Secret Identity 1721-1730

 Chapter 1721

Master Su's way of thinking was deeply influenced by his father.

    The old man's father was a warrior back then, the battlefield and the shopping mall were different, the battlefield was always fighting for its life, so his philosophy of business was also very simple, as long as it was his opponent, he must fight to the death.

    Choosing one between the Ito family and the Takahashi family and then taking out the other, in Master Su's eyes, it was like going out to sea, there were two boats on the shore, but only one was needed to go out to sea, so what should one do at that time?

    The common man chooses any one he likes and sets sail on board.

    Wise men, after detailed research, select the one with the most comprehensive capabilities.

    And a wise ruthless man would choose the one with the most comprehensive performance and then chisel and sink the other one before setting sail.

    The reason for doing this is because if one simply chooses one to ride, the one left behind will be a huge hazard.

    A competitor might rise up in that ship and end up leaving a hidden danger for themselves.

    So, choose one ride, and then jktjc chisel and sink the other one, you don't have to worry about your opponent being able to catch up with you.

    When the time comes, the opponent only yhbyj can look at the ocean on the beach, and be left far behind.

    This kind of routine was simple and crude, but also very effective.

    Su Shou Dao, and even Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, were all born in the era of peace, and had lived in the era of peace for too long, gradually losing the kind of blood in their bodies that they had in the older generation.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own website.

    She was enlightened "Dad, grandpa's strategy is too good!This will not only break the Ye family's path, but also strengthen our influence in Japan, I was worried before that the Takahashi family and the Ito family each have their own strengths and weaknesses, no matter which one is chosen, it's a bit of a pity to give up the other one, it would be perfect if we pulled one of them together and then joined forces to annex the other one!"

    Su Shou Dao hmmm, incomparably solemnly said "Zhi Fei, Zhi Yu, you two must remember that our Su Family's greatest enemy in the past, present, and in the next ten years is the Ye Family!"

    "So no matter what field we get into in the future, we have to parallel one principle If the Ye family is also in this field, then killing the Ye family is the first priority; if the Ye family hasn't entered this field yet, then we have to do our best to stop the Ye family from coming in!"

    "Although the anti-Yeh coalition back then is gone, we still have to fight the Ye family to the death, only in this way can we stop the Ye family from leading and starting an anti-Soviet coalition against us in the future, do you understand?"

    Both siblings spoke at the same time "Understood!"

    Su Shou Dao nodded and continued "You have to think more, not only about your grandfather's strategic layout, but also about his tactical arrangements, the older generation said that shopping malls were like battlefields, and the shopping malls at that time, in terms of cruelty, did not lose to the battlefield.But the world has been largely peaceful for decades since World War II, and people have been comfortable for too long, and their bloodlust has grown weaker and weaker, and the gap between shopping malls and battlefields has grown wider and wider."

    Su Zhiyu said seriously, "Dad, you're right, this aspect of blood and wolf nature is something that brother and I will try our best to make up for!"

    Su Shou Dao in the video nodded and said appreciatively, "The future of the Su family is still your generation after all, if you two can find the blood of your ancestors back then, the Su family standing on top of the world is no longer just an extravagant hope."

    Letting the Su Family stand on top of the world, this phrase had been haunting Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei's ears from this moment onwards.

    However, Su Zhi Fei did not know that at this moment, on the wall just outside his room, like a gecko, there was a pitch-black silhouette close to him.

    This figure was holding a spy-specific sound amplifier, recording all the sounds of their family's video conference.


And this figure was the Takahashi family's ninja master, Teng Lin Masazu.

    The first time I saw him was when I was in the Aman Hotel, so I asked him to monitor Su Zhi Fei. As the A and B parties who were about to start negotiations on cooperation, if they knew each other's cards and low prices in advance, they would be unbeatable.

    The most feared thing about business negotiations is missing the bottom card.

    It's the same with the poker table.

    When you're in a poker game with someone else, if you can know your opponent's cards, you'll never lose, and even if the cards don't compare to your opponent's, you'll be able to pull out early.

    If you can know your opponent's cards, then you will lyshst never be swindled by him, and if he holds a small hand of cards staged and staged, you can also see through it at a glance.

