Secret Identity 1371-1380


Chapter 1371

Wei Liang saw that Chen Duo Duo was somewhat disdainful of his boss, and said righteously, "Miss Chen, you can look down on me, but you absolutely cannot look down on my boss, if you have been in contact with my boss for a long time, you will know that everything I said is not empty words."

    Chen Duo Duo left her mouth, and when she wanted to say something else, Gu Qiuyi, who was beside her, grabbed her and advised, "Duo Duo, don't be so rude when you go out, I do believe what General Manager Wei said, if a person can research such a miraculous stomach medicine as Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse, there's nothing wrong with saying that he is the world's Hua Tuo on this basis alone."

    Chen Duo Duo threw out his tongue, "Alright, since you've said that, then I won't raise my voice with him, I was going to tease him."

    Wei Liang was momentarily speechless, not expecting that this girl was deliberately lifting the bar with him.

    At any rate, he was a big man, and he was somewhat depressed when he found himself being played by a woman, but when he thought that this woman was Gu Qiuyi's agent, so he could only hide his depression deep in his heart.

    At this time, the workshop director quickly ran over and said to him, "Manager Wei, General Manager Ye is here!"

    As soon as his words fell, Ye Chen had changed into a dust-free suit and stepped into the workshop.

    The moment he entered, Gu Qiuyi saw his face and was suddenly a little stunned.

    She asked Wei Liang beside her in a low voice, "This man is your boss?!"

    Wei Liang nodded, "Yes."

    "What's his name?!"

    Wei Liang said, "Master Ye Chen Ye, what's wrong?"

    Gu Qiuyi's entire body was struck by lightning, while Chen Duo on the other side of the table left his mouth open and said, "How can anyone have a name that is five characters long?What else is Master Ye Chen Ye, then I'll call Chen Duo Duo the Great Beauty!Six words for me, one more than him!"

    Gu Qiuyi suddenly snapped, "Duo Duo!No rudeness!"

    Chen Duo was shocked.

    She had never seen Gu Qiuyi angry with herself.

    But the current Gu Qiu Yi was clearly already angry.

    In fact, Chen Duo Duo was not only Gu Qiuyi's agent, but also Gu Qiuyi's cousin.

    She was the child of Gu Qiuyi's own aunt, and the two of them had been very close since they were young, but later on, when Gu Qiuyi entered the entertainment industry, Chen Duo Duo volunteered to be her agent.

    This is also the reason why Chen Duo Duo dared to play any kind of jokes with her and didn't treat her as his boss at all.

    At this time, Gu Qiuyi looked at Ye Chen who was getting closer and closer, so nervous that even her breathing rhythm was completely messed up.

    Ye Chen stepped in front of the three of them and looked at Gu Qiu Yi and Chen Duoduo, and was inwardly a little shocked.

    What exactly had happened in the past two days?It was always the case that you would see such eye-catching, if not breathtakingly beautiful women.

    Ito Nadeshiko was one, and Gu Qiuyi was another.

    Unlike the kind of Yamato Nadeshiko's gentleness that Ito Nadeshiko had, Gu Qiu Yi seemed to be born with a cold air on her body.

    In her coldness, she carried a full noble temperament, and at a glance, she was a woman from an unusual background.

    In fact, there are two kinds of noble temperament in a person, one is cultivated from childhood and the other is cultivated halfway.

    Most of the rich people have some nobility on their bodies, but it can be seen in the nobility that they are not from childhood.

    This was because many rich people, all of whom had struggled hard on their own, simply did not have the temperament cultivated by the great families of the past generations.

    Even the second generation of the rich might not be able to have enough sediment.


True sedimentation must take place over at least three, if not four, generations.

    Only after several generations of sedimentation could a family cultivate a true noble temperament.

    In Jinling, there was only one woman who truly had that kind of temperament, and that was Song Wanting.

    And the kind of temperament that Gu Qiuyi had was even a few points better than Song Wanting.

    Ye Chen put away his surprise, looked at the two women and smiled slightly, slightly apologetic and said, "I'm sorry you two, there's a bit of a delay today, I've kept you two waiting."

    Gu Qiuyi plucked up the courage to ask him, "You you called Ye Chen?"

    Ye Chen nodded, "That's right, what's wrong?What's wrong with Miss Gu?"

