Dish Best Served Cold 1181-1185


Chapter 1181

By the time Wu Yang and the others entered the training camp, it was nearly three in the afternoon.

    At this time, the personnel in the military zone had already started their daily training.

    However, what was strange to Wu Yang and the others was that after searching for half a day, they hadn't seen a single member of the Green Dragon Battle Team.


    "Where are the Green Dragon Warriors?"

    Wuyang was filled with confusion.

    "Where's Instructor Chu?"

    "Where's Instructor Chu?"

    "Come see me immediately when you hear!"

    In the camp, Wu Yang and the others shouted for half a day, but they didn't call out a single person.

    "Could it be that they are out training and no longer in the military?"

    Wu Yang secretly guessed that he thought that Ye Fan had taken the Green Dragon Battle Team out for training.

    However, just as Wu Yang was about to leave and come back on another day, Lan Chen, who had been silent on the side, suddenly said in a deep voice, "There's someone in the room."

    "It shouldn't be, right?"

    "If there was anyone, they would have heard the order and come out to see me."

    "Master Chen, I guess the perception was wrong, right?"

    Wu Yang smiled, but did not believe it.

    However, where did Lan Chen pay any attention to him, directly leading his disciples and walking towards the room in front of him.

    "Commander Wu Yang, shall we follow them over there as well?"

    Lin Qinghe called out to Wu Yang and followed along.

    Sure enough, as Lan Chen pushed open the door, a rich fragrance came to their noses.

    Then, they only saw that in the room in front of them, Li Ziyang and the other four were naked, soaking in hot water baths in their respective wooden barrels.

    And, perhaps the bath was too comfortable, but these people were all asleep.

    Tarzan, that silly big guy, was still snoring there.

    Until Wu Yang and the others pushed the door in, they didn't even notice that they were still snoring there.

    Seeing the scene in front of him, Lan Chen shook his head and laughed lightly, "Commander Wu, this Instructor Chu training method of yours is really unique."

    "I have lived most of my life, but this is the first time I have seen, such a training method?"

    Lan Chen spoke flippantly, with ridicule and sneers.

    It was as if he was looking at a joke.

    Wuyang naturally heard the sarcasm in Lan Chen's words, and at that time, Wuyang blushed, feeling humiliated and angry at the same time.

    However, before Wu Yang could say anything, Lin Qinghe was the first to rage.


    "Our military district has spent so much effort and resources to train you, is it possible that you're just here to soak and sleep?"

    "Why don't you get the hell out of here?"

    Cursing furiously, Lin Qinghe stepped forward and kicked over a barrel directly in front of him, and a large amount of Chinese herbs mixed with the scattered water flowed out.

    Taishan, who was originally sleeping soundly inside, even more so, rolled directly onto the ground, revealing his white buttocks.

    In a split second, Li Ziyang and the others were also all awakened.

    Seeing that it was Wuyang and the others, they were shocked.

    "Commander, what are you guys doing here?"Li Ziyang and the others were confused.

    "Hmph, if you don't come again, you're afraid you'll have to turn over a new leaf?"

    "Where's your Chu instructor, tell him to get his ass out here and meet me!"

    "I had to ask him to his face, what he was doing as an instructor!"

    "Sleeping and soaking, is that how he trains his soldiers?"

    "Is this army training, this is fucking pig farming!"

    "I'm not even as prosperous as you guys as a commander?"

    Wu Yang's old face was gloomy, and his words were suppressed with an erect rage.

    No one doubted that later, that Instructor Chu, was bound to face Wuyang's monstrous fury.

    "Commander, Instructor Chu he is not here."Li Ziyang returned.


    "Not here?"Lin Qinghe and the others were all shocked at the news.

    "Where did he go?"

    "As a soldier, how can you go AWOL?"

    "Speak up yet!"

    Lin Qinghe roared.

    Li Ziyang and the others weren't hiding anything.

    After all, there was nothing to conceal.Ye Fan already had the right to come and go as he pleased.

    So, Li Ziyang and the others, they also told Wu Yang and the others that Ye Fan had gone home.


    "When did you leave?"

    "Why do I know the slightest?"

    Previously, Wu Yang and the others thought that Ye Fan couldn't stand the loneliness and went to play in the nearby town of [Jijiu Novel].

    But he never expected that this Ye Fan, who had come home, wouldn't even say hello.

    And, when they learned that it had been ten days since Ye Fan had come home, they were naturally even more shocked!

