Secret Identity 1361-1370


Chapter 1361

Yamamoto Kazuki heard what Yatsuhito had called and asked nervously, "Isn't it still you to carve it?!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "What are you thinking about?Let me engrave you?You deserve it too?"

    After saying that, Ye Chen smiled playfully and continued, "The one I'm looking for this time is a friend of mine, although he didn't go to school and has a primary school education level, but he can still write the four words East Asian Sick Man, I'll ask him to carve it as big as he can for you on your brain at that time to make sure you're satisfied!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki panic, he wanted to say something, at this time, the organizing committee's staff ran over to Ito Nanae and Qin Ao Xue said: "two contestants, the match has begun, you two, your respective opponents are already waiting in the ring, please hurry up and go to the ring to participate in the match, if not within 10 minutes to arrive at the scene of the match, we will be regarded as!Abstain automatically."

    Qin Ao Xue recovered from her shock, looked at Ye Chen and asked him, "Master Ye, should I go over there by myself, or are you coming with me?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Today, I came here to watch your match, of course I'm going with you."

    Qin Ao Xue looked at Yamamoto Kazuki who was lying on the ground and asked him in a low voice, "Master Ye, what about this side of things?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Don't bother with him, let him lie here, forgivingly he won't be able to escape from me."

    After saying that, Ye Chen reached out his hand and patted Qin Ao Xue's back gently, instructing, "Be sure to play well in the competition later, don't let me down."

    Qin Aoxue nodded hurriedly, "Teacher Ye, don't worry, I will definitely try my best!"

    Ye Chen was also not there, lying on the ground Yamamoto Kazuki, as well as the red-eyed crying Ito Cabbage by his side, turned around and walked out of the rest area with Qin Ao Xue, heading to the competition ring.

    Ito Naija at this time to guard Yamamoto Kazuki side, concern has been asked: "Master.I'll contact an ambulance to take you to the hospital now!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki hurriedly waved his hand, "The competition is about to start, so hurry up and join the competition without me, and don't delay your competition because of me."

    Kobayashi Jiro, who was on the other side, also hurriedly said, "Yes, Miss Vegetable, if you don't go to the competition, it's possible that you'll be considered a forfeit.In that case, you'll lose your chance to win the championship."

    Cabbage Ito said eagerly, "But I can't leave Master here alone either, he can't move all over his body right now!".

    Kazuki Yamamoto took off and said, "Vegetables, don't mind me, this match is very important to you, you have to win the championship!"

    "But what about you, Master?"

    Just as Ito-chan didn't know what to do, Kobayashi Jirou hastily offered, "You're going to the match tonight, Cabbage Lady, leave Yamamoto-san to me, I'll take him to the hospital and make sure he receives the best treatment!"

    With a pleading face, Itachi asked, "Mr. Kobayashi, could you please take Master back to Japan right now!Never let Master be carved on his forehead by that Mr. Ye just now!"

    "What?!"Kobayashi Jiro winced as he heard this, "Miss Vegetable, you want me to secretly take Yamamoto-san back to Japan?"

    "Yes!"Itachi said through gritted teeth, "No matter what, I can't let Master suffer that kind of insult, even if it means carrying a losing reputation, I can't let them carve words on Master's forehead!"

    Afterwards, she looked at Kobayashi Jiro and seriously requested, "Kobayashi-san, please!"

    When Yamamoto Kazuki heard this, his heart immediately felt a strong urge to do the same!

    Run while Ye Chen is away to avoid being humiliated ah!

    Even if I never come to Jinling or China again, and live in Japan with my tail between my legs, it's better than going back to Japan to live out the rest of my life miserably with the word "Sick Man of East Asia" carved on my forehead!


When he thought of this, he immediately looked at Kobayashi Jiro with expectant and pleading eyes and spoke, "Kobayashi-san, please help my husband this time"

    Kobayashi Jiro's expression was incredibly embarrassed.

    If Cabbage was begging herself to do something else, of course she would have done her best to gain her favor with her.

    But, she had let herself sneak Yamamoto Kazuki back to Japan from right under Yatsuhashi's nose!

