Secret Identity 1701-1710

 Chapter 1701

Seeing that Ye Chen was surrounded by so many bodyguards, Su Zhiyu had concluded inside that he was doomed today.

    However, she didn't have much sympathy for Ye Chen.

    Because she didn't see the whole cause of the incident, she only saw Ye Chen playfully chasing a man on the road, causing that man to be hit by a car, and then having his arms crushed by the car.

    That alone was already a bit bloody and cruel, but she didn't expect Ye Chen to not know when to stop and choke up with the young master of the Takahashi family, he was simply out of his mind.

    At this time, Takahashi Eiji saw the time delayed for a long time, patience has been completely exhausted, he immediately commanded his subordinates, "Give me a fight!Beaten down to one breath, along with this man at my feet, all thrown to the trash heap!"

    More than ten bodyguards surrounded Ye Chen for half a day, waiting for the words.

    When Takahashi Eiji gave the order, they quickly rushed towards Ye Chen, every one of them doing their best, afraid of falling behind.

    After all, there was only one Ye Chen, in their eyes, this was the standard monk, everyone was a top expert, if anyone was a little slower, the kid might have already fallen.

    In that case, the one who fell behind wouldn't have the chance to show his strength in front of the young master!

    Takahashi Eiji watched as so many people surrounded Ye Chen and instantly shrank the encirclement circle, a mocking sneer wiped across the corners of his mouth.

    "A mere Chinese, daring to confront me, Takahashi Eikichi, in the streets of downtown Japan, isn't this a death wish?"

    "It's just a pity that as the young master of the Takahashi family, it's not too convenient for me to do it myself in front of so many people, otherwise I would really want to waste you with my own hands!"

    Takahashi Eiji was expecting to immediately see Ye Chen's dying form, but he didn't expect that a few screams of terror and pain would suddenly come from that circle surrounded by more than ten experts!

    Immediately afterwards, several people on the periphery of the encirclement flew out one after another!



    "Is this kid, a pervert?!"

    With these hisses, several people flew out backwards and then hit the ground heavily.

    One of them actually flew straight to Takahashi Eiji's feet!

    That henchman was grabbed by the neck by Yatsuo and thrown right out, so he landed heavily at Takahashi Eiji's feet with a bang!

    Immediately afterwards, the man lifted his head with great difficulty, his forehead already covered in blood!

    The man looked at Takahashi Eiji with extreme pain in his eyes and opened his mouth to call out, "Young Master."

    Then poof, a large mist of blood sprayed out of his mouth!

    This large mist of blood, all sprayed onto the uppers and legs of Takahashi Eiji's shoes and trousers, and the white trousers were completely stained red with blood!

    Takahashi Eiji frightened rush back half a meter, only to see that the man in pain said "young master that bastard good powerful ah".

    Afterwards, he fell back to the ground with a crash, having lost consciousness completely!

    Takahashi Eiji felt as if his brain had been instantly energized with high voltage!

    What's going on?

    These bodyguards of my own are top notch!Even the best of the best!

    How is it that in front of that kid, he's just as useless as the other guy chopped up and dried out!

    Just as he hadn't thought through the situation, the others were being defeated by Ye Chen one after another!

    One by one, these so-called masters fell to the ground, chattering like bowling pins that had been hit by a bowling ball!

    In a flash, only Takahashi Eiji was left standing on the spot, except for Ye Chen.


Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu in the car were also stunned!

    Su Zhi Fei swallowed his saliva and exclaimed in shock, "This kid is too strong, isn't he?"

    Su Zhiyu was stunned as well and said off the top of his head "Indeed a top expert, it seems I underestimated him just now"

    At this moment, Ye Chen had let down all the bodyguards and stepped towards Takahashi Eiji..xymjc.

    And Takahashi Yingji was trembling with fear, his legs were weak, and he wanted to escape, but he found that his legs were not at all obeying him.

    And he also knew very well in his heart that this guy was so strong that it was impossible for him to escape!

