Dish Best Served Cold 1111-1115


Chapter 1111


    "Even you, you're not eligible to be invited?"

    "My Yuan family is not even enough of a threshold to attend the wedding banquet?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "Who is this Mr. Chu, anyway?"

    "Could it be that it's the Earth Emperor of Jiangdong?"

    Hearing this, Yuan Hua had been completely shocked.

    All along, he had always been the kind of person who felt good about himself.

    Usually, his group of classmates and friends, other than the Shen family Shen Fei, the rest of them all saw him in the thousands and shouted good-naturedly for Brother Hua.

    This was the strength and majesty brought to him by his family background.

    But now, hearing these words from his own father, Yuan Hua only felt frustrated.

    So many years of pride, almost all of them were shattered by the name Mr. Chu.

    Some people, even if they had not seen his face, but his majestic name was already awe-inspiring.

    At that moment, Yuan Hua also couldn't help but wonder, who was this Mr. Chu?

    However, just as the people were discussing, a convoy appeared in front of the road.

    Clear black Mercedes-Benz S-class luxury cars, the first car is worth millions of Lamborghini sports car.

    Each car, are tied with begging and ribbons, the head car is topped with bright red flowers.

    Just like this, a full twelve million luxury cars, tearing the canopy, cutting through the clouds, greeting the heaven and the earth, rolling.

    At the same time as the wedding cars entered the city, the deafening sound of firecrackers resounded throughout the entire world.

    As the firecrackers rang out, the entire Yunzhou City undoubtedly boiled in a moment.

    "My God!"

    "Twelve million luxury cars, that's a lot of money, isn't it?"

    "Who's this broad married?"

    There were still more uninformed crowds of onlookers on the side of the road.

    They didn't know who was getting married, and most of them, even more, didn't know that Mr. Chu existed.

    However, there were still some knowledgeable people in the crowd that existed.

    For example, the Yuan family and their son.

    Yuan Hua jumped out of the car at that time and stood on tiptoe to look from afar, "Dad, this should be Mr. Chu's wedding convoy, right?"


    "It's better to come early than late."

    "Taking this opportunity, I'd like to see what this mysterious Mr. Chu looks like."

    Yuan Hua said with joy.

    Yuan Donghai was also excited and even leaned towards the fleet.

    Even Yuan Hua's girlfriend, Zhang Wenya, came down from the car, carrying a long skirt and stepping on fifteen centimeter high heels, looking curiously from afar.

    Just as everyone was preparing to have a look at the true face of today's protagonist, at the front, the head car with the saffron top, but it was driving slowly.

    "I'll go, Wenfei, yes."

    "Looks like you've put in a lot of money for this wedding."

    "The roads are all closed."

    "The intersection ahead, there are traffic police there to open the road."

    "I've been in Yunzhou for so many years, but this is the first time I've seen such a big scene."

    The driver of the lead car was Chu Wenfei's childhood friend.

    It was also the first time this driver had seen such a battle, and he trembled in shock.

    In the back seat, Chu Wenfei was still hugging his bride, enjoying the warmth of his arms.

    After hearing the little hairdresser's words, Chu Wenfei and the woman in his arms, however, were all in shock.

    "What did you say?"

    "A road closure?"Chu Wenfei was slightly startled.

    "Really?"Unlike Chu Wenfei's surprise, the bride in his arms, Tian Xiu Xiu, was filled with joy.

    "Isn't that so, Xiu Xiu."

    "You quickly take off your veil and look, not only is the road closed, even the trees by the roadside are all tied with red ribbons."

    "This is red for ten miles, huh?"

    "A princess getting married is nothing more than that."

    "Xiu Xiu, it seems like Wen Fei has put a lot of thought into his wedding with you this time."

    Chu Wenfei's hair lamented.

    And naturally, Tian Xiu Xiu could not hide her curiosity, when she immediately took off her veil and looked out through the car window.

    Sure enough, she saw the road in front of her, but it was actually open.

    Once the main road of the city was full of traffic, but it was empty.

    A large number of vehicles and crowds had been stopped on both sides of the road, and there were even traffic police on the scene to maintain the road.

    What was even more surprising to Tian Xiu Xiu was that the flowers and plants on the road were all in festive colors.

    Even on the public screens of skyscrapers in the distance, there were all kinds of beautiful and romantic poems flowing.

    In a split second, Tian Xiu Xiu was actually moved to tears.

    Her eyebrows and eyes were red, and she turned her head and directly threw herself into Chu Wenfei's arms.

    "Wenfei, these, are they all prepared by you for me?"

    Tian Xiu Xiu was moved to say.

    But actually, at this time, Chu Wenfei's inner tremor was not the least bit less than Tian Xiu Xiu's.

    Because, he damn well didn't know what was going on either.

