Dish Best Served Cold 1196-1200


Chapter 1196

"It's just ants, just kill them."

    "Why talk about daring?"

    Facing the questioning of Wu Yang and the others, Ye Fan returned indifferently.

    His tone of voice was still as calm as if the water was still flowing in a flat lake, and to this day, there were no waves.

    It gave people the feeling as if what he had just stepped on was really just an ant, not a military instructor, and not a generation of masters.

    "You~ You~"

    "You're arrogant, you upright!"

    "Don't know the sky's heights."Ye Fan's arrogant and cocky words? undoubtedly completely infuriated Wu Yang.

    At this time, Wuyang, with an iron blue old face, suppressed the majestic anger in his heart and rebuked Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, do you really think that, with Lu Tianhe and the others sheltering you, this commander wouldn't dare to touch you?"

    "Let me tell you, for the crime you committed today alone, I, Wu Yang, can order all my generals to shoot you on the spot!"


    Wu Yang's words were too heavy.

    The moment they heard this, many people's faces changed instantly.

    Even Ye Yuyan and the others were terrified and fearful.

    It would be fine if they died, but they were afraid that Ye Fan would suffer implication because of them as well.In the end, he was ordered to be put to death by Wu Yang.

    This was never what the crowd of the Green Dragon wished to see.

    However, in the face of Wu Yang's threat, not only did Ye Fan not panic in any way, but he also laughed lightly.

    That faint laugh carried three points of contempt, three points of disdain, and several points of chill.

    "Want to kill me?"

    "Commander Wu, go ahead and try."

    "However, I also want to tell you that I, Ye Fan, have always acted with grace and grudges throughout my life."

    "Those who honor me, I will return the favor with respect."

    "But the one who kills me, I'll return it with blood!"


    Morbid words quietly exploded.

    Under the night, it brought an endless cold wind sweeping across.

    Even if they were a hundred meters apart, the crowd could still feel the morbid killing intent that was contained between Ye Fan's faint laughing words.

    At that moment, the crowd's faces were pale white.

    Listening to Ye Fan's words, the meaning was already clear.

    It was that if Wu Yang dared to order a siege to kill him, he, Ye Fan, would strike back and put Wu Yang to death!


    "Is he crazy?"

    "How dare he say such things to the Commander?"

    These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly frightened everyone.

    One had to know that Wuyang was the commander of the three armies, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers under him.

    This kind of marshal-level figure, who would dare to show any disrespect in a normal day.

    But now, the young man in front of him was threatening to fight with Wuyang, a blood for blood, an eye for an eye?

    This is undoubtedly a great offense and blasphemy against Wu Yang!

    It was bound to anger Wu Yang.

    "Good you Ye Fan, you dare to threaten this commander as well?"

    "Since that's the case, let's see if I, Wu Yang, will fall to you first, or you, the adversary, will fall to my thousands of soldiers first!"

    As expected, after hearing Ye Fan's words, the anger in Wu Yang's heart was completely stirred up.

    He was the commander of the three armies, how could he tolerate a junior to threaten and intimidate?

    Today, he must use guns and blood to wake up this arrogant little boy!

    Let him know that arrogance comes at the price of life!

    "Lin Qinghe, take orders."

    "Immediately mobilize the artillery of the major divisions of the Jiangdong Military Region..."

    In anger, Wu Yang immediately ordered that the three armies be mobilized.

    However, at this moment, a man behind him, but he ran over and hugged Wu Yang, advising him in a bitter voice, "Commander Wu, don't be impulsive~"

    "Say what you have to say, you mustn't play with your life with Instructor Chu!"

    This person was full of misery, almost howling.

    Seeing this man, however, the crowd of the Green Dragon was slightly shocked.

    It was because the man in front of them was none other than Wang Dongsheng who had taken care of the Green Dragon before.

    This Wang Dongsheng, although he had been forcibly confined by Lan Chen during the day.

    But after all, he had been in the military for many years, and with his connections here, getting out of the military prison was not a difficult task.

    What's more, he hadn't made any major mistakes in the first place, it was nothing more than contradicting Chen Lan for a few sentences.

    This was not even a crime to be punished, but rather that Lan Chen had abused his power.

    In this situation, Wang Dongsheng was naturally released soon after.

    And, out of fear that that Lan Chen would do something excessive to the Green Dragon crowd again, Wang Dongsheng managed to contact Ye Fan in the afternoon and informed Ye Fan of the situation that the Green Dragon was in today.

    That's why, tonight, Ye Fan, would suddenly descend on the military district!

