Secret Identity 1631-1640


Chapter 1631

Ye Chen had already been somewhat numb to Dong Ruolin's unrestrained display of affection.

    So he only took it as Dong Ruolin joking with herself, so he changed the subject and asked him "Right, where did your cousin Kong Delong pedal his bicycle?"

    Dong Ruolin left her mouth in a sweeping manner, she also knew that Ye Chen had actually been dodging himself on emotional issues, so she had also gotten used to Ye Chen's attitude like this, seeing him change the subject, she also went along with him and said "I heard this morning that he had arrived in Jinhai, but I heard that he slept under the bridge cave at night and got a bit of a cold."

    Ye Chen smiled faintly and said "When he rides to Jinling, his physical fitness should be able to take a big step forward."

    Dong Ruolin lightly smiled "Actually, your punishment like this is also good for him, my cousin is usually arrogant and domineering, often causing trouble for the family, just haven't suffered any loss before, so not long memory, I believe that after this time, he will restrain some."

    Ye Chen nodded slightly "If it wasn't for your face, the birthday banquet, I would definitely have to let him swallow that emerald pendant, let him do another surgery to take it out, this szswk kind of person, forget the pain after he heals the scars, cut the scars open again he will only experience what it means to engrave his bones."

    Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen "Knowing that you let him go for my face, when my cousin arrives in Jinling, I'll bring him with me to treat you to dinner and let him toast you to make amends."

    Ye Chen waved his hand "Dinner and toast or whatever is fine, let him honestly reform in Jinling, if he behaves well, maybe let him go back beforehand, if he behaves badly, give him an extension at any time."

    Dong Ruolin pursed her lips and said, "You don't always have to be so harsh, in case we do get together in the future, but he's your brother-in-law, even though he's a cousin."

    Ye Chen shook his head helplessly "You've been doing this all day"

    "Hehe."Dong Jorin said with a smile "Who made me like you?I'm always ready anyway, so if you ever figure it out, feel free to call me!"

    Ye Chen ignored her this, looked up at the big screen on his own, and said "Hey, it seems like our flight has already started to let the first class LIANDANG88 and business class passengers board, let's go."

    Dong Ruorin hmmm, as she stood up to pack her luggage, she casually asked "Did you tell Choran that we are going back together today?"

    The first thing you need to do is to get your own personalized copy of the book.

    Dong Ruolin smilingly asked "Churan is not jealous, right?"

    "How's that for jealousy."Ye Chen said "She knows that I went to your grandmother's birthday banquet ah, I just told her that you happen to be coming back as well and that you helped me book the tickets."

    Dong Ruolin smiled and nodded "Then did you tell Choran that you gave my grandmother a fan worth tens of millions of dollars?"

    "No."Ye Chen said "You mustn't tell Churan about this, she doesn't know about my relationship with Chairman Gu."

    "I know lah."Dong Ruorin said seriously "Don't worry, I will definitely not tell her."

    Ye Chen put his mind at ease, and they boarded the plane together from the VIP boarding gate with priority.

    Their seats in the first class cabin were next to each other, Dong Ruolin chose a window seat, so Ye Chen sat next to her.

    After b2b2 boarded the plane, Xiao Churan called Ye Chen and asked with a smile, "Honey, did you get on the plane?"

    "On it."Ye Chen said "It'll take off in twenty minutes."

    Xiao Churan asked again "Ruo Lin is with you, right?"

    "Right."Ye Chen nodded his head "Sit next to me."

    Xiao Churan said "Then you have to take care of her."

    Ye Chen said helplessly "I'm not the one flying the plane, and it's the stewardesses who take care of everyone's food and drink along the way, so what can I take care of her."

    A side of Dong Ruo Lin deliberately leaned close to the phone, smiling and said "you can hold me when the plane encounters turbulence, so that I do not get thrown out".

    Xiao Churan thought Dong Ruorin was just joking, so she also smiled and said, "You should buckle your seat belt ah, or what if Ye Chen won't be able to hug you?"


Dong Ruo Lin smiled "I know!"

    Xiao Choran smiled and said, "It just so happens that I don't have anything to do today, so I'll drive to the airport to pick you up later."