    What road closure?

    What kind of traffic cop opens the road?

    What's "Ten Miles of Red Makeup"?

    He had no idea at all.

    "Could it be that my old man brought all this on himself just to have a surprise with me and Xiu Xiu?"

    Chu Wenfei's heart secretly speculated.

    However, Chu Wenfei had to wonder if his old man was capable of this.

    After all, the handiwork in front of him was not something that could be done with money.

    Just when Chu Wenfei was suspicious, Tian Xiu, who was touched, but hugged Chu Wenfei and kissed Chu Wenfei on the lips with a pretty blushing face.

    "Wenfei, thank you for surprising me."

    "But actually, you don't have to be so broke."

    "I don't care what the scene is, as long as you're true to me, that's enough."Although Tian Xiu Xiu said this on her lips, the joy in her heart was actually overflowing.

    There was no one who wasn't vain, no one who didn't desire glory.

    Especially women, who naturally wanted to be glorified like a princess on their wedding day.


    "Sooooo, it's the right thing to do."

    "I said that I would give you an unforgettable wedding."

    "I, Chu Wenfei, will keep my word, so naturally I won't break it."

    "What's more, this is just a small scene, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank."

    "Our Chu family, we lack everything, just not money."

    Being praised by his own woman like this, Chu Wenfei was also a bit floored.

    He didn't care if this handout wasn't a surprise from his own old man, just pretend to be right!

    Just like this, Chu Wenfei's wedding convoy, slowly moving forward, as far as the eye can see, is about to enter the Lake Shore Avenue.

    However, the traffic police at the intersection responsible for closing the road was a bit confused.

    "Old Yang, what's the situation?"

    "I thought Mr. Chu's motorcade was coming from the east?"

    "Why the hell is this coming from the south?"

    "Could it be that it's a temporary change of course?"

    "Or is it that the convoy is not Mr. Chu's?"

    A few traffic cops on duty at the intersection were confused.

    They were instructed to block off Lake Shore Boulevard and then meet the wedding convoy coming from the east.

    But now, it was a change of heart, and they had to be confused.

    "There's no way it's not Mr. Chu's wedding convoy."

    "Look at these cars, the worst of them are million dollar luxury cars."

    "Where would a normal person be able to afford such a convoy?"

    "It's only Mr. Chu, who has such financial resources."A colleague beside him said.

    But traffic cop Old Yang shook his head.

    "Just to be on the safe side, it's better to stop and ask."

    "There are quite a few people getting married today, in case we welcome the wrong convoy, it will be a big embarrassment."

    Out of caution, traffic cop Lao Yang decided to stop the head car and ask about it.



    "I say you two, can you stop being so tired?"

    "I'm still here?"

    In the front of the wedding car, moved by Tian Xiu Xiu, but has been kissed by Chu Wenfei.

    Chu Wenfei's youngest child saw the situation, and suddenly said in a joking manner.

    Being told by him, Tian Xiu Xiu's pretty face reddened and she quickly dodged from Chu Wenfei's arms.

    "You guy, you're so full of crap."

    "Hurry up and drive your car."

    "Traffic police open the road and clear the field to greet you, you brat, you'll only be in my glory for once in your life."

    The great springtime was disturbed by this hairy boy of his own, Chu Wenfei ton scolded unhappily.


    "Then thank you, Brother Fei, for giving me this chance to enjoy the scenery."

    Chu Wenfei, the hairy boy, laughed, and then, with a heart full of pride and pride, he prepared to drive into the Lake Shore Avenue that was cleared in front of him to await.

    However, who would have thought that the traffic police guarding the intersection would stop them before the corner was even turned.

    Chu Wenfei's eyebrows jumped at that time, thinking no, could it really be that he was mistaken?

    The scene in front of him right now, could it be that it wasn't for his Chu Wenfei's wedding at all.

    "Looks like I'll have to call my own old man and ask about the situation."

    The moment he was stopped by the traffic police, Chu Wenfei felt a little guilty.

    However, just as Chu Wenfei was about to call his own old man to inquire about the situation, the traffic police at the side of the road knocked on the car window and asked, "Excuse me, is the one sitting inside, Mr. Chu?"

    Outside the car, there was a respectful voice from the traffic police.

    "Mr. Chu?"

    Chu Wenfei was slightly stunned, while nodding, "Yes, my surname is Chu.You are?"

    Hearing Chu Wenfei's nod, the traffic police outside then put their minds at ease.


    "Old Yang, see if I'm right."

    "The one who can send out this kind of wedding car to receive a wedding, who else can there be in the whole of Yunzhou, other than Mr. Chu?"

    Next to him, someone laughed while quickly introducing himself to Chu Wenfei.

