Secret Identity 1691-1700


Chapter 1691

Su Zhiyu's words enraged Su Shoudao ..wanmeiweilai.

    He pointed at Su Zhiyu and said angrily, "You can only say this at home, and if you dare to say it out see if your grandfather scolds you!"

    Su Zhiyu pulled out her phone and laughed, "Why don't I call grandpa now and tell him again in person."

    "You're pulling it down!"Su Shou Dao hurriedly said, "Okay okay, I'm not going to bullshit with you, anyway, the eight words haven't even left yet, you two better hurry up and study the matter of going to Japan, and then leave early!"

    Su Zhi Fei hurriedly said, "so dad, this matter is according to what Zhi Fish just said, we go to meet the Takahashi family first, then go to meet the Ito family, as for the time of departure, I think it's better to try to be earlier, I'll let the crew prepare now, and immediately leave after lunch, what do you think?"

    Su Shou Dao nodded and said, "Okay, you two hurry up and get ready, don't be in a hurry to leave after lunch, go and report to your grandfather first, tell your grandfather your plans and ideas, if he doesn't have any comments, you guys get ready to depart."

    "Okay dad."Su Zhifei agreed, then quickly gave Su Zhifei a wink and said, "Zhifei, let's go."

    Su Zhifei nodded and followed Su Zhifei out of his father's room.

    Once out of the room, Su Zhi Fei chided, "This girl's mouth is really lacking, why did you mention Gu Qiuyi's matter in front of Dad?"

    Su Zhiyu chuckled and said in a playful tone, "If I don't mention it, you'll definitely keep it hidden in your heart, do you really want to resign yourself to fate and completely follow your family's arrangements in the future?"

    Su Zhi Fei sighed and said: "We come from a rich and prosperous family, we have everything the day we were born, but we have no autonomy over our feelings, don't you know that?Why did you choke on those words with Dad?"

    "I'm happy."Su Zhiyu said indiscriminately, then straightened his short, ear-length hair and said with a resolute expression, "Anyway, my Su Zhiyu's future will never be at the mercy of others!"

    Su Zhi Fei helplessly shook his head: "Okay, don't pull these meaningless things with you, we are going to Japan this time, we may stay for several days, you quickly go and prepare your luggage, after dinner we will go to grandpa first, we will be ready to leave after the report."

    Su Zhiyu hmmm, stretched her back and lazily said, "Hey, it's too early to get up in the morning, I'm going back to my room to catch up on some sleep first, don't call me until dinner time."

    Su Zhi Fei looked at her back and sighed heavily, "Auntie, I'm really convinced of you."

    At this moment in Japan, Tokyo.

    Ye Chen had been lying on the top terrace of Kobayashi's house for the whole morning.

    Today, Paul was busy with the local Tokyo pieces.

    Wei Liang, on the other hand, had gone to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production base in Tokyo first, along with Ichiro Kobayashi.

    Although the medicinal materials from Qin Gang's side would not arrive until the evening, Wei Liang still had to find out more about the situation at the production base, and then make arrangements in advance for the conversion to Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder.

    This way, after the medicinal ingredients arrived at night, he could directly work overtime to start the trial production.

    So instead, Ye Chen became the most idle one.

    Thus, he sat on a deck chair on the terrace, enjoying the unique scenery and chilly breeze from the 100-meter height of Tokyo.

    Richard Chen came over at this time and said respectfully, "Young Master, if you have nothing to do, would you like us to go out for a walk in the afternoon?Tokyo's Ginza and Shinjuku are still very busy."

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "I'm not interested in shopping, you go with Hongwu."

    Richard Chen laughed, "What do I have to go shopping with him, he's a big old man, I guess he's holding his breath to try out the places to have a good time in Japan."

    "Then let him go ah."Ye Chen smiled calmly, "That stuff is considered legal in Japan, so go if you want."


Chen Zhaiqi nodded, "If there's nothing to do in the evening, let him go over and see it"

    At noon, Ye Chen didn't go anywhere.

    He wasn't familiar with Tokyo and didn't have much affection for this particularly prosperous modern city.

    In contrast, he preferred Yanjing, that city not only had advanced and prosperous modern high-rise buildings, but also famous historical sites that were hundreds or even thousands of years old, the culture was very rich, and in terms of heritage, it was much stronger than Tokyo.

    However, Ye Chen didn't want to deprive the others of the right to go out shopping just because he wasn't interested, so he sent Chen Zekai and Hong Wu out.