    This is not going to get you killed!

    They didn't know how terrifying Ye Chen was, or how ruthless his style of action was, but they knew it clearly themselves!

    In the beginning, his own big brother was the one who folded at the hands of Ye Chen in Jinling!

    At that time, the Kobayashi family's private jet was at the airport in Jinling, and as soon as my brother boarded it, he could escape Jinling and return to Tokyo.

    But what happened?

    The plane did make it back to Tokyo, but that brother of his own never made it back.

    Not only that, the Kobayashi family had lost nearly two billion dollars on Ye Chen.

    The Kobayashi family was considered to have been in Japan for decades, when had they ever encountered such a fury!

    So now, even if he killed himself, he would never dare to offend Ye Chen ah!

    When Ito Nana-chan saw Kobayashi Jiro's face full of embarrassment and remained silent, she couldn't help but ask him, "Is there something you're embarrassed about, Kobayashi-san?"

    Kobayashi Jiro sighed and said with a frank face, "Miss Vegetable, I won't lie to you, that Mr. Ye just now, his real name is Ye Chen, I I"

    Cabbage Ito pursued, "Kobayashi-san, don't always me, me, tell me exactly what's going on!"

    Kobayashi Jiro's old face flushed and he muttered with his head down, "I can't afford to mess with him."


    Itoh Nabiki and Yamamoto Kazuki were both in shock!

    Never in their wildest dreams did they think that Kobayashi Jiro, who was such a lover of face, would honestly admit right in front of them that he couldn't afford to mess with that Ye Chen just now!

    Look at his expression as if he was very scrupulous and frightened of Ye Chen!

    Kobayashi Jiro couldn't care less about his face at this point, he continued, "I won't lie to you two, in all of China and even the world, the one I dare not mess with the most is this Ye Chen, I've investigated some of this guy's glorious deeds, and to be honest, this guy is simply a devil's starter!

    Saying that, he pulled out his phone and hurriedly flipped through the steep sound to find the original phase of Liu Guang and Liu Ming's father and son, and took off, "You see, this isn't the first time he's carved characters on someone's forehead!The father and son on the video, he also ordered someone else to carve these words on the foreheads of these two in the first place."

    Both Ito Nashiko and Yamamoto Kazuki were dumbfounded as they looked at the father and son on the video who were speaking in syllables, and the way they looked at the foreheads of the two, one with the poor hangers and the other with the father of the poor hangers carved into it, it was tragic!

    Kobayashi Jiro introduced with palpitations on the side, "According to my investigation, this pair of father and son are the ones who have angered Ye Chen one after another, that's why Ye Chen carved these words, in addition to that, Ye Chen has done many heinous things, his crimes are simply too numerous to list, if I really help Mr. Yamamoto flee China today, let's not talk about whether the two of us can escape or not, even if we do, he will definitely intensify all of them to get back"


Seeing that phase of Liu Guang Liu Ming, Ito Nai-chan and Yamamoto Kazuki looked as if they were dead.

    Ito Cabbage finally understood what Kobayashi Jiro meant when he said that he couldn't afford to mess with Ye Chen.

    This kind of fury, I'm afraid that ordinary people couldn't afford to mess with him, and more importantly, it was still in someone's territory.

    At this time, Ito Naija gushed out two lines of hot tears at once, and said out of the blue, "Why don't I call my father-sama and ask him to think of something!"

    Kobayashi Jiro kindly advised, "Miss Vegetable, even if you call Mr. Ito, there's nothing Mr. Ito can do, even if Mr. Ito leaves immediately and flies from Tokyo to Jinling, the journey will take at least two to three hours, but in at most another half hour, Yatsuo's people may arrive, there's nothing he can do"

    Although the Ito family was very powerful in Japan, their influence was minimal in Jinling.

    Don't tell me about Ito Naija, even if her dad, Ito Yuhiko, came, he would most likely be killed directly by Hongwu's younger brother with a random knife.

    This was the reason why a strong dragon could not crush a snake in the ground.

    Even if he had tens of thousands of little brothers in Japan, how many of them could be sent to Jinling?