    "It's nonsense!"

    "Is this still what a soldier looks like?"

    "AWOL and gone for ten days?"

    "What does he want?"

    "He's not trying to turn the tables!"

    Lin Qinghe cursed angrily.

    At the side, Wu Yang didn't say anything, but his face was livid, and he looked like he was also angry.

    "Commander Wu, I have long said that this brat is unreliable and cannot be reused."

    "What now?"

    "Light's on the fucking payroll!"

    "If we hadn't discovered it in time today, I'm afraid we would have delayed the event!"

    Lin Qinghe was unforgiving and continued to vilify Ye Fan.

    From the very beginning, Lin Qinghe was extremely uncomfortable with Ye Fan.

    After all, previously, Ye Fan had not only messed up his promotion of Wei Qing as Chief Instructor, but also condoned Ye Yuyan's abolition of his own son, Lin Fan.

    It can be said that Lin Qinghe has long thought of Ye Fan as a thorn in his side and wants to get rid of him.

    His purpose of nominating Lan Chen as a deputy instructor again today was to find an opportunity to set Ye Fan down in the future.

    But now it seemed that there was no need for a later date, this opportunity today was right in front of him.

    Therefore, Lin Qinghe immediately suggested to Wu Yang that he remove Ye Fan from all his positions and abolish his rank of Major General, as well as arrest him for the crime of dereliction of duty and put him on trial before a military court!

    "Commander, no."

    "Our Instructor Chu has not been derelict in his duties, he has been teaching us with care."

    "During this time, we've really made a lot of progress according to Instructor Chu's training methods ah."

    At this moment, Ye Yuyan, who was taking a medicine bath in the next room, ran in after hearing the commotion and explained for Ye Fan.

    "Yes, Commander.Instructor Chu is in no way slacking off and had a strict training plan for us before he left."

    "And this is in no way AWOL, didn't you give Instructor Chu the authority to come and go freely?"

    Li Ziyang and the others were also enlightened.

    "Shut up."

    "Simply strong words!"

    "Commander Wu gave him the right, not for him to abuse it."

    "He left his post without reporting and did not return for ten days."

    "No organization, no discipline, no respect!"

    "Commander, this trend must not be allowed to grow, and must be severely punished."

    "I suggest Commander, immediately strip that punk of his rank and put him in jail for investigation!"

    Lin Qinghe said sternly, looking like he would not stop until he had put Ye Fan to death.

    But Wu Yang didn't say anything, he was just gloomy and silent.

    Apparently, he was also hesitating whether to punish Ye Fan severely or not.

    "Commander Wu, I think, I think it's simple to determine whether this Instructor Chu is malfeasant and slack in his duties or not."

    "Just test Instructor Chu's results."


"Oh?How is it tested?"

    Wu Yang looked to the side of Lan Chen and asked in confusion.

    "Naturally, we are verifying the strength of the Green Dragons."

    "Didn't this girl say that under Instructor Chu's teaching, they have already made great progress."

    "It just so happens that this disciple I brought with me today was also one I just received a few days ago.It's been just over a month since I disciplined him."

    "Let him, come and try out Green Dragon's results.Let's see if this Instructor Chu, is a true talent or a fake superior."

    "I wonder what Commander Wu, what do you think?"

    Lan Chen looked towards Wu Yang with a smile on his face and said slowly.

    In fact, the reason why Lan Chen brought his disciple along, in order to come and compare with the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    Originally, Lan Chen only wanted to frustrate that Ye Fan and at the same time raise his own prestige in front of Wu Yang.

    But now, catching up with such a timing could undoubtedly be the final straw that would crush the camel.

    Lan Chen knew that Wu Yang had already begun to express doubts about Ye Fan's abilities.

    With himself making such a suggestion at this time, Wu Yang would definitely not refuse.

    As expected, Wu Yang nodded his head and said, "Well, we can give it a try."

    "What about you guys, you should be fine with it, right?"

    Wu Yang looked at Qinglong and the others again and asked in a cold voice.

    Tarzan and the others were all of a bloodthirsty nature, in terms of fighting never wimped out.

    Moreover, just a few days ago, they had just thwarted Lu Cang Dome's underlings, the three special battle teams known as Yan Xia's sharp blades, which could be considered a big success.

    In this situation, they naturally did not fear any challenge.

    Thus without even thinking, they directly agreed.

    Expressing their willingness to fight one another.

