Secret Identity 1641-1650


Chapter 1641

Qian Hongyan followed the Xiao family into the dining room with her resentment towards Old Mrs. Xiao.

    Old Mrs. Xiao sat down directly on the main seat of the table, took a look at the food prepared by Qian Hongyan, and said with a discontented frown, "Why is it all home-cooked food?Not a single hard dish, and I wonder if I'm old enough to need a refresher?"

    Qian Hongyan said with some grievance, "Mom, you can't blame me for this, that family's money is all yours, I only have a few hundred yuan in total, how can I afford to buy any big fish and meat."

    Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "Just know how to find excuses, a few hundred dollars you can at least buy a chicken stew, right?A free-range chicken is only a hundred or so dollars, can't you afford it?"

    Qian Hongyan was furious and said, "Mom, five people in the family eat and you don't give me living expenses, I'm just a clever housewife who can't cook without rice, at least there's pork in this meal today, so I may not even be able to eat meat in the next meal."

    Old Mrs. Xiao stared at her, "Living expenses are no problem, but you have to reimburse me, from now on you will buy food from a regular supermarket and come to me with a small ticket for reimbursement."

    Qian Hongyan knew that the old lady was really afraid that she would be pocketing money.

    The thought that she might have to reconcile and reimburse the old lady for a few hundred dollars of grocery money every day made Qian Hongyan feel a little disgusted.

    But she didn't show it, just said in passing, "Okay, since you don't mind the trouble, Mom, then we'll reconcile the accounts once a day from now on."

    Old Mrs. Xiao scoffed and laughed, "I don't mind the trouble, old lady I'm very energetic."

    Qian Hongyan wisely didn't take her words and picked up the bowl and took two bites.

    Next to her, Xiao Weiwei fiddled with her phone while taking small bites, then said to Old Madam Xiao, "Grandmother, can I apply for an image fee from you?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao frowned and asked, "What image fee?"

    Xiao Weiwei sold her good boyishness and said, "Grandmother, you see, I'm also the commercial director of our Xiao Group now, this commercial director is usually specializing in external affairs, after going out, it represents the image of our company, so my dressing and even cosmetics and skin care products have to be in line with our company's positioning ah."

    Old Mrs. Xiao took a glance at her and said, "Don't talk to me here, just say what you want."

    Xiao Weiwei said, "Grandmother, I would like to apply for 100,000 yuan to buy a bag, a new dress, and some cosmetics, skin care products, and so on."

    "One hundred thousand?!"Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "Do you really think that our money came from a gale?"

    Xiao Weiwei said with some grievance, "Grandmother, didn't he give us tens of millions of dollars, and the company's accounts are quite full of funds, 100,000 is nothing to us!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao said angrily, "It's nothing?Let me tell you, money is because you always think that $100,000 is nothing, $200,000 is nothing, or even $1 million is nothing, and that's why you're losing the Shaw Group little by little!So from now on, we must grasp this opportunity to be reborn from the fire and never make any of the mistakes we've made before!"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's products and services, and then you can see that they're not just for you, but also for you.Wouldn't it be a joke."

    Old Mrs. Xiao waved her hand somewhat impatiently, "Okay, don't come with me this set, the problem of the bag is easy to solve, just buy a fake Hermes, isn't it quite respectable to carry out?"


"What kind of face is there ......"Xiao Weiwei was anxious and choked out, "I'm the commercial director of the Xiao Group no matter what, going out to be a fake Hermes, what a shame if I'm recognized!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao sneered and said, "You know nothing!These days, if you're of noble status, you can carry a fake bag and it's real in the eyes of others; but if you're of humble status, even if you carry a real bag, it's still a fake in the eyes of others!Now that the Xiao Group has been reborn as a phoenix and reborn as a fire, your commercial director will naturally carry a lot of monetary value in the eyes of outsiders, and no one will think you're a fake even if you carry a fake bag!"

    Xiao Weiwei was depressed, "Grandmother, even if you don't see it, even if you don't see it as I'm the commercial director of the Xiao Group, even if you see it as I'm your granddaughter, giving me 100,000 is not too much, right?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "Don't come this way, just ten thousand dollars, you want it, don't pull it down!"

