Secret Identity 1911-1920


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1911

Wu Donghai cautiously opened Ye Changmin's Hermes.

      Inside, in addition to the checkbook, there was indeed a personal name badge of Ye Changmin.

      The personal name badge was something that the average person would not engrave, and there was no need to use it.

      But if it was the head of a business or a senior manager of a company, it was a must for almost everyone.

      A lot of money-related businesses required corresponding person name badges, especially cash checks.

      Moreover, the font of the personal name seal was usually very neat, so Wu Donghai could clearly see that the seal was engraved with the four words "Ye Changmin Seal".

      Seeing Ye Changmin's name seal, Wu Donghai's blood pressure instantly increased, and he could hardly stand up.

      In the next moment, he even had the heart to die.

      This feeling was like asking the Xiao family's father and son to catch a dog, and when the other party caught the dog, they ended up catching a tiger in a muddled manner.

      The key was that there was an extremely powerful family behind this tiger.

      Wu Donghai cried out in resentment in his heart, "What the fuck is this!I just want to teach Ma Lan a lesson, why did you kidnap the Ye family's eldest daughter? I should have known better than to come here and join the fun!What a mess, it's clearly the work of Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong and his sons, but as soon as I came here, Ye Chang Min made me the mastermind."

      At this time, Ye Changmin saw Wu Donghai's expression was very complicated, and knew in his heart that he should believe in his identity, so he hurriedly said: "Mr. Wu, I know that the one you really want to kidnap is Ma Lan, not me, it's just a misunderstanding between us, as long as you let me go, I will not pursue the matter today, and I will also facilitate the cooperation between the Ye and Wu families, what do you think?"Fastest Update

      Hearing this, Wu Donghai's heart was more or less moved.

      Purely from today's events, he had no more than two choices.

      The first one, one or the other, just kill Ye Changmin directly.

      The second one, hurry up and hang on to the cliff, maybe the Ye family could still give themselves a chance to survive.

      If you choose the first one, there must be a premise that after killing Ye Changmin, you must make sure that the Ye family cannot find their heads.

      Thus, he beckoned to Xiao Chang Qian and said with a cold face, "Old Xiao, come, let's talk for a moment."

      Xiao Changqian hurriedly followed up with his ass.

      Xiao Changqian led him to the warehouse door and questioned in a low voice, "Did you deliberately avoid the surveillance on the way over when you kidnapped these two women?"

      "No."Xiao Chang Qian shook his head and said, "After we kidnapped them from the beauty salon, the driver navigated straight here and took all the routes planned by navigation"

      Wu Donghai's legs weakened and he almost didn't stand still.

      Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly helped him and asked, "Mr. Wu, what's wrong with you?"

      Wu Donghai opened his hand and followed up with an exasperated question, "You didn't find a more secluded place to change cars on the way here?"

      "A new car?"Xiao Changqian was surprised and asked, "Mr. Wu, I don't think it's necessary, it's just two women, right?Can't you just stuff it in the car and pull it over?"

      Saying that, Xiao Changqian reminded him again, "Mr. Wu, I see that bitch called Ye Changmin, I have a feeling that there's something wrong with her, but her mouth is quite gullible, and I almost believed what she said just now, but I thought about it carefully and I still don't think there's something wrong!"

Chapter 1912

After a pause, Xiao Changqian continued to speak at length, "Look, Mr. Wu, if this Ye Changmin is really the eldest daughter of that top Yanjing family, how could she come to Jinling?Besides, what she said about Ye Chen's origins wasn't even fucking plausible!Before Yeh Chen joined our family, he was just a small-time worker who lived and ate on a construction site, a poor man.To put it bluntly, he probably couldn't even afford to use a fucking paper towel back then, so how could he be the son of a big family?What gentry would be willing to leave their children out to suffer for so many years?"

      Wu Donghai had been expressionless and did not take care of what he said.

      Although what Xiao Chang Qian said made some sense at first glance, there was actually no real evidence at all.

      However, Wu Donghai had just genuinely seen Ye Changmin's cheque book and personal name stamp.

      The checkbook was real, and the name badge was by no means a forgery.

      Coupled with her limited edition top-of-the-line Hermes, it is almost certain that she is definitely Ye Changmin.

      The question now plaguing Wu Donghai is what to do with Ye Changmin.

      He doesn't believe in Ye Changmin's words ten thousand times, and he knows very well what the mentality of these people in high society is.

