Secret Identity 1661-1670


Chapter 1661

Ito Yuhiko couldn't figure out why Ye Chen was here, and Tanaka Koichi was even more

    After all, in his impression, Ye Chen's identity was just Qin Ao Xue's coach, a local Jinling expert, who was not even close to Japan, but why did he suddenly appear in Tokyo and in the conference room of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?

    What was even more confusing was why did Ye Chen say he was the major shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!

    At this time, Ito Yuuhiko's expression was a bit ugly.

    He had heard Tanaka Koichi talk about Ye Chen on the way here, but in fact, he was very disdainful of this kind of so-called expert, so he didn't take him to heart at all.

    So, he stared at Ye Chen and coldly shouted, "Kid, consider the consequences before you speak, you can't afford to pay the price of words of faith!"

    Ye Chen didn't know Ito Yuuhiko, and when he saw that the Japanese man looked to be around fifty years old, with a big back hair and an arrogant expression and tone of voice, he had a few moments of discontent.

    He stared at Ito Yuuhiko and said in a cold voice, "Don't think you can go around pretending to be a pusher just because you're older, I'll beat you just the same if you get angry."

    When had Ito Yuuhiko ever suffered such anger.

    Even the current Seventh Generation of the Yakuza had to be respectful when they saw him, and in this country, no one had dared to talk to him like that.

    So, Ito Yuuhiko got furious and pointed at the two personal bodyguards around him, shouting, "Teach him a lesson!"

    As soon as the words fell, the two people who were not moving like mountains immediately rushed towards Ye Chen.

    They were both top-notch fighters, and unlike Yamamoto Kazuki's type of competition, they were real combatants, and when they really got into action, they might not have any nice tricks or stances, but they were absolutely lethal!

    These two roared lowly and brought up all their energy, instantly attacking Ye Chen.

    Seeing these two rushing towards Ye Chen, Tanaka Koichi's heart tightened.

    It wasn't that he was worried about Ye Chen, but about these two personal bodyguards of Ito Yuhiko.

    He had seen with his own eyes how Ye Chen had crippled Yamamoto Kazuki with a single slap, and Yamamoto was simply a battle-less slag in front of him!

    Even if these two personal bodyguards were strong, they couldn't be many times stronger than Yamamoto Kazuki, right?

    That might just be a few slaps for Ye Chen.

    At this moment, the two personal bodyguards had already flown to Ye Chen's front, one left, one right, and their heavy fists were hitting Ye Chen's ribs on both sides.

    The ribs on both sides were one of the weakest links in an adult's body, the ribs were not as hard as the skull, and it was extremely easy to break them by hitting them from the side, if the ribs were broken from the side, the broken ribs themselves would turn into a sharp blade and pierce into the victim's body.

    And the ribs protected the most important internal organs of a person, once the broken ribs pierced the internal organs, it was extremely easy to cause serious internal bleeding, which would probably directly kill the opponent!

    This vicious move is almost like running for your life!

    Ye Chen's eyes couldn't help but narrow.

    In an ordinary conflict, it was rare for someone to come up and use such a sinister move, either running for the face or the limbs, even if it meant crippling all the limbs, it wouldn't take the life of others.

    But he didn't expect these two Japanese to be so sinister, wanting to take lives at the first sign of disagreement, and judging by this, I wonder how many people had already died under them!

    Moreover, these two knew how to use qi energy, and it seemed that they were also a practicing family who had entered the door.

    So, Ye Chen sneered, and just at the moment when their fists were about to hit his ribs on both sides, he suddenly stretched out his hands and grabbed their wrists in a deadly fast manner.


Their powerful offensive came to an abrupt halt at this moment!

    Both of them were frightened by the sudden tremendous force on their wrists and found themselves unable to advance or retreat with their fists, realizing at once that they had met a master today!

    They looked at each other, and they could see the fear in each other's

    Then, they exchanged a glance and exerted their strength at the same time, trying to free their right hand from Ye Chen's hand.

    But unfortunately, they exerted all their strength, but they still couldn't pull their right hand back even a fraction!

    Ye Chen instead looked at the two with a smile on his face and said with interest, "You two are a bit dark in the hand!Attacking someone's ribs when you come up here, aren't you afraid of getting someone killed?"