    The reason for this is that you can't guess your opponent's cards, and your psychological quality is not strong enough, so you are frightened by his bluff and quit early.

    Therefore, Takahashi Shinji was especially eager to be able to see the Suji's cards.

    However, when Teng Lin Zhengzhe sent him the recording, he broke out in a cold sweat at it!

    It turns out that the Su family's bottom card isn't just a good card, it's a murderous card!

    Especially that strategy of Su's, pick Takahashi and kill Ito; pick Ito and kill Takahashi.

    Takahashi Shinji, feeling a bit cold in the back, sat down on a chair alone, slandering in his heart "that old man in the Su family, is just a fucking old beast ah!"

    "Honestly, I've been fighting the Ito family for so many years and I've never thought of destroying the other side, so it's enough to step on his gb809 head and win him."

    "But this Master Su is so ruthless that he's going to take out his own family, or the Ito family, just to cut off his competitor's retreat?!"

    "What's more, I had no choice at all!If I'm chosen by the Su family, and the Su family asks me to join forces with them to take out the Takahashi family, can I refuse?If I refuse, he'll turn his head and go find the Ito family to take me out together."

    With that in mind, Takahashi Shinji wiped his sweat as he made up his mind that no matter what, he would enter into a partnership with the Su family!The Su family must not be allowed to get together with the Ito family, otherwise,[PENCIL] the one who will be unlucky is himself!

    The main reason why Takahashi Shinji was so scared was because, the strength of the Takahashi family was still far from the Su family.

    Over the years, the form of international economic development was almost like China, the one country soaring, while other countries either stopped moving forward or retreated without advancing.

    Japan, is the one that is not moving forward or backward.

    Over the years, Japan's gd has fallen instead of increasing, and in 2011 it was still able to do $6 trillion, and as a result, when it bottomed out in 2018, it was only $4 trillion.

    With the retreat of Japan's economic qq1986 development, these Japanese families have also lost a lot of money, and now the strength, has been far behind the Chinese top family, want to go to compete with the Chinese top family, it is almost impossible.

    So, in his heart, Takahashi Shinji had an idea.

    He decided that he would do everything he could to comprehensively snipe the Ito family just like the Su family comprehensively sniped the Ye family!

    If the Su family is going to sink the Ye family's ship, they're going to sink the Ito family's ship themselves!


By the time Shinji Takahashi made the decision within himself, his son Eiji Takahashi's surgery had been completed..waiweilai.

    Takahashi Shinji's heart convulsed as he saw his son, both arms in casts, being pushed out of the operating room by the doctor.

    He would have hated for the cczyjfs to immediately cut the bastard who had injured his son into pieces.

    But on second thought, the most important thing right now was to hurry up and set up a cooperation with the Su family, otherwise, if the Su family cooperated with the Ito family, then the bad luck would be his own.

    So he didn't dare to cause any trouble at this time and could only choose to hold back for now.

    The good news was that Teng Lin Zhengzhe had already found the other party and had him dead to rights, so he believed that the man had already taken wing and it was only a matter of time when he would be allowed to die.

    Takahashi Eiji had taken local anesthesia to both arms, so his brain was still conscious, and when he saw his father waiting just outside the operating room, he was touched and frustrated, and tears flowed down his face.

    "Father-sama, Eiji is ungrateful and troublesome to you!"

    Takahashi Shinji waved his hand and sighed, "You can't be blamed for this, just rest and recuperate for the next two days, and when your condition is stable, I'll take you home and recuperate well."

    Takahashi Eiji nodded his head in succession.

    Children had always realized the warmth of home only after they were injured outside.

    Now Takahashi Eikichi just wanted to go home and lick his wounds.

    Just then, someone quickly ran over and respectfully said to Shinji Takahashi, "Chairman-sama, Yuuhiko Ito sent flowers and fruit baskets to express his condolences."

    "Yuuhiko Ito?!"As soon as Takahashi Shinji heard these four words, his eyebrows furrowed.

    Immediately, he snapped coldly, "Hmph!I know that bastard Itohiko, he must have sent me flowers and fruit baskets to mock me and make fun of me!The last time his daughter returned home from a serious injury after playing in China and was treated in Tokyo, I also sent him flowers and zhiheyiguan fruit baskets to mock him, but I didn't expect that he would find his way back to the field so soon!"