      He said that he could forget about it, but if he really let her regain her freedom, the first thing she would probably do was to kill herself.

      However, if she were to kill her now, it would be too unstable.

      Because Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong are far from being cautious in this matter, they kidnapped people and sent them directly here, and didn't change cars along the way, so as long as the road surveillance is closely investigated, they will be able to track the car all the way.

      Probably, they'll be able to track the car all the way here soon!

      Thinking of this, Wu Donghai's entire scalp went numb with tension.

      Immediately, he thought to himself, "Since this Ye Changmin can't be killed, then he can only do everything he can to salvage the situation!"

      Making up his mind, he immediately said to Xiao Changqian, "Go, follow me inside."

      Xiao Chang Qian nodded in a row and followed him eagerly, stepping back into the warehouse.

      As soon as Wu Donghai entered the warehouse, he strode over towards Ye Changmin, and before he reached the front, he was already incomparably ashamed and said, "Oh my Lady Ye, today's matter is really a misunderstanding, Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong, the father and son, wanted to teach Ye Chen's mother-in-law, Ma Lan, a lesson, that is, this shrew behind you, but I didn't expect them two god damned bastards to catch you here.I'm so sorry!"

      Hearing this, Ye Changmin was relieved for a moment

      At this moment, the excitement inside her almost brought her to tears!

      Xiao Hailong, who was on the side, heard this and asked with a surprised face, "Mr. Wu, what are you singing about?"

      "Which one sings?!"Wu Donghai directly grabbed Xiao Hailong's collar and smacked him with a slap, cursing, "You still have the fucking nerve to say that?This whole thing is because of you two!If you two hadn't insisted on screwing Marashi, you wouldn't have implicated Ms. Ye!"Fastest Update

      After the beating, Wu Donghai's heart palpitated and cursed harshly, "Fortunately I came over to take a look today, if I don't but take a look today, if you guys really do something outrageous to Ms. Ye, then I really won't even be able to kill you two dog bastards!"

      Xiao Hailong said with a muddled face, "What do you mean by that, Mr. Wu?We kidnapped Ma Lan, but it's all for you!"

      "For me?!"Wu Donghai cursed, "Fart your mother!What does that have to do with me!"

      After saying that, he immediately became furious and commanded loudly to the few bodyguards around him, "Someone, give me the two arms of this son of a bitch to be crippled!

Chapter 1913

Xiao Hailong's entire body collapsed after hearing this!

He saw a few of Wu Donghai's bodyguards take a step towards him, and was frightened as he retreated, shouting nervously, "What are you doing, Boss Wu!Me ......Aren't we all doing this for you? ......It's fine if you don't appreciate it, but why did you have to cripple both my arms?"

Wu Donghai exploded with anger and took off cursing, "If you fucking dare to say it's for me, I'll break both your legs too!"

Xiao Hailong was terrified, and before he could run far away, he was already pressed to the ground by a few tall bodyguards.

The bodyguards beside Wu Donghai were not good fighters either, and since the boss had ordered, there would never be the slightest hesitation.

Therefore, as soon as Xiao Hailong was pressed down to the ground, someone directly picked up a slab of brick from the ground and slammed it towards his shoulder.

Xiao Hailong gave a painful ouch, and before he could finish screaming, there was a sharp pain in his other shoulder as well, causing his entire body to almost faint.

Xiao Chang Qian saw his own son being smashed into such a miserable state, and hurriedly came up to plead for mercy, saying offhandedly, "General Manager Wu ......General Manager Wu ah!This son of mine is completely out of good intentions, even if he did bad things with good intentions, you wouldn't treat him like this ah ......"

Wu Donghai gritted his teeth and cursed, "You two are really a race of farts!Someone, cripple both his arms for me too!"

At this moment, Wu Donghai knew that it was impossible to completely hide this matter, so he had no choice but to fully fall to Ye Changmin.

He just wanted to do his best to prove to Ye Changmin that he was innocent.

So, at this point, Xiao Chang Qian still dared to say that they were doing it out of good intentions, wasn't that like breaking dirty water on himself?

In that case, don't blame yourself for being rude!

Abolishing them would be an act of surrender for Ye Changmin.

If Ye Changmin's heart was relieved of hatred and anger, he would be in much less trouble.

How could Xiao Changqian have thought that this damned Wu Donghai would not only turn his back on him as soon as he said so, but he had abolished his own son and was going to abolish himself right after that!