    The two men were nervous, and one of them spoke up, "We we just want to test the strength of the gentleman, nothing more!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "Even such a lame reason can be thought of, it seems to be something!"

    Ito Yuhiko, seeing that his two personal bodyguards were completely controlled by Ye Chen, became nervous and asked out of his mouth, "What do you want?!Do you know who I am?If you mess with me, you'll never end up in Japan!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "Dead ducks with stubborn mouths until the end, you really do have your unique nationalistic temperament."

    After saying that, he looked towards Ito Yuanyan's two bodyguards and said indifferently, "The two of you remember that all of what happened to you today was entirely thanks to your master!"

    These two were about to beg for mercy in fright, when Ye Chen suddenly twisted their hands, and their right arms were just twisted into twists!

    At this moment, they lost their voices in pain, and all the faces on the scene were pale!

    Who is Yukihiko Ito?

    He's the head of one of Japan's top families!

    The personal bodyguard by his side was almost the strongest bodyguard in all of Japan as well, but what he didn't expect was that the two of them combined were no match for Ye Chen!

    At this time, Ito Yuuhiko was also dumbfounded.

    Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that his two bodyguards, who had a lot of combat experience and a lot of blood on their hands, would be crippled at the same time so easily.

    These two people, in Ye Chen's eyes, were only a little stronger than ordinary people, but they were far from being at the level of experts.

    They were not even comparable to the worst strength of the eight Heavenly Kings.

    Together, they could at most be comparable to the Zhennan Twin Fiends.

    How could such a person be a match for Ye Chen.

    If Ito Yuuhiko really sought out Japan's so-called ninjutsu master, he might even be able to make Ye Chen look up to him.

    At this time, Ito Yuuhiko snapped with a bit of nervousness, "You, a Chinese, how dare you spread your wildness in Tokyo!Aren't you afraid that I won't let you go back to China?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "What?Do you still want to leave me in Japan as your son-in-law?"

    "Bastard!"Ito Yuuhiko shouted in anger, "Kid, you're not too defiant!"

    Ye Chen said with a bit of disdain in his eyes, "I'm defiant?I came here today to take over my own company and instead you bark at my company, who are you?I haven't beaten you out, I've honored the old and the young!"

    Koichi Tanaka, who was on the other side, hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully, "Mr. Ye, please calm your anger, this is the head of the Ito family and the chairman of the Ito Corporation, Mr. Yuhiko Ito!"


"Yuuhiko Ito?"

    When Ye Chen heard this, his eyebrows furrowed slightly and asked Tanaka Koichi "What's his relationship with Cabbage?"

    Tanaka Koichi hurriedly said, "Back to Mr. Ye, Chairman Ito, is the father of Miss Vegetable!"

    Ye Chen suddenly realized..s.

    He didn't really know much about the Ito family, other than knowing Ito Cabbage, he didn't know any of the others.

    Hearing that the big-backed Japanese middle-aged man in front of him was actually the father of Cabbage Patch, his look only softened a little.

    Then, he looked at Ito Yuuhiko and said indifferently "For the sake of your daughter's face, I won't get along with you this time, since you're not a member of the Kobayashi family, there's no need for you to stay here, so take your people and go."

    Ito Yuuhiko was livid!

    As the head of the Ito family, when had he ever been treated with such contempt?

    Moreover, this young man's tone was extremely proud, as if it was for his daughter's sake that he let himself off the hook and didn't bother with himself, it was just too much!

    Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said, "Kid, what makes you think this is your company?And you say you're the majority shareholder of this company?I'm telling you, I just signed a contract with the Acting President of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and officially got 30 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals!"

    "Oh?"Ye Chen smiled "What acting president has this right to sign a contract with you on behalf of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?"

    A side of Kobayashi Masayoshi stood up and said, "I am the acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Mr. Ito's shares in the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical matters, is all the shareholders have clearly agreed, you an outsider who has the right to interfere?Besides, you have nothing to do with this company, and if you don't leave, I'm going to call the police!"

    cenkee Ye Chen laughed "I have nothing to do with this company?Come, come, I'll introduce you to an old acquaintance."

    dnsah said, he clapped his hands and shouted to the door, "Come, bring in Mr. Kobayashi!"

