Secret Identity 1731-1740


Chapter 1731

Hearing that voice, Teng Lin Qingtian's frightened liver split!

    It sure confirmed the most horrible assumptions within him!

    That Chinese guy, he's been here all along, never left!

    And the whole time, he hadn't heard this man's breathing or heartbeat, how the hell did he do that!

    And the fact that he tapped himself on the shoulder twice proved that he was close to his body at least twice, but he didn't even hear anything, not even the sound of his footsteps!

    At this time, he subconsciously wanted to return and throw his sword, but, deep inside he had fveror some worries..zhulang

    After all, he only had six hand swords on him, he had just thrown out four, and these two in his hands now were the last two!

    What if these two hands come up empty too?

    The other party was right in front of him and would never give him the chance to pull out another weapon, meaning that these two hand swords were his last chance.

    If one used them rashly, then it might put himself in a situation where he would never be able to recover!

    Tenglin Aota didn't dare to act rashly, so he could only swallow nervously and said with some humility, "This gentleman, you may have misunderstood, I'm not a ninja, just a sword in hand enthusiast."

    "Oh?"Ye Chen smiled playfully and asked him "You're not a ninja, so what are you following me for?"

    Teng Lin Qingtian panicked "It wasn't following you ah, I just came here to practice my hand sword after my evening meal"

    Ye Chen sneered "Do you think I would believe such a clumsy reason?"

    Teng Lin Qingtian said with an innocent face, "I I I'm telling the truth."

    Ye Chen sneered "If I'm not wrong, you should be from the Takahashi family, right?I'm giving you a chance to live right now, tell me the whole thing word for word, and if what you say satisfies me, then I can consider letting you go."

    When Teng Lin Qingtian heard this, he knew in his heart that it was no longer useful to deny it, and that a single denial would probably result in killing him in return.

    So, he could only cower and say "Sir, I say!I'll tell you anything!I was indeed sent by the Takahashi family, who had me follow you all the way from Tokyo to here."

    Ye Chen asked again "What exactly is the plan of the Takahashi family?Are you going to let you keep following me like this?"

    Teng Lin Qingtian hurriedly said "No, Mr. Takahashi Shinji meant for us to follow you first and wait for his orders, he is now talking with a big Chinese family about a joint 360 shijun operation, so he doesn't want to cause any complications, he wants to wait until the cooperation is finished, then he wants us to kill you."

    Ye Chen nodded and asked, "You four ninjas, what are you all about?"

    Tenglin Aota said truthfully "We are all members of the Tenglin family, and the Tenglin family is one of the several big ninjutsu families in Japan."

    Ye Chen asked him with great interest "Since your family is one of the bigger ninjutsu families in Japan, why do you follow the Takahashi family as a lackey?"

    Tenglin Aota was busy "This is actually mainly because, these years after the war, ninja and samurai are becoming less and less important in Japan, at the same time the yakuza are also rising rapidly, all equipped with very powerful hot weapons, so we have even less room to survive, the entire family is not good at anything other than ninjutsu, not good at making money in business, so we can only rely on the extended family to survive"

    At this point, Teng Lin Qingtian pleaded "Sir, everything I've told you is the truth, will you let me go?"

    Ye Chen smiled "Don't worry yet, I still have questions to ask, I can't leave until I've answered all my questions."

    Teng Lin Qingtian's mind spun slightly and asked "Sir, can I turn around and speak?I'm too nervous to turn my back on you like this."

    Ye Chen indifferently said "Yes, turn around."

    Only then did Teng Lin Qingtian slowly turn around, and when he turned around, he did not lower the sword in his hand.


    At the same time, his toes, gently sliding on the ground, seemed to be nothing unusual, but Ye Chen still detected the other party's intention.

    Teng Lin Qingtian's shoes were special ninja shoes, which were not only lightweight and silent, but more importantly, there was a short-bladed dagger hidden in the sole.

    The switch of the short blade was a slider with a special pattern on the sole of the shoe.

    Normal walking and running will not trigger the slider to eject the short blade, only after the slider completes the S-shape movement, the short blade will trigger the ejection mechanism.

    This kind of weapon was very common in the Cold War era, and even a hundred years ago in China, it was a necessary concealed weapon for many people walking around.

    Many movies and TV shows have shown this kind of concealed weapon, but they do not reveal the principle, in fact, this s-shaped slider is equivalent to the simplest mechanical code, others do not know how to trigger, but the user knows very well, and can be taken by surprise at any time.


However, as hot weapons became more sophisticated, they gradually receded from history..kan8zw.

