Secret Identity 1901-1910


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1901

With this order from Ye Chen, the entire underground world of Jinling was mobilized almost instantly.

    Master Hong Fifth even took to the streets himself to search for clues about Ma Lan with his own men.

    Xiao Hailong did not know this at this time.

    He was only thinking of taking revenge on Ma Lan and sending her to the black brick kiln to do hard labor for the rest of her life, which would not only suppress Ye Chen and Xiao Churan's anger, but also take revenge on himself and even more on his mother.

    Xiao Chang Qian was likewise very excited.

    His hatred for Ma Lan had already risen to a peak.

    Ye Chen's family of four, the one he hated the most was Ma Lan!

    The reason why she hates Ma Lan so much is because Qian Hongyan was sent to the Black Coal Kiln because of Ma Lan, and Qian Hongyan got pregnant in the Black Coal Kiln and infected herself with a venereal disease.

    But Ma Lan had to hang dozens of green hats on the wall to disgust herself, so that she could never forget the harm that Qian Hongyan had brought to her, and she would always feel that her head was green.

    The father and son at this time, along with their accomplices, pulled Ma Lan as well as Ye Changmin to that abandoned warehouse in the suburbs.

    Since the warehouse was huge, the van could drive directly into it.

    As soon as the van came to a stop, Xiao Hailong jumped out of the van first and then dragged Ma Lan out of the van as well.

    Xiao Chang Qian looked at Ma Lan on the ground with a cold smile on his face and sneered, "Ma Lan, Ma Lan, you never dreamed that you would have a fucking day, right?"

    Ma Lan was terrified, but because her mouth was gagged, she couldn't speak, so she could only whimper loudly.

    Xiao Changqian pulled off the towel from her mouth.

    Ma Lan immediately blurted out "Xiao Changqian!How dare you kidnap me, you son of a bitch!I don't believe that my son-in-law, Ye Chen, can blow your dog's head off at any time!"

    "Yo-ho?"Xiao Changqian raised his hand and slapped Ma Lan, annoyed and said, "This is the time, and you're still fucking pretending with me?You think you're on your terrace now, don't you?"

    Ma Lan herself is a master who can't afford to lose, and when she saw that he dared to hit her, she got furious and said, "Xiao Changqian, you wait!My son-in-law knows a lot of respectable people in Jinling, and he'll definitely teach you a hard lesson when the time comes!"

    Xiao Changqian laughed shamefully "You still expect Ye Chen to teach us a lesson?Let me tell you, there are two main purposes for tying you up here today: first, to let a few young men have some fun with you and make some videos to upload to the Internet to ruin you and your family; second, to send you to a black brick factory to burn kilns and move bricks for the rest of your life!How you dealt with Qian Hongyan in the first place, I want to get it back a hundred times a thousand times now!"

    Marashi winced at that!

    She really didn't think that Xiao Chang Qian would come up with such a vicious plan!

    You should ask yourself, if you hadn't been so intent on screwing me out of my money and my son-in-law's villa, I wouldn't have been able to confront you."

    Xiao Changqian raised his hand and smacked another slap, scolding angrily, "Then how do you explain all those cuckolds you hung on your terrace?"

    Ma Lan was busy, "I was wrong about that, brother, please spare me this time for the sake of your younger sibling, I will take all the cuckold hats away after I go back and leave none behind."

    Xiao Changqian coldly snorted, "Now you know you're wrong?I'm telling you, it's late!Even the Great Luo Jinxian won't be able to save you this time!"

    Xiao Hailong, who was on the side, leaned in and asked in a low voice, "Dad, when are we going to let someone do it?"

    Xiao Changqian opened his mouth "There's no rush, wait for General Manager Wu to come over, but Wu wants to witness it with his own eyes!"

Chapter 1902

Xiao Hailong asked again, "What if there is a woman in the car?At that time there was no choice but to tie her up together, but we don't know her either.m.vga."

    Xiao Changqian smacked his lips "There's no hurry, let's finish Ma Lan first, if we can't, we'll send that woman to the black brick kiln together!"

    At this moment, the Ye family had received the news that Ye Changmin had been kidnapped.

    Master Ye's entire body was instantly shaken with rage after hearing about this matter!

    He directly slammed a beloved Yuan Qing Hua plum bottle in the living room and roared angrily, "With my Ye family's strength and status in the country, there are still people who dare to kidnap the Ye family's immediate family members, isn't that too bold?!"