    "Yeah!"Dong Ruo Lin smiled and said, "Then it's hard for my big beautiful girl to run!"

    Xiao Churan laughed "What's so polite to do with me still, besides it's not to pick up you alone, but also to pick up our family Ye Chen it."

    Dong Ruolin said "well well, you are to pick up your family Ye Chen, by the way to pick up me right?"

    Xiao Chu Ran smiled and said "Yes!"

    "Okay, okay."Dong Ruo Lin said helplessly "I'm already satisfied if I can pick me up by the way!"

    Xiao Choran said "Then I won't talk to you guys for now, I'll see you at the airport later."


    Two hours of flight, the plane landed smoothly at the Jinling Airport.

    Ye Chen and Dong Ruolin came out of the airport together, so kcbl saw Xiao Churan waiting here.

    A few days without seeing Xiao Churan, Ye Chen's heart was missing, seeing Xiao Churan wearing a long, slender coat, the whole person was pavilion-like and extraordinary.

    These few days, Xiao Churan also missed Ye Chen very much.

    After all, the two of them had never been apart for such a long period of time once they got married.

    Usually, living together every day was nothing, but it was only when one of them was not around that one could feel the discomfort and the feeling of constantly missing in their hearts.

    Seeing Ye Chen come out of the exit, Xiao Choran hurriedly took a few steps forward and gently hugged him.

    After hugging Ye Chen for a few seconds, before shyly going to hug Dong Ruorin again.

    Dong Ruorin was shocked at Xiao Churan's initiative to hug Ye Chen, and she realized that there seemed to be some subtle changes in the way she, her best friend, treated Ye Chen.

    But, what kind of change it was, she couldn't analyze it at once.

    Ye Chen also didn't expect that Xiao Churan would directly embrace herself in front of Dong Ruolin, and it was a good sign that his wife's feelings towards him seemed to have made some progress.

    After hugging lightly with Dong Ruorin, Xiao Churan realized that Ye Chen was carrying several Hermes shopping bags in his hands, and asked in surprise "Ye Chen, why did you buy so many Hermes things?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "I bought some gifts for you and your parents."

    Xiao Churan was busy "Oh my, why buy such an expensive brand ah, just buy some local specialties."

    Ye Chen smiled and said "It's not like making money, it's only natural to spend some for your family."

    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are doing.You bought her xiaoliedu such an expensive thing this time, next time her appetite will be even bigger."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "this time mainly to buy a limited edition bag for your wife, to buy for mom are used to match the ordinary style."

    Xiao Churan said with some heartache "Then you have to spend quite a lot of money this time it."

    Ye Chen smiled "You shouldn't always worry about the money here, it's easy to earn this money anyway, let's go home first and we'll talk in detail when we get home."


Leaving the airport, Ye Chen drove Xiao Churan's BMW and first sent Dong Ruorin back to the Shangri-La Hotel.

    On the way, Xiao Choran also wanted to invite Dong Ruo Lin to stay at his home again, Dong Ruo Lin said nothing and didn't agree.

    Although staying at Tomson One, can be closer to Ye Chen, but Dong Ruolin is also afraid of Ma Lan and Xiao Changkun, these two dry war is too subversive, and as an outsider, it is really awkward to watch from the side.

    Moreover, she always felt that there was a time bomb in the Xiao family.

    That time bomb is Xiao Changkun's first love, Han Meiqing.

    Ma Lan still didn't know about Han Meiqing's matter, which could cause a big trouble with Xiao Changkun, if she knew about this, she was afraid that she would have a direct firefight at home.

    Therefore, she felt that she'd better not go to Thomson One to look for a quarrel, and it would be good to stay at Shangri-La.

    Although a person living in a hotel is a little lonely, but the good thing is that there is absolute freedom, and unrestricted, even if the room is tossed even more messy, just go out in the morning and throw it there, after coming back will naturally clean, spotlessly clean.

    So, she was saying that she was not willing to go to Thomson One anymore.

    After sending Dong Ruolin, Ye Chen and Xiao Choran went home together, Xiao Choran asked with concern, "Ye Chen, did you give Miss Gu's house a good feng shui?"