His first thought was to flee as he watched his son roll and wail on the ground after being smashed.

However, he was almost a bad old man, how could he be a match for Wu Donghai's strong bodyguards.

So, without running a few steps, he was immediately pushed to the ground.

After that, the same brick was smashed twice, Xiao Changqian was thrown to his son's side like a pig to be slaughtered, and the howls of father and son resounded throughout the warehouse.

This is the first time that a helicopter has been sent in from a distance, and the people inside can't hear it.

This pair of blood-chattering father and son, at this time both shoulders were covered in blood, the appearance of miserable.

Wu Donghai saw that both father and son had their arms crippled, so he obsequiously came in front of Ye Changmin and spoke, "Madam Ye, I've taught these two beasts a lesson, I hope you won't be angry ......"

Ye Changmin was relieved, but couldn't help but complain, "You untie me instead!"

"Oh yes, yes, yes!"Wu Donghai hurriedly went to work and untied the ropes from Ye Changmin's body.

As soon as Ye Changmin regained her freedom, she immediately jumped up from the ground, not caring that she was covered in urine, and her first thought was to turn around, grab Ma Lan's hair, and beat her in the face!

Chapter 1914

"Son of a bitch, I'll let you hit me I'll let you hit me you fucking country shrew, even I dare to hit you, it's really against you."

    The first time I saw it, I was in a state of shock. m.dianfeng

    At this time, Ma Lan was screaming as she was beaten and begged for mercy, "Oh my big sister please stop, I know I'm wrong can't I?"

    "Knowing the wrong" Ye Changmin was even more furious when she heard this, and blasted the hammer at Ma Lan, shouting angrily: "You've caused me to be like this, just tell me you know the wrong I'll not only beat you today, but also take your life."

    Ma Lan was scared to death, and said: "Spare me, sister, don't forget, you are Ye Chen's aunt, I am Ye Chen's mother-in-law, we are relatives, we are relatives, how can you do such a deadly thing, in case my son-in-law turns against you in the future, you can't hang up your face."

    Ye Changmin coldly snorted, "I fuck you how can my mother be a relative to a poor man like you Ye Chen if he dares to bring your family back to the Ye family, I won't even spare him"

    When Wu Donghai on the side heard this, he came to his senses and said excitedly, "Ms. Ye, if you just say the word, I'll have this smelly bitch slaughtered."

    When Ma Lan heard this, she looked at Ye Changmin in horror and begged, "Big sister, don't look at the monk's face, just spare me a dog's life, at most you can beat me like Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, that's okay."

    Ye Changmin also wanted very much to let Ma Lan go to hell.

    However, she suddenly thought of the old man's instructions to her, and all of a sudden, she was a little daunted.

    She knew that if she really asked Wu Donghai to kill Ma Lan, Ye Chen was afraid that he would not forgive himself.

    At that time, if Ye Chen became resistant to the Ye family, the old man would definitely blame himself for not getting the job done.

    Thinking of this, she gave up on the idea of getting Ma Lan killed, stared at Ma Lan with a death stare and gritted her teeth, "Less fucking bullshit with me here, I can't kill you today for Ye Chen's sake, but you can be spared the death penalty, but it's hard to escape alive"

    After saying that, she looked towards Wu Donghai and shouted harshly, "Break all her hands and feet."

    As soon as Wu Donghai heard this, he immediately said, "Don't worry, Madam Ye, leave it to me."

    After saying that, he hurriedly shouted to his men, "Someone, cripple her hands and feet."

    As soon as the words left their mouths, a few men swarmed over.

    Ma Lan collapsed in fear and cried out, but they directly held her down and without saying a word, picked up a brick and smashed it on Ma Lan's right knee at once.

    In this instant, Ma Lan was in pain and almost fainted on the spot.

    Her right knee had been broken once by Old Lady Xiao when she was in the detention center, and she had only just removed the cast and recovered a few days after recuperating for so long, and this time it was smashed again.

    Ma Lan's entire body was tearing up and crying out, "Please spare me, my leg was already broken once, and now it just happens to be broken again, you guys are trying to kill me."

    Wu Donghai snapped harshly, "Cut the fucking crap, Miss Ye is going to break your hands and legs, you've only just completed a quarter"

    Ma Lan went crazy and shouted, "Then kill me you kill me, I'll be done with it, I don't have to suffer this anymore."

