Dish Best Served Cold 1191-1195


Chapter 1191


    "Don't waste any time."

    "Get going~"

    At this time, the sound of Ye Yuyan's urging came from the ears.

    Li Ziyang and the others nodded.

    And then, they held their breaths, stepped on the ground, and leapt up.

    Whoosh~ whoosh~ whoosh~.

    Under the dark night, those silhouettes were like rocs spreading their wings.

    Just like that, they directly climbed over the high wall and leapt out of the Jiangdong Military District.


    "Finally, we're out."

    "Captain, we're free~"

    When they stepped onto that free land outside the military zone again, Li Ziyang and the others, were moved to near tears.

    There had never been a moment that made them feel as precious as they did now, how precious freedom was.

    "Yeah, it's finally out~"

    "Finally, we've left this hellhole."

    Ye Yuyan looked back at the high walled and closed military compound behind her, and also couldn't help but laugh out loud.

    "Well, we've escaped, but the danger hasn't made contact yet."

    "Let's hurry up and go!"

    "Run as far away as you can before they find out~"

    After a brief moment of feeling, Ye Yuyan and the others made their way again, preparing to move away from this land.


    "Can you walk away?"

    However, at this moment, in the depths of the dark night, there was suddenly the sound of cold laughter, quietly sounding.

    And then~


    In the military area, there were actually several searchlights that quietly lit up.

    A few kilowatts of high-powered lights, like the sun rising in the dark night, shone over.

    In a split second, the sky and earth here were as bright as day.

    Then, Ye Yuyan and the others saw that the place that was originally filled with darkness was densely packed with soldiers.

    Thousands and hundreds of soldiers had already surrounded the place.

    It was like a tidal wave, encircling the path of their Green Dragon crowd.

    The person leading the group was none other than the new instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, Lan Chen.

    "It's you!"

    Seeing Lan Chen, the Green Dragon crowd was also shocked, their pupils constricting, full of caution and vigilance.


    "How did you know we'd leave?"

    "Tell me!"

    Seeing the hundreds of soldiers around them, the crowd of Green Dragons were in despair.

    They knew that their plan had failed.

    If it was just Lan Chen alone, they might have been able to escape one or two of the five of them.

    But now, this nearly a team of soldiers had surrounded them.

    They, the Green Dragon Battle Team, had no possibility of escaping at all.

    However, it was truly unwilling!

    Obviously, they had escaped from it.

    Obviously, it was so close!

    But why, God still let them fall at the last moment before dawn.

    Despair, resignation, anger~.

    All sorts of emotions only swept through the entire heart of the Green Dragon crowd like a tidal wave.

    Li Ziyang's eyes were blood red as he roared at Lan Chen.

    Lan Chen, however, smiled indifferently, and between his eyebrows, there was complacency and arrogance: "Just a few of you trash, you still want to play mind games with me?"

    "Do you seriously think that you can escape from the hands of this instructor with just you losers?"

    "To tell you the truth, I've expected you to do this.That's why from the beginning, I was already prepared."

    "I've arranged for your homes and even your cell phones to be monitored."

    "Your every move is under my General's control!"

    "Even if you are the Monkey King, then you won't be able to escape from this General's Five Finger Mountain."

    "To fight me, I can only say that you guys are too young."


    Lan Chen laughed with pride, the wanton laughter undoubtedly a huge mockery of the Green Dragon crowd.


    "Shameless villain~"

    "How dare you listen in on us?"


    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch!"

    "Lan Chen, you shall not die a happy death~"

    "You shall not die!"

    After hearing these words from Lan Chen, the eyes of Li Ziyang and the others all turned red.

    Their eyes were filled with resentment, and their fierce gazes could not wait to cut Lan Chen to death by a thousand cuts.

    However, Lan Chen was still smiling, "Let me die a merciless death?"

    "I think you'd better think about what's going to happen to you first."

    "You have fled without permission.And disobeyed your superiors, disobeyed orders, faced your instructors, and even fought with your fists and feet, resisted law enforcement, and maimed your comrades."

    "According to the regulations, you rebels are to be shot on the spot."

    In the middle of the dark night, Lan Chen stood with his hands in the negative, and his faint voice, as if a cold wind was sweeping through the wilderness, slowly rang out.

    However, upon hearing these words from Lan Chen, Ye Yuyan's face changed.

    Gao Dazhuang, Li Ziyang, and the others, on the other hand, were furious.