    Gu Qiuyi pointed at herself, her beautiful eyes staring at him as she asked, "Do you still remember me?"

    As soon as this was said, the other three people, including Ye Chen, were all stunned.

    Wei Liang and Chen Duo Duo were a bit surprised, could it be that, Gu Qiuyi knew Ye Chen?

    Ye Chen was also surprised, it was said that this Gu Qiuyi, was a big star from Yanjing, could it be that she knew herself?

    However, something didn't seem right about this.

    I had already left Yanjing when I was eight years old, and looking at this Gu Qiu Yi, it felt like she should be a year or two younger than him, which meant that when he had left Yanjing, Gu Qiu Yi was, at most, six or seven years old.

    How could she know herself?

    I don't have the impression that I know her.

    However, from the way Gu Qiuyi looked at herself, Ye Chen could guess that she must have recognized her.

    Moreover, she was from Yanjing, and she hadn't been back to Yanjing for so many years, so it could be guessed that she knew herself from Yanjing.

    In other words, Gu Qiuyi knew that she was the young master of the Ye family.

    At this time, Ye Chen couldn't help but frown, took a deep look at Gu Qiu Yi and smiled, "Miss Gu should have mistaken you for someone else."

    "How could it be!"

    Gu Qiuyi said off the cuff, "It's impossible to be mistaken, your features and temperament are still there, you can still see the feeling of being a child!"

    Ye Chen was even more surprised in his heart, but said resolutely, "No way, I've been an orphan since I was a child and grew up in an orphanage, how could you possibly know me?"

    Gu Qiuyi still wanted to say something, but the look in Ye Chen's eyes seemed to be warning her, so she sighed and said, "Maybe I was really mistaken, it looks too much like one of my childhood friends, he has been missing for many years."

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a smile, "The world is so big, it's perfectly normal for two people to look a little alike."

    Gu Qiuyi then followed his words and nodded her head, "Mr. Ye is right."

    Wei Liang and Chen Duo Duo, who were on the side, didn't think much more about it when they heard this.

    Wei Liang introduced himself to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, let me introduce you, the one in front of you is the big star from Yanjing, Miss Gu Qiuyi Gu, and the one next to her is Miss Gu's agent, Miss Chen Duoduo Chen."

    Ye Chen nodded and said politely, "Miss Gu, Miss Chen, it is hard for the two of you to travel thousands of miles to Jinling.The arrival of the two of you makes Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical's humble beginnings."

    Chen Duo Duo grunted, "Ye always, right?That's a bit of a lie, since we both came here and made you feel so humble, why wouldn't you be willing to give us some Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder?Qiu Yi has been having some spleen and stomach discomfort, and wants a few packs of medicine to eat, and you guys are not even willing to give it, and you still talk to me about patents and not patents, is that interesting?"


Ye Chen heard Chen Duo Duo's words and couldn't help but smile lightly, "Because Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion hasn't been listed yet, so we more or less have some means of secrecy, the pharmaceutical industry industry is basically like this, industry practice.

    Gu Qiu Yi said apologetically, "I'm really sorry Mr. Ye, I shouldn't have made such an unreasonable request, it's just because I went abroad to film some time ago and injured my spleen and stomach, I took a lot of medicines, but they couldn't cure it, it wasn't until I took your Nine Xuan Stomach Disperse that there was a significant change, but the effect of the medicine has passed, so I'm a bit begging for medicine."

    Ye Chen nodded, casually took a packet of Nine-Xuan Stomach Dispersion that had just been packaged from the production line, handed it to Gu Qiuyi, and said with a smile, "Since Miss Gu has this need, then we naturally have to satisfy it, so you can take this packet first."

    "Thank you."Gu Qiu Yi said, reaching out to receive the Stomach Disperse that was waiting for her to come over, and couldn't wait to take it carefully on the spot.

    Almost as soon as she took the medicine, she felt her stomach felt much more comfortable.

    At this time, Ye Chen opened his mouth to ask her, "Miss Gu, I wonder what your impression of our Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is?"

    Gu Qiuyi nodded and said, "I think it's quite good, it really is the look and style that a big company should have."

    Ye Chen asked, "Then the endorsement thing is basically fine, right?"

    Gu Qiuyi hmmm, nodded her head lightly and said, "There's no problem with the endorsement, you can sign the contract at any time, and after the contract is signed, you can start filming the advertisement."