    "Mr. Chu, we are from the downtown traffic police detachment, and we have come to escort you to your wedding banquet today."

    The man said respectfully.

    When Chu Wenfei heard it, he was happy.

    He had been a little skeptical whether this scene was prepared for himself or not, but now, it seemed that he was overthinking it.

    It was just that Chu Wenfei did not expect that his old man still had this kind of power in the traffic department.

    He didn't even know the slightest bit about it before.

    However, now that everything was understood, Chu Wenfei was completely at ease.

    "Well, then, it's troublesome for you guys."

    "Let's open up the road ahead."

    In the limousine, Chu Wenfei said lightly in an extremely pretentious tone.

    However, just as Chu Wenfei and the others were preparing to depart, Yuan Hua and his son, however, were busy squeezing their way forward.

    They couldn't wait to reach in and shake Chu Wenfei's hand through the car window.


    "Are you Mr. Chu?"

    "I am Yuan Donghai, Chairman of Yuan's Heavy Industry, and this is the dog, Yuan Hua."

    "I've heard of Mr. Chu's great name for a long time, but today I'm fortunate enough to finally see Mr. Chu's true face in my three lifetimes."

    "It's true that he's a fine looking man~"


    Yuan Donghai's father and son couldn't help but lament, but in front of Chu Wenfei, this father and son's posture was very low.

    However, facing the fiery enthusiasm of this father and son, Chu Wenfei was suddenly a bit confused.

    I thought to myself, are I so awesome now?

    Driving down the road with fans coming over to show their admiration?

    I guess it was because of his own father.

    Chu Wenfei once again attributed the cause to his own father, then smiled and expressed his gratitude.

    When Yuan Donghai and his son saw Mr. Chu being so kind and amiable, they seemed to want to chat further, but they were pushed away by the traffic police.

    "Alright, alright, hurry back."

    "If you delay Mr. Chu's journey, can you afford it?"

    Just like this, with the traffic police opening the way, this row of twelve wedding cars then drove into the Lake Shore Avenue amidst the envious admiration of the crowd.

    "Is this Mr. Chu's real face?"

    "It's really handsome!"

    "And young."

    "With such achievements at such a young age, you can't even imagine the future?"

    Chu Wenfei's motorcade had gone far away, but Zhang Wenya was still full of emotion, looking behind on tiptoe.

    "Honey, I also want to go to Mr. Chu's wedding."

    "Can you do something about it?"

    "Just think of it as going to see the world."

    It seemed that Zhang Wenya wasn't satisfied with today's quick glimpse with Mr. Chu, and ended up requesting Yuan Hua to attend Mr. Chu's wedding.

    Yuan Hua said bitterly, "Wenya, aren't you making it difficult for me?"

    "My father isn't even eligible to participate, let alone us."

    "Forget it, we should be content with meeting Mr. Chu today."

    Yuan Hua advised from the side.

    However, Zhang Wenya simply wouldn't stop.

    "I don't care, I'm going to see Mr. Chu's wedding."

    "Didn't you say that you love me, didn't you pluck all the stars in the sky for me as long as I like them?"

    "But you can't even grant me such a small request."

    "And you dare to say you love me?"

    "Hmph, men really are all lies."

    Zhang Wenya lost her temper and said angrily at Yuan Hua.

    "Wenya, don't be angry, okay?"

    "Okay, I'll think of something."

    Seeing that his girlfriend was angry, Yuan Hua only had to agree first.Then, Yuan Hua made a phone call, and they left the place.

    However, not long after Yuan Hua and the others left, at the end of the road in front of them, there was another luxurious fleet of cars, which came slowly.

    A full eighteen Laureates, with the majesty and grandeur of crushing everything, came galloping over.

    The heavy bodies pressed down on the road, nearly causing the beings to tremble.

    The moment they saw this convoy, the crowd present was instantly confused.

    In particular, Old Yang, the traffic policeman who continued to stay here to seal off the road, even more so, his old eyes trembled greatly, "This...This..."

    "What the hell is this?"



    At the same time, Chu Wenfei's convoy had already traveled a few kilometers along the Lake Shore Boulevard.


    "Wenfei, what's going on?"

    "If you're going to the Yulong Hotel, shouldn't you turn left at this intersection, and why are they going straight?"

    At that moment, Chu Wenfei's hairdresser noticed something wrong with the route and became confused.

    Chu Wenfei was also confused and immediately caught up with them, asking if they were taking the wrong route.

    "Mr. Chu, you're joking."

    "This Lake Shore Avenue goes straight to Haiyuan Pavilion, just go straight all the way, how could we still be leading the wrong way?"

    The traffic cops laughed back.


    "Haiyuan Court?"

    "I'll go, Wenfei, yes."

    "Hide deep enough!"