    But what was unexpected was that the Japanese ninja was still using it.

    The moment he moved the sole of his shoe, Ye Chen had realized that this guy was preparing to unlock the short blade in the ninja's shoe.

    Even though his toe had completed eighty percent of the entire S-shape, as long as he finally moved another centimeter in the right direction, the short blade hidden inside the sole of the shoe would slam out from the tip!

    At this time, Teng Lin Qingtian had already made up his mind, once he found the right opportunity, he would first use two hand swords to attract the other party's attention, and when all of Ye Chen's attention was on the hand swords, he would immediately attack with the short blades in his ninja shoes.

    At that time, up auto268 down two ways and four sharp blades would all come out, and as long as one of them stabbed Ye Chen, Ye Chen would all be dead!

    Although Takahashi Shinji had explained that he should not kill Ye Chen for the time being, he felt that now that Ye Chen had threatened his life, he couldn't care less about Takahashi Shinji's command, killing Ye Chen first was the most important thing!

    Having made up his mind, he began to attract Ye Chen's attention and spoke, "Sir, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I will answer them truthfully!"

    Ye Chen nodded and asked "Are the four of you the strongest people under Takahashi Shinji?"


    Ye Chen frowned and said with a slight scowl, "I don't think the four of you are very good either, isn't your skill just flailing flying daggers?And the accuracy is still poor to death, if you had this skill in China, no one would watch you selling on the street, and you can't even catch up with the hot ones if you eat shit."

    Teng Lin Qingtian felt humiliated and blurted out, "Nonsense!My sword in my hand has always been accurate, and I can cut off the wings of a fly in flight within a hundred meters!"

    Ye Chen smiled "So powerful?"

    Teng Lin Qingtian sternly said "Of course!If you don't believe me, I can show you something!"

    Ye Chen smiled contemptuously "Come, start your performance."

    Teng Lin Qingtian gritted his teeth, sensing that the opportunity had come and sneered "Good!Then you'll see!"

    Saying that, his hands suddenly shook and two hand swords instantly stabbed towards Ye Chen!

    Immediately afterwards, he rubbed his feet slightly on the ground and the two short blades on his toes instantly popped out!

    Teng Lin Qingtian didn't dare to delay for a moment and immediately lifted his foot and kicked at Ye Chen!

    Ye Chen had already guarded against this hand of his, and a trace of disdain flashed between his eyebrows.

    Immediately afterwards, he didn't move, his hands just snapped two fingers, and then he separated two invisible qi energy, slightly pushing the two handed swords that were coming straight towards his face, outwards a few points.

    Immediately afterwards, the two hand swords were like a Chinese character "eight", one stroke and one stroke, just brushing past Ye Chen's side!

    Teng Lin Qing Tian was so frightened by this bizarre scene that his face went white, and at this point, he could only hope for a short blade on his toes!

    A strong wind blew past, and his foot, too, kicked in front of Ye Chen's face.

    Ye Chen's face was indifferent as he quickly struck out with one hand and grabbed his ankle in a death grip.

    Teng Lin Qingtian was looking at the short blade of his toe, which was only a few hair's breadth away from Ye Chen, but Ye Chen's hand was so strong that he was actually completely unable to advance even half a point further!

    At this time, Ye Chen sneered and said in a despicable manner "Since you are so fond of hurting people with short blades, then I will fulfill you and arrange a happy ending to your life!"

    Tenglin Aota collapsed in shock and took off, begging "No!Please."

    As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle and knee!

    With a crisp clicking sound, right after that, Teng Lin Qingtian saw that his calf, actually folded forward from the knee!

    It turned out that with one hand, Ye Chen had completely snapped his calf from his knee!

    He collapsed from the excruciating pain, opened his mouth and cried out hysterically, "Aaah!!!"

    The next moment his voice came to an abrupt halt.

    The short blade on the tip of his own shoe had now pierced his mouth, and the zogdisy blood-stained tip of the blade had gone straight gul through the back of his neck!


Tenglin Aota felt pain and numbness at the wound the moment the sharp blade pierced it, and a feeling of weakness instantly spread from the wound to his body..127.

    That pain, stemming from the sharp blade's stab wound.

    And the feeling of powerlessness stemmed from the violent poison applied on the sharp blade.

    He was unable to breathe, and his face became more and more purple, staring at Ye Chen with an incomparably frightened expression, sobbing incessantly.

    Ye Chen looked at him and asked with great interest "Are you following me first, how did I do it?"

    Teng Lin Qingtian nodded his head desperately.