    However, Wang Dongsheng had previously thought of calling out to Ye Fan and knocking that Lan Chen so that he could restrain him.

    But Wang Dongsheng never thought that Ye Fan would be so ruthless as to directly slaughter Lan Chen!

    Moreover, it was still in front of Wu Yang.

    The moment Lan Chen had fallen, Wang Dongsheng was very clear that this matter was afraid that it would be a complete mess.

    At the very least, it was impossible for Ye Fan to, ever again, return to the Jiangdong Military Region!

    "Wang Dongsheng, get out of my way."

    "Mind your own position!"

    "Also, I'll say it again, Ye Fan has been removed from his position as a military instructor by me, he's no longer a Chu instructor."

    "He's now my Jiangdong Rebel!"

    Wu Yang snapped back in anger, snapping at Wang Dongsheng.

    But Wang Dongsheng continued to advise, "Yes, Commander Wu, even if Mr. Chu isn't Instructor Chu anymore, even if Mr. Chu has made a big mistake, but don't forget that he was introduced by General Lu and the others, and he's still favored by General Ye Qingtian."

    "Even if you're not afraid of General Lu in your eyes, what about General Ye?"

    "Do you not give him face as well?"

    "Mr. Chu is someone General Ye has praised by name, if you kill Mr. Chu today, it will undoubtedly be a slap on General Ye's face."

    "When the time comes, General Ye will be shocked and angry, the consequences will be unthinkable~"

    Wang Dongsheng also had no choice, since he said that Ye Fan had monstrous abilities and Wu Yang and the others didn't believe him, he had no choice but to bring out the names of Lu Tianhe and Ye Qingtian and the others.

    Sure enough, after hearing the three words Ye Qingtian, even Wu Yang, was fiercely impressed and had to reconsider his treatment of Ye Fan.

    At first, when Ye Qingtian descended on the Jiangdong military area and secretly met with Ye Fan, Wu Yang still knew about it.

    Even when he left, Ye Qingtian specifically instructed Wu Yang that Ye Fan's future was boundless and asked Wu Yang to take care of him more.

    Lu Tianhe he might not care, but Ye Qingtian's majesty, even Wu Yang had to scruple a little.

    Because, the name Ye Qingtian was almost a myth in the army.

    Even though he no longer had a position in the army now, nor did he have any real power, he didn't need that for Ye Qingtian.

    Because as long as he was standing there, that was the peak that the people in the army could not surpass in their lifetime!

    His prestige in the army was unmatched so far.

    This was also why, after hearing these words from Wang Dongsheng, Wu Yang reacted so strongly.


Therefore, even Wu Yang had to consider the pressure from Ye Qintian's side.

    In the end, after a moment of hesitation, Wuyang gave up on the idea of putting Ye Fan to death.

    However, the death penalty could be forgiven, but the living penalty could not be undone.

    This Ye Fan, disobeying him in public, killing the Chief Instructor of the Military Region Chen Lan in front of him, not putting him, the Military Region Commander, in the slightest, this alone, Wu Yang was destined not to spare Ye Fan lightly.

    He raised his head, his gloomy gaze looking towards Ye Fan, and said in a deep voice of anger, "Ye Fan, I trusted you at first, and only then did I let you take on a heavy responsibility and elected you as the chief instructor of the military district."

    "But what about you?"

    "Not knowing how to be grateful, he even neglected his duty and left the military district without reporting."

    "Unorganized, undisciplined, and now, even more undisciplined, brutally killing our military district general in public."

    "Originally, the murderer should pay for his life.By all means, I should have shot you on the spot.But for the sake of General Ye's face, I'll keep you alive for now."


    "Commander Wu, this Ye Fan can't stay~"

    "He killed Chief Instructor Chen, and disobeyed you in public, according to the military law, when military law is executed."

    "But if you release him today, it will be difficult to convince the public in the future~"

    Lin Qinghe was shocked at what he heard and was busy advising.

    This Ye Fan had repeatedly disturbed his good fortune and killed his old friend, so naturally Lin Qinghe had long wanted to get rid of Ye Fan.

    Tonight was undoubtedly the best opportunity to do so.

    However, Lin Qinghe never expected that Wu Yang was planning to spare Ye Fan.

    This was naturally unacceptable to Lin Qinghe!

    "Commander Lin, it's not Mr. Chu's fault."

    "It was that Lan Chen who struck first and tried to kill Mr. Chu in vain.Mr. Chu was only forced to fight back, in self-defense, and even if there's a fault, it's the fault that Lan Chen was looking for trouble in the first place, it has nothing to do with Mr. Chu~"

    Wang Dongsheng was helping Ye Fan around from the side.

