Secret Identity 1351-1360


Chapter 1351

Ito Nana-chan saw Kobayashi Jiro come in, her pretty eyebrows furrowed slightly.

    Ever since the last time she had lunch with Kobayashi Jiro, Kobayashi Jiro had been coming to the door repeatedly, causing Ito Nana-chan to be annoyed.

    In fact, Ito Naija-chan deliberately voiced her choice of spouse when she was eating that day, saying that when it comes to her other half, the most important thing is to be stronger than herself, in order for Kobayashi Jiro to know the difficulty and retreat.

    However, Kobayashi Jiro seemed to instinctively filter out that sentence of hers.

    What was even more excessive was that the guy had checked out of the Shangri-La room and moved to the Jinling International Hotel, simply living across the street from Ito's, much to Ito's displeasure.

    However, her father, Yuuhiko Ito, kept asking her to be friendlier to Jirou Kobayashi, which depressed Ito's cabbage even more.

    Being disgusted, but not being able to get angry or chase it away was as irritating as having a large fly buzzing around and parting in her ear.

    Although Tanaka Koichi was well aware that his own eldest sister was rather disgusted with this Kobayashi Jiro, but since the chairman-sama had given orders, he reached out his hand to receive the flowers from Kobayashi Jiro and said respectfully, "You are kind, Kobayashi-san, and I thank you for our eldest sister."

    Kobayashi Jiro nodded, stepped in front of Ito Nanae and said with a gentleman's smile "Miss Nanae, I'll be cheering you on from the stage later."

    Ito Rape said with a blank expression "Kobayashi-san, I prefer to be quiet before a match, so please go out first."

    Kobayashi Jiro smiled "I can be quiet and just watch Nanaeko-san silently!".

    Ito Nana-chan didn't expect Kobayashi Jiro to be so thick-skinned, so she bluntly said "Make yourself at home, Kobayashi-san, I need to close my eyes for a while."

    Kobayashi Jiro nodded, and simply sat down on the diagonal opposite of Ito's vegetable.

    Looking at the beautiful eyes slightly closed, full of calm face Ito Nashiko, he could not help but heart again.

    Pondering this woman, really quiet as a virgin, moving as a rabbit, on stage so valiant, but quiet, but light as water, and, her face is so beautiful and touching, simply the Japanese men's favorite Yamato Nadeshiko!

    Yamato Nadeshiko is not a personal name, but rather a term unique to Japanese culture, referring to women who are quiet and reserved, gentle and considerate, mature and steady, and who also possess noble virtues and excellent temperament.

    It can be said that a woman of the Yamato Nadeshiko type is the goddess of all Japanese men's dreams in Japan.

    Japanese men often regard her as the ideal woman to be pursued for the rest of their lives.

    Therefore, Kobayashi Jiro had also already considered Ito Nadeshiko, as his best life partner, and no matter what, he would do his best to pursue her to the end!

    A man who gets such a perfect woman is truly worthy of his life!

    Ten minutes later, a staff member from the tournament organizing committee knocked on the door and said, "Ms. Ito Nana-chan please prepare to enter, your match is in ring number two."

    Ito Nanaako stood up, bowed slightly and said "Thank you!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki on the side with a somewhat cold expression, opened his mouth and asked, "What ring is Chinese fighter Qin Ao Xue in?"

    The staff said "number four."


Yamamoto Kazuki then said to Ito Cabbage "Cabbage, I'm sure you'll be able to KO your opponent straight away in the first round of this match, so I won't be there to guide you in the match."

    Ito Naija asked curiously "Master, are you going to watch that Qin Ao Xue match?"

    "Yes."Yamamoto Kazuki said "I'm going to see just how powerful her coach is that she was able to abolish that Zhao Haichao with a single blow, if he really has real talent, then he will definitely be a huge threat to us in the future, and I'll also see if that Qin Ao Xue has made any progress under his guidance."

    Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly leaned in and said with a serious face "Mr. Yamamoto please go ahead and get busy, and on Miss Cabbage's side, I will accompany her throughout the match!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki shook his head helplessly.