    Wu Donghai cursed in disgust, "What a fucking shrew you guys, hurry up and waste her"

    The man with the slab was about to strike at Ma Lan's other leg when the door of the warehouse was suddenly kicked open, and more than a dozen loaded black-clothed men quickly fishtailed in, aiming their guns at the people inside.

    The leading black-clothed man held a gun and said coldly, "Everyone freeze, within my sight, if anyone still dares to move, beware my bullets are short sighted."

Chapter 1915

Seeing a group of loaded black-clothed men rushing in, everyone was dumbfounded.

      Wu Donghai was a little nervous and questioned, "Who are you guys?!"

      The black-clothed man with the black mask at the head of it snarled, "We are Interpol!Ordered to investigate a mega transnational fraud case!"

      The one who spoke was none other than Ye Chen's most loyal subordinate, Hong Wu.

      At this time, Ye Chen was on the helicopter outside, but he hadn't come down.

      He wasn't going to directly appear in this matter today, otherwise, there was absolutely no way to explain to his mother-in-law, Ma Lan.

      At this moment, Wu Donghai's expression was extremely surprised, Interpol?Checking for transnational fraud?What's it to you?

      I only kidnapped Mashi and Ye Changmin!

      Lan Ma, however, felt as if her nerves had been hit by a high voltage electric shock, and her entire body shook, immediately thinking of the miserable experience she had when she was sent to jail for stealing Ye Chen's bank card.

      However, a moment later, she immediately came back to her senses and shouted for help, "Comrade Interpol, help!I've been kidnapped by these guys and they're trying to kill me!"

      The black-clothed man leading the group stepped in front of her, checked her injuries, and said coldly to those around him, "Protect the injured first!"

      "Yes!"Several black-clothed men drank at the same time, then rushed forward and dragged Ma Lan, who had a broken leg, to the side.

      Ma Lan saw that she was being protected by a few black-clothed men with guns, and was completely relieved, bawling her eyes out.

      Wu Donghai saw that Ma Lan was being protected and became anxious!

      Ma Lan was her own submission to Ye Changmin, if she was protected by these Interpol officers, how would she still satisfy Ye Changmin!

      So, he immediately questioned, "Hey!Are you making a mistake?There's no suspicion of transnational fraud here!Hurry up and release that woman!"

      Hong Wu walked right up to him, kicked him in the abdomen, kicked him far away, gun to his forehead, and coldly said, "What?You're teaching me how to do things?!"

      Wu Donghai felt the icy cold muzzle and was scared out of his wits, waving his hands, "I don't dare, I just want to make sure ......"

      Hong Wu disdainfully said, "Any more nonsense and we'll bring you back to the Vienna headquarters for trial!"

      Ye Changmin, who was in a bit of a mess at this point, walked over to Hongwu, who was dressed in black, and said, "Interpol, right?I know the people in charge of your headquarters in Vienna, and I don't care what exactly you're here to do, I'm asking you to take me to the hospital first, and then protect me all the way until someone from my family comes to take over!"

      Hong Wu looked at Ye Changmin, smirked for a moment, and without saying a word, went up and smacked her loudly!

      Ye Changmin gave an ouch and before she could question the reason, Hongwu snapped, "Li Cuihua, we've been investigating you for a long time!It was you who created the counterfeit Citibank Black Gold Card and searched for victims all over the country, the reason why Lan Ma was arrested for bank fraud was because she used the card you created, and we've been investigating all the years you've been wooing people around the world under the alias Ye Changmin!And you dare to argue here?!"

      Ye Changmin was filled with confusion by this speech.

Chapter 1916

She subconsciously questioned, "Who are you calling Cuihua Li?!How could I have such a corny name!I'm the Yip's daughter!I'm the as-is Ye Changmin!"

      Hong Wu shouted coldly, "Still pretending with me?How many families have you caused to fall apart and how many businesses and individuals have lost their fortunes over the years, don't you have half a sense of self-awareness yourself?"

      Ma Lan was also confused ......

      There were ten thousand voices in her mind that kept eddying, "What the hell is going on here?Who the hell is this woman?Is she Ye Chen's aunt, or is she a multinational fraudster?!"first issue

      "If she's Ye Chen's aunt, then what's with all these Interpol officers?They also told us exactly what they were caught and imprisoned for in the first place, so it seems like it really makes sense."