    Their faces were eventful and they cursed in anger.


    "Barbra Chen, I'm strawberry!"

    "You're putting out fucking bullshit."

    "Why did we ever disobey our superiors?"

    "Why did we ever punch you in the face?"

    "And why did we ever mutilate our comrades?"

    "You're fucking full of shit!"

    The Green Dragon crowd was naturally furious at this kind of desire to commit a crime.

    Presumably, no matter who it was, they couldn't tolerate being falsely accused.

    However, Lan Chen still laughed, "I say you have, you have."

    "You~ You~"

    "How dare you, we're going to go to the commander and sue you, we're going to make Commander Wu, see your true face!"

    Lan Chen's arrogant words completely infuriated the Green Dragon crowd.

    In anger, Li Ziyang and the others even threatened to tell Wu Yang about these words.

    "Want to tell the truth?That would take a life."

    "Do you think, I would let you, live to see the Commander?"


    Lan Chen laughed indiscriminately and proudly, as if the sound of a boulder crushing a boulder resounded throughout the void.

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "I'll spell it out for you~"

    "Go to hell!"

    Li Ziyang couldn't hold back any longer, and the ignorant karmic fire within him erupted.

    His eyes were red, and as if he had gone mad, he rushed directly at Chen Lan and struck him with a huge fist.

    However, Li Ziyang, who had only been involved in martial arts for a few months, was no match for Chen Lan, who was a martial arts expert.

    In the darkness of the night, Lan Chen's arm was raised and he easily grasped Li Ziyang's arm, and then pressed down hard.


    Amidst the screams, Li Ziyang's arm was actually directly crushed by Lan Chen.

    And then, Lan Chen slapped and hit Li Ziyang's chest.

    Amidst the sound of shattering tendons and bones, Li Ziyang spat out blood and his entire body was blown away.

    "Brother Yang!"

    "Bastard, take your life~"

    The scene before us was like the last straw that crushed the camel.

    The Green Dragon, who knew that he was bound to die, was no longer holding back, but the rest of the people, all of them stepped on the ground and fought against Lan Chen.

    "Heh, something that doesn't measure up to its own strength."

    "After all, it's just a self-inflicted death~"

    Seeing the crowd of Green Dragons attacking in front of him, Lan Chen sneered and laughed.

    Then, he slapped out several palms in a row, each palm hitting the Green Dragon's vitality.

    The last palm even directly broke several ribs of Ma Mingbo.

    Blood mixed with fragments of internal organs spurted wildly.

    Bang bang bang~.

    Just like this, Lan Chen kicked and kicked, and his moves were all deadly.

    In just a few moments, all of them fell to the ground, vomiting blood and almost dying.


Looking at Lan Chen's demeanor, he was really ready to put the Green Dragon crowd to death.

    "Bunch of trash, if you honestly stay in the military area, what's the harm in me, Lan Chen, keeping you alive?"

    "But Nay, you trash, you don't know how to honor me, you don't respect me, Lan Chen, and now you want to run away?"

    "You're joining forces to betray me and trying to embarrass me, Lan Chen?"

    Chen Lan was a man who wanted to save face, if others knew that the Green Dragon Squad had escaped under him, and Wu Yang blamed him not to say anything, he Chen Lan would surely become the joke of the entire military district.

    Saying that he, Lan Chen, was incompetent and difficult to convince, and couldn't even discipline a few of his men.

    That's why, after learning that the Green Dragon crowd had fled, Lan Chen was so furious.

    He directly led thousands of troops to surround Ye Yuyan and the others here.Just now, he even almost killed them, directly scrapping half the lives of the five Green Dragons.

    "Let me tell you, what I, Lan Chen, hate the most in my life is the betrayal of others!"

    "However, considering that you are still young, I can give you a chance to live today, instead."

    "As long as you guys, kneel down, respectfully call me Chief Instructor, and swear that in the future, Green Dragon, respect me as your teacher, respect me as your father, and completely forget about that Instructor Chu, I, Lan Chen, don't mind, keeping you trash, alive."

    "Otherwise, don't blame me for beheading you on the spot for resisting arrest!"


    Lan Chen's words were sinister and fierce, throwing a voice.

    In a split second, there was a cold wind swirling in this part of the world.

    In the night, there were cold leaves fluttering, and the trees in the forest swayed unceasingly.

    The morbid words were even more chilling to the surrounding crowd.