    He didn't even think to understand until the dying edge why Ye Chen had such a strong strength, why he could instantly conceal all his movements in front of himself, why he could make his two hand swords deviate from their original running trajectories.

    Ye Chen smiled slightly at this time and spoke, "Did you learn physics when you were a child? the transmission of sound relies on vibration, as long as you can control the vibration, you can control any sound, your ears even if they are sensitive, you can't feel it."

    Teng Lin Qingtian's eyes were filled with shock

    Sound travels by vibration, he knows that, but how can a man control the vibration of sound?

    He then looked at Ye Chen with urgent eyes and made mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds.

    Ye Chen smiled and asked "Are you trying to ask how on earth I managed to deflect those two swords in your hands"

    Teng Lin Qingtian nodded his head incessantly.

    Ye Chen smiled calmly "It's the same principle as how I control vibrations, but this ability is a profound Chinese heritage, far from being comparable to your Japanese ninjutsu, so don't think about it too much and get down to business."

    Fujita Aobayashi's expression carried complete shock and regret.

    The shock was that there was a Chinese heritage of such a penetrating skill, and the regret was that he had already reached the end of his life and would never be able to learn such a penetrating skill again.

    At this point, Teng Lin Qingtian's face had begun to turn black and purple, and his two eyes were staring at each other so deadly that they were almost bursting out of their sockets.

    And his entire body was shaking violently as he couldn't stop his spasms.

    The reason for this was also because he himself had applied cyanide on his own short blade, a highly toxic substance that killed extremely fast and died horribly.

    This state lasted for about ten seconds before Teng Lin Qingtian's entire body lost its vitality and turned into a stiff corpse.

    Ye Chen had no sympathy for the miserably dead Teng Lin Qingtian, this man carried around so many weapons containing poisonous substances, God knows how many people he had killed with these weapons in the past, now, the best punishment for him was to let him suffer the consequences of his own death.

    Or rather, it was also the best place for him to go.

    Otherwise, if he didn't know which day he would commit a crime at the hands of other enemies, he might not even be able to keep a single corpse.

    Right at this moment, a very short and slight vibration suddenly came from Teng Lin Qingtian's pocket.

    If it wasn't for Ye Chen's extremely keen senses, he wouldn't have been able to detect it.

    Surprised, he reached into the inner pocket of Teng Lin Qingtian's jacket and touched it, and indeed found a mobile phone.

    This phone seemed to have been specially modified with a vibrating motor, making the cycle of vibration drastically shorter and the force of vibration drastically weaker, presumably so that the phone would not expose its whereabouts while in concealment.

    At this time, there was a message displayed on the screen of the phone, and after Ye Chen unlocked the phone with Teng Lin Qingtian's finger, he saw a text message with the name Teng Lin Zhengzhe, and the content of the message was just two short numbers "07."

    Ye Chen did not frown, flipping up the text message records of the two, and found that they were communicating with two numbers, Teng Lin Zhengzhe sent a 03, and Teng Lin Qingtian replied with an 11.


Ye Chen guessed that this should be some kind of agreed code between them, only they themselves knew what the different numbers actually meant, so that basic communication encryption could be achieved, and even if he got his hands on Teng Lin Qingtian's phone, he would have no idea what the two were actually transmitting..x.

    However, Ye Chen felt that the real meaning of this 07 sent by Teng Lin Zhengzhe should be to inquire about Teng Lin Qingtian's tracking of him.

    Thinking of this, he gently folded the phone with both hands and watched as it cut out of power, which was why he stuffed the phone back into Teng Lin Qingtian's pocket.

    Right after that, he pulled out his own phone and made a call to Richard Chen.

    As soon as the call came through, he instructed "Old Chen, have your men prepare a light refrigerated truck and drive it to the park by the river on the outskirts of the city."

    Chen Zekai was surprised and asked "Young Master, what do you want a refrigerated truck for?"

    Ye Chen faintly said "Make a big popsicle of human flesh."

    As soon as Chen Zekai heard this, he got nervous and asked off the cuff, "Young Master, did you encounter an attack You're okay."

    "Of course it's fine."Ye Chen said, "You quickly do as I tell you, go find a car first, I'll send you the address later."


    At this moment, inside the hotel in downtown Nagoya.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe was about to go and wire Ye Chen's room, and for the sake of caution, he sent a message to Teng Lin Qingtian, wanting to ask him about his tracking, such as where Ye Chen had arrived and how long he had left to return.

    If Ye Chen still couldn't come back for a while, then he could safely and boldly sneak into his room.