    So, he could only say in horror, "What do you want!I'm telling you, I'm the eldest young master of the Takahashi family!"

    Ye Chen went up a slap on the face of Takahashi Yingji, cold voice, "I do not care what you are the young master of the bridge, now we come to talk about the matter that you owe me two arms!"

    Takahashi Eiji is dizzy from the slap from Yatsuo!

    When has he ever been beaten when he grew up, never brocaded, pampered, and held by millions of people like a star?

    And it was a slap in the face in the street!

    This is truly humiliating!

    Takahashi Eiji covered his swollen face and hissed through gritted teeth "Bastard!How dare you hit me?Beware I'll kill you!"

    Ye Chen reached out and patted his face, saying indifferently "Beating you is just giving you a skin test, I told you, you owe me two arms!"

    The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

    The next thing you know, you hear a "click" sound, Takahashi Eiyoshi's right arm has been broken from the elbow joint, the pain is so bad that he even cried out, snot and tears flowing "pain my arm pain dead".

    Ye Chen was unmoved and said, "This is just one, you still owe me one, come, extend your left hand!"

    Takahashi Eiji shivered in pain, his face was incomparably pale, he really realized this time that Ye Chen hadn't played half a joke on him.

    Terrified, he kneeled on the ground with his knees weak, crying and begging, "Brother, I'm sorry, it's my fault!I shouldn't be bothered with you, please spare me, don't cripple my left arm too I'm begging you."

    Ye Chen said with a cold face "We're all adults, we should be brave enough to take responsibility when things go wrong, not kneel down and beg for mercy!"

    After saying that, Ye Chen asked "Do you think that, if you beg me, I will spare you?"

    Takahashi Eiji was almost scared.

    What the hell was this guy going to do?

    Do you really want to lose both your arms?

    In that case, you'd be an invalid, wouldn't you?So what if I turned around and killed him?

    At this point, he cried out in fear and pleaded, "Sir, I am willing to compensate you a sum of money, how about 100 million yen?Just nod your head and I'll have the money wired to you!"

    Ye Chen coldly said "Don't pull these useless, even if you give me 100 billion, you won't be able to keep this arm."

    At this time, Su Zhiyu in the car was a bit unable to watch, and spoke up "Brother, we can't just sit back and do nothing about this, otherwise this face can't be said."

    "Control?"Su Zhi Fei blurted out, "Are you crazy?Can't you see this kid is a pervert?What if he hits you too?"

    Su Zhiyu seriously "I'll go and talk sense to him, or show compassion and reason, otherwise we'll sit in the car and watch Takahashi Eiji be ruined, not in line with the morality of the river."

    "Oh no, no!Safety first!"

    Su Zhi Fei was persuading, Su Zhi Yu had pushed open the car door and walked straight out!


Seeing that Ye Chen was not moving at all, Takahashi Eiji felt that he was going to get cold today.

    Because at this point, he had no one to use.

    Even if he called now to summon an expert from his family to come and save his life, it would simply be too late.

    Just when Takahashi Eikichi was in despair, the car door next to Leslie's suddenly opened.

    Su Zhiyu stepped out of the car and said to Ye Chen, "This gentleman, you are Chinese, you won't understand the truth of being forgiven, right?"

    Ye Chen didn't think that there was anyone else who dared to give this Takahashi Eiji a hard time.

    Moreover, it was a woman.

    He frowned at Su Zhiyu and asked in a cold voice "I heard you speak, you should also be Chinese, right?What?To plead for this Jap?"

    Su Zhiyu said with a blank expression "I'm not pleading for mercy, I'm just advising you not to be too desperate, you should leave a line in everything."

    Ye Chen laughed and asked her "just now he let those dozen people to gang up on me, why didn't I see you come to stop him and advise him that he should leave a line in everything?".

    Su Zhiyu was a bit stunned by Ye Chen's question.

