Secret Identity 1251-1260


Chapter 1251

At this time, the abusive voice upstairs had escalated.

      That middle-aged woman was furious and cursed, "How did I give birth to such a money-losing thing like you, I worked hard to pay for your education to go to college, you haven't earned two years for the family yet, you are rushing to give birth to someone else's child, had I known that you were such a heartless thing, I should have thrown you away when you were born!"

      The young woman cried, "Mom, I went to college, all thanks to student loans, and I'm still paying back the loans, you didn't even want me to go to college at that time, you wanted me to marry early at 18, and said the earlier a girl marries, the more valuable she is."

      "I did my best to get into college on my own, and you were still dead set against letting me go, almost tore up my acceptance letter, threatened me that if I went to college, then you wouldn't give me a penny for living expenses, have you forgotten all these things?"

      "Now you're saying you worked hard to put me through college and you paid me a penny?"

      The middle-aged woman cursed angrily, "I gave birth to you as the greatest favor to you, you don't know how to be grateful at all, and you're still clamoring with me here, it's against you."

      The young woman cried, "I'm not trying to scream at you, I'm just trying to reason with you!"

      "Those four years I went to college were very hard, and all my living expenses had to depend on me working to earn money."

      "But I'm a girl, and my health isn't too good, and I'm sick a lot, so working part-time to earn that money isn't enough."

      "At school, if it wasn't for Sun Hongwei, who always helped me take care of me, I might not have been able to carry myself to graduation at all!It's likely to have died of starvation and disease!"

      "Sun Hongwei knew my family situation at that time, but he never disliked me, so as long as he was willing to marry, I was willing to marry, even if it meant not even a single penny of bride price!"

      The middle-aged man cursed angrily, "You bastard, do you think the bride price is something you can decide?Do you think the bride price is for you?The bride price is for your brother to buy a house, and your brother's future marriage, children, and lineage for our family depend on this money.If you marry without a single bride price, won't you be pushing me and your mother to death?"

      The young girl said stubbornly, "No matter what, I will marry Sun Hongwei today, even if I have to take a taxi to Jinling to marry him or even if I have to walk to marry him!"

      A crisp sound came from the pop.

      The middle-aged man was furious and cursed, "I'll kill you, you shameless money loser!How are you going to give your brother a wife and kids when you pat yourself on the back and leave the three of us here with a 30 year old house?"

      As soon as Xiao Choran heard that it was happening upstairs, she immediately pulled Ye Chen and said, "Let's hurry over!"Fastest Update

      Originally, Xiao Churan also felt that this family of four arguing in the home is really not appropriate for an outsider to intervene, and now upstairs is also somewhat awkward.

      But when she heard about the action upstairs, she couldn't care less about that.

      The couple quickly rushed up to the 5th floor, Xiao Churan immediately rapped on the door of the 501 room.

      A moment later.

      A flowing young man opened the door and looked vigilantly at Xiao Churan and Ye Chen, "Who are you two looking for?"

      Xiao Chu Ran said, "You're Xiao Feng, right?I'm your sister's high school classmate Xiao Choran, do you remember me?"

      As soon as the flowing young man heard this, he immediately said in surprise, "Oh my, it's Sister Choron!Of course I remember you!Sister Choran, it's been a few years, and you're prettier than ever!"

      Ye Chen saw that this brat's eyes were filled with heat as he looked at his wife, he was a bit dissatisfied and opened his mouth to ask Xiao Choran, "Wife, this little brother is?"

      Xiao Churan introduced, "This is my high school classmate Zhang Xiaoman's younger brother, Zhang Xiaofeng."


After saying that, he introduced Zhang Xiaofeng, "Xiaofeng, this is my husband, Ye Chen."

      "Husband?"Zhang Xiaofeng was surprised and asked, "You're married, Sister Choran?"

      Xiao Chu Ran nodded and smiled, "I've been married for over three years, where's your sister?Are you at home?

      At that moment, a girl with a red five-finger print on her face came over and feigned a smile, "Choron you're here!"

      The girl was also quite pretty looking and had a good figure, definitely considered to be upper middle class.

      It was just that the girl was wearing a very cheap wedding dress, and even the lace part of the dress could be seen to be a little off.

      The head of the house and walked out a man and a woman couple, this couple looks about early fifties, expression is very cold, looked at Xiao Churan, asked Zhang Xiaoman: "Who are these two people?What are they doing here?"