    "Look out."Ye Chen smiled, "Their whole family is very satisfied and gave it a five-star rating."

    Xiao Churan put her mind at ease and said, "It's good that people are satisfied, then we can rest assured that we're earning this money."

    Saying that, she then asked Ye Chen, "You bought so many Hermes, you didn't spend less, right?"

    Ye Chen said truthfully, "It cost about a million in total, I guess."

    "Ah?A million?!"Xiao Churan felt a burst of dizziness, alarmed: "How are you so willing to spend money ah buy luxury on a million our family's annual living expenses can not use a million so much ah."

    Ye Chen smiled, "Luxury, it definitely costs more."

    Saying that, Ye Chen pulled over to the side of the road to park the car, and from the empty back seat, took the Hermes limited edition crocodile leather handbag he bought for Xiao Churan and handed it to Xiao Churan's bosom, saying with a smile, "Quickly open it and take a look!"

    Xiao Churan carefully opened the package and saw the beautifully crafted bag and exclaimed in awe, "The craftsmanship of this bag is really wonderful and the leather is impeccable, this bag costs a lot of money, right?"

    Ye Chen said, "The main thing is that this bag is more expensive, more than half a million."

    "Oh my God" said Xiao Churan nervously, "More than half a million for one bag?That's too expensive!"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "Wife.Hermes limited edition items aren't cheap, but you shouldn't feel that the money is expensive, because Hermes limited edition bags are very valuable and can even increase in value, if such a bag is resold, it will be at least 600,000 to 700,000, or even higher."

    Xiao Churan said with some apprehension, "But this bag is also too expensive, how can I be willing to use it, and I can't afford to set off such an expensive bag with this status, why don't you just resell it?"

    Ye Chen busily said, "That's so okay!It's a gift I picked out for you, how can I sell it?"

    said, he also said: "wife, this package you feel confident and bold with, with bad we buy a new one, now your husband I am also a dignitary in the eyes of the master of feng shui, you as my wife, with a fifty-thousand bags what?If you don't use it, what might people say about me later on, they might say that Ye Chen is too stingy, making so much money that he doesn't even want to buy a better bag for his wife!"

    Xiao Choran saw that Ye Chen insisted and that there was some truth in what he said, she sighed softly and said gratefully, "Hubby, then I'll listen to you, thank you"

    Ye Chen smiled, "What's the point of being polite with your husband."


Saying that, Ye Chen remembered something, busy saying, "Right wife, I'm back this time, rest for a day or two, then I have to go to Japan as soon as possible, what I told you last time, there are also customers over there in Japan who keep urging me to go over."

    Xiao Choran nodded and asked him, "How long to go ah?It's still more than half a month before the New Year, and many units are preparing to go on holiday, so you should also take a break and wait for the year to return to work before you go."

    Ye Chen smiled, "All promised to others, how can you temporarily let go of the pigeons at this time, but don't worry, it shouldn't take more than a few days to finish, in fact, Japan isn't too far, it's just more than two hours to fly straight over from our Jinling."

    "Okay," Xiao Choran nodded gently and said, "Then you must take care of yourself when you get to Japan, it's not a familiar place over there, don't ever start a conflict with anyone, lest you be bullied by the locals."

    "Good!"Ye Chen laughed and said, "Don't you know what your own husband is capable of now?Definitely won't let anyone bully me."

    Xiao Choran gave him a blank look and said, "I know you can fight, but in the end, we have to make peace."

    Ye Chen nodded, "Don't worry wife, I'll pay attention to it."

    Back to Thomson One.

    As soon as the car entered the villa courtyard, Ma Lan, who had removed the plaster cast, ran out with a happy face.

    She knew that Xiao Churan had gone to the airport to pick up Ye Chen, so she had been waiting for Ye Chen to come back.

    The reason why she was looking forward to Ye Chen's return was mainly because Ye Chen had promised her that he would bring her a gift when he returned from Yanjing.

    After the last time Ye Chen gave her a set of hundreds of thousands of caviar skin care, she already valued her generous son-in-law very much, and guessed that this time Ye Chen will definitely prepare a valuable gift for himself, so he was already a little impatient.