    Lan Chen thought that under his own authority, the juniors in front of him would definitely fear and submit.

    However, what Lan Chen did not expect was that even in the face of a thousand troops besieging them, even though they were already in a desperate situation, Li Ziyang and the others were still roaring lowly.

    "Old dog, let us kneel, you don't deserve it~"

    "You are even more unworthy, to be the instructor of our Green Dragon Battle Team."

    "We, in this life, only recognize Instructor Chu alone!"

    "Kill or cut, we'll do what you want."

    "But, Instructor Chu will definitely take our revenge~"

    "When Instructor Chu returns, he will never let you go and will definitely avenge us~"


    At the front, the Green Dragon crowd was covered in blood, lying on the ground, almost dying.

    However, even so, they were still stubbornly holding on, still gritting their teeth and roaring.

    Even if they were to die, they would never betray Instructor Chu!



    "One by one, you're quite spirited."

    "However, I'd like to see if it's your bones that are hard, or my fists that are hard for someone like me, Chen!"

    Lan Chen had never thought that these people of the Green Dragon would be so tough-mouthed.

    Even now, they even dared to insult him and disobey him.

    In anger, Lan Chen once again stepped forward and stormed at Li Ziyang and the others.

    "I was thinking that if you guys would have hung back from the cliff and repented in time, I would have let you trash live on in the world."

    "But unfortunately, you guys are stubborn and stubborn, since that's the case, why should I keep you alive?"

    "Today, in the name of the Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, I, Chen Lan, will punish you traitors on the spot!"


    The monstrous voice of anger was like thunder, reverberating through this world.

    Underneath the rage, Lan Chen's face was ghastly, his brows and eyes icy cold.

    And then, everyone could only see that under the dark night, Lan Chen's feet stepped on the earth and rose up into the sky.

    With his hands curled into claws, he directly grabbed at the throat of the Green Dragon crowd.

    No one doubted that after this strike fell, the Green Dragon crowd would definitely die in a complete body death.

    However, even before life or death, the crowd of Green Dragons still had no fear.

    They did not regret what they had done today, nor did they regret respecting Ye Fan as their instructor.

    It was just that their only regret was not being able to see Instructor Chu one more time before they died.They didn't have the chance to thank Instructor Chu for his, preaching and receiving grace!

    "It's over, Gryphons~"

    Between the dark nights, Lan Chen laughed fiercely.

    The oncoming strong wind was only like the claws wielded out by the God of Death.

    Was this the feeling that death was imminent?

    Ye Yuyan and the others had closed their eyes in despair, waiting for Lan Chen's attack to pierce through their bodies.

    No one noticed that there were teardrops hanging from the corners of Ye Yuyan and the others' eyes, and there were glittering crystals.

    Were they, seriously, not afraid of death?

    Of course not!

    They were originally fragrant, their lives had just begun, and none of their dreams had come true, but now, their lives were about to end.

    There was naturally an inexplicable sadness that pervaded the hearts of the Qinglong crowd.

    "Brother Ye Fan, goodbye~"

    In the final moment, what surfaced in the hearts of Ye Yuyan and the others was still the thin figure of the young man.

    However, just as Lan Chen's attack was about to fall.

    Suddenly, this silent sky actually had a violent storm rising!

    Immediately afterwards, a word that revealed an endless majesty in the midst of the eeriness resounded through the void of the four directions.

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Extinction."

    "Yun Yang Kick!"

    In the darkness of the night, everyone could only see, a figure, swift as a stream of light, as fast as a shock.

    It was like a ray of light, tearing through the void and the curtain of night, just like this, quietly appearing under the night!

    And then, he stood across the void and stepped down with one foot.

    The majestic might was like a thousand-thousand-kilogram foot, just like this, falling from the sky.It directly smashed down on Lan Chen's body.


    Lan Chen gritted his teeth and resisted, but the fierce wind blew his robe hunting and ringing.

    However, just when Lan Chen thought that he had blocked the attack and the crisis had been averted, who would have thought that the second strike of the opponent would fall again.

    "Cloud Dao Heaven's End, Blazing Mountain Avalanche!"


    The strength rolled up the sand and the wind blew away the fallen leaves.

    Beneath the four star rivers, an iron fist, which seemed to contain the power of the entire universe, crashed down on Lan Chen with a bang.


    Feeling the majestic power within this giant fist, Lan Chen's pupils drew in, and his eyes, which were deadly wide.