      Zhang Xiaoman said, "Xiao Churan is my high school classmate, she used to come to our house, but you two might have forgotten."

      Xiao Churan said politely, "Hello uncle and aunt, by the way, I haven't introduced you guys yet, this is my husband Ye Chen."

      Ye Chen nodded slightly at the family and didn't say anything.

      The middle-aged woman with a suspicious face questioned, "Little Man, what do the two of them mean by coming to our house?"

      Zhang Xiaoman said, "I asked Choran to drive and take me to Jinling."

      "What?!"The middle-aged woman gritted her teeth and cursed, "Are you really determined to go marry that bastard, you money-losing bastard?!"

      Zhang Xiaoman nodded and said stubbornly, "I won't change my mind if I make up my mind!"

      After saying that, she said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, it's troublesome for you to come all this way specifically."

      Xiao Churan was busy saying, "Xiao Man, why are you still so polite with me?"

      Zhang Xiaoman smiled happily and said, "Choran, it's not too early then, the drive will take quite a while, so why don't we leave now."

      "Good."Xiao Churan nodded, "Then let's go now."


      At this time, that middle-aged man with a fierce face blocked in front of Zhang Xiaoman and said in a cold voice, "You payback, the more you talk about you, the more you try to behave, right?"Fastest Update

      "I'm telling you, even if the King of Heaven comes today, he can't take you out of this door!"

      "Also, I've already greeted your aunt, she has an acquaintance in the gynecology and obstetrics department of the county hospital, she can also work overtime on weekends to help with the operation, so come with me to the county hospital later to abort the baby honestly, and from now on don't deal with that son of a bitch surnamed Sun again!"

      "No way!"Zhang Xiaoman said categorically, "I can't abort my child, and no one can stop me from marrying Sun Hongwei, unless Sun Hongwei himself doesn't want to marry me, otherwise, even if you guys want to cut me off, I'll marry today!"

      The middle-aged man immediately copied up a rolling pin that was as thick as his wrist and pointed the tip of the pin directly at Zhang Xiaoman's face, cursing in a jaw-dropping manner, "If you dare to leave this door, I'll break your legs!I could sell you for 200,000 even if I broke your leg and sold you to a disabled person in the countryside, so I can't let you get a free pass on that Sun!"


Ye Chen had been silent, but at this time, seeing Zhang Xiaoman's father, who had picked up a rolling pin, he was on fire.

      Saying sarcastic words, as well as personality attacks abusive is just fine, after all, he is his wife over to help send the relatives, not to meddle in other people's household affairs, so all he wanted was to hurry up and drive away to finish the task of sending the relatives.

      However, seeing the other parent and brother, these three people were such jerks, he really couldn't stand it any longer.

      So, he blocked both his wife Xiao Churan and Zhang Xiaoman behind him, looked at Zhang Xiaoman's father, and said in a cold voice, "Do you know that what you did is all illegal?You interfere with your children's freedom to marry, which is against morality; physical assault is against the law; and intending to sell your daughter is against the criminal law!"

      Zhang Xiaoman's father looked like a jerk and said coldly, "Who do you think you are?What does our family business have to do with you?I haven't even thrown you out yet, and you have the nerve to act like a pussy in my house?"

      Ye Chen laughed shamefully, "I'm going to pretend to be this pussy today!"

      Afterwards, he said to Xiao Choran and Zhang Xiaoman, "It's getting late, let's leave now, if anyone dares to stop us, I will not spare him!"

      Zhang Xiaoman was actually in a hurry right now, because if she delayed any longer, her mother-in-law would definitely be even more dissatisfied with herself if she went to the hotel her mother-in-law had prepared and missed the auspicious time her mother-in-law had booked.

      It doesn't matter if your mother-in-law is giving you a hard time, but she doesn't want you to put pressure on your fiancé.

      In fact, the mother-in-law has always despised herself and has tried her best to stop her fiancé from marrying her because her family really thinks that her family is too different and not worthy of them.

      The fiancé has repeatedly said that he will not marry her, and this time, in order to get married, he is using the method of unwed pregnancy, which is a compromise.

