Secret Identity 1671-1680


Chapter 1671

At this moment, Ito Yuuhiko was sitting in his car, cursing furiously .

    He had never been so humiliated as he was today.

    The patriarch of the Ito family was actually humiliated in this way by a young man from China, the personal bodyguard was crippled even if it was not, four and a half billion dollars into Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's account, and that guy surnamed Ye wanted to go back on his word?

    That's $4.5 billion!

    Converted to RMB, nearly 30 billion yuan, no matter to anyone, this amount of money was an astronomical amount, and no matter how rich one was, it was impossible to accept the fact that they had lost so much money for no reason.

    Therefore, Ito Yuuhiko gritted his teeth and cursed, "If this revenge is not avenged, I swear not to be a human being!Not only do I want my $4.5 billion back, every penny of it, but I want this kid dead in Japan!"

    Koichi Tanaka, who was on the side, hurriedly said, "Lord Chairman, this Mr. Ye has extraordinary strength, you must not rashly go against him!"

    "Bastard!"Ito Yuuhiko raised his hand to smack Tanaka Koichi, and with one slap, he smacked a red five-finger mark on his face and shouted angrily, "Are you trying to boost the ambition of others and destroy my prestige?Do you think I, Ito Yuhiko, can't handle a twenty-something year old Chinese boy?!"

    Tanaka Koichi covered his face and said somewhat nervously and grievously, "Chairman-sama, Mr. Ye is extremely powerful and acts extremely spontaneously, Yamamoto Kazuki was beaten into a cripple when he just said the four words East Asian sick man in front of him, if you really intend to take his life, there is no telling what kind of killing power he will explode, so even if you beat me, I have to remind you from the bottom of my heart, never, never go against this man ah"

    Ito Yuuhiko's expression was extremely [Literary Museum] ugly.

    He knew Tanaka Koichi.

    This brat was loyal to himself, and even if he was asked to cut his stomach for him on the spot, I'm afraid he wouldn't hesitate for a moment.

    Therefore, Tanaka Koichi's words must have come from the bottom of his heart.

    Thinking of this, Ito Yuuhiko couldn't help but wonder, "Could it be, that brat is really that powerful?It's even so powerful that Tanaka Hiroshi will feel that I can't even mess with him, even though I'm the head of the Ito family?"

    Ito Yuuhiko frowned tightly and asked Tanaka Koichi, "So, what do I do now?We can't really just give him the $4.5 billion for nothing, can we?"

    "That's definitely not true,"Koichi Tanaka said, "Lord President, the $4.5 billion we only paid to Kobayashi Pharma was remitted through Ito Corporation's public accounts, and the bank has a clear record of the remittance, and Kobayashi Pharma did not pay the corresponding shares for the $4.5 billion, and we could have demanded that Kobayashi Pharma must return the entire $4.5 billion as it is by filing a lawsuit in court.We're bound to win this kind of lawsuit."

    "A lawsuit?"Yuuhiko Ito's expression was depressed, "You want me, Yuuhiko Ito, to go to court with him?Go to court and cry about this kid taking my money and not paying it back?!"

    Koichi Tanaka said seriously, "Chairman-sama, this is the surest way and the way with the highest success rate."


    Ito Yuhiko, with an iron face, said angrily, "If the world knows that a Chinese young man dared to take $4.5 billion from me and not return it, and I still can't get him to return the money, and I have no choice but to go to the court for help, then where will I put my face?How can the whole Ito family look bad?With this precedent, then the others won't be able to ride on my neck and take a shit!"

    Because the underground world is legal with the Japanese government, many Japanese families and conglomerates get involved in the underground industry and even cultivate their own underground forces.


The Ito family is not only one of Japan's top zaibatsu, but also a top force in the Japanese underground

    There were three of the strongest underground organizations in Japan, the first ranked one was the Yakuza, and the second, the Ito Family.

    The underground world was a world of the weak and the strong, and to survive in this world, the most important thing was to stay strong.

    For people in the underground world, sometimes it wasn't that they were ruthless, but the laws of survival forced them to be ruthless.

