Dish Best Served Cold 1186-1190


Chapter 1186

"No, I have to go find the commander."

    With worry in his heart, Wang Dongsheng decided to go directly to Wu Yang and persuade him to take back his accomplished life.

    "Commander Wu, Instructor Chu he, really can't be offended~"


    However, who would have thought that Wang Dongsheng's words had just fallen and Wu Yang hadn't said anything yet, but Lin Qinghe on the side immediately blew up and angrily rebuked, "Wang Dongsheng, what do you mean by that?"

    "Commander Wu Yang commands the Jiangdong Military Region, not to mention he, Ye Fan, is just a small instructor, even I, the Vice Commander, obey Commander Wu's orders."

    "In the Jiangdong Military Region, Commander Wu is the sky."

    "But you, how dare you say that punk kid is something Commander Wu can't afford to offend?"

    "Could it be that in your eyes, Commander-in-Chief Wuyang is not as good as a nameless teenager who has been in the military for the first month?"

    "Wang Dongsheng, do you know that you're disrespecting Commander Wu!"

    "Do you know the crime?"

    Lin Qinghe's words were too harsh, and at that time Wang Dongsheng was scared to death and explained, "No, that's not what I meant."

    "Rather, Instructor Chu he, really can't afford to offend ah."

    "That's the current sovereign, all favored big man~"

    "Not only that, Instructor Chu can also stand in the void and drink away tens of millions of people with a single word."

    "Instructor Chu, that's an immortal~"

    Wang Dongsheng was also forced to tell all of Ye Fan's skills in one breath.

    However, after Lin Qinghe and the others heard it, they looked at him like he was an idiot.

    "What did you say?"

    "You say that Ye Fan, can walk in the void?You're still popular today?Or a fairy?"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "It's just full of crap!"

    "I think you've been reading too many fantasy novels, and you can't even tell reality from fantasy."

    "As an officer, you're still here to engage in feudal superstitions.I see that you want to be suspended for introspection as well as that Ye Fan."

    "Why don't you get out of here?"

    Lin Qinghe drank furiously while having Wang Dongsheng expelled.

    "I didn't expect that this Ye Fan is quite capable of caging people's hearts at a young age."

    "It's only been a short time since he arrived, but this Wang Dongsheng has even become one of his people?"

    "To justify a plea for leniency for Ye Fan, you simply dare to make up any nonsense!"

    "He's treating us like fools."

    "Commander Wu Yang, I think it's better to kill this Wang Dongsheng together as a warning to others."

    After Wang Dongsheng left, Lin Qinghe, however, was still in front of Wu Yang, slandering Wang Dongsheng.

    But Wu Yang waved his hand: "Forget it, Dongsheng is also considered an old man of Jiangdong Military District, I guess he was just confused, so let's leave him alone for now."

    "Alright, you can go down first."

    "Go over there and help Lan Chen."

    "Instructor Chen has just taken over, so I guess he's still unfamiliar with many things.You go help him, and let him bring the training of the two squads, Flying Eagle and Green Dragon, onto the right track as soon as possible."

    Wu Yang seemed a bit confused and wanted to calm himself down, so he dismissed Lin Qinghe as well.

    And Lin Qinghe also followed Wu Yang's orders and rushed to the training ground to help Lan Chen get familiar with the work.

    Actually, there was nothing to familiarize with, just let them train according to Lan Chen's method.As for the various other resources, Lin Qinghe also ensured that they were fully supplied.

    "Master Chen, I'll leave this son of mine in your hands."

    "Beat as much as you need to, scold as much as you need to, as long as he can become a success!"

    Earlier, Lin Qinghe intended to have his son, Lin Fan, join the Green Dragon Combat Team, but Ye Fan refused.

    Now that Lan Chen is in charge of this matter, Lin Qinghe naturally took the opportunity to transfer his son to the Flying Eagles.

    Now that Ye Fan has been dismissed, the Green Dragon is destined to become a reserve team, and the Flying Eagles will focus on cultivating it.

    It could be said that the future of the members of the Flying Eagles would be boundless.

    Naturally, Lin Qinghe had to seize the opportunity and send Lin Fan in!


    "Commander Lin, don't worry, your son is exceptionally gifted and is a good seedling."

    "As long as I carve it up a bit, his future achievements will never be inferior to yours!"

    Lan Chen was laughing.

    It was on this day that Ye Fan's era ended, and the entire military region ushered in an era that belonged to Lan Chen.

