Secret Identity 1891-1900

Amazing son-in-law chapter 1891

The shop assistant was questioned by Ye Changmin so much, and all of a sudden she didn't know how to reply.

      She knew very well in her heart that the boss meant that she would never treat customers this morning, so she couldn't let anyone in even if she said anything.

      So she hurriedly said, "I'm sorry ah ma'am, we are indeed not treating customers in the morning, Ms. Ma made a reservation in advance, so I'm sorry."

      Ye Changmin almost exploded with anger.

      I have condescended to come to this shabby beauty salon, it's simply a phoenix coming to the chicken coop, and I didn't expect this chicken coop to even let me in!

      She became furious and said, "You won't let me in, will you?I don't believe you'll never have to work in this shop again!"

      The shop assistant was at a loss as to what to do.

      She could also see that Ye Changmin's dress was not an ordinary person at a glance, and if she really angered her, she might really get into trouble.

      So she could only say respectfully, "Excuse me ah madam, please wait for a moment, I'll go and consult our boss."

      Ye Changmin waved her hand in disgust, "Move faster, I'm a person with very limited patience!"

      The shopkeeper hurriedly ran to the boss's office, who was already in his own office at this time, packing up his valuables.

      He planned to be the one to help Xiao Hailong this time today, and after making that 200,000 yuan, he was immediately ready to run away and empty the shop completely tonight, so that when the shop members came tomorrow, they would find that the beauty salon was already empty.

      This is also the consistent pattern of most gyms and beauty salons running away, taking advantage of the unpreparedness of people's feet, and catching all the members who have been lulled into doing the stored value card by surprise.

      The shopkeeper entered the office and hurriedly spoke up, "Boss, there's another woman outside who had to come in!I can't stop her, you should go check it out!"

      When the boss heard this, he frowned and asked, "What woman?Didn't you tell her you wouldn't be entertaining guests in the morning?"

      "Told ya!"The shopkeeper said aggrievedly, "I told her several times, but she insisted that the customer surnamed Ma came in, why can't she ......"

      The boss got nervous: "It's not like you know the one surnamed Ma, right?"

      "I don't know ......"

      The boss pondered for a moment and said, "Alright, I'll deal with her and see what she wants."

      After saying that, he got up and came out of the office, all the way to the front desk.

      Seeing Ye Changmin, the boss also saw that this woman's origin should not be small, and he was even more nervous.

      So he hurriedly went forward and asked, "This lady, I don't know what you need?"

      Ye Changmin said coldly, "Your shop is open, why don't you let me in?And what do you mean, no hospitality in the morning?"

      The owner accosted me with a smile and busily said, "Honestly, we have guests wrapped up in the morning for a full set of treatments, so it's not convenient to be a guest anymore, so why don't you come over in the afternoon or tomorrow, and I'll arrange the best technician for you!"

      Ye Changmin said disdainfully, "Don't follow me with this crap, I didn't come to your shabby place to spend money!"

      The owner frowned, "You don't come to spend, so what are you doing here?"


Chapter 1892

Ye Changmin said, "I'm here to find Ma Lan, who just came to you for nursing, and I have something to talk to her in private. m.x."

    As soon as the boss heard that he wasn't here to consume, he blackened his face and said unhappily, "If you're not here to consume, then please go out, there's a place for you to talk to someone, and I don't provide such services here."

    Ye Changmin gave the bodyguard a wink, and the bodyguard immediately took out 50,000 yuan in cash from the small suitcase he was carrying and slapped it on the counter.

    When that boss saw the money, his attitude was suddenly flattering again, and he asked with a smile, "This lady, what kind of service do you want me to offer you?"

    Ye Changmin coldly said, "Take me to see Ma Lan, I want to have a private chat with Ma Lan, it won't take long, at most half an hour, during this half hour, no one is allowed to disturb you, if you can do it, this 50,000 yuan is your reward, do you understand?"

    When the boss heard this, he thought to himself, "Xiao Hailong told me to feed that Ma Lan some sleeping pills and wait for her to fall asleep before Xiao Hailong secretly took her away, now halfway through, this big sister wants to talk to Ma Lan for half an hour and then pay 50,000 yuan, this sounds like a pretty good deal, as long as I ask Xiao Hailong to wait for half an hour more and wait for the big sister to finish talking to Ma Lan and leave.Can't you just feed sleeping pills?"

