Secret Identity 1711-1720


Chapter 1711

"This ......"

    Tanaka Koichi was in a dilemma when faced with Ito Yuuhiko's question.

    How should he answer it himself?

    Can I get my answer back?

    So if it doesn't come back, will you have to more or less take the blame?

    The answer's not coming back?

    That's even if Ito Yuuhiko would storm out right now!

    So it seems that this question is really hard to answer.

    Ito Yuuhiko's heart thudded as he saw him fidgeting and unable to speak, and he asked off the top of his head, "You don't think that you're not going to get the money back, do you?"

    Tanaka Koichi quickly explained, "Not really ah Chairman-sama, I don't think it's that pessimistic, this matter as far as I can tell right now, it should be a 50/50 split as to whether or not I can get it back!"

    "Fifty-fifty?"Yuuhiko Ito said in annoyance, "What the fuck is the difference between that and not saying it?"

    Tanaka Koichi was busy saying, "Lord Chairman, there are indeed many uncertainties in this matter, and I can't come to a conclusion right now, but don't forget that, no matter what, we can still solve the problem through litigation."

    "Lawsuit?"Ito Yuhiko pointed at Tanaka Koichi and scolded, "Did you let your brain get eaten by a dog?Takahashi Eiji was crippled in the street by Yatsuhashi and has become the laughing stock of all Japan, if I fucking go and sue him for taking over my $4.5 billion and not giving it to me, won't I be laughed at even more by all of Japan?!"

    Koichi Tanaka said awkwardly, "Lord Chairman, this is $4.5 billion, we can't really admit to it for fear of being ridiculed, can we?The entire family couldn't make that amount of net profit in a year ......"

    "Yeah ......"Yuuhiko Ito said with a great deal of meat pain, "The recent economic downturn, our overall net profit last year, was only over $300 million, and if there's still no big improvement this year, we might be losing money."

    For large families or large companies, losses are also common.

    Take for example the Chinese Zotye Motors, who released their financial report showing that they lost over 10 billion RMB in the year 2019.

    General Motors, also in the auto industry, has been losing money for years on end because of poor management, and the worst year in GM's 100-year history was a direct loss of $38.7 billion!

    The international economic situation has been cold for the past two years, and Yukihiko Ito has been under even more pressure.

    In this kind of market environment, pharmaceutical and health companies actually have the broadest development prospects, because people can not buy a car, can not buy a house, but can not buy medicine.

    It was because of this that he decided to do everything he could to get a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    Unexpectedly, one foot stepped into a deep hole.

    Now $4.5 billion fell into the pit and couldn't get it back, remembering that he was scratching his heart.

    In the end, the company will be able to offer a wide range of products and services to its customers, and will be able to offer a wide range of products and services to its customers.Finding him will be different for the Takahashi family, they might not even be able to find him."

    "Right!"Ito Yuuhiko felt a sudden brightening and took off, "Just so they can't find it!As long as they couldn't find Ye Chen, they would forever be the laughing stock of all Japan!Hahahaha, what a great pleasure!"

    Saying that, Ito Yuhiko stood up and excitedly lit another cigar and took a beautiful puff before he smiled and ordered, "Tanaka, in my name, send a bouquet of flowers and a fruit basket over to the Takahashi family, let's say it's a sign of condolence, disgust them!Hahaha!"


At this moment, Ito Nana-chan, who was far away in Kyoto, was still sitting in the courtyard, waiting for the snow that she didn't know if it would come.

    The phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated, and when she opened it, she found that it was a software pop-up tweet with the headline: "Takahashi Eiji was brutally beaten in the streets of Tokyo and lost both of his arms!"

    Itoh Nabiki was surprised and wondered, "Takahashi Eiji is extremely famous in Tokyo, how could someone attack him in the street?"

    However, she had no interest in Takahashi Eiji as a person and didn't want to care about the gossip, so she didn't click on it to read it.

    However, as soon as the phone locked the screen, it immediately lit up again, and there was another tweet from another software, with a similar title to the one from earlier, only this one added: "The mysterious man is highly powerful, comparable to the God of War!"