    If you keep implementing the principle that you will fight anyone who beats you up, over time, no one will dare to mess with you again.

    But if you once get beaten up and don't fight back, but instead swallow your pride and admit your misfortune, then from that day forward, everyone in the world can come and bully you.

    Also, there is a very important rule to survive in this world, and that is that you must not use external forces to solve problems.

    If a person who hangs out in the Japanese underground world goes and asks for help from the police and the courts, that person will immediately be hated and rejected by the entire underground world.

    Therefore, no matter what Ito Yuhiko said, he couldn't take the legal route to get the $4.5 billion back, and he had to make sure that Ye Chen returned the money to the Ito family's account, honestly and intact.

    So, he gritted his teeth and said, "There are only two solutions to this matter, the first one is to have that surnamed Ye, honestly return this money to me the way it was, and this matter must not be known all over the city; the second one is to just kill him!"

    Koichi Tanaka said with some concern, "Chairman-sama, I'm worried that Mr. Ye won't agree to your request."

    Yuuhiko Ito snorted, "Won't grant it?If you don't agree, choose the second option and finish him off!"

    Although Tanaka Koichi didn't know how powerful Ye Chen was, he always felt that Ye Chen was an extraordinary person.

    And not only was Ye Chen strong, but the key means seemed to be very powerful as well, otherwise why would Ichiro Kobayashi give him all 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?

    Therefore, he felt that it was better to let Ito Yuhiko try to avoid conflict with Ye Chen, otherwise, there was a high possibility of creating a big trouble.

    So, he was busy changing the topic and said, "Lord Chairman, I think you should not worry about this 4.5 billion dollars of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals for now, this money will definitely not escape, it's just a matter of coming back sooner or later, don't forget, the Chinese Yanjing Su family will be here soon in the next two days!"

    Ito Yuuhiko frowned and opened his mouth to ask, "Did the Sukai say which specific day was coming?"

    "Nope."Koichi Tanaka said, "They said they're coming over whenever they want, after all, the trips are all private jets, so they can fly whenever they want."

    Saying that, Tanaka Koichi persuaded again, "Lord Chairman, the Su family is not the only one keeping an eye on this opportunity, the Takahashi family has also been eyeing it, I heard that the Su family is actually trying to choose one between us and the Takahashi family as a partner this time, we must not create any complications."

    Ito Yuuhiko gritted his teeth and nodded, ordering, "In that case, I'll put up with the brat surnamed Ye for a while, you keep an eye on him, if he doesn't leave Japan for a few days, then I'll leave him alone and take down the Su Family cooperation first!"


Thinking of the Su Family's cooperation, Ito Yuhiko's expression looked a bit forlorn.

    Sitting in the car, he let out a long sigh and lamented, "Koichi, in the last ten years, our Japanese economy has been relatively lagging behind, so the strength of several of the top families, including our Ito family, has more or less shrunk, and there is a lack of succession ......"

    Tanaka Koichi hurriedly asked, "Lord President, Japan once led the world in development speed in the post-war decades, so why can't it keep up in the past decade?"

    Yuhiko Ito lamented, "There are many reasons for this lagging economic development, firstly, because Japan's local resources and land have been very scarce; secondly, because Japan hasn't had any major innovations in the Internet and high-tech fields over the years ......"

    Saying that, Yuhiko Ito continued to lament, "You see, many of the local Japanese companies that dominated in various fields more than a decade ago have gradually lost their original advantages over the years;"

    "In the past, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba were the best in the world; Sony's color TVs were the best in the world and sold all over the world; Sony Ericsson's mobile phones were world-renowned; Panasonic and Hitachi's home appliances and Toshiba's semiconductors were the best in the world.All gradually declining!"

    "The world's TVs, most of which are produced in China, cheap and affordable cost-effective; the world's mobile phone dichotomy, the United States Apple occupies a large part of the remaining majority, is China's Huawei, millet, vivo and oppo, which has anything to do with Japanese mobile phones?Even Korea's Samsung is gloriously gone and has long been decadent!"

    Koichi Tanaka also stifled, "Chairman-sama, you are right, we in Japan have indeed completely lost many of our traditional advantages, especially in electronics ......"