    "Go ahead, who do you want to compete with between the five of us?"

    Li Ziyang and the others looked at that disciple of Lan Chen and proudly asked.

    "No need, you guys go together."That person was expressionless and coldly returned.

    Li Ziyang and the others were shocked when they heard, "I'll go, brother can ah, crazy enough!"

    "Not to mention how strong you are, I, Li Ziyang, like this confidence alone."

    "However, it is natural that a cut-and-thrust competition should be fair."

    "If we bully the few with the many, then it's a win for a while."

    "Let's say, if you don't mind, let me, Li Ziyang, get a taste of your strength."

    "I, Li Ziyang, am the weakest in the Green Dragon Battle Team, but I think it's enough to teach a cat or a dog like you a lesson."

    Between the words, Li Ziyang's eyebrows chilled abruptly while he suddenly drank.

    "Brother, watch the move!"


    Five fingers curled and the waist exerted force.

    Li Ziyang's fierce fist was a fierce punch, but it was towards the man in front of him on top of his chest, smashing.

    However, seeing Li Ziyang's attack, Lan Chen at the side sneered and shook her head: "Too slow~"

    Sure enough, with Lan Chen's words, his disciple instantly struck out.

    That whip leg was only like a long snake moving out, swift as an aurora borealis.,

    With just a bang, Li Ziyang was kicked in the abdomen, and with a scream, Li Ziyang's entire body flew straight out like a kite with a broken string.


    Mamab and the others were shocked and went over to assist.

    "It's too weak."

    "It's no different from a turkey and dog."

    And at this time, a cold voice came from Lan Chen, the apprentice's mouth.

    When Ma Mingbo and the others heard it, they were all furious, "Bastard!"

    "How dare you insult us?"

    "Looking for death!"

    Cursing furiously, Maminabo immediately rushed over.

    However, this time, Ma Mingbo was not even able to get close enough to do so, before being slapped by the other party and flying several meters away.

    "I told you, together, you still have a slight chance."

    "Fighting alone is just shooting yourself in the foot."

    This person said in a deep voice, and his indifferent tone was filled with contempt and disdain.

    However, these words fell into Qinglong's ears, undoubtedly a strange shame.

    The remaining two, Tarzan and Gao Zhuang, exploded.

    "Bastard, I'll fight with you!"

    The two of them roared while charging at the man together.

    Either fist or palm, the two attacked Lan Chen's disciple with a left and right attack.

    However, in the face of the two closing in, this disciple did not panic and stood with his hands in the negative like that.There was a calmness in his deep eyes.

    It was only when Taishan's attack reached his eyes that the man dodged sideways with a light touch.

    After that, he stepped on the ground, soared up, and with a beautiful whirlwind kick, directly hit the heads of the two Taishan men.


    In two successive sounds, Tarzan and the others were also kicked out.

    Just like this, in just a short span of ten seconds, four of the five members of the Green Dragon Battle Team were defeated.

    Moreover, under disciple Lan Chen, Li Ziyang and the others, they hadn't even made a single move.


    When Lin Qinghe saw this, he clapped his hands then.

    He repeatedly lamented, "A famous master makes a great disciple~"

    "Commander Lin is lifting up my disciple, although my talent is good, the main thing is that my opponent is too weak.This teaching disciple is a university discipline, and it can never be done by just anyone."Lan Chen smiled proudly, his words directed at Ye Fan.

    "Do you want to continue?"

    At this time, after finishing off these four people, this disciple of Lan Chen stood with a negative hand, his gaze once again falling on the last person, Ye Yuyan.

    However, before Ye Yuyan could reply, but Li Ziyang and the others had already crawled up from the ground, and their livid faces roared, "Come, come again!"

    "We're not convinced~"

    Just as Li Ziyang and the others rushed up to fight again, Wu Yang, who had been holding back, finally became angry.

    "That's enough!"

    "Isn't it fucking humiliating enough to practice like this?"

    "So many people can't even hold on to someone for one move."

    "So many days of training, could it be that all the training has gone on the dogs?"

    "With this, you still want to be the strongest in Yan Xia?"

    "It's a dream!"

    Wuyang was truly mad.

    Although, when it seemed just now that Li Ziyang's group of people were sleeping and soaking during training time, Wu Yang had been mentally prepared and knew that their strength would not be too strong.

    However, Wu Yang never expected that these people of the Green Dragon would be dishes like this?

    So many people, and they haven't even made a single move?