    Itachi Nashiko, who had a full love for combat and martial arts, immediately perked up.

    She was eager to see just how strong the mysterious man known to the Japanese media as the God of Combat was!

    She then turned on her phone and played the video.

    When Ye Chen was surrounded by the crowd and couldn't see anyone, Itachi was in a very indifferent mood.

    When several people were quickly knocked away, her expression showed unconcealed shock as she muttered, "Takahashi Eiji's bodyguard can't be an idle person, from this, it shows that this person's strength is really very strong!"

    The next, she suddenly let out an ah sound, the phone was unsteady for a moment, and fell to the ground with a crack.

    She hurriedly bent down to pick it up, but fortunately the ground in the yard wasn't hard, so the phone wasn't damaged.

    So she picked up the phone and eagerly continued to look at it, her expression already growing more and more horrified and excited!

    She excitedly blurted out, "Ye Chenjun ......It really is Ye Chenjun!"

    At this time, Itoh Cabbage had become a star-struck girl.

    And Ye Chen, was her natural love bean!

    So, as long as she saw Ye Chen, she couldn't hide the excitement in her heart!

    What's more, the Ye Chen in the video was so floating, so dashing, so dominating!

    Itachi Nana, who had always been as still as water, couldn't control her nymphomania at this point and said to herself in surprise, "Ye Chenjun is really so handsome and powerful!This kind of strength was truly at the level of a grandmaster in the martial arts!No wonder he was able to defeat Yamamoto Kazuki-sensei with a single palm, with a strength like his, even if five Yamamoto Kazuki-sensei attacked him at the same time, it would be hard to win!"

    With the extreme excitement of a little woman, Itoh Nishiko watched the video over and over again, and at this moment, she couldn't wait to get back to Tokyo and do everything in her power to meet Yatsuo!

    However, after a moment, she gave up on the idea.

    She knew that after Ye Chen had abolished Takahashi Eiji, he should inevitably face the targeting of the Takahashi family, and that Lord Father had a conflict with him, so if she went to him at this time, not to mention whether he had the energy to see him, the matter of going to see him on his own would probably bring him disaster!

    Ito Nana-chan looked at the sky and murmured, "I just hope that Yatsuo-kun can leave Tokyo and Japan safe and sound, as to whether I can see him again or not is far less important than his safety, I hope that the gods will protect him and Yatsuo-kun will never be in danger ......"


That night.

    The entire Tokyo storm troop was unprecedentedly united.

    In the past, to defend a piece of territory on their own, even competing with each other, hostile, fire fighting them, now all become side by side comrades.The first issue, the domain name, please remember

    jcgg168 Everyone takes to the streets hand in hand, carpet searching, just to find the whereabouts of the mysterious man who abolished Takahashi Eiji.

    However, instead of cutting down the man, they are given a mandate to report to the Takahashi family as soon as they find out where he is.

    As soon as they found a definite lead, they would pay one million dollars.

    The storm troopers don't usually have many opportunities to make money, they either collect some protection money in the Fengyue Street, or they work in some chicken head trade, the income is actually very meager.

    How can one be considered a successful stormtrooper in Japan?

    Actually, quite simply, having a pulling big displacement motorcycle is enough.

    Because in the eyes of the stormtroopers, a good motorcycle is simply the standard for successful stormtroopers.

    It's like the ancient fierce generals all had a good horse.

    However, the majority of the income is barely enough to make ends meet, can not afford the cost of large-engine motorcycles, so the street to do battle with others have to rely on walking, or take a bus, take the subway.

    As for why not take a taxi, it is because the cost of a taxi in Japan is surprisingly expensive, the storm walkers out to a fight, not to the place, the taxi fare may have killed more than a thousand yuan, far beyond their spending power.

    Because of this, they're extremely hungry for money.

    Di one million US dollars, even if a few people, dozens of people split it together, in individual hands, is a very objective amount of money.

    So, all of these rioters took to the streets one after another, holding their cell phones, while broadcasting gdhcx to play the video of Takahashi Eiji being beaten, while looking for the figure of Ye Chen in the video.