    Xiao Weiwei was so depressed, but when she thought about the fact that 10,000 yuan would be nothing if she didn't want it, she wouldn't have a single cent.

    So she then had to nod her head and said grievously, "Alright, 10,000 is 10,000 ......"

    Old Mrs. Xiao cleared her throat and said seriously, "I'm telling you, this time, we must bring back the glory of the Xiao Clan!It's even going to take the Xiao Clan to another level, so all of you give me a 12-point spirit, absolutely no hedonistic thinking will be allowed to exist, otherwise, even if you are my own son or grandson, you have to get out!Do you understand?"

    Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong, and Xiao Weiwei all knew very well in their hearts that the old lady's words were meant for them to hear.

    Although depressed, everyone didn't dare to show any opposition, and could only nod their heads in an angry manner and say in unison, "I understand ......".

    Only then was Old Mrs. Xiao considered satisfied and waved her hand, "Okay, hurry up and eat, we still have to go to the company to continue working in the afternoon."

    The crowd was helpless at the moment, and could only honestly bow their heads and eat.

    At this moment, Xiao Weiwei was fiddling with her WeChat circle of friends, and suddenly saw the one sent by Ma Lan, and was livid with anger.

    Her heart surged with indignation, "That shrew Ma Lan has a bunch of Hermes, I want to buy one, but grandmother doesn't even agree to it, and even told me to go buy a fake Hermes, if I really go buy a fake Hermes, if Ma Lan comes across it, I'll have to let her damage it to death!"

    The more she thought about it, the more angry she became, why would Ma Lan use something so expensive when she was so old?

    I'm still young and beautiful, so why can't I even compare to Lan Ma?

    Thinking of this, she said aggrievedly, "Grandma!You see!Even that shrew Ma Lan uses a real Hermes, why can't I use a real one?!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao snatched the phone from her hand, took a look at it, and said angrily, "Damn Ma Lan, all you do is show off all day long!"

    Xiao Changqian also took a look at the phone and found that one of the photos was a selfie of Ma Lan carrying her bag, so he said coldly, "This bitch's leg looks like it's having a cast removed!It won't take more than a few days and it's probably going to come out hopping again!"

    Xiao Hailong hated it when he thought of Ma Lan, and hurriedly asked him, "Dad, didn't you say before that you were going to fix her in a wave?When are you going to do it?I've been wanting to teach that bitch a fucking lesson for a long time!"

    "Don't worry."Xiao Changkun snorted, "Before she broke her leg and stayed at home all day, we can't rush into her house and fix her, right?Then we'll have to get ourselves involved, won't we?Since her leg is already out of the cast, she'll definitely be out bouncing around, and when the time comes, we'll seize the opportunity to fix her up!"


Xiao Chang Qian still held a grudge against Ma Lan to this day.

    Because, Ma Lan had never put away the twenty green hats she had hung on her terrace.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.

    kelihui Xiao Changqian every day in and out of Tangchen one, have to pass through Ye Chen house, so will see the more than thirty windy green hat, every time he is angry enough.

    Moreover, when he thought of Ma Lan's mockery of himself, he hated Ma Lan even more.

    Before, he had always wanted to find a chance to clean up Ma Lan, and by the way, to give Ye Chen's family some clogs and make Wu Donghai as satisfied as possible, but Ma Lan had a cast on her leg and stayed at home most of the time, so he had no chance to do it.

    Now that Ma Lan's cast is removed, I'm sure she'll soon come out to make a fool of herself, and as long as she goes out frequently, she'll have plenty of opportunities to deal with her.

    The last time I was in the detention center, I should have broken both her legs to relieve my hatred.

    Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, hurriedly said, "Grandmother, then this time we can find a chance to break both her legs!"

    "Yes Grandma!"Xiao Hailong also got excited and took off, "Break both her legs, I've been looking at her for a long time!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao looked towards Xiao Chang Qian and spoke "Chang Qian, Ma Lan has been insulting you and humiliating the entire Xiao family, you should really plan and plan well and give this shrew a little bit of a show."