    Seeing Ye Chen come down from the car, Ma Lan hurriedly welcomed him with a smile and said cheerfully, "Oh my good son-in-law, you're finally back, Mom has missed you to death these past few days!"

    Ye Chen was suddenly still a little uncomfortable with Ma Lan's flattering attitude.

    Although Ma Lan had already changed a lot before, but it was the first time that she said such fleshy words.

    At this time, Ma Lan continued, "You don't know, Ma is worried about you these past few days, you haven't been out of the house, Ma is afraid that you won't be able to adapt outside, you won't be able to eat or sleep well, Ma has been a thought in her heart!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Mom, thank you for your concern, I'm having a good time these days though."

    "That's good, that's good!"Ma Lan was relieved, so she hurriedly peeked into the car.

    Since Ye Chen was driving back, it was impossible for him to bring the gifts with him, so she looked into the car to see if there were any gifts prepared.

    At this time, the old father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, also came out, with a string of not-so-impressive zitan beads in his hand, and said with a smile, "Oh Ye Chen, you're back, how are things going in Yanjing these days?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Dad, things are going quite smoothly for me."

    Xiao Changkun nodded, "It's good that it's smooth!"

    Lan Ma caught a glimpse of some gift boxes in the back seat of the car, but the windows were covered with film, so she couldn't see what they were, so she hurriedly asked, "Oh my good son-in-law, what have you put in the back seat of the car?Is it a gift brought to us?"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "This time in Yanjing, I've prepared some gifts for both you and Dad."

    "Oops!"Ma Lanton was delighted, excited and said: "Really worthy of my good son-in-law, whenever all think of me, quick, quick, take it out to Mom to see what gift you have bought her."


Seeing that Ma Lan was full of eagerness, Ye Chen smiled calmly, opened the back door and took out a bunch of Hermes gift boxes from inside.

    When Ma Lan saw so many Hermes, her entire eyes widened and she even emitted two brilliant lights!

    Her heart was racing with excitement, "Oh my God, it's Hermes!Hermes bags are too expensive, and Ye Chen may not really be willing to buy me one, but I'm afraid even a Hermes scarf would cost tens of thousands of dollars!"

    So she came to the heel full of excitement, covering her mouth in excitement and saying, "Oh my gosh!It's Hermes!You're so generous, son-in-law!What did you buy Mom for Hermes?"

    Ye Chen picked a few gift boxes of different sizes out of it and handed them to Ma Lan, "Mom, this big one is a Hermes bag, it matches your temperament quite well, you can see if you like it."

    As soon as Ma Lan heard it was a bag, she jumped up in place with excitement!

    "Mom!It's really a bag!My God, my son-in-law!You're so willing to spend money on Mom!"

    Ma Lan always wanted a better bag, but for so many years, the best one she had was an ordinary model lv, about 15,000 yuan.

    In her eyes, the Hermes bag, that's a noblewoman level can only afford to carry, ordinary, second-class people can't even touch fear, she dreamed of being able to carry a Hermes, but also just dared to think, even if she had a little money in her hand before, let her spend a hundred and twenty thousand to buy a Hermes herself, she was ten thousand to give up.

    Unexpectedly, today, Ye Chen had given himself a Hermes bag!

    This was a huge surprise for her!

    She hurriedly unwrapped the Hermes package and took the 100,000+ dollar handbag out of it, saying with a smile on her face, "Oh my, this bag is so beautiful!It's really how you look and like it!"

    After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen again and smiled flatteringly, "Oh good son-in-law, you're so willing!I can't believe you bought such an expensive bag for Mom!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "It's good that you like it."

    "I like it, I like it too much!"Ma Lan excitedly hugged the bag in her arms and exclaimed, "Mom was really blind to see that my good son-in-law had so much potential!Good son-in-law, don't you ever get along with mom about the past!"

    Ye Chen nodded lightly.

    If he had known that a world-class shrew like Ma Lan could be bought off with just a little fly in the ointment, he would have cleaned her up and made her obedient long ago.

    Why would she need to fight with her so many times and even send her to the detention center for a few days.

    But this was good, Ma Lan's character was the kind of master who didn't know the evil in the world without suffering losses, and after suffering too many losses, this nature of hers would naturally be much more honest.