    But they do not dare to make a big show of looking, only dare to quietly search with their eyes, because they know, this man's strength to the unimaginable, see his words, must not hesitate, turn around and run, while running to the high bridge family report on the right.

    At the same time, the few ninjutsu experts that the Takahashi family was offering to infiltrate the night in their night clothes.

    They are extremely good at concealing their body and breath, and are extremely good at searching and tracking in the dark, and are very few experts who can really do it without leaving a trace.

    It's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time before you're able to get to the bottom of the matter.

    However, although they were good at concealing their whereabouts, when it came to real offensive power, they were still quite a bit inferior to the Chinese martial arts masters and internal masters.

    But then again, although their absolute strength might not be comparable to the Chinese Neijia masters, their overall fighting power was not to be underestimated.

    For example, they are very good at using poisoned daggers, darts and blowing arrows, and they like to surprise their opponents with a sure-fire way to kill them.

    Therefore, if an ordinary expert is a little less vigilant, he might fall into their trap and die for no reason at all.

    The mission of these ninjutsu experts was to find Ye Chen and keep him under surveillance, and then after the Su family left Japan, or before Ye Chen was about to leave Japan, to take him out.


But it wasn't that easy for this group of ninja experts to find Ye Chen, Ye Chen didn't leave any clues at the scene, so they could only go through Tokyo's surveillance system first and check Ye Chen's whereabouts a little bit..boyaec.

    Late night.

    The first batch of raw materials prepared by Qin Gang arrived in Tokyo.

    As soon as the plane landed, they were unloaded and cleared through customs, then shipped to Kobayashi's pharmaceutical production line as fast as possible.

    Since Wei Liang and Kobayashi Ichiro had already spent a day training at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Tokyo production base, the raw materials entered the workshop immediately after arriving at the base to start producing Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder.

    In addition, Wei Liang also followed Ye Chen's request and applied to the Japanese FDA to directly rename Kobayashi Stomach Powder to Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder.

    In this way, after the successful trial production, Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion could take on the previous vest of Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion and directly market it in Japan, as well as the countries covered by Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion.

    At the time of the trial production, Richard Chen had his men drive him along to Kobayashi Ichiro's house to pick up Ye Chen from the site.

    As soon as Ye Chen got into the car, Richard Chen was a little nervous and said, "Young Master, why are you choking up with the young master of the Takahashi family?"First, domain, please remember

    Ye Chen frowned and asked, "How do you know that?"

    Richard Chen said hurriedly, "Someone took a video of you teaching him a lesson and uploaded it to the Internet, and now it's all over the Japanese network!You're on fire in Japan!"

    Ye Chen xd frowned, "It hasn't even been two hours before or after, and it's already spread all over Japan?"

    Chen Zekai was helpless, "Young Master, just think of how fast the comedy of the two men, Liu Guang and Liu Ming, spread on our domestic short video platform.There are over a billion of us in China, and that crosstalk went viral in less than half an hour."

    Ye Chen shrugged and smiled and said, "Our domestic interconnection industry is very strong after all, but is Japanese interconnection also this developed?"

    dyj Chen Zhaicai sighed and said: "young master ah, Japan even if the past few years is not very good, can also be an old developed country cenkee home ah, their interconnection although not so developed as our domestic, but the video entertainment this piece is still doing well, young people day to day without a bird thing, in addition to drinking and eating shopping is to play mobile phones."

    He said, he pointed out the window of the roadside a few side-by-side walk of the young man, said: "Young Master you see that a few little pervert, walking light fucking look at the phone, not even with the road to see, such a thing Tokyo a day have to run over a few, I estimate that these people eighty percent is to see your video it!"

    Ye Chen asked, "Do you have any Japanese short video software?Find it and let me see it."

    Chen Zhai Kai hurriedly pulled out his phone and found the video and handed it to Ye Chen, "Young Master, look."

    Ye Chen looked at the video and found that he was rather blurry on the video, which was a relief, saying, "Fortunately, the shot is not very clear, otherwise it would be troublesome if an acquaintance saw it, before I came here, I even told my wife that I came to Japan to help people read feng shui, if she saw this video, she would have to find me and ask what happened."