    Ye Chen smiled, "That's really great, in that case, let's finish the contract process today."

    "Okay Mr. Ye."

    Gu Qiuyi said, and then said to the agent on the side, Chen Duo Duo, "Duo Duo, you can walk through the contract with Mr. Wei, you can just sign the contract on my behalf."

    Chen Duo Duo nodded, "Okay Qiu Yi, leave the contract to me, you'd better rest and rest first, your spleen and stomach were not too comfortable, and you've been running around all day today."

    "Good."Gu Qiu Yi looked towards Ye Chen, smiled and said, "Mr. Ye, let Duo Duo and Wei sort out the contract process, let's find a place to sit down and have a cup of tea, shall we?"

    Ye Chen knew that Gu Qiuyi definitely wanted to have a private chat with herself.

    He was also looking forward to her being able to solve the mystery about whether they had known each other before or not.

    Wei Liang at the side then said, "Master Ye, why don't you take Miss Gu to your chairman's office for a cup of tea and a chat, I have had your office specially decorated for you, and there are good tea leaves and tea sets inside."

    Ye Chen nodded and made a gesture of invitation to Gu Qiu Yi: "Miss Gu, then please move to the office for a chat."

    Gu Qiu Yi's cold expression suddenly blossomed into a girlish smile as she nodded slightly and stepped forward to join Ye Chen in his office.

    In fact, Ye Chen had rarely come to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, especially the newly renovated chairman's office, and he hadn't come once.

    Although he was now the major shareholder of this company, he didn't really want to be in charge of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical's affairs.

    This was mainly because he felt that professional matters should be left to the professionals, and he didn't run a pharmaceutical company, nor did he run any business related to the production and sale of medicine.

    Wei Liang, on the other hand, was precisely one of the best at this.

    Then his own best option, naturally, was to leave it all to him, and all he had to do was to provide him with a good enough prescription to produce and sell the medicine properly.

    Only in this way, it would be the best way to cooperate and win-win.

    After Ye Chen brought Gu Qiuyi to the office, Gu Qiuyi closed the door of her own accord.


At the moment the door closed, this goddess who had made countless men madly infatuated, but with red eyes, she choked and asked Ye Chen, "Brother Ye Chen, you really don't remember me?"

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly and said seriously, "I'm sorry, I left Yanjing when I was 8 years old and haven't been back for so many years, so I don't remember a lot of the people and things in Yanjing very well.

    Gu Qiuyi's eyes were instantly filled with tears, she softly said: "Brother Ye Chen, I am Inan ah, you do not remember me?Gu Nui ah!"

    "Nui?"Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed and asked, "Which nan?"

    Gu Qiuyi was busy saying, "Outside a kouji word for breath, inside a girl word for female."

    There are many girls with nan in their names, there is Nan of Nan, Nan of North and South, and there is also a female next to the female character, if it is only said to be called nan, Ye Chen really can't think of it.

    However, as soon as he said it was this nan, Ye Chen instantly had an impression.

    In his head, he immediately thought of the appearance of a young girl.

    Inan Gu, the daughter of the Gu family in Yanjing, her mother was a lady's daughter in the middle of the sea, giving her nickname a mouth outside and a female inside of the character Inan, is because in the dialect of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, this name has the meaning of a baby daughter.

    The father of Inan Gu, named Gu Yanzhong, is the third oldest of the Gu family heirs, known as the third son.

    Back then, Gu Yanzhong and Ye Chen's father were best buddies, and the two could be said to have been friends for life.

    At that time, the Gu family was still not ranked in the top three in Yanjing, specifically it should be outside the top ten.

    Ye Chen's father helped Gu Yanzhong a lot back then, helping him all the way to become the first heir of the Gu family against the odds, helping him become the head of the Gu family, and even supporting the Gu family, making the Gu family stronger and stronger.

    At that time, Gu Yanzhong was extremely grateful to Ye Chen's father, and the two were as close as brothers of one breast, plus the children of the two families happened to be a boy and a girl, and Gu Qiu Yi, also known as Gu Inan, was only a little over a year younger than Ye Chen, so Gu Yanzhong proposed that the two children be given a child marriage.

    In the big family, it is also very common to set up a baby's wedding, but most of the baby's wedding is not as romantic and innocent as described in movies and TV shows.