    The three brothers, Ye Changkong, Ye Changyun, and Ye Changjun, looked at me and me at you one by one, but none of them spoke up.

    Ye Changmin's sudden kidnapping was not something to be nervous about for them at all.

    Rather, it was a matter worthy of anticipation and excitement for the three of them.

    None of these three brothers liked Ye Changmin.

    The reason for this was nothing more than the word benefit.

    If Ye Changmin, like Ye Changxiu, the youngest daughter of the Ye family, had married out and gotten down to living with her husband's family, they naturally wouldn't have been dissatisfied with Ye Changmin.

    But just because Ye Changmin had already married out, yet she could not live peacefully in her in-laws' home and teach her children, and had to separate from her husband, then run back to the Ye family in a vain attempt to get a share of the family fortune, this made the three brothers of the Ye family hate Ye Changmin very much.

    And Ye Changmin is already a very calculating person.

    She never cared about the feelings of the three brothers and only cared about the feelings of the old man alone.

    Therefore, she would often deliberately target the three brothers in order to win the old master's affection, making them annoyed to no end.

    Now that she had been kidnapped, wasn't this just a gift from the heavens to the three of them?

    Although the three of them hadn't had any communication with each other, they were all thinking of the same wish.

    That is, they hoped that the kidnappers would directly kill Ye Changmin and never let her back in again.

    The old man Ye Zhongquan was very annoyed, this time, he felt more and more that the eldest daughter Ye Changmin was not only capable, but also very obedient to his own words, compared to the three sons of the yang and yin disobedience, Ye Changmin made himself much more agreeable.

    Now, his daughter was kidnapped in Jinling after being ordered by him to look for Ye Chen, which not only threatened his daughter's life, but also severely beat his face for the old man, so he couldn't accept it no matter what.

    So, he immediately called Chen Zekai to inquire about the specifics of the matter.

    Richard Chen could only reply truthfully, telling Master Ye in detail about how Ye Changmin went to find Ma Lan and how he was kidnapped along with Ma Lan.

    After hearing this, Master Ye asked out of the blue, "Chen Zekai, do you think the other party is targeting Changmin or that Ma Lan?"

    The first thing you need to do is to find out if you've got the right person, and if you've got the right person, you need to find out if you've got the right person."

    Old Master Ye said in a cold voice, "Richard Chen, I have two demands!First, you have to rescue Changmin no matter what, or you'll be the one to ask; second, immediately arrest Changmin's personal bodyguard and serve the family law to break his arms and legs, then send him back to the Ye family to be punished!"

Chapter 1903

Chen Zekai was also very clear that if Ye Changmin had an accident on his own land, he would be more or less responsible.

      If Ye Changmin turned out to be safe, everything would be fine, but if something happened to her, then his good days would be at an end.

      What's more, the one who disappeared with Ye Shaomin this time was also Ye Chen's mother-in-law.

      So, he further increased his search force and even deployed the entire security of Shangri-La, just to search for Ye Changmin and Ma Lan's whereabouts as soon as possible.

      However, the clues needed to be searched from the beauty salon, a little bit of cocooning, so it was not possible to find them immediately.

      Ye Chen had also come out of his home at this time and went to meet up with Richard Chen at the beauty salon.

      He was worried about two things: one was that Ye Changmin had exposed his identity to Ma Lan, and the other was that Ma Lan had been poisoned by the kidnappers.

      He doesn't really have any family feelings towards Ma Lan until now.

      After all, Ma Lan had been bullying and humiliating himself for over three years, and only recently had it changed.

      If he had a choice, Ye Chen would have preferred Ma Lan to disappear into the world.

      However, when he thought of his wife Xiao Churan, Ye Chen's heart was a bit intolerant.

      After all, Xiao Churan was very kind and she was considered very filial to Ma Lan, if Ma Lan disappeared for no reason, it must be an extraordinary blow to her.

      Last time, when Ma Lan was in the detention center, she only disappeared for a few days, Xiao Chu Ran was so worried that if anything happened to Ma Lan, she would be even more worried than last time.

      And it's going to be the New Year in two days, if anything happens to Ma Lan at this time, the family won't even have a good year.

      So, Ye Chen still wanted to find and rescue Ma Lan safely as much as possible.

      At this moment, the suburban abandoned warehouse.