    He was also somewhat disgusted with Kobayashi Jiro, believing that such an unarmed man was not worthy of his illustrious apprentice, and that buzzing around here like a fly would only be annoying.

    However, although he was a noble national treasure in Japan, he had to give enough respect in the face of the Ito family and in the face of Yuhiko Ito, so it was not good to express his disgust and disdain for him directly to Kobayashi Jiro, so he simply treated him as air and ignored him.

    Kobayashi Jiro didn't expect Yamamoto Kazuki to ignore him and was a little annoyed, but he knew that Yamamoto Kazuki was Itachi's mentor and someone that Itachi had great respect for, so he could only suppress his annoyance.

    Not only did he choose to swallow his anger, he would also take the opportunity to shoot Yamamoto Kazuki a wave of horses and said with a smile, "Mr. Yamamoto, you are a famous top-notch expert in Japan, there is no need to put a coach of a second-rate Chinese player in your eyes, both the coach and the player are definitely not as good as you and Miss Nana-chan!In my eyes, Cabbage, under your leadership, will win two Olympics in a row!Both of you will then become the light of Japan known around the world!"

    As the saying goes, a thousand wears a horse's ass, and Yamamoto Kazuki was proud to hear such compliments.

    When he was young, he had bad luck, and although he was the strongest in Japan, he had been pressured by several older Chinese players and had never won a world championship.

    Then he got too old to play the Olympics, and the Olympics became a big regret for him.

    Now, his biggest goal was to bring out a disciple who could win the Olympics, and when his disciple represented him on the Olympic championship podium, his lifelong regret would be made up for.

    Immediately, Itachi and Yamamoto went out of the lounge together, while Kobayashi Jiro and Tanaka Koichi followed behind them.

    As soon as they went out, just in the room next door, Ye Chen also walked out side by side with Qin Ao Xue.

    As soon as Qin Ao Xue saw Yamamoto Kazuki and Itachi, she exclaimed and whispered, "Master Ye, that girl is Itachi!Next to her is Japan's national treasure, Kazuki Yamamoto!"

    Ye Chen looked up and was momentarily shocked by Itachi's appearance.

    He had seen many beautiful women, but it was the first time he had seen a woman who could give such a clear feeling.

    Yamamoto Kazuki also recognized Qin Ao Xue, and immediately after, he focused his attention on Ye Chen.

    In his heart, he wondered if this young man was Qin Ao Xue's new coach?It didn't seem like there was anything remarkable about it.

    And at this time, when Kobayashi Jiro saw Ye Chen, he boarded up as if he had seen a ghost!

    He knows Ye Chen!

    Because, in the beginning, Ye Chen indirectly poisoned his own father and was commissioned by himself to kill his own brother, along with extorting 11 billion RMB from his family!

    At that time, he had asked someone to look into Ye Chen's profile and get a picture of him!

    I never thought I'd meet this Sha Xing here!


When Ye Chen was looking at Itoh Cabbage, he noticed that behind her, there was a strange gaze that was looking at him.

    He subconsciously frowned and looked, but he saw a look, a somewhat familiar looking creepy man, looking at himself with a frightened face.

    Don't look at this brat who looked like a man of five or six, but under Ye Chen's fiery eyes, he could tell at a glance that this brat was no good, he must be the kind of scum who was full of benevolence and morality, full of men and women thieves and prostitutes.

    With this glance, Ye Chen watched Kobayashi Jiro tremble all over!

    He couldn't stop shaking, because this Ye Chen really left an extremely deep impression on him.

    He had seen ruthless people, and it was said that earlier in Hong Kong, there was a big brother who kidnapped the richest man's son, walked into the richest man's villa with a bomb strapped all over him, and then extorted a billion Hong Kong dollars.

    He had also heard of a world-shaking money truck robbery in Europe, where the robbers stole over 100 million euros from the truck.

    But he had never heard of the son of a bitch who poisoned someone to death with poison and swindled his family out of 10 billion RMB.

    Ye Chen was this kind of unimaginable and unheard of animal.