    Yuuhiko Ito sighed, "Not only electronics?On top of that, Japan's steel industry used to be among the top in the world, and even the Americans had to look up to us for our special steel, but it plummeted because of the original Kobe Steel scandal that exposed long-term fraud!"

    "Originally, our Japanese Shinkansen technology was proud of the world, we invented the high-speed rail technology, the strength of the world, but who would have thought that China's high-speed rail was so far behind that our Japanese high-speed rail technology, and the German and French high-speed rail technology, all relegated to second-class in the world, the Japanese Shinkansen also lost a large number of overseas markets ......"

    Koichi Tanaka also sighed incessantly, "We, the Ito family, hold different proportions of shares in all of these companies you mentioned, they fall out of favor and our assets shrink as well, this is a very serious problem indeed ......"

    Yuhiko Ito hated to say, "Not only that ah, the most important thing is that our young people in Japan today are seriously lacking in creativity as a whole!"

    "Look at China over the years, a large number of world-class Internet companies have been born, such as Tencent, Ali, Toutiao, Jingdong and Ziduo, as well as DJI drones, which occupy more than 70 percent of the world's drone market, and on the other hand, Japan has not given birth to an influential Internet company at all over the years!If we keep going like this, we're going to lose all advantages across the board!"

    Koichi Tanaka nodded, "In comparison, those top families in China, with all the industries in China growing and progressing, and their wealth and influence increasing, they all now have the ability to directly bark at Europe and America, and don't take Japanese companies seriously at all."

    "That's right."Ito Yuhiko said with despair, "Before, they were still catching up with us, as a result, in the blink of an eye, they overtook us and went to catch up with the U.S. We were instead left far behind by them, so much so that if we want to make a breakthrough in our business now, we have to turn around and please the Chinese family, really in line with the old Chinese saying, "Thirty years in the east of the river, theThirty years Hexi ah ......"

    At this point, Ito Yuhiko said seriously, "It's because we've been stopping at nothing, and China has been developing rapidly, that we now need to be firmly tied to the top families in China, and this cooperation with the Su family is very significant and unmissable for us."

    Tanaka Koichi hurriedly kept nodding his head and said off the cuff, "Please rest assured, Lord Chairman, I will do my best!"

    The Japanese economy, these days, has been sluggish.


The Ito family, Japan's top zaibatsu, is also being weakened.

    Sharing the same confusion with them is another big Japanese family, the Takahashi family.

    Both families were now actively seeking a breakthrough point, so they coincidentally pinned their hopes on China's top family.

    As China's top family, the Su family's influence had been increasing over the past few years, and with the rapid development of China's economy, the Su family's power had been surging as well.

    The Su family's focus in the previous years had been on maintaining and consolidating the domestic market, and after consolidating its position as the number one family in China, it had only begun to turn its attention overseas in the past two years.

    Therefore, in the past few years, many Japanese families and zaibatsu were eager to start deep cooperation with the Su family.

    Over the past decade, China's import and export trade has been growing, the demand for shipping has been increasing, and the construction and development of ports has been extremely fast, and now, out of the top ten ports in the world in terms of throughput, China accounts for seven of them.

    Global trade now relies heavily on shipping, with the vast majority of oil, ore and all kinds of goods being transported over seas.

    For example, the entire East and Southeast Asia relies on giant tankers to transport almost all of its oil from the Middle East to ports.

    The entire East Asia as well as Southeast Asia also relied on a large number of giant cargo ships to bring in iron ore from Australia as well as Brazil.

    The Su family has been in the port business for many years and has its own properties and shares in all major ports in China, and is now preparing to build the largest shipping company in Asia and build the largest shipping fleet in Asia, which can complement the resources of the domestic ports they have laid out.

    In order to build this largest shipping fleet in Asia, the Su family not only invested heavily themselves, but also prepared to cooperate deeply with the consortiums of Japan and South Korea, giving them a certain share to participate deeply.

    The reason why they wanted to pull in the Japanese and Korean consortium was mainly because Japan and South Korea were both developed countries, and the demand for shipping was also very high, and the Port of Busan in South Korea, the Port of Tokyo and the Port of Yokohama in Japan were all old and large ports in Asia.