    Takahashi Eikichi, who had his arms in plaster, said angrily, "Dad!That old bastard, Ito Yuuhiko, is himself a Jairus!The flowers and fruit baskets you sent to the hospital last time were all thrown in the trash, but this time he's doing it like he did, and it's obvious that he's deliberately hitting you in the face!I've lost so much face this time, I still don't know how this bastard will humiliate me in the future!"

    Shinji Takahashi laughed awkwardly and said comfortingly, "There's no need to be so angry, son, perhaps Ito Yuuhiko didn't mean anything else and just wanted to show his condolences?"

    Takahashi Eikichi asked him back, "Dad, do you believe that?What was your mindset in sending flowers and fruit baskets when his daughter was injured?Is it not for mockery and a good show?"

    Shinji Takahashi accosted "You're right, I did try to mock him"

    Takahashi Eiji cryptically said "Ito Naija was injured that time, although the video also spread all over Japan, but the entire Japanese people are very respect gdhyr her, are also very heartbroken, countless fans also launched on the guardian her, pray for her activities, but I am injured this time, the whole of Japan is laughing at me ah, I am embarrassed this time."

    Said, Takahashi Eiji a can't think, it is hard to hold himself crying.

    It is not to blame him for being too fragile, he was after all the national husband of Japan before, countless women are madly infatuated with him, called him husband on.

    But did not expect, now in the blink of an eye, in front of the whole country, was beaten to death dog.

    This matter can be said to have disgraced a lifetime.

    And it's almost impossible to get that face back again.


Even if he did kill Ye Chen, it would be useless, after all, the tragic beating he received was already well known in Japan, and it was still deep in the hearts of the people..waiweilai.

    Takahashi Shinji's expression was also ugly, and he was thinking of how to comfort his son when his phone suddenly rang.

    Takahashi Shinji pulled out his phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar number, so he pressed answer on the way.

    Immediately after that, Ito Yuuhiko's voice came from the other end of the phone.

    "Oh my, Takahashi-san, I heard that your son is having a call in Tokyo today?"

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get the right amount of money for the right reasons.

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.Did you change your number?"

    "No."Ito Yuuhiko said with a smile "My phone number is still the same as the one before, the one I'm using now is my assistant's phone, I'm not afraid to call you from my own phone 0ian, you'll see my name and be too embarrassed to pick up well!Hahaha!"

    Takahashi Shinji's expression immediately darkened.

    Ito Yuuhiko was right, if he had known it was him calling, he would never have answered the call to death.

    Unexpectedly, the dog was so damaged that he changed his phone number and called just to mock himself personally on the phone?

    When Ito Yuhiko saw that Takahashi Shinji was even silent, he immediately laughed again and said "Oh, Takahashi, why are you silent?Is it that you feel that your son is really a bit embarrassed to be humiliated like that in front of your house?"

    Shinji Takahashi was a bit fed up and questioned "Ito, what's the matter with you?If it's okay, I'm going to hang up now!"

    "Don't!"Ito Yuuhiko chuckled and said, "Takahashi, I called here mainly because I feel unworthy for you and your son!You see, the same injury, when my daughter was injured, all of Japan was comforting her and encouraging llqk her, but after your son was injured, all of Japan was laughing at him, Tomo is really too damned, how can you make this kind of distinction, right?"

    Takahashi gritted his teeth in anger, and coldly said, "Ito Yuuhiko, you fucking far away to me as far as you can get!Don't let me see you again!"

    Ito Yuhiko's smile grew a little stronger once he heard Takahashi Shinji scold him, and he said happily, "Takahashi, there's a Chinese idiom that's perfect to describe you now, do you know what it is?"

    Shinji Takahashi cursed angrily "I don't want to know, get the hell out of here!"

    After saying that, Shinji Takahashi just hung up the phone!

    However, not long after the call was hung up, he received a message on his phone.

    The content of the message was "Brother Gao Qiao, don't blame the brother for not reminding you, you really need to change your temper in the future, otherwise, you will easily eat the loss that your son has just suffered!Ingi is young, and it's nothing if he breaks two arms, but you're old, and if you break two arms too, you may never recover in this life!"