    The group went to the bustling Ginza and Shinjuku for an afternoon of shopping, and when they returned everyone was full of harvest, carrying a large pile of bags.

    In the evening, Richard Chen arranged for everyone to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant owned by one of his men.

    After dinner, Ye Chen saw that there was nothing important to do, so he said to Richard Chen and Hong Wu, "You guys are free to do whatever you want later, so you don't have to surround me."

    Hong Wu was busy asking, "Master Ye, do you have any arrangements for later?"

    Ye Chen thought about it and said, "I'll go out for a casual walk by myself."

    Hong Wu smiled and asked, "Master Ye, will you go to the Fengyue Street?I've heard that the girls on the Fengyue Street in Japan are pretty hot!"

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "Forget it, I want to go to Tokyo University and walk around, you'd better go to Fengyue Street and enjoy yourself."

    "Go to Tokyo University?"Hong Wu was surprised and asked, "Master Ye, what are you doing there, it's not your alma mater."

    Ye Chen said calmly, "It's nothing, I just want to go for a walk, so you don't need to follow me."

    Chen Zekai busily said, "Master Ye, do you want me to send a car for you?"

    "No need."Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "After spending a day at Kobayashi Ichiro's house, I wanted to take a walk."

    The crowd saw this and did not insist anymore.

    Ye Chen came out of the hotel and got into the subway station next to the hotel by himself, and after reading the route map, he took the subway and went to Tokyo University.

    He didn't know why he suddenly wanted to go around Tokyo University, and on second thought, it was probably because of Ito Nana-chan.

    That girl, although she didn't have much contact with him, was still stubborn and heartbreaking.

    Ye Chen knew that she wasn't in Tokyo, but knew that she was a student at Tokyo University, so he wanted to go to the place where she went to school to walk around and take a look.

    At the same time, a Boeing 737 converted into a luxury business jet took off from Yanjing Airport.

    The two siblings, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, along with a dozen or so of the Su family's servants, headed to Tokyo.

    The Takahashi family, who had received the news in advance, was excited about the Su family's decision to meet with them first, and the main members of the family were waiting at Tokyo Narita Airport in advance.

    At the same time, they had also booked the best rooms at the most stylish hotel in Tokyo, the Aman Tokyo, as requested by Suchiyo.

    And Ito Yuhiko also received the news, and after learning that the representative of the Su family had to meet with the Takahashi family first, his entire body was shocked and angry.

    Add to this the fact that yesterday's reluctance by Ye Chen to pay $4.5 billion has been blocking his heart, the two things superimposed together, make even more out of anger.

    After dropping over a dozen pieces of expensive porcelain in a row, he secretly vowed that if he couldn't get the opportunity to work with the Su family this time, he would make that Ye Chen pay twice as much!


Ito Yuuhiko's irritation was not out of pretension or

    He had been feeling very unhappy for some time.

    First, his beloved daughter was seriously injured, then his future son-in-law, Jiro Kobayashi, disappeared for no apparent reason.

    The next thing you know, you've splashed out four and a half billion dollars on a plan to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    The contract was signed, the payment was made, and as a result, Kobayashi Ichiro suddenly returned, then unilaterally declared the investment contract he had signed null and void.

    Then, Ye Chen forcefully stated that the shares were not available, and that the $4.5 billion would not be refunded, Ito Yuhiko lived such a big life, and I don't think I've ever seen such a brazen person.

    If it wasn't for the fact that this kid seems to have some real power, plus the fact that the Chinese Su family will soon come to Japan to talk about cooperation, Ito Yuuhiko would have wanted to kill Ye Chen immediately.

    But after forgiving himself for the Su family's arrival, this Su family's first stop in Tokyo was not even to discuss cooperation with him, but instead went to his sworn enemy, the Takahashi family, first.

    This instantly made Ito Yuuhiko's mind collapse.

    What's going on?

    Why do you keep having so many bad days lately?

    Do you have to go to the temple to burn incense, worship the Buddha, and eat vegetarian for a few days before you can do that?

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.

    It was only when Ito Yuuhiko had had enough that Tanaka Koichi came up to him and said, "Chairman, you don't have to be so angry about this, even if the Su family contacted the Takahashi family first, it doesn't mean anything.

    Ito Yuuhiko said darkly "This kind of thing, it's very important who the Su family chooses to meet first, it's like when you talk to a girlfriend who is in Osaka and at the same time you have work to do in Osaka, you go to Osaka and choose to meet your girlfriend first or go to work first, it's a matter of deciding which is more important in your mind."