    If the Su family could hold the resources of these ports as well, at that time, the shipping company headed by the Su family would be able to hold the entire East Asia's shipping lifeblood to a certain extent, with great profit margins in the future.

    The Japanese and Korean consortiums were extremely excited about this news, they all hoped to reach a cooperation with the Su family, and then get on the Su family's big ship.

    In Japan alone, there were at least ten families and consortiums that wished to cooperate with the Su family.

    Among them, the strongest ones were the Ito and Takahashi families!


In the afternoon, Ye Chen fired nearly half of the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's employees with the force of destruction.

    Originally, those people of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were thinking of fighting against Ye Chen by going on strike, but they didn't expect that Ye Chen was not at all soft on them and directly fired all of them without leaving any of them behind.

    This incident had caused a huge earthquake in the Japanese business community!

    Firstly, no one expected that the extremely well-developed Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would change ownership and now 90% of its shares have been transferred to a Chinese person and become a Chinese company.

    Secondly, no one expected that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would fire half of its employees in one fell swoop after becoming a Chinese company!

    In Japan, there are very few companies that would suddenly fire so many people, except for those that have gone bankrupt and closed down.

    Especially a manufacturing company with nearly 10,000 employees like Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    Firing half of them at once, that's firing four or five thousand people!

    Moreover, in addition to the employees in production positions, the R&D, promotion and sales positions were all laid off completely, a modus operandi that everyone found unbelievable.

    In their view, this kind of layoff was tantamount to self-inflicted ruin.

    But Ye Chen didn't care.

    What he needed was not Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's brand, nor Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's fame or patents, what he needed was just Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production line.

    As long as Xiaolin Pharmaceutical honestly followed his own requirements and produced Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion for himself, that was Xiaolin Pharmaceutical's greatest value at this stage.

    The rest of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical that hadn't been fired yet were all in charge of the production line.

    Right after that, Ye Chen immediately held a meeting at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, appointing Wei Liang as the general manager of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and Kobayashi Ichiro as the deputy general manager .

    At the same time, Ye Chen also very clearly warned the remaining people in charge of these production lines, "Listen up, all of you who are in charge of the production lines, if you work honestly for me, obediently follow my orders and do what I tell you to do, then you can keep your jobs and at the same time your income will be guaranteed, what I can promise you is to follow me honestly....I'll make sure that your income is never lower than before."

    Saying that, Ye Chen changed his words and sternly shouted, "But!If there is anyone among you who dares to play small-minded with me, who dares to confront me, then sorry, I will immediately kick you out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!"

    The crowd left behind heard this and immediately became like a tamed wild dog, honestly not daring to say another word.

    When the crowd was angry, everyone wanted to resist, it was because they felt that when everyone was tied together as one, Ye Chen would definitely not dare to do anything to himself, after all, he definitely didn't want Xiaolin Pharmaceutical to suddenly fall into paralysis.

    But what everyone didn't expect was that Ye Chen didn't follow the rules at all, before everyone was tied together against him, he had already driven half of the people away!

    This plunged all the people who had been evicted, as well as their families, into a severe economic crisis.

    Therefore, the remaining group of people, how could they dare to have any thoughts of falsifying the situation, being able to keep the job, being able to guarantee that the pay would not be lower than before, was to ensure that their family life would not be affected in any way, making them completely relieved.

    At a time like this, how could they still have the slightest idea of confrontation?

    Thus, a group of people were busy showing their submission and deciding to die to continue working for Ye Chen's Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.


Only then did Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said to Kobayashi Ichiro, "From today onwards, you have to cooperate with Wei Liang, readjust all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production plans, stop all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's previous drug production, and fully switch to the production of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, got it?"

    Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Mr. Ye, I'll do my best to cooperate with Mr. Wei!"

    Wei Liang said to Ye Chen at this time, "Mr. Ye, the production capacity of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical is still very strong, if we fully start switching to the production of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, the demand for raw materials for Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion will be huge, we have to prepare for this in advance, otherwise, if there is a shortage of raw materials for production, it will severely restrict the production capacity."