    Then, Ye Chen took out two small gift boxes and handed them to Ma Lan, saying, "Mom, here are two more gifts for you as well."

    "Ah?And mine?!"Ma Lan was so excited that she could not wait to kneel down to Ye Chen.

    Good guy, sending a Hermes bag not to mention that there are other gifts, this son-in-law of his is really getting more and more agreeable!

    Thus, she hurriedly received two gift boxes from Ye Chen and opened them one by one.

    "Wow!The Hermes scarf!It's beautiful!Now it's cold enough to round it up!This costs a lot of money, doesn't it?"


Ye Chen nodded, "Twenty or thirty thousand."

    "Ouch!My son-in-law is so generous!Buy me such an expensive scarf!Twenty or thirty thousand, that's enough to buy a mink to wear!"

    Mashi then opened another gift box and exclaimed, "Oops!It's a classic Herm├Ęs ladies belt!Good son-in-law, Mom has loved this belt for years, and I've been reluctant to buy it, but I never thought you'd fulfill my dream."

    Xiao Changkun, who was looking a bit sour at the side, couldn't help but ask, "Good son-in-law, didn't you bring Dad any gifts?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "There you go, I've prepared several for you."

    Saying that, Ye Chen handed over two Hermes gift boxes to him.

    Xiao Changkun happily slapped his thigh and said with a flourish, "Oh my, it's really mine, it's really my good son-in-law!"

    As soon as the words left his mouth, he rushed over and took the gift box from Ye Chen.

    Opening the first one, it was a men's belt, the head of the belt, was the golden letter H, glittering in the sunlight.

    Xiao Changkun happily clapped his hands straight: "Aigoo, this is the same Hermes belt of Mr. Xu Jiayin Xu!That belt of his was a big hit back then!"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "This belt is now the standard for successful men."

    Xiao Changkun smacked his lips and sighed, "Oh my, our old Xiao is also a successful man, living in a big villa in Thomson, driving a BMW 5 series sedan, leasing Hermes brand trouser belts, and later on, stringing big gold chains and getting a gold watch, that's a big gold chain small gold watch, three small barbecues a day for the upper class!"

    Xiao Churan said helplessly, "Dad, have you seen any middle-aged or elderly person who still wears a big gold chain to wave around the market?That's all standard for young people as well as society."

    Xiao Changkun smiled hehely, "I just said that in passing."

    After saying that, he wiggled his eyebrows at Ye Chen and said, "Good son-in-law, when can you send me a gold watch?I recently fell in love with a Rolex Goldie, and that watch looks so cool!"

    Ye Chen suddenly thought, "Hey, it seems like Han Meiqing gave her father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, a Rolex Goldie just before!It's worth three or four hundred thousand, but my father-in-law is afraid that Ma Lan will be suspicious after seeing it, so he hasn't dared to wear it."

    "Now that he's mentioned the Rolex Goldie again, he probably wants me to agree to this so-called request of his."

    "This way, later on, he can openly wear the Rolex that Han Meiqing gave him on his hand, and even if Ma Lan sees it, he can tell Ma Lan that I bought this watch for him."

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen also couldn't help but lament in his heart, "This father-in-law is also not easy, in order to be able to wear the gift from his first love openly and honestly, he has to lay out so much in advance, let's simply help him out!"

    So, Ye Chen was quick to say to Xiao Changkun, "Dad, don't worry, Rolex Goldie right?It's all on me!"

    As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he was immediately happy beyond words, ran forward to hold Ye Chen's hand and lamented, "Good son-in-law, the one who knows me is none other than you!"

    After saying that, a vigorous wink towards Ye Chen, his expression full of gratitude.

    Ma Lan, who was on the side, was not happy and said in exasperation, "Xiao Changkun, you old thing is really shameless, even with your useless appearance you deserve to wear a Rolex?Don't screw my son-in-law out of money here!"

    Saying that, Ma Lan hastily compensated Ye Chen with a smile and said, "Good son-in-law, you see Mom still doesn't have a decent watch, why don't you give her one later?"