      "If she's a multinational fraudster, then why did she find herself trying to get her daughter to divorce Ye Chen?And even a big shot like Wu Donghai believes that she's really the Ye family's daughter?!"

      "These two incidents, it seems like they each have their own reasons, and taking out either one alone can stand up ah ......"

      Just at this time, Hong Wu continued to berate, "Li Cuifa, we have already investigated what you did, we also know the purpose of your visit to Ma Lan, don't you want to avenge your three men who were sentenced to life imprisonment?Wanting to break Marashi's family right?"

      As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she thought of the three women who had troubled her and tried to kill her when she was in jail!

      One of them, a middle-aged woman with a scar on her face, that woman had said at the time that they were arrested because of Ma Lan ......

      Thinking of that, the scales in Ma Lan's heart had tipped!

      She was beginning to think that it was a little more likely that Ye Changmin should be a liar!

      At this moment, Ye Changmin's entire body was stunned, "What are you talking about!I'm not even Cuihua Li!I'm Ye Changmin!"

      Hong Wu sneered, "Still pretending?Seems like all you scammers are so deep into the game that sometimes you even forget who you are and brainwash yourselves, right?Well, in that case, I won't leave you any room for your plans, we've already seen them in advance!You're trying to entice Ma Lan with empty promises so that Ma Lan can persuade her daughter to divorce Ye Chen, right?!"

      Ye Changmin blurted out, "What the hell are you talking about!The check I wrote her was real!!!!!It's a real check like a fake!!!"

      Hong Wu wiped a smile across the corner of his mouth, only that Ye Changmin couldn't see it under the cover of the black mask.

      Ye Chen had already guessed that this aunt of his would definitely use money to hit Ma Lan, so he deliberately asked Hongwu to throw dirty water on Ye Changmin.

      Ma Lan had the experience of being in jail, and fake checks and bank cards would definitely make her incredibly sensitive.

      Ye Chen's guesses about Ma Lan were indeed very thorough!

      As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she immediately came to her senses and took off, "Comrade Interpol, she also gave me a fake check for 100 million before!"

      Hong Wu nodded and said coldly, "Her intention is to induce you and make you mess up your daughter's marriage first, then let you go to the bank with the fake checks to exchange them again, at that time, the bank will definitely call the police, and you will definitely be put back in jail for fraud."

      Saying that, Hong Wu paused and said, "Only, last time you got lucky to be released, if you go back in this time, you won't be so lucky, it's very likely that you will also be sentenced to life imprisonment just like her three underlings!"

      Lan Ma felt a chill down her back as she heard this!Inwardly raving, "Holy crap!Fortunately, I've learned well, and when I saw this bitch Li Chuihua give me the check, I guessed that she must have cheated me, as expected!If I'm really stupid enough to believe it, I'm afraid I'll be a prisoner in the blink of an eye!"

Chapter 1917

The many key points Hongwu mentioned quickly convinced Ma Lan of his words.

      Now, she still remembered the three fierce women she had met in jail, and they had become her psychological shadow.

      Hong Wu looked at her at this time and said seriously, "Ms. Ma Lan, this time you didn't believe this fraudster's trick and didn't fall for it, it is indeed a very big step forward, otherwise, once you are also sentenced to life, you will become a human sandbag for those three underlings of Li Cuihua in your lifetime".

      Mashiro struck a nerve at that!

      "Holy shit!That's a damned dangerous thing to do!It's fortunate that I'm fixed and vigilant, otherwise if I really get trapped and go to jail, wouldn't I be hammered for decades by those three stinking bitches?"

      Hong Wu turned his face to look at Ye Changmin again and said in a cold voice, "Li Cuihua, now that Interpol from over twenty countries have applied for your extradition back to China for investigation, you are arguably the biggest fraudster in the history of mankind!We'll send you back to Interpol headquarters in Vienna overnight for trial, and then exactly which country will extradite you back for trial will depend on which country you committed the highest amount of crime in!"

      Ye Changmin's entire will and spirit was now on the verge of complete collapse!

      She felt as if she had suddenly fallen into a magical world where no one would believe anything she said.

      And, in this magical world, you have a muddled name of Li Cuifa.

      And, you've become a multinational fraudster!

      And the biggest fraudster in the history of mankind!

      This is bullshit!