    According to his investigation, Ye Chen's methods were extremely ruthless, when his own brother, Kobayashi Ichiro brought several extraordinary bodyguards to Jinling, it was said that all of them were chopped up by his men and fed to dogs, the thought of this incident, he was creeped out.

    This time, he was also afraid that he would meet Ye Chen, so he kept a very low profile and only stayed in the hotel after arriving in Jinling, rarely going out.

    But he didn't expect that he would meet this fury at the scene of the University Student Scramble Competition!

    Therefore, he was extremely nervous.

    Ye Chen could also see that he was very nervous and was curious, he had not seen this man and should not have known him before, so why was he looking at him with such a frightened look?

    A moment later, Ye Chen suddenly wondered why he was looking at this guy with some familiarity!

    This guy's appearance was so six or seven points similar to Kobayashi Jiro who was feeding the dogs at Hongwu's dog farm.

    While Ye Chen was sizing up Kobayashi Jiro, Itoh Cabbage's trainer, Yamamoto Kazuki, was also sizing him up.

    Also sizing up Ye Chen was also Ito Nana-chan, who was beside Yamamoto Kazuki.

    Since they had heard Zhao Haichao talk about Ye Chen before, they both, tried to be able to see Ye Chen's approximate cultivation through their eyes.

    Ye Chen now looked at Kobayashi Jiro and smiled warmly, "Oops!If I'm not mistaken, this is Mr. Kobayashi Jiro of the Kobayashi family, right?"

    Kobayashi Jiro couldn't help but shiver as he looked at Ye Chen who was smiling with enthusiasm.

    But he knew that he was now in Ye Chen's territory, and he could not provoke or slow down this kind of fury by saying anything.

    So, Kobayashi Jiro could only force a smile and said shakily, "Your Excellency Court must be Mr. Ye Chen Ye, right?"

    When Ye Chen heard Kobayashi Jiro say his name, he laughed, "Mr. Kobayashi is really very smart, the two of us had never met before today in our lifetimes, and you recognized me."

    Kobayashi Jiro looked at Ye Chen, his heart was dripping with blood while he cursed in his heart, "You bastard, how could I not recognize you, you are the culprit who screwed our Kobayashi family with 11 billion RMB and killed two of our immediate family members!"

    "Although my brother was paid by me to hire you to kill him, he died at your hands anyway."

    Although Kobayashi Jiro was angry in his heart, he didn't dare to be disobedient on his face and hastily compensated with a smile and said, "Mr. Ye, I didn't expect you to be so handsome, tall and dashing in person!"


Ye Chen laughed, "Mr. Kobayashi isn't bad, seeing as how you clean up completely like a spirit boy, but you're just a little shorter."

    Kobayashi Jiro was depressed.

    He was less than 1.7 meters tall, and although he was already normal height in the Asian male population, he was far from that standard of being a rich and handsome man.

    Kobayashi Jiro dreamed of growing to one meter eighteen, but after trying many ways, he still couldn't get his wish.

    Therefore, the issue of height had always been a pain in his heart.

    Right now, in front of Itachi's face, he was being ridiculed about his height by the 1.85-meter Ye Chen, which made him somewhat unable to hang on to his face.

    Ye Chen then said, "Hey, Mr. Kobayashi, I didn't expect you to speak Mandarin very well, but you're a lot better than that brother of yours!"

    Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly said, "My brother was lazy before his death, so he never studied very seriously."

    "Oh," Ye Chen nodded lightly and smiled, "I heard that Mr. Kobayashi's business, sponsored this scrimmage tournament, that's why you came to Jinling, right?"

    "Yes yes yes" Kobayashi Jiro wiped a cold sweat from his forehead and busily said, "We are the sponsors of this competition and I am personally going to present the award to the winner of this competition after the final."

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, and said to Qin Aoxue beside him, "Aoxue, have you seen this little dwarf?Back when you win the title, he'll be the one to give you the award.


    Hearing this, Kobayashi Jiro was very depressed!

    I'm not that short in Japan, so why is this Ye Chen calling himself a dwarf?