    Just now, a thought actually flashed through her mind that if Ye Chen couldn't carry it and was in danger of losing his life, she would definitely have to come down and stop Takahashi Eiji.

    However, she knew very well that if she said so now, the other party would definitely not believe it.

    So she opened her mouth and said "The other party's dozen or so people beat you up, aren't you also not injured?If you're not hurt, why don't you give the other side some leeway?"

    Ye Chen sneered and asked rhetorically "He doesn't give me room, why should I give him room?"

    Su Zhiyu said off the cuff "This gentleman, let's take the matter at face value, what happened just now was your fault first, this is a big road, not your backyard, you chased and fought with someone on this road, you yourself are at fault first, and that person was also chased by you just now before he was eventually run over by this car."

    Ye Chen smiled and said "Then let me ask you, do you know, why did I chase that kid just now?"

    Su Zhiyu said with a bit of coldness "I don't know, and don't want to know, nothing else, you chase each other in the street, this itself is very rude behavior."

    Saying that, Su Zhiyu also said "this matter was originally your fault in the first place, but without a reason to Mr. Takahashi hit, and also under the cruelty, this is reasonable and reasonable, are a bit unreasonable, right?".

    Ye Chen snorted "Girl, I don't think you're a traitor, why are you defending two Japanese?And it's two scumbags?"

    "Scum?"Su Zhiyu asked rhetorically "Then let me ask you, why did one of the two scum you're talking about get into a car accident caused by you chasing them, and the other was crippled by you?"

    Ye Chen disdainfully said "The word "blinded by a single leaf" couldn't be more appropriate for someone as superficial as you!"

    Su Zhiyu was a little angry and questioned "Hey, what did you say!I'm shallow?"

    Ye Chen nodded "That's right, and very superficial!"

    A pause, Ye Chen and said, "the more shallow people, the more believe what they see, not to mention the car crushed by the kid in the end what evil, just say the guy surnamed Gaoqiao, get off the car with me pretend a non-stop, but also let so many people together against me, you think this person is innocent?If I was a little less skilled, I would have been killed by those bodyguards with random punches just now!"

    Su Zhiyu's chest continued to rise and fall in anger, and he raged "I just want you to be spared, you've already broken his arm, isn't that enough?"

    "Not enough!"Ye Chen's face was expressionless "I just said, get two!"


    Su Zhiyu was really furious.

    I didn't expect this kid to be so defiant!


In fact, she knows that Takahashi Eiji is to blame for what has happened to

    But she still hopes that through the method of touching the hearts and minds of the people, let Ye Chen stop this, don't really cripple both of Takahashi Eiyoshi's arms.

    Although Su Zhiyu is not very old, but since childhood, she has received an elite education and has stayed in the United States for many years, so she can be considered a standard business genius.

    Therefore, she had an account in her heart for everything she did.

    For example, this time, as a representative of the Su family, to talk with the Takahashi family cooperation, this cooperation has not yet talked, Takahashi Yingji was beaten into a cripple, if you stand by and watch, this matter is also a little inappropriate to say anything, not only to appear too righteous, but also affect the subsequent two to talk about the specific details of cooperation and progress.

    So, in terms of emotion, reason and interest, she has to step in and stop it.

    Even if the blocking is useless, and Takahashi Eiji is still wasted by Ye Chen, at least he has tried, on his own heart, on the face of the Takahashi family, can have an explanation.

    Of course, the best scenario is that after his own appearance, this young man in front of him, can give himself a face, see good and let Takahashi Eiyoshi go.

    In this way, not only his heart and face can get through, Takahashi family will owe himself a favor, and then talk about the specific details of the cooperation, he can even use this matter, to ask Takahashi family to cede more benefits.

    However, what she didn't expect was that the hostility in this kid's temperament was so heavy!

    Look at him, he's got to get rid of Eikichi Takahashi!

    So, she suppressed the anger in her heart and spoke, "This gentleman, I am Yanjing."