    A plane, bracing for death would only seat two or three hundred people, and once these two or three hundred people were on the ground, they didn't even need Ye Chen to make a move, Hongwu's little brother would be able to chop them into mincemeat with random knives.

    As I was saying that, the staff came over again to hurry, "Miss Ito, there are still the last three minutes left, if you don't show up, the referee will have to announce that you've abstained."

    Yamamoto Kazuki sighed and said, "It's just that, it's probably my fate, Cabbage Patch, you don't need to worry about me anymore and get to the match."

    Cabbage Ito cried, "Master, how can I go to the tournament when you're like this!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki said, "There's no use in keeping me here, you can't get me back on my feet, you can't stop that Yatsuo and have someone carve words into my forehead, instead you staying here will lead to an early exit from the tournament, you're the best I've got, I don't want you to quit without a fight!"

    Kobayashi Jiro also advised, "Ito-san, you'd better hurry up and enter the competition, you can still get some comfort from Yamamoto-san if you win it."

    "That's right!"Yamamoto Kazuki said sternly, "If you just abstain, then I'll pretend that I've never taken you on as a disciple in my life!"

    Hearing this, Itoh Cabbage clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, "Don't worry, Master, I will win!"

    Saying that, she immediately stood up and quickly walked out of the rest area, heading straight to her own ring.

    At this moment, Qin Aoxue's match had already started.

    The one she was fighting this time was the No. 3 seed of the entire match, Joanna from Brazil.

    This Joanna is tall and big, with extremely strong muscle explosiveness, although she is the number 3 seed in this competition, but in fact, the outside world is generally optimistic that she can beat the number 2 seed in this competition and get the second place.

    Therefore, no one believed that Qin Ao Xue could beat this runner-up favorite.

    However, an eye-opening scene, soon appeared!

    Once in the ring, Joanna comes up and attacks Qin Ao Xue!

    She felt that Qin Ao Xue's strength was simply not enough to be feared, and if she wanted to ensure enough stamina and energy to deal with the following matches, the best way to do so was to defeat Qin Ao Xue in the shortest possible time!

    Only in this way, one could preserve one's physical strength to the maximum extent.

    However, she had never dreamed that this Qin Ao Xue, her body agility was so high that it was unimaginable.

    She herself quickly threw several punches and kicks at her in a short period of time, but all these fierce and fast attacks were easily dodged by her.

    Just when she was at a loss, Qin Ao Xue suddenly struck a vicious whiplash!

    Because her body had just absorbed the divine medicine given by Ye Chen, and it was also used by Ye Chen with his aura, which had been strengthened and transformed a little.


Therefore, this whip leg of hers was extremely fast and powerful!

    Joanna didn't take Qin Ao Xue's whipping kick seriously at all, because she knew Qin Ao Xue's strength and knew that Qin Ao Xue couldn't possibly pose much of a threat to her, so she subconsciously reached out her hands to block!

    At the same time, she had already made a tactical plan within her heart.

    After blocking Qin Aoxue's leg with both hands, she would then directly attack her right knee with her right foot, stomp on it, and as long as she succeeded in her first strike, followed by a Dragon Swing with her left leg, she should be able to knock Qin Aoxue down!

    However, what she had never dreamed of was that Qin Ao Xue's whipping kick was wrapped with a terrifying strength that Joanna had never seen before!

    Joanna's palms and arms instantly felt a tremendous amount of power hit her, and then with a loud boom, her entire body flew backwards right out of the ring!

    The crowd was dumbfounded!

    No one expected that the unknown Qin Ao Xue would knock the #3 seed out of the ring with a single blow!

    And, at this point, Joanna was badly injured, lying on the ground outside the ring, unable to stand up after several attempts.

    Her trainer rushed up to her, exchanged a few words with her, and then immediately said to the referee, "We concede the fight!"

    "Admit defeat?!"

    The scene was even more shocking!

    That's conceding defeat?

    The crowd had never seen such a fast fighting match before, Qin Ao Xue only made one move and the match was over.

    Qin Gang was a bit confused.

    His own daughter had a few pounds and a few tens of kilograms, he, the father, could not be clearer, he thought that it would be very difficult for his daughter to win against this Joanna today even with Master Ye Chen Ye's guidance.