    When he thought of this, he immediately smiled and agreed, "Yes, yes, yes!It's just half an hour of private time, no problem, Ms. Ma Lan is taking a bubble bath, you can wait in the sa room first."

    Ye Changmin nodded and said to the bodyguard, "Follow me."

    "Oi oi!"The boss hurriedly said, "We are a women's exclusive club, where members are dressed very casually, sometimes even without clothes, the members private service area even I, the boss, can't go in, you can't bring this gentleman inside as well!"

    Ye Changmin didn't think that an ordinary beauty salon would be dangerous, so he said to the bodyguard, "You wait outside."

    The bouncer nodded lightly.

    First Address.8

    Ye Changmin's whereabouts today was temporary and there weren't any suspicious people tailing him along the way, so there was basically no chance of encountering any danger in this situation, so he didn't care too much.

    The bodyguard was waiting at the door, and only then did Ye Changmin say to that boss, "Can you take me in now?"

    The boss smiled, busy, "Let our clerk take you in, I can't go inside either."

    "Good."Ye Changmin nodded and followed the clerk into the inside of the beauty salon.

    This beauty salon was quite deep, outside was the front desk, the lobby, then through the gallery was the bathing place, and then deeper only was the sa room.

    The reason why the sa room is placed in the deepest part is mainly because the customers who come to do sa are for complete relaxation and are very exclusive to noise, if it is too close to the outside and closer to the highway, the vibration and horn sound of passing cars back and forth will be very obvious.

    Ye Changmin followed the shopkeeper and after walking through the deep corridor, she came to one of the sa rooms.

    The clerk respectfully said to her, "Hello madam, please wait here for a moment, I will bring Ms. Ma out later."

    Ye Changmin hmmm, from his limited edition Hermes backpack, he took out 10,000 yuan in cash and handed it to her, instructing her, "Don't tell Ma Lan that I'm waiting here, just bring her in directly, understand?"

    The clerk happily accepted the $10,000 and said excitedly, "Don't worry, I won't tell!"

    "Mm."Ye Changmin nodded, "You can go out first."

    "Yes ma'am."

    After the clerk went out, Ye Changmin frowned in disgust as she looked at the room.

    She took out a check from her bag that she had already written, the amount on the check was one billion RMB, which she intended to use to buy Ma Lan.

    However, the more she looked at the low-end environment of this beauty salon, the more she lamented in her heart, "This Ma Lan would even go to such a place to be an SA, she must be a bumpkin who has never seen money before, giving her one billion is too much!"

Chapter 1893

Ye Changmin thought of this and stuffed the check for one billion back into her wallet.

      She felt that if she wanted to buy a cheap woman like Ma Lan, one billion would be an injustice, and one billion would be enough.

      So, she took out her checkbook again and temporarily wrote a check for one hundred million.

      She planned to, later on, just take this one hundred million cheque and entice Ma Lan, so that she could go home and force her daughter to divorce Ye Chen, in this way, her mission to Jinling this time would be half completed.

      After writing the cheque for 100 million, she took out a Hermes silk scarf from her bag and padded it on the sofa, which was why she sat down.

      At this time, Marashi was still soaking beautifully in the bathtub.

      In fact, she had already finished washing, the reason why she was still soaking and didn't want to get out was mainly because she felt that this milk petal bath should be very moisturizing for her skin, so she might as well soak for a little longer.

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Changqian, at this time, had already brought a few flowing young men in a large van to the back door of the beauty salon.

      Xiao Hailong pulled out his phone, called the boss, and asked, "Old Bai, how are things getting ready?Have you knocked Mashi out yet?I'll be waiting at the back door!"

      The boss thought to himself, "I haven't finished earning the extra 50,000, so I'll have to wait until my 50,000 is safely in my pocket before I do anything!"

      So he said to that Xiao Hailong, "Hailong you wait a moment ah, that Ma Lan is taking a bubble bath, a bit of ink, but don't worry, I have people ready with added water, when she finished her bubble bath I'll find a chance to make her drink it, you just wait patiently for me to inform you, once she passes out, I'll call you, then you can just come in and bring someone!"

      As soon as Xiao Hailong heard this, he smiled and said, "Old Bai, it's still you who's reliable!Okay!In that case, I'll wait a little longer, and you'll let me know immediately when it's done."