    All of the training plans that Ye Fan had made before were all denied by Lan Chen.

    The diets of the Green Dragon team members were also replaced with coarse grains that were not very nutritious, even worse than the meals of ordinary soldiers.

    As for the medicinal baths, it was even more impossible!

    Even the wooden barrel that Ye Fan had specially customized for the Green Dragon to use for medicinal baths was kicked down by Lan Chen and chopped into firewood for burning.

    In just a few days, all traces of Ye Fan's presence in the Jiangdong Military Area were erased.

    The Green Dragon Battle Team, too, was forced to demand and train according to Lan Chen's requirements.

    Every day, they woke up at three in the morning to train, no lunch break was forbidden, and they had to train until eleven at night.

    The amount of sleep each day was less than four hours.

    What was even more excessive was that they were not even allowed to return to their rooms at night to sleep, but were allowed to sleep in the open air.

    Even when Ye Yuyan was injured and broke her leg, Lan Chen still forced her to run ten kilometers, regardless of her health

    "Instructor, the captain she has a broken leg, she can't run away."

    "You must get medical attention immediately or the captain's life is over!"Tarzan and the others pleaded bitterly.

    However, Lan Chen paid no attention to them and still returned coldly, "If you can't escape, then finish climbing!"

    "On the battlefield, no one cares if you have broken bones or not."

    The words were cold, but they carried an unquestionable authority.

    "I battle you paralyzed!"

    "Lan Chen, you son of a bitch, how long have I fucking put up with you?"

    "Are you training for this?I think you're trying to play us to death!"

    "Don't treat us like human beings at all~"

    After holding back for many days, someone in the Green Dragon Battle Team finally couldn't help but explode.

    Tarzan put down his challenge on the spot, questioning Lan Chen's training methods to his face!


    "How dare you question me?"

    "I told you, I came to the military to make you suffer, not to enjoy it!"

    "If you can't stand this much pain, how can you be worthy of defending your family and country in the future?"

    "To endure hunger, tribulation, and pain is a soldier's minimum accomplishment."

    Faced with Tarzan's furious scolding, Lan Chen said with a gloomy face and a pep talk.

    "I'll fuck off!"

    "You old dog, don't bluff with these axioms."

    "I'm asking you, you keep saying that soldiers should suffer, we eat bran and eat food, why do the Flying Eagles eat mountains of food and seafood?"

    "We start training at three o'clock, why is Flying Eagle at five?"

    "Why do we have to fight hard against training when they can take time off to treat injuries and illnesses?"

    "Same people, same instructor, why, when we enjoy the worst treatment, do we have to endure twice the amount of training as the Flying Eagles?"

    During this time, Tarzan and the others had held too much fire in their hearts.

    However, because Lan Chen was a superior, they had been holding back their anger.

    However, it wasn't until today that Tarzan was able to see that this Lan Chen didn't treat them as humans at all, but as animals, training them to death!


Not only Tarzan, the rest of them were also looking at Lan Chen with anger.Seemingly, they were all waiting for Lan Chen's reply.

    After all, this kind of unfair treatment was unacceptable to anyone, no matter who they were.

    Previously, Ye Fan had also strictly requested them.The amount of training arranged for the five Green Dragons was several times more than that of ordinary soldiers.

    However, while allowing them to train hard, Ye Fan also gave them plenty of rest and supplies.

    Therefore, during that time, even though Tarzan and the others also felt tired, they lived a fulfilling life and could feel their progress every day.

    But now?

    This Lan Chen, who blindly increased the amount of training they did, even severely cut their rest time and couldn't even keep up with their minimum diet and nutrition.

    It had only been half a month, and the five of them had lost an average of twenty pounds.

    What was even more unacceptable to Tarzan and the others was that after half a month of training, not only could they not feel the slightest improvement, but they were also getting weaker and weaker.

    It was obvious that Lan Chen's squeeze on the five Green Dragons had exceeded the limits of what their bodies could endure.

    If this continued, in less than a month, one of them would surely die a sudden death!

    However, in the face of Tarzan's questioning, not only did this Lan Chen not have the slightest sense of guilt and remorse, but he still stood there with a negative hand, his majestic and cold gaze looking down on the five people in front of him like this, his emotionless words carrying a bit of disdain.

    "Just a few of you punk students handed over by a punk instructor are worthy of being compared to the Flying Eagles that I have trained with my own hands?"