    But I didn't expect that it would be so easy to win.

    Ye Chen watched with a smile on the side, his expression was not surprised or shocked in any way.

    Because he already knew that the current Qin Ao Xue was already unrecognizable.

    Her current strength was already completely able to crush Joanna, and even the #1 seed and championship favorite, Ito Nai Nai Nai!

    When he had just met Itachi Cabbage, Ye Chen had already roughly seen her strength, there was nothing really powerful about her, it was just that foreign disciple's kung fu practiced to the extreme.

    The Qin Ao Xue from before was naturally far from being her match, but now she was far from being Qin Ao Xue's match!

    And right now, in the other ring, Itachi is just beginning her epic battle!

    She was lucky that the opponent she was assigned this time wasn't even a top five seeded player, and was a whole lot weaker than her.

    However, because all she could think about was her master Yamamoto's injury, she was somewhat distracted and her fighting strength was greatly weakened as a result.

    Moreover, the image of Ye Chen surfaced in her mind from time to time.

    Although Ye Chen injuring her master and having to carve words on her master's forehead made her heart angry, she still involuntarily thought of the palm that Ye Chen crushed her master with!

    What kind of kung fu is that?

    Why is it so strong and perverted?!



It was because her mind kept thinking about things that Itachi was forced backwards by her opponent.

    At this moment, she was no longer pursuing this match in the same way she had earlier.

    This was because she had realized that the martial arts she had trained so hard for so many years were no match for even a light slap in front of a true expert.

    This had dealt a devastating blow to her self-confidence.

    In fact, no matter who encountered this kind of thing, they would suffer a huge blow.

    It was not only one's self-confidence that was crushed, but also one's long-held beliefs.

    For a long time, Itachi felt that she was at most 20 years away from the pinnacle of martial arts.

    After twenty years, she would definitely be able to grow into a world-leading martial arts master, even just like her master, Yamamoto Kazuki.

    However, Ye Chen had just made her realize that the martial arts master in her own mind was just like an ant in front of a true master.

    It turned out that she had been sitting on the fence for so many years.

    Now, she realized that the real world of martial arts was far beyond her own perception.

    In the past, she thought that the world was just this world, and the farthest distance was just from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth.

    But today, she realized that there was a solar system, a galaxy, and even an entire vast universe beyond this Earth.

    At this moment, she couldn't help but ponder another question: how many years would it take for her to grow into a true top expert like Ye Chen.

    Thinking back to the slap that Ye Chen had struck, although it had crippled her mentor, the impact of that slap on herself on the martial level was just like the glory of the white moon!

    Thinking this way, her concentration became even more distracted.

    Her opponent, on the other hand, took advantage of her surprise and scored a series of attacks.

    In the first round, Ito Nanaako lost the game cold, and the audience was in an uproar.

    No one expected that the number one seeded player in this tournament, Nana Ito, would lose to an unknown player in the first round of the eight-for-four match.

    When the referee announced the end of the first inning, the opposite player cheered excitedly.

    Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that the match she thought she was bound to lose had unexpectedly taken the first inning.

    It seemed that Itachi's form was a bit off today, but this was her big chance!

    Itachi's brain was still in a trance when she arrived at the ringside lounge.

    The win or loss of the match had long since ceased to matter, as her faith had collapsed.

    At that moment, her assistant Koichi Tanaka, who was full of anxiety, said, "You can't be so negative, my lady!Now that we've entered the elimination rounds, if you lose this match, then this session is over ah!"

    Ito Naija smiled bitterly and murmured, "Tanaka-san, you also saw the terrifying strength of that Mr. Ye, the difference between me and him is like firefly and white moon, do you know the old Chinese saying, how can the light of a firefly compete with the white moon."

    Saying that, she sighed lightly, "His strength is like the bright white moon in the night sky, while I'm just a firefly in the wild grass ......"

    Tanaka Koichi's expression was also very emotional.


He didn't know how he should persuade this big sister of his.

    Because he could understand his eldest miss's feelings at this time.