    Chen Zekai said, "You can rest assured about this, the Japanese software is not common with our domestic software, and the Japanese short videos have no influence in our country."

    Ye Chen asked him, "Are you sure?"

    Richard Chen nodded: "OK, our domestic short video platform, only a small number of people who are serious about making content, most of the rest are a group of birds copying to and fro, a segment of fire, hate to have 10,000 people to copy, and there are either a group of ugly and poor stinky hangers-on acting rich, or a group of crooks selling some broken fish and shrimp live on the beach."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Regardless of these people, you give Tang Sihai a call, this video of mine cannot be circulated to the country no matter what."

    "Okay young master!"


Under Wei Liang's overall management, the production line of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical soon produced the finished Jiuxuan Stomach Powder..sanjiang

    The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it, but I didn't think it would be a good idea for me to do it.cfsnake manufacture a large batch of into out."

    "Okay Master Yeh!"Wei Liang immediately nodded his head and asked, "Right Master Ye, then when will our Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder be officially launched in Japan?"

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.The effect is at least ten times that of the previous one, and we can start selling it after the momentum building is complete."

    Wei Liang hurriedly said, "Okay Master Ye, after we finish sorting out the production line, I will immediately start working on the promotion."

    Ye Chen mmmed and said, "Since the trial production has been successful here, we can head to Yokohama tomorrow."

    Wei Liang nodded and said, "Master Ye, I'll leave an engineer here to oversee the process, we'll leave tomorrow morning!"

    Ye Chen turned to Kobayashi Ichiro who was beside him and said "Give you the chance to come back, you must grasp it, next whether your life can rest easy depends on how you behave in Japan, these production lines, you must give me a good management management, otherwise, I will cut off your dividends and let you drink the northwest wind."

    Now, Kobayashi Ichiro had given all 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to Ye Chen, and his remaining 10 played no decisive role in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    Ye Chen, as the absolute controlling major shareholder, had all decision-making power over the company.

    In other words, if Kobayashi Pharmaceutical made 10 billion this year, and Ye Chen wanted to siphon off and channel all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's profits to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, Kobayashi Ichiro wouldn't have half a solution.

    When the time came, all the profits would be siphoned off, and naturally, he wouldn't be able to give him a dime's worth of dividends, so he wouldn't have any way at all.

    Therefore, his best option now was to honestly work for Ye Chen, so that after Ye Chen let Kobayashi Pharmaceutical make money by producing Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, he would also generously release a portion of his profit dividends to him, ensuring that he could enjoy a rich life in Japan and not worry about money for the rest of his life.

    Kobayashi Ichiro was held in darkness in a dog farm for a long time, so he could be said to cherish his current life, seeing Ye Chen say so, he hurriedly stated "Mr. Ye you can rest assured, Ichiro will be a dog of yours from now on, I'll go wherever you want me to go, I'll do whatever you want me to do!".

    Only then did Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction.

    Seeing that the production on site was orderly and the quality of production was up to standard, Ye Chen didn't stop much and said to Chen Zekai and Wei Liang, "Alright, let's go back and rest, we still have to go to Yokohama tomorrow."

    When leaving Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, Richard Chen walked quickly in front and opened the car door for Ye Chen.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.

    Richard Chen was busy asking "Young Master, what's wrong with you?"

    Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed slightly and whirled around, "It's fine, let's go."

    After saying that, he got into the car.

    Then, the convoy drove neatly away from the scene.

    At this time, on the roof of a building opposite Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, there were four full-body black-clothed men lying side by side.


These four men, covered from head to toe in black equipment, black hats, black robes, black shoes, and even black gloves on their hands..s.

    Moreover, this black equipment is very different from the ordinary black fabric nyhnbb just black, but this black on their bodies, black very thoroughly, like a black hole.

    In fact, the reason why this kind of black equipment and this kind of effect, mainly because of the external attached to a layer of light refractive index very low ultra black material.

    The scientific name of this ultra-black material is called carbon nanotubes, and its reflectivity to light is only, that is, 3.5 ten thousandths, is the blackest material that mankind has created so far.