    Seeing this, Takahashi Shinji was furious.

    And then, the phone received another text message.

    It was still from Yuuhiko Ito "Oh yes, that Chinese proverb that can't be more aptly used to describe you is "Dog jumping over the wall!"

    With no outlet for his anger, Shinji Takahashi slammed the phone down on the ground, breaking it in pieces, and cursed hysterically, "Ito Yuohiko, you fucking bastard!I, Takahashi Shinji, swear not to avenge this!"

    At this moment, for the first time in Takahashi's heart, he had killed Ito Yuuhiko!


For the past so many years, Shinji Takahashi and Yuhiko Ito have been in an open battle..kan

    It could be said that over the years, the two men have regarded each other, each other, as their greatest rivals.

    But Takahashi Jin-Nao and Ito Yuhiko, who are only in their mid-50s this year, were both born in the difficult post-war years when Japan was at its most downtrodden and lacking in self-confidence, and have been growing up in peace ever since, so they don't have the blood and wolfishness of the older generation.

    So, the two sides have been fighting for so many years, but only competing in the business field, and no one has ever wanted to fix or force the other side to death.

    It's like Ali's boss and Tencent's boss, although they are competing fiercely in different fields day in and day out, but everyone is still very much in compliance with laws and regulations.

    Even if the heart of each other even more unhappy, at least the polite and rules, we can still ensure.

    That is the common saying on the network, "The face is smiling and laughing, but the heart is mama mai pi."

    However, after eavesdropping on the Su family's video conference, Takahashi Shinji was shocked and at the same time felt a wake-up call!

    kdd56 In that instant, his entire body suddenly became enlightened!

    Now he liu123, didn't want to compete with Ito Yuuhiko using the old law-abiding model.

    Now he wanted Ito Yuuhiko to disappear from this world even more!

    To be more accurate, he would prefer that the entire Ito family disappear from this urlng world!

    That way, the Takahashi family would have no more roadblocks and stumbling blocks in Japan [Penpipe]!

    In the mind of Shinji Takahashi, a list of deaths has been made.

    At the top of that list is Yukihiko Ito.

    The second ranked one was Ye Chen who had crippled his son's arms.

    He thought to himself that it was easy to kill Ye Chen, but it was hard to kill Ito Yuhiko.

    Because, Ye Chen was just a martial arts expert from China, and he was already locked by the ninjutsu experts he sent, he could take his life at any time.

    However, it wouldn't be so easy to kill Ito Yuuhiko.

    After all, the Ito family had also been cultivating in Japan for many years, and was as strong as the Takahashi family, and usually had complete security personnel when they came and went, but more importantly, he had a high social status in Japan, and if you wanted to finish him off, you could never use force directly, or else you would likely invite trouble for yourself.

    Therefore, the best solution was to join forces with more powerful families and keep suppressing the Ito family's strength, first knocking him down from the sequence of top families in Japan, and when he became a second- or third-rate family, people would care less about his life or death, and his overall strength would also drop significantly.

    It would be easy to take him out again at that time.

    Therefore, if you wanted to kill Ito Yuhiko, you would definitely have to join forces with the Su family.

    Ultimately, this collaboration with the Su Family, in his opinion, only allowed for success and failure.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe and his three disciples lurked in their respective positions for the entire night.


On this night, the four of them took two shifts, switching to another person to keep an eye on them every four hours, as a way to ensure that all four got some

    They thought that everything was done seamlessly, but they didn't know that everything was already under Ye Chen's control.

    The reason why Ye Chen didn't do anything was mainly because he wanted to take advantage of the situation first, while also not spooking the snakes for the time being.

    He didn't want to make a move on these ninjas in Tokyo, mainly because he had several more cities to go to next, and if he took out the ninjas from the Takahashi family now, then the Takahashi family would definitely stick it over like a dog's skin, and it would cause a lot of inconvenience and trouble then.

    Rather than that, it would be better to let these four ninjas keep following him and then find a chance to take them out one by one.

    Eight o'clock in the morning.

    After Ye Chen got up and washed up and had breakfast, Richard Chen's fleet was already ready downstairs.