    Most of the baby marriages of big families were actually naked exchanges of interests, like the Ye family and the Gu family, baby marriages that were completely in the throes of affection were few and far between.

    At that time, Ye Chen's father didn't take it too seriously, but he just felt that he really liked that cute little girl Gu Inan, who was also a good brother's daughter, so he verbally agreed to it.

    But because the two of them were still young, this matter only remained at the level of a verbal promise from both parents.

    Ye Chen vividly remembered that when this matter was settled, he was only four or five years old, in fact, there was still some resistance to this matter.

    Because, whenever both sides of the family gathering, when you see Inan Gu, Inan Gu will be like a tail worm, has been following behind his own ass, shake all can not shake off, very annoying.

    And in his impression, this girl especially loves to cry, every time he wants to get rid of her, she will cry a lot, let the young and playful Ye Chen annoying.


    Whenever Inan Gu cried, Ye Chen's mother would tell him in a serious manner, "Chen Chen, Inan will be your daughter-in-law from now on, you can't bully her, okay?"

    Ye Chen felt bad all over when he heard this, at that time, he was holding all kinds of toy guns every day and playing with them, how could he ever think about marrying a wife?And the thought of marrying a crybaby sidekick made him resist even more.

    After leaving Yanjing and ending up in Jinling, all he thinks about every day is how to survive, and he doesn't even think about that Inan Gu that he hates anymore.

    However, never in his wildest dreams had he thought that the little girl who loved to cry back then would now turn out to be a cold and beautiful star, and if she hadn't said her nickname, he wouldn't have been able to link the two together!


Since Ye Chen came to Jinling, he had only seen one deceased person in all these years, and this deceased person was the Ye family's steward, Tang Sihai.

    It was Tang Sihai who suddenly appeared in front of him in the beginning and gave him the Empire Group and 10 billion in cash on behalf of the Ye family.

    However, after that, he had never returned to Yanjing.

    It was interesting that although the Ye family had given money and companies, no Ye family had come to Jinling to look for him when they heard that he didn't want to go back.

    Ye Chen was also happy to be quiet about this.

    After all, he himself was very repelled by the enmity between the gentry, and didn't want himself and his wife, Xiao Churan, to be involved in it, and to be able to live in Jinling in peace and undisturbed like now was much better than having him return to Yanjing and fight openly and secretly with the Ye family over trillions of dollars of family assets.

    And now, he had met his second deceased friend, the daughter of his deceased father's good brother, his own so-called doll's marriage partner, Inan Gu.

    So, at this moment, Ye Chen's heart also inevitably sobbing feelings, childhood memories have emerged in the depths of his mind, but also let him think of his own parents have passed away.

    Perhaps it was because he had experienced too much suffering over the years, Ye Chen had long since become less sad when he thought of his deceased father and mother.He just lamented in his heart that if he hadn't been born into a wealthy family, his parents would have never died young, and he would have never experienced that kind of life's ups and downs when he was eight years old.

    If a family of three could live an ordinary life in peace, then his own childhood would have been much happier, right?

    Gu Qiuyi saw Ye Chen fall silent and hurriedly asked after him, "Brother Ye Chen, why are you silent?Are you really not impressed with me anymore?"

    Ye Chen only came back to his senses at that moment, smiled slightly bitterly and said, "I remember you."

    "Really?You really remember me?You admit that you're brother Yechen?"

    Ye Chen nodded and said, "I am Ye Chen, Ye Chen of the Yanjing Ye family, I didn't admit it just now, I just didn't want to expose this identity in front of others."

    Gu Qiuyi grabbed Ye Chen's arm, clutching his hands with a death grip and not letting go, red eyes, "Brother Ye Chen, for so many years, my father has been looking for you, ever since Uncle Ye and Aunt Ye were buried in Yanjing, my father took me to visit their graves every year, and every time, he confessed to his aunt and uncle, repenting for not being able to find you back"

    Ye Chen sighed, "What else is Uncle Gu looking for me for?"

    Gu Qiu Yi said with tears streaming down her face, "Dad said he was afraid that if anything happened to you, he wouldn't be able to explain it to Uncle Ye and Auntie, because he was afraid you'd drift out there alone and suffer."