    Koichi Tanaka said awkwardly "Chairman-sama, love and career are not the same thing per se either."

    Ito Yuuhiko said angrily "Then consider yourself a playboy, you had two lovers in Osaka and now you are going to Osaka to meet them both separately, so let me ask you, would you first choose to meet the one you like the most or the one you don't like that much first?"

    Tanaka Hiroshi was busy "It could also be that they both like each other but can't meet at the same time, so there's always an order ah, if I don't know how to choose, maybe I'll use a lottery or a coin guess to decide, so it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll like whoever I meet first more ah."

    Yuuhiko Ito lifted his leg and kicked Tanaka Koichi in distress, taking off "Get the fuck out of here, I need you to fucking comfort me here?Do what you have to do!"

    Tanaka Koichi had to take a few steps back and spoke, "I'm just outside the door, Chairman-sama, if you need anything, just call me."

    At the same time.

    Ye Chen had arrived at the campus of Tokyo University.

    Although the style of the city was much different from city to city, Tokyo University, like Yanjing University, belonged to the top institutions of higher learning in Asia and naturally had a few strong academic atmosphere as well as a sacred feeling.

    Ye Chen was a great admirer of knowledge, but it was a pity that he didn't have the opportunity to receive a complete higher education, which was always a big regret in his heart.

    Back then, one of his parents graduated from Yanjing University and the other from Tsinghua University, and as a child, he would often travel to these two universities with his parents to have fun or accompany them to some activities of his alma mater.

    In the past, he used to think that he would definitely choose one of Yanjing University and Tsinghua University in the future, and after completing his undergraduate studies, he would then choose a top business school from around the world and go to a graduate school in business management.

    Most of the children of the extended family basically followed such a route.

    Because the members of big families also knew very well that the more one was born into a big family, the more one had to improve one's overall ability, otherwise, it was highly likely that one would be snubbed or eliminated by the family.

    In the top ten Yanjing ranked families, as long as they were young sons of the right age, it was impossible for anyone not to have studied in college, and of course, Ye Chen was the only exception.

    If Ye Chen was not included, the rate of undergraduate university was 100, and the rate of master's degree was also 100.

    Even those people who immediately threw themselves into the family business as soon as they graduated from college would use their spare time to study a ba master's degree.

    Unfortunately, Ye Chen was now 26 years old, and he knew very well in his own heart that it was impossible for him to return to school for university and a master's degree, so this was an eternal regret in his heart.

    Young people of different skin tones could be seen everywhere in Tokyo University, dressed simply and plainly, carrying bags or textbooks, and many of them looked very hurried.

    At first, he was surprised that Japanese universities were not taking a holiday when the New Year was just over half a month away.


It's only later that I realized that although Japanese culture is deeply influenced by China and the Japanese people also celebrated the Lunar New Year in the early years, after the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese tried to break away from Asia and enter Europe, so they changed the New Year from the Lunar calendar to the Gregorian

    So, the biggest and grandest holiday in Japan right now is actually New Year's Day in the eyes of the Chinese.

    And now, it seemed that Tokyo University had also entered the eve of the winter holidays, and the students were in a state of active preparation for their exams.

    As Ye Chen strolled through the Tokyo University campus, his mind couldn't help but recall the situation of Ito Naozi studying at this university.

    If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it would have been hard to imagine that the girl who looked so soft and weak was not only a highly talented student of the University of Tokyo, but was even a superbly strong casual combat athlete.

    This girl was really full of very polarizing contradictions.

    As he traveled near the drawing hall, Yatsuo even saw Itoh Nabiki's support poster on a street lamp pole.

    The poster had a picture of Ito Naija in her school uniform, and the smile ousted like a flower was indeed a bright sight.

    The poster, however, was a call for support from the students of Tokyo University for Ito Nanae's participation in the Jinling International University Wrestling Tournament.

    They even labeled her as "Japan's No.1", "Pride of Japanese Women" and "Strong Contender for Olympic Gold".

    Ye Chen looked at it and couldn't help but shake his head.

    These labels were probably made by the classmates who had high hopes for Nanako Ito.

    However, these labels, to a certain extent, also caused moral kidnapping to Itoh Cabbage.

    It's as if they are constantly telling Ito Naboko that you must win, or else you will be sorry for the strong expectations that the Edo fathers have for you.

    Compared to this particularly utilitarian slogan of support, Ye Chen felt that it would be better to simply say to her, "Just do your best, even if you fail, we will support you just the same."

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen shook his head and sighed, took out his phone and took a picture of this cinema poster as a souvenir.