    And he speaks too low of himself, he is at least a 6 meters and a few meters of a living person standing here, he even asked that Qin Ao Xue, see his own little dwarf not?

    Is he already so short that Qin Ao Xue can't see him?

    Kobayashi Jiro was extremely depressed, but he knew he was in someone else's territory, so he didn't dare to reveal his frustration and anger.

    At this time, Yamamoto Kazuki, who was next to him, had an ugly expression.

    He looked at Ye Chen and coldly said, "This gentleman's tone of voice is a bit too arrogant, isn't it?"

    Ye Chen frowned and pointed at Kobayashi Jiro, asking Yamamoto Kazuki, "Old man, look for yourself, was I wrong to call him a dwarf?"

    Kobayashi Jiro suffered another violent attack and almost had a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat.

    At the side, Itoh Nabiki suddenly puffed out a laugh.

    She heard that Ye Chen was deliberately using the opportunity to ridicule Kobayashi Jiro, but she didn't expect the man to be so humorous.

    At this time, Yamamoto Kazuki, however, said with a black face, "The arrogant tone I'm talking about isn't this little short guy, but what you just said to Qin Ao Xue, the winner of this tournament must be this Ito Nai Nai Nai Zi beside me, she's the youngest and most promising scramble master in our Japan!No one else among their peers!"

    As soon as Ito Cabbage heard this, she hastily bowed her head slightly and humbly said, "Master you have spoken too much, there is an old Chinese saying that there is a heaven outside the sky and a man outside the human body, Cabbage wouldn't dare to presume to claim that no one can do it"

    Yamamoto Kazuki said coldly, "Cabbage Patch!A martial artist must have the conviction and confidence to win at all times!"


Ye Chen was now sizing up Yamamoto Kazuki with interest.

    In fact, he didn't know much about the Scatter Combat circle himself, and if it wasn't for Qin Ao Xue who was going to participate in this competition, he wouldn't have paid attention to the people in this circle at all.

    Because in his opinion, even if he practiced to the extreme, casual combat was just what traditional martial arts called an outsider's son.

    The world knew that fights that only trained muscles and bones and techniques were the most basic outer disciples, and those who were good at using Qi and using internal energy and using it to drive the whole body were the true inner disciples.

    However, there are countless people practicing martial arts in the whole world, even a three-year-old child learning Taekwondo is more or less, considered to be a martial arts practitioner, but among all these people, it is hard to find one in ten thousand who can truly use qi energy.

    Yamamoto Kazuki, a man who, at a glance, was an outside expert, not to mention that he was already about the same age as his own father-in-law, but his physical qualities were strong, his musculoskeletal and the explosive power of his entire body were far above the average person.

    But in front of a true insider's expert, Yamamoto Kazuki was almost unbeatable.

    The key reason why such an outside expert was able to win a medal in an international competition was because an inside expert simply didn't care to participate in such competitions.

    If this kind of competition was compared to a talent show like The Voice, then the inner experts were the world's top superpower singers, like the late tenor Pavarotti.

    With a height like Pavarotti's, let alone letting him compete in The Voice, it would be degrading to his identity and status in the music industry to have him as a mentor.

    It's just a pity that a lot of foreign masters don't understand this, they think that all of them are the best masters from all over the world except those who participate in the competition, but they don't know.Experts in the true sense of the word didn't care to participate in such a childish competition.

    Therefore, there was even less need to mention a top expert like Ye Chen.

    Because of this, Yamamoto Kazuki, who looked like a master in front of him, was simply like a mole in Ye Chen's eyes.

    Ye Chen sized him up and asked with a smile, "This gentleman, what makes you so confident that Itachi Kazuki is the champion?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki said with a arrogant face, "I have been in the world of casual fighting for many years, and my experience in casual fighting is far beyond that of ordinary mortals.

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "Mr. Yamamoto is a bit overconfident, what makes you think that your experience in casual fighting surpasses that of an ordinary person?And what makes you think you're going to build a world champion with that little bit of skill you've poured into it?If all your experience and skills are only second and third rate in the martial arts journey, how can Miss Cabbage follow you and learn from you to win a world championship?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki said sternly "Kid, I know you have a few points of strength, but you're a bit too defiant to talk like that!"