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for, and you'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

    At this time, one of the men spoke up and said, "Brother, just now that guy paused for a second before getting on the bus, I looked through the binoculars and it seemed like he was looking at us with his afterglow, we shouldn't have been spotted by him, should we?"

    The black-clothed man he called Senior Brother said coldly, "You are simply farting!The straight line distance between us and him is over eight hundred meters, even beyond the effective range of most sniper rifles, and our position, about thirty meters higher in elevation than the guy, how could he have spotted us?"

    "Exactly!"The one on the far left sneered and said "This kid is nothing more than a bit of a fighter, he's probably a Chinese inner family expert, but their inner family expert's inner strength isn't any kind of divine power, it's at most a bit stronger in combat, there's no way he can spot us even from this far away."

    The man from before opened his mouth to ask "Senior brother, the master of the family won't let us take action against him now, so what do we do now?"

    That older brother spoke up "Me and the second with power paragliding to follow the convoy, you two drive, radio listen to me point uedy command."

    The other three agreed in unison.

    Immediately after, that elder brother and another person, they each pulled off a set of power paragliders from the roof that were also coated with ultra-black material.

    Then, these two started the paraglider's engine, and after a pitch-black paraglider was blown up by the wind, they directly took off from the roof at a run assist and disappeared into the night.

    At this moment, Ye Chen, who was in the car, had a tightly furrowed brow.

    The moment before he got into the car just now, he keenly sensed that there were people lurking around.

    After all, he had obtained the creation of the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, and had occasionally obtained spirit stones and had aura in his body, and then he had taken a bunch of rejuvenation pills as snacks, not to mention his incomparable strength, and his perception ability was far stronger than the average person.

    Those four people on the far roof were not only hiding very well, but they also controlled their breath very well, but they still didn't hide it from Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen couldn't help but deduce it in his heart.

    First of all, these four people were hiding in the dark, they must have come from a bad place and were ninety-nine percent running towards him .

    Secondly, these four people should all be relatively strong experts, not ordinary people .

    Once again, all four of them were very good at concealing their tracks.

    So, combining these three points, he felt that those four people should be the famous Japanese ninja, or ninja, experts.

    And their master must be the Takahashi family that he had just offended!


At the same time, two dark, silent paragliders were flying fast at an altitude of two hundred meters..dianfeng

    This silent paraglider is powered by an electric engine powered by a lithium battery, so there is no noise produced when the fuel engine is running.

    Also, the fan blades of the paraglider are very carefully designed to produce very little air noise when running at high speed.

    To compensate for the lack of strength with equipment, this is also the consistent development direction of the Japanese ninja.

    In earlier years, the Japanese ninja not only had to train hard in ninjutsu, but also had to be proficient in chemistry, as they needed to formulate all sorts of bizarre equipment.

    On TV, the ancient ninja would throw a ball at the ground, which would instantly ignite smoke, and then the smoke would disappear and the person would be lost, but this was not a fictional scene, but a historical reality.

    The kind of ball used by the ancient ninja is actually a mixture of smoke bombs and flash bombs made by earthwork.

    When it exploded, the instantaneous light produced would temporarily blind the opponent's vision, and the smoke was the perfect cover for retreat, so by the time the opponent's vision returned and the smoke cleared, the ninja was long gone.

    In fact, it is not necessarily true that the ninja is gone.

    Ninjas are like chameleons, very good at concealing their whereabouts based on their surroundings.

    When the target thinks they may have run away, they may hide in the rafters, or behind the target, or in the water, or in the thin bamboo sticks used for blowing arrows to ensure breathing.

    Modern ninjas, by incorporating technological achievements into their ninjutsu, have given them better concealment abilities.

    For example, the ultra-black materials on their bodies, such as this paraglider, were their modern means.

    At this time, the two people on the paraglider were communicating with each other through wireless intercom, and one of them spoke up "Brother, should we control the distance a little bit to avoid the other party discovering us."