    Seeing that it was getting late and the sky was already completely dark, he stepped out of Tokyo University.

    A girl playing a guitar and singing on the side of the road out of the University of Tokyo caught his attention.

    There were many people playing and selling music on the streets of Japan, but this girl, played and sang a Chinese song.

    The song was Park Shu's "Ordinary Road".

    The line, "I have crossed mountains and seas, and people, everything I once had has drifted away like smoke in the blink of an eye," poked at Ye Chen's heart and made him stop in his tracks.

    This girl looked about twenty years old or so, a little thin, not long enough to be clear and lovely.

    The little girl also sang well, it was just that many Japanese people passing by, probably because they couldn't understand her, passed by her indifferently and didn't even look at her.

    And the guitar case in front of her, but also just put a handful of a little bit of yen, estimating that if converted into RMB, it may not add up to fifty yuan.

    Ye Chen inferred from the pronunciation of the little girl, this girl should be a Chinese, so, after the girl sang a song, he opened his mouth to ask "is a Chinese?".

    The little girl nodded, smiled sweetly, and said, "I'm from Chuan Province, and you're Chinese too?"

    Ye Chen smiled and said "I'm from Jinling."

    After saying that, Ye Chen asked her "Are you working or living in Japan?"

    "School."The little girl pointed to the University of Tokyo, which was not far away, and smiled, "I study here and occasionally come out to sing and earn some money to supplement my living expenses."

    Ye Chen nodded and pulled out his wallet from his pocket, pulling out about 100,000 yen inside and putting it into the guitar case in front of her.

    The girl was shocked and hurriedly waved her hand, "Sir, you don't have to give so much money."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "It's a happy thing to meet a compatriot in another country."

    He said, afraid that the girl would return the money to himself again, and turned around to leave.

    The first thing you need to do is to take the money you've been given, and you'll be able to get it back to your family.Have you said hello to the Bunkyo Bully Group?And you're in Japan now, what Chinese song are you singing?Looking for death aren't you?!"


Japan is a country where gangs are legal and there are a variety of gangster organizations in the

    The famous movie star Jackie Chan once starred in a movie called "Shinjuku Incident", the background of the movie, is the Japanese gangsters.

    In Japan, the Yakuza and the Inakawa Kai are naturally big bosses at the top of the food chain.

    However, not all the gangsters are Yakuza and Inagawa-kai members.

    In fact, in every city and every area, there were small-scale gang organizations.

    These organizations, generally like to call themselves "bullying tribe".

    These storm troopers love to do things, is to ride a roaring motorcycle, with a variety of cold weapons, in the streets and people fight with the strong and ruthless.

    Of course, more often than not, it's actually bullying and bullying.

    The Chinese girl who was bouncing and singing, seeing a couple of thugs find themselves in trouble, frightened and hurriedly begged, "I'm sorry, I didn't know this was your territory, I won't come next time, please spare me this time."

    "Don't come?"The storm trooper who snatched the girl's guitar snapped harshly, "If every person who doesn't follow the rules can get away with just saying that they won't come next time, where will our Bunkyo storm troopers lose face?!"

    The Chinese girl asked nervously, "So, what will it take for you to leave me alone?"

    The stormtrooper took a look at the cash in the guitar case in front of her, it was obvious that there was at least 100,000 yen here, it was a lot of money for these idle stormtroopers, enough to squander for a day or two.

    So, he sneered, "It's easy to get us to leave you alone, leave the guitar and the money behind!"

    The Chinese girl bit her lip and hesitated for a moment before she said tearfully, "Good guitar and money for you."

    Another storm trooper, immediately reached out and grabbed all the money and greedily pocketed it, then winked at the others and spoke, "Guys, we're in business tonight!A night at the bar!"

    The Chinese girl choked up and asked, "So can I go?"

    The stormtrooper with the guitar looked the girl up and down and said with a dirty face, "Don't go yet!I think you're good looking, so how about this, take your guitar, sing your first Japanese song to your brothers, and then go with them to the bar to get high for the night!"

    "No!"The Chinese girl subconsciously took a few steps back, turned around and tried to run away.

    Unexpectedly, the man suddenly rushed over, grabbed the Chinese girl's wrist and sneered, "Want to run?Not even asking about who I, Onizuka Ryuji, am!"

    Passersby cast curious and amused glances, but Onizuka Ryuji then burst out, "What are you looking at?The Bunkyo Rioters are on business, so whoever isn't afraid of death should stand still!"