    Ye Chen smiled "Whether or not it's an eyesore, I'm sure you'll find out before long."


After saying that, he looked at the startled Ito Naija and said with a smile, "Miss Naija, your root bones and meridians are indeed very good, using our traditional Chinese martial arts perspective, your Ren and Zhu veins are nearly half open, if all of them are open, then you will have the opportunity to become an internal disciple."

    "The Ren and Zhu Vessels?!"Ito Nana-chan was surprised and asked "Is this the Rendui vein that Chinese martial arts chivalry talks about?Also, what is an inner disciple?!"

    Ye Chen said seriously "Wuxia is also based on traditional martial arts creation, just like the Renguo vein mentioned inside, this concept was not proposed by the author of Wuxia, but by the ancestors of Chinese traditional medicine thousands of years ago."

    "As for the internal disciple you ask, let me put it to you this way, if you practice in the way you are practicing now, even if you practice for another forty or fifty years, when you are the same age as this Master Yamamoto, you still haven't really stepped into the door of martial arts, the only way to become an internal disciple is to open up the Rendu and Rendu veins, supplemented by the internal energy techniques taught by the internal experts."

    Itachi Nabiki asked again "Is that inner family disciple very strong?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki sneered "Cabbage, don't listen to this kid's words, the so-called internal and external family is just a way to cheat people in ancient Chinese martial arts, do you remember I used to show you some old Chinese men and women who claimed to be Tai Chi masters?"

    Ito "Remember"

    Yamamoto Ichimu scoffed and said, "Some old ladies wearing a white taiji costume can hit more than a dozen strong men with a single swing of their hands.It's just a show!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "There's no denying that there are indeed many people waving around under the banner of an internal disciple, but that's just the individual actions of some fraudsters, you can't deny the existence of the thing itself just because someone is relying on this to cheat."

    "By the way, some time ago I met a few guys in Jinling who claimed to be Japanese karate masters, they were bodyguards for a big shot, and one by one they boasted themselves as if they were invincible, but as a result, all of them were fed to the dogs by my friends, am I going to deny your Japanese karate just because these guys are not strong enough to do it?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki was speechless for a moment, he didn't know if this story that Ye Chen was talking about was true or not.

    Kobayashi Jiro, who was on the side, had a very frightened expression.

    He knew what Ye Chen said, who those Japanese karate experts were.

    His own brother, Kobayashi Ichiro, had always had a team of bodyguards who were all Japanese karate masters.

    But what happened to them later, he already knew.

    But Yamamoto Kazuki didn't know this, he said with a sneer, "Kid, your so-called Taiji and internal strength, also dare to compare with my Japanese karate?Let me tell you, karate is the most powerful fighting technique in the world, bar none!It's a hundred and eighty thousand miles stronger than the kind of Tai Chi divine power you find actors to perform!"

    Ye Chen smiled "Mr. Yamamoto, I'm not talented, I've learned a little bit of Tai Chi and Internal Kung Fu, if you don't believe me, do you dare to stand here and extend your hands to receive my one-handed palm?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki said with a arrogant face, "Why wouldn't I dare?But if I carry your slap, I want you to kneel down and say that Chinese kung fu is all rubbish, and you, a modern-day sick man of East Asia!"


"East Asian sick man?"

    Hearing these four words, a playful smile hung on Ye Chen's face.

    It seemed that this Yamamoto Kazuki was really arrogant.

    But he seemed to have some misunderstanding about his own strength.

    With a trashy foreigner like him, even if he trained his skin kung fu to the extreme, he would not be his opponent.

    Originally it wouldn't hurt to cut and despise a couple of times, but I didn't expect that this bastard was too devoid of the spirit of athletic competition.

    It's a bit hateful that he even brought out the four words East Asian sick man!

    So, Ye Chen smiled slightly and spoke "Since Mr. Yamamoto wants to play a little bigger, we might as well put the stakes even higher.

    Yamamoto Kazuki sneered and said "No matter how big you play, I'll accompany you to the end."