    Richard Chen and Hong Wu immediately brought Kobayashi Ichiro with them and stepped into the conference room.

    As soon as Kobayashi Ichiro entered the conference room, everyone was stunned in shock!

    "Isn't this Ichiro?!"

    "Isn't he dead?!"

    "Yes!Jiro gave a chase order to avenge the old chairman's death before, ah!"

    The crowd was talking for a while.

    Kobayashi Ichiro's expression was also a bit ugly at this time and said coldly, "I'm telling you, you've all been deceived by that bastard Jiro!I didn't poison Father at all, he poisoned him and framed me for it!In order to monopolize Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, he even spent a huge amount of money and wanted my life!"

    "No way!"Justice Kobayashi said coldly "I know exactly how the Chairman-sama died!You were the one who said that you got a miracle medicine from China that could make the Chairman-sama get back on his feet, the Chairman-sama was so excited that he took Jiro and me and ran to the airport to wait, and after the medicine was delivered, the Chairman died violently shortly after taking it, and you still dare to deny it?!"

    Kobayashi Ichirou gritted his teeth "I lehang-sy did get the magic potion in the first place, but the potion was switched by Jiro's arrangements!You guys don't even use your brains to think about why I would want to get Lord Father killed."


Justice Kobayashi snapped "Naturally you want to monopolize Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, that's why you killed the Chairman-sama!"

    Kobayashi Ichiro angrily cursed "Kobayashi justice, you dog bastard brain is simply bad, you say I am in order to occupy the Kobayashi pharmaceutical only killed my father, but you open your dog eyes to see clearly, I exclusive Kobayashi pharmaceutical it?Who was the new chairman of Kobayashi Pharma after father's death?!"

    The crowd all looked at each other as soon as that was said.

    Kobayashi gdhcx Ichiro was also right.

    After the death of the old chairman, Masao Kobayashi, the one who succeeded to the position of chairman was Kobayashi Ichiro's younger brother, Kobayashi Jiro.

    Moreover, Kobayashi Jiro was throwing a lot of money at Kobayashi Ichiro's head.

    If this was really orchestrated by Ichiro Kobayashi, then he was too stupid, right?Not only did he get no benefit, but he also made a wedding dress for someone else, and what's worse, after they wore the dress, they turned around and wanted him dead!

    Thinking of this, the crowd suddenly realized that there might be something else going on in the first place.

    Kobayashi Masanao's mood was very complicated at this time.

    First of all, it was not easy for him to get rid of Kobayashi Masao, and then he got rid of Kobayashi Ichiro, and then he got rid of Kobayashi Jiro and took the position of acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co.

    But in the blink of an eye, Kobayashi Ichiro has returned unscathed!

    Isn't this fucking bullshit?

    With your good life just beginning to end?

    He was resentful and angry "Ichiro, you've been away from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for a long time now, the power of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is now fully exercised by the shareholders meeting, and you're still not cleared of murdering your own father, we're not going to allow you to regain control of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!"

    Kobayashi Ichiro was also furious at once, sternly rebuked "Kobayashi Justice, you are my elder, I wanted to give you a little respect, but I didn't expect you to kaxnuo so ungrateful!I am the real heir of the Kobayashi family, the whole Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was founded by my father, you are just working part-time and getting a high salary, what right do you have to interfere with our family's property?Who the fuck are you?Do you believe I'm going to make you get out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical right now?!"

    "You you you" Kobayashi Justice was scolded, shaking with anger, cursing "you this patricide of his father's scum, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical must not fall into your hands!"

    Ichiro Kobayashi has been working hard at Hongwu's dog farm for a while now, and has been suffocated for a long time, but he didn't think that Justice Kobayashi would dare to scream at him, and he got so angry that he went up and slapped Justice Kobayashi!

    After working at the dog farm for so long, Kobayashi Ichiro's physical fitness has improved quite a bit, plus it was already in its prime, and a slap smacked Kobayashi Justice.

    The members of the Kobayashi family present have been horrified, tbhzs Kobayashi Ichiro pointed at the befuddled Kobayashi justice, cursing "dog stuff, I'll let you die today to understand!"