    However, the message was sent, but Teng Lin Qingtian never replied, which made him feel a little uneasy.

    The other two disciples were also in his room, and seeing that Teng Lin Qingtian didn't reply to the message, everyone's expressions were a little apprehensive.

    The four of them had worked closely together for so many years, they were all very familiar with each other, there was no lag in the communication of messages between them under any circumstances, messages were basically returned in seconds, and there had never been a situation where they didn't reply for a few minutes.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe couldn't help but mutter, "Could it be that Qingtian was discovered by the other party"

    The second senior brother spoke up "No, senior brother Lao Si has the strongest concealment ability, if he was serious, the three of us together might not be able to spot him, how could that Chinese man detect his tracks"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe waved his hand and intoned with great seriousness "Qing Tian hasn't replied to the message for so long, that's obviously abnormal, so there's no point in discussing his strength anymore, the key is to find him"

    Thinking of this, he hurriedly sent another message to Teng Lin Qingtian, the content of this message was the number 10, which meant that it was a hundred thousand times more urgent to write back quickly!

    But the message was sent, and it was still lost.

    He waited anxiously for another minute, and still there was no response.

    The expressions of all three of them became very ugly.

    The third junior brother couldn't sit still and stood up, "Big brother, go out and look for him."

    "Find" Teng Lin Zhengzhe smacked his lips "where to find Aota from the time he separated from us until now, he hasn't communicated with us, we don't even know which direction to choose out of the hotel"

    The second disciple blurted out "What if something bad happens to Qingtian?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe darkened his face "I think that with Qing Tian's strength, even if the other party finds out, he can still fight, it may not necessarily be true that he will encounter an untoward incident, maybe he has already started a fight with the other party"

    He said off the top of his head, "Raul, call Aota."


Teng Lin Zhengzhe's last hope was to pray that the reason Teng Lin Qingtian hadn't replied to the message was because he was tracking Ye Chen, or was in the middle of an epic battle with Ye Chen..kan

    Anyway, as long as he was still alive.

    Lao Er picked up his phone and immediately called Teng Lin Qingtian.

    As a result, a series of prompts popped up on the phone, informing him that the other party's phone might be temporarily unreachable due to the lack of signal.

    Lao Er's cold sweat swished down.

    He hurriedly said to Teng Lin Zhengzhe, "Brother, Qingtian's phone can't be connected."

    "How could" Teng Lin Zhengzhe stood up and took off "Aota's phone is always on standby for the weather, how could it suddenly be unreachable"

    Old Third looked panicked and spoke up "Brother, could Qingtian have met with an accident"

    Raul said with conviction, "Something must be wrong, or Aota would never have been so abnormal."

    Saying that, he looked to Teng Lin Zhengzhe "Brother, we have to go find him"

    "Find" Teng Lin Zhengzhe's expression was extremely ugly as he opened his mouth "We don't even know where to look, if something really bad happens to Qing Tian, even if we find him, he might turn into a corpse, and we might expose ourselves if we take the chance to look for him"

    "What should we do" the third one asked after "Brother, we can't just sit here and wait for death."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe gritted his teeth and said "of course we can't just sit here and wait for death so, you two go downstairs first to keep an eye on things, I'll go to that Chinese man's room and install a wiretap, if they come back, tell me immediately."

    I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe said in a cold voice "If Qing Tian really met with an unfortunate accident, then I'm afraid only that Chinese man will know his whereabouts, we can only know Qing Tian's whereabouts if we keep him under close surveillance"

    Saying that, Teng Lin Zhengzhe sighed lightly and added, "Second and Third, you two should prepare yourselves for the fact that Aota is also no longer alive"

    The two of them's expressions became inexpressibly painful.

    They were both brothers and teachers, and although they were not brothers, they were both from the Teng Lin family, distant relatives of each other, and they had grown up together, studied ninjutsu together, and shared the same love for each other, so to suddenly have them prepare for such a situation, the two of them were naturally grief-stricken in their hearts.

    However, Teng Lin Zhengzhe's words were indeed correct.

    Nagoya wasn't a big city, but it was by no means a small city, and with the ability of the three of them, there was no way they could find a person who had gone missing in this city.

    The only clue was the Chinese man, so all clues and truths would have to wait for him to return before they could surface.

    So, the three of them immediately divided up their work, two of them were staking out the entrance hall downstairs of the hotel, while Teng Lin Zhengzhe, snuck into Ye Chen's room and installed multiple bugs in a hidden location of the room.