    And when Lin Qinghe heard that, he blew up then and lifted his foot and kicked Wang Dongsheng so hard that he kicked his whole body right out.

    "What kind of a thing are you, a small captain?"

    "When this commander is speaking, you have the right to interrupt, so get out of my way!"

    Lin Qinghe cursed in anger, but he took his resentment towards Ye Fan and placed it on Wang Dongsheng.

    After kicking Wang Dongsheng away, Lin Qinghe continued to persuade towards Wu Yang to kill Ye Fan.

    However, Wu Yang returned in a calm voice, "I have my own decision, you don't need to persuade me!"

    After blocking Lin Qinghe with one sentence, Wu Yang looked at Ye Fan and continued.

    "But Ye Fan, the death penalty can be forgiven, but the living crime is hard to escape."

    "Today, I announce that I am officially stripping Ye Fan of all his positions in the military district and expelling him from the military, from now on, you, Ye Fan, have no more connection with my Jiangdong Military District.The Green Dragon Battle Team also no longer has anything to do with you."

    "Before I change my mind now, get out~"

    Wu Yang's lips turned pale and said in a deep voice.

    However, Ye Fan did not have the slightest intention of leaving, and in the face of Wu Yang's decision, he lightly smiled, "This military area, I had no intention of staying long, you fire me, so be it."

    "However, the Green Dragon Battle Team was created by me, and its members are even handpicked and trained by me."

    "Today, I personally came here to take away the Green Dragon."

    "Shut up!"Before Ye Fan finished speaking, Wu Yang became furious again and drank muddily, "The Green Dragon Battle Team is under my Jiangdong Military Region, and all of its members are soldiers of my Jiangdong Military Region."

    "All of their resources are given by the military district and are provided by the state.All of them are members of my military district and are subordinate to me, Wu Yang!"

    "What right do you have, a banished person, to threaten to take away the Green Dragon?"

    However, in the face of Wu Yang's anger, the sneer above the corner of Ye Fan's mouth was even thicker.

    "Commander Wu, don't you think that the person most unqualified to say that is you?"

    "You keep saying that the Green Dragon is a member of your military.But how do you treat it?"

    "It's just as well to cut off their logistical supplies and treat them with inhumane treatment.Train them like animals, to death!"

    "Today, if I don't take them away.I expect that in a few days, they will be abused to death by you!"

    Ye Fan and Wu Yang were tit-for-tat, their words resounding, just like golden stones, but they did not give this commander the slightest face at all.

    Wuyang was undoubtedly even more annoyed, mixing his voice back, "So what?"

    "They are the people of my military region, I am the first commander of this military region, how I should train them, that is my freedom.Even if I tell them to die, they may not disobey."

    "And you, a banished man, what right do you have to dictate to the Green Dragon?"

    Although Wu Yang's words were angry, they were by no means unreasonable.

    After all, as the ancient saying goes, the ruler lets the minister die and the minister has to die.

    Ye Yuyan and the others, as soldiers, should indeed obey Wu Yang's orders.

    But when Ye Fan heard the words, the smile in his eyebrows was even more intense.

    "Commander Wu is really a great authority, isn't he?"

    "It's just that do you seriously think that you, the commander, have so much prestige in the heart of the Green Dragon?"

    "Would you believe that you can't order them in the slightest without my permission."

    "That's nonsense!"Wu Yang directly raged, "Could it be that the authority of a military commander of mine is no match for you, a yellow-mouthed kid?"

    Filled with rage, Wu Yang turned back to glare directly at Ye Yuyan and the others, and shouted in a deep voice, "Green Dragon crowd, listen to my orders, immediately get back to the military area.In the future, sever all ties with Ye Fan, and the five of you will have no further contact with this son!"

    In the middle of the night, Wu Yang shouted in anger, his majestic words sweeping the four directions.

    However, what Wuyang didn't expect was that in the face of his orders, no one in front of the Green Dragon reacted at all.

    Not to mention returning to the military area, it didn't even pay the slightest attention to Wuyang.


    "Are they all deaf?"

    "Didn't you hear what Commander Ben said?"

    "And get the fuck back to the military!"

    Wu Yang was furious, and his frown deepened.

    However, still no one responded.

    To Wu Yang's order, Ye Yuyan, Li Ziyang and the others, they all turned a deaf ear.

    Until this time, Ye Fan's gaze looked over.

    In the middle of the night, only Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, full of cold smiles.

    He looked around at the four directions and drank in a deep voice, "Green Dragon, where is it?"