    As soon as this was said, the onlookers made birds and beasts scatter.

    Japanese society seems to be highly polite, but in fact, everyone is indifferent at heart.

    This kind of indifference means that they are polite on the surface, but inside they are actually avoiding it.

    No one wants to cause trouble for others, much less for themselves.

    So, naturally, no one would be willing to be brave at this time.

    Just when Onizuka Ryuji was proud and proud of everyone's shunning, a gloomy voice sounded in his ears, "Let her go!"

    Onizuka Ryuji turned around, followed the sound, and saw that it was the man who had just given the girl 100,000 yen, and sneered, "Bastard!You're still trying to save the girl?Do you know that I'm from the Bunkyo Riot!"

    Ye Chen said calmly, "I don't care which regiment you're from, if you don't let her go, you'll suffer the consequences!"


Onizuka Ryuji let out a few laughs and gritted his teeth, "You don't even give a damn about the Bunkyo Stormtroopers, kid, you're dead today!"

    The girl was so shocked that she hurriedly shouted, "Sir, you should go!They're all members of the Stormtroopers!The Bunkyo Rioters are the largest violent organization in the entire Bunkyo District, you can't afford to mess with them!"

    Ye Chen touched his nose, looked at Onizuka Ryuji and said with a smile, "I've heard that there are twenty-three districts in Tokyo, does that mean that there are at least twenty-three organizations like your Bunkyo Rioters in the whole of Tokyo?"

    Onizuka Ryuji angrily questioned, "So what?Our Bunkyo Berserkers are ranked in the top five in Tokyo!Can you afford to mess with it?"

    Ye Chen grinned, "To provoke or not to provoke, we won't know until we do!"

    "Bastard!"The other berserker shouted angrily, "Kid, you're overly arrogant!"

    Onizuka Ryuji gave a wink at the men and shouted harshly, "Kill him!"

    As soon as the others heard this, they drew small arm-length iron rods from their waists and swarmed towards Ye Chen..fs8.

    These people, without exception, were all ordinary thugs, and their strength was almost equal to zero in Ye Chen's eyes.

    Therefore, even though so many people were rushing towards him, he was not afraid in the slightest.

    At this time, the girl who was caught in the death grip of Onizuka Ryuji shouted, "Mister, watch out!Run!"

    "Run?"Ye Chen laughed, "How can you run away from a hallowed Chinese man?"

    Saying that, his eyes were suddenly cold.

    Immediately after that, the four people who were rushing towards him suddenly felt a blur before their eyes, only to feel as if Ye Chen's right leg was moving very fast, kicking four times in a flash.

    Before they could see Ye Chen's figure, their abdomen was hit by a huge force, all four of them were kicked by Ye Chen in the abdomen, and they immediately flew out uncontrollably, all of them landed in a parabolic posture into the green belt by the roadside.

    Although Ye Chen's kick deliberately reduced most of its strength so that it wouldn't be directly fatal, these four people were still severely injured, and one by one they fell into the green belt, unable to get up at all, as if they had lost half of their lives in one kick.

    Onizuka Ryuji, as well as the girl he had caught, were dumbfounded.

    Especially onizuka Ryuji.

    He had never dreamed that Ye Chen was so strong that four of his men would be kicked away as soon as they went up, wasn't that a kick to the metal?

    Thinking of this, he hurriedly pulled out a small dagger from his pocket and pointed it at the girl's neck, threatening nervously, "You you you don't come over!Or I'll kill her right here!"

    Ye Chen said coldly, "If you let her go now, I won't hit you or scold you."

    When Onizuka Ryuji heard this, there was a kind of joy of robbery in his eyes.

    He was about to ask Ye Chen if his words were true to his word.

    Then he heard Ye Chen continue, "I only want one of your right arms as a punishment so that you will at least have an arm to use in the future."

    "What?!"Onizuka Ryuji's entire body almost collapsed.

    You don't hit me, you don't call me names, and you want my right arm "only"!

    You're not a fucking monster, are you?

    At this time, Ye Chen continued expressionlessly, "I've given you the chance, but if you still resist, then I'll cripple both of your arms so that you won't even be able to use the toilet or wipe your own ass in the future!I'll count to three seconds and you think about it!"


Onizuka Ryuji felt a bone-chilling chill from the soles of his feet straight into the sky!

    He had never seen someone so ruthless as Ye Chen, not only was he powerful and somewhat perverted, he even spoke with a ruthlessness that was countless levels higher than the Stormborn..aisuren.