      "Okay [New Pencil Pavilion] le, see you just!"


      After soaking for another ten minutes, Ma Lan's skin felt a bit pale from the water before she reluctantly got out of the bathtub.

      After she came out, she immediately pressed the service bell, and the shop assistant who received her before hurriedly came in with a clean bath towel in her hand.

      She helped Ma Lan put the bath towel around her and asked attentively, "Lady, do you need to wear disposable underwear?I'll unpack it for you if you need it."

      Saying that, she added, "All of our technicians and service staff are women, so it's actually okay if you don't wear it."

      Ma Lan thought about it and said, "I'd better put it on, this isn't a bathhouse after all, it's too awkward if I'm the only one naked."

      The clerk nodded and quickly unpacked the disposable underwear for her to put on, and prepared another bathrobe for her, waiting for Ma Lan to put on the bathrobe before leading her to the spa room.

      When she opened the door, the attendant said to Ma Lan, "Please come in, ma'am."

      When Ma Lan nodded her head and stepped in, she found a fancy dress woman sitting on the sofa in the room, so she asked the clerk, "Is this your technician?Isn't this fancy and flashy outfit too much?With all those ornaments on my body, making me look like a jewelry store dummy model, what if this accidentally scratches me?"

      Ye Changmin must have exploded with anger at these words.

      In her heart, she cursed, "Fucking bumpkin, how dare you say that I'm wearing fancy clothes and that I'm pompous?!"

Chapter 1894

The shopkeeper was also embarrassed at this time, looking at Ye Changmin, not knowing how to introduce her to Ma Lan.

      Ye Changmin's brows were furrowed and his tone was arrogant as he said to the clerk, "Okay, you go out first, I'll talk to her."

      The shopkeeper was so impressed that he hurriedly exited the room and closed the door.

      Ma Lan looked vigilantly at Ye Changmin and asked in a cold voice, "Hey, who are you?"

      Ye Changmin said indifferently, "You don't deserve to know who I am."

      Ma Lanton spat, "I pooh!Why are you pretending to be a hawk, you old bitch?Dress colorful, like the fucking United Nations, and carry a fake Hermes, and the bull isn't you?"

      Ye Changmin snapped in anger, "What did you say?!I'm wearing a bespoke runway coat made for me by the top Chanel designer!This Hermes of mine is also a top of the line limited edition!The clothes I'm wearing alone are worth at least fifty million!"

      Ma Lan said disdainfully, "Don't fucking pretend with me, do you think I'm a bumpkin who has never seen the world?With that damn Hermes of yours, and her mother daring to say it's a limited edition, let me tell you, I'm the one who really carries Hermes!"

      Saying that, she immediately from the locker, took out the Hermes backpack that she put in it before bathing, hung it on her arm and stretched it out in front of Ye Changmin, toeing the line: "Open your dog eyes to show me clearly, this is the real Hermes, simple and atmospheric, understand?"

      Ye Changmin took a look at Ma Lan's Hermes and was so angry with her that she laughed out loud.

      When Ma Lan saw her laughing, she scoffed, "What?When you see a real Hermes, you don't dare pretend, do you?"

      Ye Changmin sighed and sneered, "I sort of know what it means to be poor and horizontal, so that's what you're called!"

      Saying with a scowl in her eyes, "Carrying the most basic entry-level Hermes model and still daring to flaunt it in front of me?"

      Immediately, Ye Changmin brought up her Hermes and sneered, "Open your dog eyes and show me, I can buy you more than a hundred of this Hermes!"

      "Fart your old mule!"Ma Lan said with extreme disgust, "You don't even get taxed on your fucking bragging, and from what you're saying, you get 10 million for this Hermes?"

      Ye Changmin sneered, "Fifteen million!"

      Ma Lan trailed off: "I don't know where the hell you come from, but if I chopped you up and sold you by the pound, you wouldn't be worth fifteen million!Still playing pussy with your Grandma Ma?Get the fuck out of here! Don't make me miss my spa!"

      When Ye Changmin heard this, she was shaking with anger and wanted to immediately slap Ma Lan and teach this unseen turtle a good lesson.

      But then she thought, she didn't come here today to compare with her whose Hermes is more expensive, there is still business to be done.

      So, she bit her teeth and waved her hand, "Okay Ma Lan, I'm not going to bullshit with you, there's no point, I'm here to make a deal with you this time."