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "I'll take care of the raw material matter."

    When he said this, what came to Ye Chen's mind was the head of the Qin family, Qin Gang, who was far away in Jinling.

    The Qin family, originally started out with the medicinal materials business.

    Moreover, Qin Gang was a person who was also very trusted by Ye Chen, so Ye Chen was ready to give all the raw materials and medicinal materials business to him.

    Then, he immediately pulled out his phone and called Qin Gang.

    When the call was connected, Qin Gang was eating.

    Seeing that it was Ye Chen calling, he said very respectfully, "Master Ye, why do you have the time to call me."

    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Master Qin, I have something I want to ask you."

    Qin Gang said respectfully, "Master Ye, you may ask."

    Ye Chen said, "How much is your Qin family's current annual supply of medicinal herbs?"

    Qin Gang thought about it and said, "Last year, our Qin family made a total of more than 200,000 tons of all kinds of medicinal herbs, supplying more than 30 pharmaceutical companies of all sizes across the country."

    Ye Chen hmmmed and asked, "Can we do it to supply a million tons a year?"

    Qin Gang exclaimed in shock, "A million tons?!Master Ye, one million tons is almost equal to the total annual production of plant medicinal herbs in the Eastern Three Provinces, our national total annual production is only five million tons, and the largest medicinal herb company in the country can do seventy to eighty thousand tons a year ......"

    Ye Chen asked him, "Then are you confident that you can supply one million tons a year?"

    Qin Gang said, "Master Ye, the medicinal herbs are in the hands of the country's drug farmers, as long as you go to buy them, a million tons is not a big problem, the key is that I don't have the channels to digest so many medicinal herbs ah!In fact, personally, I can't wait to sell more herbs every year, but the key is to find an underdog with enough strength."

    Ye Chen smiled, "I'm not hiding anything, I've taken over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan, in the near future, all the capacity of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will serve me, and I'm going to continue to expand the production line, this year, consuming a million tons of herbs is not a big problem, I trust you, if you're interested in cooperating with me, then I'll give you all the supply orders for the million tons of herbs!"

    As soon as Qin Gang heard this, his entire body soared with excitement, standing up from the dining chair, dishes dumped on the ground can not even care, excitedly said: "Ye ......Master Ye ......You ......What you said is true?!"

    Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "When have I, Ye Chen, ever lied to you?"

    Qin Gang's entire body was ecstatic, thrilled to the point of no return!

    He thought to himself, "If Master Ye can really digest a million tons of medicinal herbs from the Qin family every year, that would be like turning the Qin family's business volume five times over!Wouldn't that mean that the Qin family's strength would soar by leaps and bounds!And wouldn't my dream of revitalizing the Qin family be easily realized?!"

    At this moment, he almost regarded Ye Chen as the regenerating parent of the entire Qin family, and spoke excitedly, "Master Ye!Since you think so highly of me and are willing to help me out, I'll never hold you back!Don't worry, no matter how many herbs you want, I'll get them for you even if I have to risk my life to get them!And it will definitely give you the best quality at the lowest price!"


After Qin Gang hung up the phone, Qin Ao Xue, who was beside him, hurriedly asked curiously "Dad, what did Master Ye call you and say?"

    It took about a few seconds for Qin Gang, who was still caught up in the euphoria, to come back to his senses and say excitedly, "Aoxue!Our Qin family is about to meet a great opportunity!"

    Qin Ao Xue was surprised and asked "Dad, what kind of heavenly good chance?"

    Qin Gang was so excited that he even spoke a little shakily, saying, "It's Master Ye Ye Ye has annexed Japan's Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, saying that the next step is to let our Qin family supply him with raw medicinal materials, a year's demand, almost one hundred ttye tons of it."

    "Oh my God!"Qin Ao Xue was dumbfounded and exclaimed "a million tons?Our family only has a supply of about 200,000 tons a year now, right?"

    "Yes" said Qin Gang excitedly "Master Ye asked us to supply a million tons a year, and our Qin family's revenue immediately doubled!Isn't this just a great opportunity?"