    Said Gu Qiuyi, "For so many years, my father has searched the whole country, but he hasn't been able to find your whereabouts, back then the Ye family has been highly secretive about your whereabouts and situation with Uncle and Aunt Ye, even when Uncle and Aunt returned to Beijing for burial, my father didn't know exactly where they died or what they died of"

    Ye Chen couldn't help but frown, "You mean that the Ye family has been hiding these messages?"

    "That's right."Gu Qiu Yi nodded and said, "After you left Yanjing with your uncle and aunt Ye back then, everything about your whereabouts and whereabouts were erased by the Ye family, my father had been investigating back then, and the band hadn't been able to find any clues, so angry that he cursed several times at home, saying that the Ye family had literally followed behind your family to put all the footprints, messages, and even the scent in the air!All eliminated."

    Said Gu Qiuyi crying pear-shaped, saying, "My father has been trying to find you out after he learned that Uncle Ye and Aunt Ye had passed away, but all the household registration files called Ye Chen in the country have gone haywire, and your identity information can't be found in the household registration system at all, completely unaware of where you have been for so many years."

    Ye Chen's expression was indifferent as he said, "For so many years, I've been in Jinling."

    "Ah?!"Gu Qiuyi blurted out in shock, "Brother Ye Chen, you've been in Jinling?"

    "Right."Ye Chen nodded, seeing how surprised she looked, frowned and asked, "Is it strange for you that I've been in Jinling?"


Gu Qiu Yi said indignantly, "Jinling has always been the focus of my father's suspicions, my father personally came here several times, he used his connections to check out all the boys in Jinling who were about your age, and repeatedly, every aid station, orphanage, and private welfare groups in the city, my father checked them all, and there was no information about you at all.

    "That's impossible!"Ye Chen got out of his mouth, "I lived in the Jinling Orphanage from the age of 8 to 18, these 10 years, and I haven't changed my name since the day I entered the institution, my parents named me Ye Chen, and the profile I filled out at the institution is also Ye Chen, if Uncle Gu had come by, he would have been able to find me."

    Gu Qiuyi said with certainty, "Impossible!In the past ten years, my father has personally come to Jinling no less than five times!Sending people even more often!All kinds of connections have been used, but I just haven't found anything on you."

    "I still remember the last time my father came to Jinling, it was the summer when I was eighteen and preparing to go to university in England, because on that occasion, at my strong request, my father brought me here, and the two of us stayed in Jinling for two weeks, using hundreds of subordinates and informants as well as private detectives and combing through all sorts of clues, but still we didn't find any information related to you."

    Ye Chen listened to Gu Qiuyi's words and looked at Gu Qiuyi's incomparably serious and excited expression, his heart surged with panic.

    Since his parents died, Ye Chen had rarely messed up, but at this moment, he suddenly had a sense of tension like a mane.

    He began to suspect that his tragic childhood seemed to be hiding a shocking scam.

    Having spent ten years in the institution himself, Gu Yanzhong had done so several times and taken great pains to find himself, and it was impossible for him to overlook the Jinling Welfare Institution.

    So what was it that made him fail to find or unable to find himself who had been living in the Jinling orphanage?

    Is there something wrong with the orphanage?

    Is it possible that the institution is deliberately withholding personal information about itself?

    And who exactly authorized the institution to do what?

    And what was the motive of the person who granted the orphanage?

    It suddenly occurred to him that the Ye family was so handy, they should never have let themselves fall so many years in Jinling.

    And the fact that they were able to pick up his parents' remains and return to the capital for burial proved that they knew the trajectory of his parents and his family of three like the back of their hand.

    In other words, the Ye family must have already known that they were in the Jinling Welfare Institution.

    It was even very likely that for all these years, he had never escaped the Ye family's surveillance.

    This also explained why Tang Sihai was able to find himself in the hospital, with ease.

    The real reason behind this hidden reason seemed to be getting more and more complicated

    Gu Qiuyi saw Ye Chen fall silent again and asked with incomparable concern, "Brother Ye Chen, are you suspecting that there is some kind of conspiracy behind this?"

    Ye Chen nodded, "I feel like something doesn't seem right, but I haven't sorted it out yet."

    Gu Qiuyi hurriedly said, "Why don't I give my dad a call and tell him to come over quickly!"

    She said, and she was going to reach for her phone.

    "Don't, don't ever!"Ye Chen was busy stopping her: "Don't tell anyone, including your father, about what you saw me for now!"


Gu Qiuyi was very puzzled.