    At that time, Wuyang was so angry that he was shaking, and he only felt that he had trusted the wrong person and had been tricked by that bastard Ye Fan.

    "Commander, we..."Ye Yuyan still wanted to explain something.,.

    "That's enough, there's no need to say anything."

    "You five, stay here honestly and wait for orders!"

    "In the meantime, it is forbidden to leave this place."

    Wu Yang shouted angrily while flicking his sleeves.

    When they saw such a scene, Lin Qinghe and Lan Chen, however, smiled at each other, looking like they had succeeded in their conspiracy.

    Then, they didn't stay here either, but went after them in the direction that Wu Yang had left.

    However, before they could go very far, Lan Chen let that so-called disciple of his, leave first.

    "Senior brother, there's nothing for you to do here, so you should go back first."

    "Well, senior brother, I wish you the best of luck with your wish to be sealed as the Chief Instructor of the Three Armies!"The man who had previously defeated Li Ziyang and the others with force, smiled at Lan Chen before turning around and leaving.


Yes, the man in front of him who called himself Lan Chen's disciple wasn't Lan Chen's disciple at all, but his younger brother, who had been practicing martial arts for decades, and even compared to Lan Chen, his strength was almost less.

    As for Li Ziyang and the others, it had only been a month since they received training from Ye Fan.Even if Ye Fan's medicinal bath and the Green Dragon Body Tempering Duel were powerful, there was no way that they could make up for the decades of training gap in such a short period of time.

    Therefore, their previous debacle was just normal.

    However, Wu Yang naturally didn't understand these things.

    He, a soldier, didn't understand martial arts at all, and he couldn't even see the reality of Lan Chen and the others.

    The only thing he could see was that Li Ziyang and the others, under Chen Lan's disciples, hadn't gone through a single move.

    This contrast naturally made Wu Yang extremely angry.

    After returning to his room, Wu Yang instructed Lin Qinghe to contact Ye Fan and immediately have him return to the military area, he wanted to cure him of his sins to his face!

    "Commander, I've just contacted him, and this Ye Fan doesn't even answer the phone."

    "It looks like he knows he's guilty, so he's too guilty to answer the phone."Lin Qinghe made up nonsense, adding fuel to the fire.

    "Keep calling, just say that it's an order from me, Wu Yang, and tell him to return to the military area immediately for orders."Wu Yang suppressed his anger and continued to speak.

    "Commander, to put it bluntly, that jerk doesn't even have you in his eyes.Otherwise, why didn't he come to your birthday banquet?"

    "Until the beginning, he didn't put it in his eyes."

    "I've had the most contact with this kind of young man.He's a bit capable, but he's so blatant and uncaring.It's hard to achieve great things."

    "I advised you at the beginning that this person is simply not good enough to be used!"

    "So, Commander, I suggest immediately removing him from his post and dealing with him, then sending someone to capture him and put him in a military prison to await trial."

    "In addition, the training of the Green Dragon Battle Team must not be left behind."

    "Another virtuous person must be chosen to take the position of Chief Instructor immediately and begin training immediately!"

    Lin Qinghe suggested from the side.

    However, Wu Yang sighed, "The top gave us three months, but it's already been almost a month now."

    "Is it still too late to find someone to train now?"

    "Hey, I'm also to blame for being gullible and delaying the big event~"

    Wu Yang said with worry in his words.

    "Commander Wu, why are you worried?"

    "The Green Dragon may be scrapped, but we still have the Eagle Squad!"

    "The Flying Eagle Squad has been established for three years, and for these three years, I have been supervising their training."

    "And, as early as half a year ago, I already asked Lan Chen to be the honorary mentor of the Flying Eagle Battle Team, and every week, Master Lan Chen will personally instruct them once."

    "So, the Flying Eagle Battle Team, can completely replace the Green Dragon, instead!"

    "Then, we'll use these last two months to let Master Lan Chen instruct us day and night.I guarantee that by then, our Jiangdong Military Region's Flying Eagle Squad will be astonished, shaking the entire army, and leap to become the strongest in Yanxia!"

    These words from Lin Qinghe caused Wu Yang's eyebrows to light up and he was delighted, "Haha~"

    "You're right, how did I forget about our Jiangdong Military Region's special battle team, Flying Eagle."

    "What the top wants is just a strong squad with great skills, it doesn't matter whether it's a green dragon or not."