    "The members of the Flying Eagles are each carefully selected by me to fly among men, and they have been taught by me carefully from beginning to end.One day's training is worth ten days of your lives!"

    "And what about you guys?"

    "It's just five wastes."

    "That Ye Fan's indulgence of you before has even more desolated your will."

    "Now the five of you, in my eyes, are no different from that mess on the ground?"

    "I'm being strict with you, but I'm also being good to you and urging you to progress.Otherwise, you will only be left further behind by the flying eagles!"

    "Don't you understand the principle of the dumb bird flies first, you losers?"

    Lan Chen cursed disdainfully at Tarzan and the others with one mouthful of trash.

    Originally, these Green Dragons members had never been in Lan Chen's eyes.

    If Wu Yang hadn't insisted that he bring the Green Dragon along with him, otherwise, Lan Chen wouldn't have bothered to waste his time on these wastes.

    However, even now, most of Lan Chen's daily time was spent on teaching the Flying Eagles and the others.As for the Green Dragon's side, he had taken the time to come over and supervise them.

    But I didn't expect that these trash would still have a temper and dare to call him on it?

    "Shut up!"

    "Lan Chen, I'm warning you, I can insult us, but we will never allow you to insult me, Instructor Chu."

    "If you dare to insult Instructor Chu one more time, I will not be blamed for Tarzan's rudeness!"

    However, Lan Chen's words had angered Qinglong and the others once again.

    Especially when he heard Lan Chen say that Ye Fan was a waste instructor, Tarzan was undoubtedly even angrier and roared at Lan Chen with an imposing face.

    Lan Chen's eyebrows were raised at that time, and his face then went cold.

    "I said, forget everything about that waste instructor!"

    "Now, I'm your instructor."

    "You, Green Dragon, should also take me as your respect!"

    "But now it looks like you're a little deaf, huh?"

    "Or do you think I'm not as good as your instructor Chu?"

    When Lan Chen said this, his face was as cold as frost.The entire person, gloomy and somewhat frightening.

    He was an extremely proud person.

    But now, Tarzan was defending his former instructor in front of him, offending his majesty.This was undoubtedly slapping his Chen Lan's face, and Chen Lan was naturally furious.

    "Just you?And you still want to be compared to our instructor Chu, you deserve it too?"

    "I'm telling you, our Green Dragon's Reverence will always be Instructor Chu, not you!"


    As soon as Tarzan's words fell, Lan Chen kicked out.

    How strong was the force of his kick?

    Tarzan's two-hundred-pound body flew straight out like a ball.

    In the end, it smashed a two-meter high wall and fell into the ruins.


    Tarzan's body trembled, and he spat out a mouthful of blood, right out.



    "Son of a bitch, you're so cruel."

    "How dare you strike so hard?"

    Li Ziyang and the others became worried and hurriedly went up to assist, but at the same time they couldn't stop cursing that Lan Chen.

    However, Chen Lan was expressionless, not to mention merciful, as he walked over and continued to look down condescendingly at Tarzan, who was spitting blood on the ground, and asked again in a cold voice: "I ask you again, who is the instructor of the Three Armies?Who is the Green Dragon again?"

    The low and deep words carried a majesty that could not be blasphemed.

    Between the sensible words, there was even more raging chill.

    One would be chilled by the smell!

    However, in the face of Lan Chen's majestic majesty, Tarzan still gritted his teeth and roared low, laughing bloodily, "Haha~"

    "Lan Chen, no matter how many times you ask me, the instructor in our Green Dragon Battle Team's heart will always be Instructor Chu and only Instructor Chu!"

    "And you, trying to take your place, don't deserve it?"


    Another kick out.

    Tarzan flew out a few meters again, blood mixed with bile spitting out without stopping.

    At this time, Lan Chen, whose face was undoubtedly gloomy to the extreme, suppressed his anger, but once again questioned, "I'll ask you one last time, who is the Green Dragon's Pride?"

    "If you just kill me to death, the person that I, Green Dragon, worship is still Instructor Chu."Tarzan smiled sadly, even though his mouth was full of blood, but he still did not fear Lan Chen's majesty.

    "You're looking for death!"

    Lan Chen had been completely enraged, his eyebrows and eyes were icy cold, and his body was filled with killing intent.

    By the looks of it, he was really planning to, to kill Tarzan alive.

    However, at this moment, Wang Dongsheng, who had been secretly delivering food to the five Green Dragons all this time, arrived just in time to see such a scene and hurriedly went to stop him.