    That young man surnamed Ye's strength was too terrifying, Yamamoto Kazuki was a national treasure of Japan, but under his hands, he couldn't even carry a mere palm, if he were the eldest Miss, he would have lost all fighting spirit at this moment.

    Not to mention this little competition in front of him, even the Olympics seemed to have become bleak and dull.

    Even the so-called way of martial arts had become a joke.

    He had served Itachi for many years and could not help but feel heartache for her at this time, so he couldn't help but say, "Missy, if you have really lost faith in this competition, then let's go back to Japan."

    Itachi was busy asking, "Tanaka-san, where is my master?How's he doing now?"

    Koichi Tanaka fidgeted and said, "Just now a few fierce men came, and the man who led them, used a knife to carve the words East Asian sick man on Mr. Yamamoto's forehead, then Mr. Yamamoto tried to bite his tongue and killed himself, but failed, and was sent to the hospital by Mr. Kobayashi."

    "What?!"Itachi was so shocked that tears instantly came to her eyes as she blurted out, "I'm going to the hospital to see my master!Take me now!"

    Koichi Tanaka nodded and said, "Then I'll tell the referees right now that we'll forfeit the match."

    "Good!Go!"Itachi was already full of impatience.

    In her eyes, Yamamoto Kazuki was her mentor, and if anything happened to him again, she would never be able to forgive herself for the rest of her life.

    After all, he had come to China with her for the sake of this match, and if he hadn't done it for himself, he wouldn't have met Ye Chen, nor would he have encountered these hardships.

    Just as she was about to give up on the match, about to rush to the hospital, to see her mentor, a faint voice suddenly sounded.

    "If you've entered the competition, you have to take it seriously, so how can you give up halfway through?"

    Itachi followed the sound and saw that Ye Chen, who possessed terrifying strength, was standing under the stage looking at herself emotionlessly.

    Her heart panicked, she didn't expect that Ye Chen would come to watch her match, and didn't understand why he would come to watch her match.

    In fact, Qin Ao Xue had just won the match with one move, so at this time, she had already gone to the dressing room to shower and change her clothes.

    Ye Chen had nothing else to do, so he planned to come over to watch Ito's match, but he didn't expect that this Ito had lost the first round.

    However, he could tell that Ito Naija had lost the first round because she had something on her mind, so she couldn't concentrate on the match.

    Originally, he had thought that Ito Nana-chan would be able to quickly adjust her state and then get back from the second game.

    But he didn't expect that Ito Rape was ready to abandon the match.

    As Itoh Cabbage looked at him, thinking of his mentor who had tried to bite his tongue and kill himself, his heart suddenly swelled with indignation, an intense indignation!

    Her beautiful eyes glared at Ye Chen in anger and she loudly scolded, "You bad man!Why are you pushing my mentor one step at a time?Do you really want him to die before you're happy?"

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly, "Miss, I look at your face and temperament, you should be a lady's daughter who has been well educated since childhood, it doesn't seem like an unreasonable person, just now the conflict between your master Yamamoto Kazuki and me, you saw it in your eyes the whole time, I want you to ask yourself, this whole thing, did I force him?"

    "If he were not so proud and confident, not so overbearing, not so defiant, not so willing to insult me with the words "sick man of East Asia," how would I be able to get along with him?"

    "We have an old Chinese saying that the righteousness of the world is vicissitudes!Is it possible that in the eyes of this lady's daughter of yours, the love of master and disciple is more important than the righteousness of the earth?"


Faced with Ye Chen's questioning, Itoh Cabbage was speechless.

    First, she was unable to say anything as she watched Ye Chen, then she was ashamed of her red face and shame.

    In the end, the whole thing was just his own master begging for a hammer, and Ye Chen wasn't wrong in any way.

    Ashamed Ito Naozi, could only respectfully bow to Ye Chen: "Mr. Ye, I was impulsive.Please be more understanding.At the same time, please don't get along with me."

    Only then did Ye Chen lightly nodded his head.

    To a certain extent, he was also more understanding of Itochi.

    After all, everyone could be objective and fair if it was none of their business, but once it was a matter of wanting to have a tangible stake in themselves, it would be difficult to be absolutely objective.