    In the next moment, Lan Chen's old body was like a leaf in the wind, directly knocked flying by this giant fist, and his feet exploded back hundreds of steps in a row on the ground.

    The hard wall of reinforced concrete cast behind him was crushed by Lan Chen by more than ten meters.

    In the end, Lan Chen trembled all over, his throat sweetened, and a mouthful of blood nearly spat out.



    All of this happened too quickly.

    One second, it was Chen Lan pretending to be a high-profile life and death, but the next second, there was a sudden change, and the majestic and unstoppable Chief Instructor Chen Lan was beaten like a dog a few dozen meters away.

    The situation instantly turned downward.

    All the people present were deeply shaken by the scene before them.

    Here in heaven and earth, the elegant birds were silent.


Everyone present was stunned.

    Even Ye Yuyan, Li Ziyang and the other five Green Dragons were staring at that moment.

    "This...This is?"

    "Chu...Instructor Chu?"

    Ye Yan's words were tremulous.

    Tarzan lifted his head.

    Li Ziyang and the others lost their voices.

    The Qinglong crowd, covered in blood, were lying on the ground, incredibly looking at the shadow in the depths of the dark night.

    It wasn't until, the light and shadows gathered and the silhouette approached, that Ye Fan's clear face became clear in the eyes of Ye Yuyan and the others.

    The moment they saw Ye Fan, the crowd of Green Dragons, actually couldn't help themselves anymore.

    Instantly, tears flowed down their faces!

    "Instructor Chu...Instructor Chu, it's...It's Instructor Chu!"

    "Instructor Chu is back~"

    "Instructor Chu has come to our rescue."


    "I knew that Instructor Chu wouldn't leave us alone."


    Outside the military area, Tarzan and the others cried and laughed, shouting almost maniacally, their tears being shattered in the wind.

    These days when Ye Fan was no longer around, they had really suffered too many grievances and humiliations.

    In the past, these grievances were hidden in their hearts, and they all silently carried them on their own.

    But now, Ye Fan had returned.

    The moment they saw that man, the grievances in the hearts of the Green Dragon crowd seemed to have found an outlet.

    Especially Ye Yuyan, after Ye Fan walked in, she even directly jumped into Ye Fan's arms and sobbed.

    The feeling was as if the floating duckweed had found leaning and the ship had sailed into the harbor.

    No matter how dangerous it was, no matter how stormy it was, but when they saw this man appear, there was no longer any worry or uncertainty in the hearts of the Green Dragon crowd.

    "Instructor Chu, we thought that we would never see you again~"

    Ye Fan had come over, but Tarzan and Gao Da Zhuang, these two-meter tall men, were crying into a fury in front of Ye Fan.

    After all, after experiencing that kind of desperate situation where they had survived death, it was probably hard for anyone to remain calm.

    What's more, everything they had experienced during this period of time had also made them suppress for too long.

    Now that they saw Ye Fan, all the emotions they had accumulated in their hearts burst out.

    However, they were too badly injured.

    Especially Taishan, who was already injured and was now dying from a serious injury.

    As for the others, they were also covered in blood and were lying there, but they didn't even have the strength to stand up.

    Even the voice that spoke to Ye Fan appeared to be so weak.

    Looking at the appearance of Ye Yuyan and the others, Ye Fan's heart was unbearable.

    "Can you still hold on for a while?"

    Ye Fan looked at them and asked in a low voice.

    Li Ziyang and the others nodded: "Put .Relax, Chu...Instructor Chu, I...We have the Green Dragon Body Refining Duel you taught us to protect our bodies, no...It's not that easy to die~"

    Li Ziyang forced a smile, but that pale face, as well as that trembling voice, also showed how weak he was at this time.

    Ye Fan nodded: "Well, hold on for a while."

    "I'll take you away in a moment."

    After a few words of comfort, Ye Fan turned around and looked at the hundreds of soldiers behind him.

    After he looked around, his gaze eventually, landed on the most powerful Qi and blood, Lan Chen.

    When he felt Ye Fan's gaze, Lan Chen didn't know why, but he felt a trembling sensation.

    "From the looks of it, this person's strength should not be underestimated~"

    Lan Chen's eyebrows were also darkened, and his old face was full of scruples.

    However, it was only a mere scruple.

    Even if a brat on the other side was powerful, how much more powerful could he be?