    "The surprise you have prepared for your sister-in-law, even I'm surprised."


    "Sister-in-law, see how good Wen Fei is to you, the wedding banquet is booked at the Haiyuan Pavilion."

    "This Haiyuan Pavilion, but it's known as the number one Pavilion in Jiangdong."

    "To be able to hold a wedding banquet here, it's a symbol of wealth and status."

    "Sister-in-law, in the future, if you marry into a noble family, just wait and enjoy your happiness."

    Chu Wenfei's hairdresser, Zhu Gongchen, was surprised at the news and gave Chu Wenfei a thumbs up when he turned back.

    All these years, he had fought hard in the field, and this time he had rushed back specifically to attend Chu Wenfei's wedding banquet.

    However, Chu Gongchen had never thought that, after not seeing him for a few years, his former childhood friend would be so powerful.

    A wedding, road closure to greet and traffic police to open the road is just fine, but even the wedding banquet, also placed in the highest place in Jiangdong.

    If you don't know, you might still think that the one getting married today is the son of the Jiangdong Provincial Lord, right?

    Zhu Gongchen was laughing, but he was not stingy in praising this hairdresser of his.

    Tian Xiu Xiu was undoubtedly shocked at the sound of it.


"Wenfei, is this true?"

    "Did you really set the wedding banquet, at the Haiyuan Pavilion?"

    "Wenfei, you're really too good to me."

    "I don't deserve it, you're doing this to me."

    Tian Xiu Xiu had obviously heard of the reputation of the Sea Source Pavilion as the number one Pavilion in Jiangdong.

    Now after learning that Chu Wenfei had set their wedding venue on the Haiyuan Pavilion, there was no doubt that her heart was even more moved.

    "Xiu Xiu, you are not allowed to say that."

    "You are my Chu Wenfei's wife, you deserve all the beauty in this world."

    "And all my efforts are worthless compared to you."

    "What's more, it's just a meal at the Sea Source Pavilion, which is nothing compared to our Cloud State Chu Family."

    Chu Wenfei began to float again, smiling proudly at the beautiful woman in front of him.

    Seeing her husband so powerful, Tian Xiu Xiu's heart was also extra sweet.

    However, to be honest, Chu Wenfei actually didn't know that the wedding banquet was actually set at the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    Last night, his father even told him that the wedding banquet was held at the Yulong Hotel.

    But unexpectedly, the final location was the Haiyuan Pavilion.


    "Pops was so helpful this time!"

    "I have to hurry up and give my dad a grandson, so I can thank him for all his hard work."

    Chu Wenfei was also happy in his heart.

    He didn't think too much about it, after all, his old man was able to invite the traffic police to close the road, and was able to put up this ten miles of red makeup, compared to these, things like holding a wedding banquet at the Haiyuan Pavilion was actually nothing at all.

    Just like this, Chu Wenfei led the convoy of vehicles, sailing straight ahead towards the place where the Haiyuan Pavilion was located, slowly sailing away.

    Finally, when there was only a hundred meters of distance left from the Sea Origin Pavilion, all the vehicles stopped.

    "Mr. Chu, please get off the car, cross the magpie bridge, walk the red carpet, and enter the venue."

    "The guests, they are already waiting in front of the Haiyuan Pavilion."

    At this moment, traffic cop Little Chen came to the front of the car and respectfully spoke to Chu Wenfei.

    Chu Wenfei nodded, while smiling, "There are still quite a few tricks."

    "Still taking the magpie bridge?"

    "Okay, all of you."

    Chu Wenfei carried Tian Xiu Xiu's hand, and this pair of beautiful people both walked off the car.

    The moment they got off the car, after seeing the scene in front of them, they were all stunned.

    In front of them, there was a brand new red carpet that stretched nearly to the sky.

    Red lights were hanging high, and there were clusters of flowers.

    The dozens of graceful and stunning ceremonial ladies, all dressed in cheongsams, respectfully standing on both sides.

    The ceremonial firecrackers and music officers sang.

    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, there were thousands of guests, all dressed in Chinese costumes, respectfully welcoming each other.

    Red makeup for ten miles, full of tree fireworks.

    The luxury in front of them filled Tian Xiu Xiu and the others with shock.

    It only felt that the ancient emperors who married were no more than this.

    "Wen Fei, this...These, are all you...You prepared this?"

    "It's too damn cool, isn't it?"

    "I'm a guy watching, and I want to marry you!"

    Zhu Gongchen looked at the general luxury in front of him, and couldn't help but be deeply shaken by the Chu family's generosity.

    This wedding scene, without tens of millions, I'm afraid it would be impossible to get it down.

    "It's average."

    Chu Wenfei was still pretending to be calm.

    At the same time, a hundred meters away, Li Er and the others who were waiting under the Haiyuan Pavilion were frowning slightly.