    "Impossible."That senior brother said with great certainty "Our current altitude is two hundred meters, almost one thousand meters in a straight line from them, at such a distance, they can't hear any sound or see any clues, even if the person directly below us looks up, it's impossible for them to spot us"

    The head ninja thought that he had done it seamlessly, but he didn't expect that Ye Chen had still noticed the two of them.

    After realizing that he was being targeted by the two of them, the corner of Ye Chen's mouth could not help but smile mockingly.

    It seemed that these ninjas were planning to bite themselves and not let go.

    I just didn't know when exactly they were planning to strike at themselves.

    Not only was Ye Chen not half worried about this, but he was secretly looking forward to it.

    When he was young, he had seen some ninja-related movies and cartoons, and he was still somewhat interested in this profession of ninja.

    Therefore, he also wanted to compete head-on with the Japanese ninja, to see what level the Japanese ninja, who had been boasting for thousands of years, was at.

    So he decided not to change any of his plans for the rest of the day, but to keep an eye on the four ninjas to see what they were up to.

    Twenty minutes later.

    The convoy stopped at the downstairs of Kobayashi Ichiro's building.

    Ye Chen and the others entered the building together and arrived at the top floor.

    At this time, two ninjas in powered paragliders were hovering in the night sky above the building, while the other two, also drove to the downstairs.


The lead ninja observed the surroundings and saw that the Aman Hotel was not far from the opposite side of the building, so he immediately ordered "Second, we drop to the roof of the Aman Hotel to monitor the other party, Third and Fourth look for a suitable place to hide downstairs, and monitor the target closely first".

    Over the intercom, the voices of the three men immediately came out "Okay brother."

    The two pieces of dark paraglider slowly lowered their altitude and finally landed on the roof of the Aman Hotel, and as soon as they landed, the lead ninja called Takahashi Eiji's father, Shinji

    Shinji Takahashi was in the hospital at the time, his eldest son, Eikichi Takahashi, was still undergoing surgery to implant plates in both arms, and after the surgery was completed, he would have to rest in a cast for at least three months to gradually recover.

    Receiving the call from the other side, Takahashi Shinji immediately opened his mouth and asked "Fujibayashi-san, how are things going?"

    The one known as Mr. Fujibayashi was the leader of the four ninja.

    His name is Tengbayashi Masatetsu, and the Tengbayashi family is one of the four great schools of Japanese ninjutsu.

    In the course of its development in Japanese ninjutsu, there was once a collector of ninjutsu named Tengbayashi Baobu.

    This Tengreen Boh Moo, was once a famous scholar of the Tokugawa family, one of Japan's top families.

    In 1676, he wrote a work called Manchu Jikai, which combined the essence of martial arts from Chinese and Japanese masters, as well as references from Chinese history, such as Sun Tzu's Art of War and Taigong's Art of War, which later became known as the encyclopedia of ninjutsu.

    Since he began, the Tenglin family has gradually become the top ninjutsu family in Japan.

    And Tenglin Masatetsu is the successor of the Tenglin family generation.

    In Japan, ninjas have always had to rely on the top families to survive, and during the Warring States period, there were a large number of ninjas working for the big Japanese families and the Shogun.

    Although modern ninjas are becoming rarer and rarer, the true ninja masters are still dependent on the top families.

    This is mainly because the ninja clans lack sufficient earning power, and modern society is becoming more and more secure and lawful, so they can't earn money by killing people and setting fires, so they can only continue to be dependent on the big families and become experts in the big families' offerings.

    It's called offering, but it's actually captivity.

    It is also a common hobby of the big Japanese families to keep ninjas in captivity and give them enough money and respect to make them work for themselves.

    Tengarin Masatetsu was the master of the Takahashi family's captivity.

    On the phone, he reported to Shinji Takahashi "Mr. Takahashi, we've tracked down the guy's address, it's right across the street from the Aman Hotel in the city center, and I'm currently keeping a close watch on him from the roof of the Aman Hotel, waiting for your next instructions."

    "Okay great,"

    Shinji Takahashi was finally relieved and gritted his teeth "Once I find him, I won't have to worry about avenging my son's great death."