At first, when Xiao Changkun received the Rolex from Han Meiqing and showed it off to Ye Chen in the car, Xiao Choran was sitting in the back row..wallvo.

    So she knew very well that Dad's current search for a Rolex from Ye Chen was actually just a formality, mainly wanting to find an opportunity to openly and honestly wear the Rolex that Han Meiqing had given him on his hand.

    At this moment, although Xiao Churan's heart was a little uncomfortable, but, thinking about dad's past with mom back then, and the many grievances he had suffered for so many years, he could only turn a blind eye.

    But Xiao Churan didn't expect that mom would come to join the fun at this time and wanted Ye Chen to buy her a Rolex too.

    The actual time you'll be able to get a good deal more than just a little bit of the time, you'll be able to get a lot more than just a little bit of the time.

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't afford to buy a watch that's too expensive, and you can't afford to buy a watch that's too expensive.I don't want it!"


    The actual fact that you can't find a lot of people who are not in a position to get rid of their own personal belongings is the fact that you can't get rid of them.

    The thought that Ye Chen has already bought himself so many Hermes, it is not good to let him spend money to buy a gold watch for himself, so he hurriedly said "Oh, good son-in-law, mom just said in passing, mom knows that it is not easy for you to make money, so, you just buy a fake one for your father first, so that he can get by and wear it, mom will not."

    After saying that, he hurriedly added, "Hey, good son-in-law, if you take on a big feng shui reading job again in the future and make a lot of money, don't forget mom."

    Ye Chen smiled and nodded his head "No problem, I definitely won't forget you when I earn money in the future."

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'm going to be able to do that," he said.It's definitely not visible to the average person anyway, just like the real thing!"

    How could Xiao Changkun not be clear about Ye Chen's meaning, anyway, it was to find a reason to be able to openly wear out the watch that Han Meiqing had given him, Ma Lan thought it was a fake instead, that would be perfect!

    So he nodded hastily, smiled and said, "Oh, it's okay to fake it, I just want to wear it to pretend it's a real waste instead!"

    Ye Chen went along with it "Then it's settled, I'll make a phone call to him later and ask him to help find a high imitation."

    Xiao Changkun was all smiles "Good good good!"

    nkdkd8bs Ye Chen then took out the tea that Tang Sihai gave him as well and handed it to Xiao Changkun, "Dad, this is a little bit of good tea that I've asked someone to find for you, so don't buy tea from WeChat indiscriminately in the future."

    I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," said Xiao Changkun.It tastes beautiful to drink!"

    Ye Chen said "Then you can taste this and see how big the difference is."

    Xiao Changkun nodded "Okay, I'll give it a try later!"

    Ye Chen then took out the remaining few Hermes gift boxes as well and said to Xiao Churan, "Wife.These are for you, you go back to your room and slowly open them."

    Xiao Churan was surprised and said "Ah?How come there's still a bag of presents for me?"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "The rest are small accessories, scarves, purses and belts and such."


I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.

    Ye Chen knew that she must not be able to accept such a high price in her heart, so he smiled and said, "Okay, okay, I know, I'll buy you cost-effective gifts in the future..avsohu."

    Back at the house, Ma Lan hurriedly set up the Hermes that Ye Chen had given her in the living room.

    As she arranged the gifts and the boxes, she pulled out her phone and took many pictures from different angles.

    Afterwards, she chose nine photos that she was satisfied with and immediately sent them to her friends with the text, "My good son-in-law went to Yanjing to work and came back and gave me a bunch of Hermes!I could not be happier!"

    The circle of friends was instantly flooded with compliments and comments, and Mashi danced with joy at the sight of a whole bunch of women's sour comments!

    And I'm proud of it. "It's so good!I'm living in a villa, carrying Hermes, and I'm a super dame!When those two porcelain teeth on the front teeth are done and set, I'll be able to go out and get my way with a Hermes bag, a Hermes scarf and a Hermes belt!"

    Xiao Changkun, on the other hand, sat down on the sofa and hurriedly took out the tea leaves Ye Chen had given him, intending to brew a pot and taste how different it was from the tea he had bought from WeChat Mai Tea's little sister.

    As soon as the tea leaves given by Tang Sihai were opened, the refreshing scent of tea came over the nose!