    "What's going on?"

    "I thought we weren't going to get there until eleven-thirty?"

    "It's only eleven o'clock, why are you here?"

    Li Er was a little confused.

    "I guess it's early."Lei laosan secretly guessed.

    Wang Jiexi, however, smiled, "Cut the crap, since Mr. Chu has arrived, let's hurry up and greet him."


    "That's right!"

    "Let's go, let's go together to greet Mr. Chu and Miss Qiu."

    Just like that, as the fleet arrived, Li Er and other Jiangdong crowd, but full of respect and smiles, all of them stepped forward to greet the new couple.

    At the same time, Chu Wenfei also took Tian Xiu Xiu's arm and stepped into the red carpet.

    Behind him, the best man and the maid of honor accompanied the couple.

    Zhu Gongchen was naturally among the best men.

    But as the two groups of people got closer and closer, Chu Wenfei's frown became deeper and deeper.

    Because he realized that he didn't even know any of those guests in front of him.

    "Strange, where are my parents?And my uncle?"

    "Why can't you see any of them?"

    Chu Wenfei's heart was getting more and more panicked.

    Until this moment, however, Chu Gongchen roared in alarm.

    "Wenfei, look, isn't that the one walking in front, isn't that our Yunzhou's Second Master Li?"

    "You've even invited Li Er?"


    "I'll go, that one, is our Kingston Lei San.I've seen him on TV."

    "Master Lei San is here too?"


    "Not only that, but there's Jiehee Wang of Hojo!"

    "Shen family head Shen Jiuyi is also there!"


    "Holy molly!"

    "I'm afraid this is a congratulatory message from the entire leading big brother of Jiangdong."

    "Wen Fei, you're awesome ah?"

    Li Er, these people are different from Ye Fan, as well-known rich businessmen and giants, they often make appearances and have been on the news and television quite a bit.

    There were naturally quite a few people who knew them.

    Earlier, being far away, Zhu Gongchen and the others hadn't discovered anything.

    But now that they were closer, the crowd could see clearly that the guests who came to greet them were all leading figures who rebuke the party.

    In a split second, Chu Wenfei's group of groomsmen and bridesmaids exploded into a frying pan.

    Excited, they all trembled at the Chu family's face and prestige.

    "Wen Fei?"

    "Your family, is it that good?"

    Tian Xiu Xiu was also suddenly shocked, only to feel that she had to reacquaint herself with her in-laws.

    Previously, she had always believed that even if the Chu family was rich, it was only a second-rate family in Yunzhou.

    But now, it was surprising to have the giants of the Jiangdong cities personally congratulating them.

    Tian Xiu Xiu had to tremble at the Chu family's powerful reputation.


    You're awesome!

    However, listening to the complimentary words of the people around him, Chu Wenfei couldn't laugh at all and his entire body was on the verge of tears.

    He was the idiot, and at this time, he undoubtedly realized that something was wrong.

    After all, their Chu family was that big, and among all the powers in Yunzhou, it could only be ranked second-rate.

    How could they possibly be able to invite such giants as Second Master Li and Third Master Lei to the wedding banquet!

    In this, there was a designated problem ah.

    It was only at this moment that Chu Wenfei realized that perhaps he, really, had made a mistake.

    While Chu Wenfei was thinking about how to retreat from the whole body, Li Er and the others were already walking over.


    "Where is Mr. Chu?"

    "Where's Mr. Chu?"

    Li Er and the others looked around, but they were stunned not to see Ye Fan's figure.

    As expected!

    Hearing this, Chu Wenfei's heart jumped.

    It was only at this moment that he confirmed that he had made a mistake.

    The wedding banquet before him was not prepared for him at all.

    "Er, that..."

    Just as Chu Wenfei was pale and ready to explain, but among the group of best men behind him, Zhu Gongchen and the others pointed at Chu Wenfei and shouted, "Second Master, where is Mr. Chu here?"

    Chu Wenfei's spine went cold at the words, and his heart howled with despair.


    "It's all over now."


Sure enough, with Chu Gongchen's shout, Li Er and the others' gazes then looked over.

    In the split second that Chu Wenfei and Li Er's eyes met, Li Er's old face, immediately darkened.

    "He's Mr. Chu?"

    Li Er and the others looked at Chu Wenfei in front of them like a ghost.

    That old face was as gloomy as it needed to be.


    "My husband is Mr. Chu."

    Tian Xiu Xiu obviously didn't notice the gloomy faces of Li Er and the others, but she raised her chin high and said proudly.

    Especially when she saw the third Lei beside Li Er, a touch of smoothness and relief appeared in Tian Xiu Xiu's eyebrows.

    "You should be the third Lei, right?"

