Secret Identity 1651-1660


Chapter 1651

Kingston Airport..aisuren.

    The plane arranged by Richard Chen had been waiting in the hangar for some time.

    Hong Wu and Kobayashi Ichiro had already arrived and were now waiting underneath the plane.

    Hdz Wei Liang and Paul had also arrived early and were waiting for Ye Chen's arrival.

    9:00 AM.

    Richard Chen's motorcade, one after another, drove to the hangar.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

    After Ye Chen got off the car, everyone came forward to greet him.

    Ye Chen nodded his head slightly and said to everyone, "Is everyone here?If all are here, get on the plane now."

    Chen Zhaichai took inventory and respectfully said to Ye Chen n "Mr. Ye, they are all here."

    "Good, let's go!"

    Along with Ye Chen, there were some of Hongwu and Chen Zaijia's men, in addition to Chen Zaijia, Hongwu, Wei Liang, as well as Paul and Kobayashi Ichiro, a total of twelve people.

    After everyone boarded the plane, the crew immediately started the plane's engine and pushed the plane out of the hangar, then contacted the tower and jumped in for priority takeoff.

    The plane sliced through the air and flew off to the east.

    During the flight, Kobayashi Ichiro's entire body was restless and seemed very apprehensive.

    He plucked up his courage and came to Ye Chen's side, respectfully asking "Mr. Ye, what if the rest of the family is unwilling to accept me, even if they still believe that I am the murderer of my father and refuse to let me inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?"

    Ye Chen said indifferently "I have the video of Kobayashi Jiro's admission of guilt in my hand and will show it to them then."

    Kobayashi Ichiro asked again "And what if they still don't believe it?"

    Ye Chen laughed contemptuously "Don't believe me?If you don't believe me, go straight to legal proceedings. They say you killed your father. Can you produce tangible evidence?If you can't get it, it'll prove you're not the one who killed your father, so what can they do to you?"

    Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Besides, your brother is now missing, you are the sole heir to your father's estate, if the rest of your family disobeys you, then drive them all out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and leave them to fend for themselves!"

    Kobayashi Ichirou looked a little bottomless and said "Mr. Ye, I won't lie to you, the board of directors of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical are my uncles and family elders, although they don't have actual shares, but they all have a certain amount of dry shares, every year they take a lot of dividends from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and they also hold some relatively important positions in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, if this group of people are against me, it really isn't that easy to deal with".

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, and to help them understand the importance of their products and services.A set of management team."

    Saying that, Ye Chen pointed to Wei Liang and said to Kobayashi Yirou "It's really no good, I'll separate a part of the management team of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical and take over the management of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in a comprehensive manner, at that time, you just stay in Japan and enjoy the life of paper and gold, and don't worry about anything else."

    nysyshobs Kobayashi Ichiro is very clear in his heart, after he has smoothly transferred 90 shares to Ye Chen, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals actually has nothing to do with himself.

    All you can do is to honestly take the dividends given by Ye Chen and live the life of an ordinary rich man who is drunk and dreaming of death.


Come to think of it, Kobayashi Ichiro felt somewhat guilty as well.

    Because this was tantamount to selling out his father's life's work.

    There is an old Chinese saying that a pup who sells his father's field does not feel bad, but this old saying is about a loser, and although Kobayashi Ichiro's ability is not very strong, he really can't be considered a loser.

    If he were a loser, he wouldn't have come to China for the Chinese Medicine Fair in the first place, nor would he have coveted Shi Tianqi's divine medicine.

    He was so intent on getting the divine medicine formula that he actually wanted to revitalize Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and make it stand at the top of the world.

    In the end, he also had a desire to lead his family to flourish.

    But now, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would soon be broken in his serh's hands.

    Although Kobayashi Ichiro was incomparably despondent, but on second thought, he also felt that this was not necessarily a bad thing.

    After all, he also knew how popular Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse was right now, and with its powerful efficacy, it was bound to become the world's best-selling drug in the future.

    As for Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, if it was not taken over by Ye Chen, it would definitely go downhill in the future as well.