    Ten minutes later, Richard Chen and one of his men, along with Hongwu, drove a refrigerated truck to the park where he was staying.

    After the car parked outside the park, Richard Chen and Hongwu jogged all the way over to see a black and purple corpse standing in front of Ye Chen, and the corpse even opened its mouth and swallowed his own toes, and was stunned!

    Hong Wu couldn't help but ask "Master Ye, who is this person?"

    Ye Chen said indifferently "A Japanese ninja, a member of the Takahashi family."


"The Takahashi family" both of them were shocked.

    Chen Zhai Kai got out of his mouth "Young Master Takahashi family is this against you?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "They want to track me first, then find the right opportunity to kill me."

    Chen Zekai gritted his teeth and cursed "A mere Highbridge family, whose strength is at best similar to the Yanjing Gu family, has the audacity to be so bold."

    Ye Chen smiled "People are at least strong in this acre of Tokyo."

    Saying that, Ye Chen asked him "Did you find the freezer truck?"

    "Found" said Richard Chen "We bought a refrigerated box freight transporting seafood directly from the seafood market at a high price, the goods in the car did not have time to unload, so we drove over quickly."

    Ye Chen asked "According to that, the carriage is still frozen, right"

    Chen Zekai nodded "the carriage is twenty degrees below zero, the fish inside the frozen state hard, can smash people."

    Ye Chen said with satisfaction "OK, you and Hongwu lift this guy to move to the carriage first freezing."

    Chen Zekai busy asked "Young Master, what about the Takahashi family do not pursue them."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "The Takahashi family has sent a total of four ninjas over, one dead and three more, when the four brothers and sisters get together in the freezer car, they'll send them over to Takahashi Shinji at once, consider it a gift from me to him"

    The frozen container truck had a quick freeze function, and with the power on, it could freeze Teng Lin Qingtian's body into a lump of ice in ten minutes.

    Before several people moved Teng Lin Qingtian onto the refrigerated container, Ye Chen removed the cowhide cover that stored his sword from his body, intending to use it for another purpose.

    Afterwards, Ye Chen instructed Richard Chen, the driver's men "you first drive the car to a hidden place properly parked, remember not to cut off oil and electricity to the refrigerated car, to ensure that the container is always refrigerated, I want to send four ice sculptures to Takahashi, don't turn back after people receive into four piles of rotten meat, when the time to give me a bad rating is not good, after all, is also an overseas customer, is an international friend.You have to take care of it a bit more."

    The man nodded in succession and said, "Don't worry, I'll make sure this car is in order."

    This time Richard Chen asked "Young Master, we are going to Osaka at the next stop, will this car follow us then, will the other side be alerted".

    Ye Chen said "In principle, this car will go wherever we go, but there's no need to follow us closely, if we leave tomorrow, let this car depart two hours before us."

    Richard Chen nodded immediately "Okay."

    Ye Chen waved his hand "You three go back, I'll take care of the scene and walk back by myself."

    Chen Zekai was busy asking "Is there anything I need to help with or I'll stay."

    "No need."Ye Chen said indifferently "I'll go back by myself after I've dealt with this, so that I can also avoid those people from seeing the clues."

    When Chen Zekai saw this, he nodded and said "Young Master, in that case, Hongwu and I will go back first."

    After Chen Zekai and Hongwu left, Ye Chen took care of some traces of the park.

    He found all six of Teng Lin Qingtian's hand swords, and instead of discarding them, he put them back in the cowhide cover and kept them close to his body.

    Afterwards, the blood stains on the ground were also disposed of by him, leaving no traces behind.

    Only after all this was done did he walk back to the hotel alone, at a leisurely pace.


Teng Lin Zhengzhe's two disciples were staking out the area near the hotel lobby .

    Seeing Ye Chen return to the hotel by himself as if nothing had happened, they immediately informed Teng Lin Zhengzhe at the first opportunity, and at the same time, they were also surprised in their hearts, this guy, who looked as if he had just gone out for a walk and couldn't see any traces of having fought with anyone, had Teng Lin Qingtian not fought with him!

    The reason why they thought so was because both of them felt that even if Teng Lin Qingtian's strength was inferior to Ye Chen's, it definitely wasn't to the point where he was defenseless.

    If he had already suffered an untoward incident now, then his opponent would more or less be wounded and hung up, and it would never look like nothing was wrong at all.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe, who had already set up multiple bugs in Ye Chen's room, then quietly retreated from Ye Chen's room and told the two of them over the intercom, "Come to my room!"

    In fact, as soon as Ye Chen entered the door, he sensed the scent of these two people.