    To Yamamoto Kazuki, even if Ye Chen was strong, he would never be able to defeat himself in one slap.

    So he made this bet with him, no matter what, he was sure to win, so he didn't care to raise the stakes even higher.

    Ye Chen then smiled and said "so, I am the fairest and most principled person to do things, since you mentioned the four words East Asian sick man, and I, as a Chinese, happen to be the most disgusted by these four words, then we might as well make a bet, whoever loses the bet, the winning side, will use a knife and carve these four words on the forehead of the losing side."

    Yamamoto Kazuki laughed after hearing this "Kid, I didn't want to play so desperately, but I didn't expect that you would find your own death.

    Ye Chen laughed "It doesn't matter if you are looking for death or not, we are all out to play, since I dare to say it, I can naturally afford to play, just tell me if you dare to play!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki didn't expect Ye Chen to be so rigid and immediately said with a sneer, "What do I dare not?With so many people witnessing it, whoever is afraid is the real sick man of East Asia, come on!"

    Ito Naija hurriedly persuaded "Two, a little matter, why make such an unpleasant scene."

    After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen and said seriously "this sir, my master is not too good-tempered, I apologize on his behalf, he should not mention those four words in front of you, hurt your feelings, and I hope you do not mind!".

    Kazuki Yamamoto snapped harshly "Veggie!Although you are the noble Miss of the Ito Family, you are not required or allowed to interfere in the affairs of your master!"

    Itachi Nana-chan was so scolded by him and immediately bowed apologetically and said, "I'm sorry, Master!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki didn't pay any more attention to her, but looked at Ye Chen and said indifferently "Before we start, we need to make it clear how it's going to be a win or lose situation."

    Ye Chen nodded his head "It's simple, I'll slap you, and after that, as long as you can stand up, it's considered that I've lost."

    Yamamoto Kazuki secretly thought "There are too many loopholes that can be exploited in this!"

    "First of all, even if he injures one of his legs with a slap, he can still stand up by leaning on his other leg."

    "Secondly, even if he injures both of his legs with one slap, he can still stand up by leaning on his hands and climbing on something else."

    "So, no matter how you play, you're still the winner!"

    So, he arrogantly said, "If that's the case, then do as you say and strike!"

    The corners of Ye Chen's mouth turned up slightly.

    He didn't even need to make any preparations, he just casually slapped Yamamoto in place and gave a soft slap.

    If one simply looked at the force of his slap, those who didn't know would have thought that he was going to give a friendly high five to Yamamoto Kazuki.


However, no one knew that Ye Chen's palm was wrapped with powerful internal energy and aura.

    Yamamoto Yiki, looking at Ye Chen's harmless palm, almost immediately sneered out.

    He said with a face full of disdain "With a palm like yours, it's not as good as a three year old child, I can kill him with just one hand"

    Yamamoto Kazuki wanted to say that he could defuse it with just a single hand, but before the word defuse could be said, Ye Chen's palm had just touched his skin, and his whole body was like being hit head-on by a high-speed train, followed by a sharp pain.

    Yamamoto Kazuki's ah, and his entire body had flown backwards at high speed.

    This flight drew a 20-meter long parabolic line in the air!

    Before the moment he landed on the ground, his tendons and veins were already in the air, shaken by Ye Chen's aura, until they were all broken!

    In other words, in that period of time flying through the air, he had gone from being a recognized martial arts master in all of Japan to an unarmed wreck of a man.

    Immediately afterwards Yamamoto Kazuki crashed heavily to the ground with a bang!

    At the moment Yamamoto fell to the ground, a stream of atomized blood spurted from his mouth!

    Seeing a cloud of blood mist rising into the air, Yamamoto Kazuki, filled with pain and fear, tried to get up, but as a result, he found that he couldn't use half the strength of his arms and legs.

    He didn't know traditional Chinese martial arts.

    Otherwise, he would have immediately [58 Novel] been able to determine his current state.

    If one were to use four words to describe it, it would be, the meridians are completely broken.