    Paul's work was over, so Ye Chen arranged for him to return to Jinling first so as not to delay the rest of his law firm's work.

    After dropping Paul off, the motorcade drove Ye Chen, Hongwu, Wei Liang, as well as Richard Chen and Ichiro Kobayashi, directly out of Tokyo and to Yokohama.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe and his younger brother followed them all the way in two commercial vehicles, originally thinking that Ye Chen had only come to the airport to see Paul off, but instead of returning to downtown Tokyo, the convoy went directly to Yokohama.

    So he immediately called Takahashi Shinchi and reported about Ye Chen's departure from Tokyo.

    Shinji Takahashi then instructed him to keep following up and not to make any reckless moves for now.

    Meanwhile, the two siblings, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, had a formal meeting with Takahashi Shinji.

    They met at the Takahashi family's own property in Ginza, Tokyo, where Shinji Takahashi warmly invited the two to take a seat in his office.

    He then said very piously "originally nengtalk yesterday wanted to have a brief exchange with the two first, but I didn't think that the canine had that accident, so I'm sorry for slowing the two down."

    Su Zhi Fei, as the eldest son and grandson of the Su family, took the initiative to open his mouth and said with a smile "Mr. Takahashi is too polite, and I wonder how your son's injuries are?"

    Shinji Takahashi sighed and said "Both arms have undergone surgery and are also in plaster casts, it may take some time for them to recover."

    Su Zhi Fei nodded gently and said politely "It's a pity that your son will encounter such a thing, if Mr. Takahashi has anything he needs our Su Family to help, please feel free to ask, we will do our best!"

    Although Takahashi Shinji was also well aware that Su Zhi Fei was just being polite and courteous with himself, he still said with great gratitude, "Thank you Su Gongzi for your concern!"

    The Su family attaches great importance to strategic partnership, and I talked to my father last night on the phone, and he is also very concerned about your son's health, he asked me to ask you if there is anything that can be useful to the Su family, if it is auto268 Japan.If the orthopedic doctor isn't good enough, he can send a few orthopedic specialists over from Yanjing."

    Takahashi Shinji was flattered and said "That's really thankful Mr. Su, if there's a need for that, I'll definitely ask you then!"

    Saying that, Takahashi Shinji exclaimed "The sincerity of the Su family's attitude towards their partners makes me admire and at the same time, even more enthralled, if there is a chance to reach a strategic cooperation with the Su family, the Takahashi family will definitely do their best to never fail the expectations of the Su family."

    Su Zhi Fei nodded gently and smiled, "That's good!Since that's the case, let's talk about the details of our cooperation next."

    Takahashi Shinji suddenly spoke with a cold face at this time, "Young Master Su, Miss Su, before we start chatting, I would like to add a temporary prerequisite to our cooperation!"

    Suchiyo frowned "Mr. Takahashi, it's a bit inappropriate to add conditions at the last minute, isn't it?"

    Shinji Takahashi said with utmost sincerity "Miss Su, my condition is not to sit down and raise prices from the Su family, but to implore the Su family to help me eliminate the Ito family once and for all after I promise and cooperate with them!"


As soon as Takahashi Shinji's words came out, Su Zhiyu frowned..sanjiang

    She was confused, "Yesterday dad just said in the video conference to unite one of them and kill the other one, why today this Takahashi Manji directly took the initiative to join forces with us to kill the Ito family?That's a bit of a coincidence, isn't it?Did Shinji Takahashi wiretap their family's video conference last night?"

    Su Zhiyu felt that her speculation was not impossible.

    She thought to herself "Although the bodyguards accompanying her when she checked into the hotel yesterday had already done tests to make sure that there were no bugs as well as cameras in the room, but this is Tokyo after all, in Takahashi's territory, so it shouldn't be difficult for him to figure out a way to achieve eavesdropping on me and my brother".

    Su Zhi Fei was also a little surprised and also suspected that she was not being bugged by Takahashi Shinji.

    But, because Takahashi is right in front of you, Su Zhi Fei can't communicate with her sister, so she gave her a wink.