    In a split second, the cold wind rose up and rolled up the falling leaves.

    And in the split second that Ye Fan's words fell, Ye Yuyan and the others, all of them endured pain and stood up with gritted teeth.

    "I, Ye Yuyan~"


    "Li Ziyang~"


    "Tall and strong~"

    "All in!"

    Ye Fan nodded and continued, "Will the five of you, will you leave with me?"

    Ye Yuyan and the others did not hesitate and nodded heavily.

    "Where Instructor Chu is, is where the Green Dragon is."

    "The five of us, we are willing to swear to follow to the death and only serve Instructor Chu in this life!"


Qing Long's words were only like golden stones falling to the ground, but they were resounding.

    As the crowd listened, they could only feel deafening!

    But at that time, Wu Yang was close to fainting with anger.

    He raised his arm and pointed his finger at Ye Yuyan and the others, trembling all over, "You~ You~"

    "How dare you ...."

    "I'm the commander of the army, I'm the leader here."

    "How dare you disobey my orders and honor him instead?"

    "Are you guys really not afraid that you'll also be expelled from the military like this yellow-mouthed kid?"

    Wu Yang was so furious that his old face reddened with anger, and his body trembled as he roared at the crowd of Green Dragons.

    However, in the face of Wu Yang's threat, the crowd of Green Dragons did not move at all.

    Even Ye Yuyan and the others returned in a cold voice, "No need to trouble you, we, the Green Dragons, voluntarily withdrew from the Jiangdong Military District."

    "From now on, we have no more connection with the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "You...You guys..."These words of Ye Yuyan were only like a knife, ruthlessly plunging into Wu Yang's heart.

    Wu Yang had never thought that he, the commander of the three armies, would be less prestigious than a teenager.

    Their Noble Jiangdong Military Region was even less attractive than a person who had been expelled.

    "Commander Wu Yang, I'm sorry."

    "It's the military district that's heartless then first, so don't blame us for being unjust!"


    Ye Yuyan and the others, said coldly to Wu Yang.

    They then left the military area and headed towards Ye Fan's direction.

    Their steps were firm and leisurely, and they didn't even have the slightest attachment to the purgatory-like place behind them over there.

    "You...You bunch of white-eyed wolves, this bunch of ungrateful people."

    "I was really blind to accept you guys into the military!"


    "The state has provided for you, the military has treated you well, and this is how you repay me?To just betray the military?"

    "A bunch of white-eyed wolves~"

    Wuyang Jairi cursed angrily at the crowd of Green Dragons.

    It wasn't surprising that Wu Yang was so disoriented, after all, Green Dragon's actions were undoubtedly smacking Wu Yang in the face in front of the crowd!

    It could be said that Jean's Wuyang's face was all over the place in front of the generals, and his majesty was gone.

    However, this could not be blamed on Qinglong and the others.

    It was the military district's lack of righteousness in the first place.

    Before this, they had also thought about defending their country and serving the military district.

    However, what the military district had done in the past half a month or so had caused the crowd of Green Dragon to be completely chilled!

    Their passionate pillows have been doused by the insults and abuse they received from Chen Lan and the others!

    Perhaps, this was not Wu Yang's original intention.

    But, as the commander, did he really have no responsibility?

    At least, it's Wu Yang's greatest responsibility to be ill-informed and ill-used, aiding the evil-doer!

    Especially tonight, Lan Chen and his men were even trying to round up and kill them.

    This undoubtedly made Ye Yuyan and the others lose the last bit of their sense of belonging to the military district.

    On the other hand, Ye Fan, not only did they have the grace of conferring, but now they had traveled thousands of miles to come to their rescue.

    This saving grace is also enough for them to follow the Green Dragon for a lifetime to return.

    So, in the choice between Ye Fan and the Jiangdong Military District, the crowd of Green Dragons, resolutely chose the former!

    Then, the five of the Green Dragons followed Ye Fan and headed out of the military area.

    "Commander, you can't let them go ah?"

    "Please, Commander, order them to be shot on the spot at once!"

    "They betrayed the military district and offended you. They deserve to die."

    Seeing that Ye Fan and the others were really leaving, but Lin Qinghe advised again.

    Wu Yang, who was in shock after all, eventually shook his head, "Let's go, let them go."

    "Such ungrateful people are not worthy of staying in my Jiangdong Military District."

    "In addition, after they leave, immediately cancel their military registrations and they will not be rehired for life!"

    Wuyang, who had calmed down, ordered in a deep voice.

    The reason he was so disoriented just now was not because he had lost a few talents, it was more because of the betrayal of the Green Dragon and the others, which had caused him to lose face.