      Ma Lan and Ye Changmin were tied together, and the reason why the Xiao family's father and son hadn't had Ma Lan put to bed yet was mainly because they wanted Wu Donghai to come over and inspect the work first.

      After all, it was a case of being soft-spoken and taking advantage of people's weaknesses.

      The Xiao family had gotten so many benefits from Wu Donghai, yet they hadn't followed Wu Donghai's instructions and made Ye Chen's family's chickens fly, so Wu Donghai himself also felt very insecure.

      This was mainly because the Townsend Villa they were currently living in was not their own, but was lent to them by Wu Donghai.

      Moreover, the money Wu Donghai invested in the Xiao Clan was all conditional, and Wu Donghai could withdraw all of it at any time, and the Xiao Clan would still be left with nothing at that time.

      Therefore, they were intent on pleasing Wu Donghai.

      That way, they would also be able to get more benefits from the Wu family.

      Wu Donghai was sitting in the car on his way to the warehouse, he was in a very excited mood at the moment.

      During this period of time, although he had been busy making the Wu family rise again and couldn't care about fighting with Ye Chen, the hatred in his heart towards Ye Chen had never lessened.

Chapter 1904

This time, when he heard that Xiao Chang Qian was going to make a move on Ye Chen's mother-in-law first, Wu Donghai was naturally delighted and was afraid of missing out on this good show, so he had his men drive and drive himself over to watch the live broadcast.

      As soon as he arrived at the place, Xiao Hailong personally came to open the door of the warehouse and let Wu Donghai's Rolls Royce drive in.

      For his part, Xiao Changqian excitedly walked to the car door and took the initiative to open the backseat door for Wu Donghai.

      As soon as the door opened, Xiao Changqian bowed very humbly and said, "Mr. Wu, you've come!"

      Wu Donghai nodded, saw Ma Lan on the ground tied back to back with Ye Changmin, sneered and said, "This is Ye Chen's mother-in-law, right?"

      "Exactly!"Xiao Chang Qian spoke with a bit of resentment, "This bitch, the number one shrew in the universe, is cheap to the bone!I'll have her taken care of later, to help you, Mr. Wu!"

      When Ma Lan heard this, she was frightened and hurriedly begged, "I beg you to let me go, I have no grudge against you, why are you doing this to me"

      Wu Donghai shouted coldly, "No grudge against me?Do you know that your son-in-law, Ye Chen, is my sworn enemy?Today you fell into my hands, don't blame me for being ruthless, blame yourself for finding yourself a good son-in-law!"

      Ma Lan was about to break down and cried out, "I'm innocent!Ye Chen is not the son-in-law I found for myself, it's the door-to-door son-in-law that Xiao Chang Qian's father recruited for the Xiao family, I was strongly against it at first, but the old man didn't listen to me ah!"

      Wu Donghai said despicably, "Cut the fucking crap with me, as long as they are around Ye Chen, they are all thorns in my flesh!"

      Saying that, his expression was a bit excited, but he said with some regret, "It's a pity, you're just Ye Chen's mother-in-law after all, not Ye Chen's immediate family, it would have been nice if we could have found one of Ye Chen's immediate family first and then slaughtered her in front of Ye Chen's face!"

      As soon as Wu Donghai said this, Ma Lan felt the woman behind her who was tied up with her, tremble violently.

      Ye Changmin was almost scared to death at this point.

      She had thought that she was unlucky to have met Ma Lan, the bitchy woman's enemy.

      But she now realized that what she had encountered was not Ma Lan's enemy, but Ye Chen's enemy!

      Also, the other party was still regretting that they didn't get a chance to kill one of Ye Chen's immediate family members

      Aren't you yourself a direct descendant of Ye Chen?I'm Ye Chen's aunt!

      At this time, Wu Donghai looked at Xiao Changqian and spoke, "Old Xiao, when will you be able to tie up Ye Chen's wife?"

      Upon hearing this, Xiao Chang Qian was more or less embarrassed and said, "Mr. Wu, Xiao Choran is my own niece no matter what, I can't do this."

      Wu Donghai waved his hand, "I wasn't trying to kill his wife!His wife is going to stay in the penultimate one, before killing Ye Chen in front of her!"

      Saying that, Wu Donghai made a slight pause and added, "What I mean is, first kill a direct family member who is related to Ye Chen by blood for fun, doesn't he have any parents, doesn't he have any seventh aunt, eighth aunt, etc.?"