    Xiao Chang Qian nodded his head repeatedly "Mom!Don't worry!I definitely won't let this bitch go!"

    After having lunch at home, Ye Chen called Hongwu to drive over and pick him up to go to the dog farm.

    He planned to head to Japan tomorrow and quickly set up all the Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    To get Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, the help of the two brothers, Ichiro Kobayashi and Jiro Kobayashi, was indispensable.

    In Hongwu's car, Ye Chen asked him "How are Ichiro Kobayashi and Jiro Kobayashi, doing at the dog farm recently?"


    12345qd Hongwu hehehe smile "back to Master Ye, the two brothers in the dog farm performance quite good, are very hard working, also do not dare to go around pretending, honest like quail, but the two can not meet, just like two dogs with a grudge, a meeting has to pinch up, I now assigned the two to different areas, try to avoid the two meet."

    Ye Chen nodded lightly, there was naturally a deep hatred between Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro.

    Especially Kobayashi Ichiro, he was already miserable enough when he was trapped by Ye Chen and even his own father was poisoned to death, but he didn't expect his own brother to fall into the trap and label him with a charge of poisoning his biological father and spending a heavy reward for his head.

    It could be said that he would never forgive Kobayashi Jiro until the day he died.

    Kobayashi Jiro actually hated his own brother as well.

    Because Ye Chen had made it very clear last time, only one of the two brothers could return to Japan with him, and the remaining one had to stay at the dog farm and work for the rest of his life.

    And Ye Chen himself was inclined to take his brother Kobayashi Ichiro back, so he was hoping every day that something would happen to his own brother, preferably just die violently, in which case he would be Ye Chen's only candidate.


After returning to Japan with Ye Chen, I'm sure I'll have to give him all 90 shares, but it's better than staying and working at the dog

    yeshibiji After Ye Chen arrived at the dog farm, he instructed Hongwu, "Bring both Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro over here."

    "Okay Master Ye!"

    Hong Wu immediately ordered down, and soon a few of his men were escorting the brothers Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro, who were each dressed in overalls, over.

    As soon as they met at the door, Kobayashi Ichiro took advantage of the situation and rushed over and kicked Kobayashi Jiro, kicking him out and cursing "You bastard, how dare you appear in front of me!".

    Kobayashi Jiro was kicked to the ground and hurriedly climbed up to come over and wrestle with him, shouting angrily, "I'll have to kill you, you dog bastard!"

    Kobayashi Ichiro was not to be outdone "Come on, let's see who kills who!I'll hammer your head off with my fist!"

    Hongwu's men hurriedly separated the two, and at the same time deadly control of the two, one of them shouted in anger "What the fuck tuzur?Behave yourselves!Otherwise, there will be something for you two to see later."

    The two of them suddenly didn't dare to make a faux pas and were brought into the room one after the other.

    Ye Chen sat on the Imperial Master's chair, sizing up the pair of brothers with great interest, and said with a smile, "Two, how are you doing these days?"

    As soon as they saw Ye Chen, they both kneeled in front of him in unison, and Kobayashi Ichiro said excitedly "Mr. Ye, you've finally come!I've been waiting for you to come back these days, so I can follow you to Japan and cede all 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to you!"

    Kobayashi Jiro said in a panic "Mr. Ye, don't believe this bastard, he was born with a rebellious bone, he's not a good person at all!You choose me!If you take me back to Japan, I'll give you all 95 shares of Kobayashi Pharma!"

    Kobayashi Ichiro went mad and took off cursing "Jiro, you bastard who murdered your own brother, how dare you iifi still say that I was born with an anti-bone?!"

    Kobayashi Jiro ignored him and looked to Ye Chen and begged "Mr. Ye, I don't ask for anything else, just leave me two points of shares and I'll give you the remaining 98, please, take me back to Japan"

    Next to him, Kobayashi Ichiro gritted his teeth "Mr. Ye, if you take me back, 99 shares will be given to you!!!"

    Kobayashi Jiro collapsed and shouted "Mr. Ye, I'll give it all to you!All you have to do is leave me some real estate and pay me a salary!"