    The Stormbringer Clan threatened others, it would always be you looking for death, I'm going to kill you and other nonsensical words.

    It is possible to shout dumb voice, but in the end did not fight at all.

    But, isn't that how it is on the river?Three points rely on momentum, three points rely on face, and the remaining four points rely on the means of fighting for strength.

    But this guy, as soon as he opened his mouth, he downplayed the fact that he wanted his right arm?He when a man's arm is a motorcycle tire?Saying you can take one apart without blinking an eye?

    Ye Chen lost his patience as he saw that this brat was stubborn, and said in a cold voice, "I originally wanted to leave you an arm, but you yourself are way out of line, so since that's the case, don't blame me for being rude."

    Onizuka Ryuji was guilty, but his voice hissed and shouted, "Bastard!You Chinese better lay low!This is Japan!It's Tokyo!Aren't you afraid that my brothers will cut you down?!"

    Ye Chen smiled calmly, "Your brothers?It's not all lying in the greenbelt."

    Onizuka Ryuji yelled, "There are five hundred of us in the Bunkyo Riot!One man can beat you to a pulp with one punch!If you dare to meddle in my affairs again, you'll be waiting to be killed by our Bunkyo Stormtroopers!"

    Ye Chen snorted coldly, "Noisy!Don't say a mere bunkyo storm troop, even if your Heavenly King's old man Yakuza group came, I wouldn't put it in my eyes."

    Onizuka Ryuji's legs weakened at Ye Chen's words!

    What the hell is this guy's story?Even the Yakuza have the nerve to talk about it!Is he really not afraid of death?

    His whole body almost collapsed, and right now he just wanted this fury to leave quickly, so he put the tip of the knife to the Chinese girl's neck and shouted somewhat nervously, "If you don't move away, I'll kill this woman!"

    Ye Chen said with a grim expression, "If you dare to hurt her today, I want all of you in the Wenjing Stormtroopers to be buried with her!"

    Onizuka Ryuji was really going to fall apart.

    Why was this man so soft and unforgiving?And, looking at the way he spoke, it was as if if he really hurt the girl, he would really kill all the members of the Bunkyo Berserkers.

    What kind of a pervert is this!

    At this time, Ye Chen had run out of patience, his fingers gripped the zipper of his jacket, and with a gentle twist of his fingertips, the metal slider of the zipper was directly removed by him.

    However, Onizuka Ryuji didn't see the movement of his hands and thought that Ye Chen was just tidying up his clothes.

    Immediately after, Ye Chen suddenly threw his hand at Onizuka Ryuji, and before Onizuka Ryuji could regain his senses, he felt a sudden sharp pain in his right hand, and the pain caused the strength of his hand to dissipate, and the dagger fell to the ground involuntarily!

    Inwardly amazed, he looked to his right hand, only to discover that he had a metal zipper puller inserted into the back of his right hand!

    At this time, that girl promptly seized the opportunity, her arms fiercely broke free from his restraints and ran towards Ye Chen fast.

    At this time, onizuka Ryuji didn't dare to come up to chase, he looked at Ye Chen with horror, and after hesitating for a second, he immediately grabbed his right hand, twisted his head and ran away!

    Because the Chinese girl was already singing on the side of the road, facing the pavement, and now that Ryuji Onizuka was running in the opposite direction, he ran straight onto the main road.


When Ye Chen saw that he was going to flee, he immediately took a step to chase after him, and that Chinese girl said nervously, "Sir, don't chase after him, it's dangerous!"

    Ye Chen coldly said, "We have said we want his two arms, we can't go back on our word, lest our international friends laugh at us Chinese for not keeping our word!"

    Onizuka Ryuji's fear skyrocketed when he heard Ye Chen's words, and his feet ran a little faster, almost running for his life with all his might..9366zt.

    Just as he rushed to the middle of the main road, a car suddenly couldn't avoid him and hit his leg and knocked him out diagonally.

    After the impact, Onizuka Ryuji completely lost his balance and fell straight into the next lane.

    At that moment, a convoy of cars made up entirely of Rolls-Royces was passing quickly in the next lane.

    Suddenly out of control, Onizuka Ryuji jumped in front of one of the Rolls-Royces, which didn't have time to dodge, and then ran over him from his arms!

    Only two crisp cracking sounds were heard, and the three-ton Rolls-Royce, directly crushed Ryuji Onizuka's arms!

    The Rolls-Royce emergency braking, then the entire Rolls-Royce fleet came to a halt.