      The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're in the right place, and that you're in the right place.first post

      So, she then said seriously to her parents, as well as her younger brother, "I know you are very dissatisfied with me, but, for the past twenty years, I have always obeyed your orders, obeyed you, and taken your feelings into consideration, and the only thing I have not obeyed you is to go to college, and now, it is the second time that I have not obeyed you, and I hope that you will think about me, after all, I am alsoIt's a human being, not an asset or tool of the Zhang family, and I have the right to pursue happiness!"

      "You pursue nothing!"Zhang Xiaoman's father shouted angrily, "I absolutely will not allow you to step out of this door today!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "You have no right to stop this matter today, try to stop it if you dare."

      Zhang Xiaoman's younger brother snapped in anger, "Damn it!She won't let me get married, so she won't get married either!If you outsider don't get out of my way, I'll fucking kill you!"

      Ye Chen raised his hand and slapped him fiercely, smacking him on the ground and spinning him around several times in place.

      As soon as Zhang Xiaoman's father saw his precious son being beaten, he immediately gritted his teeth and swung his rolling pin, so he slammed it towards Ye Chen's head.

      "Our Zhang family has been passed down for several generations, if you dare to hit my son, I'll kill you!"

      Xiao Choran saw the strength of the other party smashing into Ye Chen, which was big enough to smash a person's head into open scoops, and said nervously, "Ye Chen be careful!"

      Ye Chen didn't move, he only looked at the oncoming rolling pin, and in the next second, he fiercely waved his hand and directly cut off the sturdy wooden rolling pin with his bare hands!


With all his strength, Zhang Xiaoman's father felt like the stick had hit hard steel, followed by a fierce vibration from the tiger's mouth, causing him to spread his hands and hug his wrist in pain all of a sudden.

      Looking at the rolling pin again, it had broken into two pieces!

      This horrified Maggie's dad!

      A rolling pin this hard can be hacked off by hand, and the other guy looks like he's fine, this guy looks like he's a trainer!

      How could he mess with such a character?In case he punched himself into a concussion, who would he find to reason with, after all, he was just an old hanger-on with no money and no power, and he couldn't even get help to take revenge for being beaten ......

      Thinking of this, he couldn't help but be jealous of Ye Chen in his heart.

      Ye Chen saw that he didn't dare to go forward, so he said to Xiao Choran and Zhang Xiaoman, "Let's go."

      Although Zhang Xiaoman's brother and younger brother were filled with anger, they didn't dare to go forward to stop him at the moment.

      Zhang Xiaoman's mother sat on the ground and threw a tantrum, crying out, "You heartless one, I've raised such a daughter like you, I've really gone blind!If you just leave and go marry that Sun Hongwei, I'll just jump off our building and fall to my death!"

      "Mom ......"Zhang Xiaoman cried and knelt down, begging, "Please just let me do this once, give me two years, I will find a way to make more money and earn a down payment for my brother to come out with a house, if you promise, I will do what I said, if you don't, then I have no choice, no matter how much you force me, I will definitely marry Sun Hongwei today for the sake of the child in my belly!"

      Zhang Xiaoman's mother cried at the top of her voice, "I don't care, your brother can't wait two years, you must buy the house within half a year at most, if you promise, give your brother a written note, oh no, it's best to give your brother an IOU for 300,000 yuan, the IOU states that it will be repaid within half a year, if you write it, I'll let you go, if you don't write it, I'll die for you to see!"

      "Right!"Zhang Xiaoman's younger brother Zhang Xiaofeng also hurriedly said, "Sister, you write me an IOU, I'll go back to the blind date, people ask me about the house, I can also use the IOU to say things and let other girls relax ah!"The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.Aren't you trying to force me to die?"

      Zhang Xiaoman's mother hissed loudly, "How do people know how good they are if they don't push themselves?Anyway, you'll have to write this $300,000 IOU today or not!"

      "No way!"Zhang Xiaoman completely died and stood up, saying with an expressionless face, "I can't live for everything for you guys, since you won't agree to my solution, then forget it, you can forget about not raising me as your daughter."

      After saying that, she ruthlessly said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, let's go."

      Xiao Churan nodded and carried her down the stairs, Ye Chen followed behind, keeping his eyes on this family of three.

      Two men didn't dare to go forward, the woman saw that Zhang Xiaoman really left, so she cried out, "Heartless thing, you leave, I'll jump off this building if you leave, you wait to collect my corpse!"

      This time, Zhang Xiaoman didn't look back and didn't wipe the tears that kept falling.