    Before he finished speaking, Ye Chen directly interrupted her and said with a somewhat dissatisfied tone "This lady, you don't need to tell me who you are, I don't want to know, and you shouldn't even try to use your identity to pressure me, because even if you are the old son of the Heavenly King, I won't give you half face in this matter today, do you understand?"

    Su Zhiyu's emotions are getting a little tense!

    Ever since she was little, no one had ever dared to speak to her in such a tone.

    She had long been used to being respected and complimented wherever she went, but she had never expected that this guy in front of her would actually not give half of his face!

    Not even letting himself finish his sentence!

    The impulse to fight in Su Zhiyu's heart will be ignited by Ye Chen at once, she snorted coldly and said angrily, "I'm still in charge of this matter today!If you dare touch him, I'll make you regret it!"

    Ye Chen smiled playfully "Make me regret it?"

    Su Zhiyu said with certainty, "That's right!"

    As soon as Su Zhiyu's voice trailed off, there was a cracking sound from the side, followed by Takahashi Eiyoshi's miserable scream!

    She immediately looked to Takahashi Eiji, only to see that his left arm had also been visibly twisted by Yatsuya, and was now shrugging his arms in front of him, crying out in pain!

    Su Zhiyu looked at Ye Chen angrily and shouted, "What is wrong with you?You have to mess with me, don't you?"

    Ye Chen shook his head "Don't be sentimental, I don't even know you, so why should I have a problem with you?You're just air in my eyes."

    Saying that, Ye Chen didn't bother to look at the two of them anymore, and from the pocket of Ryuji Onizuka who was lying on the ground, he took back all the money he had taken from the bouncing girl, then turned around and came to the bouncing girl.

    "Keep the money, and don't come out to bounce and sing again."

    The girl burst into tears of gratitude and choked out "Sorry for the trouble."

    Ye Chen shook his head and said, "A person in a foreign country must take care of himself, I'm leaving."

    With that, he turned around and left the scene.

    Su Zhiyu was so angry that she clenched her pink fist, staring at his back and shouted, "Bastard, you stop right there!"


Hearing Su Zhiyu's angry shouts behind him, Ye Chen didn't even return his head..s.

    Su Zhiyu had never been treated with such contempt when she grew up, and she was naturally annoyed in her heart.

    There was almost no girl from a big family in Yanjing who didn't think she was kdkd8, nothing more than a difference between light and heavy.

    Su Zhiyu was considered to be the top existence among the wealthy ladies of Yanjing, and even the entire country, so both the self-esteem and the degree of self-righteousness were slightly higher than the average person.

    Therefore, right now, being scorned by Ye Chen's head without turning back made her entire anger stomp her feet.

    However, she also knew very well in her heart that she was completely no match for Ye Chen, and being unfamiliar with life in Tokyo, there was no other way but to get angry.

    Just when Su Zhiyu was furious, Takahashi Eiji shrugged his two broken arms and came in front of Su Zhiyu as well as that playing girl, his expression was incomparably hazy, staring at that playing girl, incomparably vicious and asked "Speak!Who is that guy?What's the name, where do you live, what's your origin?!"

    The girl was a little frightened and said, "I don't know that gentleman."

    "Bullshit!"Takahashi Eiji cursed, "Do you think I'm a three-year-old child?You said you don't know him.If you don't longfacai to be honest with me, I'll fucking kill you!"

    Su Zhiyu glared at him and said coldly, "Mr. Gao Qiao, it's not appropriate to yell at a little girl, is it?"

    Takahashi Eiji came back to his senses a little bit, suppressing his anger and gritting his teeth, "You just saw it Miss Su, that bastard crippled both my arms!"

    The first time I saw it was the man who broke your arm, and the second time I saw it was the man who broke your arm, and the third time I saw it was the woman who broke it.Don't you know what it means to be unjustly accused?Besides, the injury on that arm of yours will recover in three to five months with a plaster cast, so why are you so ungracious?"