    Qin Ao Xue nodded her head repeatedly and said with gratitude "Master Ye has really taken too much care of our family, he can think of us in everything, he has helped us so much that we don't know how to repay his"

    Qin Gang also incomparably theta agreed and said "Master Ye is the regenerating parent of our Qin family, whether the Qin family can rise in the future depends on Master Ye!".

    After saying that, he couldn't help but look at Qin Aoxue and exclaimed, "Aoxue, Master Ye is so kind to, our family, and he will always take care of you so much, you have to hold on tight!"

    Qin Ao Xue what exactly does that daddy's words mean, knowing that he told himself to hold on tighter, in fact, he wanted to make substantial progress with Master Ye earlier.

    She was a little shy and said "Dad, many things are not just what I want, Master Ye is a married man after all, although I like him, but I also have the heart but not the strength ah".

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, and you'll be able to see what it's like to be a part of it.This way you will also have more chances to spend time with Master Ye."

    Qin Ao Xue pondered for a moment and immediately nodded her head "Okay dad!"

    She is in her fourth year of college this year, just like Itachi.

    The second semester of her senior year was basically nothing, and when the New Year was over, she would basically enter the internship period.

    By that time, all the fourth year students would almost have to find a workplace to start an internship, and Qin Aoxue was naturally no exception.

    She was studying finance and management at Jinling Finance and Economics College itself, and having her come to dovetail with Ye Chen's cooperation also happened to be a professional counterpart.

    Thinking of this, Qin Ao Xue could not help but look forward to it.

    She herself had been despondent about not having the chance to spend time with Ye Chen often, and if there was a job to dovetail with Ye Chen in the future, it would mean that she would have the chance to see him often.

    This made her become excited inside all of a sudden

    Tokyo, Japan at this moment.

    After Ye Chen's killing, the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's remaining executives had been as honest as sheep.

    Ichiro Kobayashi also cooperated with Paul to complete the transfer and change of the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in the local business department in Tokyo.


Now, all 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals are under the name of Jiu Xuan

    Because of the importance of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's next production work, Ye Chen couldn't leave Tokyo yet, and he had to make sure that all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production lines were successfully converted to produce Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder before leaving Japan.

    Therefore, the first production line to complete the conversion work was Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Tokyo production line.

    Ye Chen asked Wei Liang to inventory and liquidate all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's inventory of herbs that could be used to produce Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, and then calculate how much other herbs are still subjckjnxi needed based on the Tokyo production line's capacity.

    After tallying up the demand, he immediately sent the list to Qin Gang, asking him to immediately start making arrangements to have all of these herbs on hand as soon as possible, and then use air transport to quickly transport them to Tokyo.

    At the same time, Wei Liang also had to tally up all the medicinal herbs needed for several other production lines and send them to Qin Gang one after another, so that Qin Gang could proceed to prepare them, and then send the prepared herbs to the other production bases separately.

    After all of this, Ye Chen and his group, led by Ichiro Kobayashi, arrived at the Kobayashi family's luxurious bungalow in the center of Tokyo.

    Originally, Richard Chen had already arranged a hotel for Ye Chen, but it was only because of Kobayashi Ichiro's kind invitation that Ye Chen had decided to temporarily stay at Kobayashi Ichiro's home.

    This flat villa in Kobayashi Ichiro's home was the entire top floor of an eighty-story building, and the indoor floor area alone was thousands of square meters, incomparably luxurious, but also the exclusive use of the entire building was the ultimate luxury.

    After nightfall, Ye Chen took a shower and called his wife Xiao Churan to report his safety, then he stood alone on the large terrace on the top floor, watching the prosperous Tokyo night scene, his thoughts flying.

    Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, was a key part of his energy accumulation.

    If Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was all successfully converted to produce Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion for himself at full strength, then Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion would be able to be marketed worldwide in the shortest possible time.

    And Ye Chen had already thought clearly, the price of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion in the domestic market would never be raised, to reward the domestic people with the greatest cost performance, but the price in overseas must soar.

    The selling price at the retail terminal should be at least two to three times more than 100 RMB.

    That's almost $60 a box.