    If Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were to produce Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion at full strength after changing ownership, it would definitely be able to create a huge fortune around the world, and at that time, his 10 shares might be able to share even more money.

    Thinking like this, Kobayashi Ichiro's mood soothed a lot.

    More than two hours later, the plane that Ye Chen was flying landed at the Tokyo airport.

    After everyone finished the immigration procedures and came out of the airport, the men arranged by Richard Chen were already waiting outside the airport ZGTYNGC.

    These 88 men arranged by Richard Chen drove all clear Rolls-Royces.

    In Japan, Rolls-Royces are even rarer than in China.

    This was mainly because most Japanese people chose local Japanese brand cars that were cheap and affordable.

    The percentage of imported cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and even Rolls-Royce appearing on the streets of Japan was very low, so this fleet of cars made up entirely of Rolls-Royces also looked very eye-catching at the airport.

    Richard Chen personally opened the door of one of the Rolls Royces for Ye Chen, and only after Ye Chen got into the car did he go around to the other side to get into the car and ask Ye Chen, "Young Master, where are we going first?"

    Ye Chen said "Go directly to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's headquarters."

    Chen Zekai said "Young Master, I have investigated Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. before, to be honest, they are still very complicated within this family, taking the liberty to bring Kobayashi Ichiro there, I'm afraid it will be difficult to convince the public ah."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, not caring and said "The more complicated it is, the quicker we have to cut the Gordian knot, I'm here to make money, not to make friends with them, do you still want me to smooth out all these messes of the Kobayashi family one by one?"

    Chen Zekai said with some concern "Young Master, after all, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a large group worth more than 100 billion, I'm afraid that those side members within their family, are eyeing Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, now in their eyes, Kobayashi Yirou has died, Kobayashi Jiro has also disappeared, so it is a good opportunity to embezzle Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, it is possible that they have now begun to divide Kobayashi Pharmaceutical internally, we take the liberty to harvest them, I'm afraid that will cause a strong resistance."

    Ye Chen smiled indifferently "From a legal point of view, no one can stop Ichiro Kobayashi from taking back Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, if the rest of the Kobayashi family is not convinced and wants to do something small, then I'll just take this opportunity to clean up the other side members of the Kobayashi family!"


At this time, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Tokyo headquarters was preparing to hold an emergency shareholders'

    In the meantime, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Corporation, Jiro Kobayashi, suddenly disappeared after his trip to China, and the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical group was left without a leader.

    In the beginning, these shareholders of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals were still trying to find Jiro Kobayashi by all means.

    But they made a lot of efforts and attempts, but they couldn't find Jiro Kobayashi.

    After that, they immediately contacted the group leader of the Ito family, Yuhiko Ito.

    The reason why they contacted Yuhiko Ito was because the shareholders of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical knew that Yuhiko Ito was very optimistic about Kobayashi Pharmaceutical as well as Jiro Kobayashi, and was eager to recruit Jiro Kobayashi as his son-in-law and then take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    The reason why Jiro Kobayashi went to China, in the end, was also to pursue Yuhiko Ito's daughter, Ito Naboko.

    As a result, Ito Nachiko is all back, but her sidekick, Kobayashi Jiro, has vanished into thin air, leaving the Kobayashi family dead in the dust.

    Ito Yuhiko was also very attentive to this matter, after all, he was very optimistic about Kobayashi Jiro and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, if Kobayashi Jiro disappeared, then naturally, he wouldn't be able to be his son-in-law.

    Moreover, Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion was now short of production capacity and hadn't been exported to overseas markets, so the local Japanese consumers knew nothing about this miracle drug, they still regarded Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion as the very best of stomach medicines, and Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion's sales in the Japanese market hadn't received any impact yet.

    So the future of Kobayashi Pharma still looks bright to Yukihiko Ito.

    In order not to miss the opportunity to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Ito Yuuhiko also sent many people to look around for Jiro Kobayashi's whereabouts.

    But unfortunately, they simply don't have a strong intelligence network in China and can't find out any information about Jiro Kobayashi.

    As a result, it was as if Jiro Kobayashi had completely disappeared in the eyes of the Kobayashi family, as well as Yuhiko Ito.