    "Instructor Chen, show mercy~"

    "If you fight again, you'll really kill someone ah."

    Wang Dongsheng ran over and hugged Lan Chen.

    "Hmph, these rotten trash, disobeying my orders, offending the authority of this instructor, not training properly, just knowing how to be lazy, shouldn't they be beaten?Shouldn't it be a lesson?"

    Lan Chen's anger boomed.

    "Instructor Chen, it's not their fault."

    "It's your training methods that are faulty."

    "How do you want them to train when they can't even get enough to eat?"

    "How are they going to have the energy to train if they can't sleep well at night?"

    "When you taught the Flying Eagles, didn't you also say that diet and rest were just as important as training?"

    "You want the horses to run, you have to ask them to graze first!"

    Wang Dongsheng advised bitterly.


All this time, he had been paying attention to the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    After all, this team was brought out by that man.At the beginning of the Cloud State Siege, Wang Dongsheng had even seen these five people of the Green Dragon Battle Team show off their skills.

    So, whether it was because of Ye Fan or out of love for the talent, Wang Dongsheng naturally couldn't sit back and watch Lan Chen destroy these talents just like that.


    "Who are you to question my training methods?"

    However, upon hearing these words from Wang Dongsheng, Lan Chen's eyebrows chilled and whirled around to stare at Wang Dongsheng.

    He had only been new to the military area for half a month, so naturally, he did not know this Wang Dongsheng, let alone what position he held.

    "Instructor Chen, I am Wang Dongsheng, the head of the 258th Regiment of Jiangdong Military District."


    "How dare a small captain dictate to this General's training methods?"

    "Could it be that you're also not convinced by me, Lan Chen, to be the chief instructor of this military district?"

    Lan Chen's words were cold and aggressive.

    Feeling the monstrous coldness of this Lan Chen, Wang Dongsheng was also fearful, but he still argued reasonably, "Instructor Chen, it's not that I'm not convinced, it's mainly because your method is really inappropriate."

    "If this continues, these children will be destroyed by you!"

    "Shut up!"As soon as Wang Dongsheng's words fell, Lan Chen let out an explosion, "How dare you say that I'm mistaken?"

    "I, Lan Chen, have been teaching disciples for decades, and my peaches and plums are all over the world."

    "Under my disciples, I don't know how many current heroes have been produced!"

    "You're a tiny head of mission, an insect and a rat, and you dare to question my authority?"

    "I see that you don't know my Chen Lan's majesty, so you think I'm easy to bully, right?"

    "But seeing as you're a first-time offender, this instructor will spare you this time!"

    "Now, why don't you get out of here?"

    "This instructor training staff, how can we allow you, a rat, to tell us what to do here?!"

    Lan Chen was full of cold eyes and said coldly to Wang Dongsheng.In the end, he even directly told Wang Dongsheng to get lost, not giving him the slightest bit of face.

    This Wang Dongsheng was also not a temperament that could endure humiliation, hearing this Lan Chen speak so badly, Wang Dongsheng also blew up, directly annoyed, "I say you old thing, what an official!"

    "Even Commander Wu is not as big as you are."

    "You've only been fucking here for a few days, huh?"

    "You didn't fucking know that you were out there cuddling that woman for pleasure when I was head of the team?"

    "Do you really think you'll be lawless if you become an instructor?!"

    "I'll even tell you today, I'll be in charge of the top of this matter."

    "Tarzan and the others are such good seedlings, I, Wang Dongsheng, will never allow it, let them be destroyed in your hands!"

    Wang Dongsheng looked at Lan Chen without fear, but returned in a stern voice.

    He was, after all, a veteran soldier who had been a soldier for decades, and was by no means scared.

    No matter how much official authority this Lan Chen puts on, he doesn't fucking eat that!

    He didn't believe it, this Chen Lan, a newcomer who had only been in the military for less than a month, would dare to do anything to him, the old captain?


    "It looks like you won't see the coffin!"

    However, in the face of Wang Dongsheng's words, Lan Chen only sneered.

    And then immediately ordered to have Wang Dongsheng taken down for disrupting the order of the military district and disobeying his superiors, Key Military Prison!

    "Son of a bitch, how dare you arrest me?"

    "I'll see which one of you dares?"

    Wang Dongsheng cursed angrily, while looking at the two soldiers in front of him who had received Lan Chen's order to capture him, one of them directly kicked them aside.