    Ye Chen looked at the brothers with interest as they fought over each other, and smiled faintly "OK, don't chatter here, I, Ye Chen, have always kept my word, last time I promised Kobayashi Ichiro to take him back, he gave me 90 shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so naturally I won't break my word."

    Saying that, he looked at Kobayashi Ichiro who looked ecstatic and said, "Ichiro ah, you get ready, we'll leave in the next two days recently."

    Kobayashi Ichiro was trembling with excitement and immediately kowtowed to Ye Chen three times in a row, saying excitedly, "Thank you Mr. Ye, thank you Mr. Ye!"

    Kobayashi Jiro almost broke down and cried out, "Mr. Ye, please take me back, I'll do anything you want me to do."

    Ye Chen said indifferently "Okay Jiro, you, just stay here honestly, here you have your food, your drink, your shelter, you don't have to worry about anything, if your brother doesn't obey, I will naturally send him back and replace you out."

    Kobayashi Jiro's entire body fell into despair, how long was this going to take until monkeys!

    Kobayashi Ichiro on the side, however, seemed to have been given a new lease on life and asked Ye Chen with great excitement "Mr. Ye, when exactly are we leaving?"

    Ye Chen waved a big hand "Tomorrow!"


Kobayashi Ichiro was excited when he heard that Ye Chen would be taking himself back to Japan tomorrow, but then, he felt a bit nervous..ajaig.

    He looked towards Ye Chen and asked in a low voice "Mr. Ye, how can I convince the public if I go back to Japan in this state?Everyone thought I had killed my father, and also that I was dead, and I was afraid that it would be hard for me to go back suddenly at this time and inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in a logical manner"

    Ye Chen said smilingly "Isn't this a small matter?"

    After saying that, immediately beckoned to Hongwu "Hongwu, arrange for someone to prepare a camera, give Kobayashi Jiro to shoot an admission of guilt video, so that he himself admitted that it was he who poisoned his father to death, and then offered a heavy reward for his brother's head, in order to achieve the purpose of exclusive use of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical."

    As soon as Kobayashi Jiro heard this, his entire body felt as if the sky had fallen, and he wailed, "Mr. Ye, you can't do that!Didn't you say that if my brother doesn't perform well, you'll take me back?If you make me confess now, how will I ever go back?"

    Ye Chen coldly said "What's this afraid of, you two brothers will each record a video of taking the blame and admitting your guilt later, your brother will take the blame; if you take the blame, let your brother yzzhy brother take the blame, isn't this perfect?"

    Kobayashi Jycfyro and Kobayashi Ichirou were both filled with despair, wouldn't this really be a death sentence for Ye Chen to eat?

    However, they also knew very well that their life and death lives were now in Ye Chen's hands, and if they really confronted him, they would probably suffer a catastrophe.

    So they could only honestly nod their heads and do as they were told, and were taken to the empty room next door to shoot the video by someone arranged by Hongwu.

    Ye Chen called Han Meiqing's son Paul at this time, and when he came up, he asked him "Paul, do you have time these days?"

    Paul was busy, "What do you want, Mr. Yap?"

    Ye Chen said "That's the thing I told you about before, accompany me to Japan to solve the issue of transferring the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and finish the relevant legal procedures."

    "No problem!"Paul immediately said, "When exactly do we leave?I'll arrange the matter at hand and then I can go over with you."

    Ye Chen smiled and said "Tomorrow, we'll leave early and return early."

    "Ok." said Paul "I'll book the tickets then, who are all together?"

    Ye Chen casually said, "You don't need to book the tickets, I'll say hello to Richard Chen and ask him to arrange a private jet."


    Then, Ye Chen hung up the phone and called Chen Zekai again.

    The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.

    At the same time, he said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, you are going to Japan this time, you are not familiar with life, why don't I accompany you, I also have some friendship with many Japanese companies and families, in case there is anything you need, I can also help you to facilitate."

    Ever since he came back from executing the Eight Heavenly Kings at Changbai Mountain, Chen Zhai Kai had been devoted to following Ye Chen, and in his heart, he had worshipped Ye Chen as his only master, and Ye Chen could see that this man was now 100% trustworthy and completely under his control, and since he wanted to follow, he had no problem with it.