    In traditional Chinese martial arts, once a person's meridians are severed, then it is impossible to get rid of the word waste.

    Unlike paraplegia, if one compares one's nerves to an intricate highway, then the main road from the brain to the entire body is now at one's cervical vertebrae.

    Paraplegia equals complete destruction of the trunk road at the cervical vertebrae, so that the brain and body cannot communicate effectively.

    And a complete destruction of the meridians is equivalent to the destruction of the whole body, all the nerves, that is, the highway, whether main or branch!

    Kazuki Yamamoto is the latter at this point!

    Ito Nanae saw her master, lying on the ground unable to move, full of extreme pain, hurriedly ran to his front, nervous and incomparable asked "Master, how are you?Are you okay?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki's lips trembled slightly and said with horror in his eyes "I I can't feel my limbs, I can't feel my torso, I can't feel anything I I'm wasted"

    After saying this, Yamamoto Kazuki's two eyes shed two lines of muddy old tears.

    He really didn't expect that he would end up in such a miserable state after so many years in the martial world!

    Hearing this, Ito Naija fainted in fright, then hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and begged out of his mouth, "This sir, please save my master!I'm on my knees for you!"

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly "His entire body's meridians have been completely fractured, and he can only fend for himself for the rest of his life!"

    After saying that, he stepped forward to Yamamoto Kazuki, lowered his head, looked down at him, and said indifferently, "Yamamoto Kazuki, there is a popular saying on the Chinese network, it's called begging for the hammer to get the hammer, I don't want to cripple you, but you are biased to send me to beg me to cripple you, then I can't do anything about it."

    "Also, don't think that this is the end, our bet has just begun, I'll give you a minute to stand up, if you can't stand up, then I win our bet."

    "Since I won, then I'm going to carve the four words East Asian Sick Man on your forehead!"


At this moment, Yamamoto Kazuki trembled in fear.

    This was the first time in his life that he felt terrified from the depths of his soul.

    He had never seen an expert like this before, and even this had far exceeded his knowledge of experts.

    What kind of expert would have such terrifying strength that a soft palm actually turned him into a complete wreck.

    The key point was that even though he had completely beaten himself into a cripple with a single slap, he was still not satisfied and wanted to carve that humiliating four-letter word on his forehead.

    Thinking of this, he panicked and begged, "Sir, I am not as skilled as others, and I deserve to be crippled by you, but I beg you to give me one last face, and not to carve those four words, onto my forehead, please!"

    At the side, Itoh Cabbage also bowed to Ye Chen with tears in her eyes, and said in an urgent and pleading voice, "Sir, please, for the sake of my master's advanced age, give him a chance!"

    Ye Chen looked at Itochi and asked rhetorically, "If the loser was me, with what you know about him, do you think he would give me a chance?"

    Itachi would be speechless.

    She knew what kind of person her master was.

    It couldn't be said that he was a bad guy who was unforgivable, but he was definitely a ruthless person who said one thing but not another.

    With Master's character, if he was the one who won Ye Chen, then he would definitely not give Ye Chen any chance to beg for mercy.

    Thinking of this, Itoh Cabbage didn't know what to do all of a sudden.

    She wanted to continue pleading, but she felt that pleading wouldn't serve any real purpose.

    Although she didn't know the Chinese man in front of her, she knew that part of China and Japan's history back then.

    Therefore, she also understood that the four words "East Asian sick man" were an existence that every Chinese and every Chinese son and daughter abhorred.

    For so many years, the Chinese people have been self-improving, from a feudal society that was bullied, they have become the second largest and most powerful country in the world, and more than a billion Chinese people have been working hard for hundreds of years to get rid of the word "sick man of East Asia" and to make the Chinese nation rise again on top of the world.

    Under such circumstances, Master even bet with him with the words "sick man of East Asia", is not it tantamount to touching his scale?

    Thinking of this, Ito Naija cried, "Sir, my master he is old and should have enjoyed his old age, it was for my sake that he re-emerged from the mountain, he has now lost his mobility, the rest of his life will definitely be very hard, he has already suffered a very harsh punishment, just please hold your hand high and don't humiliate him anymore."