    Saying that, he looked towards Ye Chen and bowed respectfully "Mr. Ye, please release the video of Jiro confessing his guilt so they can know the truth of the matter!"

    Ye Chen nodded and gave a wink to Hongwu, who immediately pulled out his phone and played the video of Kobayashi Jiro's admission of guilt to the crowd.

    In the video, Kobayashi Jiro tearfully admitted that his own father, Kobayashi Masanao, had been killed by him, and he also admitted that he had spent a lot of money to hire someone to chase his brother down and try to put an end to the aftermath.

    This completely overturned everyone's perception of the whole thing.

    Kobayashi Masanao is also looking panicked, he now realizes that it's possible that Kobayashi Jiro has been killed by Kobayashi Ichiro, and now this guy is coming back to seize power!


At this time, Justice Kobayashi was ten thousand times more disgruntled.

    It had taken him a long time to get to an acting president, and he was just about to take charge of the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, but he hadn't expected to wake up in his sleep so soon!

    So he gritted his teeth and said, "Kobayashi Ichiro!Did you poison the old chairman or not? You haven't been cleared of this yet!Even if Jiro recorded this video, it doesn't prove that the killer is definitely him!Who knows if you kidnapped Jiro and forced him to record this video?"

    Saying that, he immediately looked at the crowd and incited, "Is everyone right?"

    The crowd nodded.

    Justice Kobayashi found that he had a mass base, so he immediately continued aggressively, "This matter must be handed over to the police to investigate a watertight case, when will the police say that you, Kobayashi Ichiro, are no longer a suspect, when will we hand over the rights of the shareholders' meeting to you again, until then, you may not interfere in any matter of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!"

    Kobayashi Ichiro storms off at the sound of this!

    He kicked Justice Kobayashi in the abdomen and broke into curses, "Justice Kobayashi, tell me yourself, are you giving a fuck?According to Japanese law, I'm the eldest son of the family and should inherit the family estate, and now that my brother has disappeared, I'm the only legal heir of my father, and the company he founded is naturally mine to inherit, so what right do you have to shout at me here, a wage earner working in the company?"

    The thought of the torture he had suffered during this time, Kobayashi Ichiro had an evil stomach, and now Justice Kobayashi still wanted to stop himself from taking over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and this kind of mantis behavior was even more infuriating to him!

    So he rushed angrily up to Justice Kobayashi and punched and kicked him, cursing under his breath, "And don't even look, what the fuck are you?Have you ever seen a gang of servants taking over a house and not letting the owner's son live in it?How dare you stop me from going back to Kobayashi?I'm telling you, you're now officially fired by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so get out of here right now!"

    Justice Kobayashi grimaced in pain from the various beatings, and although he was furious, he was really intimidated by Ichiro Kobayashi.

    Kobayashi Ichiro's words sounded like they were violent, but everything he said was reasonable and legal.

    He was already the first in line heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and even if he was suspected of murdering his biological father and the police did convict him and put him in jail, there was no way he could be deprived of his inheritance for that.

    The way Justice Kobayashi was talking, it sounded like justice, but it was simply a sign of ignorance of the law.

    Seeing that Justice Kobayashi was being beaten out of shape, Yatsuo spoke up, "Alright, if you continue to beat him, in case something really happens to him, then you really might have to go to jail."

    Only then did Kobayashi Ichiro stop and respectfully said to Ye Chen, "I'm sorry Mr. Ye, I've made you laugh."

    Ye Chen nodded slightly and spoke, "Listen up all of you, Kobayashi Ichiro, as the legal heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he has signed a share transfer agreement with me, 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical have been returned to me from now on, and the remaining 10, to Kobayashi Ichiro, so now I am the absolute controlling major shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical."

    Saying that, Yatsun beckoned to Paul, "Here, Attorney Paul, get a copy of the contract and circulate it to them!"

    The crowd at the scene was shocked beyond words when they heard this.


Among them, Ito Yuhiko was the most unacceptable, and he angrily protested, "Surnamed Ye, don't you dare believe it here!I've just signed a contract with Masayoshi Kobayashi to take a 30 percent stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals for $4.5 billion in cash!I alone have 30. Where did you get 90?You're just daydreaming, aren't you?"