    So, Ye Chen said to him, "Let's say, you arrange for a plane and two or three of your best men to go over together then."

    Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Hong Wu and asked him "Hong Wu, do you have anything in the last few days?If you don't have anything, come with me to Japan, too."


Hong Wu immediately nodded and said, "No problem Master Ye!Hongwuqq1986 everything at your command!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said to Richard Chen, "Old Chen, Hongwu is with us, as well as Paul from Smith & Associates and Ichiro Kobayashi from the Kobayashi family, you tell the crew to get ready..588novel."

    "Okay young master!I'll arrange it!"

    At this time, the two brothers, Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro, also recorded their respective backstabbing videos.

    After that, they were escorted back by Hongwu's men.

    Ye Chen looked at the two of them and said indifferently "Kobayashi Ichiro, you have a good rest today, tomorrow Hongwu will take you with him to the airport, but I warned you in advance, be careful on this journey, don't feel like going back to your home turf in Japan, if you dare to be disobedient in any way, I will definitely not spare you."

    Kobayashi Ichiro nodded his head as if pounding garlic "Don't worry Mr. Ye, I won't disobey you even if I die."

    Ye Chen hmmmed and looked at Kobayashi Jiro again and said indifferently "Kobayashi Jiro, just stay here honestly, Hongwu's men will make sure that you eat and drink well, and you can spend the rest of your time besides working praying that something happens to this big brother of yours or that you stir up some trouble so that you have a chance to go back to Japan."

    Kobayashi Ichiro was frightened and hurriedly waved his hand "Mr. Ye, you can put your mind at ease, I will never cause any trouble, Jiro, the son of a bitch, will never have a chance to leave this dog farm in his life!"

    Kobayashi Jiro gritted his teeth in anger.

    However, right now Kobayashi Ichiro had become Ye Chen's first choice, so he could only be an honest spare tire.

    What was a spare tire?

    If the tire being used doesn't have a problem, leak, or blowout, the spare tire will never have a chance to be employed.

    Thinking of this, the hatred for the big brother in his heart was even deeper in the marrow.

    If there weren't so many people here, he wouldn't have wanted to rush up right now and strangle this big brother to death with his arms!

    Ye Chen was very satisfied when he saw that the brothers were hostile and jealous of each other.

    This was the effect he wanted, for them to deter and check each other.

    In this way, none of them dared to make trouble with themselves, and they could only honestly allow themselves to be manipulated and be self88 selfish puppets.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen stood up and said to Hong Wu, "Hong Wu, starting tomorrow, strengthen the security of the dog farm, be sure to keep Kobayashi Jiro under good care, no mistakes!"

    Hong Wu immediately nodded and said, "Master Ye, you put a million hearts in your heart, I already have more than twenty guards here, and dozens of the most vicious purebred hounds, a dog bite, also gnawed away that small body of Kobayashi sub dnsahro, tomorrow I'll transfer ten more men over and surround the place into an iron barrel, absolutely nothing will go wrong!"

    Ye Chen smiled "Good, your style of doing things is getting more and more to my liking, but you also have to pay attention, if he doesn't listen and you really let the dog bite, don't let the dog bite to death, good rascal to keep him alive."

    Hongwu looked to Kobayashi Jiro and smiled eerily "If this kid dares to run, I'll let my snow mastiff bite that thing of his first when the time comes!"


Kobayashi Pharma is based in Japan and has several manufacturing facilities..x.

    It is headquartered in Tokyo and apart from Tokyo, there are also Kobayashi Pharma production lines in several cities like Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya.

    In addition to that, some time ago, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical also invested a large sum of money to establish the largest biopharmaceutical production base in Asia in Osaka.

    Ye Chen went to Japan this time, in addition to first getting the share transfer agreement with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical done and completing the share change transfer, he also had to bring Wei Liang of Wei's Pharmaceutical to visit these production bases.

    Wei Liang was now the general manager of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical and the specific person in charge of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, and after Ye Chen took over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, the entire production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would have to be managed by him for the time being.

    In the future, if the time was ripe, he could ask Tang Sihai to come over and take over Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, and then ask Wei Liang to focus his energy on the domestic market and continue to expand Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical's scale in the country.