    She felt that Dad had been looking for Ye Chen for all these years, and had always felt sleepless and guilty because he couldn't find Ye Chen.

    Now that she had stumbled upon Ye Chen by chance, she should naturally tell this good news to her dad, which could be considered as the fulfillment of a wish he had for many years.

    So, she was too busy to ask, "Brother Ye Chen, why can't I tell others about seeing you?"

    Ye Chen sighed lightly and said, "Hey, no matter what is hidden about what happened more than ten years ago, at least I'm very happy living in Jinling right now, so I don't want to get involved with Yanjing too much."

    Gu Qiuyi said with some emotion, "Brother Ye Chen, you are the young master of the Ye family, why did you choose to stay in a place like Jinling?If you choose to return to Yanjing, the Ye family's trillions of assets would have at least two or three percent of you, right?"

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "I'm not short of money anymore, and I'm not very interested in the assets of the Ye family, I just want to be with my wife and live in peace and security in Jinling."

    "Wife?"Gu Qiuyi exclaimed, "Brother Ye Chen, you you're married?"

    "Yeah."Ye Chen casually said, "It's been over three years since we got married."

    Gu Qiuyi was dumbfounded and she blurted out, "Brother Ye Chen!Have you forgotten that you are engaged to be married?"

    "A marriage contract?"Ye Chen was a little embarrassed, accosted him and said, "The matter of the marriage contract is nothing more than a joke between our parents when we were young, and at that time you and I were just ignorant children, so how can such things be counted?"

    Gu Qiu Yi questioned with some indignation, "Why can't this kind of thing be counted?You know, in all the years you've been missing, my dad has basically reminded me every day that I'm already an engaged girl, telling me that I should never be out there dating other boys, and even I've been telling myself that all along!"

    Ye Chen was dumbfounded.

    When he left Yanjing, he was only just eight years old, and Gu Qiuyi was only six or less than seven years old, he had already forgotten about this matter, but he didn't expect her and her family to still remember it all.

    This made him feel somewhat uncomfortable, after all, he had already thrown the matter to the skies, which was so important to others, and it did make him feel a little guilty.

    So, he could only apologize and say, "Inan, to be honest, I've had a very miserable life for so many years, living in an institution for the first 10 years, and then working at various construction sites for the next few years, always living in the middle of nowhere, so that I can meet my wife."

    Gu Qiuyi and angry and heartache, red eyes and asked: "When you married him, did you not think about the two of us?"

    "Sorry."Ye Chen said frankly, "I really hadn't thought about this, mainly because I was in a lump and a lot of things were also a bit out of my control."

    Gu Qiuyi asked again, "Then what does your current wife do?Which big family's daughter is she?"

    "Not much of a big family."Ye Chen laughed and said, "It's sort of a girl from an ordinary family."

    "Ordinary family?!"Gu Qiuyi was stunned, whirling her pretty face filled with anger, and took off, "You are the young master of the hallowed Ye family, the fiancĂ© of my Gu Qiuyi, my father and I have been looking for you for so many years, how can you marry another woman?!"


At this point, Gu Qiuyi once again shed tears.

    Ye Chen hurriedly handed her a tissue and gently advised, "Inan, don't cry, there are many things that are not as simple as playing house when we were young, of course I also admit that I did overlook this matter myself, I thought that you, like me, would definitely laugh off such things when you were young, but I didn't expect that you and Uncle Gu had actually searched for me for so many years."

    Gu Qiuyi said angrily, "Playing house?Just laugh it off?My dad made an oath to Uncle and Aunt Ye back then!"

    "Also, you've lived in Yanjing for eight years, you should also know that what the big Yanjing families dislike the most is having their children enter the entertainment industry, even the heirs of the big families are not allowed to marry the female stars of the entertainment industry, because in their eyes, even if the stars of the entertainment industry are famous, they are just jokers, the lower nines!"

    "But you know why I'm in the entertainment business?"

    Ye Chen shook his head and subconsciously asked, "Why?"

    "And it wasn't to find you!I want to make myself a star and be noticed by people all over the country and even the Chinese all over the world, so that you might see me and recognize me and find me."

    Ye Chen said awkwardly, "You've changed quite a bit from when you were small, if you don't say your nickname, I might not recognize you at all"

    Gu Qiuyi asked rhetorically, "Have you not read any of my interviews?Every time I was interviewed, I would say in front of the media reporters that my nickname is Inan Gu, and also deliberately said that the reason why I do not have a boyfriend is because I am still looking for the true love of my youth, this matter alone on Weibo hot search has been on several times, have you not seen it once?"