      Ye Changmin instantly felt as if there was a huge conspiracy hidden behind things, so he loudly snapped, "I now doubt your identity, whether you are Interpol or not!Show me your relevant papers!"

      Hong Wu sneered, "What?Find out you've got your wings and you want to bite back?I'm telling you Li Cuihua, there's no way you'll have any chance of escape this time!"

      Saying that, he immediately ordered to the few people around him, "Cuff her and press her into the helicopter!"


      A few black-clothed men immediately rushed forward and handcuffed Ye Changmin's hands behind her back, and escorted her out.

      Hong Wu coldly said, "Li Cuihua is a felon, put a black hood on her!"


      One of the black-clothed men immediately used a black cloth cover to directly cover Ye Changmin's head.

      Ma Lan, who was paralyzed on the ground because of her broken leg, shouted out, "Comrade Interpol, you must sentence her to death!Don't let this stinking bitch come out and harm anyone again!"

      Hong Wu said indifferently, "Don't worry, we will definitely judge fairly!"

      After saying that, he drank to the other men, "Take this guy surnamed Wu with you, we highly suspect him of cross-border money laundering and have wanted to arrest him for a long time, but never thought we'd run into him here!"

      Wu Donghai said in a panic, "When did I become a suspect in cross-border money laundering!I've always done business by the book, I've never done anything illegal!"

      Hong Wu slapped it straight away: "Still fucking stubborn with me?!Don't you know how many nasty things your brother-in-law has done over the years?"

      Wu Donghai blurted out, "That's all my brother-in-law's doing, what does it have to do with me?"

Chapter 1918

Hong Wu slapped him in the face again and scolded, "If it wasn't for you backing him up, how could he have done so many hurtful things?You think you're immune if you don't do it directly?Don't forget the commanders of those invaders, one and all of them are Class A war criminals!"

      Wu Donghai said off the cuff, "But then I'm not laundering money across the border!"

      Hong Wu sneered, "Wash or no wash, you know it yourself, and so do we!When the time comes, the evidence will all be in front of you, let's see how you can still talk!"

      Afterwards, he waved his hand at the people around him, "Take this guy away!"

      The person Hong Wu hated the most in his life was Wu Donghai.

      He stared at Wu Donghai and cursed in his heart, "This old dog, Wu Donghai, almost killed me when he sent Zhang Zizhou and the others to storm the Heavenly Fragrance Residence!If it wasn't for Master Ye arriving in time to reward me with a rejuvenation pill, I might have already reported to Hell, and if you fall into my hands this time, let's see if I don't fucking kill you!"

      Seeing that Wu Donghai was also taken out, Ma Lan then hurriedly pointed at Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, who were on the ground like dead dogs, and asked Hong Wu, "Comrade Interpol, how are they going to deal with the two of them who intend to kidnap me?"

      Hong Wu faintly said, "This we are, after all, Interpol, is subordinate to the Interpol headquarters in Vienna, the main arrest transnational crime, like them such local criminals, let's just hand them over to the local brother units!"

      Marashi nodded repeatedly and echoed, "That's fine!Sentence them both to life in prison!"

      Hong Wu nodded and said, "Don't worry about that, so I'll arrange for someone to take you to the hospital first, then you notify your family, these two people we'll notify the local brother units, so you don't have to worry about it."

      Ma Lan shed tears of excitement and cried, "Comrade Interpol, then trouble you to send me to the hospital, I happen to have broken my leg again in a few days, hey God, why am I so miserable ah me"

      Hong Wu greeted the people around him and said, "You, drive Ms. Ma to the hospital."

      "Okay Captain!"

      Then, Marashi was helped out of the warehouse by two people.

      Once out of the warehouse, she was stunned by the sight before her!

      There were three helicopters parked in the open space in front of the warehouse, along with a dozen black cars.

      She couldn't help but exclaim in her heart, "My goodness!This Interpol is awesome!There are several helicopters!It's fortunate that there's Interpol today, otherwise, wouldn't you be screwed by that Li Cuihua and Wu Donghai?!"

      Thinking of this, she cursed in her heart again, "That Wu Donghai is also a complete fucking idiot!Also what hundred billionaire CEO, can't even see the identity of a fraudster like Li Cuifa, but also a mouthful of Ms. Ye, shouting so intimately!It's so stupid!"

      Afterwards, Lan Ma was taken to a Rolls-Royce sedan, and the driver drove away from the scene at speed to the Jinling People's Hospital.