    Therefore, Ye Chen set up a travel plan with Chen Zekai.

    The group of them, tomorrow morning, would fly from Jinling to Tokyo first, and Richard Chen would contact his men in Tokyo to do a good job of meeting them there, and would then arrange a motorcade to accompany them throughout the trip.

    After getting things settled in Tokyo, they would drive west from Tokyo to Yokohama.

    Yokohama is near Tokyo, which is not that far away, and is less than a hundred kilometers by car.

    Then, drive from Yokohama to Nagoya and finally to Osaka.

    Once the Osaka expedition is complete, you can take a flight directly from Osaka back to Jinling.

    The reason for driving through these cities is that Japan is a small country and these cities are not that far apart.

    From Tokyo all the way to Osaka, steelsbook is just more than five hundred kilometers away, the plane can arrive in less than an hour, not to mention the middle of the two dahuawuliu cities to go to Yokohama and Nagoya, taking a plane instead of tossing, far less convenient than driving a car.

    Ye Chen studied the map of the Japanese zsttc book and discovered a small detail, the highway from Nagoya to Osaka in Japan, which happened to pass through Kyoto.

    And Itoh Naija, who had been seriously injured and was recuperating, was in Kyoto.

    Ye Chen's heart could not help but swell with a thought must go to Kyoto to meet her!

    In the dinner table, Ye Chen said straight to his family that he will go to Japan tomorrow.

    As soon as I heard that Ye Chen would be leaving tomorrow, Xiao Churan said with some reluctance "I just got back today, and I'm leaving tomorrow, I haven't been there for 24 hours before and after."

    "Yes!"Xiao Changkun also couldn't help but say "Good son-in-law, making money is important, but your body is even more important, you're always running back and forth non-stop, and your body can't take it."

    The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and how to get rid of the problem.

    After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen with a flattering face and complimented him "Look at our Ye Chen, how enterprising he is!It's many times stronger than you!"

    Xiao Changkun snorted "You're a human again now?You used to chase after people and Ye Chen called them trash, didn't you?Wasn't it you who used to chase after your daughter to get her to divorce Ye Chen?"

    Ma Lan's expression was a little unnatural, and she said in a rush, "Xiao Changkun, don't you dare start a rift here!It was certainly wrong of me before, but I know I can change!"

    After saying that, he quickly smiled and said to Ye Chen, "Good son-in-law, how many days are you going to Japan this time?"

    Ye Chen said, "Three to five days if it's fast, a week if it's slow."


Xiao Churan couldn't help but mutter, "Huh?So long?!"

    Ye Chen smiled "This is not to go abroad, life is unfamiliar, things are certainly not as convenient as in the country, in case you really want to help others to change the feng shui, those raw materials are probably not, so easy in the country, so the time cycle may be a little longer..wanmeicoin."

    Xiao Churan's heart was somewhat listless.

    The few days that Ye Chen went to Yanjing, she fell asleep thinking about him every night, and now it was hard to expect him back, but she didn't expect him to leave again, and it would be several days.

    Ma Lan couldn't help but ask at this point "Good son-in-law ah, you went to Japan to read feng shui for someone this time, how much did they pay you?"

    Ye Chen casually replied, "Two or three million."

    "Ouch!So much!"Ma Lan clapped her hands in happiness, then gave a thumbs up and complimented, "My son-in-law is awesome!A casual feng shui reading can make two or three million dollars!"

    After saying that, quickly compensate with a smile, "good son-in-law, I heard that Japan's medicinal cosmetics, make-up, skin care, ah, what, the quality and efficacy can be good, you don't forget to buy some gifts for mom back ah!

    Xiao Changkun couldn't stand it anymore and blurted out, "Ma Lan, are you finished?Ye Chen has bought you a bunch of Hermes and you're still asking for gifts?You're not greedy enough to swallow an elephant!"

    "Mind your own business!"Ma Lan took a look at Xiao Changkun and said angrily, "I'm asking for my girl's needs, not yours, what are you whining about?Who didn't pull up their pants properly and showed you?"

    When Xiao Changkun heard this, his cheeks reddened and he trembled with anger!