    "You're the Chu instructor this group of useless cadets are talking about?"

    "I can't believe you actually had the nerve to come back?"

    "You went AWOL, dealt with official business, and delayed military flights."

    "Commander Wuyang has long wanted to court-martial you."

    "But it's a shame that you're not in the military, so the commander hasn't sent anyone to arrest you."

    "Now that you're back, it's just as well, why don't you immediately restrain yourself and await your punishment?"

    Lan Chen's eyebrows and eyes were cold and condescending as she looked at Ye Fan.

    With a commanding tone, he drank coldly at Ye Fan.

    However, Ye Fan simply ignored his question.A pair of cold eyes just looked at him indifferently.

    Then, Ye Fan's cold words that did not contain the slightest emotion sounded out, "I ask you, but was the person of my Green Dragon injured by you?"


    "You rat bastard, who gave you the courage to speak to the Chief Instructor like that?"

    "Don't you want to live?"

    "Why don't you kneel down to the Chief Instructor and ask forgiveness?!"

    However, before Lan Chen could reply, an adjutant on the side stepped out and cursed at Ye Fan.

    However, this adjutant's voice had just fallen.Ye Fan's eyebrows chilled abruptly and snapped in a low voice, "Raucous!"

    Then, with a wave of Ye Fan's sleeve robe, a sturdy horsepower was directly smacked away.

    The deputy rose up in response to the sound, and his body of over a hundred pounds was like a ball, but it was instantly smacked away by Ye Fan.

    In the end, it smashed against the high wall behind him with a loud boom.

    The skull exploded, and red blood mixed with senescent brains splashed on top of that high wall.

    This deputy who was holding the stinky feet for Lan Chen, but he didn't even have time to scream before he was directly blown up by Ye Fan!

    Yes, it just exploded!

    The head exploded like a firework on the wall.

    At that moment, the whole place went silent!

    All the world was silent.

    Only the chilling wind swept away.

    Everyone, like looking at a ghost, looked at the young man in front of them.

    Too ruthless!

    That's just cruel!

    They never expected that this seemingly harmless young man would be so fierce when it came down to it.

    With a wave of his sleeve robe, he directly smashed a person's head into pulp.

    Ye Fan's fierce methods instantly shocked everyone here.

    In a split second, there was not a single person in the thousand or so people present who felt anything.

    No one stood there with pale faces and terrified eyes, it could be said that everyone was in danger!

    Lan Chen was obviously shocked by Ye Fan's tactics, but he was after all a weather-beaten man and quickly regained his composure.

    A pair of cloudy old eyes suddenly stared at Ye Fan, "Bastard, you dare to brutally kill your comrades?"

    "You've got a lot of nerve!"

    "For this one crime alone, I can put you on the spot today!"

    Lan Chen roared in anger.

    Ye Fan didn't reply, just lifted his feet and slowly walked towards him, "I'm asking you, my Green Dragon's man, but you were injured?"

    "So what if it's me?"

    "A bunch of trash insects, it's an honor for them to die in my hands."

    "And, today, I'm not just going to kill them, I, Lan Chen, am going to slaughter you, the trash instructor, one by one!"

    "I want those losers to see who's the chief instructor of this military district?"

    Between Moran's sneers, Lan Chen actually took the lead.

    In his dantian, strength surged.

    On the palm of his hand, fronts gathered!

    And then, Lan Chen's waist plate pressed down, holding his breath to gather strength, and then Lan Chen's masterpiece, the Thirteen Fists of Shape, actually poured out in an instant like a storm.


Lan Chen is the contemporary successor of the Formal Meaning Sect, and his strongest method is naturally the Formal Meaning Fist.

    Therefore, this Formal Intent Thirteen Fists, once it appeared, was a thunderous force.

    As the monstrous energy rushed and swept, it smashed towards Ye Fan.

    "I go!"

    "Could this be, the supreme mastery of the Shapeshifting Sect, the Thirteen Fists of Shapeshifting?"

    "Chief Instructor Bull, huh?"

    After seeing the fist technique that Lan Chen displayed, but someone in the crowd behind him directly shouted out.


    "Old Lee, what Shape Thirteen Fists?"

    "Is it great?"

    "Is it as good as our military body punch?"

    Many people were confused at the news.


    "The Shape-Yi method originated in the Qing Dynasty and is two hundred years old.It emphasizes the integration of heart and mind, mind and qi, qi and force, shoulder and hip, elbow and knee, and hand and foot."