    Ye Chen smiled helplessly, "I'm a person who usually pays little attention to the news in the entertainment industry and doesn't chase stars, so I haven't paid attention."

    Gu Qiuyi pouted her small mouth in pique and questioned, "Then why did you ask me to endorse Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion?!"

    Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders: "I didn't set this up, it was Wei Liang who set it up, he told me that you are now one of the most well-known celebrities, so he recommended to get you to endorse Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion."

    Gu Qiuyi's self-esteem suffered a blow and tears snapped in anger, "Then wouldn't all my years of hard work have been in vain?I've said it so many times in front of the whole country, and you didn't even see it once!"

    She said, wiping her tears as she choked, "Just as I came on the plane this year, I was thinking that I could wait until you were 35, or even until you were 40, and anyway, people who enter the entertainment industry get married late, and I don't have to be rushed into marriage by people who don't know the inside story, but I didn't expect you, the bad guy, to be so heartless!Not only did he not recognize me, but he broke his engagement and married another woman!"

    For so many years, in Gu Qiuyi's heart, she always remembered her engagement with Ye Chen back then.

    It wasn't just because as a child, she had a natural affection for Ye Chen and always liked to follow behind him.

    It was even more because, for so many years, her father had always been looking for Ye Chen, so she had never forgotten about Ye Chen as a person.

    Also, for so many years, she had been looking forward to finding Ye Chen.

    On top of that, Gu Qiuyi's dad had been reminding her for so many years that she should not forget that she was engaged to be married.

    Moreover, after she turned 20, her dad had often said that as soon as she found Ye Chen, she had to marry him, because this was a promise her dad had made to his best friend, benefactor, and brother all those years ago.

    Gu Qiuyi had subconsciously accepted this arrangement as well, she herself had felt for so many years that she would find him, but she had never expected that he was already married!


Ye Chen was accused by Gu Qiuyi, more or less feeling a little bit unable to hang onto his face, and even more so, feeling a little bit sorry in his heart.

    So, he coughed and said apologetically, "Inan, I am indeed responsible for this matter, and I want to apologize to you and Uncle Gu."

    "Sorry?"Gu Qiuyi said angrily, "If you want to apologize, even if you don't look at the fact that my dad is your elder, you should apologize to my dad in person for looking for you for so many years!What the hell is the point of not letting me tell you that my dad has found you?"

    Ye Chen looked at her angry expression and said seriously, "Inan, think for yourself, I have been living in the Jinling Orphanage for 10 years, and Uncle Gu came to Jinling several times to look for me, but he couldn't find my whereabouts, why is that?There must be someone who doesn't want Uncle Gu to find me, the fact that the other party can make Uncle Gu not even find me proves that the strength is very strong, and I don't know if it's friend or foe, you telling Uncle Gu now will only bring trouble to Uncle Gu."

    Seeing Gu Qiuyi's expression ease, Ye Chen continued, "Also, why my parents were forced to leave Yanjing back then, why they perished unexpectedly when they arrived at Jinling, these are all still unknown, plus there was someone hiding my information back then, there might be a huge hidden agenda behind it, so I need to find out what exactly happened back then and who is watching out behind me first!I, who had intentions to bring danger to me and those around me, rather than taking the risk to meet with Uncle Gu."

    Gu Qiuyi cried, "But my father has really been thinking of you for so many years, and his only two greatest wishes now are to find you and to see me married."

    Ye Chen solemnly promised, "Inan, don't worry, when I find out everything one day, I will personally go to Yanjing and visit Uncle Gu!"

    As soon as Ye Chen said this, Gu Qiuyi's expression became even more painful.

    She said with tears streaming down her face, "My dad found out pancreatic cancer two years ago, he has been treated for several sessions in China, America and Japan, but there has been no cure, all over the world, this disease is simply impossible to cure, even if it costs more money, just like Apple's Steve Jobs, maybe one day his condition suddenly deteriorated and he scattered his body."

    Ye Chen exclaimed in alarm, "Pancreatic cancer?And how is Uncle Gu now?"

