Dish Best Served Cold 1116-1120

Chapter 1116

Ye Fan's appearance undoubtedly caused Qiu Mu Ying to be very frightened.

    Although, the hatred for Ye Fan in her heart was not the slightest bit lighter than Chu Wenfei's.

    However, the current Ye Fan was no longer the door-to-door son-in-law who was at the mercy of others, he was the master of the giants, the pride of Jiangdong, with endless power and glory.

    Even if Qiu Muying hated Ye Fan, she would not dare to boss Ye Fan around like she did back then after all.

    Even the words to let Ye Fan leave seemed so baseless.

    However, in response to these words from Qiu Mu Ying, Ye Fan just shook his head and smiled.

    He didn't pay any more attention to her, nor did he need to.

    He had nothing to do with them, with the entire Qiu family, long ago.

    From the moment they banished Mu Orange and himself from the Autumn Family, they were no longer from the same world.

    Today's Autumn Mu Ying, in Ye Fan's eyes, was tiny, as if she was a mole.

    How could Ye Fan pay any attention to the likes, dislikes and sorrows of a mole?

    There was no need to be acquainted with them, just laugh it off.

    Just like this, Ye Fan turned around with a smile on his face and walked back to the wedding car again.

    The beautiful woman in the car was slowly led out before the eyes of everyone.

    The person in the clay is like the moon, white wrists curling frost and snow!

    The moment Autumn Mu Orange appeared, the crowd only felt that everything had lost its shine.

    Even the sunlight had a momentary trance.

    The outstanding black silk, the jade with beads and flowers.

    Under the reflection of the phoenix crown, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was brilliant as a colorful haze.

    Red dust like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    A stunningly beautiful face, noble temperament.

    It was like the Nine Heavens Fairy that was banished to the earth.

    In that split second, everyone was stunned.

    In everyone's eyes, there was only intense amazement and astonishment.

    Li Er stared at him, and Lei Lao San was also startled in place.

    Everyone here was deeply trembled by the beauty in front of them.

    They only felt that any praised beauty in this world was inferior to this glance of seeing the beauty in front of them.

    Like breathing, for a moment, not even a break!


    "Is this Mr. Chu's wife?"

    "Really, it's so pretty~"

    At the front, Chu Wenfei and the others who hadn't gone far were also all attracted by the stunning beauty in front of them.

    In particular, Chu Gongchen, those who had never seen Autumn Mu Orange before, were even more deeply shocked.

    Not only them, even Chu Wenfei, looked like he was in a trance for a moment.

    In the past, Chu Wenfei only had Qiu Mu Ying in his eyes, and as the saying goes, a lover's eyes were filled with a beautiful woman; at that time, Chu Wenfei stubbornly believed that Qiu Mu Ying was the most beautiful woman in the Qiu family.

    However, it wasn't until this moment, when he saw Qiu Mu Orange appearing before everyone's eyes, that Chu Wenfei truly appreciated her stunning beauty.

    Compared to Qiu Mu Orange's beauty, not to mention Tian Xiuxiu beside her, even Qiu Mu Ying, it was all a piece of shit ah.

    "Based on what~"

    "By what, exactly?"

    "Your family isn't as good as mine, your looks aren't as good as mine, and your insight and knowledge aren't as good as mine."

    "But why is it that you are able to stand at the top of power and marry such a stunningly beautiful woman."

    "And yet I, Chu Wenfei, can only cower here like a dog, looking up to you!"

    "Ye Fan, what are you capable of?"

    "What virtue is that?"

    Chu Wenfei's palms were clenched, and his heart let out a low roar of unwillingness, but his eyebrows were burning with jealousy.

    Even Chu Wenfei was like this, not to mention, Qiu Mu Ying in front.

    Upon seeing Qiu Mu Orange walk out of the wedding car wearing a phoenix crown and cape, Qiu Mu Ying was completely confused.

    The entire person, as if struck by lightning!

    Only now did Qiu Mu Ying Fang realize that she had made a mistake.

    The wedding in front of her was not Chu Wenfei's.

    Rather, it was, Ye Fan's and Qiu Mu Orange's!