    Xiao Changkun's entire body was invigorated!

    He'd never seen tea that smelled so good!

    The fandoujie just opened, not yet brewed, the taste is around three days, let the spirit of the people are all shaking.


    He grabbed a small handful of tea leaves under his nose and gently sniffed yzzhy, and then grabbed the tea leaves he bought from WeChat Mai Tea's little sister and sniffed them, and all of a sudden he felt a huge difference.

    The former, it was like good natural incense, the fragrance was rich and perfect, and it was completely natural, not smelling the slightest trace of processing.

    But the latter, it was like inferior wood soaked in chemical potions to make fake incense, iyoky fragrance smelled a little choking and pungent, and in contrast to the former, it was clearly not the same thing.

    Xiao Changkun hurriedly put the tea Ye Chen sent in the teapot, the electric kettle on the sea of tea has also boiled at this time, he hurriedly poured boiling water into the kettle, followed by the fragrance of the tea leaves was forced out by the hot water, fragrance filled the entire living room.

    Xiao Changkun was horrified and said "the taste of this tea is also too good!".

    Xiao Churan also smelled the fragrance from afar and exclaimed in alarm, "Yah, it smells really very good!Dad, please pour me one too!"

    I'm not a fan of tea, Ma Lan, who has never been a fan of tea, smelled the aroma of tea at this time, and also said impulsively, "This tea smells very high grade, Xiao Changkun, pour me a cup to taste it too!".

    Xiao Changkun hurriedly took out four small tea chalices and poured four cups of tea, then he took one cup himself and put it to his mouth to carefully suck in a mouthful, then his whole eyes lit up and he exclaimed in shock, "Good tea!Great tea!I've never tasted such good tea in my life!"


Ye Chen shook his head helplessly at Xiao Changkun's lament.

    This old father-in-law had indeed never seen much of the world.

    He could only afford to play with fake antiques and drink tea as well.

    This was also mainly because his status in the Xiao family was really too low, he was not valued by the old lady before, and then he continued to be squeezed by Ma Lan for many years, his life had been unpleasant, and he was not much better in terms of money.

    But the good thing is that Xiao Changkun's character is quite good, and if it were anyone else, I'm afraid he would have been depressed because he couldn't think straight.

    Here, when Ye Chen's family was happily drinking the finest tea yunxiang leaves, in the next door villa a04, Qian Hongyan was preparing the family's lunch.

    The reason is because she was pregnant with the child of a black coal kiln supervisor, and she has infected Xiao Changqian with a disease, Qian Hongyan has always been ostracized in this family.

    But with Wu Donghai backing her up, Xiao's family doesn't dare to do anything to her.

    In the beginning, Qian Hongyan even tried to please Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Changqian, hoping to get their forgiveness in return, and even cooked a special abalone dinner for Xiao Changqian and bought expensive king crab for him.

    jktjc However, Qian Hongyan sees herself always hot face to cold ass, so now she is also somewhat broken.

    Recently, after the Xiao Group got Wu Donghai's investment, the business restarted, and with Wu Donghai's help, it finally returned to regularity, so the Xiao family all went back to work in the Xiao Group.

    Mrs. Xiao was still the old lady in charge, Xiao Chang Qian was the general manager, Xiao Hailong was the business director, and Xiao Weiwei was the business director.

    This family of four went to and from work together every day, so they became even more distant from Qian Hongyan.

    Now, Qian Hongyan's role at home was almost like a nanny for their family of four, washing and cooking at home every day.

    At this moment, she had just prepared the meal, but the Xiao family hadn't returned yet, so she took off her apron and tiredly sat on the sofa playing with her phone.

    As soon as she casually swiped her friend circle, she immediately swiped the one about Ma Lan, and as soon as she saw Ma Lan showing off a bunch of Hermes in her friend circle, Qian Hongyan was depressed.

    "This Ma Lan, what a stinky burner!It's just a couple of Hermes.What's there to show for it?"

    Cursing and muttering a few words, Qian Hongyan's heart was suddenly hard again.

    "Ma Lan is that kind of shrew and still has a son-in-law like Ye Chen backing her up, what about me?What do I have?"