    In this way, the net profit of each box is at least around thirty dollars.

    longfacai As Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion can greatly relieve and treat many stomach diseases and discomforts, it will definitely become an essential medicine for every household in the future, so Ye Chen estimates that Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical's future revenue will skyrocket at a very fast rate, and it might make tens of billions of dollars a year, and it will still be dollars.

    If a few other classes were to be developed, it would really be a huge profit.

    Ye Chen was not a greedy person, and the main reason why he couldn't wait to make more money was because he wanted to improve his overall strength as soon as possible.

    The great revenge of his parents had yet to be avenged, and the multiple Yanjing families that were led by the Su family and formed the anti-Ye alliance had to pay the price for the death of their parents.

    Even the Ye family had an unshirkable responsibility in this matter.

    Ye Chen knew very well that if he wanted to go against the entire big families of Yanjing and make them submit to him, the first and foremost point was to raise his own strength!

    If one day, I could return to Yanjing with a fierce dragon, then all the families in Yanjing would tremble in ambush before me!


Hundreds of kilometers away from Tokyo, in Kyoto.

    The Ito family's century-old huge residence is located in the center of the capital city.

    The Ito family residence is located next to Nijo Castle, the residence of Oda Nobunaga, one of the three outstanding warriors in Japan. Although the area of the residence is slightly smaller than Nijo Castle, the overall area is much larger than the largest single-family villa in Yanjing.

    Around the residence, there was a moat that was dug during the war, and it still carries the heavy responsibility of guarding the residence today.

    On the city wall, 36ttye0 degrees of deadly surveillance was installed to ensure that this residence would not be violated by anyone.

    And behind the towering city walls, there were all loaded bodyguards.

    The buildings within the residence were all typical Japanese wooden buildings, each one of which was at least a hundred years old, and there were dozens of ancient trees in the courtyard that were a hundred years old, plus the stone statues with mottled, centuries-old carvings that appeared ancient and charming.

    At this time, in the spacious courtyard, a beautiful young woman was sitting alone in a wheelchair, looking up at the overcast sky, this beauty, is the Ito family's eldest daughter, Ito Nanae.

    The first thing you need to know is how to make sure you're getting the best out of it.

    In the past, the snow used to come a little earlier in Kyoto, but this winter is an exception.

    This year's winter has been cold, but it has been bitterly cold, with no snow falling on a daily basis.

    Earlier today, the meteorological department of the Kinki region issued a heavy snow warning that heavy snow would fall in Kyoto tonight, and Itochiko loved snowy days, so she waited early in the courtyard.

    But, until late at night, the snow is still no trace, the sky is very overcast, no stars can be seen, even the moon can not clearly see the outline.

    Ito mansion's big steward looked at Ito Raisin from afar for a long time, seeing that it was not early, before stepping forward, respectfully said "Miss, it's late, it seems that the snow will not fall tonight, the weather is too cold, you should return to your room early to rest."

    Ito Nanae looked at the hazy moon in the sky and whispered "the weather forecast said, after all, there is still some hope, Watanabe San go back to rest first, do not mind me.".

    The first steward sighed and said with some heartache "Miss, why don't you go back to rest first, I'll arrange for my servant to wait here, if it snows, I'll let my servant inform you first.".

    Ito Naija smiled superficially and said "I am on guard here, I just want to see the first snowflakes falling from the sky, want to feel the first snowflakes melting on my face, if I wait for the snow to fall and then come out, I will lose this pleasure."

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that you can find.

    qaobao "It doesn't matter."Ito Naija smiled and said "I'll wait until twelve o'clock, whether it is snowing or not, I'll go back to my room to soak in a hot spring, Watanabe Sang although rest assured that I am injured, but my health is still relatively strong, the temperature is colder, it will not have any effect on me."

    The big steward nodded helplessly and said respectfully "I'm nearby, my lady you have any needs at any time shout me."

    Ito Nana-chan smiled lightly "Okay Watanabe-san, thank you!"

    The elder steward carefully retreated to the distance, so Itachi continued to look up at the sky.

    I don't know why, at this moment, in the cloudy night sky, as if suddenly emerged Ye Chen's face.