    It was Ye Fan, who was giving Autumn Muyoung Orange, making up for that wedding three years ago.

    No one could understand the heartache and wretchedness in Qiu Mu Ying's heart at this time.

    Back then, she and Qiu Mu Orange were born together, grew up together, and studied together.

    They used to stand at the same starting point, and even in the middle of the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Ying stepped on Qiu Mu Orange under her feet.

    But now, even though she stood on tiptoe, she could no longer reach the corner of Autumn Mu Orange's coat.

    There was nothing more painful in life than this, right?

    The inseparable sisters of those years had become an unattainable existence at the top of the power hierarchy.

    That kind of great loss and jealousy was close to making Autumn Mu Ying crazy.

    "Autumn Muyoung Orange, why is your fate always so good?"

    "When you were little, Grandpa spoiled you."

    "Gave you the most pocket money and bought you the prettiest dresses.And we were all your companions."

    "Now, grown up, Evan spoils you."

    "Give you the highest honor and the grandest wedding."

    "By virtue of your life, you can be starry and glorious."

    "I, on the other hand, have been abandoned and all the people have turned against me."

    "By virtue of what?"

    "Also a human being, why is fate so unfair to me."

    "Also a descendant of the Autumn Family, why is the difference between us so great?"

    "By virtue of what~"

    Qiu Mu Ying was in tears like rain, her heart burning with jealousy, but she was unwillingly roaring.

    However, no one paid any attention to her.

    Her sister, Qiu Mu Orange, didn't even look at her.

    Now that she had left the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Orange had decided to completely cut off all ties from the past.

    The current Qiu Mu Ying, in the eyes of Qiu Mu Orange, was just an irrelevant passerby.

    An insignificant person, how would Autumn Mu Orange waste energy on them.

    Just like that, amidst the respectful gazes of Li Er and the others, Ye Fan and his wife, accompanied by each other, stepped into the sky!

    In front of them, all the men of Jiangdong all congratulated each other.

    Behind them, thousands of cannons are firing one after another.

    The fiery carpet that stretched for thousands of meters, and the fire trees and silver flowers that dotted the city.

    Countless people bowed to congratulate, and the sound of respectful congratulations gathered into a stream, but impacted the whole world.

    Three years ago, Ye Fan joined the Qiu family.

    Because of Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange suffered many white eyes and sneers.

    Three years later, Ye Fan gave her a splendid wedding!

    However, for the Autumn Mu Orange at this time.

    In her eyes, there were no coveted gazes, no grand rows of voices, and no respectful welcoming of the powerful crowd.

    In her eyes, there was only that teenager!

    His name was Ye Fan, a young man from an ordinary background.

    Only, from now on, he will no longer be ordinary!



    Just like this, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange proudly stepped onto the top of the Sea Source Pavilion amidst the stars and the moon.

    Outside the restaurant, the breeze was bitterly cold, and the cloud lake water was vast and smoky.

    The dampness of the water vapor, however, brought a real coolness to this world.

    However, what was even cooler than this lake was the frustrated hearts of Qiu Mu Ying, Chu Wen Fei, and the others!

    Once upon a time, the person they disdained, but now, it was an existence that had become, an existence that they looked up to.

    Although, the current Chu Wenfei and the others, with Ye Fan and his wife, only had those few walls separating them from Haiyuan Pavilion.

    However, they all knew very well that these few meters might be difficult for them to cross after all their lives.


Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, there was a music officer's Chinese song, and there were cannons firing in unison.

    In the restaurant, however, the wedding between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange was going on smoothly.

    Other than that little episode just now, there were no surprises.

    Finally, as Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange finished paying their respects, the crowd then took their seats and waited for the wedding banquet to begin.

    "Good, everything is still going smoothly~"

    Seeing that nothing unexpected had happened so far, Li Er was suddenly relieved.

    Ever since meeting with Wu Weitao last night, Li Er had been tossing and turning with a restless mind.

    Even though the wedding was just now, Li Er had actually been in a tense state inside, always paying attention to the news coming from his men.

    But now, it seemed that everything was an unfounded worry on his part.