    Ye Chen sneered and asked him, "Mr. Ito, right?Let me ask you, what is Justice Kobayashi's position in this company?What right does he have to sign such an agreement with you?"

    Ito Yuhiko said coldly, "He's the acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!Since you are the acting president, you naturally have that right to enter into a financing agreement!"

    Ye Chen despised and said, "Cut the crap here, who sealed this generation president of his?He sealed it himself, didn't he?What's the point?The entire shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals are owned by Masanao Kobayashi, and when Masanao Kobayashi dies, it's Ichiro Kobayashi and Jiro Kobayashi's, and if Jiro Kobayashi's whereabouts are unknown now, then it's all Kobayashi Ichiro's, so why should Justice Kobayashi make the decision for Ichiro Kobayashi to sell 30 shares to you?"

    Ito Yuhiko angrily picked up the contract he had just signed and angrily scolded, "Look at it yourself, it's clear in black and white on this contract that I, the Ito family, own 30 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!And I've already paid for it!"

    "Oh, that's sorry."Ye Chen said expressionlessly, "The person who signed this contract with you is not even qualified to sign this contract, so this contract is also null and void, think about it yourself, if I sign a contract for you and sell you the entire Japanese Island, is the entire Japanese Island yours?"

    Saying that, Yatsuo took a copy of the share transfer from Paul's hand and threw it in front of Yuhiko Ito, "Here, take a good look at what it says, Ichiro Kobayashi has voluntarily incorporated 90 shares into my company, Kuken Pharmaceuticals, in black and white!"

    "And you have to get one thing straight, Ichiro Kobayashi is the legal heir to Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, so this agreement in my hands is the real and legally binding one!"

    "As for your share, sorry, it's just a pile of scrap paper!Even if you call your Japanese lawyers and judges, I'm sure they won't admit that your pile of scrap paper has any real meaning!"

    "You you're just being a hooligan!"

    Ito Yuuhiko was also devastated.

    He had been strong all his life and had never shown weakness in front of the Yakuza, but he had never expected to meet a shameless man like Ye Chen here today!

    However, he also knew that his two personal bodyguards had now become useless, he was no match for Ye Chen, there was no way to fight with him, he could only avoid him for the time being, and then find a chance to take revenge, and along the way, think of other ways to get the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    So he then angrily protested, "Okay, since you say that Kobayashi Ichiro is the legal heir, let's take a step back, no matter what, I have already paid 4.5 billion dollars, if you say that this contract is invalid, then you will immediately return 4.5 billion dollars to me!"

    Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Mr. Ito, what did you say?I didn't hear you clearly just now."

    Ito Yuuhiko raged, "I said you must immediately return the four and a half billion dollars I deposited into Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's account!"

    "A refund?"Ye Chen snorted and said despicably, "I'm sorry, Mr. Ito, you may lack understanding of me, Ye Chen Ye someone, I've always had an iron law in my line of work, I don't know if you've heard of it."

    Ito Yuuhiko gritted his teeth and asked, "What iron law?!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "This ironclad rule is, never refund your money!"


"Never refund?!"

    Yuuhiko Ito's big, greasy back was about to explode when he heard that..dragonb.

    He covered his chest and pointed at Ye Chen and scolded, "Surnamed Ye, is this how you follow the law when you keep saying you want to follow it?I reached $4.5 billion on Kobayashi Pharma's books, you either give me my shares or give me my money back, do you want to rely on my money and not give it to me?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a blank expression "Right!I'm just trying to rely on your money, it's in my pocket and I'm in charge of everything.You want me to pay you back out of my pocket?Do I, Ye Chen, not want to lose face?"

    "You you,"

    Ito Yuuhiko felt a sharp pain in his heart.

    He had never seen such an impudent person in his life.

    So, he gritted his teeth and snapped "I still don't believe it, $4.5 billion, do you think you can swallow it?"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Haven't I already swallowed ysjzs here?And you're the one who fed me on your own accord."

    Ito Yuuhiko almost vomited blood.