    "No manners?!"Takahashi Eiji couldn't hide his resentment "This girl is obviously related to that man, as long as she tells me the information about him honestly, I won't give her a hard time!"zhexianfeng

    Su Zhiyu glared at him and said angrily, "This girl has said enough, she doesn't know that man, do you understand?"

    Takahashi Eiji said in exasperation "Who knows if she's lying!"

    Su Zhiyu cold "whether she is lying or not, all have nothing to do with you, you want to ask for more details, you can ask for advice from others again, people tell you is the love, not to tell you is the duty, do not threaten the personal safety of others at every turn, just now, do not have a long memory yet?"

    Takahashi Eiji's expression suddenly became ugly, he knew that Su Zhiyu was subtly reminding himself not to be too arrogant, the reason why he had just offended that man was also entirely because of being too arrogant, not only opening his mouth to curse, but also letting his bodyguard do it, and ended up in such a situation.

    Su Zhiyu's words made him feel very ashamed of his face.

    However, on the one hand, because the Su family behind Su Zhiyu was much stronger than the Takahashi family, and on the other hand, because he had a good feeling for Su Zhiyu, he could only forcefully suppress the anger in his heart at this time.

    Su Zhiyu opened her mouth and asked the singing girl "Girl, you just said that you don't know that man, then why did he help you out?I think he took some money from the guy who was hit by the car earlier and gave it to you?"

    The girl said seriously, "I can tell you unequivocally that that gentleman is a good man!"

    "I was hawking and singing on the side of the road and no one ever cared, and that gentleman gave me 100,000 yen, and then that thug came around with some violent people and robbed me of my money and guitar and made me go drinking with them, and that gentleman saved me!"

    Su Zhiyu frowned "The one who got hit by the car, is he a storm trooper?"


"Right!"The girl nodded and continued, "They are all members of the group of storm troopers, the gentleman road yeshibiji see injustice, the other several violent elements injured, and then was hit by a car, the storm troopers with a knife held me hostage, is the gentleman knocked down his knife, I was"

    "Right after that stormtrooper was about to escape, that gentleman chased him out only to cause him to be hit by a car, and you all know the rest of the story."

    After hearing all of this, Su Zhiyu's entire body had been stunned.

    She hadn't tuyouonle thought that the plot would be reversed so quickly!

    That untamed, brutal young man who had just been so brutal was actually trying to save an innocent little girl from the members of the storm troop.

    Moreover, that little girl was a fellow Chinese!

    She could even imagine that if that man hadn't stepped in to save her today, this Chinese girl in a foreign land would have been hurt and possibly even abused by those Japanese stormtroopers!

    No wonder that man is so ruthless!

    If it were myself, I would have hated to abolish these people!

    Takahashi Eikichi even screams at the other side in anger and even has a dozen bodyguards go up to attack the other side, so it seems that getting two arms crippled isn't much!

    At this moment, the anger in Su 90base Zhifu's heart towards Ye Chen instantly dissipated.

    So, Su 90base Zhifu looked at the girl and asked, "Do you know what the other party's origin is?Which storm troop?"

    The girl hurriedly replied, "It's the Bunkyo Rioters, the largest violent group in Bunkyo!"

    "The Bunkyo Mob?"Su Zhiyu looked at Takahashi Eiyoshi and asked in a cold voice, "The Bunkyo Rioters should be an outside force of your Takahashi family, right?It's too much to rob a singing girl on the street and force her to drink with her, isn't it?"

    Takahashi Eikichi's expression was astonished, and then he said, "Miss Su, where did you hear this rumor from?Our Takahashi family has nothing to do with the Stormtroopers."

    Su Zhiyu grunted, "Mr. Takahashi, I investigated it all before I came here, your Takahashi family, started out in the grey world earlier, but then didn't have a path to the black, and promptly washed and then transformed very successfully."

    I know that more than half of the violent groups throughout Tokyo and the surrounding areas are under your family's control, but you're smart enough not to let the Takahashi family take direct control of these violent groups, but rather to employ some distant relatives with foreign names, right?"