    "It looks like this wedding of Mr. Chu's should be able to pass in peace."

    Li Er looked outside the window, outside, there was wind and sunshine, and the mountains and rivers were silent.

    A quiet and peaceful look.

    But at this time, but no one noticed, Ye Fan's cell phone, suddenly rang.

    "Mu Orange, I'll go out for a while and I'll be back in a moment."

    Ye Fan took a glance at his phone and walked out of the Sea Source Pavilion.

    "Han Lao, it's me, what's wrong?"

    The call was from Old Man Han.

    At a time like this, when Old Man Han suddenly called, Ye Fan was naturally a little worried.

    "Little Lord, be careful."

    "According to the information I received, that Xu family will soon be in Yunzhou."

    "Presumably, it's aimed at you."

    From the phone, came Han Lao's concerned voice.

    Ye Fan smiled at the words.

    "Is it finally here?"

    "I've been waiting for them for a long time."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly, and no worry or trepidation could be heard in his words at all.

    After a brief conversation, Han Lao also hung up the phone.

    He was only calling to inform Ye Fan, so that he could prepare in advance.



    "A-hwa, look, little golden man hey~"

    "This would be the Maybach, right?"

    "World-class luxury cars, I've only seen them on the internet before, but today I never thought I'd see them in person."

    "It's worthy of being Mr. Chu."

    "It's only at Mr. Chu's wedding banquet that you can see such luxury cars?"

    At this time, not far in front, but a woman's surprised cry came out.

    This woman with heavy makeup was none other than the one who had been clamoring to come to the wedding banquet, Zhang Wenya.

    No, they had just struck up a relationship, and the party had just entered the place.

    However, upon hearing Zhang Wenya's words, the corner of Yuan Hua's eyes at the side was unnoticeably twitching, "Wenya, that...This car is not called Maybach, it's a Rolls Royce."

    "It's all pretty much the same, just if you know what I mean."Zhang Wenya said casually, while running up to the car to look and look at it, and even took a selfie and sent a friend circle, specifically taking pictures of that little golden man.

    Yuan Hua saw the situation, what else could he say but to shake his head and laugh.

    Women, after all, have long hair and short insight.

    After laughing, Yuan Hua quickly turned around and thanked towards a handsome young man beside her, "Brother Fei, thank you for today."

    "If it wasn't for you, I, Yuan Hua, would not have been able to enter these occasions in my life, let alone attend Mr. Chu's wedding banquet together with a group of big brothers."

    At this time, Yuan Hua, with a flattering and complimentary face, but without the arrogance he had before when he asked the traffic police to make way for him.

    It couldn't be helped, this person in front of him was the prince of the Shen family.

    His father, Shen Jiuyi, was even more of a popular figure in front of the Second Prince Li.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

    Yes, the Brother Fei that Yuan Hua talked about was none other than Shen Fei who was quite close to Ye Fan before.

    Shen Fei is also a famous dude in Yunzhou, as the saying goes, a snake and a rat's nest, Yunzhou is so big, they naturally know each other well.

    It wasn't difficult for Shen Fei to help Yuan Hua and the others get into this wedding banquet by relying on his father's connections.

    After all, his father, Shen Jiuyi, had also been involved in a lot of work in the planning and preparation of this wedding.

    As the young master of the Shen family, the son of Shen Jiuyi, he was still able to do this kind of thing.

    "A little thing, thanks is not necessary."

    "However, Yuan Hua, I'll put my words here for you first."

    "This occasion in front of you is by no means an ordinary banquet."

    "The attendees are either rich or noble, and none of them is an existence you can mess with."

    "So, when you go in later, behave yourself, but don't cause any trouble."

    "Especially that unseen girlfriend of yours, make sure to keep an eye on her."

    "And, most importantly, don't ever mess with Mr. Chu."

    "Do you hear me?"

    Shen Fei solemnly warned.

    Yuan Hua even waved his hand, "Brother Fei, don't worry."

    "Even if you lend us ten guts, we will definitely not dare to knit Mr. Chu's brows."

    "You are busy with your work first, don't bother with us."

    "Wen Ya and I will definitely be honest and never cause trouble for Brother Fei."