      At this moment, Ye Changmin is sitting apprehensively on the helicopter.

      Her head was covered with a black cloth bag, so she couldn't see her surroundings, so she was incomparably nervous.first appearance

      At this time, she felt that her hood was suddenly taken off, and she was terrified.

      But fixing her eyes, she realized that the one sitting in front of her was her nephew, Ye Chen!

      At this moment, Ye Changmin finally knew that these Interpol officers were simply fake, they must all be Ye Chen's people!

      He's just playing with his own script, with all the Li Chuihua and international swindlers!

      Realizing that she had been tricked by Ye Chen, she snapped harshly, "Ye Chen!Are you out of your fucking mind?I'm your aunt and you even dare to play me?!"

Chapter 1919

Faced with the furious Ye Changmin, Ye Chen just smiled and asked her in return, "It's New Year's Eve, you yourself didn't stay in Yanjing to prepare for the New Year, you went to Jinling to find trouble with me, persuade my mother-in-law, ask my wife to divorce me, you can do such dirty things, can't I still play a trick on you?"

      Ye Changmin's expression flashed with embarrassment, then she gritted her teeth, "I was doing that for your own good!Look at that wife of yours, her family is so poor, how can she be worthy of you?"

      Ye Chen said in a cold tone, "Whether my wife is worthy of me or not, there is no need for you to dictate to me here, this matter today is just a small lesson for you, if you know what to do, hurry back to Yanjing, otherwise, I will keep you in Jinling for the New Year."

      Ye Changmin was in a fury!

      She struggled to get up, but was pressed back by the black-clothed man beside her, and could only grit her teeth and shout angrily, "Ye Chen!How dare you threaten me?!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said with a blank expression, "It's still just a threat, if you really piss me off, I might be the one to beat you up."

      "Don't you dare!"Ye Changmin said through clenched teeth, "If you dare to touch me, I'll fight you!"

      Ye Chen grinned at the corner of his mouth and said, "Even my men can slap you, what do I dare not do?The reason why I don't want to hit you is that I just don't want to get my hands dirty."

      Ye Changmin shouted like a stern ghost, "The one who touched me, I'll kill him sooner or later!And your mother-in-law!How dare that shrew hit me!I'll make sure she's in pieces!"

      Ye Chen knitted his brows and raised his eyebrows, "What?You're still so cocky, aren't you?Fine, then don't go back and spend New Year's Eve in Jinling!"

      Ye Changmin questioned, "You want to detain me?!"

      "Right."Ye Chen nodded, "You're a good use of the word, detaining you!"

      Ye Changmin was furious and bellowed out of his mouth, "I'll give you a dare!"Fastest Update

      Ye Chen said calmly, "No need for you to give it, I've already decided, aren't you not convinced?OK, then, when you're convinced, you can leave!"

      Ye Changmin bellowed hysterically, "Ye Chen!At least I'm your elder!It's your own aunt!You can't be so rude to me!"

      "The elders?"Ye Chen coldly questioned, "You claim to be my elder and my aunt, so let me ask you, where were you when I was stranded in the welfare institution?"

      Ye Changmin was suddenly speechless.

      Ye Chen asked again, "I'll ask you again, when I became an adult, where were you when I was working at the construction site?"

      Ye Changmin was still speechless.

      Ye Chen asked again, "And where were you, an aunt, when I got married?"

      Ye Changmin's expression was cloudy, wanting to refute him, but not knowing where to begin.

      Ye Chen spoke at this time, "You, as an aunt, have never cared about me or helped me, it's fine, after all, life is like this, depending on the mountain to fall and everyone to run, people have to learn to rely on themselves, but not only have you never helped me, you've even come to stir up the relationship between me and my wife, what exactly are your intentions?!"

      "I... I..." said Ye Changmin cunningly, "I let that Xiao Choran divorce you for your own good!That kind of woman doesn't deserve you!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Then it's just as much for your own good for me to leave you in Jinling to sharpen your temper, after all, a character like yours, if you're not restrained a bit, you don't know what kind of trouble you'll make in the future, and you might end up making your own little life!"

      Ye Changmin gritted her teeth, "How dare you!Give me a cell phone, I want to call your grandfather!"

      Ye Chen indifferently handed her the phone and said, "Here, use mine to call, now!"

      Afterwards, he said to the black-clothed man beside her, "Take her handcuffs off."

      The man in black immediately did as he was told.