    The Rolls-Royce that crushed Onizuka Ryuji's arm, came down a shocked young man, about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, that person got off the car, and angrily kicked Onizuka Ryuji between the ribs, sternly cursed: "Bastard!Do you know I have a guest in my car?It doesn't matter if you're dead, I'll bruise you if you alarm the noble guests in my car!"

    Onizuka Ryuji's arms were crushed, and he was already in pain and wanted to die, and even more so when he was kicked by this kick, he coughed violently in pain.

    However, when he weakly looked up and saw the man who kicked him, he was frightened out of his wits and cried, "Mr. Takahashi, I didn't mean to ram you, I was chased and running for my life by the man behind me, which is why I fell under your wheels, please spare my life."

    The young man who stepped out of the Rolls Royce was the young master of the Takahashi family, Eiji Takahashi!

    He had just picked up the Su family's Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu from Narita Airport, ready to escort them to the Aman Hotel where they were staying, but he hadn't expected something like this to happen on the way!

    Also, Sochi Fei and Sochi Fish are in the same car with him, and he's sitting in the passenger seat, proudly explaining to the siblings that no pedestrians ever run red lights in Tokyo, when the driver suddenly runs into Ryuji Onizuka, who's running for his life through a red light!

    This matter had simply hit Takahashi Eiji in the face with lightning speed, and it had also shocked himself, as well as Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu.

    Fortunately, there was nothing serious about the two, otherwise, if it affected the next two cooperation discussions, wouldn't that be a mistake?

    So, he was furious and stepped on Onizuka Ryuji's body and looked at Ye Chen who was chasing after him.

    He pointed his finger at Onizuka Ryuji at his feet and coldly questioned Ye Chen, "Did you chase this man into the middle of the road?"

    Ye Chen frowned, "It's me, you have a problem with that?"

    Eiji Takahashi yelled angrily, "Enough living, right?Do you know who I am?"

    Ye Chen narrowed his eyes and snorted, "I don't know who you are, and I don't care to know who you are, all I know is that the two arms of the man under your feet were booked in advance just now, and now you've crushed the two arms belonging to me, so you must give me a satisfactory explanation!"

    Takahashi Eiji's entire body froze, stunned, and asked, "What did you just say?!"

    Ye Chen looked at him and asked in a despicable manner, "What?Didn't you hear what I just said?Do you still suffer from intermittent deafness by the way you're dressed?"


Takahashi Eiji was almost furious at this

    He was the eldest son of the Takahashi family, the rising star of the Takahashi family, and could be considered well-known not only in Tokyo for his extraordinary status, but even in all of Japan.

    In a way, his position in Japan is much like that national husband who was very popular in China a few years back.

    Because of this, Takahashi Eiji's character had always been difficult and untamed, and in his dictionary, there were no words like tolerating and being bullied.

    See in front of this young man who is almost as big as himself, even ignoring his own authority and identity, directly choked with himself, and even questioned whether he was suffering from intermittent deafness, which in his view, is simply dead!

    So, he immediately waved his hand at the vehicles in front and behind, and a dozen or so strong men in black suits immediately came down from several Rolls Royces.

    These people, without exception, were all bodyguards of the Takahashi family, and they were all top notch experts.

    As soon as all the bodyguards got out of the car, they surrounded Ye Chen, all of them were staring at Ye Chen while watching Takahashi Eiji, as long as Takahashi Eiji said a word, they would attack Ye Chen.

    At this time, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish in the car exchanged a look, and Su Zhi Fei spoke up, "This thing won't be fraudulent, right?"

    Suchiyo shook her head, "I don't think so, if someone really had every intention of doing something, they would never do it on the streets of downtown Tokyo, Japan, and wouldn't we be better off on the viaduct coming downtown from the airport than here?"

    Su Zhi Fei put his mind at ease, laughed, and said, "Takahashi Eiji's face must be very hung up on it, just said no one ran the red light, and gabbled into one."

    After saying that, Su Zhi Fei and raised his eyebrows at Su Zhi Fish: "I feel like Takahashi Eiji seems to be a bit interested in you, this kid is also quite handsome, people five people six, do you want to consider it?"

    Su Zhiyu said firmly, "I would never consider a Japanese man."

    "Why?"Su Zhi Fei spoke up, "Japanese men are at least similar to Chinese men, with little body hair and little body odor, if it were to be men from Europe, America or even Latin America and Africa, it would be really indescribable."

    Su Zhiyi left her mouth open, "Don't say that I'm not thinking of falling in love right now, even if I did, I would definitely find a pure Chinese man."