    "Let's do it this way, as you said, immediately recall all the members of the Flying Eagles Battle Team back to the military area, and then conduct devil training.Let Master Lan Chen be the chief instructor and personally guide the training."Wu Yang made a quick decision and immediately put the training plan for the Flying Eagles on the agenda.

    "What about the Green Dragon Battle Team?"

    "Shall we dismiss?"Lin Qinghe tried to ask.

    Wu Yang thought about it and shook his head, "No need to dispatch.Let Qinglong, along with Flying Eagle, continue to receive training and dual track."

    "At that time, when the training is over, the two teams will be evaluated, with the strongest remaining and the weak eliminated."

    "Right, let's do that."

    After thinking about the decision, Wu Yang looked to the side of Lan Chen and said with shame, "Master Lan Chen, today, I've made you look ridiculous,"

    "It's me, Wuyang, who is ill-informed and has trusted the villain."

    "Fang made Master Lan Chen, see the joke ah~"

    "Now, we can only bother you, Master Lan Chen, to take on the position of Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region and help us train the two battle teams of Green Dragon and Flying Eagle."

    Wu Yang said to Lan Chen, very politely.

    Lan Chen nodded, "Commander Wu, there is no need to be polite, serving the country is also an honor for my Chen."

    "I guarantee that within two months, I will definitely make the Flying Eagles to be transformed and become the strongest team in my Yanxia Military Region."

    "As for the Green Dragon, I can only say that I'll do my best."

    "After all, it's a bit difficult for a tree that grows blind to grow back."Lan Chen shook her head and said.

    Wu Yang nodded, "Well, it's okay.You don't have to be under too much pressure, Master Chen.I'm only keeping the Green Dragon Battle Team as a spare tire in case of emergencies.Of course, if they are really rotten, I will dispatch them myself."

    Just like this, after deliberation, Wu Yang decided to immediately revoke the position of Ye Fan's Chief Instructor of the Three Armies and have Lan Chen take over.

    Also, the focus of cultivation was changed from the Green Dragon Battle Team to the Jiangdong Military Region's old battle team, the Flying Eagle Battle Team.

    Both battle teams were taught by Lan Chen.

    "Alright, Master Chen, time is running out, please take training assignments immediately."

    "As for the official appointments, after I have drafted them, they will be released to the public tomorrow at the latest!"

    "Master Chen, the glory and shame of my Jiangdong depends on you!"


    Wu Yang looked at Lan Chen, but for it, he had high hopes.

    "Commander Wu, don't worry at all."

    "I, Chen, guarantee that I will never humiliate my life!"

    Lan Chen immediately agreed, and then he and Lin Qinghe, both of them, left the room.

    After going out, Lin Qinghe congratulated from the side, "Instructor Chen, congratulations.You, this immediately, are a general."


    Lin Qinghe laughed and complimented from the side.

    Lan Chen was full of pride and intent: "Haha~"

    "It's thanks to Commander Lin's maneuvering that today went so well."

    "This kindness, I, Chen Sheng, will not forget it."

    Lin Qinghe smiled back, "Actually, seriously, I didn't expect today to go so smoothly.My original plan was to first push you into the position of Deputy Instructor, and then find an opportunity to replace that Ye Fan later."

    "But I never expected that that Ye Fan would directly give us such a great gift~"


    From Lin Qinghe's point of view, if Ye Fan hadn't been too arrogant, going AWOL, slacking off on his work and eventually angering Wu Yang, otherwise, this Lan Chen would never have been able to take up her proper position so smoothly.


Jokingly, the two of them also went away.

    Lin Qinghe returned to his residence, and as for Lan Chen, he went home to pack his things and prepare to enter the military area tomorrow, precisely to start his career as a general.

    However, before leaving, Lan Chen went to the camp where the Green Dragon Battle Team was located.

    At this time, the atmosphere in the room was very dull.

    Li Ziyang and the others, who had suffered defeat, were sitting there with their heads drooping and dejected, not uttering a single word.

    The appearance of that one was just like a wilting eggplant.

    Obviously, the previous debacle had hit them too hard.

    They had never thought that they wouldn't be able to walk away from a single move under the other side.

    "Captain, do you think we're martial arts material~"

    "We lost so badly this time, we've embarrassed Instructor Chu."

    "Commander Wu and the others will definitely blame Instructor Chu as well, right?"

    Tarzan looked at Ye Yuyan in a low mood, but he was a little worried about Ye Fan's situation.