    "And this Thirteen Fists of Shape is the most profound and obscure, and also the most powerful, of all the Shape-Yi Fist Techniques!"

    "Our Chief Instructor, worthy of being a contemporary heir of the Formidable Fist, can actually use such a great technique!"


    "Green Dragon and the others are, this time, dead."

    Among the crowd, the soldier, who was known as Old Li, couldn't stop saying it.

    He had been a passionate lover of national martial arts since he was young, so he was slightly immersed in traditional national arts such as Taiji and Shifting Fist.

    He, Old Li, naturally saw with a glance the long-famous boxing techniques like the one Chen Lan was now displaying.

    Hearing him say this, the soldiers around him still didn't understand, but it didn't matter, it was right to know that Lan Chen was awesome!

    However, facing Lan Chen's majestic attack, Ye Fan's face was expressionless.There was an inexplicable emotion flickering in his deep eyes.

    As he looked at the direction of Lan Chen's attack, he merely shook his head faintly, "Since you admit it, there is nothing more to say."

    The cold words were like a cold wind that slowly blew from this place.

    In a split second, the temperature here, plummeted by several points!

    It's like falling into an ice cellar.

    "Hmph, it's just a mystery~"

    "I don't believe it, I, Lan Chen, can still lose to a junior like you today?"

    Feeling the majestic might coming from Ye Fan, Lan Chen's eyebrows were furrowed and his old face was heavily colored.

    However, even so, Lan Chen did not believe that Ye Fan had the ability to fight against him.

    After all, such things as martial dao cultivation could never be achieved overnight!

    He, Chen Lan, had been a martial arts practitioner for half his life, and even if he just fought with his inner strength, it wasn't something that this junior could match.

    What's more, he had mastered martial arts such as the Thirteen Fists of Shape and Intent, so naturally he was even more confident.

    As for the incident of being repulsed by Ye Fan with a single punch before, Lan Chen only thought that it was due to his own momentary carelessness and being caught off guard by Ye Fan.

    However, was that really the case?

    At this time, everyone's eyes were already looking over.

    Everyone, all of them were staring at the place where the two of them were touching.

    Seeing that Lan Chen's stormy attack had arrived in front of Ye Fan, but what everyone couldn't figure out was that the teenager was still standing peacefully.

    He was standing with his hands in the negative, he was not moving.

    There was no joy or sadness on his clear and beautiful face.

    It was as if a stubborn stone, standing silently in the storm!


    "Why hasn't he done anything yet?"

    "Is it, like, a resignation to fate?"

    "Since you know you can't beat Chief Instructor Chen, you're ready to break the jar?"

    "This is the same kind of trash that was previously an instructor in our Jiangdong Military District?"

    "It's a travesty!"

    Among the crowd, there were already snickering sounds.

    Many people snickered and laughed, and their gazes towards Ye Fan were filled with disdain.

    In fact, for most of the people present, almost none of them knew Ye Fan.

    After all, it had only been a month since Ye Fan had joined the military.

    Moreover, the amount of time that Ye Fan had stayed in the military district during this month was also a handful.

    Even during those few days in the military zone, Ye Fan's mind was all about the Green Dragon, so the chances of ordinary soldiers coming into contact with Ye Fan were even less.

    Therefore, in the Noda Jiangdong Military District, the only ones whose hearts were truly towards Ye Fan were the Green Dragons.

    Wang Dongsheng might also be considered one, but in all seriousness, he was more than just afraid of Ye Fan!


    Finally, the fierce fist wind with explosive power had arrived in front of Ye Fan.

    At that moment, the crowd of Green Dragons, opened their eyes wide with tension!

    Ye Yuyan even lost her voice and cried out, "Instructor Chu, dodge it~"


    As soon as Ye Yan's words fell, the crowd's ears were filled with thunderous punches that couldn't help but explode.

    Every strike, every punch, landed steadily on Ye Fan.


    But then, Lan Chen changed color abruptly!



    "I told you so, didn't I?"

    "Chief Instructor Chen is majestic, how can he be a match for this young kid?"

    "With this set of punches, even if that man doesn't die, his bones will fall apart~"

    Among the crowd, Old Li, who had just spoken, once again commented with a smile, looking like he was boasting of his profound knowledge.

    The others were also nodding and smiling, "Yeah, who is Instructor Chen?"

    "The head of the Formidable Gate."