    Takahashi Eiji said awkwardly "That Miss Su these storm troopers, it is true that our relatives with foreign names are managing, but our Takahashi family has long since left this business alone"

    Su Zhiyu snorted "Okay Takahashi-san, we're all adults, don't treat me like an idiot!The reason this incident happened today and the reason your arm was crippled is solely because your family condoned the end of the storm troop's nonsense!"

    Takahashi Eikichi was speechless, and wanted to retort, but couldn't find a reason to do so.

    Sochi fish pointed at the Chinese girl and said to Takahashi Eikichi "Mr. Takahashi, this lady has nothing to do with this matter, I hope you will not find any trouble with her in the future, can you do that?"

    Takahashi Eiji knew he was at a disadvantage and also didn't dare to offend Su Zhiyu, so he could only nod his head with an angry nod "Miss Su, please don't worry, I will definitely not embarrass her in the future"


At this point, Takahashi Eiji was already filled with rage..s.

    He had wanted to find clues about the man from this Chinese girl, but he hadn't expected that the girl didn't even know the other man!

    Takahashi Eiji also knew in his heart that what the girl said definitely wasn't a lie, so I'm afraid that it wouldn't be that easy to find that man to settle the score.

    However, what was more important right now was to quickly have someone from home sent over to send Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei to the hotel, and to send himself and the other men to the hospital.

    Su Zhiyu ignored Takahashi Eiji who had crippled his arms, but helped the Chinese girl put away her guitar, then gave the other party a business card and said seriously, "Girl, if anyone dares to trouble you after today because of what happened today, call me immediately, also give my number to the person you trust the most, and if you are in trouble and can't call me in time, let theThe person you trust the most is calling me."

    Suchiyo said this more to Takahashi Eikichi than anything else.

    She knew that she would only be in Japan for a week at most, what if Takahashi Eiji waited for her to leave Japan and seek revenge on this girl?

    Therefore, he had to make Takahashi Eiji have something to worry about.

    With his own words just now, Takahashi Eiji would never dare to mess with this girl again, because the Su family's energy was never something they could fight against.

    What's more, the Takahashi family is determined to enter into cooperation with the Su family, his own words to this point, if he still dared to find the girl's trouble, it would only show that Takahashi Eikichi is a retard.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

    However, no matter how uncomfortable it is, it must be endured.

    So, he could only get one of his men who could still make a phone call, so that he could quickly call home.

    Ten minutes later, the Takahashi family came in dozens of cars in a huge crowd.

    At the head of it was the father of the current head of the Takahashi family, Takahashi Eiji's father, Takahashi Shinji.

    Takahashi Shinji hadn't gotten out of the car yet, and was shocked by the brutal sight before him, unable to speak.

    More than a dozen bodyguards were falling all over the place, and traffic had even been blocked because of them.

    His own son, his face was drawn and swollen halfway up, and even worse, both arms were completely out of control, just shrugging and pulling so pitifully.

    With a black face, he first apologized to Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei, and then sent someone to send the two and their entourage all to the hotel.

    After arranging the Su family, he then ordered someone to take his son and the others to the car and head to the hospital.

    On the way, Takahashi Shinji carefully asked Takahashi Eiji about the whole story, and after listening to it, he was even more furious and unable to speak.

    A long time ago, he slammed the central armrest of the car and shouted angrily, "What a bastard!A Chinese man who dares to injure my son and a dozen bodyguards in Tokyo is a trample on the dignity of my Takahashi family!"

    Takahashi Eikichi was also furious, and even more gulpingly said, "Father, you must find that Chinese man and kill him to avenge me!"

    Shinji Takahashi nodded and said coldly, "Don't worry, I'll let the word out to find out where he is!"

    Takahashi Eiji couldn't wait to say, "Father, find him, I want to kill him myself!"

    "Hands-on?"Shinji Takahashi frowned and asked, "Can you still kill someone with the hands you have now?"