    After all, they were the ones who lost the previous battle, but it was Ye Fan's people who lost.

    Tarzan and the others naturally blamed themselves with guilt.

    "Hey, it's all our fault."

    "We're just pieces of shit that can't be helped, we're just trash!"

    "We're the ones who got Instructor Chu into this~"

    "Simply, let's just quit.Let Instructor Chu choose another talent so that we won't get in trouble~"

    Li Ziyang and the others also blamed themselves.

    They never doubted Ye Fan's ability, the person who could make a thousand armies kneel down and make the present Shangdu to be named as a peerless countryman was naturally not a mortal.

    Therefore, the only reason for their previous failures was that they were too useless, they were the ones who were rotten.

    For a time, Li Ziyang and the others, who were originally proud and arrogant, undoubtedly began to question their own abilities.

    That kick from Brother Lan Chen's kick didn't just defeat their flesh, he kicked and shattered all the pride within them.


    As soon as these words from Li Ziyang and the others had fallen, Ye Yuyan suddenly kicked out, and then she kicked straight out, knocking Li Ziyang and the others to the ground.

    "Captain, you?"

    Tarzan and the others were all puzzled and looked at Ye Yuyan with confusion in their eyes.

    "Don't call me captain!"

    "I don't have punk comrades like you?"

    "At the first sign of a setback, you think about giving up and quitting?"

    "Are you guys still men?"

    "Are you still the chosen ones of Instructor Chu?"

    "I'm a woman who despises you all!"

    "Seriously, I really feel chilled and unworthy for Instructor Chu."

    "This month, how much effort has Instructor Chu put in to train us?"

    "Formulating a training plan for our conscience, and creating our own Green Dragon Body Refining Resolutions for us to cultivate."

    "And also formulated prescriptions for us to take medicinal baths to heal our wounds~"

    "But now what, you say you want to quit?Want to give up?"

    "Do you think it's fair to Instructor Chu?"

    "Is it worthy of the country's cultivation?"

    "You are a bunch of cowards, and I despise you!"

    Ye Yuyan's red eyes were red as she scolded viciously at Li Ziyang and the others.

    "Yes, we were, just now, defeated and humiliated."

    "But so what?"

    "What does one failure mean?"

    "Instructor Chu once said that only by experiencing the tribulations of hell can one create the power of heaven; only a finger that has shed blood can detect the best sounds of the world."

    "If a person, doesn't even dare to face failure, how is he qualified, to achieve success?"

    "You're paying lip service to the shame of Mr. Chu!"

    "But I don't think there's any shame in failing once or twice.And for you to quit at every turn, to give up, to be deserters, to be cowards, that's the biggest disgrace!"

    "This kind of person is not worthy of being a Green Dragon, nor is he worthy of being taught by Instructor Chu."

    Ye Yuyan's words burned with words that only sounded like thunder, exploding incessantly in the room.

    Each sentence could be described as a direct hit to the heart.

    Under Ye Yuyan's angry rebuke, Li Ziyang and the others are all filled with shame, bowing their heads, but not even the courage to look directly at Ye Yuyan [81 Chinese net] have.

    Until, a moment later, Tarzan suddenly fought.

    "Well scolded!"

    "Captain, you're right, failure is not a shame, giving up is."

    "Since Instructor Chu has chosen us, we must not give up like this, we must make some achievements, to show to Instructor Chu, to Commander Wuyang, to show to everyone!"



    "Didn't we lose once?"

    "Worst case, we'll get this one back later!"

    "We still have time."

    "We'll never give up, we won't embarrass Instructor Chu~"

    As Tarzan stepped out, Li Ziyang, Ma Mingbo and the others also stepped out one after another.

    Under Ye Yuyan's angry rebuke, the Green Dragon Battle Team, burst into fighting spirit once again.


    "This is the person chosen by Instructor Chu."

    "Since that's the case, after dinner, we will continue to train according to the plan set by Instructor Chu!"

    At this time, it was already seven o'clock in the evening and the night was getting dark.

    According to Ye Fan's plan, he would have dinner at 7pm, and after 7:30pm, he would continue training until midnight, then he would take a medicinal bath to practice.

    Yes, even their sleeping time, Ye Fan let them use it for "cultivation".

    Of course, the "cultivation" here is passive, as long as Ye Yuyan and the others soak in a bucket of water, passive absorption of medicinal quenching will be good.

    At this time, the cooks also brought the special dinner for the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    Tai Shan and the others picked up the bowls and swirled around to gobble up the food.