      Xiao Chang Qian thought carefully and said, "Ye Chen has always been an orphan ah, I've never heard of him having any immediate family, they should have all died out long ago!"

      Wu Donghai sighed, "That's a real shame!"

      At this time, Mashi suddenly had a flash of wisdom and got out, "I know I know!Ye Chen has an immediate family member!This bitch tied up with me is Ye Chen's aunt!If you guys hate Ye Chen, just slaughter her, slaughtering her will definitely be much more useful than slaughtering me!"

      Ye Changmin's entire body was already in cardiac arrest!

      She cried out in despair in her heart, "When I came out, dad still explained me.But don't let Ma Lan know that I'm a member of the Ye family, the fear is that Ma Lan will lionize me if she knows that I'm a member of the Ye family so how in the world does this Ma Lan know that she's Aunt Ye Chen?!"

Chapter 1905

Ma Lan actually didn't even know who Ye Changmin really was. m.

    She didn't even know what exactly Ye Changmin's last name was, what she was called, or where she came from.

    And the reason why Ma Lan said that Ye Changmin was Ye Chen's aunt was a complete fabrication of words.

    The reason why she said that was solely because she was completely scared by what Wu Donghai had just said.

    Ma Lan was afraid that Wu Donghai would want to kill her, so she mused, "Since Wu Donghai wants to slaughter one of Ye Chen's immediate family members to relieve his hatred, I might as well trap this bitch behind me for a while!Not only will it make me safer for myself, but it will also avenge the woman who humiliated me and got into a fight with me!"

    "This damn woman came to pretend with me for no reason!And cheating me with fake checks and asking me to persuade my daughter to divorce Ye Chen, for that, I falsely accused her of being Ye Chen's aunt, which is completely justified!"

    So, Marashi didn't expect to be crooked!

    Wu Donghai was even more surprised that the woman behind Ma Lan was Ye Chen's aunt, he asked in surprise, "Ma Lan, you're not playing a trick on me when you say he's Ye Chen's aunt, are you?"

    "Of course not!"Ma Lan immediately said out of the blue, "This woman is indeed Ye Chen's aunt, and just now she even went to the beauty salon to find me, saying that she wanted to give me a cheque for 100 million and make my daughter leave Ye Chen!"

    After hearing this, Wu Donghai strode up to Ye Changmin and looked her up and down.

    Although he could see that Ye Changmin was dressed unusually and didn't look like an ordinary person, he didn't have any impression of her face.

    It was not his fault that he was lonely and uneducated, mainly because although the Yanjing Ye family was famous, the immediate members of the Ye family rarely showed their faces in the public eye for personal safety.

    Other than the high society of Yanjing, ordinary people simply didn't have the opportunity to meet the Ye family.

    The various media outlets also absolutely did not dare to report any personal information about the Ye family members.

    Therefore, although Wu Donghai was familiar with the Ye family in Yanjing, even like thunder, he really didn't know anyone from the Ye family.

    Naturally, he couldn't recognize the Ye Changmin in front of him.

    So, he directly pulled off the towel from Ye Changmin's mouth and asked in a cold voice, "Are you Ye Chen's aunt?"

    Ye Changmin shivered in fear and shook her head desperately to deny it, "No!I'm not Ye Chen's aunt!I have nothing to do with Ye Chen!"

    Marashi yelled, "Fart your ass!You have no relationship with Ye Chen, so why do you want my daughter to divorce Ye Chen?!"

    Ye Changmin was so nervous that she didn't know how to reply.

    She personally heard Wu Donghai say that he would slaughter Ye Chen's immediate family, if he knew that he was Ye Chen's aunt, he would definitely kill himself without saying a word.

    Therefore, she knew that she must not acknowledge this relationship.

    She didn't even dare to reveal her identity as a member of the Ye family, because once the other party knew that she was a member of the Ye family, she was afraid that they would even be even more afraid that they would do nothing and kill her forever.

    When Wu Donghai saw that she didn't speak for a long while, he went forward and slapped Ye Changmin's face with a fierce slap, gritting his teeth in anger, "Not telling, right?!Okay!I'm going to kill you!It's better to kill the wrong person than to let go anyway!"

    Ye Changmin was extremely pale and cried, "Actually, I'm not even a relative of Ye Chen, I just think this boy Ye Chen is good looking and quite capable, so I want him to be my son-in-law."