      "Make a deal?"Ma Lan frowned tightly, "I have no business doing business with a backstabbing fake Hermes like you, so get the hell out of here!"

      Ye Changmin suppressed her anger and coldly said, "You might as well hear me out first, I came to you this time with one purpose, you go back and let your daughter divorce Ye Chen, if you promise me, this cheque is yours."

      Saying that, she handed the cheque of one hundred million to Ma Lan and said very proudly, "This cheque is worth one hundred million, if you promise me, you can have this money first!"

      Seeing Ma Lan's startled expression, Ye Changmin sneered again and said in a condescending tone, "But Ma Lan, listen up, since you've taken my money, you have to do what I tell you to do!Otherwise, I'll not only make you spit out every penny of this money, but I'll also make you pay a huge price!"

Chapter 1895

Ma Lan's entire body looked at Ye Changmin in stunned silence, and incredulously asked out of his mouth, "What did you say, this check is worth 100 million?!"

      When Ye Changmin saw her surprised appearance, she sneered and ridiculed, "Look at that unseen face of yours, Citibank Cash Checks!Never seen it before, have you?I don't think people like you will ever get to see a cash check of that size in your lifetime!"

      Ma Lan's entire expression immediately became shifty.

      Ye Changmin thought that she had completely shocked Ma Lan and smiled in satisfaction.

      She clattered the check in her hand and fanned it a few times, smiling arrogantly, "Want this check?If you want it, be good and listen to me, and advise your daughter to leave Ye Chen!"

      Ma Lan's expression suddenly became a bit annoyed.

      Ye Changmin still didn't understand how this woman's expression became so fast.

      Ma Lan suddenly stretched out her hand and snatched the check over, taking a closer look at it before her eyes before angrily tearing it to shreds!

      Ye Changmin was dumbfounded as she watched Ma Lan tear her cheque of 100 million yuan into pieces of paper and immediately said in her heart, "It seems that I have underestimated this stinky woman named Ma!A cheque for a hundred million dollars and she just tears it up, she seems to have a big appetite!"

      At that moment, when Ye Changmin saw Ma Lan staring at her with an extremely angry look, she bit her tongue and said, "Okay!One hundred million dollars is too little for you? Yes!As long as you do as I say and let your daughter get her divorce with Ye Chen, I can give you two hundred million!"

      Saying that, she instantly pulled out her checkbook from her Hermes bag, drew her pen cap and said in a cold voice, "Think about it, and if you want, I'll write you a check right now!"

      When Ye Changmin said this, what she was thinking was, "You Ma Lan are just a small city dirt old hat, don't look at the fact that you live in a villa in Townsend, but you must be a stinking hanger-on who has never seen big money, 200 million dollars is in front of you, I don't believe you will refuse!"

      Just as she was thinking this, Ye Changmin suddenly saw a flower in front of her eyes, and then in the next second, a sharp pain was felt on her left cheek!


      It turned out that Ma Lan actually raised her hand and slapped Ye Changmin hard in the face!

      Ye Changmin had never been beaten in her life, and never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that the first slap she had ever received in her life, after living forty years, would be by a country bumpkin bitch!

      She felt a flash of anger rushing to her head!

      Staring dead at Ma Lan, she roared hysterically, "Surnamed Ma!Are you out of your fucking mind?How dare you hit me?Do you know who my mother is?"first issue

      As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Mashi came right up and kicked her in the chest, knocking her right off the back of the couch!

      Although Ye Changmin is not a good person, she is an intellectual.

      Although she had been high and mighty and bullied many people in her life, she basically didn't bully them herself.

      So, when Ma Lan suddenly made a move on her, she was suddenly completely defenseless!

      Seeing that she had been kicked over by Mashiro, she struggled to get up and cursed with her cape, "Mashiro!What the fuck is wrong with you?I'll give you the money. Even if you don't want it, you don't need to fight me, right?Don't you fucking understand this truth of a gentleman moving his mouth and not his hands?!"

      Ma Lan gritted her teeth and cursed: "What a fucking gentleman to move his mouth, you fucking since you dare to take the paper money burned for the dead to fool the mother, why can't I beat you dog days!I'm not only going to beat you today, I'm going to fix you!"

      Ye Changmin was almost blinded at the moment.