    "Still dare to resist?"

    Lan Chen's eyebrows became even darker as he saw this.

    Then, he walked up and backstabbed Wang Dongsheng, who was resisting arrest, directly.

    "Take it down for me!"

    "Lock it up."

    Lan Chen snapped coldly, then two soldiers, directly carried Wang Dongsheng away from the ground and sent him to the military prison for detention.

    "Captain Wang?"

    "Let him go!"

    "You old dog, come at us if you can, no one else's business~"

    Seeing Wang Dongsheng being captured by this Lan Chen, Li Ziyang and the others' eyes turned red.

    These days, it was Wang Dongsheng who secretly gave them food.

    Otherwise, with the un-nutritious coarse food meals that Lan Chen provided them, the five of them from the Green Dragon would have been afraid that their bodies would have collapsed long ago and wouldn't have survived today.

    Therefore, to Wang Dongsheng, no one from the Green Dragon was grateful.

    Now, seeing that Wang Dongsheng had been injured and sent to prison by Chen Lan because he had spoken up for them, Li Ziyang and the others were naturally angry and guilty.

    In great anger, they actually all rushed up to save them.

    However, before they could run a few steps, they were stopped by Lan Chen, who slapped them all with a series of palms, knocking Li Ziyang and the others out of the way, but couldn't block Lan Chen's palm at all.

    "A bunch of losers, unable to save themselves, and still thinking of saving others?"

    "Self-defeating thing!"

    "Looks like today, I'll have to teach you guys a lesson."

    "Knock out all the hostility and stubbornness in you, and in the future, I guess, you'll be much more honest."

    Lan Chen said coldly before lifting his feet and walking towards Li Ziyang and the others.

    By the looks of it, Lan Chen was trying to violently beat up the Green Dragon crowd.

    However, at this moment, Lan Chen's phone suddenly rang.

    After he answered it, he was shocked, "What did you say, Commander Lin's son has fainted?"

    "What do you guys do for food, you don't know how to take care of it?"

    "Son of a bitch, get the medic, I'm on my way!"

    After cursing a few times, Lan Chen hung up the phone, while the back contained anxiety, turned around and walked out.

    Before leaving, Lan Chen also deliberately warned, "Today, count yourselves lucky, I don't have time to teach you a lesson."

    "However, when tomorrow comes, I will still come."

    "At that time, whoever disobeys my discipline, he will be your downfall!"

    Lan Chen pointed in the direction of Tarzan, while he turned around and left.

    After all, Lin Fan was Lin Qinghe's son, and if anything happened to this under him, Lan Chen wouldn't be able to explain to Lin Qinghe.

    So, just to be on the safe side, Lan Chen could only go over to check on that Lin Fan personally.

    "Tarzan, are you alright~"

    "Wake up, don't fucking close your eyes."

    "It's my fault, it's my fault~"

    After Lan Chen left, Li Ziyang and the others all gathered around Tarzan, and Ye Yuyan was even more self-conscious, tears flowing down her eyes.

    That Lan Chen was too cruel, kicking Tai Shan twice in a row, breaking several of his ribs and caving in a large chunk of his chest.

    If it wasn't for the fact that they had been practicing the Green Dragon Body Refining Duel, which had greatly increased their body's ability to withstand blows.

    Otherwise, Lan Chen's two fatal kicks would have taken Tai Shan's life straight away.

    However, even so, Tai Shan was still dying, and there was blood left in his open mouth that couldn't help but leave behind.

    Between gurgles of blood, Tarzan was still relying on his throat to make trembling and blurred sounds.

    Li Ziyang and the others leaned on their ears and listened for many times before they could hear Tarzan, what he was shouting.


    "I...I miss Chu...Instructor Chu~"

    Few words, but it made the crowd of Green Dragons, instantly tears!


Yes, if Instructor Chu was here, how could they be so humiliated.Then, how could Lan Chen be so arrogant?

    How could they be reduced to this?

    Tarzan's words undoubtedly touched the heartstrings of the crowd.

    Suddenly, the emotions of Li Ziyang and the others were all lowered.

    Even Ye Yuyan, who had always been independent and strong, actually felt an urge to cry at this moment.

    In the past, Ye Yuyan's days were all going smoothly.Relying on her outstanding looks and outstanding talent, no matter where she went, she was the presence of the stars.

    Later, she worshipped under Lu Tianhe's disciples, and at a young age, she became a school-level officer and the captain of a special war team.