    As for the Green Dragon Five, in Wu Yang's opinion, they were just a few insignificant soldiers.

    Such soldiers, they still had hundreds of thousands of them in the Jiangdong Military Region.

    So, gone would be gone, Wu Yang didn't care, he wouldn't stay!

    As for killing them, Wu Yang hadn't thought about it.

    Although the Green Dragon had offended him, the crime didn't warrant death, so there was no need to kill them all.

    Moreover, a few insignificant juniors were only a few, and it wasn't worth his fury.

    "One day, they'll regret what they did today."

    Looking at the direction that Ye Yuyan and the others left, Wu Yang, still angry and gloomy, said coldly.

    However, the current Wu Yang, however, had no idea what kind of person they had forced away here today would grow into in the future!

    "Okay, let's all break up."

    "Everyone go back to rest and continue training tomorrow."

    "As for Wang Dongsheng, you stay here and deal with the aftermath."

    "Especially the dead Chief Instructor Chen, properly buried."

    Wu Yang seemed to be tired as well, and after giving a few orders, he was ready to go back to rest.

    However, who would have thought that Wang Dongsheng was walking over.

    "Commander Wu, that I...I..."

    At this time, Wang Dongsheng still had the footprints of Lin Qinghe's kick on his body.He looked towards Wu Yang and opened his mouth to say something, but swallowed and looked like he wanted to say something.

    Wu Yang was suddenly confused, but next to him, Lin Qinghe was looking hard, a slap directly paste Wang Dongsheng face.

    "I...I you paralyze ah me."

    "Quickly say what you have to say, quickly fart, don't fucking delay Commander Wu's rest!"

    Lin Qinghe cursed angrily.

    There was already anger in Lin Qinghe's heart towards this Wang Dongsheng.

    Just now, if this Wang Dongsheng hadn't suddenly stirred up the situation, Ye Fan would probably have died here tonight.

    But now it was good that he was persuaded by Wang Dongsheng to completely let the tiger go.

    Lin Qinghe had to worry that he would suffer retaliation in the future.

    However, just as Lin Qinghe was worried, who would have thought that Wang Dongsheng, who had just been slapped, would backhandedly slap Lin Qinghe's face.


    Under the dark night, the sound was distinctly clear.


    "You dare to hit me?"

    "Wang Dongsheng, how dare you?"

    "You're a little colonel and you dare to hit this commander?"

    "I'm telling you, you're fucked up, you're fucking fucked up~"

    Lin Qinghe was covering his face, staring at him with dead eyes and cursing angrily at Wang Dongsheng.

    He had never thought that this Wang Dongsheng, a small head of mission, would dare to fight back?

    "Finished you palsy!"

    After inciting Lin Qinghe to slap him, Wang Dongsheng followed up with another kick to his stomach.

    Lin Qinghe gave an ouch and directly covered his stomach and kneeled to the ground.

    "Lin Qinghe, you old dog, I've been putting up with you for a long time!"

    "I fucking came here to be a soldier, not to be fucking frustrated."

    "You don't treat me like a human being, and I don't treat you like a human being today~"

    Even a mudblood has three degrees of anger, let alone Wang Dongsheng, who has crawled his way up to head of the team.

    Under Lin Qinghe's repeated insults, Wang Dongsheng finally exploded.

    He walked over to Lin Qinghe and kicked him, beating him madly.

    Straight beatings caused Lin Qinghe's nose to bleed and his front teeth to be kicked in two, lying on the ground and screaming like a dog.

    "Stop it~"

    "Wang Dongsheng, what are you doing?"

    "Someone, pull him back~"

    "Come on~"

    Wuyang on the side was confused and shouted anxiously.


Outside the military zone, Wu Yang was still shouting.

    The two people next to him even went forward to pull the fight, but they couldn't pull at all.Wang Dongsheng was like a madman, beating Lin Qinghe madly.

    It wasn't until finally four or five people pulled together that the party stopped Wang Dongsheng and saved Lin Qinghe.

    However, at this time, Lin Qinghe was already beaten beyond recognition.

    His nose and face were swollen and fresh blood was flowing.

    If he hadn't been held up, he would have been unable to even stand.

    But even so, Lin Qinghe was still viciously cursing Wang Dongsheng.

    "Bastard, how dare you hit me~"

    "You...You have the nerve to be a dog!"

    Seeing that this Lin Qinghe was even still talking tough, Wang Dongsheng went over and kicked Lin Qinghe again.

    "That's enough!"

    "Wang Dongsheng, what do you want?"