    "Honey?Beat me, scold me not to say, but also to divorce me, if not for Wu to stop me, this old turtle would have kicked me out."

    "A dead old lady?Even less of a good thing!This old thing is so bad, if Wu Donghai hadn't warned her enough, she would have been afraid that Xiao Changqian would have killed me along with her!"

    "Hey, that son of mine is also not competitive, he has no bullshit skills, he's just bragging all day long, this kind of goods, he definitely won't have much to look forward to in the future, let alone counting on him."

    "Weiwei hey Weiwei it would be great if she was still with Wang Yunfei, no matter what, it's okay to continue to be Xiao Yiqian's lover, but as a result, her reputation is now stinking, it's a question of whether she will be able to marry in the future or not, and she's even more of a product that can't be counted on."

    "Hey, what else can I expect in this life?Can someone buy me an Hermes bag?"

    Thinking of this, Qian Hongyan's heart was hard, and then thinking of all the hardships and encounters she had gone through, tears came to her eyes at once.


At that moment, the door was pushed open..kan8zw.

    Xiao Chang Qian accompanied the old lady and was the first to walk in.

    Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei followed behind.

    The old lady was wearing a noble mink coat, her entire face was red and glowing, and she couldn't tell how happy she was.

    Ever since the Xiao's TA Group regained its new life, Old Mrs. Xiao was in high spirits every day, her whole face red and glowing, like his mother had kowtowed the rejuvenation potion.

    As soon as she entered the house, Old Mrs. Xiao spoke up, "Oh my, although the Wu family is not very good, but at least the lean camel is bigger than the horse, with this project they gave us, we can make at least 20 million profits out of the future year, it's great!"

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.If it wasn't for you planning behind the scenes, our Xiao Clan wouldn't have a chance to be reborn!"

    She has always been narcissistic and has a strong desire for power, and she loves to be flattered.

    When Qian Hongyan on the sofa heard this, she felt very unhappy and cursed, "Shame on you, old woman!How did you contribute to the rebirth of the Xiao family?It's Mr. Wu's fault.Besides, Mr. Wu sent someone to save me in the black coal mine.And only then did they fish your family out of the guardhouse!"

    When she saw that Qian Hongyan was sitting on the sofa playing with her mobile phone, she snapped in annoyance, "Qian Hongyan, why are you sitting on the sofa if you're not cooking in the kitchen?Is this where you sit?"

    Qian Hongyan stood up and said angrily, "Mom, what do you mean by that?I'm part of this family, and I'm not even entitled to a couch?"

    Old Mrs. Xiao sternly said "You're right!You don't get to sit on the couch!In this house, you are a servant!And a maid who displeases me!If it wasn't for Wu covering your back, I would have already hh126 kicked you out, you hurtful slut!"

    "You" said Qian Hongyan angrily "you're not finished, are you, old lady?What's the point of harping on that shit all day long?Don't forget what Wu always says, let's put aside all our prejudices and be unanimous, if you keep this attitude, I'll go find Wu to stand up for me!"

    Old Mrs. Xiao was suddenly speechless.

    She abused and oppressed Qian Hongyan because she concluded that Qian Hongyan didn't dare to make a fuss.

    But she didn't expect that this rabbit would bite even when she was desperate.

    Qian Hongyan dared to speak to herself like this.

    However, she didn't dare to immediately choke up with Qian Hongyan, after all, Wu Donghai did have orders, and if she annoyed Wu Donghai, it might affect the Xiao family's plans to rise!

    Thinking of this, she coldly snorted and spoke, "Okay, since Mr. Wu told us to put aside our prejudices, then I won't be common knowledge with you, but I still advise you to figure out your own situation, you are a sinner in this family, you should always have a sense of redemption!"

    Although Qian Hongyan was upset in her heart, she did not continue to argue with the old lady, but said with a blank expression, "Dinner is ready, let's eat."

    However, although she didn't say anything on the surface, in her heart she hated the old lady to the bone.

    She sort of completely understood that this attitude of Old Mrs. Xiao will only get worse in the future, not better.

    If you're looking for a way to get your money back, you'll be able to find a way to get it.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.


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