    At that time, Ye Yuyan felt that she could do anything.

    No matter what it was, it was hard to beat herself.

    Setbacks and thorns were for her to trample on.

    However, it wasn't until now that Ye Yuyan Fang realized her own insignificance.

    Previously, in the Jiangdong Military Region, with Ye Fan sheltering her, she, the Green Dragon Captain, could almost walk across the board.

    Who would dare to provoke the Nodong Military Region?

    But now, with the dismissal of Ye Fan, all the privileges and status she once possessed have disappeared.

    Now, in the eyes of others, she is nothing but a useless trash, a puddle of mud that can't be helped?

    It turned out that without Ye Fan, she was nothing.

    In the face of oppression, she, Ye Yuyan, didn't even have the qualifications to resist.

    It was only like fish on the chopping block, to be slaughtered.

    At this time, the sun was shining outside, and the sky was clear for ten thousand miles.However, the sky in the hearts of the Qinglong crowd was gray.

    Once upon a time, they were so eager for the future.

    Previously, they were so eager for the future.

    But now, all that was left in the hearts of Li Ziyang and the others was despair!

    The Qinglong crowd, all of them, were like frosty eggplants, emotionally dispirited.

    However, despite the gloomy future, Li Ziyang and the others hurriedly sent Ye Yuyan and Tarzan to the hospital.

    In the hospital room, Li Ziyang and the others gathered together to discuss the future.

    "Captain, that Lan Chen is clearly uneasy."

    "He won't stop until he puts us to death."

    "What should we do in the future?"

    "Do we, really, have to wait here to die?"

    Thinking of what happened today, the crowd became angry and frustrated.Ma Mingbo even looked at Ye Yuyan on the hospital bed and asked miserably.

    Ye Yuyan was silent.

    Because, she didn't know what she should do, let alone, how the future path of Qinglong should go.

    "Captain, why don't you get in touch with Instructor Chu and have him come back."

    "As long as Instructor Chu comes, who would dare to touch our Qinglong in this Jiangdong Military Region?"Tall and strong, he looked at Ye Yuyan and suggested in a bitter voice.

    All along, Ye Fan had been the mountain that the Green Dragon crowd relied on, and even more so, the person they admired.

    Now that they were deep in a desperate situation, they naturally pinned their hopes on Ye Fan.

    They hoped that Ye Fan would return to the military area, lead them to the Green Dragon and get out of the current predicament.

    However, Ye Yuyan shook her head and sighed, "It's useless.Instructor Chu has already been removed from his post, even if Instructor Chu returns, it won't be of any use."

    "The current Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region has become Lan Chen."

    "Instructor Chu, he no longer has the right to speak."

    Ye Yuyan had never thought of contacting Ye Fan.

    However, after considering it again and again, Ye Yuyan eventually rejected the idea.

    After all, Wu Yang had already dismissed all of Ye Fan's duties.

    Today's Ye Fan, if he came back, he would most likely still face a court martial.

    Moreover, Ye Yuyan was also very clear that with Ye Fan's temperament, once he knew that the Green Dragon Battle Team, which he had created with his own hands, suffered such humiliation from others, he would definitely get angry with Lan Chen and the others.

    It was a big crime to start a riot in the military area.Adding to the crime, this was undoubtedly harming Ye Fan.

    Therefore, Ye Yuyan still decided not to cause trouble for Ye Fan.

    "But captain, can we, Green Dragon, only allow that Lan Chen to bully and humiliate us in the future?"Mamabu and the others roared with resignation.


    "What the fuck is this shitty day."

    "I came to the military to learn skills, to build a career, not to be fucking pissed off."

    "Motherfucking chicken, I'm not playing."

    "I'm not playing~"

    "This military district, I'm not staying!"

    While the hearts of Ma Mingbo and the others were unhappy, Li Ziyang, who was on the side, but suddenly scolded his mother.

    And then took off his military uniform and hit the ground hard.

    Ma Mingbo and the others were shocked and asked to Li Ziyang: "Brother Yang, what are you doing?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    "You're not going to defect, are you?"

    "This Jiangdong Military District is heavily guarded, you can't escape."

    "If you're caught back in the future, then Lan Chen will never let you go!"

    "So what?"Li Ziyang asked rhetorically, "At worst, it's just being shot randomly.It's death anyway, it's better to fight for that chance of survival than to be tortured to death like an animal here."