Chapter 1906

"Bullshit!"This time, before Ma Lan opened her mouth, Wu Donghai scolded Ye Changmin, then slapped her and scolded: "Do you think I'm a three-year-old fucking child?You didn't know that Ye Chen was married?"

    "I know," cried Ye Changmin, "It's because I know, that's why I can only do this, I want to break up Ye Chen and Xiao Choran first, then my daughter will have a chance!"

    Wu Donghai sneered, "This woman of yours is very dishonest at a glance, I can tell from your eyes that you haven't told me the truth!"

    Ye Changmin's heart was nervous to death. m.bigmb.

    She didn't really have a very good psychological quality, and it wasn't because she had been so blind before, but by virtue of the Ye family's aura, so she could be as reckless as she wanted, unafraid of anyone daring to think ill of her.

    However, this wasn't Yanjing after all.

    She had also underestimated Wu Donghai's hatred for Ye Chen.

    At this time, Wu Donghai only wanted to teach Ye Chen a little lesson before finding an opportunity to kill Ye Chen as well.

    Therefore, it was impossible for Wu Donghai to reason with Ye Changmin.

    If Ye Changmin couldn't prove very clearly that she was indeed not Ye Chen's aunt, then Wu Donghai would rather kill the wrong person than let go!

    So, Ye Changmin could only choke up and say, "This gentleman, since you hate Ye Chen so much, you must know that Ye Chen was an orphan and grew up in an orphanage, how could I be his aunt?If I were really his aunt, how could I have let my nephew live in an institution for so many years, don't you think?"

    Wu Donghai snorted coldly and gritted his teeth, "What's impossible?When that son of a bitch brother-in-law of mine died, he left behind a little girl, that little girl is my wife's niece, she also called my wife aunt, my wife always wanted to take her to herself and raise her, but I didn't agree to it, so that little girl is still living in an institution to this day, isn't that exactly the same as your situation?"

    Ye Changmin was suddenly stunned, her heart already completely at a loss as to what to do.

    At this time, Xiao Hailong, who was on the side, rummaged in Ye Changmin's bag for a while, flipped out an ID from his wallet, and handed it to Wu Donghai with a flattering face, speaking, "Mr. Wu, look, this woman's name is Ye Changmin, she's from Yanjing!"

    Wu Donghai tightened his frown.

    The surname Ye wasn't too many, but it wasn't too few either, so he didn't think of Ye Changmin and the Yanjing Ye family together.

    Instead, he found out that this woman was also surnamed Ye, and almost instantly concluded that she must be Ye Chen's aunt!

    Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and grabbed Ye Changmin's hair, smacking his big mouth several times, smacking Ye Changmin's mouth full of blood, before he said coldly, "You're bold enough to play a fucking trick on me, do you really think I'm a vegetarian, Wu Donghai?!"

    Ye Changmin was beaten up, the whole person also almost collapsed, crying, "Mr. Wu, I beg you to let me go, I have no grievances with you, why do you have to repeatedly make things difficult for me it wronged, Ye Chen offended you, then you go and kill him, do not make it difficult for me a woman, please"

    Unless it was absolutely necessary, Ye Changmin didn't dare to reveal her true identity yet, because if she did, it might even strengthen Wu Donghai's heart to kill and destroy her.

    So, she wanted to carry it to the end!

    If there was really no other way, then use your identity as a last resort.

    At this time, Wu Donghai sarcastically laughed, "You say you have no grudge against me!Let me tell you, all of Ye Chen's family and friends are my enemies in Wu Donghai!One of you is Ye Chen's aunt and the other is Ye Chen's mother-in-law, so neither of you will run away!"

    Saying that, he immediately snapped at one of the bodyguards beside him, "Shigeru!Drag Ye Chen's aunt out first and shoot her straight away!"

Chapter 1907

This violent cry from Wu Donghai made Ye Changmin's frightened entire body instantly shake into chaff.

      Because of the high tension in her body, Ye Changmin peed her pants on the spot when she didn't have control over one of them.

      Since she was tied back to back with Ma Lan, after urinating, her urine flowed into a big puddle under her body.

      Ma Lan suddenly felt that the place where she was sitting instantly became wet, and the air still had a bit of a foul smell, and was suddenly like an electric shock, as she struggled to move her body and cursed, "Why are you so disgusting, you bitch!When is it bad to pee in your pants? You have to pee now, it's all over me!"