    After all, having followed himself all the way from Tokyo to Nagoya, he was already somewhat familiar with these four people to a certain extent.

    Seeing that these people were even waiting for him in the hotel lobby, Ye Chen knew that they must have a plan.

    So, without making a sound, he took the elevator back to his room.

    As soon as he entered the door, he felt that the air was filled with another familiar feeling.

    From the legacy of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, Ye Chen knew that everyone had their own unique breath.

    The so-called breath was like what physics called a magnetic field.

    Even if a large living person concealed his body well, it would be difficult for him to hide his breath if he didn't have a skill like Ye Chen's.

    It was like a running car, even if it was environmentally friendly, it would definitely emit faint exhaust fumes, and when the car was gone, the exhaust fumes were still permeating the air.

    It's just that the smell of exhaust fumes can be detected by anyone with a keen sense of smell.

    However, the faint smell on a person's body could easily dissipate, and unless their senses were extremely sensitive, none could detect it.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe thought that he had hidden it well, but he never thought that Ye Chen would have detected the traces he left behind as soon as he entered the room.

    So, Ye Chen looked around the room without making a sound, and indeed found a few wireless bugs hidden on the back of the furniture, the bottom of the sofa, and inside the ceiling ceiling.

    Seeing this, Ye Chen couldn't help but sneer.

    Since the Japanese friends had even used the wiretaps, it would be a shame for him not to put on a show for them, since they had taken so much trouble to arrange it.

    So, he pulled out his cell phone and sent a text message to Richard Chen and Hong Wu: "My room is bugged, Hong Wu should not come to my room for now, Old Chen will cooperate with me later to put on a show."

    Zekai Chen hurriedly texted, asking what arrangements he had made.

    Ye Chen sent him a bunch of lines that he had played out on the spot, then sent him a voice: "Old Chen, come over to my room."

    Half a minute later, Richard Chen knocked on Ye Chen's room door.

    When the door closed, Ye Chen spoke with some nervousness, "Old Chen, I feel that this place in Nagoya is a bit weird."

    Richard Chen hurriedly followed Ye Chen's script to match his question, "Young Master, what do you mean by bizarre?"

    Ye Chen said with some concern, "When I went out for a walk just now, I always had a strange feeling, as if someone had been following me."

    "No way young master!"Richard Chen was busy, "We've already left Tokyo, with a trip to Yokohama in between, and now we're in Nagoya, so there shouldn't be anyone following us all the way here, right?"

    "Not good to say."Ye Chen sighed, "I beat up that bastard on the streets of Tokyo, and it seems like he has a pretty damn good background, as the saying goes, a strong dragon doesn't crush a snake in the ground, and we're out and about, and we've messed with a big local family, so there's still some trouble more or less!"

    At this moment, in Teng Lin Zhengzhe's room, the three of them were stunned when they heard this on the radio.

    The third man took off, "Senior brother, I heard this guy, he doesn't seem to have met up with Qingtian directly?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe stopped him with a hand gesture and spoke, "Keep listening!"

    At this point, Richard Chan said again, "Young Master, aren't you being a little too sensitive?I didn't feel like anyone was following us."


Ye Chen said very seriously, "I always feel something wrong, just now when I was out walking, I somehow heard what sounded like a fight behind me, and the sound of blades clashing, but when I turned back, there was nothing..pinsuge."

    Chen Zhai Kai pondered for a moment and said, "Young Master, I think you're still overly sensitive, it might be possible that you're experiencing hallucinations."

    "It's still not quite right."Ye Chen smacked his lips, "The noise I overheard was chaotic, like several people were fighting for a while first, then someone was covered like a struggle sobbing, when I followed the sound, I found a puddle of blood on the ground, and there was a shoe, that shoe was also fucking weird"

    Richard Chen said, "Young Master, it's possible that the blood could be from an animal, and as for the shoe, what could be so weird about a shoe?"

    Ye Chen said very seriously and seriously, "There's a fucking knife on the toe of that shoe and you dare to believe it?It's like a fucking movie, but it's also evil as fuck."

    Richard Chen exclaimed, "What?A knife in the toe of your shoe?That's too weird, isn't it?!"

    In Teng Lin Zhengzhe's room, when they heard Ye Chen's words, all three of them were horrified!

    Older Two had a few moments of fear and said, "Brother, this said, it should be Aota's ninja shoes!"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe also tensed up and frowned, "According to him, it's possible that Aota was victimized by someone else?"

    Lao San added at this point, "Most likely a ninja, too!"