    "A great man, I would rather die standing up than suffer this humiliation here!"

    "That's right, I've had enough of that too!Brother Yang, I'll go with you."Hearing Li Ziyang's words, Gao Dazhuang, who had been silent on the side, also immediately echoed.

    "With Instructor Chu gone, it's pointless for this Jiangdong Military District to stay any longer."

    "Brother Yang, let's go together."

    "Leave here and go find Instructor Chu!"

    "This uniform, just take it off."

    Tall also took off his uniform and threw it on the floor with a snap.

    "Okay, plus you."

    "Ming Bo, what about you?"

    "Going or not?"

    Li Ziyang looked at Ma Mingbo again and asked in a deep voice.

    Ma Mingbo was a little hesitant, after all, this being a deserter was a big taboo in the military area since ancient times, and if he was caught, his end would be extremely miserable.

    For a while, Ma Mingbo's eyebrows and eyes were cloudy and his heart was torn.

    Finally, he clenched his teeth, "Fine, Brother Yang, I'll do it with you!"

    "You're right, I'm in the military to learn my skills, not to be frustrated."

    "I'm not staying in this place either."

    "Let's go find Instructor Chu!"

    With Ma Mingbo's agreement, Li Ziyang and the others looked at Ye Yuyan and Tarzan.

    "Captain, Tarzan, what about you guys?"

    "To do or not to do?"

    The three of them, Li Ziyang, asked Tarzan and Ye Yuyan again.

    At first, Ye Yuyan wanted to dissuade them, after all, this plan was too crazy and could be considered treasonous.

    However, hearing what Li Ziyang and the others had just said, Ye Yuyan also suddenly felt that it made sense.

    They were right, with Instructor Chu gone, there was no point in staying in this military area.

    Rather than sitting here and waiting to die, it was better to fight to the death and escape this dark place.

    Thus, Ye Yuyan also nodded her head, "At first, we said that we would serve Instructor Chu as our teacher for life."

    "Green Dragon, it was founded by Instructor Chu!"

    "Wherever Instructor Chu is, Green Dragon will be there."

    "Now that Instructor Chu is gone, why should this military district, we, Green Dragon, stay?"

    "That's it, we'll leave tonight!"

    "Get away from here!"


In the end, after deliberation, Li Ziyang and the others unanimously decided to flee the military zone tonight.

    However, head to Yunzhou to join Ye Fan.

    The Green Dragon Battle Team was created by Ye Fan.

    To Ye Fan, the Green Dragon crowd already had this great sense of belonging.

    Now, Chen Lan is ruthless, and the military district is unrighteous... all these have finally forced the people of Green Dragon to "Mount Liang"!

    However, to Li Ziyang and the others' surprise, Tarzan rejected the plan.


    "Tarzan, are you stupid?"

    "This Lan Chen treats us like this and you still want to stay?"

    "Have you forgotten how he treated you today, today?"

    "If it wasn't for Captain Wang Dongsheng's timely dissuasion, I'm afraid you would have been killed by that Chen Lan today."

    "And [Kujiu Novel], didn't you say that you missed Instructor Chu?"

    "Now we're taking you to Instructor Chu, why don't you go?"

    "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

    After Li Ziyang heard Tarzan's rejection, his entire body became anxious then.

    Almost hating iron, he cursed at Tarzan.

    However, in the face of Li Ziyang's anger, Tarzan did not speak.

    He just turned over on his bed, turned his side, turned his back to the crowd, and said indifferently.

    "Alright, don't try to persuade me, my mind is made up."

    "You guys should go."

    "I won't go."

    "If you really see Instructor Chu, just say hello for me."

    After saying that, Tarzan stopped talking and instead closed his blanket and rested with his eyes closed.


    "You're so hopelessly out of your depth!"

    "Fine, if you want to stay, then you can stay here and die you."

    "Captain, let's go, we'll go back and get ready."

    Seeing that Tarzan was hardened by the scales, he didn't go with them together.

    When Li Ziyang and the others saw this, they didn't bother to care about him.

    The four of them, after discussing, immediately returned to their residence to prepare their escape plan for tonight.

    As for Ye Yuyan, there was no fracture, just a dislocated leg.Although there was still some pain after it was connected, it didn't affect movement.

    Thus, the originally lively ward, in the blink of an eye, was left with only Tarzan, lying there alone.

    After Li Ziyang and the others had walked away, Tarzan, who had previously closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, opened his eyes.