    "My father, Tian Weimin, I don't know if Third Master still remembers him."

    "Back then, my father's enterprise had an accident and wanted to ask Third Master for help."

    "As a result, my father waited outside the Lei family for three days and nights during the cold winter months, and in the end, even though he fainted in front of your Lei family, he still didn't see your esteem, Third Master."

    "Third Master, I must say, your frame, it's really big."

    "But thirty years, thirty years west of the river."

    "Third Master, you surely didn't expect that Tian Weimin, whom you disdained back then, his daughter was married into a noble family."

    "And the Third Master Lei, whom my father didn't even risk his life to see back then, is now traveling thousands of miles to respectfully come to congratulate his daughter."

    "But Third Master, there is no need for you to be alarmed."

    "The past is the past."

    "As long as today, at the wedding banquet, you make three toasts to my father, bow in apology, and I'll wipe out all past grudges with you."

    At this time, Tian Xiu Xiu was speaking to Lei Lao San with a condescending and proud look in her eyes.

    After all, in Tian Xiu Xiu's opinion, the fact that Lei Laosan and the others had come to congratulate and greet her meant that her in-laws were going to be above Lei Laosan's power.

    Otherwise, why would Lei Laosan and the others travel thousands of miles to come and congratulate them?

    So, with this reliance, Tian Xiu Xiu naturally wants to avenge her father's death by an arrow!

    However, in the face of Tian Xiu Xiu's words, Lei Laosan was stunned.

    He stared at Tian Xiu Xiu for half a day with his old eyes, but was too stunned to remember, who was this woman in front of him?

    "Xiu Xiu, speak less."

    At this time, Chu Wenfei, who was on the side, was giving a wink at Tian Xiu Xiu, telling her to be careful what she said.

    "Don't worry, Wenfei, I have a sense of propriety."

    Tian Xiu Xiu replied back, while she continued to look at Lei Laosan.


    "Third Master, you're not going to apologize?"

    "You must think carefully, if I marry into the Chu family in the future, then I will be the daughter-in-law of the Chu family."

    "Before, our Tian family was weak and unworthy of mention."

    "But in the future, I, Tian Xiu Xiu, will be the mistress of the Yunzhou Chu Family, and I guarantee that I, the Yunzhou Chu Family, will make you, Third Master, unable to make it in Jingzhou."

    Tian Xiu Xiu threatened coldly.

    However, before Lei Laosan could reply, Chu Wenfei beside him directly exploded, slapping Tian Xiu Xiu on the ground.

    At that time, Tian Xiu Xiu was directly confused.

    "Wenfei, what are you doing?"Tian Xiu Xiu covered her face and cried.

    "What for?"

    "I'll mess Nima!"

    "Don't harm my Chu family if you want to die, you faggoty bitch?"

    Hearing what Tian Xiu Xiu had just said, Chu Wenfei's entire body was close to peeing.

    Jingzhou Lei Family, what kind of power was that?

    In terms of family heritage, even the Second Master Li of Yunzhou was a head below him.

    This kind of power, even the three Chu families combined, couldn't be provoked ah.

    But now, this idiot bitch was even speaking out against Lei and threatening to make Lei third master unable to get along.

    What did she want?

    You want to die!

    The fact that they had gone to the wrong wedding banquet had already made Chu Wenfei even more terrified.

    But now, this idiot wife of his was messing up again.

    She's trying to get them all killed ah.

    After inciting Tian Xiu Xiu to cry, Chu Wen Fei hurriedly apologized with a terrified face from Lei Lao San and the others, "Third master, second master, I'm sorry."

    "This frakking b*t*h doesn't know any better, I'll apologize to you for offending you."

    "Misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding today."

    "We have no intention of intruding, we're leaving."

    Chu Wenfei was covered in cold sweat and said it repeatedly.

    After saying that, he hurriedly turned back and told Chu Gongchen and the others to leave quickly.

    "Wenfei, what's going on?"

    "This wedding isn't going to happen?"

    Zhu Gongchen and the others were a bit confused, completely unsure of the situation.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu, you can't leave."

    "You're the protagonist today, if you leave, won't the Second Master and the others have come for nothing?"

    "Is it the second?"

    At this time, the traffic cop who brought Chu Wenfei and the others over, Little Chen, however, was busy blocking them.

    In the end, he even looked at Li Er, smiling hehehe and looking like he was flattering and fawning.

    "Er your grandmother's head!"

    However, it was good that this little Chen didn't speak, but as soon as this spoke, Li Er slapped him across the face.

    "You idiot, he's an ass Mr. Chu?"

    "Can you even mistake people?"

    "Accomplished bastards!"

    "Get the hell out of here yet~"

    When Li Er saw it now, there was no doubt that his mind was completely clear.