    Su Zhi Fei asked again, "Why?"

    Smack him in the ear!"

    Su Zhi Fei laughed out loud, "My good sister, don't be so strong in character, is it okay if you hit your boyfriend at every turn in the future?"

    Su Zhiyi said, "I'm just making an analogy with you to let you know that a Chinese man and a Chinese woman is the best combination, so you should never blindly pursue any exotic love in the future."

    Su Zhi Fei sighed, not wanting to continue to talk about this topic, and instead looked out the window, seeing Ye Chen surrounded by so many bodyguards eyeing him to death, his expression didn't even look scared at all, he couldn't help but smile, "This Japanese guy is pretty ballsy, surrounded by so many bodyguards, he's not even scared at all."

    Su Zhiyu nodded his head and hummed, "The brain probably isn't too good, right?"

    Su Zhi Fei smiled, "Not to mention, this Japanese boy is quite eye-catching."

    Su ZhiFei smacked his lips, "Pray he doesn't get disfigured later by Takahashi Eiji's men."

    Su Zhi Fei was helpless: "Why is your mouth so poisonous?"


Su Zhiyu asked rhetorically, "The first day you met me?"

    At this moment, Takahashi Eiji was looking at Ye Chen with cold eyes..s.

    He was tempted to give an order and just let people beat Ye Chen half to death.

    However, this was, after all, a downtown area near the University of Tokyo, and with so many people watching, if he really did it openly, there would definitely be no avoiding all kinds of public relations afterwards.

    In addition, there are two noble guests in the car, especially that Su Zhiyu, quite to his own appetite, he has to maintain enough demeanor in front of her, if the overbearing and violent side is revealed, it will definitely also affect Su Zhiyu's impression of himself.

    So, he looked at Ye Chen and said with a cold snort from above, "Kid, you're lucky today, I don't want to see you in general, you kneel down and kowtow three times to me, this matter is over!"

    It was as if Ye Chen heard a huge joke: "You, a person, seem to be a bit confused about the situation, the key issue now is that you still owe me two arms!"

    "You" Takahashi Eiji really convinced, in mind, "good intentions to give this kid a way to live, but he is partial to the road to death, this if I go along to beat him up, no one can blame me, right?"

    Thinking of that, he gritted his teeth and said, "Good boy!I'm giving you face, not asking you to get up in arms!Since you're giving away your face, then don't blame me for being rude!"

    Immediately after saying that, he yelled at the bodyguards, "Give me a fight!"

    As soon as the words died down, the crowd suddenly rushed in a skinny girl, the same Chinese girl who was playing and singing on the street.

    The girl rushed in and directly blocked in front of Ye Chen, taking off, "I'm sorry, this gentleman is trying to protect me, that's why he got into a conflict with that storm trooper, and I hope you won't embarrass him!"

    Saying that, she bowed repeatedly at the crowd.

    At this time, however, Ye Chen directly stopped the girl and said indifferently, "These people are not worthy of you bowing to them, go and wait beside them."

    "He's Takahashi Eiji ah" the girl was in a hurry and was shedding tears, "He's one of the most powerful and wealthy people in Tokyo, if you mess with him, you'll be in big trouble!"

    Ye Chen said indifferently, "I don't care if he is a high bridge, a short bridge, or a dangerous bridge, if he owes me two arms today, he must return them."

    Saying that, Ye Chen gently pushed her and instructed, "Quickly hide away, otherwise if I get hurt because I was distracted by protecting you, you will definitely feel bad in your heart, right?"

    The girl was pushed out by Ye Chen and subconsciously wanted to barge back in, but when she thought of Ye Chen's words, she hesitated.

    She had just seen Ye Chen's skills and knew that Ye Chen was not an ordinary person and might really be capable of competing with these people, but if she got hurt because she was distracted, then she was really to blame!

    Thinking of this, she had to stand aside nervously, her phone in her hand had been entered into the alarm number, planning to call the police as soon as the situation was not right.

    At this time, Su Zhiyi, who was in the Leslie's car, looked at Ye Chen and couldn't help but raise her eyebrows, saying to Su Zhiyi, "Hey, this Japanese guy you're talking about is actually a Chinese!"

    Su Zhi Fei sighed: "Since we are Chinese, we should know the truth that a strong dragon does not crush a snake in the ground ah, how to still go against Takahashi Eikichi, this kid's character is a bit tiger ah"

    Su Zhiyu shook his head and said regretfully, "This guy isn't bad looking, I didn't think his brain was bad."


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