    "Showing yourself without your pants up?Isn't that comparing yourself to that thing?"

    "This bitch is too damaging with that damn mouth!I want to smack her with a big mouth!"

    However, Xiao Changkun also only dared to think in his heart, if he really did it with Ma Lan, then he would be annoyed later on.

    So, he immediately looked at Xiao Churan and confessed, "Churan, look at your mother, what a dog's mouth can't spit out ivory, what qualities are these ah this!"

    Xiao Churan was also somewhat unable to listen and couldn't help but say, "Mom, can't you be a little more civilized."

    "Fine fine."Ma Lan waved her hand indifferently "I'll be more civilized, I won't get along with this old thing."

    On the side, Ye Chen shook his head and smiled, and didn't take it to heart, he was also already used to the fighting between these two, if these two don't strangle each other someday, it's not quite right.

    After dinner, Ye Chen ysjzs and Xiao Churan went back to the second floor bedroom.

    As usual, the couple finished taking a shower one after the other, and then they lay down on the bed one after the other.

    Since the previous level up, Ye Chen hadn't gone further with Xiao Churan, but Ye Chen wasn't in too much of a hurry, not to mention that there had been a lot going on lately and his heart was always troubled by the sight of several other women.

    As soon as he thought of going to Japan tomorrow, in his mind, ybfenqi couldn't help but to float the face of Itachi Cuisinart and how she looked when she was injured in the ring.

    Ye Chen's heart was a little confused as to why he was thinking of Ito Naija-chan, a Japanese woman.

    It seemed that he was attracted by her dual personality of being gentle as water and being tough and untainted, right?

    While thinking nonsensically, Ye Chen suddenly felt that Xiao Churan's body beside him was moving.

    I thought that Xiao Churan was just turning over normally, but I didn't expect that she lifted a corner of Ye Chen's blanket and got into his blanket!


Xiao Choran got into Ye Chen's blanket and gently hugged his waist..s.

    At this moment, she felt an unprecedented sense of security.

    After being together with Ye Chen for so long, this was the first time she held Ye Chen like this, and although she felt safe, she was still breathing nervously inside.

    Ye Chen, who had been thinking about things, was shocked by Xiao Choran's movements.

    When he turned his face around, Xiao Churan was also shocked by him.

    Xiao Churan's pretty face became hot and fidgeted and said "Honey, you i8aby you still haven't slept?"

    Ye Chen also panicked a bit and explained, "I fell asleep and woke up again."

    Afterwards, he couldn't help but ask "Honey, what are you doing in my den?"

    Xiao Choran said shyly "that I am I am I am"

    Xiao Choran stammered and muttered for half a day before she simply put her heart on the line and spoke up, "I just can't bear to let you go out of town again, so I want to hold you and sleep with you, is that okay?"

    Ye Chen's heart throbbed when he heard this, reaching out and hugging her in his arms, he said softly, "Silly girl, old haoboce male will be back in a few days."

    "Mm."Xiao Churan gently ambled into Ye Chen's arms and said with a smile "I find that it's really safe to sleep with you in my arms like this."

    Ye Chen smiled "Then will I be able to rise another level after that?How about we sleep under the same blanket from now on?"

    Xiao Choran was so shy that she whispered, "It's not impossible to raise a level, but it's only one level for now oh"

    According to Ye Chen's previous pattern, this was definitely the time to ask Xiao Churan when he would be able to level up fully.When would they be able to have a child, after all, even Marashi was supporting the two of them to have a child soon.

    Perhaps, he would be able to take care of the couple along with the water.

    However, because Ye Chen's head always unconsciously surfaced with the image of Itachi's vegetable in his mind, it always made him feel a little uncomfortable.

    That feeling, like a thorn piercing Ye Chen's heart, instantly made his entire body much calmer.

    So, he then gently hugged Xiao Churan and whispered, "It's fine, it's fine to go up a level, it's good to sleep with you in his arms."

    Now, it was Xiao Churan's turn to be surprised.

    She originally thought that Ye Chen would definitely come in a little soft and hard.

    However, no matter what, she did not expect that Ye Chen would accept it so easily.