    Yuan Hua patted his chest and assured.

    Only then did Shen Fei nodded his head to reassure, "Well, then you two can go in first.I still have something to do, see you later."

    After saying that, Shen Fei also left.

    Yuan Hua and Zhang Wenya, however, were striding towards the Sea Source Pavilion with excitement and anticipation.

    However, when they reached the entrance of the Haiyuan Pavilion, a thin figure of a man caught Zhang Wenya's attention.

    "Fuck, it's you?"

    "What are you doing here, you turd?"

    Zhang Wenya was shocked when he saw the crowd in front of him, and his anger came out right away.


    "Vinya, you know him?"Yuan Hua was curious.

    "Isn't it?"Zhang Wenya said angrily, "Honey, he's the turtle who bullied me at the wedding dress shop before."

    "Because of him, I was almost killed and thrown out."

    "I don't care, you said you'd help me get revenge."

    "I couldn't find him before, but now that I've met him, you must avenge me!"

    As soon as she remembered the incident at the wedding dress shop that day, Zhang Wenya felt the anger in her heart.

    As she angrily scolded Ye Fan, she petulantly let Yuan Hua stand up for herself.

    But Yuan Hua was worried, "Wenya, we'll talk about this later, but today is Mr. Chu's wedding banquet, if we make trouble here, I'm afraid we'll anger Mr. Chu."

    "No, I don't care, you must teach him a hard lesson today and make him kneel down and apologize to me."

    "Otherwise, you won't be able to climb into my bed ever again."Zhang Wenya said in an angry voice.

    "Fine, fine, Wenya, leave this to me, you just have to watch."Yuan Hua eventually gave in, and for the sake of his own sex life, he could only obey.

    And then, he looked at the thin man in front of him and coldly said, "Bastard, you are the one who bullied my daughter-in-law at the wedding dress shop that day?"

    "By all means, with my temper, I'll break your legs today, waste your limbs, and make you unable to get out of bed for the rest of your life."

    "However, count yourself lucky that I won't lay a hand on you at Mr. Chu's wedding banquet today."

    "If you're sensible, kneel down and apologize to my daughter-in-law now."

    "Otherwise, I, Yuan Hua, guarantee that I will make you look good!"

    Yuan Hua had his hands in his pockets, looking down condescendingly at the thin man in front of him, and his proud words were full of coldness.


"Hmph, punk, now you know that this lady is an existence you can't mess with, right?"

    When he saw the man in front of him, he didn't say anything and just stood there quietly.

    Zhang Wenya thought that he had been intimidated by her husband's might and was undoubtedly even more proud.

    He was shouting at Ye Fan in a high and mighty manner.

    However, it was at this moment that the resonant voice of the host was heard in the hall.


    "The qin rhyme is composed into the same dream language, and the lanterns are smiling at the shy person."

    "Next, let's use the warmest applause to invite Mr. Chu, the protagonist of today's wedding banquet, to come on stage and make a speech in order to announce that, today's wedding banquet, has officially begun!"

    Respectful and honorable voices echoed in the sky.

    Then, a thunderous applause was heard in the restaurant.

    "Are we going to have a banquet already?"

    "Does Mr. Chu want to speak again?"

    Outside, when Zhang Wenya heard it, she looked forward with excitement, her eyebrows filled with anticipation and admiration.

    However, who would have thought that just after the master of ceremonies had finished speaking, the man in front of her, but then turned around.

    After that, in the shocked and violent eyes of Zhang Wenya and Yuan Hua's couple, they stepped towards the hall.

    Underneath their feet was a fiery carpet, and beside them were the giants and bigwigs of the Jiangdong cities.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was just like this, facing the gazes of the crowd, walking with his hands held back, not afraid in the slightest.

    The full hall of guests had already taken their seats.

    The lean figure stepping in the hall at this moment was so conspicuous that it was almost universally noticed.

    "I go, what does this jerk want?"

    "Is he crazy?"

    "People are shouting for Mr. Chu, what's this turtle up there for?"

    "How dare you disrupt such an occasion?"

    "I don't think he wants to live!"