    "Lin Qinghe is the deputy commander of the military region, how can you be offended by a small head of the army?"

    "Why don't you go and apologize to Vice Commander Lin?"

    Wu Yang snapped in anger, but stopped the farce.

    Wang Dongsheng was unconvinced: "Apologize?"

    "Why should I be the one to apologize?"

    "Even if it is an apology, consider him to be the one to apologize."

    "As you saw just now, I spoke for you, but Lin Qinghe, the old dog, is crossed and is indiscriminately beating me."

    "I, Wang Dongsheng, am also a bloodthirsty man, and even though he is a vice commander, I will never allow him to bully me like that."

    Wang Dongsheng said in a stern voice, his words strong, but he did not have the slightest intention of apologizing.

    "Good you Wang Dongsheng, could it be that you don't even listen to my words anymore?"

    "Even if Lin Qinghe is in the wrong, if you want to teach him a lesson, it's when I do!"

    "Whatever reason you have for hitting a superior officer, it's your fault!"

    "Now, I order you to immediately give Lin Qinghe an apology."

    "In that case, I can forget about today's incident."

    "Otherwise, don't blame me for treating you for the crime of disrespect.Also like that Green Dragon, expel you from the military district!"

    Wu Yang said in a furious voice, and his low words were filled with anger.

    Earlier, the disobedience of the Green Dragon crowd towards him had already caused Wu Yang to lose face.

    Now this Wang Dongsheng was contradicting him to his face again, this time, naturally, Wu Yang would not give in easily and still forcefully ordered Wang Dongsheng to apologize to Lin Qinghe.

    However, what Wu Yang didn't expect was that as soon as his side had finished speaking, Wang Dongsheng took off his uniform and smashed it in front of Wu Yang with a snap.

    "You...What do you want?"

    Wang Dongsheng smashed this, but it left Wu Yang confused.

    He stared at Wang Dongsheng with his dead eyes and old face, and asked in a furious voice.

    Wang Dongsheng returned, "Commander Wu, just now, I was trying to resign you.But now, it seems that it is no longer necessary."

    When Wu Yang heard this, he trembled and looked at Wang Dongsheng incredulously, "Could it be, you .You also want to, quit the Jiangdong Military District?"

    "Wang Dongsheng, think about it!"

    "If you quit today, your decades-long career will be gone."

    "The military district will not give you any subsidies or benefits, wiping out all traces of you, once and for all!"

    "It's not too late for you to regret it."

    Wu Yang spoke about the pros and cons of it, trying to retain the old subordinate in front of him.

    However, Wang Dongsheng shook his head, "No need.In this life, one lives a breath."

    "This military district, I'm staying lame and suffocating."

    "I've figured it out, an old dog like Lin Qinghe is not worthy of allegiance and following."

    "Only heroes like Instructor Chu deserve to be followed by Wang Dongsheng for the rest of his life."

    "Commander Wu, take care of yourself."

    "We'll, see you later!"

    Wang Dongsheng's words were only like golden stones being thrown to the ground.

    After saying that, without even caring about Wu Yang's reply, Wang Dongsheng turned around and left, chasing after Ye Fan and the others in the direction they had left.

    Only the crowd behind him remained, looking at each other.

    And Wu Yang was also flabbergasted in place, speechless for a long time, dumbfounded!

    Only after a long time did Wu Yang squared his red eyes and cursed angrily, "Get out, all of you!"

    "Get the fuck out of here!"

    "Don't come back!"

    "A bunch of white-eyed wolves, after all these years, I've raised you for nothing after all~"

    Wu Yang's anger was overwhelming.

    The successive departures of the people under this banner undoubtedly made Wu Yang feel angry at being betrayed, and even more so, made him, in front of the generals, lose face.

    It was just fine for Qing Long to betray the military district and follow Ye Fan, after all, these people were still trained by Ye Fan.

    But Wang Dongsheng's departure was a huge blow to Wuyang.

    This wasn't a blow to the face, this was a kick to the face!

    This was undoubtedly telling the entire military district generals that he, Wu Yang, was not virtuous enough to keep people.

    Wu Yang had never thought that he, the commander of the military district, would one day suffer such a big defeat in the hands of a teenager.

    Just like this, in the midst of Wu Yang's anger and depression filled heart, this farce tonight came to a complete end.

    On the other side, Wang Dongsheng had caught up with Ye Fan.

    "Uncle Wang, what are you doing here?"

    When they saw Wang Dongsheng, Ye Yuyan and the others gathered around and asked questions.And the words were extremely kind.

    Wang Dongsheng was a benefactor to them, and the people of Qinglong were naturally close to him.