    Obviously, it was the traffic police who had identified the wrong person and brought the wrong convoy.

    But Li Er was almost furious.


    "Why the hell did I hire you idiots?"

    "Get the hell out of here!"

    Li Er cursed angrily and finally turned his head to look at Chu Wenfei and the others again.

    "And you guys?"

    "Is it your own wedding and you don't have any compulsions?"

    "Mr. Chu's wedding banquet, you guys dare to impersonate him, what a big dog's nerve!"

    "Someone, give me a good beating!"

    "Throw these people, break their legs and throw them all out."

    Li Er was both angry and shocked.

    After all, this was Mr. Chu's wedding banquet.

    If this delayed Mr. Chu's auspicious time, he, Li Er, would be guilty of a great sin.

    "Second Master, we were wrong."

    "We really know we're wrong."

    "You can just bypass us~"

    "We really didn't mean to intrude~"

    Chu Wenfei was also frightened silly at that time and begged for mercy from Li Er with his old face in fear.

    However, how could Li Er forgive him.

    Soon, dozens of bodyguards poured out, holding clubs and sticks and beating Chu Wenfei and the others, and the wedding car was smashed by them.


    "Second Master, please, spare us~"

    In the midst of the screams, Chu Wenfei miserably begged for mercy, a snotty nose and tears could not stop crying..

    Chu Wenfei had never dreamed that a wedding that he had been having a good time would end up like this.

    However, who could be blamed for this?

    After all, it was just his own fault.

    Obviously, many times before, Chu Wenfei had the opportunity to rectify the situation.

    However, his inner vanity had pushed him to the current irrevocable situation.


    While Chu Wenfei, Zhu Gongchen and the others were miserably begging for mercy, at the end of the road, the sound of cannons suddenly rang out.

    Amidst the deafening cannon salute, more than a dozen luxury cars, with the majesty of crushing everything, swept and galloped.

    "This...This is..."

    "Mr. Chu has arrived?"

    Li Er and the others, hearing the sound, looked up from afar and lost their voices in wonder.


At the end of the sky, a full eighteen luxury cars were lined up and practiced.

    Just like this, rushing and sweeping over.

    The heavy bodies, tilting the ground, but nearly made the heavens and earth tremble.

    The moment they saw the fleet of cars appear in front of them, Chu Wenfei and the others were all confused.

    In particular, the Little Golden Man symbol on that car made the beings tremble.

    "This...This is, a Rolls-Royce?"

    "Eighteen Rolls Royces?"

    "Holy shit!"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    Zhu Gongchen and others lying on the ground, looking at that rolling luxury car, but nearly all scared to pee.

    I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm not sure if this is the case.

    However, compared to the fleet in front of them, it was fucking shit.


    "Whose is this wedding feast today?"

    "Could it be that the son of the richest man in Warsaw is getting married?"

    At this time, Chu Wenfei and the others had already been thrown to the side of the road by the people Li Er shouted at.

    With doubt and full of trepidation, they all looked up.

    Finally, the convoy slowly stopped.

    The car door opened.

    The first to come down were two men who stepped forward and stood at the sides respectfully, welcoming the people inside the car to get off.

    At this moment, this world was all quiet.

    Everyone, filled with awe, looked at this place.

    Just like this, in the midst of everyone's attention, a slim figure slowly stepped down from the car.

    His suit was straight, his eyebrows and eyes were powerful.

    Deep, misty eyes, but nearly reflecting the sea of stars.

    The moment this man appeared, Zhu Gongchen and the others all stared at him.

    "My God!"

    "So young?"

    "Is he the hero of the day?"

    "Just what kind of background does this person have that he can actually make the Second Master Li and Third Master Lei come to congratulate him personally?"

    In Zhu Gongchen's heart, he was both terrified and confused.

    "How is it him?"

    Tian Xiu Xiu was also stunned on the spot, full of shock, looking at the figure in front of her.

    In the beginning, under the city of Jingzhou, the battle of Dongchang Lake, Tian Xiu Xiu and the others had watched the battle from the side.

    Therefore, naturally, she recognized Ye Fan at a glance.

    But Tian Xiu Xiu did not expect that they would meet this person again today, in this way.

    "Wen Fei, do you still remember him?"

    "He's the man who was treading water on Dongchang Lake that day."

    "Ever since that time, Yurou, that Nee-san, has been completely obsessed with him and has been looking everywhere for his contact information?"


    "Wenfei, what's wrong with you?"

    Tian Xiu Xiu was speaking to Chu Wenfei, but he was too late to see Chu Wenfei respond.

    When he looked back, he found that at this time, Chu Wenfei's body was trembling, and his eyebrows and eyes were as red as blood.

    Tian Xiu Xiu was terrified, she had never seen Chu Wenfei look like this before.