      She shouted hysterically, "What the hell are you doing!I'm writing you a Citibank cashier's check!Listen carefully, it's Citibank!Even if you've never fucking seen the world, at least have some basic common sense!"

Chapter 1896

"Fuck you!"Ma Lan was so furious that she rushed over and sat directly on Ye Changmin's stomach, smacking her big mouth left and right towards Ye Changmin's face as she cursed, "Do you think I'm fucking stupid?I've been fooled like this once, and you fucking dare to come and cheat on me!"

      At this moment, Ma Lan thought of that time when Xiao Changkun was in the hospital and she wanted the check for her daughter Xiao Choran's rent refund, and after Ye Chen handed her the check, she took it to pay the hospital bill.

      Unexpectedly, the cheque was for one hundred million!

      At that time, the hospital cashier ridiculed her and threatened to call the police to arrest her.

      In the end, she was so angry that she went back to settle the score with Ye Chen, only to find out that the original check, which Ye Chen had bought from the funeral shop, was intended to be burned to his deceased parents.

      So, Ye Changmin now also took out a cheque for one hundred million yuan, which looked almost exactly like the one hundred million yuan cheque Ye Chen had at that time.

      In this situation, of course she was furious!

      And, even more hateful, this damned Ye Changmin kept repeating Citibank in front of her!

      Marashi hates Citibank the most in her life!

      Because for her, the worst experience in her life was caused by that fake black gold card from Citibank.

      After that, she was locked up in a detention center, and then she was wildly abused for several days by Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei as well as that Big Five Zhang Guifen.

      Those few days were definitely a black hole in Ma Lan's life.

      So, when she saw that Ye Changmin not only cheated herself with the 100 million yuan check that fooled the dead, but also dared to whine here with Citibank, her heart was already raging with anger!

      Ye Changmin was now dizzy and nauseous from being beaten by Ma Lan a few times, and her cheeks were red and swollen, and the pain was unbearable.

      She was screaming, but her bodyguard was outside the main gate at this time and couldn't hear the movement so deep inside, so he couldn't help her at all.

      And although Ye Changmin had been beaten to a pulp, she knew very well in her heart that pulling out her cell phone to let her bodyguard in to save her was now a fool's errand, so she could only fight with Ma Lan!

      So, she reached out like a mad woman and grabbed a lock of Ma Lan's hair, and after grabbing it, she yanked on it as hard as she could!

      Marashi didn't realize that this bitch had been under her thumb and ended up sneaking into her hair!

      Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her hair, which caused her to shout several times, and her hands even more desperately went to hit Ye Changmin.

      While hitting, she also scolded, "Stinky fool, you dare to pull my hair, I'll fight with you!"

      Naturally, Ye Changmin was not weak, and with that strand of hair in her hand, she tore as hard as she could, directly ripping all of that strand of hair off of Ma Lan's head!

      This caused Ma Lan to cover her head and scream in pain, and Ye Changmin saw this as an opportunity to push the body on Ma Lan directly to the ground, then rushed up and in turn rode Ma Lan's stomach and smacked her in the face!

      "Don't even dare hit me, I'll fucking kill you, you shrew!"

      Ye Changmin hated madness at this point, if she was really given a knife, she could have killed Ma Lan on the spot.

      At this time, the waiter outside heard the commotion and ran over in a panic, opened the door and was shocked, so he rushed to the boss's room and panted as he pushed the door open, "Boss, no, it's not good!Then those two women got into a fight in the room."

Chapter 1897

The owner of the beauty salon was in a headlock once he heard that the two women were fighting.

      "Damn, aren't we just friends chatting?Why are we still fighting?!"

      The shopkeeper was busy saying, "I don't know, the beating was so bad, if you don't go and take a look, you're probably going to get someone killed."


      The beauty salon owner was nervous.

      He hadn't run away yet, and if something went wrong at this time and attracted the police, it would be a big trouble.

      He ran to the front to check the situation, but before he reached the front, he heard a fight inside.

      Ma Lan was shouting through the door, "Damn, stinking bitch, I can't cure a big fat pig like Zhang Guifen, and I can't fucking cure you?!"

      And Ye Changmin clearly had the upper hand, biting her teeth and cursing, "Wait!I won't give you a fucking chance!I won't let you live to see tomorrow's sun!"