    It's like when someone else's child makes a mistake, you always hope that he'll get enough of a lesson, but when your own child makes a mistake, you always hope that everyone will forgive him and give him another chance.

    Yamamoto Kazuki was Itoh's mentor, and the country of Japan and the traditional culture of China were one and the same, and the people of both countries respected their teachers, so it was understandable that Itoh would respect and defend Yamamoto Kazuki.

    But it was only understandable.

    Ye Chen could understand her feelings, but would definitely not change any opinions or decisions because of her.

    So, he said in a calm tone, "Miss Ito, since you are also a participant in this tournament, you should respect this tournament and not play negatively or quit midway, otherwise, you are disrespecting the martial arts."

    Ito Cabbage declined incomparably and said, "Mr. Ye, Your Excellency's strength has made me truly realize what true martial arts is, compared to Your Excellency, my martial arts is nothing more than a beginner's level, and may even be far inferior to a beginner, much less ashamed to continue participating in the competition in front of Your Excellency"

    Ye Chen shook his head, "Martial arts isn't necessarily about competing with others, it's not just a sport, it's also a culture and spirit, are people with poor strength not qualified to learn martial arts?Just because your entry level is far lower than mine, can you feel comfortable giving up this match?"

    Ye Chen made a slight pause, and then in a more serious tone, he said word for word, "If that's really the case, then I can only say that you don't love martial arts at all, what you love is nothing more than a ranking, when you feel you are ranked high, you love martial arts; when you feel you are ranked low, you have betrayed martial arts!In the end, you're actually not a faithful martial artist at all!"

    Itachi's expression came off as a quick, "No, it's not!I love martial arts!And a faithful fighter!I just I just "

    Ye Chen sternly asked, "You're just what?!"

    Itoh Cabbage was nervous by his question, whirling with shame, lowered her head and gave up on continuing to defend herself, whispering, "Mr. Ye you're right it was my fault I shouldn't have given up on the match at this point!I shouldn't betray Martial Arts at this time!"

    Ye Chen gave a hmmm, "Have a good match, I was hoping Ao Xue would meet you in the final."

    Itachi's eyes became incomparably resolute as she nodded her head seriously and said, "I know Mr. Ye!Don't worry, I'll fight to the finals.Have a good sparring session with your senior apprentice!"

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "Ao Xue is not my disciple, she is my friend, or technically, she is my friend's daughter, I'm just a temporary coach for her these days to give her a few pointers."

    Itachi asked in surprise, "Mr. Ye, aren't you a professional instructor?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Of course not, I'm just a jobless vagrant without any occupation."

    "Jobless vagabond?"

    Itachi's face was filled with shock and incredulity.


Ye Chen, whose strength was so strong that it was unimaginable, was a jobless hobo without a profession?

    Just as she was about to ask for more information, the referee entered the ring and spoke, "30 seconds to the countdown for the second round!"

    Ye Chen then said to Itochi, "You focus on the competition, I'm leaving first."

    "Mr. Ye you're leaving?"

    Itachi's heart was suddenly filled with a sudden loss.

    Ye Chen then said, "Oh right, Yamamoto Kazuki's bet is over.After he's released from the hospital, he'll be free to leave Jinling."

    Saying that, Ye Chen didn't stay on the scene and turned around and left without looking back.

    Itachi was staring at his back a little distracted, and Koichi Tanaka, who was on the side, hurriedly urged her, "Miss, it's time to go on stage!Do you continue to race?"

    "Bee!Of course I want to compare!"

    Ito Nanaako suddenly wanted to get all her fighting spirit back so badly, she said with a resolute gaze and firm tone, "I will definitely make it to the final and face-to-face with Qin Ao Xue!Never let Mr. Ye look down on me!"

    When Ye Chen arrived outside the gym, Qin Gang and Qin Aoxue were already waiting here.

    Seeing Ye Chen come out, Qin Gang rushed forward and said respectfully, "Master Ye, I didn't expect Aoxue to have made such tremendous progress under your tutelage, Qin Mou is really grateful!"