      After Ye Changmin's hands regained freedom, she immediately snatched the phone from Ye Chen's hand, entered a number and pressed dial.

      After the phone prompted a few rings, an old but very thick voice came out, "Hello, who's there?"

      Ye Changmin heard the old man's voice and cried, "Dad, it's me, Dad!"

Chapter 1920

"Changmin?!"The old man on the other end of the phone, Ye Zhongquan, said off the cuff, "How are you doing?!Is there any danger?!"

      Ye Changmin cried, "I've been detained by Ye Chen, he said he won't let me return to Yanjing for the New Year!Dad, this guy is disrespectful and arrogant, you need to help me out!"

      Ye Zhongquan was shocked, "What's going on?!Why are you having trouble with Tatsu?"

      Ye Chen directly took the phone at this time and said coldly, "She went behind my back, found my mother-in-law, and paid my mother-in-law to persuade my wife to divorce me, is this the style of how the Ye family does things?"

      Ye Zhongquan was startled and hesitated for a moment before sighing, "Chen'er, she is your aunt after all."

      Ye Chen asked rhetorically, "So there's how?What right does she have to interfere with my freedom to marry?Don't say she doesn't have that right, even if it's you!"

      Ye Zhongquan lamented, "Hey you're right, she really shouldn't have done that, I apologize for her, just let her come back."

      Ye Chen coldly said, "I said, keep her in Jinling for the New Year, I'll let her go back after the New Year, but no one will let her leave Jinling before the New Year!Not even the King of Heaven's old man!"

      Ye Zhongquan on the other end of the phone hesitated for a moment and said helplessly, "Alright, it's all up to you!"

      As soon as this was said, Ye Changmin was filled with despair and took off, begging, "Dad!I want to go back to Yanjing to spend the New Year with you old man ah dad!"

      Ye Zhongquan seriously said, "Changmin, your personality is indeed too much, take advantage of this lesson and take a good grip on your temperament, don't be almost fifty years old and still go around causing trouble like a young man all day long!"

      "I "Ye Changmin all of a sudden blocked don't know what to say.

      Ye Zhongquan also said: "Chen'er ah, there is time or come home for a visit, grandfather is very "

      Before Ye Zhongquan said the words 'miss you very much', Ye Chen directly hung up the phone.

      He didn't have any relationship with Ye Zhongquan, moreover, he was more or less responsible for the death of his parents, so Ye Chen was even more impatient with him.

      As soon as the phone hung up, Ye Changmin choked and asked, "Ye Chen!It's okay to let me spend New Year's Eve in Jinling, I want to spend it alone in the Presidential Suite at Shangri-La!"

      Ye Chen laughed, "The presidential suite in Shangri-La?I think you're trying to be blind too, I'll rent you a house in the middle of town and let you live there for a week."

      "What?!"Ye Changmin broke down and said, "You you let me go live in a city village?!You're so cruel!"

      Ye Chen sneered, suddenly remembering that it was New Year's Eve, pedaling a bicycle to Jinling, Kong Delong did not know where he had gone?

      So, he directly called Dong Ruolin.

      As soon as the call came through, Dong Ruolin happily asked, "Ye Chen, why did you think of calling me?"

      Ye Chen asked her, "Ruo Lin, where has your cousin Kong Delong gone?"

      Dong Ruolin said, "He told me this morning that it's almost across the Yangtze River, and he expects to reach Jinling this evening."

      Ye Chen frowned, "How come it's so slow?"Fastest Update

      Dong Ruolin said helplessly, "He had a small accident on the way to ride his bike and hurt his arm, so he's slowing down a bit."

      Ye Chen asked again, "Have you found a good house for him in the city village?"

      Dong Ruolin said, "I've found it, as per your request, five hundred dollars a month."

      Ye Chen mmmed and said, "Good, I'll go inspect tomorrow."

      Hanging up the phone, at this time, Hong Wu also came over with Wu Donghai who was wearing a black cloth cover on his head.

      Ye Chen immediately said to him, "Arrange for someone to go to the city village, rent me the worst single room, arrange for Ms. Ye to stay there for seven nights, she is not allowed to go out for these  seven days, food and drink, you arrange for someone to furnish her, whether it's ingredients or daily necessities, only the most ordinary ones are allowed to be bought, understand?

      Hong Wu immediately nodded and said, "Alright Master Ye, I'll arrange it!"


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