    As time passed, Ito Yuhiko was the first to give up on continuing the search for Kobayashi Jiro.

    He felt that instead of searching for Jirou Kobayashi like this, it would be better to quickly have the Kobayashi family elect a new chairman and then work with the new chairman himself.

    Then, with Yuuhiko Ito's operation, the Kobayashi family also gave up.

    After giving up on the search for Jiro Kobayashi, the Kobayashi family moved on to the next stage, preparing to restructure and re-divide the Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, a piece of cake.

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, which had been developed over decades by Kobayashi Ichiro's father, Masao Kobayashi, did not directly own shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, although many members of the Kobayashi family were involved.

    After Masao Kobayashi's death, Ichiro Kobayashi was labeled a patricide, and naturally, Kobayashi Jiro became the sole heir to Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    However, now Kobayashi Jiro has also disappeared.

    According to Japanese law, if within a certain period of time, Jiro Kobayashi is still missing, then this person can be legally determined to be dead, and his relatives are entitled to inherit all of his property.

    In that case, all the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals would become food for the collateral relatives of the Kobayashi family.

    Kobayashi Ichiro's own uncle, Kobayashi Masayoshi, had now temporarily succeeded to the position of Acting President of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Corporation, exercising management authority in place of Kobayashi Jiro.

    Yuhiko Ito, who had been coveting the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, immediately focused his attention on Masayoshi Kobayashi.


At this point, he called Justice Kobayashi directly, and as soon as he came up, he said, "Mr. Kobayashi, congratulations on taking the position of Acting President!"

    Justice Kobayashi said respectfully, "Mr. Ito, thank you for your congratulations, I am the acting president only temporarily, when my nephew Jirou Kobayashi returns, I will still give him the position..... org"

    Ito Yuuhiko smirked and said, "I presume Kobayashi Jiro won't be coming back, and you, the acting chairman, will soon become the official chairman!"

    Justice Kobayashi was secretly pleased, but with a very upright mouth, he said, "Mr. Ito, I won't lie to you, I'm still thinking day and night, hoping Jiro will return safely."

    Yuuhiko Ito smiled and said, "Mr. Kobayashi, I am not calling here to be superficially polite with you, but I have a business to work with you."

    Justice Kobayashi busily said, "Go ahead, Mr. Ito!"

    Yuuhiko Ito spoke in a serious tone, "I've always been very optimistic about Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's prospects, you should know that."

    "Right!"Justice Kobayashi said respectfully, "I've heard about that!Thank you for your interest in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals!"

    Ito Yuhiko added, "I, for one, have always wanted to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, and I had already had a deep conversation with Kobayashi Jiro, but unfortunately he suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, so I can only come and continue to advance this matter with you now."

    Justice Kobayashi busily said, "That's no problem, I just don't know how you want to advance it, Mr. Ito?"

    Yuuhiko Ito said, "I would like to make one deal with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and two deals with you personally."

    Justice Kobayashi said, "Please go ahead."

    Yuyohiko Ito said, "The deal with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is an agreement that I intend to take a 30-share stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at a valuation of $15 billion."

    Masayoshi Kobayashi said awkwardly, "Mr. Ito, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is now valued at about $20 billion or more, and your offer of $15 billion is a bit low."

    Ito Yuuhiko said indifferently, "Don't worry, I have two more deals to discuss with you next."

    Saying that, Ito Yuhiko added, "The first one, as long as you can facilitate my entry into Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at a valuation of fifteen billion dollars, then I will privately give you two hundred million dollars in cash."

    "The second, as long as you help me facilitate this, I will not only give you $200 million in cash, but I will also consolidate your position in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, at which point I can assure you that whether or not Jiro Kobayashi will come back, you will be able to hold on to your position as President of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Corporation!"

    The Ito family was one of the top families in Japan, but that didn't mean that Yuhiko Ito was a generous person.

    He had always wanted to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals to make a fortune by taking advantage of its popularity, and he had also always wanted to keep the price of the stake as low as possible.