      Ma Lan slapped Ye Changmin's face again: "That damn mouth, still fucking pushy with me, right? See if I don't tear your mouth off!"

      The beauty salon owner pushed open the door to take a look and was shocked by the two women with bloodied faces and closed the door again.

      He muttered nervously, "No no no!If we keep this up, someone has to die!"

      After saying that, he immediately ran to the back door, and when he pushed the door, he saw a van was parked upside down at the entrance, with the trunk entrance facing the back door.

      So he hurriedly ran to the passenger side and patted it down, Xiao Hailong lowered the window and asked excitedly, "Old Bai, has that bitch Ma Lan passed out?"

      The beauty salon owner said in a fiery voice, "Faint my ass!There's a fight with a woman in there, and if it goes on it's going to kill someone, so go in and take him away!"

      Xiao Hailong asked in surprise, "What's the situation?!Is it a fight?A fight with who?"

      The beauty salon owner is a little guilty, but not a word about the money he received to let Ye Changmin in, saying urgently: "How the hell do I know who it is, you quickly take the person away, or else it will be all over if something really happens!Not only am I going to be finished, you're going to be finished too!"

      As soon as Xiao Hailong heard this, he quickly got out of the car with a few young people.

      A group of people, led by the beauty salon owner, swarmed to the door of the spa room, and before opening the door, they listened to the mess of a fight inside.

      Xiao Hailong kicked the door open and saw that Ma Lan was riding on a woman with a bloodied face and beating each other violently, immediately said to the few people around him, "That's the woman up there, grab her and bring her to the car!"

      Ma Lan turned her head to find it was Xiao Hailong and shouted in panic, "Xiao Hailong!What do you want?!"

      Xiao Hailong sarcastically laughed and said, "Second Aunt, you've had your way with our family for so long and sent my mother to the black coal kiln, now it's time to pay some price!"

      After saying that, with a wave of his hand, the few people around him immediately rushed over and tied Ma Lan up.

      Ye Changmin didn't know what was going on, but when she saw that someone had done something to arrest the woman who had been beating her, she was finally relieved and cursed in a rage, "Surnamed Ma, I'm going to break you into a million pieces!You wait!"

      Ye Changmin said, then her hand reached into her Hermes bag to pull out her phone.

      Xiao Hailong saw this and hurriedly scolded, "Damn it, still wanting to make a phone call!Put the phone down!Otherwise don't blame me for being rude!"

      Ye Changmin looked at him and blurted out, "This matter is a personal grudge between Ma Lan and me, you don't need to interfere!Give me Mashiro and I'll pay you a satisfactory amount!"

      Xiao Hailong boarded up.

Chapter 1898

He thought to himself, "Does this woman think I don't have a brain?I'll give you Marashi?How can we explain to Mr. Wu?Besides, I don't care how you showed up here today, since you got into a fight with Ma Lan, in order to avoid any problems with my kidnapping Ma Lan, I'm going to have to take you with me!"

      So, he ignored Ye Changmin and directly said to those young men, "Tie this old woman up and take her away together!"

      When Ye Changmin heard this, he shouted in anger, "Bind me?!Do you know who I am?!"

      Xiao Hailong said in disgust, "I don't care to know who you are, you can tell Ma Lan who you really are when you go to the brick factory to burn bricks with her later!"

      Afterwards, he said to the men, "Shut them both up!"

      Ye Changmin said hysterically, "Don't you dare touch me, I'm Ye ......Woo ......"

      Before the rest of Ye Changmin's words came out, her mouth was already gagged with a towel.

      Ma Lan ended up in the same situation, after being gagged, Xiao Hailong immediately said to them, "Hurry up and bring the person to the car!"

      Several people immediately racked Ma Lan and Ye Changmin and quickly walked out of the back door, shoving them into the carriage.

      Xiao Hailong then said to the beauty salon owner, "Old Bai, I advise you to withdraw early as well, don't spend time here."

      The beauty salon owner said, "No, I still have some second-hand equipment and furniture waiting to be disposed of here."

      Xiao Hailong asked him, "How much can it be worth with just this much second-hand junk?"

      "It's not worth much but it's better than having a lot of stuff ah, selling junk can at least be worth ten or twenty thousand."