    Ye Chen glared at Itoh Cabbage and asked rhetorically, "When he mentioned the four words East Asian Sick Man to me, why didn't you think about the fact that it wasn't just me he was humiliating, but the entire Chinese nation?Does he think that I, the sons and daughters of China, am still as vulnerable to humiliation as I was a hundred years ago?"

    Ito's heart thudded.

    It seemed that Master had really offended this young Chinese man this time.

    The other side would definitely not let up.

    At this time, Sanbon Kazuki was also very terrified inside.

    If he were to lie in bed for the rest of his life, he would barely be able to bite the bullet, but if he were to have an East Asian sick man with a knife carved into his forehead, he would truly be worse off than dead!


So he cried out bitterly, "Sir, I will pay you!Lots and lots of money!You've given all my life savings to you, and all I ask is that you let me go this time!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "No matter how rich you are, can you have as much money as I do?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki busily said, "I have nearly $100 million in savings, and if you, sir, will let me go, I can give you all that money, which translates to at least five or six hundred million yuan!"

    On the side, Itoh Cabbage was also busy saying, "Sir, if it's a matter of money, then I can also give you a relatively generous figure, so how about I make it up to you for 100 million dollars as well."

    Ye Chen looked at Yamamoto Kazuki, then at Itachi Cabbage, then pointed at the frightened Kobayashi Jiro and said, "You two ask this little dwarf how much money I have."

    Kobayashi Jiro's legs trembled with a strong shudder and stammered, "Mr. Hayate, how much money do you have, I really don't know".

    "Don't know?"Ye Chen smiled, "Then just tell them how much money your Kobayashi family alone has filially honored me with."

    Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly said, "That Mr. Yamamoto, Miss Ito, filially honored our Kobayashi family alone to Mr. Ye with ten billion."

    "How much?"Ye Chen frowned, "How did it turn into ten billion?"

    Kobayashi Jiro's heart was terrified.

    In fact, the entire Kobayashi family had paid 11 billion yuan to Ye Chen, 10 billion of which was given to him by order of his father, Masao Kobayashi, when he was alive and used to buy the patent of the medicine.

    The remaining 1 billion was given to him privately and used to murder his own brother.

    Therefore, he didn't dare to collect the 1 billion as well, so he said a 10 billion.

    Seeing that Ye Chen was very dissatisfied, he could only say with a hard scalp, "I'm sorry sorry I was a bit nervous and my brain was a bit confused, in fact, our Xiao Lin family filially paid a total of 11 billion RMB to Master Ye, which is nearly 2 billion US dollars"

    Yamamoto Kazuki was dumbfounded by this figure.

    The Kobayashi family alone had contributed 11 billion RMB to this young man?

    What's the reason for this?Isn't he just a coach?Why give Qin Ao Xue as a coach when there are over 10 billion RMB!

    Ito Nana-chan was also scared.

    Although the Ito family was very rich, but Ito Naija was still in school after all, the money she had saved through various channels since she was a child added up to only fifty million US dollars, promising one hundred million to Ye Chen, and the remaining fifty million, she had to find a way to ask her family for it.

    But she didn't expect that Ye Chen was so rich!

    So, I'm afraid that spending money won't make him noble.

    At this time, Yamamoto Kazuki was filled with despair.

    He looked at Ye Chen's eyes had become red and swollen and choked, "Mr. Ye, I really know that I was wrong, I only beg you to lift your hand and not take away the last bit of dignity I have as a martial artist you and I are both martial artists, I'm sure you will be able to empathize with my feelings"

    Ye Chen laughed, and said, "Don't be arrogant when you're empty-eyed, cry and beg for mercy when you can't carry it, it's useless, I'm a person who hates people insulting our country and nation in my life, leaving you alive is already a virtue of your ancestors, otherwise, that slap just now, I can send you to see the Great God of Tianzhao."

    Saying that, Ye Chen took out his cell phone and called Hong Wu, commanding, "Hong Wu, come to the Jinling Stadium, it's time to show off your human flesh method again!"


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