    "O Master of Kunimu~"

    "Which is comparable to others?"

    The crowd contained smiles, but they complimented Lan Chen, some even took the lead and called Lan Chen mighty in unison.

    "Congratulations, Instructor Chen~"

    "Chief Instructor Chen is awesome!"

    "Worthy of the National Martial Master~"


    "Cao Nima!"

    "Shut the fuck up, all of you!"

    The crowd behind them were still making a concerted effort to boast.

    But who would have thought that their bragging would not only fail to earn Chen Lan's gratitude in return, but instead, they were so angry that Chen Lan was directly cursing.

    In particular, that Cao Nima, which was like a head-butt, directly scolded the crowd!

    What happened to us?

    Can't I praise you enough?

    Everyone looked at each other, dumbfounded, but they couldn't figure out where they had offended Lan Chen.

    However, where did they know that Lan Chen, at this time, had the heart to kick these idiots to death.

    All of this was only because, the attack he had just struck on Ye Fan hadn't even caused any damage to Ye Fan!

    It didn't even do enough to repel Ye Fan.

    This result had already made Lan Chen a little distraught, but then, hearing the shouts of the group of idiots behind him, it naturally made Lan Chen even more annoyed.

    If he had really defeated Ye Fan just now, a few shouts from them would have been just fine.

    But now, he attacked with all his might and didn't shake Ye Fan in the slightest.This time of boasting was undoubtedly sarcasm to Lan Chen!


    "I don't believe it, this body of yours, can't it be made of copper cast iron?"

    After losing the attack just now, Lan Chen, however, didn't believe in evil and once again copied up her fists and punched at Ye Fan.

    Punch or kick, kick or kick!

    At this time, Lan Chen was as if she was crazy and bombarded Ye Fan indiscriminately.

    But, it was useless.

    Allowing Lan Chen to attack in a thousand different ways, Ye Fan still stood there, unmoving as a mountain.

    Finally, as a cold wind blew past, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes then also went cold, and the words of Mori, as if a claiming Shura, quietly rang out.

    "Next, it's my turn."


In the dark night, Ye Fan's whispers echoed.

    Then, everyone only saw that Ye Fan's brows and eyes, suddenly became icy cold!

    Immediately after, his right arm lifted up, almost stirring the void.

    Then, as if summoned, countless powers of heaven and earth wildly gathered under Ye Fan's palm.

    The heavens and earth trembled in all directions, and leaves flew on all sides.

    At the same time, Ye Fan's momentum was also climbing wildly at a terrifying speed.

    Just like this, in just a few moments, Ye Fan's might had surged like a dragon!

    In the end, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, a Heaven-Shattering Palm Seal actually took shape among the rivers of heaven!

    The palm print was huge, nearly covering the sky.

    The moment they saw the giant palm, everyone here was frightened.

    "My God~"

    "This...What's this?"

    "How...How did you get such a big hand?"

    Many of them have gone crazy.

    All of them were born under the red flag, grew up in the sun, and received materialist education since childhood.

    They had only seen such monstrous methods like the one in front of them in TV dramas.

    Now, when this scene truly appeared before their eyes, the crowd was naturally horrified.

    Even Lan Chen stared in shock.

    "Damn it!"

    "What kind of move is that?"

    "How can a nameless teenager be so powerful?"

    Lan Chen stared at his eyes with a dead stare, and between his eyes full of trepidation, his heart had already sprouted retreat.

    Thus, Lan Chen made a quick decision and turned around to leave.

    "Want to leave?"

    "Can you walk away?"

    The corner of Ye Fan's mouth curled up, followed by a sneer.

    Then, he manipulated that huge palm seal and slammed down!


    A boom, only like thunder exploding.

    Lan Chen braced his hands and gritted his teeth to block it.

    However, the majestic force was so great that Lan Chen's feet, however, were already pressed deep into the earth.

    "It's useless."

    "After all, it's just a mantis blocking a car~"

    Ye Fan's cold voice was like the sentence of death.

    In the next moment, Ye Fan's palm pressed once again and sang with authority, "Kneel down!"


    This time, Lan Chen, however, was no longer able to resist, and only felt a majestic force, as if a monstrous river, sweeping past.

    Then, a sound of tendons and bones cracking, Lan Chen's legs collapsed in response, his knees broke, blood poured out, Lan Chen's originally tall body, just like this, was directly crushed by Ye Fan's palm, kneeling on the ground.