    This made her heart, too, suddenly linger with a sense of loss.

    In fact, she already had deep feelings and dependence on Ye Chen after being together for such a long time.

    However, she was after all an uninvolved girl, and was more or less hesitant and worried about breaking through that layer of relationship.

    If Ye Chen is very proactive, he might just let his heart go and let him go.

    But Ye Chen was suddenly so calm, it really didn't occur to her RE.

    She really wanted to ask Ye Chen why he was acting so calm today, did he not like himself anymore?

    However, she soon felt that it was really hard for her to speak such words, so she could only hide them deeply in her heart.

    Soon, Ye Chen beside her let out even breathing sounds, Xiao Churan herself sighed in her heart and slowly fell asleep with a few losses.


The next morning, Ye Chen woke up very early

    In fact, he didn't sleep very well all night in Niuglish.

    For some reason, as long as he closed his eyes, he couldn't help but think of Itachi Niko.

    During this period of time, there were many women who appeared beside Ye Chen.

    Whether it was Song Wanting, or Qin Ao Xue, or Chen Xiao Zhao, Li Xiaofen and Gu Qiu Yi, although all of these women made him feel more or less heartbroken, none of them were like Ito Nectarine.

    Gu Qiu Yi had waited and searched for herself for so many years, and Ye Chen's heart did feel guilty, but after all, Gu Qiu Yi was born into a big family and was doted on by her parents a hundred times.

    After reaching adulthood, she became an internationally renowned star and was even more sought after and loved by countless people.

    Even without herself, she had led a wonderful, rich and happy life.

    But Cabbage was different.

    Although she was also born in a rich family and was also favored by her family, but that battle with Qin Ao Xue, she was indeed too badly injured.

    The double blow to her body and spirit from being injured that severely was definitely something that an ordinary girl could never experience in her lifetime.

    Moreover, Ye Chen could also imagine that although she was now out of danger, she must be suffering from injuries all the time, the feeling must be very painful.

    She, on the other hand, could have not had to fight this match.

    However, she had fought with everything she had in order to impress herself.

    Even, in the last match against Qin Ao Xue, she waited bitterly for a chance to win with one move, even if she was injured, in order to make herself notice her.

    Ye Chen was very clear in his heart, if it wasn't for himself, how could the vegetable be so badly injured?

    Because of this, Ye Chen's heart had always ached for her when she was injured.

    Ye Chen had also reflected on the fact that as a married man, he shouldn't feel sorry for other women, let alone a Japanese woman 168banjia.

    However, that kind of feeling was completely out of his control.

    Washing up, Ye Chen quietly left the bedroom without waking up Xiao Churan who was still sleeping xyney.

    At this time, Richard Chen had already brought his entourage with him and was waiting at the entrance of Tang Chen Yi.

    Ye Chen went downstairs and saw that Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were also not up, so he left a note, then quickly walked out of the house.

    The entrance of Thomson One.

    Several Rolls Royces were parked side by side, as soon as Ye Chen came out, Chen Zekai as well as his men all got out and bowed to him respectfully, saying in unison, "Mr. Ye!"

    Ye Chen nodded and got into the same car with Richard Chen.

    As soon as he got into the car, Richard Chen immediately said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, Paul, Wei Liang and the others are all going over by themselves, Hong Wu is taking Kobayashi Ichiro over from the dog farm, we just need to meet up with them at the airport, the plane and the crew are ready, we can leave anytime after the people arrive!"

    Ye Chen hmmm, the biggest difference between a private jet and a normal civilian flight was that the time was relatively free, as long as he applied for today's route, then he could theoretically depart at any time, and if he arrived early, he could take off early, and if he arrived late, he could take off late.

    His current subconscious mind had a thought that he should hurry to Tokyo to get things done, and then head all the way to Kyoto.

    For some reason, Itachi had become a spell on his mind, always surfacing and constantly tugging at his emotions.

    He felt that it was probably mainly because he had some sympathy for what happened to Itoh Cabbage, and that if he cured her, this demon would naturally be removed as well.

    Thus, he then somewhat impatiently said to Chen Zhaji, "Alright, time waits for no one, let's go quickly!"


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