    Facing Ye Yuyan and the others' questions, Wang Dongsheng didn't answer.Instead, he walked straight towards Ye Fan, and then in the midst of the surprised gazes of Tarzan and the others, he actually knelt down directly in front of Ye Fan.

    He kneeled down on both knees and paid respect to Ye Fan, "Instructor Chu is majestic and heavenly."

    "When Yunzhou parted at first, I, Wang Dongsheng, was in awe and honored day and night."

    "Today, I, Wang Dongsheng, boldly ask Instructor Chu to take me in."

    "In the future, I, Wang Dongsheng, would like to follow you for the rest of my life and obey Instructor Chu's orders."

    Wang Dongsheng's eyebrows were firm, and his majestic words were only as strong as gold and stone.

    Ye Yuyan and the others heard the news, but they were both happy and surprised.

    The joy was that they were able to gain another great general under their Instructor Chu.

    The shock was that they did not expect their Instructor Chu to be so charismatic that he had conquered a veteran military official like Wang Dongsheng!

    Ye Fan's appearance was still calm after hearing the news.

    He stood with a negative hand and looked at Wang Dongsheng in front of him with an expressionless face as he said in a deep voice, "Today, I can be said to be on the opposite side of the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "If you follow me, you are bound to be blocked by the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "The merit and glory you have created in your half-life foundation and a lifetime of military service will be gone."

    "Have you thought about it carefully, do you seriously want to follow me?"

    Without any hesitation, in the face of what Ye Fan asked, Wang Dongsheng resolutely nodded his head and said, "Instructor Chu, I've thought it through!"

    "A good bird chooses a tree to perch on, and a good minister chooses a master to serve."

    "Wuyang's generation, having eyes but no pearls, does not know right from wrong, and is not worthy to serve with."

    "And Instructor Chu, who has the posture of a dragon and a tiger, has the color of a rebuke."

    "The peach and the plum are not to be found."

    "Instructor Chu is so capable, I, Wang Dongsheng, am willing to give up half of my life's foundation and vow to follow him!"


Under the dark night, Wang Dongsheng said solemnly.

    The low voice, the resounding words, but deafening.

    The words of utter sincerity echoed throughout the night sky.

    When Ye Fan heard the words, he shook his head and laughed softly.

    Seeing that Ye Fan shook his head, Wang Dongsheng was immediately terrified, his heart cooled down, and asked, "You, Instructor Chu, aren't you going to take me in?"

    "Now that I have quit the Jiangdong Military Region, if Instructor Chu doesn't allow me, there will be no place for me, Wang Dongsheng, to stand in this world."

    "Instructor Chu, I beg you to take me in."

    "As long as you are willing to let me follow your side, I, Wang Dongsheng, will do whatever it takes to be a bull and a horse!"

    Wang Dongsheng was filled with misery and said bitterly.

    When Wang Yuyan and the others saw this, they also felt intolerant and advised Ye Fan, "Instructor Chu, Uncle Wang has been a great benefactor to us, I implore Instructor Chu, take him in as well."

    "Yes, Instructor Chu, just accept Uncle Wang~"

    The Qinglong crowd, too, were all asking for each other.

    Hearing this, the smile on Ye Fan's mouth, however, became even more intense.

    "Wang Dongsheng, I ask you, are you really just admiring me when you follow me?"

    "Between you and me, we have but a few encounters."

    "My contacts with you are all but a handful."

    "How much do you know about me, and how much can you?"

    "Since you don't know me at all, where does your admiration and respect for me come from?"

    Ye Fan looked towards Wang Dongsheng and asked faintly.

    Wang Dongsheng returned in a deep voice, "Although I do not understand Instructor Chu, I know that you can make a thousand troops kneel and worship, and make the present emperor, and even the entire country, beg for your protection."

    "Being able to do so is enough to make me, Wang Dongsheng, vow to follow you to the death."

    Hearing this, Ye Fan still shook his head.

    "To be frank, what you value is still my power and position."

    "If I, Ye Fan, didn't have the ability to make a thousand troops kneel and worship, and didn't have the glory of being crowned by the present, would you still follow?"


    Ye Fan's words, however, asked Wang Dongsheng.

    He was stunned and was speechless for a long time.

    Ye Fan continued, "I know that you chose to quit the military because you felt that you were hopelessly promoted in the military, so you wanted to follow me, Ye Fan, and gamble on a future!"

    "You think that, with my ability, if you follow me, you will surely enjoy glory and prosperity."

    "I..."Wang Dongsheng's face changed, then he opened his mouth and thought of explaining something.