    Seeing the scene in front of them, Yuan Hua and his wife were both terrified.

    They hid in the doorway, pale and terrified cursing, looking at Ye Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.

    However, in the midst of their curses, in the hall in front of them, a person suddenly stood up and cupped his fists, "Welcome, Mr. Chu."


    "What the fuck is going on here?"

    The two of them, Yuan Hua, were stunned at the sight.

    Immediately afterwards, another person stood up and bowed as well, "Congratulations, Mr. Chu, on your new marriage!"


    Soon, as Ye Fan went deeper and deeper, the surrounding guests, one by one, stood up.

    In the end, this full house of guests all got up and worshipped together.

    "Congratulating Mr. Chu~"

    "Happy wedding, Mr. Chu!"


    "Congratulations to Mr. Chu~"

    "I wish Mr. Chu, an early birth to your son!"


    The rising and falling voices gathered into a stream.

    It was like waves, but it impacted the entire world.

    In the sound of the torrent, Ye Fan stepped on the sky, until he completely stood at the highest place of this hall.

    Beside him, there was a beautiful woman in his arms.

    In front of him, there was a group of heroes worshipping.

    At this time, Ye Fan is just like a king of the world, looking down upon the world.

    But at this time, Yuan Hua and Zhang Wenya, both of them were all confused.

    "He...He is..."

    "Mr. Chu?"

    Yuan Hua was spread out on the ground, his face white.

    The moment he saw Li Er and the others call Ye Fan as Mr. Chu in unison, he just felt that the sky had collapsed.

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "That's impossible."

    "He's a turtle, how could he be Mr. Chu."

    "Wrong, definitely a mistake~"

    "We've obviously met Mr. Chu, it's not him at all."

    Zhang Wenya couldn't stop shaking her head and shouting.

    She would never believe that this turtle in front of her could be Mr. Chu.

    Finally, in anger, Zhang Wenya directly pushed open the door of the hall, and in the midst of Yuan Hua's horrified gaze, this woman actually walked straight forward and shouted at the crowd, "Liar!"

    "He's a liar."

    "He's not Mr. Chu."

    "He's a fake, don't let him fool you all."

    "I've met Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu doesn't even look like this."

    "And he's just a turd who can't afford a wedding dress~"

    The sudden appearance of the voice startled everyone.

    In a split second, the entire hall quieted down.

    Everyone's eyes, brushing together, all fell over.


    "What the fuck are you doing, you frakking pussy?"

    "You want to die!"

    "Is this the place for you to fool around?"

    At that time, Yuan Hua was completely scared to death, he never thought that this girlfriend of his would have such a big dog's guts to come out and directly accuse Ye Fan of being a fake Mr. Chu.

    Yuan Hua naturally didn't dare to think so.

    After all, the people attending the banquet today were bound to be existences who were familiar with Mr. Chu.

    Whether this person in front of him was real or fake, Li Er and the others would definitely know better than the two of them.

    Therefore, when Yuan Hua saw Ye Fan being worshipped by the group, his first thought was that they themselves were mistaken, and that the person in front of them was the real Mr. Chu.

    It was the one they had met on the roadside before that was the fake.

    But now, this fury daughter-in-law of their own came out again to demolish Mr. Chu in public, isn't this fucking looking for death?

    Yuan Hua was naturally terrified, thinking that he was afraid that he would be planting this this time.

    As expected, before Ye Fan could speak, Li Er's gloomy words, however, had already sounded.


    "Where's this fool from?"

    "Where's the security?"

    "What kind of food, what kind of people would dare put in it?"

    "Want to die?"

    Li Er roared in a low voice.

    Among the crowd, Shen Fei, who was sitting with his father Shen Jiuyi, was just beginning to drink tea there while laughing.

    "These days, there really are all kinds of fury."

    However, after Shen Fei finished laughing, he also raised his head to look over.

    However, after he clearly saw the couple at the door, his face immediately turned green, and the teacup in his hand, even more so, fell directly to the ground with a snap, shattering!


    "These two idiots~"

    "Brakes, huh?"

    Shen Fei but was so shocked and frightened that he had the heart to kick Yuan Hua and the two of them to death.