    Ye Chen said to Richard Chen at this time "Old Chen, please take this Mr. Ito out."

    Richard Chen nodded his head and immediately brought a few of his men to Ito Yuuhiko's front and said indifferently "Mr. Ito, you'd better invite yourself, don't force me to use means, otherwise this body of yours, if you lie down and go out later, you won't be able to get up for three to five months."

    "You you dare to threaten me?!"

    Chen Ze zhexianfengś•∑ smiled and said "I'm fine, just threatened you a couple of sentences, Master Ye has always been bad temper, you do not roll, he may not be able to beat you."

    Ito Yuuhiko clenched his teeth to death, the heart of anger, but also do not dare to resist here, can only endure the anger, cold voice "good!Great!Surname Ye, I'd like to see who has the ability to take my $4.5 billion!I'm not done with you on this!"

    Saying that, Ito Yuhiko left the conference room with his hands behind his back and a black face.

    Ye Chen looked at his back and smiled faintly.

    He had heard that Ito Yuuhiko had always wanted to invest in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, and that was why he wanted to marry his daughter, Ito Nana-chan, to Kobayashi Jiro.

    When he thought of this matter, Ye Chen was somewhat upset.

    Ito Nanae was beautiful and gentle as water, definitely a standard yunzx Yamato Nadeshiko, marry her to Kobayashi Jiro?Ito Yuuhiko was afraid that he wasn't blind.

    In his opinion, Ito Yuuhiko and his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, were not much different, both of them were people who would rather sacrifice their daughter's happiness and seek benefits for themselves.

    Therefore, he naturally didn't have a good impression of Ito Yuuhiko, and it was not bad to give him a taste of bitterness for this $4.5 billion matter.

    Tanaka Koichi came before Ye Chen at this time, and said respectfully "Mr. Ye, I'm really sorry about this matter, I didn't expect that you are now the major shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, if there is anything inconsiderate today, please forgive me."

    As someone who had seen Ye Chen's strength, Tanaka Hiroshi had full respect for Ye Chen.

    To cripple Yamamoto Kazuki with a single slap, to make Yuuhiko Ito's personal bodyguard lose his battle power with the touch of a hand, such a person was already powerful to the unimaginable in Tanaka Hiroshi's glance.

    Therefore, even though it was now in Japan and even though the Ito family had full influence in Japan, Tanaka Koichi still felt that the Ito family had better not provoke Yatsuhashi, otherwise, no one knew what kind of end awaited the entire Ito family.


Ye Chen saw that Tanaka Koichi was quite upbeat, and his expression softened a bit as he spoke, "Tanaka, leave me a contact information, I might have something to find you in the future..wanmeicoin."

    Tanaka Koichi immediately pulled out a business card and respectfully handed it to Ye Chen "Mr. Ye, this is my business card, please accept it."

    Ye Chen nodded, took the business card from him and casually put it in his pocket.

    Tanaka Hiroshi bowed slightly to Ye Chen and said, "Mr. Ye, then I'll take my leave."

    After saying that, this was out of the conference room.

    Ito Yuuhiko's two personal bodyguards could only flee like the Broken Arm Warrior, covering his broken arm.

    In the conference room, a silence fell again.

    Everyone looked at Ye Chen and Kobayashi Ichiro apprehensively, and auto268 had no idea what kind of fate awaited them next.

    Kobayashi Ichiro cleared his throat at this time and spoke "Let me tell you, as the legal successor of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I have 100% decision power over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, the equity transfer agreement I signed also has 100% legal validity, so now Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is already a subsidiary of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, if you still want to make money here to feed your family!"

    At this point, someone questioned, "The old president gave us family executives 30 dry shares before, now you're giving 90 shares to someone else, how can we protect our interests?!"

    Kobayashi Ichiro said coldly "You'll get 3 out of my 10 shares from now on, I can guarantee you that!"

    "Thirty percent, into three percent?!"

    taocibeizi someone angrily questioned "How are we going to feed our families when we've shrunk so much?!"

    "Exactly!Isn't this going to kill us?!"

    "Exactly!At this rate, we'll starve to death sooner or later!"

    I didn't think that after beating up Justice Kobayashi, there would be so many people against him.