    If it was a valuation of more than $20 billion, he would have to pay at least $6 billion or $7 billion in cash if he wanted to take a stake30.

    However, if he could lower the valuation to $15 billion and also take a stake in 30, he would only need to pay $4.5 billion, which would save more than a billion or two billion dollars.

    When Justice Kobayashi heard this, the first thought in his mind was that he didn't want to give such a big opening to Yuhiko Ito, after all, it was a difference of a billion or two billion dollars, a huge amount of money.

    However, the thought of him being able to return cash to himself privately and still guarantee that he would be able to secure his position as chairman without any interference, he was vaguely impressed.

    After thinking about it, he spoke up, "Mr. Ito, since you've made it so clear, I won't hide anything from you, if you can privately return me $500 million and then guarantee that I'm securely seated as chairman, then I'll do my best to facilitate the Ito family's stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical when we meet later!"


Conference Room, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co..boyaec.

    A large group of Kobayashi family's side members and corporate executives were all sitting at ease at the moment.

    Recently, the group has been in trouble one after another, making everyone present a little nervous.

    The first is the tragic death of the old chairman of the poisoning, then the first young master suspected of poisoning his father, by the second young master global chase, reportedly dead, then the second young master also disappeared, as if the father and son of the small forest family is suffering from some kind of punishment.

    But lfxdab, nervousness aside, everyone's heart was still full of anticipation for the future.

    Because before they have not been able to deeply participate in the operation of the Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, let alone deeply intervene and enjoy the distribution of profits of the Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, has always only been able to get some fly-by-night profits.

    Now qaobao was different.

    Now, Justice Kobayashi when the acting president, he has promised to everyone, will give everyone release Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at least 40 of the profits, if it can really be honored, everyone sitting here, annual income can be more than ten times.

    At this moment, Justice Kobayashi stepped into the conference room with full momentum.

    Everyone had their eyes on him, and in everyone's opinion, Justice Kobayashi was now everyone's god of wealth.

    Justice Kobayashi went straight to the chairman's seat in the conference room after entering, and the others stood up in respectful salute.

    At that moment, I don't know who it was, but flatteringly said, "Welcome, Lord Chairman!"

    As soon as everyone returned to their senses, they hurriedly said in unison, "Welcome Lord President!"

    Saying that, warm applause also rang out.

    Justice Kobayashi felt very comfortable in his heart and said with a smile, "Everyone don't call titles randomly, I'm still just the acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, if word gets out, outsiders will gossip!"

    The one who was the first to flatter hurriedly said, "Chairman yhbyj-sama, in our minds, you are the official chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!"

    Justice Kobayashi smiled proudly, then put on a righteous look and said seriously "I personally still sincerely hope that Mr. Kobayashi Jiro can return to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and regain the overall situation of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical as soon as possible, until he has returned, I am just sitting in this position to manage the enterprise in his place for the time being!".

    He raised his hands and gestured for everyone to sit down.

    After everyone was seated, he said seriously, "As you all know, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is suffering from internal and external problems. I heard some time ago that a Chinese company called Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical has launched a Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder.Market."

    One of them hurriedly said "Lord Chairman, I was just about to report this to you, my son-in-law went to China last week and heard about this medicine, so he raised the price and bought a box back, I tried it yesterday, and I have to say, this medicine is more than a little bit and a half stronger than our Kobayashi Stomach Disperse!"

    Justice Kobayashi spoke up "If that's the case, then Kuken Pharma will probably be our next mortal enemy!"

    After a pause, Justice Kobayashi continued "Moreover, we can't match its efficacy, so if this continues, their production keeps increasing and our sales will keep declining, if Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion is being eaten by Kuken Stomach Dispersion meals in the global market, we will lose most of our revenue!"

    Everyone's expressions were all astonished.


Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, the fist product of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, relies on this one drug for most of its revenue and profit..dragonb.

    If it is really beaten by Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, then Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will definitely suffer a great loss of vitality.

    So, someone asked Justice Kobayashi "Chairman-sama, we can't just sit around and wait for death!Do you have any good ideas on how to deal with it?"