    He had told them a thousand times before to never cause any trouble and to be honest.

    However, who would have thought that these two idiots would have taken his words at face value.

    Calling Mr. Chu a liar and calling him a turtle?


    "If I had known that, I would have been killed and never brought these two idiots in in the first place."

    "I'm afraid I'll be pitied by them this time."

    Shen Fei was on the verge of tears and was lying on the table, not even daring to raise his head.

    He could only pray now that these two wouldn't give him up.

    And while Li Er was furiously scolding the security guards, Ye Fan's eyes, undoubtedly, also fell over.

    At that moment, Yuan Hua only felt an invisible majesty that descended.

    Being looked at by Ye Fan like that actually made him feel like he was walking on thin ice like an abyss.

    "Just now, but it was the two of you who made me bow down and apologize, making me kneel down and beg for forgiveness?"

    Ye Fan's faint laughter quietly rang out.

    Hearing this, Li Er and the others were even more shocked.

    And Shen Fei was even more frightened to the point where he flipped right off his seat.


    "These two idiots are stabbing the sky~"

    Shen Fei howled, wanting to cry.

    "What? And this?"

    "Even Mr. Chu dares to offend, I think he's tired of it."

    "Someone, send them on their way~"

    Li Er whispered furiously.

    When Yuan Hua heard the words, he directly peed and kneeled on the ground with a bang.

    "Second Master, Mr. Chu, spare my life~"

    "No...It's not my fault, it's this bitch that's hurting me~"

    "I don't want to die, it's really none of my business ...."


"Yuan Hua, you...How dare you say that to me?"

    "I was so wrong about you~"

    "I declare, you're finished, you'll never climb into my bed again!"

    Zhang Wanya had never thought that Yuan Hua would put all the blame on him at a time like this.

    At that moment, Zhang Wenya's entire body was close to going mad, screaming at Yuan Hua in a harsh voice.

    "Finished you paralysis~"

    However, at this time, Yuan Hua, how can he still spoil her, jumped up and slapped Zhang Wenya's face.

    What a slap from Yuan Hua, it directly drew blood from Zhang Wenya, one of her front teeth was knocked out, and half of her face was swollen.

    "You really think of yourself as a celestial beauty?"

    "Do you really think you can't live without me, Yuan Hua?"

    "Don't think I don't know that you're good with me for my money."

    "But I'm not a fool, I never actually wanted to marry you."

    "In my eyes, a whore like you is no different from those women sold outside."

    "I pursued you for nothing more than to play."

    "You love money, I love sex, each has their own needs."

    "When I get tired of playing with you, I'll naturally kick you out."

    "Only a woman like you would be married by a penis!"

    Yuan Hua cursed furiously, with anger burning in his chest, and his words were extremely difficult to hear.

    But when Zhang Wenya heard this, her entire body was only momentarily startled.

    She looked at Yuan Hua incredulously, she couldn't accept that the man who had made a sea vow to her before had just bitch her.

    "You bastard~"

    "Son of a bitch, you lied to me, you lied to my feelings~"

    "I'll fight you on this!"

    After the panic, Zhang Wenya was also like a madman, pouncing towards Yuan Hua with claws and teeth.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Talk to me about feelings?"

    "You deserve it, you gold-worshipping snobbish bitch?"

    While cursing angrily, Yuan Hua but a bang kicked Zhang Wenya to the ground.

    "Ma De, I was really blind in the first place, how did I fall in love with a product like you~"

    "You're going to get screwed this time!"

    Yuan Hua was angry and hateful, and had the heart to kick this fussy bitch to death.

    If it wasn't for her making noise about attending the wedding banquet, how could he have offended Mr. Chu.

    It could be said that everything today was thanks to this idiot bitch, Yuan Hua was naturally angry.

    After kicking Zhang Wenya, Yuan Hua kneeled at the feet of Li Er as well as Ye Fan like a dog, crying with a snotty nose and tears, "Mr. Chu, Second Master, I'm really not to blame."

    "I have no grudge against Mr. Chu, I've never even met him, if this bitch hadn't encouraged me, how could I have messed with Mr. Chu ah."