    Su Zhi Fei nodded slightly without making a sound, and then she opened her mouth with a calm face and asked Takahashi Shinji "Mr. Takahashi, why do you want to completely eradicate the Ito family?"

    Shinji Takahashi was furious and said "That damned Yuhiko Ito, who has been fighting against me, it would be fine if it was just a normal business competition, but he has risen to the level of a personal insult to me, and my family!"

    He said, "I'm not going to tell you about the flowers and fruit baskets that Ito Yuhiko sent yesterday, or the phone call that he made.

    After finishing his speech, he was so angry that he cursed and said, "This Ito Yuuhiko is too much to make fun of my son and make fun of him.That's why I made up my mind yesterday at the hospital that I'll be in Tokyo with him and without me and without him!"

    Takahashi Shinji wasn't stupid, he knew that if he took the liberty of initiating to join hands with the Su family to exterminate the Ito sdetu family, the Su family would definitely wonder if they were being bugged.

    That's why he had deliberately exaggerated when he mentioned Ito Yuuhiko, and his entire performance was extraordinarily angry, and the entire performance could be said to have reached the acting skills of a powerhouse actor.

    What he was thinking was that if the Su family really believed his words, then instead of suspecting being bugged, they would feel more like their natural allies.

    In this way, he would definitely become the best candidate for cooperation in the Su family's eyes as well.

    Su Zhiyu did let out a slight sigh of relief when she heard this.

    Apparently, she did believe Takahashi Shinji's rhetoric.

    Because it all sounded too natural.

    The fact that Shinji Takahashi's son was injured and at the same time the laughingstock of all Japan was already very annoying in itself, and it was only natural that Ito Yuuhiko would come to add fuel to the fire and make fun of him at this time, infuriating him.

    When she thought of this, she gdzqrl smiled slightly and said to Takahashi Sanchi "Mr. Takahashi, let's talk about the cooperation first, as for this matter you just said, if the cooperation itself is fine and we can reach an agreement, this matter can also be discussed."

    Takahashi Shinichi immediately excited yanqgbook said "that's really great!Don't worry Miss Su, I've shown two hundred percent sincerity this time, and I believe the Takahashi family will be the best choice for the Su family!"

    While Takahashi Shinji was negotiating in detail with Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, Ye Chen and his group had already arrived in Yokohama and headed straight to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production facility in Yokohama.

    Qin Gang's medicine had also been delivered two hours earlier.

    So Kobayashi Ichiro, together with Wei Liang, began to organize the workers at the Yokohama production base for the trial production of Jiuxuan Stomach Powder.

    The trial production went very smoothly, and by four o'clock in the afternoon, the first batch of qualified Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder was already produced in bulk from the assembly line.

    Then, Ye Chen and his group immediately drove to the most important city in central Japan, Nagoya.

    By the time they arrived in Nagoya, it was already late in the day.


Richard Chen's men in Japan had already booked the best hotel in Nagoya for the crowd..prpcoin.

    Ye Chen could also notice that the four ninjas who had been following him had followed him all the way to this hotel.

    After Ye Chen and the others had finished checking in, Teng Lin Zhengzhe, the leader of the four ninjas, also brought the other three to the front desk of the hotel.

    They booked two rooms on the same floor as Ye Chen's.

    Moreover, they very cleverly booked four different rooms, which were in four different aspects, next to two elevators, and the escape stairs at each end.

    Japan was an earthquake-prone country, so their buildings were designed with full consideration for escape.

    It's rare to find a building with two sets of escape stairs in other places.

    The reason they had to arrange the rooms this way was that they wanted to be able to firmly control Ye Chen's every move, which would also make it easier for them to monitor.

    As for why they didn't live directly around Ye Chen, it was mainly because the rooms around Ye Chen were all booked by Chen Zhai Kai's men.

    Not long after Ye Chen rested in his room, he noticed that the four men were getting closer and closer, and after knowing that they were also staying on this floor, Ye Chen had a plan in mind.

    Tonight, he wanted to try the depths of these Japanese ninjas first.

    For dinner, Richard Chen's men, who were open to the public, ate the most special local eel rice at the most famous restaurant in Nagoya.

    After dinner, Hongwu proposed to go to Nagoya's Rong shopping district together, and Ye Chen deliberately said "auto268 you guys go ahead, I want to walk around by myself."