    On the other side, Richard Chen spoke up and asked Ye Chen, "Young Master, do you think this could be the legendary Japanese ninja?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said approvingly, "I think it's possible too!"

    Richard Chen asked curiously, "Did you just happen to run into a fight with a ninja?"

    Ye Chen intoned, "I always feel like it shouldn't be that coincidental, and I have a sneaking feeling in my heart that maybe it's still a bit related to me."

    "It can't be, right?"Richard Chen asked off the top of his head, "According to you, is someone trying to catch a mantis on you, and then someone else's yellow bird?"

    Ye Chen said, "Who knows, it's possible, that's why I think this place in Nagoya is a bit weird, let's just finish our business and leave as soon as possible!"

    Chen Zekai gave a hmmm and said, "Young Master, I'll make arrangements for the medicine to arrive at the airport in the second half of the night, and the pharmaceutical side will start trial production in the early morning, as long as the trial production is fine, we'll leave this place of wrongdoing as soon as possible!"

    "Good."Ye Chen sighed and cursed in a low voice, "It's so damn annoying, I've never been able to save my mind since I came to Japan, if I don't withdraw quickly this time, I might have to get involved in the strife of the big Japanese families."

    Saying that, Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "Alright, go back, tell everyone to be more alert, so as not to make a mistake!"


    After finishing his speech, Chen Zekai left Ye Chen's room.

    At this time, Teng Lin Zhengzhe was already a little confused by the winding.

    He and his two junior brothers felt that all of what Ye Chen had said should be true.

    There were four reasons.

    Firstly, that Ye Chen could not possibly have fought Teng Lin Qingtian and still managed to retreat unscathed afterwards.

    Secondly, there was no way Ye Chen could have detected the bug in the room, so there was no need for him to lie and act in the room .

    Third, Ye Chen mentioned Tenglin Aota's ninja shoes and the fact that they hid short blades!This trait was very secret, with the three of them knowing Teng Lin Qingtian, it was impossible for Teng Lin Qingtian to use this overwhelming desperation unless it was absolutely necessary and had to be fought to the death!

    Fourthly, as Ye Chen had just said, he was hearing that there were multiple people fighting, and Teng Lin Qingtian was only one person, so if it was a lot of people fighting, it would prove that he was ambushed by multiple people, so it also matched up with his sudden disappearance.

    After analyzing all of this, Teng Lin Zhengzhe said through gritted teeth, "All of this points to one fact: we're being targeted by another group of ninja!"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe's second junior brother took off and asked, "Senior brother, who do you think it will be?"

    Tenglin Masatetsu pondered for a moment and said seriously, "We haven't offended any ninja clans in our day-to-day lives, so I'm guessing that the one who did it to Aota was most likely an enemy of the Takahashi family!"

    The third junior brother slapped his thigh, "Damn, could it be the Ito family?!"


At this moment in time, Tokyo,

    Shinji Takahashi concluded a full day of talks with Sochi Fei and Sochi Fish.

    This meeting between the two sides could be described as very in-depth and both sides were very satisfied with each other.

    This was mainly because, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu felt that Shinji Takahashi was a very upstanding person, and that he didn't need to guide him to take out the Ito family himself.

    Secondly, it was also because in order to finalize the cooperation as soon as possible, Shinji Takahashi had deliberately deflated a few percentage points of profit sharing on the specific terms of the cooperation.

    Su Zhi Fei originally hoped to negotiate the next three-seventh cooperation agreement, whether it was with the Takahashi family or with the Ito family, only giving them 30 percent of the profits.

    But what he didn't expect was that Takahashi himself would just lower his expected profit sharing percentage to 25

    Even Su Zhiyu felt that the partner for this cooperation, which was basically finalized, was the Takahashi family, and as for the Ito family, there was no longer any need to negotiate.

    But out of business credibility, the siblings still decided that they would make a final decision after talking to the Ito family first.

    After all, they had already arranged to meet with the Ito family before coming here, so they couldn't just kick each other out before they even met.

    So, even if they were just going through the motions, they couldn't let the Su family fall into disrepute.

    That's how business is.

    Even if they were secretly already sharpening their knives and preparing to slaughter each other for meat, they would still act very polite on the surface, even calling each other brother and moralistic.

    It was also true that Takahashi Shinji was a smart man.

    He knew that there was no way that the Ito family would offer better terms than himself, and even if the Ito family could also accept a 25 share of Billy, they would not be able to take the initiative to propose to the Su family to unite with them to kill themselves.