    The first thing that I'm going to do is to make sure that I'm going to be able to get my hands on a new product that I'm going to be able to use for the next few days.

    The person in charge of research and development spoke up "Lord President, if you want to increase your investment in research and development, it will require a huge budget, the company was screwed a while ago, can you still afford it now?"

    Our current cash flow isn't too good, and the huge investment in the Osaka production base, coupled with the unexpected losses, has left us with less than $50 million to invest in R&D. So my idea is to get a loan in as soon as possible, so that we can take out at least $500,000.A billion dollars to upgrade our drug development labs!"

    As soon as the people heard about the financing, they sat up straight and someone asked after them, "Lord President, do you have a suitable candidate for financing now?"

    Justice Kobayashi nodded and said "Previously, Chairman Kobayashi Jiro, had been consulting with the Ito family's patriarch, Mr. Yuhiko Ito, regarding the financing, I'm sure you all know about this matter?"

    The crowd nodded.

    Kobayashi Jiro had always wanted to take Yuuhiko Ito's investment, and even wanted to become Yuuhiko Ito's son-in-law, or else he wouldn't have dropped the money to title the scrimmage tournament in which Ito's vegetable was participating, and this had long been known by the road in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    Eventually, everyone was ready for the marriage between Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and the Ito family, but unfortunately, before the marriage was officially promoted, Kobayashi Jiro disappeared.

    Everyone thought that the cooperation with the Ito family would also end, but they didn't expect that Justice Kobayashi would now start the cooperation with the Ito family.

    Thus, the crowd immediately came in the mood and excitedly asked "Lord Chairman, I wonder what kind of valuation the Ito Family can give us?"

    Justice Kobayashi cleared his throat and spoke, "Mr. Yuhiko Ito of the Ito family is willing to invest $4.5 billion and 30 percent of the total shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at a valuation of $15 billion!"

    "Valued at $15 billion?!"szsllc

    The crowd couldn't help but discuss it.

    At first, Kobayashi Jiro and Ito Yuuhiko talked about OLghua, not at this price.

    At that time, Kobayashi Jiro had greeted everyone, and the valuation would be at least $20 billion.

    How come it's suddenly lowered so much now!

    Someone questioned "Chairman-sama, the Ito family's previous offer wasn't this low, why did it shrink so much all of a sudden?"

    And someone else said, "Yeah!It has to be at least around $22 billion to be appropriate, right?A $15 billion valuation is a robbery."

    Even if it's $10 billion, you can't get it!"


Actually, what Justice Kobayashi says is

    Ito Yuuhiko and him, there is a certain information gap.

    At this time, Ito Yuhiko still thought that Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion was invincible, and that seizing Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at this time would be like seizing a money-making train.

    However, Justice Kobayashi, as well as the other members of the Kobayashi family, were now aware of the existence of Kuken Pharma.

    Knowing that right now, in China and in Jinling, there was a Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion that was becoming popular in China, which was much stronger than the Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion.

    So, when Justice Kobayashi voiced his concerns, the others almost immediately changed their minds.

    Just now, they had thought that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, at least, had to have a valuation of 20 billion, and 15 billion dollars was absolutely impossible to accept.

    But now they suddenly realized that right now there were still people willing to offer a valuation of $15 billion, that was already rare.

    In the unlikely event that Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion was allowed to successfully cross over to Japan, then the valuation of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would be greatly reduced.

    So, as soon as everyone made up their minds, almost immediately they all overwhelmingly supported this decision of Justice Kobayashi.

    Masayoshi Kobayashi was thrilled.

    As long as the agreement was signed with the Ito family, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would immediately receive a capital injection of four and a half billion dollars, and he, too, would be paid five hundred million dollars.

    In this way, he'd become a super-rich man in no time!

    As for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, even if it goes bankrupt in the future, it has little to do with himself, $500 million is almost equivalent to more than 50 billion yen, which is already enough to live a dashing life for himself.

    So, he immediately informed Ito Yuuhiko, allowing him to go to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, strike while the iron is hot and sign the contract on the spot.

    Ito Yuuhiko was greatly excited after hearing this news.