    She thought to herself, "Ye Chen, I wonder if it's snowing in Jinling?I wonder if you're looking at the night sky overhead right now?I don't know, do you ever think of me?"


The phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated when she was imagining things.

    She pulled the phone out and found that it was Koichi Tanaka calling, so she hurriedly collected her thoughts and answered the phone, smiling "Tanaka-san, why are you calling me so late?"

    Tanaka Koichi sighed and said "My lady, something happened today, the chairman was very angry and just smashed a lot of porcelain antiques in his home."

    Ito Nana-chan was in a state of shock and hurriedly asked "Tanaka-san, what exactly happened?Is Father-sama in some kind of trouble?"

    Koichi Tanaka said, "Today, the chairman-sama took me along to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical with the intention of signing an agreement with the board of directors of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for shares, and after the agreement was signed, the chairman-sama ordered the treasurer to put $4.5 billion into the account of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical."

    When Ito Nanae heard this, she was puzzled and asked, "Didn't Father want to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?Today this is what you get, so why the anger and rage?"

    Tanaka Koichi said helplessly to the extreme "before the chairman ordered the financial staff to make a payment, and did not know that Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals has actually changed ownership."

    "Change of ownership?"Nanae Ito asked in surprise "What's this about?Didn't you say that Kobayashi Jiro is missing?Did he come back?"

    "No" explained Koichi Tanaka "It's not that Kobayashi Jiro has come back, but that Kobayashi Jiro's supposedly long dead brother, Kobayashi Ichiro, has suddenly come back alive!"

    "Huh?"Nanae Ito was a little startled and said "What's going on?Why am I getting so confused?"

    "Hey" Koichi Tanaka sighed and said "That's nothing, the point is that Ichiro Kobayashi, as the sole heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, has transferred all 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to a Chinese pharmaceutical company called Kugen Pharmaceutical."

    Ito Nana-chan was surprised and said "Didn't Father-sama take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals 30?Then it is reasonable to say that Kobayashi Ichiro has only Kobayashi Pharmaceutical HAOCHA 10070 shares, and how can he 6688fs transfer 90 percent of his shares to a Chinese company?"

    Koichi Tanaka stifled his anger and said, "That's why the Chairman was so angry!He signed the equity agreement with the acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Masayoshi Kobayashi, and paid for it after the signing was completed, but Ichiro Kobayashi came back, which means that the equity agreement that Masayoshi Kobayashi signed is null and void."

    Itachi nodded gently and said, "So, Father-sama's plan to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has fallen through?"

    "More than just a failed plan" lamented Tanaka Koichi "The chairman of Kugen Pharmaceutical clearly told the chairman that he would not refund a single cent of the $4.5 billion that Ito Corporation had wired to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!"

    "Huh?!"Ito Nabiki exclaimed "How could there be such a shameless person?The act of entering shares is inherently a share transaction, we pay the money, the other party has to pay the corresponding shares, if the other party is not willing to pay the shares, then we have to return the money in the same way, and even have to pay a penalty, why should the other party not give us shares, but also deduct our money!That's just too much!Doesn't he know our Japanese laws?"

    Tanaka Koichi was very depressed at this point and said, "My lady, the other party is simply a maniac outside the law!"

    "Extra-legal fanatics?"Ito-chan frowned tightly "With father-sama's character, there's no way he would willingly suffer this dumb loss, right?Doesn't he have anything to say in response?"

    Tanaka Koichi sighed "Of course the Chairman-sama doesn't want to suffer this dumb loss, he originally wanted to fight with the other side, but I persuaded him, that person I'm afraid the Chairman-sama can't afford to provoke!Oh yes, speaking of this man, you know him too, Missy."

    "Do I know them too?"Itachi asked in surprise "Who is it?"

    Koichi Tanaka said "It's that Qin Ao Xue's coach, the Yatsuo who injured Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki with a slap!"

    "What?Is it Ye Chenjun?!"

    Itachi Nana-chan was so excited and thrilled to hear this that she took off and asked, "Yatsuo-kun is coming to Japan?!"


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