      It was only after the three of them went downstairs that Zhang Xiaofeng said hotly, "Dad, Mom, she married just like that, what am I going to do!If I can't get a wife, then I'll just die!"

      When Zhang Xiaoman's mother heard this, she got up from the ground, couldn't care less about patting the dirt on her ass, and gritted her teeth, "Go!Even if she's lying under the wheels today, I'm going to stop her!"


When Ye Chen and Xiao Churan brought Zhang Xiaoman all the way out of the neighborhood, Zhang Xiaoman was still wiping her tears.

      Xiao Churan had been there to comfort her, while Ye Chen was sensible enough not to come forward.

      When coming out of the community, two people parked two supercars by the roadside, already competing for a photo surrounded by passersby.

      Ye Chen took a step forward and first separated the crowd in front of the Aston Martin before opening the passenger door, allowing Zhang Xiaoman to sit in first.

      Looking at the Aston Martin ONE77 in front of her, Zhang Xiaoman was directly stunned, she asked in surprise, "Choran, this car ......"

      Xiao Churan smiled, "This is my husband asked his friend to borrow it, don't worry, these two supercars to drive to your in-laws' house, will be able to hold up your face for you!"

      Zhang Xiaoman said guiltily, "Chu Ran, I meant for you to look at your that BMW is already good, I did not think you for me to go to a friend again to borrow a car, but also in the front and back to take a favor, this is how embarrassing ......"

      Xiao Churan said with incomparable seriousness: "Xiao Mann, we've been classmates for many years, and we're still good sisters, you're getting married to such a big thing, I definitely want to do my best ah, do you still need to be polite with me for such things?"

      Saying that, she patted Zhang Xiaoman's shoulder and smiled, "Okay, don't be so polite, hurry up and get in the car, we'll have to head back, or we'll be late."

      Zhang Xiaoman nodded gently with red eyes and said seriously, "Choran, thank you!"

      Xiao Choran gave her a comforting smile before helping her and getting into this Aston Martin.

      At this time, Zhang Xiaoman's family who rushed over suddenly saw them and rushed over.

      Seeing that the other party drove two odd-looking cars, Zhang Xiaoman's mother hurriedly said to her husband, "You lie this one in front and I'll lie this one in the back!"

      Zhang Xiaoman's dad nodded, and then the couple lay under the wheel.

      Zhang Xiaoman's mom put her heart on the line and shouted in a cold voice, "If you want to leave today, you'll run over the two of us!"

      At this moment, Zhang Xiaofeng was suddenly a bit stunned.

      His parents didn't know supercars, but as a young man and a stinking hangdog who fantasized about having a lot of money all day long, he was naturally very familiar with sports cars.

      So he recognized the origin of these two cars at a glance, and his surprise was literally like being struck by lightning!The mobile phone one second to remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Tens of millions of luxury cars, you can't find a third one in the entire Jinling.

      The only two that were there were all here.

      So Zhang Xiaofeng was terrified in his heart, he couldn't figure out how this Xiao Choran and her husband could afford to drive two such expensive top luxury cars.

      Could it be that her husband is a big shot?

      Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaofeng's body trembled.

      To be able to afford such an expensive luxury car, that proved that the other party was worth more than billions of dollars.

      If the other party was provoked, how would his family still want to live?

      At that moment, Ye Chen looked at Zhang Xiaofeng and said indifferently, "I'm not a person with a very good temper and my patience is not very strong, I'll give you 10 seconds to settle this, otherwise you'll suffer the consequences."

      Ye Chen actually knew very well that it was impossible for a young man like Zhang Xiaofeng to not recognize the Aston Martin and the Bugatti Veyron, and as long as he could recognize the car, he would know that he was someone he couldn't afford to mess with.In that case, he would definitely drag his disgusting parents away.

      Once Zhang Xiaofeng heard Ye Chen say that, he trembled in fear and hurriedly reached out to pull his mother, saying anxiously, "Mom, get up, how can you lie here!"

      His mother quirked an eyebrow and said, "How will I get you a new house if I don't lie here?Have you been kicked in the head by a donkey?"

      Zhang Xiaofeng was on the verge of tears.He lowered his voice and said through gritted teeth in his mother's ear, "Mom, are you crazy?We can't afford to mess with these two.Their two cars alone combined are worth a hundred million!"


"What the hell?!"

      Zhang Xiaofeng's mother's eyes went black as she heard this!