    He felt that he could make at least three or four times more profit in the future by copying the bottom of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at a low price, so he almost immediately brought his assistant and lawyer and went straight to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical without stopping.

    Because the two companies were both located near Tokyo's Ginza district, in the most prosperous commercial area of Tokyo, the distance wasn't that far, it was only a ten-minute drive.

    Justice Kobayashi was overjoyed, and said to the Kobayashi family, "Mr. Ito Yuhiko will come over to sign the contract with us right away, and he'll put $4.5 billion into our account immediately after the contract is signed, so we'll have enough money to deal with the next impact of Kuken Pharmaceutical on us!"

    The crowd was also immediately pleased.

    Four and a half billion dollars was indeed an astronomical amount of money, and with that much money, even if Kobayashi Pharmaceutical lost one hundred million dollars a year, it would be enough to last for forty-five years.

    Even if Kobayashi Pharmaceutical suffered a huge impact, the money on the books would allow them to live in abundance for many years.

    At this moment, Ito Yuhiko walked out of the Ito family's luxurious office building with a flourish and got into his Lexus sedan.

    He was followed by two of his personal bodyguards and an assistant, who was Koichi Tanaka, who had been following Ito Nanae.

    Koichi Tanaka was originally Yuuhiko Ito's henchman, and the reason why he was asked to follow Nana-chan to China for the competition some time ago was also because he didn't feel at ease, so he asked his most trustworthy person to accompany him all the way.


Now, with Ito Nanae recovering in Kyoto, Koichi Tanaka went to China the other day to seek medicine for her with no luck, so he returned to Tokyo to return to his orders with Yuhiko Ito, and then stayed there..hjaju.

    In addition to the Lexus limousine that Yukihiko Itoh was riding in, there were ten bodyguards in two Lexus SUVs, one in front of the other to protect Yukihiko Itoh's car, and the three vehicles formed a convoy, driving to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    In the car, Ito Yuhiko's look was excited, he had analyzed Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's recent financial reports and market sales in the past two years, and felt that the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was very bright, and that it was definitely the best time to enter the stock now.

    So, in his opinion, a $4.5 billion stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was like planting a large piece of gold in a magic field, and the future harvest would be at least another $15 billion or more!

    Fifteen billion dollars, converted to yen, over one and a half trillion dollars, converted to yuan, over one hundred billion dollars!

    No one could hold back the excitement of such a large fortune.

    Ito Yuhiko sighed in excitement and lamented, "I don't know what happened to Kobayashi Jiro, how did a good living man just disappear?"

    Koichi Tanaka was also puzzled and said, "Before Missy participated in the final, Jiro Kobayashi came to pay his respects and said that he must go to Missy's match and looked forward to presenting Missy with an award after the final."

    "But Jiro Kobayashi didn't show up on the day of the final, he was originally the guest of honor for the final, but he was absent for no reason, so the organizers asked someone else to present the award at short notice"

    "I've been feeling a bit baffled by this, but it's reasonable to assume that Kobayashi Jiro has a soft spot for Missy, and there's no way he'd miss the finals."

    Yuuhiko Ito sighed, "I was hoping to recruit him as a son-in-law, but he disappeared"

    Afterwards, with a bit of desolation on his face, he said, "Cabbage is not in good shape right now either, so I don't know when or how long it will take to recover as well"

    Tanaka Koichi hurriedly said, "Chairman-sama, I've asked someone to help contact an American expert to see if we can invite an American expert to come over and give Missy a consultation."

    "Mm."Yuuhiko Ito nodded seriously, "Make sure to invite the best experts in the world over, even if it costs more money than you can afford!"

    Koichi Tanaka asked again, "Chairman-sama, what about Yamamoto Kazuki-san?The doctors in Tokyo can't do anything about his injuries, so should we bring in a specialist from America to take a look at him?"

    Ito Yuuhiko waved his hand in disgust, "Forget it, an invalid isn't worth putting too much effort into him, if he had some real skills, Cabbage wouldn't have been so badly injured!"