    And Chu Wenfei didn't speak, just blood red eyes, staring at Ye Fan's direction.

    How could he not remember Ye Fan?

    Because of Ye Fan, he Chu Wenfei didn't know how many embarrassments he had suffered.

    Back then, because of Ye Fan at the engagement banquet, he was directly swept out by the restaurant owner.

    Later, when the Shen family invited him to a banquet, Chu Wenfei also made a fool of himself.

    In the past few years, Chu Wenfei had fallen on Ye Fan, I don't know how many times.

    He thought that by getting rid of Qiu Mu Ying, the green tea whore, he would be able to get rid of Ye Fan completely.

    However, Chu Wenfei had never dreamed that his wedding could also collide with Ye Fan for a day.

    "Mr. Chu, hahaha, Mr. Chu~"

    "I should've thought of that earlier."

    "I should have thought it was you~"

    Chu Wenfei's eyebrows and eyes were red and he smiled sadly.

    In fact, in the beginning, when he was shouted as Mr. Chu by those traffic police, Chu Wenfei had thought that it would be Ye Fan.

    But at that time, Chu Wenfei thought that Ye Fan was already married and it was impossible to have a wedding, so he also vetoed it.

    But the fact in front of him was a fierce blow to Chu Wenfei's face.

    It turned out that today's wedding banquet was really for Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, you wait."

    "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't deceive a poor youth!"

    "One day, I, Chu Wenfei, will definitely trample you underfoot."

    "The humiliation I once suffered in front of you will definitely be returned a thousand times, a hundred times, in full~"

    Chu Wenfei's palms clenched and his mouth let out a beastly low roar.

    "Roar you paralysis!"

    "Why don't you get the fuck out of here?"

    At this time, the two Jinbao Yinbao brothers, however, slapped Chu Wenfei on the head and cursed loudly.

    When Chu Gongchen and the others saw this, they quickly slipped away.

    "Wen Fei, go away~"

    Chu Gongchen grabbed Chu Wenfei and was about to run outside.

    However, who would have thought that before Chu Wenfei and the others had gone too far, a woman was seen in the crowd, cloaked towards the front, rushing over.

    "Wenfei, how can you marry another woman?"

    "How could you lie to me~"


    "You think not."

    "You said you'd marry me, how could you lie to me?"

    This woman shed tears as she rushed through the crowd and ran towards Ye Fan's direction.

    The almost insane woman in front of her was none other than Qiu Mu Orange's sister, Qiu Mu Ying.

    She inquired all the way and learned that Chu Wenfei and his team had rushed to Haiyuan Pavilion.

    So Qiu Muying chased after them all the way over as well.

    She wanted to stop this wedding, she wanted to salvage her happiness.

    She would never allow, her man, to marry another woman.

    However, before Autumn Muying could approach, she was stopped by a nearby security guard.

    "Where is this crazy woman from?"

    "How dare you barge into Mr. Chu's wedding banquet?"

    "Looking for death?"

    Jin Bao blackened his face and scolded angrily.

    However, how could Autumn Muyoung heed these warnings as she filled her eyes with tears and roared in miserable rage.

    "Get out of the way!"

    "Get out of my way, all of you."

    "I'm the bride."

    "I'm the mistress of the Chu family."

    "I'm the heroine of the day, you slaves, how dare you stop me?"

    Qiu Muying shouted like crazy, even if she could hear it from far away.


    "What's wrong?"

    "What's all the racket there?"

    At this time, Ye Fan, who had obviously also heard the noises in the distance, frowned.

    Li Er sweated, "Mr. Chu, it's nothing, just a crazy woman, I guess she's crazy for wanting to marry into a noble family, but she's talking nonsense, saying that she's Mr. Chu's bride."

    "Oh, and this?"

    "Husband still recognizes nonsense?"Ye Fan laughed at the words.

    "Let's go, follow me over, I'd like to see what kind of person dares to pretend to be my Ye Fan's wife?"

    Ye Fan was also on a whim, so he went over to take a look.

    "Let go of me!"

    "You bitches."

    "And you dare to stop me?"

    "I'm the mistress of the Chu family and I'm the bride here?"

    "Just you wait, I'll make sure my husband, will show you!"

    Autumn Muyoung struggled violently with sharp curses that resounded through the clouds.

    "Miss Qiu, I think, I'm afraid you've gone to the wrong place."

    "There is no husband of yours here, there is, only Mu Orange's husband."

    Just at this moment, a faint laughter came quietly.

    Hearing this somewhat familiar voice, Autumn Mu Ying was stunned.

    She looked up abruptly, and indeed saw, Ye Fan's familiar side face.

    "How...How is it you?"

    "Why are you here?"

    "You're not welcome at my wedding to Wenfei if you leave."


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