      Xiao Hailong was busy saying, "You're pulling it down!How long do you have to work for 10,000 or 20,000?If that's all it takes to cause you to end up trying to make a run for it and not get away with it, you're going to lose a lot of money!So I advise you, go now!When I'm gone, you'd better evacuate through the back door too!"Fastest Update

      The beauty salon owner thought carefully: "Yes ......The woman who just came looking for Ma Lan had a companion, but that companion is waiting outside at the moment, now that the person has been taken away by Xiao Hailong, the other party can't wait for anyone, it won't take more than half an hour, they will definitely come in to see what's going on, wouldn't it be a big deal then?"

      Thinking of this, he put his heart on the line, anyway, having earned Xiao Hailong 200,000 and 50,000 from Ye Changmin, it was already a lot of money, if he didn't run now, if he couldn't run away, there would be no tears of regret!

      So, he quickly said to that clerk, "Go say hello to the technician and pack up and leave in five minutes!"

      The clerk nodded busily, "Yes boss!"

      Soon, the van that Xiao Hailong had found, carrying the five-flowered Ma Lan as well as Ye Changmin, speedily left the back door of the beauty salon.

      In a few minutes, the owner of the beauty salon also slipped away from the back door with his shopkeeper and a technician, carrying bags of luggage fine soft.

      At this moment, Ye Changmin's bodyguard was still standing beside the Rolls Royce by the side of the road, waiting for Ye Changmin to come out of it.

      How did he know that Ye Changmin would have been kidnapped in this ordinary beauty salon ......

      Twenty minutes passed and Ye Changmin still hadn't come out, the bodyguard pulled out his cell phone, intending to give Ye Changmin a call to ask questions.

      Meanwhile, the van that was heading out of town.

      Xiao Hailong was sitting on the back seat with a smug look on his face, while the five-flowered Ma Lan was lying at his feet.

      He deliberately stepped on Ma Lan's face with his feet and sneered, "Ma Lan, I didn't expect that you would have a fucking day!"

      Ma Lan couldn't speak and could only struggle to whimper a few times.

      At this moment, in Ye Changmin's bag next to her, the phone suddenly rang!

Chapter 1899

Ye Changmin's cell phone ringing startled Xiao Hailong.

      He hurriedly reached into Ye Changmin's bag and pulled out an iPhone from it.

      Seeing that someone was calling her, without saying a word, he immediately turned off the phone and threw it back into Ye Changmin's bag.

      The company's products will be sold in the U.S. and Europe.The fastest update.

      She thought to herself, "I'm just unlucky, aren't I?I don't have anything to say to this Mashi...If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been kidnapped by this gang!"

      However, there was no point in regretting at this time, although she was the eldest daughter of Master Ye, she was also screaming at this moment.

      At the same time, at the entrance of Lizzy Beauty Salon.

      Ye Changmin's bodyguard discovered that his master had refused to answer his phone calls.

      His first thought wasn't much, after all, he knew that Ye Changmin was here today to discuss things with Ma Lan, perhaps he was in the crucial moment of negotiations and was inconvenienced to answer his own call.

      However, in order to make sure that it was foolproof, he called Ye Changmin again, but to his surprise, this call went off!

      This made Ye Changmin's bodyguard nervous!

      In today's society, cell phones were very important to anyone, so Ye Changmin's cell phone, almost never had such a thing as being turned off in broad daylight.

      He immediately noticed a few anomalies, so he immediately said to the driver, "Come in with me and take a look!"

      The driver, who was also one of Ye Changmin's bodyguards, immediately got down from the Rolls Royce and rushed into the beauty salon along with the bodyguards who had been guarding the car.

      As soon as they entered the beauty salon, the two realized that something wasn't right!

      The shopkeeper wasn't there, and the inside was a bit messy, obviously with signs of a hasty rummage.

      So they searched from room to room until they found the spa room where Ye Changmin and Ma Lan fought before.

      When they saw the mess, blood and a lock of long hair on the floor, their hearts thudded and they looked at each other, both seeing the despair and devastation in each other's eyes!

      On the couch, there's a silk scarf left by Ye Changmin!

      From the scene, it was easy to see that Ye Changmin had been kidnapped!

      The two bodyguards felt a sudden thunderclap!

      They were ordered to protect Ye Changmin's personal safety and should have used their own lives to defend her, but they didn't expect Ye Changmin to be kidnapped right under their noses!