    After all, doing business in peaceful times, most people didn't dare to shout for death, and even if they had the idea, they would have kept it to themselves.

    Ito Yuhiko didn't know about the Su family's vicious plans, so naturally, he couldn't actively cater to their tastes.

    But it was different for himself.

    By mistake, he had already known the Su family's cards in advance.

    Therefore, he believed that the Su family would eventually choose himself

    By then, the Takahashi family will be the best in all of Japan.

    Just as he was getting excited about this, he suddenly received a call from Teng Lin Zhengzhe.

    When he saw that it was him calling, Takahashi Shinji immediately thought of the Chinese man who had abolished his son's arms in the street

    This incident, simply the Takahashi family for so many years, the biggest humiliation suffered every thought, makes Takahashi Shinji anger.

    So he immediately got on the phone and asked in a cold voice, "Teng Lin, how are things going with that son of a bitch where is he now?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe hurriedly said "Mr. Takahashi, something has happened unexpectedly, if I'm not mistaken, my little brother should be dead by now, and dead without a body"


"What" said a shocked Shinji Takahashi out of his mouth "You mean, Tenglin Aota is dead who did it is that Chinese?"

    "No.," said Teng Lin Zhengzhe with a gloomy expression, "Probably another ninja clan did it."

    "Another ninja clan" Shinji Takahashi frowned "Did you piss off anyone?"

    "No."Teng Lin Zhengzhe said "Mr. Takahashi, we brothers and sisters have been working for you all these years, and we ourselves have not made any enemies outside other than your enemies, so I suspect that the other side should be targeting you."

    "Targeting me" Takahashi Shinji blurted out "what kind of person is targeting me and the other side is using ninjas, it looks like it's a big deal"

    Tengarin Masatetsu asked him "Mr. Takahashi, do you think it could be the Ito family, as far as I know, the famous Koga family, among the ninja clans, has always been close to them"

    "This" Takahashi Shinji was also a little confused.

    He could not figure out what had happened to Teng Lin Aota and who had killed him.

    He thought to himself, "There aren't many ninja clans left in the country, except for Ito's ninja.

    "Could it be that Ito Yuuhiko's old dog is also plotting to kill me?"

    At this time, Shinji Takahashi was already trying to kill Ito Yuuhiko, so he had some sort of preconceived notion that Ito Yuuhiko might be planning to kill him as well.

    "It seems that we're all mouth breathers and we all want to put each other to death."

    Thinking of that, he blurted out "This time the big Chinese family came to Tokyo to meet me first, I'm sure Ito Yuhiko must be furious, maybe he's the one targeting me"

    "And I'm guessing that he's also waiting to talk to the Su family about cooperation, in order to leave a good impression on the Su family, he doesn't dare to directly attack me at this time, that's why he attacked you guys first, I guess Ito Yuuhiko's aim is to weaken me in advance and then slowly take care of me"

    Tengarin Masatetsu hurriedly asked "Mr. Takahashi, so what do we do now"

    The first thing I want to do is to get rid of that bastard in the first place," he said.

    Tengarin Masatetsu immediately said "Okay Takahashi-san, I will not fail in my mission."

    Takahashi Shinji added, "Also, from your family, you will deploy another group of men to Kyoto overnight."

    "To Kyoto" Tengarin Masatetsu asked surprised "Mr. Takahashi, why are you sending men to Kyoto"

    Takahashi Shinji coldly said "Ito Yuuhiko's baby daughter has been convalescing in Kyoto after her injury, you guys keep her under close surveillance, I don't want to leave any complications when I make my move on Ito Yuuhiko, so that daughter of his, Ito Nashiko, must also die"

    "Also, it would be good for me if you monitor me Itachi in advance, if Itachi Yuuhiko dares to do anything to me, then I'll use his daughter as blackmail and force him to cut himself so I'll have a double insurance policy."

    Tengarin Masatetsu immediately said "I understand Takahashi-san, then I'll inform the family and immediately arrange for people to go to Kyoto to secretly spy on Ito Yuuhiko's daughter."

    Takahashi Shinji gritted his teeth and instructed, "Teng Lin, make sure you make sure that if I make one call, your people can immediately kill Itachi Cabbage."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe assured, "Mr. Takahashi, don't worry, Teng Lin will do his best."

    Takahashi Zenchi gave a hmmm and said, "Teng Lin, don't worry, after you cooperate with me to exterminate the Ito family, I will definitely pay you an extremely generous amount of money and give that younger brother of yours a generous settlement."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe busily said, "Then I will thank Mr. Takahashi in advance."


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