      One hundred million. What is this concept?

      Even if you have a million, you are already a great rich man in your own eyes, with 10 million that's a big deal that you can't mess with, a hundred million, that's simply like a god.

      What's more, it wasn't that people were worth 100 million, it was that they drove two cars, just two cars, that was worth 100 million!

      Thinking of this, she hurriedly spoke up and asked, "Is it true what you said, that these two odd cars are really worth this much money?"

      Zhang Xiaofeng nodded his head as if pounding garlic as he pulled her along and said, "Can I still lie to you?You think I don't want the house.But in this situation, how can we force our way ......If we offend someone big, our family will be in trouble!"

      Zhang Xiaofeng's mom shuddered in fear and got up from the ground, then went to the other end to pull her husband.

      Zhang Xiaofeng's father, who still didn't understand what was going on, whispered in her ear again.

      It didn't matter what he said, it scared his face to white.

      Zhang Xiaofeng said to Ye Chen with a face full of fear and great respect, "Big brother, I'm sorry for causing you trouble, I hope that you adults won't remember your mistakes ......"

      Seeing that the whole family was wise enough to hide away, Ye Chen then said in a cold voice, "Okay, count you as being sensible, I don't want to see you again, hurry up and roll away without stopping, or else you'll suffer the consequences!"

      Zhang Xiaofeng even said complimentingly, "Don't worry, big brother, we'll roll this way."

      Ye Chen didn't pay any more attention to them and took the lead in starting the car when he got into the Bugatti Veyron's cockpit and started the engine.

      At this time, his phone received a text message from Xiao Churan, which read, "Honey, do you recognize any friends who make wedding dresses?I'd like to pay to help Xiao Man rent a better wedding dress, she's too old for this one."

      Ye Chen's five fingers flew and sent a message back to his wife: "I'll take care of it."

      Xiao Choran sent another message, "The height is almost the same as me, just a little bit thinner than me, you look at it, help me set the size, thank you husband!"

      Ye Chen replied, "Honey, there's no need to be so polite with your husband."

      Then, as he drove, he made a call to Song Wanting.

      After all, it was a matter of great concern for a girl like a wedding dress, and he felt that it would be right to look for Hong Wu or Chen Zekai, who were big old men who definitely didn't know much about it.

      However, Song Wanting must be very knowledgeable about these, so it was definitely right to look for her.

      Song Wanting didn't expect to receive a call from Ye Chen early in the morning and was delighted inside.

      Ever since the day of her birthday when she took the initiative to kiss Ye Chen, she hadn't met with him again, mainly because she didn't have a good opportunity or excuse to do so.

      She was still a little afraid that Ye Chen would alienate himself from her in the future, but now that she received his call, she was suddenly relieved.

      So, she couldn't hide her joy and asked, "Master Ye, what are you looking for me for?"

      Ye Chen asked her, "Wan Ting, do you know who has the best wedding dress in Jinling?"

      "A wedding dress?!"Song Wanting was surprised and asked, "Master Ye, what are you asking about wedding dresses for?"

      Ye Chen said, "My wife's high school classmate is getting married today, but she's lacking a decent and upscale wedding dress, so I was wondering if you could help me out with a set."Updated Fastest First Published.

      Song Wanting smiled and said, "Of course you can!Serving Master Ye is an honor for Wan Ting!"

      She said, she explained: "Right, I forgot to tell you, the province's only verawang wedding dress shop, is my investment, the shop has a lot of verawang hand-designed top wedding dresses, do you know your wife's classmate's body size?I'll get you a set that fits."


verawang is one of the most famous Chinese wedding dress designers in the world.

      Her Chinese name is Weiwei Wang.

      Even former US President Bill Clinton's daughter wore a wedding dress designed by her when she got married.

      Beckham's wife Victoria also wore her wedding dress when she married Beckham, as well as the famous Britney Spears and the granddaughter of Macau's king of gamblers, all of whom wore her wedding dresses to their weddings.

      With Wang Weiwei's international influence, she usually only opens stores in top cities around the world, and the main reason why she opened a store in Jinling, a second-tier city, is also because she has a good personal friendship with Song Wanting, and Song Wanting loves her designed wedding dresses, so Song Wanting invested in a store.

      The wedding dresses designed by Wang Weiwei generally cost over several hundred thousand RMB for any one of them.

      The vast majority of people were just unattainable.