    He could not help but think in his heart "This matter is really tricky, I sacrificed 90 to Ye Chen, that was forced to use this 90 shares for freedom, otherwise I don't know how long I will be under house arrest in that dog farm, but this group of people definitely can't be willing to sacrifice their own 90 benefits."

    Ye Chen then spoke in a cold voice, "If you can't accept Kobayashi Ichiro's proposal, then immediately go to the human resources department to complete the severance procedures."

    "Let us leave?"Someone sneered, "The entire research and development, production, promotion, sales of Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, all of us are doing, if we leave, Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical will immediately fall into paralysis!All of these multiple production sites across the country will fall into chaos, and you'll be waiting for bankruptcy!"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked him "This friend, what are you in charge of at Xiaolin Pharmaceutical?"

    The man arrogantly said "I'm in charge of research and development!I'm the head of R&D!Kobayashi Stomach Powder was developed by me and Kobayashi Jiro-san!Without me, the entire research and development of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would come to a halt!"

    Someone chimed in "Exactly!If Kobayashi Makigawa leaves Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, then the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will completely lose its ability to innovate!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a smile, "Oh, that's great, I was thinking on my way here, after merging Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, we must make a drastic reform of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, the first department to be cut is the R&D department!Because Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's research and development department is worthless JSK in my eyes, it's garbage!"

    Kobayashi Mamoru shouted angrily "I'm a post-doctoral student at the University of Tokyo majoring in biopharmaceuticals, one of the top pharmaceutical experts in Japan, and I lead a department that is the most powerful among Japanese pharmaceutical companies, and you dare to call me trash!"

    Ye Chen disdainfully said, "That Xiao Lin Stomach Disperse that you developed, at least 80% of the prescription is plagiarized from the ancient Chinese formula, the remaining 20% is your own little improvement, obviously copied, but also said that it is your own research and development, calling you garbage is an insult to the word garbage!".


Objectively speaking, Japan, as a developed country, is indeed highly accomplished and successful in many fields..udcig.

    However, the rest of their lineage in medicine, with the exception of Western medicine, is almost entirely copied from Chinese medicine.

    Among them, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Ota Pharmaceutical, and Roc Pharmaceutical are exemplary, not only looking for remedies from Chinese medical texts, but even touching TCM everywhere.

    For example, Tai Peng Pharmaceutical has launched a so-called Chinese medicine weight loss pushes, and they give this pushes the name, but it is an ancient Chinese miracle doctor, magpie.

    From this, it could be seen that Japanese pharmaceutical companies, in terms of Chinese medicine, did not have any real attainments, relying on almost still plagiarism and copying.

    This was also the fundamental reason why, Ye Chen was disdainful of their R&D department.

    Where was the need for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's R&D department when he had so many miraculous prescriptions from the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures himself?

    Kobayashi Makigawa's cheeks also felt hot after being ridiculed by Ye Chen.

    What exactly was Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Kobayashi Makigawa couldn't know better.

    Indeed as Ye Chen said, all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's prescriptions were basically derived from ancient Chinese medical texts.

    So he was feeling red in the face at this point, but he didn't know how to refute Ye Chen's words.

    Ye Chen looked at Kobayashi Makawa and said in a cold voice, "R&D personnel like you who can only copy are of no value to me, so I announce that from now on, the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical R&D department will be disbanded on the spot, and everyone will be fired and no one will be left behind!"


    The people of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at the scene were almost speechless with shock.

    This Ye Chen had struck too hard, right?

    You know there are more than 100 people in the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and behind those 100 people, there are more than 100 families.

    The social environment in Japan is already such that only one person in a family works outside the home, and most of them are husbands who go out to work and wives who stay at home to raise the family and children.

    This situation leads to a particularly high demand for job stability in Japanese families.

    Generally speaking, most Japanese are able to work for decades at a single job until they retire.

    So the biggest fear for Japanese people is unemployment.

    Kobayashi Makigawa was also scared.

    His previous income hadn't been low, but he was not at all stressed.

    Tokyo's housing prices were originally the highest in Asia, and a few years ago, when Kobayashi's pharmaceuticals were booming, he bought a large house in the city with a mortgage, and every month, he paid off over 200,000 RMB just in bank loans.