    For cultivators, the importance of diet and rest was in no way inferior to the hard work of ordinary training.

    This was also why, Ye Fan paid so much attention to these two aspects.

    However, as soon as Tarzan and the others were halfway through their dinner, outside the door, a gray-robed old man, walked in.

    This old man was none other than Lan Chen, who had just received his appointment.


    "What's he doing here?"

    Seeing this person, Li Ziyang and the others frowned slightly, but there was a hidden bad feeling in their hearts.

    After Lan Chen came in, he didn't say anything, but instead scanned around and looked at Taishan's and their food.

    There were abalone, ginseng, black chicken soup, and all sorts of precious ingredients.

    At that time, Lan Chen frowned and shouted in a deep voice, "Bunch of trash, all fart skills, but the food is quite good?!"

    "The country raised you to train hard to defend the country, not to eat, drink, whore, and be corrupt!"


    In the midst of his anger, Lan Chen walked over and kicked over the rice bowls of Tarzan and the others directly, as well as kicked the pots they were eating from.


    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Who are you to yell at us and kick our jobs, too?"

    Seeing their rice bowls being overturned, Tarzan and the others just exploded and jumped up to hit them.

    However, Lan Chen sneered at the sight of them.

    He stood with his hands in the negative and said coldly to them in a tone full of smug pride, in a tone of superiority.

    "From now on, forget everything that Instructor Chu has taught you.From now on, start training according to my methods."

    "And, from now on, Green Dragon, take me as your master!"



    "In your honor?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "Who the hell are you to even presume to take my Instructor Chu's place?"

    "And let us Green Dragon Battle Team take you at your word?"

    "You're an old thing, and you deserve it!"

    Hearing Lan Chen's arrogant words, Li Ziyang and the others all trembled.Tarzan's violent temper even more so then came up, yelling at Lan Chen.

    The rest of the Green Dragon Squad members also looked at Lan Chen with hostile eyes, their old faces filled with anger and disobedience.

    After all, to the five members of the Green Dragon, Instructor Chu was the instructor they respected the most, and was also their faith.

    Instructor Chu held an irreplaceable position in their hearts.

    Now, this Lan Chen, who was trying to replace Ye Fan, was undoubtedly touching the Green Dragon Five, and naturally, it was hard to keep calm.

    However, when Lan Chen saw this appearance of Qing Long, not only did he not feel the slightest bit of anger, but he also grinned, "It seems like that Instructor Chu, he has quite a heavy position in your hearts."

    "But, so what?"

    "Your esteemed and respected Instructor Chu has been removed from all positions."

    "As of today, he has become history!"

    "From now on, I, Lan Chen, will be the Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, the Three Armies."

    "All of the Green Dragon and Flying Eagle Battle Teams, take me as their master and be trained by me!"


    Lan Chen's words were only like thunder exploding.

    Tarzan and the others were confused.

    They stared at their eyes with dead eyes, simply incredulous.

    Li Ziyang didn't hold back, and even more so, he directly cursed out, "I'm farting!"

    "Instructor Chu's heavenly pride is peerless, and his divine might is unparalleled."

    "Is Commander Wu blind, how could he possibly remove Instructor Chu from his post?"

    "By no means!"

    "You must be the one talking nonsense here."

    Li Ziyang's red eyes roared in a low voice.

    Lan Chen, however, didn't bother to explain anything else, he turned around, his hands behind his back, and turned his back to the five Green Dragons.

    "What needs to be said, I've already said it all."

    "As for whether it is true or not, tomorrow, you will know."

    "I don't bother wasting my breath with you guys here."

    "But before I officially take office tomorrow, let's get the scandal out of the way."

    "Immediately, the good days of your five trash, degenerate and surly Green Dragon Battle Teams are at an end."

    "I advise you to restrain yourselves and train well in the future."

    "Otherwise, I'll dismiss the Green Dragons and leave only the Flying Eagles as a squad!"

    "Suit yourself."

    With a sneer, Lan Chen, however, strode away with his head held high.

    "You~ You~"

    "You son of a bitch!"

    "It must be you who maligned Instructor Chu in front of the commander."

    "Bastard, I'll fight you~"

    Tarzan was cursing furiously behind him, his red eyes about to chase after him and violently beat that Lan Chen.

    "Tarzan, you stop!"

    "Isn't it messy enough?"

    At this time, however, Ye Yuyan called out to Tarzan, scolding him sternly.