      Ye Chen knew very well in his heart that his wife, Xiao Choran, must have wished to help this poor classmate raise some eyebrows after seeing how unfairly she had been treated at Zhang Manman's house.

      Therefore, when Song Wanting said that she wanted to prepare Wang Weiwei's wedding dress for him, he agreed without hesitation.

      However, he knew in his heart that everything must have a degree, so he said to Song Wanting, "Wanting, this is just my wife's high school classmate, so don't put too much effort into it, and don't bring in brand new expensive wedding dresses, preferably, the ones you use specifically for rent, just bring them over and lend them to me for a day."Fastest Updated.

      Song Wanting was busy saying, "Master Ye, why are you being polite to me, consider it a wedding gift from me to your wife's classmate."

      Ye Chen said seriously, "No need Wanting, if you give it away, this matter will change its taste."

      Saying that, he added, "As the ancient saying goes, liter rice grace, dou rice hatred, giving enough is kindness, giving too much will probably turn into hatred, my wife just wants her classmate to be able to marry in a beautiful wedding dress, so borrowing it for one day is enough."

      Although Ye Chen was the noble young master of the Ye family, he had spent many years struggling all the way to the bottom and had seen many uglinesses of humanity.He knew very well in his heart that sometimes it was not possible to help people too thoroughly.

      There are times and things that are not done as perfectly as possible, but in just the right way, otherwise the effect must be overpowering.

      It's like when a friend's child is sick in the hospital and needs to borrow $20,000 and you're really and able to help, then you lend him $20,000.

      If 20,000 yuan is not enough, then say the problem of not enough, but you can't take the initiative to give 200,000 yuan to someone else when they ask to borrow 20,000 yuan.

      Song Wanting also knew Ye Chen's intention, so she hurriedly said, "Master Ye, don't worry, Wanting understands it in her heart, I'll have someone prepare a set of wedding dresses specifically for rent."

      "Good."Ye Chen said with satisfaction, "Let's say, I am now going to go directly to the hotel, if your side is ready, then I can take her to your wedding dress shop first and change into a wedding dress before going to the hotel."

      "No problem!"Song Wanting was busy saying, "Then I'll send you the address of the bridal shop!"

      Soon, Ye Chen's WeChat received a location.

      He directly changed this location to the destination of the navigation and drove leading his wife and Zhang Xiaoman behind him towards Song Wanting's bridal shop.

      The two top supercars got off the highway and drove all the way into the city, but not directly to the Hilton Hotel where Zhang Xiaoman is holding her wedding today.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.The Hilton Hotel is not this road."

      Xiao Choran smiled slightly and said, "It's fine, we'll just follow Ye Chen, we're driving faster this way, so there's still time."

      Zhang Xiaoman wanted to ask what was going on, but gave up after some consideration.


She felt that Xiao Churan was so good to her, she would definitely not harm herself.The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with wonderful dreadful fiction reading.

      Ye Chen drove the car directly to the entrance of Song Wanting's wedding dress shop.

      When he parked the car, even Xiao Churan was a little surprised.

      He had only asked him to find a friend and borrow a better set of wedding dresses, but he hadn't expected to borrow it here!

      This is the brand boutique of the world's top wedding dress designer, Vivian Wang!

      Even Xiao Choran herself didn't dare to dream of having the opportunity to wear such a top-notch wedding dress.

      I never thought that her husband would still have the resources for this.

      It couldn't be that the wedding dress shop had to ask him to look at feng shui as well, right?

      While thinking about it, Ye Chen had, pushed the door and got off.

      At this time, a tall, delicate and noble looking woman walked out of the wedding dress shop, Xiao Chu Ran found that this woman she even knew, was the Song family's eldest miss, Song Wanting.

      When her own studio first opened, Song Wanting had come over to congratulate her.

      At that time, Xiao Churan felt that in front of such a lofty lady like Song Wanting, her heart was indeed a little inferior and at a loss.

      At that time, when she saw Song Wanting again, Xiao Churan's heart suddenly beat a retreating drum, not wanting to get off the car to face her face to face.

      However, thinking that she still had to help Zhang Xiaoman try on the wedding dress, it was impossible for her to stay hidden in the car, so she could only force herself to walk down.

      Song Wanting had already arrived in front of Ye Chen at this time, and with eyes and a smile, she said respectfully, "Master Ye, you've come."Updated fastest.