    Hongwu hurriedly said "Master Ye, we don't know each other well here, you'd better not act alone, or you can tell us where you want to go, we'll accompany you together."kdk9

    Richard Chen also nodded repeatedly "Yes Master Ye, we'd better join you!"

    Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled "No one knows me in Nagoya, what do you have to worry about, besides, I think I still have some self-preservation ability, so you don't have to worry about it."

    When Richard Chen heard this, he knew that Ye Chen wouldn't let everyone follow him, so he said respectfully "Master Ye, you shouldn't go too far, if you need anything, remember to call us!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "Alright, you guys play your game."

    After saying that, Ye Chen stepped away by himself.

    At this time, in a car across the street, Teng Lin Zhengzhe's younger brother asked him "Senior brother, do you want to follow him?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe sneered and said, "He has already checked in at the hotel, he will definitely go back, he won't run away."

    The other junior asked "Senior brother, you mean you don't need to follow?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe opened his mouth "to follow or to follow, I promised Mr. Takahashi, not to let him leave the control range, so let the fourth to follow it himself, the second oldest third back to the hotel with me, while they are not back, we quickly in their rooms zn good bug."

    A man in his thirties sitting in the back row immediately spoke up "Okay senior brother, I'll follow him!"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe hmmmed and instructed, "Just follow him from a distance, but don't lose him, and call promptly if there's anything unusual, understand?"

    "Understood brother!"


The reason why Ye Chen wanted to leave out Chen Zekai and Hongwu and the others was to find a chance to act alone, so as to test how many catties the Japanese ninja who was following him had..dianfeng

    Moreover, he knew very well that since the other party had already tracked themselves to the hotel, they would definitely have the preconceived notion that no matter where they went now, they would definitely still have to return to the hotel.

    Therefore, there was a high probability that they would not be four people tracking themselves together.

    It wasn't that Ye Chen was afraid of the other party holding the group, but he felt that there were only four people who had followed all the way from Tokyo, and if he were to wipe out the nest, there would be no one left in the hands of Takahashi Shinji.

    Taking out the opponents in one go, then his remaining days in Japan would be very boring, I'm afraid.

    So, Ye Chen hopes to give them a "one by one".

    Only by breaking them one by one, can the fear of the opponent's psychology, and more so, the fear of Takahashi Shinji.

    When he left the hotel, Ye Chen had already noticed that the other party had only sent one person to secretly follow him this time.

    Thus, he planned to, firstly, take a shot at this guy who had fallen alone.

    This guy who was alone, named Teng Lin Qingtian, was a distant relative of the Teng Lin family's side, and when he was young, he studied ninjutsu with Teng Lin Zhengzhe's father, so he was known as Teng Lin Zhengzhe's teacher and brother.

    Among the four Teng Lin Zhengzhe brothers, Teng Lin Qingtian's strength was not the strongest, but his talent was extremely high, especially in concealment and tracking, and he had never been able to escape no matter who he was tracking for many years.

    Teng Lin Qingtian followed Ye Chen all the way, tailing him away from the downtown area, away from the residential areas with a high density of residence, and the distance between him and Ye Chen was always maintained between one hundred and two hundred meters.

    His figure was very well concealed, and his breath was also very well controlled, people with lesser strength might not even notice that they had been targeted by him.

    After leaving the city, Ye Chen went straight to a park by the river.

    The park was empty due to the fact that it was already night, the weather was cold, and it was in the suburbs.

    Seeing Ye Chen entering the park, Teng Lin Qingtian, who had been following him all the way, also followed him in without hesitation.

    But what he had never dreamed of was that Ye Chen, who had been right under his nose, had suddenly disappeared after entering the park!

    Teng Lin Qingtian, as a year-round master of Ninjutsu, had a much keener sense of hearing, sight, smell, and touch than ordinary people, hearing sounds that ordinary people couldn't hear, and seeing things that ordinary people couldn't see.

    His greatest strength is his extraordinary sense of hearing.

    A ninja tracking in the middle of the night relied most on his sense of hearing.

    Within a radius of two to three hundred meters, Tenglin Aota could hear the sound of crickets crawling in the grass and the movement of ants crawling out of their burrows.