    "But Captain, he...He..."Tarzan gritted his teeth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he sighed after all.

    In fact, Tarzan himself knew clearly that even if what Lan Chen had said was really true, the five of them from the Green Dragon wouldn't be able to change anything at all?

    Suspension of training to protest?

    If they had suspended training to protest before there was no Flying Eagle squad, it might have been somewhat effective.

    But now, people had even chosen the squad to replace the Green Dragon.

    Tarzan and the others knew very well that if at this time, the five of them from the Green Dragon still defied the decision of their superiors and disobeyed discipline, the final outcome would most likely be to disband and be replaced by someone else.


    "No matter what happens, endure."

    "Wait for Instructor Chu to return and take charge of the situation for us!"

    That night, Ye Yuyan told Tarzan and the other four people repeatedly.

    Tell everyone to hold back for now, and to wait for Instructor Chu to return to the military area before making any decisions on any matter.

    Just like this, after Lan Chen left, even though it was hard for Tarzan and the others to calm down, they still held back their emotions and continued to train as usual, following the plan Ye Fan had made.

    One night passed quickly.

    The next day, when the first ray of morning light dawned, a new day, arrived.

    At the same time, there was also a personnel appointment issued by the Jiangdong Command.

    "Former Jiangdong Military Region Chief Instructor Ye Fan, dereliction of duty, unworthy of virtue, unorganized and undisciplined.After deliberation by the Jiangdong Command, it has been unanimously decided to remove his position as Chief Instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "In the future, Lan Chen, will take over his position and co-ordinate the training of the entire army!"

    As soon as this order was issued, the entire Jiangdong Military Region, exploded.

    Everywhere and everywhere, there was talk about this matter.


    "I go, Instructor Chu was even removed?"



    "It's only been a few days since we've been a kid,"

    "This position hasn't been warmed up yet, is it, and this is being removed?"


    "I told you, Instructor Chu is too arrogant and doesn't understand the ways of the world."

    "Just think about it, when Instructor Chu first took office, he connived at his men and crippled Vice Commander Lin Qinghe's son."

    "Moreover, it is said that Instructor Chu's position was snatched from Vice Commander Lin's friends."

    "For more than a month now, Vice Commander Lin has already treated Instructor Chu as a thorn in his side, and it's only a matter of time before he's jerked off after offending the second-in-command of the Jiangdong Military Region?"


    "And ah, I've also heard that this new instructor, Lan Chen, is also Vice Commander Lin's man, and was even pushed up by Vice Commander Lin."

    "You don't know, just now, Vice Commander Lin's son, Lin Fan, was called away, and I heard that he was transferred directly into the Flying Eagle Battle Team."

    "In the future, ah, our Jiangdong Military Region's first battle squad will no longer be the Green Dragon, but the Flying Eagle!"

    "All kinds of resources, priority supply to the Flying Eagle Squad~"


    In the military zone, all sorts of rumors were rife.

    Some felt pity for Instructor Chu, while others were angry at the darkness of the world.

    Clearly, there were still people in the military district who could see that the personnel appointments at this time were all planned by that Lin Qinghe.

    However, this kind of power struggle was something that they, the lowest ranking soldiers, were only using as a talking point to discuss from behind the scenes and naturally didn't dare to get involved.

    However, with so many people in the Jiangdong Military District, there were still people who dared to stand up for Ye Fan.

    For example, the captain who was scared to the knees by Ye Fan in Yunzhou before, Wang Dongsheng!

    In fact, when he first met Ye Fan in Yunzhou, Wang Dongsheng didn't know the newly appointed Jiangdong Military District Chief Instructor.

    It wasn't until later when Ye Fan brutalized himself as a Green Dragon Major General that Wang Dongsheng realized that he had flushed the Dragon King Temple with great water and his own family had done their own thing.

    And then, in the end, someone from Yanjing came and bestowed Ye Fan with the title and praised Ye Fan as a peerless heavenly pride, Wang Dongsheng realized then how this Green Dragon Major General of their Jiangdong Military Region was so energetic!

    However, how could Wang Dongsheng have never imagined that their Wuyang Commander, who was such an immortal like Ye Fan, would remove him?

    This loss of a talent was still a small matter.

    But giving Jiangdong Military District, setting up a godly enemy, that's a big matter of life and death!

    After all, Wu Yang and the others acted in such a way that they were clearly offending Ye Fan to death.


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