    Ye Chen said indifferently, "Mr. Qin, there is no need to be so polite between you and me, Aoxue is not only your daughter, but also my friend, this small matter is something that should be done between friends."

    Qin Gang could not help but look at Qin Aoxue and said with incomparable emotion, "Aoxue!Look how much Master Ye loves you!You must hear Master Ye's words from now on and serve him wholeheartedly, understand?"

    Qin Ao Xue said loudly without hesitation, "Dad don't worry!Ao Xue wishes to follow Master Ye's side in this life, to do everything Master Ye tells her to do, and to repay Master Ye's kindness with all her heart and soul!"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "There's no need to be so polite between you and me, practice well and winning this competition to get the championship is the best way to repay me."

    Qin Aoxue said incomparably seriously, "Master Ye, originally Aoxue wasn't sure that she would be able to win the championship, but now, Aoxue has full confidence!Ao Xue's current strength is more than several times stronger than before, and it's all thanks to the divine pill you bestowed on Ao Xue, Master Ye, and your personal help in channeling the medicinal power for Ao Xue!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "If you ever speak to me so politely again, then I'll have to consider staying away from you."

    "Ah, never ah Master Ye!"

    Qin Aoxue became anxious, and said with red eyes: "Aoxue won't be so polite to you anymore, right?You must not alienate Ao Xue."

    Ye Chen nodded, "Remember what you said, and don't be so polite to me in the future."

    "Ao Xue will definitely remember!"

    Qin Ao Xue was busy agreeing while Qin Gang at the side spoke up, "Master Ye, why don't you move home and have a casual meal?"

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "I won't go over there today, there's still something going on over at the pharmaceutical company, I've asked Wei Liang to invite a spokesperson over to meet with him."


In order to endorse Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, Gu Qiu Yi took her assistant and bodyguard with her and flew to Jinling together.

    Since the Gu family was the third largest family in Yanjing, and their overall strength was very strong, Gu Qiu Yi went out and always took her own private jet.

    On the one hand, it was easy and convenient, but the more important aspect was the privacy.

    A big star like her would cause a huge stir no matter if she appeared in any city in the country.

    If you want to keep a low profile, you have to stay out of the earshot of the media paparazzi as well as the fans.

    So taking a private jet became her first choice to go out.

    After the plane arrived in Jinling, Wei Liang personally went to meet it, and brought Gu Qiuyi and her group to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

    Originally, Wei Liang was going to arrange for them to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel to rest a bit and talk about their work tomorrow.

    However, Gu Qiu Yi insisted that she wanted to go directly to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical's pharmacy to take a look.

    This was Gu Qiu Yi's first time endorsing a drug, and she personally took it very seriously and was very cautious about it.

    Therefore, her first thought was to visit the production workshop of this pharmaceutical company to see if it was a regular enough company or not.

    When Ye Chen went to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, Gu Qiuyi had already started to inspect the production line of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical under the leadership of Wei Liang.

    The predecessor of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical was Wei's Pharmaceutical, which in turn was a large pharmaceutical company with a market value of billions of dollars, and both the production line and the production process had reached the first-class standard in China.

    Plus, the efficacy of Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion was something Gu Qiuyi had experienced firsthand, so there was nothing to worry about.

    So, she immediately made up her mind, and was willing to be the spokesperson of Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse.

    The discomfort caused by her spleen and stomach disorder was getting stronger and stronger, and as she watched the production line around her, packets of Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse were being packaged out rapidly, so she asked Wei Liang: "Mr. Wei, can you give me some Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse first?My spleen and stomach haven't been very good lately, and after taking a packet of Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder, there was a very noticeable improvement, but the effects of that medicine have passed, so"

    Wei Liang earnestly said, "Miss Gu, I won't lie to you, our boss has had strict requirements, before the stomach dispersal is not officially listed, it must be strictly supervised and controlled, so I can't make a decision on this matter, how about you wait for him to come and see what he means."

    Chen Duo Duo on the side was dissatisfied and said, "I say your boss is too stingy, right?Just a few packs of pills, is there a need to be so petty?"