      Ye Changmin had completely collapsed, all the decency she had raised for decades as a wealthy daughter of a wealthy family had gone up in smoke.

      She looked at Wu Donghai and cried out, "Mr. Wu, please don't kill me, I'm the eldest miss of the Yanjing Ye family, my name is Ye Changmin, if you spare me this time, I can give you lots and lots of money, my father Ye Zhongquan will also give you lots and lots of money!"

      Suddenly startled, Wu Donghai looked at Ye Changmin and asked incredulously, "You said you're the Eldest Miss of the Yanjing Ye Family?!"

      Ye Changmin cried, "Yes, I am!I really am!"

      Wu Donghai asked again, "You said your father's name was Ye Zhongquan?!"

      Ye Changmin nodded repeatedly and choked out, "Yes!Ye Zhongquan is my father!"

      Wu Donghai had never heard of Ye Changmin.

      However, he had heard of Ye Zhongquan's great name.

      Ye Zhongquan was, after all, the head of the Ye family and was very well known in the country.

      When Ye Changmin said that she was Ye Zhongquan's daughter, Wu Donghai's first thought was, "Impossible!"

      He stared at Ye Changmin and sneered, "Didn't you just happen to pee?Take a good look at yourself and see if you look like a Yeoman."

      Ye Changmin collapsed[Haitang Book House] and begged from the bottom of his heart, "Big brother, I really am a Ye family member!"

      Wu Donghai said disdainfully, "Well, even if you really are a member of the Ye family, then let me ask you, what are you doing here in Jinling with nothing to do, being a Ye family lady?"

      Ye Changmin choked out, "I I came to find Ye Chen"

      Wu Donghai was even more disdainful: "Ye Chen is just a door-to-door son-in-law who knows a bit of Feng Shui metaphysics, don't you fucking tell me that he's also a member of the Yanjing Ye family!"

      Ye Changmin cried, "It's a thousand times true!Ye Chen is really a member of our Ye family, he is my second brother's own son, my father's own grandson."

      Ma Lan was dumbfounded and forgot that she was already completely soaked with Ye Changmin's urine underneath her, and asked out of her mouth, "What did you say?!You're saying that Ye Chen is the grandson of the Yanjing Ye family?!"

      "Yes" said Ye Changmin with incomparable sincerity "Ye Chen had been living in Yanjing when he was a child, and only later came to Jinling with his parents for some rather special reasons, and when his parents died, he was sent to the Jinling Orphanage"

      "No way!"Ma Lan retorted, "If Ye Chen was really the young master of the Yanjing Ye family, how could he have been raised in an orphanage?And he's been working on a construction site since he was an adult. My father-in-law picked him up from the site. You're telling me he's the youngest son of the Ye family in Yanjing?And I fucking said I was the Queen Mother coming down!"

      Wu Donghai also said in a cold voice, "What you're saying simply doesn't make sense, if Ye Chen really had such an awesome identity, how could he enter such a nasty family?"

      Xiao Changqian touched his nose and said awkwardly, "Mr. Wu, isn't that an inappropriate thing for you to say?"

      "That's right Mr. Wu" Xiao Hailong who was on the side was also somewhat unconvinced and spoke up, "Our Xiao family is at least considered a middle family in Jinling, that's also a respectable one!"

      Wu Donghai glared at him and scolded, "Your family has head and face?How dare your sister kneel down and lick that old man Xiao Yiqian?You have a head and a face and your mother sleeps with an overseer in a black coal kiln?"

      When Xiao Chang Qian heard this, his face turned red with shame and he wanted to pick up a crack in the ground and burrow in right there.

      Xiao Hailong beside him also wanted to die of embarrassment.

Chapter 1908

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your family.Your grandma has the nerve to steal dumplings from Yeh Chen's house?How much does it cost you to buy two pounds of leeks at the fucking market!A fucking family of idiots who say you're dirty are giving you a fucking face!"

      Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong's father and son were dumbfounded.

      What Wu Donghai said was all true, after the Xiao family fell out of favor, they had indeed done a lot of unruly, indecent, and bullshit backfiring things, if they were to be brought out one by one, it would really be a disgrace to the Xiao family's ancestors.

      Ye Changmin wanted to die.

      Obviously, she was confessing her identity and Ye Chen's background to Wu Donghai, how come it turned into Wu Donghai scolding the other two people?