    On top of that, he had two sons and a newborn daughter.

    Together with his wife, the family of five depended on his income alone.

    Originally, his income in Xiaolin Pharmaceutical was very high, almost 700,000 to 800,000 RMB a month, so his previous life was very comfortable, his wife and children were also living a high society life, and his daily consumption was very extravagant.

    However, if he suddenly lost his job now, his family would immediately fall into a huge financial deficit, with a shortfall of at least 500,000 RMB per month, and if he couldn't find a job with more than 500,000 RMB, his family would soon be overwhelmed.


Kobayashi Shinagawa, who was nervous, hurriedly cried and begged, "Mr. Ye, I'm a high-end talent in the field of biological agents ah, if you fire me, it must be a huge loss for you, I beg you, please keep me here, I will saddle up and work well for you!"

    Ye Chen said with a blank expression, "Now you know to beg me, right?Sorry it's already late, you have to go through the exit formalities within today, otherwise the company will just force an end to the employment relationship with you..pinsuge."

    Saying that, Ye Chen looked towards Chen Zekai, "Kick him out."

    Richard Chen nodded and immediately went forward, grabbed Kobayashi Makawa's collar like a chicken and dragged him out.

    At this moment, the others in the conference room finally realized the urgency of the situation.

    Ye Chen had gotten the transfer of Kobayashi Ichiro's shares, and he was now the new owner of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so he held the power of life and death over everyone present at the scene.

    If you angered him, you would really be driven out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!

    As a result, the crowd immediately stood as honest as quail, not daring to move, let alone speak.

    Ye Chen then said, "To tell you the truth, the entire Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, I only need to keep the production aspect, the other aspects such as R&D, promotion, and sales can all be killed!"

    The crowd was even more frightened to breathe out when this was said.

    Ye Chen continued, "The efficacy of Nine Xuan Stomach Dispersion relies on word of mouth, and true word of mouth is more effective than any kind of advertising, so there is no need to keep a special promotion department;"

    "The same goes for the sales department, Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion is simply in short supply right now, and distributors are actively coming to us for goods, so there's also no need for any special mis-selling department to take care of sales in the regions."

    "So, the promotion and sales departments of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals are also all disbanded on the spot, all employees, leaders, none of them remain!"

    The place was in an uproar!

    There are only a few major departments, and as a result, now all but the production department will be killed off, which will put thousands of people out of work!

    Three quarters of these Kobayashi Pharmaceutical executives on the scene will lose their jobs too!

    Moreover, the current global economic situation was not too good, the mid-life crisis was very serious, and there were many news stories around the world of middle-aged people who suffered layoffs and eventually jumped to their deaths from overwhelming burdens, thus showing how much pressure middle-aged people were under now.

    And the scene of these Kobayashi Pharmaceutical executives, mostly between thirty-five and fifty-five years old, is a typical middle-aged group, suddenly lost their jobs, for them, it is like the sky is falling!

    The whole scene was howling.

    Most Japanese, like Americans, are typically hedonistic in their spending philosophy, they don't like to save money but spend it immediately when they earn it, and are very keen on buying luxury homes, luxury cars, vacation homes and even yachts.

    Their wives, on the other hand, not only do not earn money, but also spend money very generously, which exacerbates the family's daily expenses.

    Studies have shown that Japanese women's per capita demand for luxury is also very large, Chanel, lv or gui such as designer bags, 90 Japanese women will have at least one, as for other luxuries is not to mention.

    Such families certainly live in style when there are no surprises, but when the family's income collapses, they immediately fall to the brink of bankruptcy.

    Many wealthy middle-class people, after the economic crisis, immediately become negative equity, not only bankrupt, but even become vagrants, the reason for this is that because they spend a lot of money but do not save money at all, resulting in poor risk-resistance.

    The vast majority of these Xiaolin Pharmaceutical executives were also in this situation.

    So for Ye Chen to declare them unemployed now was almost the same as declaring their family finances bankrupt.

    Ye Chen didn't have the slightest sympathy for these wailing middle-aged people, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would be his own company from now on, and he would never raise idle or worthless Japanese employees, so these people had to be fired, and as soon as possible!


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