      One of them said in despair, "It's over!It's over!It's a capital crime to fail to protect the Lord!"

      Another, equally desperate, broke down and said, "This ......This is not right!Missy decided to come to see that Mashi today on a whim, so there's no way we could have divulged any of our whereabouts beforehand, and we weren't tailed by anyone along the way, so what kind of person would do something to her, it's not logical!"

      "Oh my, what do you care what's reasonable and unreasonable, the priority now is to find Missy quickly!Let's call Richard Chan now!Jinling is his territory, he definitely has a better idea than us!"

      "Makes sense!"

      The man said and immediately pulled out his cell phone and called Richard Chen.

      Richard Chen was at the hospital at the moment, visiting the employee who had a miscarriage because of Ye Changmin.

      Ye Changmin's kick not only kicked the female employee's baby off, but also caused the female employee to suffer a hemorrhage as a result, but fortunately, she was rescued in time and was temporarily out of danger.

      When he thought of Ye Changmin's arrogance and domineering, Richard Chen hated and was angry, but he, as a servant of the Ye family, had no right to dictate to Ye Changmin no matter what.

Chapter 1900

Therefore, he could only persuade that female employee of his and let her recuperate at ease.

      Coming out of the hospital room, Richard Chen sighed, wondering in his heart when Ye Changmin, the aunt, would be able to leave, when the phone suddenly rang.

      It was Ye Changmin's personal bodyguard who called.

      Richard Chen answered the phone, "Hello, this is Richard Chen."

      The person on the other end of the phone was nervous and on the verge of tears, choking out, "Mr. Chen, something big has happened ah Mr. Chen!"

      Chen Zekai frowned and asked, "What's wrong?So much fuss."

      The shivering over there said, "Chen ......Chen, Miss She ......She ......She's been kidnapped!"

      Richard Chan's brain buzzed!

      What do you mean?

      Ye Changmin has been kidnapped in Jinling?

      Who on earth would be so brave as to dare to kidnap someone from the Ye family?

      So, he hurried: "Don't worry about it yet, tell me exactly what happened!"

      The other party was busy saying, "Today Miss Big wanted to talk to a woman named Ma Lan about something, so we accompanied Miss Big to a beauty salon to meet with that Ma Lan ......"

      "But I didn't expect ......They both disappeared together in the beauty salon, and even the salon's clerk and owner were nowhere to be found ......"

      In the next instant, he immediately thought of Ye Chen.

      He knew that Ye Chen had had a big fight with Ye Changmin in the Sky Garden, and the two sides must be very much at odds, so it was possible that it might have been Ye Chen who did it.

      So, he hurriedly called Ye Chen, and when he came up, he asked, "Young master, where are you?".

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I'm at home, what's wrong?"

      Chen Zekai said nervously, "Young Master, did you kidnap your aunt?"

      Ye Chen frowned tightly, "No, I don't even fucking care to see her, why tie her up?What, she's been kidnapped?"

      Richard Chen was surprised, "Huh?You didn't do this?That's bad!This is really going to be a big deal!"

      Ye Chen opened his mouth and asked, "What's going on?"

      Chen Zhaichai blurted out, "Your aunt she went to the beauty salon to find your mother-in-law and said she wanted to talk to her face to face, but she suddenly disappeared and went nowhere at the beauty salon."Fastest Update

      Ye Chen was shocked and hurriedly asked him, "What about my mother-in-law?Missing, too?Do you know what she told my mother-in-law?!"

      Ye Chen's greatest fear at this point was that Ye Changmin would expose his identity in front of Ma Lan.

      Now, the Su family was an enemy that he had to get rid of in his eyes, while the Ye family still didn't know if they were enemies or friends, it was very likely that the two top families in Yanjing were his enemies, and if his identity was revealed, it would bring a lot of danger to the people around him.

      He wasn't going to tell Xiao Churan his identity until he had resolved these matters.

      However, if Ye Changmin made peace with Ma Lan, then he wouldn't be able to hide himself ......

      Chen Zekai also heard that Ye Chen was a little nervous about this matter, and hurriedly said, "Young Master, I have yet to know the specific situation, I still don't know what your aunt and your mother-in-law have said, now that they have both been kidnapped, the priority is to find them out first ah!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "You call Hongwu, he has men all over Jinling and many eyes and ears, he should be able to find out a little clue about this kind of thing!"


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