    "Well," cried Eiji Takahashi, upon hearing this, "then I'll have a knife tied to the sole of my shoe!I'm going to get him killed myself anyway!"


Shinji Takahashi nodded and spoke up, "But we can't make too much fanfare about this yet, after all, we still have to talk to the Su family about cooperation, and if we make a big show of trying to find that Chinese guy in Tokyo and take him out, the Su family will definitely have something to say about it!"

    Eiji Takahashi panicked at once, "Dad!You're not going to leave that bastard alone, are you?!"

    Shinji Takahashi said coldly, "Don't worry, I'll never let him go, I'll have someone find him first, then have the family's top ninja secretly keep an eye on him, follow him all the way wherever he goes, and after the dust settles from our cooperation with the Su family, I'll catch that guy and quietly bring him back to Tokyo, so you can execute him yourself!"

    It was only when he heard this that Takahashi Eiji really put his mind at ease..127.

    He could endure a little longer for the sake of his family's cooperation with the Su family, but he must not let the other party off the hook.

    Hearing his father say this, he was relieved.

    As long as he could personally finish Ye Chen off, there was no harm in waiting a few more days!

    Moreover, he believed that the top ninja of his own family, Ye Chen could never be their opponent!

    After Ye Chen left the vicinity of Tokyo University, he went straight back to Kobayashi Ichiro's home.

    He didn't know that at this moment, he had completely caught fire on the Japanese short video software.

    Just now, some good people had filmed the video of him lecturing the storm troopers until he abolished Takahashi Eiyoshi, and then uploaded it to the short video software.

    At this point, the entire Japan was shocked!

    No one had expected a Chinese man to be so powerful, defeating almost twenty people in a row by himself, it was unbelievably powerful!

    And, to make it even more unbelievable to the Japanese people, this man had the audacity to take on Takahashi Eikichi in the streets of Tokyo!

    Who doesn't know Eikichi Takahashi as one of Japan's top riches and Japan's national husband?

    The fact that he got beaten up like that on the streets of Tokyo is literally the most explosive news in all of Japan these days!

    This video of Yeh Chen and Takahashi Eikichi, because it is late, cell phone video telephoto is not very clear, probably can only shoot a clear face of 50%, quality and paparazzi night sneak shots of stars put out of those videos and photos are similar.

    However, spare this picture, but also enough for the Japanese public to recognize Takahashi Eikichi to.

    As for Yeh Chen, since the Japanese citizens had no concept of him in the first place, the video was released and the Japanese people could not recognize him.

    However, if people who were slightly familiar with Ye Chen, they would still be able to recognize Ye Chen's identity from this video.

    Ito Yuhiko was currently sitting in his room, bored with a Cuban cigar in his mouth and a glass of scotch in his hand.

    He was still annoyed that the Su family had met with the Takahashi family first, and was even more upset with Ye Chen, so his mood was naturally bad to the extreme.

    At this time, Tanaka Koichi suddenly barged right in without knocking, and said in a fiery voice, "Lord Chairman, something big has happened!"

    Ito Yuuhiko snapped in exasperation, "What big thing could happen to make you mess up like this?!What is this?!"

    Koichi Tanaka didn't have time to explain, so he hurriedly handed him his phone and clicked play, saying under his breath, "Check it out, it's big news from the Takahashi family!"


"Big news for the Takahashi family?!"

    As soon as Ito Yuuhiko heard this, he became angry, "Shit!What's the big news?Is the Su family announcing a partnership with them so soon?It shouldn't be, the Su family should have just landed in Tokyo, how can they make a decision so quickly?These animals, aren't they going to meet with us?"

    Koichi Tanaka said in a panic, "That's not the news, it's that Eiji Takahashi was laid waste on the street!"

    "Eiji Takahashi is ruined?!"Yuuhiko Ito's entire body was struck by lightning, and he blurted out, "What kind of person did this?"