      So, she looked at Wu Donghai with an incomparably pious expression and said, "Big brother, every word I said is true, I can swear to the heavens, please, for the sake of me being a member of the Ye family, let me go!"

      At this moment.

      Ye Chen was sitting in Richard Chen's helicopter, flying extremely fast to the outskirts.

      Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong's methods of committing the crime were not very clever, and trying to find out the trajectory of their actions was not a difficult task for Chen Zekai and his men.

      Soon, they locked the van based on the CCTV footage, and then used the traffic surveillance to return their crime route all the way out.

      After learning that the other party was in an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs, Richard Chen immediately organized a large number of his men and prepared to go to rescue them.

      Naturally, Ye Chen also went with him.

      While the helicopter was flying, Ye Chen, who was sitting in the cabin, was filled with sadness.

      Seeing this, Richard Chen at the side hurriedly comforted, "Young Master, we'll be there in a few minutes, your mother-in-law and your aunt shouldn't be in danger."

      Ye Chen rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong are most likely working for Wu Donghai, I can probably guess how they will treat Ma Lan, most likely after abusing her a bit, they will find a place like a black coal kiln and lock her in to suffer, so I'm not worried that they will kill Ma Lan."

      Richard Chen nodded and said, "Your aunt is the eldest daughter of the Ye family, if it's true that Wu Donghai is behind it and your aunt reveals her identity, he shouldn't dare to make a fuss, so it's probable that your aunt's life won't be in danger."

      Ye Chen smacked his lips, "What I'm worried about is that aunt of mine revealing her identity!If she reveals her identity, she will inevitably reveal my identity as well, and I don't want anyone to know right now that I have anything to do with the Yanjing Ye family!"

      Chen Zhaiqi was busy asking, "What if your aunt has already said it?"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "If she has already said it, then it will be time for her to suffer a bit!"

Chapter 1909

At this moment, the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

      Ye Changmin, who originally didn't dare to reveal her identity, couldn't care less right now.

      The first daughter of the Yanjing Ye family, you mentioned that Ye Chen grew up in an orphanage, which I don't deny, this is mainly because of Ye Chen's special situation, his father was the famous Ye Changsha of Yanjing, you should have heard of this."

      Wu Donghai's heart thumped.

      In his mind, he thought, "Ye Changba?!This was my idol when I was young!Back then, the Ye Changya, with his own strength, let the Ye family stand on top of the country, and even crossed and even suppressed the arrogance of the old Rothschild family in Europe and America, that man, back then in the domestic business world, was simply like a god!It's a pity that Ye died young back then, otherwise the future would have been boundless."

      Thinking of this, he frowned at Ye Changmin and asked, "You said Ye Chen is Ye Changba's son?!What's the evidence?!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful doxology to read.

      Ye Changmin blurted out, "Don't you think that they look a lot like father and son?The two are literally made out of the same mold, where is the need for any evidence."

      Wu Donghai said coldly, "What you're saying is nonsense!I don't even know what Ye Changba looks like!"

      When Ye Changba died eighteen years ago, the internet in China was just starting, and usually relied on TV and newspapers for any information.

      However, for a family like the Ye family, TV and newspapers usually didn't report directly, so things about these big families basically relied on word of mouth from the high society.

      At that time, Wu Donghai was in Suhang again, so he didn't even have the chance to meet Ye Changsha, he only heard about the many deeds of Ye Changsha.

      Therefore, where did he know whether Ye Chen and Ye Changming looked alike or not.

      Ye Changmin could only say: "You have just seen my ID card, my name is Ye Changmin, a native of Yanjing, the word 'Ye' is my surname, as for the middle character 'Chang', it is my character generation, I have two brothers, two younger brothers, elder brotherYe Changkong, his second brother Ye Changjun, his third brother Ye Changjun, his fourth brother Ye Changjun, and a sister named Ye Changxiu, all of which are a thousand times true!I'm really a Yeoman!"

      Wu Donghai frowned.

      Ye Changkong he had already heard about it like thunder.

      He could not help but mutter in his heart, "What this woman said, is it true!If so, wouldn't I be in mortal trouble!In case the Ye family then pursues the matter, the Wu family is afraid that it will be ruined!"

      Seeing Wu Donghai's shifty expression and his inability to hide his nervousness, Xiao Hailong, who was on the side, was a bit shocked.

      He asked Xiao Chang Qian in a low voice, "Dad, when you say that Ye Chen, that hangman, is he really a member of the Ye family, right?"