    Red blood, like streams of water, gurgled out from his mouth, flowing out.

    At this time, Lan Chen, covered in blood and wretched, was like a condemned prisoner, kneeling in front of Ye Fan, where there was still the slightest bit of majesty before.

    Ye Fan's palm just now directly shattered all of his tendons and blood veins.

    It could be said that the current him, even if he didn't die, he was already a cripple!

    However, even so, the wisp of desire to survive still drove Lan Chen to beg for mercy from Ye Fan miserably.

    "Chu...Chu...Instructor Chu, please...Please, spare my life~"

    "No. .. don't kill me."

    "I...I don't want to die `"

    A weak and miserable voice slowly came out.

    If not for seeing it with their own eyes, it was unlikely that anyone would have thought that these words were coming from Lan Chen's mouth.

    One had to know that a few hours ago, Lan Chen was still the majestic and unstoppable Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region.

    But who would have thought that within a few short hours, he had become an invalid, begging for mercy in this miserable place.

    However, facing Lan Chen's plea for mercy, Ye Fan had no mercy and was unmoved.

    "I am a young general of the Green Dragon, I will protect the Green Dragon."

    "From the moment you harmed the Green Dragon and did your death to Tarzan and the others, you should have known that you, would end up today!"

    "It's too late to beg for mercy until now, don't you think?"

    Ye Fan's cold voice barely contained any emotion.

    The moment she heard Ye Fan's words, Lan Chen instantly despaired!

    The last bit of hope for life in his heart was also immediately shattered.

    Lan Chen had never imagined before that he would one day fall into the hands of a junior youth.

    He had even never thought that this Instructor Chu, standing behind the Green Dragon, would be so capable!


    The cold wind was biting, rolling up three thousand fallen leaves.

    In the midst of the flurry of leaves, Ye Fan lifted his footsteps towards Lan Chen, slowly approaching.

    Looking at Ye Fan's thin figure was like watching death, coming a little bit closer.

    This moment before death was undoubtedly the most torturous.

    Even Lan Chen was no longer able to control the fear in his heart.

    He stared at his eyes in death and cried out in fear and misery, "No~"

    "You...You can't kill me~"

    "I'm an instructor of the three armies, I'm an army of one, I'm a formidable paladin~"

    "You junior, you...How dare you kill me?"

    Lan Chen shouted hoarsely, desperate shrieks reverberating throughout the military area.

    But Ye Fan's footsteps, did not stop.

    Finally, he lifted his foot, and in the midst of Lan Chen's desperate gaze, he kicked down at his chest!

    "Ye Fan, stop!"


    "Bastard, don't you dare?"

    "Stop for this commander!"

    However, at this moment, two low and majestic sounds of anger came from the military area.

    The uproar over here had finally alerted Wu Yang and Lin Qinghe.

    These two, full of eagerness and anxiety, came running towards this.

    Especially when they saw that Ye Fan was about to kill Lan Chen, Wu Yang and the others were even more shocked and were busy blocking them with angry shouts!

    But, it was useless.

    In the split second when their angry voices rang out, Ye Fan's foot, however, had already stepped down.

    Amidst the miserable screams, the crowd saw that this Three Armies instructor, a generation of national arts master, had been stepped through the chest by Ye Fan just like this.

    The hard ribs, under Ye Fan's feet, shattered like tofu.

    The majestic force almost crushed the upper half of Lan Chen's body.

    The red blood, spurting like a spring.

    And then, just as it was about to fall on Ye Fan, it actually vaporized right after!

    And a scarlet mist of blood immediately appeared around Ye Fan's body.

    So far, the Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, who had just taken up his post for less than a month, perished and died!

    The audience was silent.

    The thousands of soldiers were all so frightened that their faces were pale and their bodies unconsciously took a step back.

    The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were only like looking at a devil!



    "You actually killed him?"

    "You actually...I can't believe you actually killed him?"

    "Ye Fan, how dare you dog!"

    "How dare you kill Lan Chen?"

    "How dare you kill the chief military instructor?"

    Seeing Lan Chen's chest being stepped through by Ye Fan, at that time, Lin Qinghe's eyes turned red and he shouted angrily at Ye Fan.

    Not only Lin Qinghe, but also Wu Yang, was filled with rage.

    How could he have never thought that this Ye Fan would be so treacherous as to dare to put to death a military district minister in front of him!


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