    It was because he had such a good sense of hearing that he could hear the breathing and heartbeat of everyone within a five hundred meter radius.

    When people were in hiding, they could not move or speak, but their breathing and heartbeat could not be avoided no matter what, so it was impossible for an ordinary person to escape Teng Lin Qingtian's surveillance.

    However, Ye Chen, who was within his sight and hearing just now, suddenly disappeared without a trace, with no sound of footsteps, breathing or heartbeat!

    It's not difficult to hold your breath for a short period of time, but you can't make your heart stop as well, it's clearly beyond human control.

    This caused Teng Lin Qingtian to become nervous.

    Because he realized that this matter wasn't normal.

    He was immediately incredibly vigilant and suppressed his breath to the utmost, then remained motionless, carefully debating the sounds around him.

    At the same time, he had pulled out two pitch-black hand swords from his bosom.

    The hand swords, one of the most common weapons used by Japanese ninjas, this weapon was about fifteen centimeters in length, with symmetrical open edges on both sides and a shorter grip, looking like a dagger.


However, the use of this hand sword is very different from a dagger..boyaec.

    The usage of a dagger is mostly piercing and cutting, but the usage of a hand sword is throwing.

    It can be said that the usage of the sword in the hand is similar to the martial arts novel Li Xunhuan's Little Li Flying Dagger.

    If Chinese martial arts emphasize a righteousness, Japanese ninjutsu walks a sinister and vicious line.

    Ninjas don't like to compete with their opponents face to face, and preferably prefer to wound people with hidden arrows, preferably without the opponent finding themselves until death, which is the ultimate ninja pursuit.

    They loved to use weapons like hand swords, darts, and blow arrows, and all of them would coat their sharp blades with a highly poisonous substance, thus ensuring that if their opponent's skin was broken by a sharp blade, they were ironically finished.

    A minute passed and Teng Lin Qingtian still hadn't caught any movement from Ye Chen

    His sense of hearing covered almost the entire park, and he was able to conclude that he was the only living person in this park as well.

    Teng Lin Qingtian could not help but wonder in his mind "That Chinese man, where the hell did he go he escaped or is he hiding."

    "If he escaped, then how the hell did he manage to escape in an instant? Would he instantly shift or was I just distracted and slipped by him?"

    "If it's hidden, then how did he manage to control his breathing for a minute without making a single movement is understandable, controlling his heartbeat is a bit unrealistic, isn't it?"

    If it was the former, then most of the responsibility would be on oneself, and it would be just as well if one couldn't find the other party and hurried back to report for punishment and pay more attention next time.

    But if it's the latter, then this person's strength is simply unfathomable!

    A cold sweat broke out behind him as he thought of this

    Thus, Teng Lin Qingtian gripped the sword in his hand tighter, turning his body with silent slow steps, carefully keeping a close eye on the surroundings, afraid that the other party would suddenly appear.

    After looking around twice to make sure that there wasn't even a single ghost around, he was slightly relieved.

    Just as he was about to leave this place, he suddenly felt that someone lightly patted his left shoulder!

    At this moment, he was so frightened that his body hairs exploded, his entire body turned around as if he was crazy, and the two poisoned hand swords swished and threw out in the direction behind him.

    However, the two swords didn't hit any targets, and flew out dozens of meters away before being pinned to the wall.

    hell with it!

    Where are the people?

    The heart of Teng Lin Qingtian was incomparably horrified, but his hands did not dare to have any delay, and when he reached out, he took out two swords from the cowhide holster at his waist.

    Teng Lin Qingtian, who was holding a sword in his hand, shouted with fear, "Who is it? Get out of here!"

    At that moment, he felt another two taps on his right shoulder.

    At this moment, Teng Lin Qingtian almost pissed himself.

    He leaped forward a step like a madman, and at the same time turned his head angrily, and flung out his two swords in his hands again

    But this time, it was a flop.

    I can't even see any ghosts behind me.

    Teng Lin Aota scared confused, in a hurry to take out the last two hand swords.

    At that moment, I heard a man behind me sneer and sneer, "It seems that the Japanese ninja is nothing more than that ah really disappointing".


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