      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Why are you here too?"

      Song Wanting smiled and said, "Master Ye, if you have a need for a wedding dress, Wanting will naturally come over to serve you personally."

      As she was saying, she suddenly saw Xiao Churan walking down from the Aston Martin ONE77 in the back, her expression flashed with a trace of envy and jealousy, and said to Ye Chen, "Mrs. Ye is also here."

      Ye Chen nodded, and at this moment, Zhang Xiaoman also got out of the car apprehensively, so Ye Chen said to Song Wanting, "The one next to her is my wife's high school classmate, and today is her wedding day, so please prepare a suitable wedding dress for her as soon as possible, and we'll have to leave when we change into it."

      Once Song Wanting heard this, she even said to Xiao Churan and Zhang Xiaoman, "Mrs. Ye, and this lady, please move to the shop to try on the wedding dress."

      When Zhang Xiaoman saw the large brand logo on the door, she discovered that it was Wang Weiwei Wedding Dress Shop and exclaimed, "Choran, this ......What does this mean?"

      Xiao Churan herself was also shocked, but she forced herself to say calmly, "I asked Ye Chen to help borrow a more fitted wedding dress for you, so he brought us here."

      She said, somewhat unnaturally to Song Wanting, "Miss Song, I didn't expect you to be here, this is going to trouble you today."

      Song Wanting smiled lightly and said seriously, "Lady Ye, you and I don't have to be so polite, you and Master Ye are both my guests, just ask for anything, I will definitely serve you both."

      Then, she stood demurely, gestured an inviting pose, and said, "Please come inside.


Xiao Choran and Zhang Xiaoman were both a little nervous in their hearts, not knowing whether they should go in at this time or not.

      Both of them knew that this brand of wedding dresses were expensive and by no means could ordinary people afford to use them.

      Usually wedding dress stores, slightly more upscale custom-made wedding dresses, would cost thousands and thousands of dollars to rent for a day.

      A wedding dress designed by Wang Weiwei herself would cost at least six figures to rent for a day.

      It would be even more expensive if you bought it, at least several million!

      Zhang Xiaoman was feeling that she didn't deserve to wear such an expensive wedding dress, even if it was just to touch it, she was afraid that it would be broken by others and that she wouldn't be able to pay for it.

      So let alone wearing such an expensive wedding dress to hold a wedding.

      And Xiao Churan also didn't want Ye Chen to owe too big a favor for himself.

      Ye Chen saw the two of them were still dazed at this time, and said with a smile, "What are you two still staring at, hurry in, we don't have much time left."

      Xiao Choran only came back to her senses, it was indeed getting late, if we delayed any longer, we were afraid that we would be late, so there was no way to make any other choice right now.

      If Zhang Xiaoman didn't choose a wedding dress from Song Wanting, then she would have to wear this worn-out wedding dress on her to the wedding.

      On the way here, she had specifically asked Zhang Xiaoman about the origin of this wedding dress, which she had rented from a very unpopular small wedding dress shop on the outskirts of the county for 300 yuan a day in order to save money.

      She herself was already looked down upon by her in-laws, and if she was still wearing such a cheap wedding dress that even the lace had been stripped, then her in-laws would probably look down on her even more. debut

      She then took Zhang Xiaoman's hand and said, "Xiaoman, let's hurry inside and let Miss Song pick out a fitted wedding dress for you."

      Zhang Xiaoman said nervously, "Choran, the wedding dresses here are too expensive, I don't dare to wear them ......"

      Xiao Churan was busy saying, "If you don't wear it, you'll have to wear the set on you, and your mother-in-law won't know what to say then.You see Ye Chen has lent out such an expensive car, since we want to make a row, let's put up a row and let your in-laws see it properly!"

      After saying that, she looked towards Song Wanting and said gratefully, "Miss Song, today is really a trouble for you, this is my high school classmate Zhang Xiaoman, today is his wedding day, please help her pick out a wedding dress that fits her!"

      Song Wanting nodded and smiled and said, "Madam Ye, you are too kind, please feel free to leave Miss Zhang's matter to me."

      "But ......"Zhang Xiaoman was still a little hesitant.

      Xiao Choran was open-minded, directly took Zhang Xiaoman's hand and stepped towards the bridal shop, saying, "There's no more buts, I can't let your in-laws look down on you again today by saying anything!"