    Saying that, Shinji Takahashi ordered, "Mr. Fujirin, make sure you keep a death watch on him, follow him wherever he goes and wait for my next notice, but if he tries to leave Japan, you take him out."

    Tenglin Masatetsu spoke up "Rest assured Mr. Takahashi, from now on I will never let the target out of our grasp"

    Makoto Takahashi knew "Mr. Fujirin, when this is done, I will give you a generous reward, at least five million dollars."

    Tengarin Masatetsu smiled "Then thank Mr. Takahashi in advance."

    Takahashi Zenchi remembered something and hurriedly said again "right Mr. Fujirin, the eldest son of the Su family's eldest grandson Su Zhi Fei is staying at the Aman Hotel, if possible, please also help me monitor him, I want to know who he met at the hotel, who he called and what he said."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe immediately said, "No problem, I'll go check it out."


At this point in time..vga.

    Aman Hotel Tokyo.

    This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo.

    Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei, at this time, were staying at this hotel.

    The two of them were staying in the best type of room in this hotel, the rooms were next to each other, every room here had three sides of floor-to-ceiling windows, so they could clearly see the entire night view of Tokyo, which could be described as beautiful.

    It's hard to imagine that a woman, with this kind of big back hair style, can be so beautiful that she even has a few special handsomeness.

    After taking a bath, Su Zhiyu, after wiping herself clean, changed into the silk nightgown she brought from China, holding a glass of red wine, and came to the large floor-to-ceiling window.

    She gently lay down on the recliner in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the night scene outside the window, and fell into contemplation.

    In her mind, she couldn't help but think of Ye Chen's appearance again.

    Thinking of that man's arrogance and hollow appearance, Su Zhiyu was still furious in her heart.

    However, when she thought of all that man had done to protect an innocent Chinese girl, Su Zhifu's heart unconsciously surged with admiration for him.

    In a foreign country, most people would be more low-key and reclusive, wanting to avoid trouble as much as possible.

    In this situation, even if they were bullied themselves, they would probably choose to endure the calm and retreat for a while, not to mention seeing others being bullied and standing up for others.

    From this, it could be seen that the man was indeed very bloodthirsty and had a positive outlook on the three values, but he was just a little bit crazy.

    Of course, with such a strong strength, there was nothing wrong with being a little crazy.

    As she was thinking, her phone suddenly received a WeChat.

    When she opened it, it was a link sent by her brother Su Zhi Fei, then he sent another voice: "Zhi Fish, take a quick look, tonight's incident has already caused a storm all over Japan!"

    Su Zhiyu opened the link and saw that Ye Chen's video had already surpassed 10 million views on the Japanese network, heading towards 20 million, and couldn't help but be shocked.

    A total of just over 120 million people in Japan, and more than 15 Japanese people have now seen the video.

    Keep in mind that Japan is still a highly aging society, and take away the elderly, take away the young children, and take away the peasants who rarely go to rural Japan, and the number of views of this video has been terrifying.

    And that's just the beginning.

    Who knows how many views it will get tomorrow?

    Su Zhi Fei sent her a WeChat at this time, telling her, "Zhi Fish, Dad is having a video conference, is this a good time for you?"

    Su Zhiyu hmmmed and said, "Wait for me for a minute."

    After saying that, she stood up, found a silk shawl and draped it over her pink and fragrant shoulders.


Her nightgown was a low-cut, large v-neck halter, very comfortable for herself in the room, but it was a bit revealing after all, which was why she had to cover up..qdian.

    After the video conference was connected, Su Shoudao asked on the video, "Zhi Fei, Zhi Fish, you two have arrived at the hotel?"

    "Right."Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei nodded in unison.

    Su Shoudao asked again, "Have you had a brief meeting with the Takahashi family?"

    "Not yet."Su Zhiyu said, "Originally we were going to, tonight in the conference room of the hotel, touch on the intention of cooperation first, but I didn't expect that there was a small accident in the Takahashi family, Takahashi Eiji was injured, his father Takahashi Shinji should be in the hospital with him."

    Su Shoudao frowned and opened his mouth to ask, "What happened?Will it affect the cooperation between us and them?"