    Wei Liang hurriedly explained, "Miss Chen you misunderstand, our boss is not stingy, but cautious, before our medicine is officially on the market, it must be strictly guarded, we can't allow any leakage of confidential medicine, now Japan and Korea, as well as other Asian pharmaceutical companies, have been imitating and plagiarizing Chinese ancient Chinese prescriptions, which has invariably caused great losses to Chinese medicine."


Chen Duo frowned and asked, "Does your boss suffer from persecution paranoia?It's now the 21st century, and the laws regarding patents are very strict, so as long as your medicine has been patented, there's no need to worry about others stealing your formula."

    Wei Liang shook his head and said, "Miss Chen still doesn't know something, nowadays in the pharmaceutical industry, the only ones that really have strict patent protection and are able to follow through with it are the chemical synthesis drugs."

    Chen Duo Duo asked, "Chemically synthesized class of drugs?What do you mean?"

    Wei Liang said: "Chemically synthesized drugs all have a strict and clear chemical molecular formula, and their chemical structure is very stable, for example, the special drug for leukemia, Gleevec, is imatinib mesylate, which is one of the world's best-selling special oncology drugs produced by Novartis, as long as Novartis applies this chemical formula.Patented, then any other company that produces a chemical product with the same ingredients will be considered an infringement."

    After a pause, Wei Liang said, "However, Chinese medicine it itself is not a chemical product, he is many different kinds of Chinese herbs, with a specific ratio to match, so as to have a curative effect, this formula is difficult to apply for a patent, and it is also difficult to be effectively protected by the patent law, and it is even difficult to go to sue someone for infringement."

    "For example, we all know about the slab root punch, right?How can you patent this formula when its main ingredients are crude root and sucrose?This is the kind of thing that ordinary people can make at home as long as they get the formula leaked, and the pharmaceutical companies can't take these ordinary people to court, can they?"

    Chen Duo Duo said, "Even if ordinary people can't sue for infringement, at least pharmaceutical companies can always sue for infringement, right?"

    Wei Liang shook his head and said: "Miss Chen, you think too simple, first of all, this kind of nature already exists, itself is difficult to apply for a patent, for example, almost all of Asia is a staple food of rice, if suddenly one day research shows that rice can be used to treat a certain disease, and then a pharmaceutical company, to apply for a patent for rice, the international patent organization is not at all!It's also impossible to give him a pass."

    "Moreover, even though a complex formula can be patented, the chances of it being cracked by a competitor are very high, in the case of an anti-dampness formula, as long as a few adjustments are made to the original foundation, for example, the dose ration is slightly changed, and the individual medicine is replaced with other similar herbs, it will be able to perfectly avoid a patent without affecting the efficacy of the medicine much."

    "So, in the end, patent protection for proprietary medicines is very weak, and the best way to avoid being infringed upon to the greatest extent possible is to get a head start and have consumers recognize our brands and medicines, so that even if our competitors copy medicines that are similar to ours, we will be able to get a head start at the consumer level."

    "It's just like Yunnan Baiyao, there are actually many kinds of medicines on the market that are similarly effective to Yunnan Baiyao, and their ingredients and formulas are basically the same, but because Yunnan Baiyao became famous earlier and has a good mass base among the common people, those generic medicines can't hurt the foundation of Yunnan Baiyao."

    Chen Duo Duo trailed off, "You've said so much, I just want to ask you one question, is this prescription of yours also from the ancient Chinese formula?Does this mean that you are also plagiarizing the achievements of your ancestors?"

    Wei Liang shook his head, "I'm not really sure about that."

    "You're not clear?"Chen Duo Duo was even more puzzled and pursued him, "You produce your own medicine, where did the prescription come from, don't you know?"

    Wei Liang was very serious and said, "The prescription is from our boss."

    "Your boss?"Chen Duo Duo was surprised and asked, "Is the boss a doctor?"

    With infinite reverence on his face, Wei Liang lamented, "Our boss, is the true dragon on earth, the world-renowned Hua Tuo!"

    "Cut!"Chen Duo Duo said disdainfully, "Don't brag here, what kind of true dragon on earth, what kind of worldly Hua Tuo, there are still people who dare to call these titles ah?"


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