      Zhang Xiaoman was pulled closer to this wedding dress shop by Xiao Churan, and upon entering, she was shocked by an incomparably luxurious wedding dress inside.

      There wasn't a woman who didn't like wedding dresses, so the two of them were deeply attracted by the wedding dresses inside the shop after just one glance.

      Song Wanting, as the eldest miss of the Song family, as well as the current head of the Song family, acted as a waitress, leading the two of them to a row of wedding dresses and said with a smile, "Madam Ye, Miss Zhang.This wedding dress is usually used for rental, Miss Zhang can choose any one from here today."

      Xiao Churan hurriedly asked, "Miss Song, are they all the right size?My classmate's body is rather thin."

      Song Wanting smiled, "These wedding dresses are very cleverly designed, and there are a lot of internal adjustments that can be made, so most people wearing them will look exactly the same as if they were tailored as long as they are adjusted, so feel free to relax."

      Saying that, Song Wanting looked at Zhang Xiaoman again and smiled, "Miss Zhang, if you like which one, just let me know and I'll have the wedding dress assistant come and try on your wedding dress for you."

      Zhang Xiaoman couldn't make up her mind for a while, after all, what was here was completely beyond all her imagination for her.

      So, she put her hopes on Xiao Churan who was beside her.


Xiao Choran helped her pick a very beautiful bralette wedding dress and said, "I think this one is quite suitable for you, it's dignified and elegant, and it also shows off your collarbone, so it's very elegant."

      Zhang Xiaoman hesitated for a moment and said, "Then let's listen to you, I really don't know how to choose ......"

      Song Wanting smiled and said, "Madame Ye still has a good eye, this wedding dress also has the highest photogenic rate here, and I think this one is also perfect for Miss Zhang's figure and temperament."

      Immediately afterwards, Song Wanting greeted two very professional wedding dress assistants, and these two immediately took down the wedding dress and respectfully took Zhang Xiaoman to the fitting room.

      A few minutes later.

      Wearing a white and elegant bralette wedding dress, Zhang Xiaoman, somewhat not too naturally, walked out of the fitting room.

      Xiao Churan brightened up and exclaimed in awe, "Little Man, you're really too beautiful in this wedding dress!"

      Zhang Xiaoman said somewhat shyly, "This wedding dress is too exquisite and too expensive, I have been a little drummed in my heart, afraid that I will break it ......"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Song Wanting smiled at this time and said, "Miss Zhang, you don't need to have such a heavy psychological burden, since you are a friend of Mrs. Ye, you don't need to worry at all if this wedding dress is broken by you, our shop won't let you bear any responsibility."

      Zhang Xiaoman was very nervous and said, "How embarrassing this is ......"

      Song Wanting smiled and said, "Miss Zhang, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, our wedding dresses in our shop are insured enough, and if something goes wrong, we will also communicate and discuss with the insurance company, so you can just wear it with confidence and boldness."

      Once she heard that there was insurance, Zhang Xiaoman was able to put her mind at ease.

      Ye Chen saw that there wasn't much time left, so he said to Xiao Churan and Zhang Xiaoman, "Since this wedding dress is suitable, let's just wear it and go, otherwise it will really be too late."

      Xiao Choran nodded and said, "Okay, let's hurry to the Hilton!"

      Saying that, she looked at Song Wanting and said with a grateful face, "Miss Song, thank you so much for today!"

      Song Wanting smiled slightly, "Madame Ye, you're welcome, this is what Wanting should do."

      When Zhang Xiaoman heard Song Wanting say her own name, her entire body was dumbfounded, as if struck by lightning!

      Song Yuan-ting?

      Isn't this the famous Miss Song!

      My God, the Song family is the biggest family in all of Jinling!

      The Song family's eldest daughter is so polite to Xiao Choran and his wife?

      How did this high school classmate of his become so powerful all of a sudden?

      At this time, Ye Chen also spoke up and said, "Miss Song, it's been hard for you, we'll be leaving first."

      Song Wanting's beautiful eyes sparkled with luster as she smiled and said, "Why are you so polite, Master Ye."

      Saying that, she thought in her heart about how she kissed Ye Chen at that time, her cheeks actually blushed a bit.

      Xiao Chu Ran's entire heart tightened when he saw this scene!

      Why is Song Wanta shy about her husband!

      This shyness isn't a normal part of friendship!


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