    Tanaka Koichi was busy saying, "Chairman-sama, I can't really blame Yamamoto-san for this, it's mainly because that opponent's coach, Missy, is just too powerful"

    "Powerful?"Ito Yuuhiko snorted and said disdainfully, "Tanaka, you may have some kind of misunderstanding about the word powerful!Let me tell you, what is truly powerful is not karate at all, but our Japanese ninjutsu and yin-yang techniques, which are the real great karate, and Yamamoto Kazuki's kind of karate is nothing more than a common man's fake and flowery style!"

    Koichi Tanaka asked in surprise, "Lord President, do ninjutsu and yin-yang techniques really exist?"

    Ito Yuhiko said indifferently, "Tanaka, ninjutsu and yin-yang are both national arts of our great Japan, especially ninjutsu, even westerners are obsessed with it, why do you still question it?"

    Tanaka Koichi said awkwardly, "Chairman-sama, I have been to Iga City, the hometown of ninjutsu, a few times before, and have seen a few ninjutsu performances there, and I always felt that ninjutsu is a bit like a combination of acrobatics and magic, with no real meaning."

    Ito Yuuhiko grinned and said with a bit of sarcasm, "You, that is that frog in the well, I tell you, real ninjutsu is just like what is said in the legends, except that there are very few real ninjutsu nowadays, most of them are, like nuclear weapons, no clan will voluntarily expose them!"

    Saying that, he smiled coldly and spoke, "Some time ago, the Sixth Generation of the Yakuza died violently and inexplicably in his own heavily guarded Hokkaido hot spring palace, you know about this, right?"

    Koichi Tanaka immediately nodded, "Almost everyone in Japan knows about this, it was reported on TV that he died of a brain hemorrhage."

    "Cerebral hemorrhage?"Ito Yuuhiko snorted, "It's just the outside world believing what they say, but in fact, he died at the hands of a ninjutsu master!"


At this moment, Tanaka Koichi felt like his worldview had been turned upside down..pinsuge.

    It was a bit too legendary that the famous Yamaguchi Group's Sixth Generation Eye had died at the hands of a ninjutsu master.

    However, he didn't dare to have any doubts about Ito Yuuhiko's words.

    Because he knew Ito Yuuhiko's character well, this man never said anything he wasn't sure of.

    If he did, then it must be that he had some kind of special way to make sure that the truth was indeed as he said.

    Even, Tanaka Koichi suspected that there might be ninjutsu experts sitting within the Ito family as well.

    However, he was wise enough not to ask more questions.

    It was because he knew that there were some questions that he should not ask and some things that he should not know.

    As the assistant of the Ito family and the henchman of Ito Yuuhiko, all he had to do was to serve Ito Yuuhiko well, and not say a word about what he should ask or what he shouldn't ask.

    So, he said to Ito Yuuhiko very respectfully, "It's my humble self, I didn't expect the legendary ninjutsu master to actually exist"

    Yuuhiko Ito nodded lightly and sighed, "It's a pity that the master of ninjutsu is good at killing people and not at healing them, otherwise, Cabbage wouldn't have to suffer so much."

    Saying that, he sighed and waved his hand again, "Let's not talk about that, after we arrive at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical later and sign this contract, it can be considered to be the end of one of my matters, tomorrow you will come with me to Kyoto, I have to put down my affairs and return to Kyoto to accompany Cabbage for a few days."


    At this time, Ye Chen was still on his way to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    The airport was still a bit far from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical after all, not as convenient as Ito Yuhiko.

    Therefore, Ito Yuhiko's group, one step ahead of Ye Chen, arrived at the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    In the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's executive conference room, Kobayashi Justice had already instructed everyone to never mention anything about the Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, and to get the Ito family's money first.

    If the Ito family invests and then finds that Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion has risen from the ranks, then the Kobayashi family should also be unified, ask and say they don't know, and leave the relationship clean, lest the Ito family come to accountability.

    In the end, it's all about pretending to be a fool to trap the Ito family.

    Ito Yuhiko who knows this, when he stepped into the conference room, the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals management all stood up and applauded, one by one to him incomparably respectful, so that he suddenly felt great respect for his face.