      Xiao Changqian frowned and said seriously, "I don't know about this either, at first glance it feels impossible, but on second thought, it doesn't seem to be fake, otherwise where did this woman come from?Even if she's not Ye Chen's aunt, she's at least related to Ye Chen in some way!"

      Xiao Hailong nodded repeatedly, "Makes sense!"

      Ma Lan was also a bit clouded at this point.

      She had originally scoffed at everything Ye Changmin had said, but the more she heard Ye Changmin say, the more real it seemed to be.

      She couldn't help but wonder in her heart, "Mother, is that son-in-law of mine really the fallen young master of a top big family!If this is true, then won't I be flying high from now on?!"

      Ma Lan's heart was excited.

      However, a moment later, the excitement in her heart was immediately replaced by a heart full of despair.

      She looked around at these sinister people and wailed in her heart: "Oh my, why is my life so bitter? It's not easy for my son-in-law to be capable, but I was kidnapped by these bastards.Did Ye Chen come back to save me?!"

Chapter 1910

Thinking of this, Ma Lan suddenly realized in her heart that she had treated Ye Chen too badly in the past.

      She thought of her past history of ordering Ye Chen around, shouting at him, and even bullying and abusing him in various ways, and regretted it to the core.

      Inwardly, she couldn't help but think, "What if Ye Chen still holds a grudge against me in his heart?I disappeared this time, it might be just as he wished, if he doesn't want me to go back at all, then he won't come to rescue me at all, am I going to spend the rest of my life in a black brick kiln to move bricks?!"This is the first time I've ever read a novel on my phone.

      At this thought, Ma Lan boarded up with tears.

      At this time, Wu Donghai looked at Ye Changmin and spoke, "Since you say that you are a member of the Ye family, let me ask you, what evidence do you have to prove it?"

      Ye Changmin hurriedly said, "I have my checkbook and my personal signature stamp in my bag, you can read it!"

      Wu Donghai looked to Xiao Hailong and asked off the cuff, "Where's her bag?"

      Xiao Hailong immediately returned to the van and took out Ye Changmin's top runway Hermes.

      As soon as he saw the bag, Wu Donghai's heart thudded.

      Ma Lan did not know the goods and could not recognize how much this bag was worth, but he knew it.

      In the beginning, his wife Xue Yaqin also went to the Hermes spring show, in that show, the final finale was this bag.

      And, according to the Hermes official introduction at the time, this bag was made by hand by gathering the best Hermes craftsmen, and it was the only one that was extremely valuable.


      Xue Yaqin is still not giving up, even looking for Wu Donghai, hoping that Wu Donghai can find a way to help her buy this bag.

      Wu Donghai tried several times, but they did not let go.

      Later, a senior official of Hermes told Wu Donghai that this bag has been ordered by the top family in Yanjing and advised him to give up.

      When Wu Donghai heard that it was ordered by the top family in Yanjing, he immediately understood that the other party was by no means an object that he could compete with.

      So, he splurged and bought a whole bunch of other Hermes for his wife before he was able to get her to give up on this bag.

      Now, upon seeing this bag again, he had almost immediately identified Ye Changmin in his heart!

      At this moment, Wu Donghai's heart wanted to die inside!

      "Isn't that a fucking beeping dog? It's not!Today, it's just the Xiao family father and son looking to flatter themselves, saying that they want to mess with Ma Lan, and they are in a position to hate Ye Chen, so they came over to watch the fun."

      "But who the hell would have thought that the Xiao family's father and son, a pair of dog bastards, would have kidnapped the Ye family's eldest daughter along with them!"

      "It's the Ye family!Let's not talk about where this pair of loser fathers and sons got the guts to be dogs, but the point is, how could such a big man let this pair of fathers and sons be tied up?Does Ye Changmin not even have a bodyguard by his side?!"

      I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do that.The characters can't even have a bodyguard around them, can they?"

      Ye Changmin blurted out, "I brought it!I brought two personal bodyguards and an assistant with me, but I just wanted to go to the beauty salon to talk to Ma Lan about Ye Chen, and I didn't want Ma Lan to know my identity and then be blackmailed by her into our Ye family, that's why I had the bodyguards waiting at the door."

      At this point, Ye Changmin said sadly and angrily, "But I never would have thought that the owner of that beauty salon would be in cahoots with you guys!"


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