    However, Ye Fan stopped him: "You don't have to explain, it's human nature.In life, who doesn't live for fame and glory and wealth?"

    "It's just that there's one thing I have to warn you about."

    "No man is good for a thousand days, no flower is red for a hundred days."

    "Perhaps today, I, Ye Fan, am revered by people, and have been named the Pillar God General, respected by the country."

    "But, these names can be given to me by the country, which means that one day, I can still take them back."

    "When I, Ye Fan, lose my reputation, can you think about your situation?"

    Ye Fan spoke slowly, telling Wang Dongsheng all the pros and cons of it.

    Wang Dongsheng was different from Qinglong, Wang Dongsheng followed him for the sake of merit and to get a good future.

    Whereas, Green Dragon and the others followed Ye Fan without any reason, simply because they were convinced of Ye Fan as a person.

    What's more, Green Dragon was originally created by Ye Fan, personally cultivated and carefully taught and supported.They should serve Ye Fan as well.

    Hearing these words from Ye Fan, Wang Dongsheng was undoubtedly silent.

    Ye Fan was right, the reason why he wanted to follow Ye Fan was because he felt that Ye Fan had a bright future ahead of him, and if he followed him early, his status would definitely rise.

    However, just like what Ye Fan said, what if in the future, Ye Fan fell down to the altar?

    He, Wang Dongsheng, was bound to suffer implication as well, right?

    However, after hesitating for a long time, Wang Dongsheng still insisted, "In this world, anything is a risk."

    "However, since I, Wang Dongsheng, dare to follow Instructor Chu to gamble on a future, that is to believe that Instructor Chu's ability will be long-lasting."

    "Moreover, even if it's really as Instructor Chu said, if there really is such a day, I, Wang Dongsheng, am willing to gamble and never regret my decision today!"

    Wang Dongsheng said solemnly, and there was determination in his eyebrows.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan nodded his head squarely, "Since you've spoken up to this point, I'll keep you."

    "Exactly, after today, help me supervise the training of the Green Dragon Battle Team."

    "As for the glory and wealth, you can rest assured that what I, Ye Fan, will give you is naturally much more than what the Jiangdong Military Region will give you."

    Wang Dongsheng was instantly delighted when he heard that, while kowtowing in gratitude, "Thank you Instructor Chu for your love, I, Wang Dongsheng, will definitely obey Mr. Chu's orders in the future."

    "There is no need to thank me, if you want to thank me, thank yourself."Ye Fan waved his hand and said indifferently, "The reason why I am keeping you is not because you are of great use to me, but because you are gracious to the Green Dragon for sheltering me."

    "I, Ye Fan, have always acted with a clear grudge."

    "I will not bypass those who have a grudge against me.Those who have a grudge against me, I will naturally not treat them badly."

    As he said this, Ye Fan suddenly stopped walking.

    He turned around, looked up towards the direction of the Jiangdong Military District, and smiled coldly, "Green Dragon, remember tonight."

    "I promise, one day, I will let you come back."

    "The bullying they have done to you, in the future, I will also make them, repay a hundred times!"


    The winds were cold and blustery, and wrapped around Ye Fan's morose words, sweeping the entire night sky.

    Ye Yuyan and the others nodded their heads as well at the words.

    "Well, we'll be back!"

    "When the time comes, it will definitely make those who look down on me, Green Dragon, regret it!"

    The low words echoed, but the gaze of the Green Dragon crowd looking away was heavy and firm.

    Just like this, the Green Dragon crowd returned to Yunzhou along with Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan also had someone, next to his residence, arrange a residence for Ye Yuyan and the others.

    Of course, leaving the military area didn't mean that the Green Dragon's training was over.

    These people, if they were to help Ye Fan in the future, they had to master enough power.

    So, after they recovered from their wounds, Ye Fan continued his special training for them.

    Training during the day, medicinal bath at night.

    Everything was back to the way it was before when Ye Fan was teaching in Jiangdong Military District.

    And after this tribulation and setback, the Green Dragon crowd's training was also very conscious of being more hard than before.

    Simply because, they all held a breath in their hearts.

    One day, they would have to prove to Wu Yang, to Lin Qinghe, and to everyone in the Jiangdong Military Region that it was they who had eyes but no pearls, and not they, the Green Dragons, who were incompetent.

    Time, just like this, slowly passed by in the midst of the painstaking training of Qinglong and the others.

    During this period of time, the construction of the Genting Mountain Villa was also being pushed forward day and night overtime under the urging of Li Er and the others.

    However, at the same time, there was a storm that was silently brewing in the martial world.


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