    In his impression, there were only a handful of people in all of Tokyo who dared to lay hands on Takahashi Eiji.

    To do it himself, he would be weak, after all, the difference between the Ito family and the Takahashi family wasn't that big, to really do it to Takahashi Eiji, it would be almost like declaring war on the Takahashi family.

    So, other than Takahashi Eiji's old man, Ito Yuuhiko couldn't think of anyone else who would dare to make a move on him.

    So, he quickly looked at Tanaka Koichi's phone to see who was so ballsy.

    This look didn't matter, Ito Yuuhiko shivered in fear, and when he didn't hold his finger steady, the cigar smoke fell off his hand and fell on his pants, suddenly burning a hole in his expensive, hand-stitched suit pants.

    Yuuhiko Ito couldn't care less about the heartache, grabbed the cigar and tossed it aside, pointed at the fury-like man on the phone, and said offhandedly, "This ......This ......Isn't this Ye Chen?!"

    Although he had only met with Yatsuo that one time, Ito Yuuhiko remembered his face clearly.

    This might be the power of hatred.

    After all, Ye Chen's face didn't just mean humiliation to Ito Yuuhiko, it also represented a huge sum of four and a half billion dollars!

    He'd recognise him if he were ashes!

    Watching Yatsuo Yoshi's video, in which he continuously fucked over a dozen of Takahashi Eiyoshi's personal bodyguards, and then crippled both of his arms, Ito Yuhiko watched without chilling his back.


Immediately after, he replayed it again, and the smile on his lips became even more intense.

    After watching it a dozen times in a row, Yuuhiko Ito smiled widely, "Well, the Takahashi family had their day!After this video goes viral all over Japan, don't take the face of their Takahashi family!"

    Koichi Tanaka nodded and said, "Now that this video has become a hit on every major online and video platform in Japan, the Takahashi family's reputation will definitely suffer a serious setback this time!"

    "Great!"Ito Yuuhiko beautifully exhaled and said, "Gee, this makes me feel much better all of a sudden when I see this video!"

    Saying that, he remembered something and said, "The Takahashi family and I have never been at odds, but this time we finally have a common enemy!"

    Tanaka Koichi was busy, "Lord Chairman, you're not going to join forces with the Takahashi family to deal with Yatsuo, are you?"

    "Of course not!"Ito Yuhiko said with palpitations, "I am not the same as the Takahashi family, Takahashi Eiji was beaten violently in the street by Ye Chen, the whole country knows, in comparison, I am much better, that day in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical although I suffered a big loss, but at least it is a loss behind closed doors, did not let the whole country know ......"

    Tanaka Koichi was startled for a moment.

    I never thought that the Chairman-sama, who has always been a tough character, would be so self-consoling ......

    At that moment, Yuuhiko Ito said with a flourish, "This matter is also bound to affect the Su family's impression and attitude towards the Takahashi family, which is a great thing for us!"

    "That's true."Tanaka Koichi nodded repeatedly and said, "Not only will the Takahashi family's reputation be tarnished this time, but their ability will also be questioned, after all, if the Su family can be beaten up like this even in front of their own house, the Su family will definitely worry about the Takahashi family's inability to protect this business if they really cooperate with them in ocean shipping."

    Ito Yuuhiko laughed and said, "Hahaha, this is really the happiest thing that has happened to me in the recent past!"

    Once Tanaka Hiroshi saw that Ito Yuuhiko was in a much better mood, he himself was quite relieved and said with a smile, "Chairman-sama, I've received news that the Takahashi family is now asking around about Yatsuhito's identity, and I guess they still want to seek revenge on Yatsuhito."

    Ito Yuuhiko asked, "What do you think about this matter?Do you think the Takahashi family can mess with Ye Chen?"

    When Tanaka Hao thought of the great shock and fear that Ye Chen had brought upon himself, he spoke, "I can't really say about this, I always have a feeling about Ye Chen ......It feels like what we saw was just the tip of his iceberg!"


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