    Through the window, he looked at his brothers and comrades who were gradually going away, this two hundred pounds brown man, but at this moment, his nose was sore, and there were actually tears in his eyebrows and eyes.

    Did he really not want to go with them?

    Did he really not want to escape from here and go to Instructor Chu?

    Of course not!

    In fact, his thoughts of leaving were not lighter than Li Ziyang and the others in the slightest.

    However, when Li Ziyang asked him, he still decided to stay.

    Not because of anything, just because his current physical condition was such that even walking was a problem, how could he escape from the heavily guarded Jiangdong military area.

    At that time, he would only become a burden to the Green Dragon crowd!

    Perhaps, just because of him alone, the escape plan of the Green Dragon crowd would be dashed to nothing.

    Therefore, even if he was the only one left to guard the military area alone, Tarzan still resolutely chose to stay.

    He must not, drag his comrades down!

    "Captain, Tzu-Yang, Ming-Bo, and Dajang, goodbye."

    "Good luck, you guys, have a safe trip~"

    Seeing the sun setting, night was falling.

    In the dim hospital room, Tarzan was alone at the window, but in his heart, praying for Ye Yuyan's escape plan for them.

    Only hope, they could escape safely.

    Time, slowly flowed by.

    As the night grew darker, the darkness outside the window became more and more dense.

    Finally, it was midnight.

    Apart from the people standing guard on patrol, most of the military district, too, had gone to sleep.

    The military district that had been bustling for a day was like a flood beast that had fallen into a deep sleep and was creeping here.

    Outside, it was quiet, and only the sound of wind and insects seemed to remain.

    In the lonely room, Tarzan stood in front of the window, worried, "At this time, the captain and the others, they should be moving soon."

    "I hope, all is well with them."

    Tarzan prayed in a low voice, as much as he wanted to join them in their escape plan as well, but in order not to drag his comrades down, he ultimately chose to stay here and just stay behind, silently praying for them.


    However, just as Tarzan was worried about the success of Ye Yuyan and the others' plan, the door, which had been tightly closed, was suddenly pushed open.


    "What people?"

    Tarzan's brow furrowed in alarm when he heard the door being pushed open.

    "What peat!"

    "Hurry up, get dressed and come with us!"

    From the doorway came Li Ziyang's unkind curses.

    Tarzan turned back and saw that this dark night visit was none other than the Green Dragon crowd that had left here during the day.

    "You...Why are you guys back again?"Tarzan was trembling and confused.

    "Where's all the nonsense, get dressed and put on your shoes and come with us!"

    "You bastard, you want to abandon us, dream on you!"

    "I'm telling you, since you're a member of the Green Dragon, you're going to die with us?"

    "Want to leave us to go solo?No way!"

    Li Ziyang cursed as he shouted for Maminbo, and one of them dressed Tarzan, the other put on his shoes, and finally Tall and Strong ran over and carried Tarzan onto his body.

    Just like that, before Tarzan could react, these men were already carrying him down the stairs.

    "Captain, I..."

    In the dark night, looking at these comrades and brothers beside him, Tarzan, a grown man, was already in tears.

    His voice choked and his words trembled, he wanted to say something, but he was directly interrupted by Ye Yuyan.

    "Alright, what to say will wait until we leave here."

    "You just have to remember one thing, we, the Green Dragon Battle Team, five of us are of one mind."

    "One glory and one loss, we won't let anyone fall behind."

    In the darkness, Ye Yuyan's words echoed.

    None of the Green Dragon crowd spoke, but they all nodded their heads heavily.

    In fact, how could Li Ziyang and the others not be aware of those thoughts of Tarzan.

    But the more so, the more they could not leave Tarzan behind.

    Therefore, when the time came, Ye Yuyan and the others directly entered the hospital and took Tarzan with them, and the five Green Dragons left together.

    Just like this, taking advantage of the night, and following the designed route, the Green Dragons carefully approached the edge of the military area.

    Along the way, they also encountered a lot of sentries on duty, but with their agile body skills and speed, they were able to get through several barriers without any hiccups.

    After all, it was a special combat team, and under Ye Fan's cultivation, Ye Yuyan and the others were far superior to normal people in both physical and mental awareness, so avoiding the attention of the sentries was not a difficult task.

    Thus, after a thrilling journey of nearly ten minutes, they arrived at the edge of the military zone without incident.

    Now, the only thing remaining between them and the free world outside was the wall in front of them!


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