    Suchiyo said, "Eiji Takahashi was beaten up by a passerby, but the incident was a random blip, so it shouldn't affect cooperation."

    "That's good."Su Shoudao relieved and said, "You must find out everything about these two families and then choose the best one."

    Saying that, Su Shoudao continued with a somewhat cruel look, "You must find the one with the most strength and wolfishness to cooperate with, whether it's the Takahashi family or the Ito family, as long as we choose one of them, then we'll join forces with them and take out the other one!"

    Su Zhiyu was surprised and asked, "Dad, if we choose any one to work with, let's just focus on working together, right?No need to help them fight another family, right?"

    Su Shoudao said, "I went to see your grandfather today, and the old man said that the Ye family seems to want to move the ocean shipping cake, so if we choose the Takahashi family, then they will definitely choose the Ito family, and vice versa."

    Su Shou Dao gave a slight pause and continued, "What your grandfather means is that if we choose the Takahashi family, then we will have to join forces with the Takahashi family to take out the Ito family, and if we choose the Ito family, then we will have to join forces with the Ito family to take out the Takahashi family, in short, we can't leave the Ye family any chance!"

    Su Zhi Fei was surprised and asked, "The Ye family also wants a piece of the pie?"

    "Right."Su Shou Dao nodded and said, "I reckon that they just want to follow suit because they saw us start to get involved in this industry."

    Su Zhi Fei said in a cold voice, "The Ye family hasn't overstepped their bounds, they haven't even run through the order of many domestic businesses yet, and they want to come and grab the overseas market from us?"

    Su Shoudao laughed, "This kind of thing is also normal, big families and big enterprises are the same, that is, to try to do everything possible to steal other people's business."

    Said Su Shoudao, Su Shoudao also said: "You see Tencent and Ali, a social network is doing well, but desperately want to do e-commerce; an e-commerce is doing well, chipping away to do social networking, Ali did Alipay, Tencent did WeChat Pay, Ali bought Hungry, Tencent invested in Meituan Takeaway, the two are always like playing Go, you surround me, I surround you, we and the Ye family is alsoIn the same way, when the Ye family started a new business earlier, we also united many people to deal with them, now that we've started a new business, they naturally can't sit idly by."

    Su Zhiyu smiled slightly and said, "Dad, as far as I know, the Ye family's generation doesn't seem to be particularly brilliant, and the Ye family seems to have become more and more silent over the past few years, I think it will be difficult for them to cut into the business of ocean shipping as well as port operations for a while."

    Su Shou Dao said, "I have the same opinion as you on this matter, but your grandfather still wants to be cautious."

    Su Zhi Fei smiled, "Dad, it's normal for grandpa to be conservative and cautious when he's old, but we don't need to worry too much about it, my opinion is the same as Zhi Fish, the Ye family shouldn't be able to catch up for a while, and the gap between them and us will definitely grow."

    Su Shou Dao sighed and said seriously, "Forty years ago, your grandfather also looked at the Ye family in the same way, he always thought that the Ye family had no one to succeed him, and would fall out of favor before long, but he never dreamed that the Ye family would produce a multi-intelligent and near-demon Ye Changsha, who would bring the Ye family up in no time"

    Saying that, Su Shou Dao's expression became incomparably serious, instructing the siblings, "You must remember, big families like us, many times like the country, in the long history of the country's development, many times it is necessary to bet on the country's luck, just like when Germany attacked the Soviet Union, it was a bet on the country's luck, if the bet was won, the whole of Eastern Europe was Hitler's, and the Soviet Union's large amount of oil, theNatural gas as well as iron ore and other resources are enough to support Germany's domination of all of Europe; but if we lose the gamble, we'll be stuck in a two-front war and end up failing."

    "We're focusing on ocean shipping now, and the Yeerks want to keep up with the gamble!"

    "If they gamble, there's still a chance they won't be pulled away; if they don't, they're ironically going to be far away from us!"

    "So, even if the Ye family doesn't have someone with the stamina to pull the banner, they'll definitely kill their way in and fight us!And we, whether or not the Ye family will catch up, we'll have to cut them off first!"


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