    Gu Qiuyi said, "Just came back from the United States, at home to heal, I am willing to take the American drama, because my father is going to the United States for treatment, the drama is finished, and he is finished with this treatment, so he will return home to recuperate for a period of time first."

    Then, she sighed and added grudgingly, "The results of this treatment to the United States is not good, I feel that his health has been deteriorating, I do not know which day"

    Ye Chen couldn't help but feel pained when he heard this.

    After so many years of floating around, he no longer had any feelings for Gu Qiu Yi's father, or even Gu Qiu Yi's entire family.

    If he hadn't met Gu Qiu Yi, he probably wouldn't have thought of this family for the rest of his life.

    After all, he was too young back then, and they didn't leave a very deep feeling and impression on him.

    But when he heard, Gu Qiuyi said that she and her father, in order to find themselves, how much effort and effort they had put in, he could not help but be touched in his heart.

    Since he became an orphan at the age of eight, Ye Chen had met too few good people in the past ten years.

    There were even fewer who had met people who truly cared about him.

    Aunt Li from the welfare home was one, Master Xiao from the Xiao family was one, and his wife Xiao Choran was one.

    In this world, only Auntie Li and Xiao Churan are probably the only ones who really care about themselves and feel sorry for them.

    But now, among the people who care about themselves, there are two more, one is Gu Qiu Yi and the other is her father, Gu Yanzhong.

    Gu Yanzhong was even able to search for himself for so many years, which was something he had never thought of before.


So when he heard that Gu Yanzhong was suffering from pancreatic cancer and his health was deteriorating, he immediately made the decision to save his life!Computer End :

    So, he immediately said to Gu Qiuyi, "Let's say, after we finish talking about cooperation, you'll return to Yanjing first, and I'll quietly rush to Yanjing to meet Uncle Gu in a few days, and then, I'll have my own panacea that can cure his illness!"

    Gu Qiuyi was stunned and asked, "Do you have any panacea that can cure such a terminal illness?Doctors all over the world tell me there is no cure for this terminal illness."

    Ye Chen said seriously, "It's not convenient for me to reveal this to you at the moment, but don't worry, since I've said it, I'll keep my promise!"

    Ye Chen had a spiritual medicine in his hands.

    The first elixir he had refined had been able to cure high paraplegia, a serious illness that was almost impossible to cure medically.

    If he took one to Gu Yanzhong, there was a high probability that his pancreatic cancer could be cured.

    To take a step back, if his own elixir couldn't cure him, he still had the Rejuvenation Pill to use.

    When he had concocted a batch of Rejuvenation Pills, he had eaten and given away a few of them, and there were still quite a few left, and this medicine could almost make a withered tree come back to life, revive someone who was on the verge of death, and would certainly be able to cure Gu Yanzhong.

    Taking a step back, it didn't matter if that Rejuvenation Pill couldn't cure him, he still had his own aura!

    Spiritual energy was the purest and most supreme energy of all things in the world, and there was still no spiritual energy in this world that could not be cured.

    Always the same thing, no matter what, Ye Chen couldn't let Gu Yanzhong die like this.

    Because he wasn't just his deceased father's brother, his own elder, but also the benefactor he should be grateful to!

    However, Ye Chen was not prepared to give the medicine directly to Gu Qiuyi, because the medicine he had made had caused trouble once in the first place, and was missed by Kobayashi Ichiro of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    At any rate, Shi Tianqi was still an expert in nationalism and martial arts, so there was no need to worry about comfort, but Gu Qiu Yi was an ordinary girl, and this kind of medicine must not be allowed to be carried by herself, it was better to bring it over to Gu Yanzhong himself in a few days!

    At this time, Gu Qiuyi was still somewhat skeptical of Ye Chen's words.

    After all, ever since her father had fallen ill, she had studied too many relevant documents and information, and knew that this kind of disease was indeed very pessimistic, and there was no special medicine in the world that could cure this kind of disease.

    However, Ye Chen's words were so convincing that it still created a slight expectation in her heart somewhat.

    Moreover, she believed that even if Ye Chen couldn't cure her dad, but he was willing to go to Yanjing to meet his dad, he would definitely be very happy to see him.\\\\.

    With a serious illness and no treatment available, being able to make the patient happy is the best comfort!

    So, she asked tentatively, "Brother Yechen, will you really come to Yanjing in a few days to meet my father in person?"

    Ye Chen nodded firmly, "Definitely!"


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