smile, "This Ma Lan, has really been floating a lot lately, this old man is floating in the sky, it's really a bit ungrounded, so it's time for her to experience what folk suffering is."

      Xiao Weiwei smiled and said, "Yes grandmother, this bitch Ma Lan, I've long hated her with a passion, especially since she's been so proud this whole time, I can't wait to break her leg again!"

      Saying with a nostalgic look, she said, "It's still interesting when I was in the cell, that Zhang Guifen is so big and five, she can't wait to slap the shit out of Ma Lan, Ma Lan was really miserable during that time, I get excited just thinking about it!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao also nodded her head repeatedly and said beautifully, "Oops!To say that Zhang Guifen that rural woman, really has two arms strength, that guy, strong as an ox, to deal with Ma Lan like this, one can beat her three still cornered!"

Chapter 1930

Xiao Weiwei lamented, "It's a pity, Ma Lan will soon be sent to the black brick kiln to burn bricks, and Zhang Guifen hasn't come out yet, so when she does, she may never see Ma Lan again in her life."

      "Who says it isn't!"The old lady also exclaimed, "But it doesn't matter, when Ma Lan gets to the Black Brick Kiln, there's endless suffering waiting for her there!"

      Right at this time, the Jinling Women's Detention Center.

      Zhang Guifen, who was letting out the wind, suddenly sneezed.

      A few attendants around her hurriedly came over and asked attentively, "Sister Guifen, what is wrong with you?Got a cold?"

      Zhang Guifen rubbed her nose, "I don't know, maybe it's someone who misses me."

      The man next to him laughed, "We're prisoners who have no family, who would miss us!"

      "Exactly."Another person chimed in, "It's almost New Year's Eve, and no one from my family has come to visit me, it's so chilling!"

      Afterwards, she looked at Zhang Guifen and asked, "Sister Guifen, how long do you have before you can be released?"

      Zhang Guifen smacked her lips and said, "Hey, it's still five or six months away!"

      "That's soon too, I'm still eight months out."

      "I still have four months."

      "Hey, you won't be able to stay home this year, so next year should be fine!"

      Zhang Guifen sighed, "My mother is gone, my husband has run off with the foxes, my brother's family is a turtle and a bastard, I don't even have a family in this world"

      At this point, Zhang Guifen's eyes suddenly turned red and choked out, "Hey!It's getting close to New Year's Eve, and I haven't been able to burn some paper money for the old lady, so I don't know how she's doing over there or if she has enough money to spend, and it's cold, so I don't know if she and my dad have any money for New Year's Eve."

      "Sister Guifen, don't think about that, when you get out there, you'll have plenty of opportunities to burn paper for your parents!"

      Zhang Guifen nodded gently, and couldn't help but sigh, "Actually I still miss that old lady Xiao, looking at the way she was bullied, I remembered my mother's pitiful appearance when she was alive and being bullied by my brother-in-law's wife, this heart ah, it hurts for a while."

      After saying that, she asked the others, "What do you think, how is Old Mrs. Xiao doing now?She didn't even have a place to sleep when she came in, so how's life now?It's not still wandering the streets, is it?"

      As he was saying that, the prison guard suddenly came over and spoke at them, "Zhang Guifen, Li Yueqin, and Dong Yuling, you three pack up and get ready to get out of prison!"

      The three of them were dumbfounded!

      Zhang Guifen asked in surprise, "Preparing to get out of jail?!Isn't it time for me to do that?"

      The guard said, "You've been given bail and you're out of jail today!"

      "Huh?!"Zhang Guifen was surprised and said, "I don't know anyone who would help me with bail, ah?"

      The prison guard said indifferently, "It was your old acquaintance Mrs. Xiao who commissioned this, she paid a lot of bond for the three of you!"

      Zhang Guifen was even more surprised and unable to speak, she opened her mouth to think for a long time before she asked incredulously, "Old Mrs. Xiao?!Wasn't she miserable?Where's the money to help us get bail?!"

      The prison guard laughed, "Old Mrs. Xiao is a great woman now, I've heard that the family business has come back from the dead, and the family has even moved into a luxurious villa in Townsend, and it's said that the reason for bailing you out is so that you can go to Townsend for a better life!"


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