    Justice Kobayashi even simply gave up the chairman's seat in the conference room and said to Yuuhiko Ito, "Chairman Ito, please take a seat!"

    Ito Yuuhiko nodded in satisfaction and sat down on the chair, smiling and saying, "I've always wanted to come and visit you all, but I've never had a suitable opportunity to do so, and meeting you all here today, you are truly all talented, truly worthy of being the pillars of Japan!"

    The crowd was also filled with joy to see that Yukihiko Ito gave everyone such high praise, and the look on his face at this point was also completely like looking at a loose child.


At this time, Yuhiko Ito said, "I have always been very optimistic about Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and am very willing to support Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to go further, so I came here today to sign the investment agreement with you, and I don't think you all have any more opinions about my investment intentions, right?"

    Justice Kobayashi hastily and respectfully said, "President Unification, don't worry, we had already reached an agreement before you arrived, and we are all very welcome to invest in our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical..8wav."

    Yuuhiko Ito nodded to prevent the night from getting too long, so he spoke directly, "How about this, I've had a lot going on lately, and I'm getting ready to leave Tokyo tomorrow, so let's simply sign the contract now, and if it's okay, I'll immediately inform the finance to make a payment."

    Justice Kobayashi got out of his mouth, "No problem!Absolutely no problem, we can sign right away!"

    Ito Yuhiko immediately said to Koichi Tanaka, who was beside him, "Tanaka, take the contracts out for you all to go over."

    Koichi Tanaka immediately pulled out several contracts and distributed them, introducing them, "Gentlemen, the details of the investment have been written in the contract, this investment we have valued Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at $15 billion, and we are prepared to invest $4.5 billion in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, holding 30, if you have no comments, we can sign the contract now, and immediately after the signing is complete!Arrange a financial hit."

    After receiving the contract and carefully reading it over, and finding that there were no hidden clauses or risks, the crowd looked to Justice Kobayashi to come right out and sign the contract.

    Justice Kobayashi also wanted to settle this matter quickly, so he immediately signed his name to the contract with a big wave of his hand in the name of the acting president.

    The contract was signed, and Yukihiko Ito also immediately informed the finances that $4.5 billion would be deposited into Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's account.

    All that was left was for the board members of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to submit an application to the business administration in Tokyo to officially change the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 30 to the Ito family name.

    After hearing that $4.5 billion had been deposited into the account, Masayoshi Kobayashi was thrilled beyond words and shook Yuhiko Ito's hand with both hands, "Mr. Ito, you will be a shareholder of our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical from now on!"

    Ito Yuhiko laughed and said, "Don't worry, I won't interfere with your daily operations, you just have to do well and strive to become the world's top pharmaceutical company, and we'll all get rich together!"

    Justice Kobayashi hurriedly said to the executives around him, "Come, let's all applaud and welcome Mr. Ito to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's shares!"

    One by one, the crowd laughed and applauded.

    Just at this time, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open, and Ye Chen walked in first with a grim face, saying in a cold voice, "What's all the chattering and bickering about?"

    Everyone was suddenly looking at Ye Chen, and everyone was stunned.How come I've never seen it before?What are you doing here?

    Ito Yuuhiko didn't expect someone to come in and stir the pot at this point and snorted.Is this a place for you to trespass?"

    Ye Chen looked at him and said indifferently, "Old man, I'm the major shareholder of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, do you think I can break in?"

    "Joke!"Justice Kobayashi said coldly, "You're not even from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so what makes you a major shareholder?"

    At that moment, Tanaka Hiroshi turned around and recognized Ye Chen, exclaiming in alarm, "Mr. Ye, what are you doing here?"

    Ye Chen saw that he was also here and snorted, "Tanaka, you really are a bit of a ghoul, how come I run into you everywhere?"

    Yuuhiko Ito hurriedly questioned Koichi Tanaka, "Tanaka, you know him?!"

    Koichi Tanaka hurriedly walked up to Yuuhiko Ito and whispered, "Chairman-sama, this is the Yatsuhashi who abolished Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki"


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