    "Second Master, Mr. Chu, it's all her, it's all her alone, it's not my fault~"

    Yuan Hua knelt on the ground, his head kicking with a shocking sound.

    Obviously, Yuan Hua was also terrified.

    After all, Mr. Chu was the esteem of Jiangdong, and their Yuan family was not even qualified to attend the wedding banquet, in other words, if Mr. Chu was willing, he could crush their Yuan family to death at will.

    Such a person, Yuan Hua was naturally terrified.

    However, no matter how much he cried and begged, Ye Fan's expression, however, was still icy cold, and it looked like he had no intention of letting him go.

    At that moment, Yuan Hua suddenly saw Shen Fei who was not far in front of him, drinking tea with his head bowed, and at that moment, it was as if a man in the water had grasped the last straw to save his life.

    Yuan Hua suddenly climbed up and ran towards Shen Fei, while kneeling on the ground and hugging Shen Fei's thighs and begging, "Brother Fei, you have to save me, you have to save me~"

    "I was brought in by you, you can't leave me alone."

    "Please Fei, please help me say something nice in front of Mr. Chu."


    Yuan Hua was crying and shouting.

    At that time, Shen Fei's entire face was green, and he got up and directly kicked Yuan Hua away: "Sub-O!"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Who the hell are you, do I fucking know you?"

    "Get the hell out of here!"

    Shen Fei cursed with a black face, his heart to kill this Yuan Hua.

    This fool, is this going to kill him?

    Just now, Shen Fei hadn't dared to raise his head, just in case he was noticed by Li Er, Ye Fan and the others, just in case he was involved with this matter.

    After all, bringing in idle people privately and causing serious consequences was a big crime.

    Even if Ye Fan remembered his old feelings and didn't pursue the matter, Li Er alone could still get him killed!

    But this idiot in front of him was good, he came straight over and begged him and told him everything.

    At that time, Shen Fei was about to cry.

    I thought to myself, how did I get to know a frakking thing?

    So, Shen Fei's heart kicked him away, biting himself to death for not knowing him.

    After kicking him away, Shen Fei was still laughing at the people around him, "Haha~"

    "And I don't know where the idiot came from to acknowledge my brother."

    "Huh?You really don't know him?"Shen Jiuyi, who was on the side, but with a sweeping gaze, stared at Shen Fei.

    Shen Fei's old face shook, still shaking his head and smiling, "Dad, I really don't know him.How could I, Shen Fei, have such an idiot friend, I reckon he's just here to touch porcelain."

    "Come on, Dad, have some tea."

    Hearing Shen Fei's explanation, Shen Jiuyi didn't say anything, but looking at that gloomy face, it was as if he was saying, go back and fix you.

    His own son, how could Shen Jiuyi not know?

    These two people in front of them were 80% inextricably linked to their own son.

    "Mr. Chu, what should we do about this?"

    "How about breaking a leg and throwing it in the river to feed the fish?"

    At this time, Li Er looked towards Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan's decision.

    Ye Fan didn't reply, but looked at Yuan Hua, and his cold voice, which was cold, rang out.

    "Your name is Yuan Hua, right?"

    "You insulted me and violated me. Originally, you would never have survived."

    "But today is the day I get married to Mu Orange.I don't want to see blood on the big day."

    "So, this time, I'll forgive you for now."

    "But if there's a next time, you won't live to see it!"

    "Get lost~"

    Ye Fan waved his hand while turning around and leaving.

    When Yuan Hua heard that, he was as if he was amused.

    Kneeling on the ground, he kowtowed to Ye Fan.

    And then ran away without looking back.

    As for Zhang Wenya, Yuan Hua, however, didn't even look at her, let alone take her with him and run.

    Today, Yuan Hua was almost killed by this woman, Yuan Hua had the heart to kill her, so how could he care about her?

    Looking at Yuan Hua's ruthless back, but Zhang Wenya's heart was like a knife.

    This wasn't the first time, last time, she had been toyed with by a rich second generation for three years and had an abortion for him, but in the end, she was ruthlessly dumped.

    This time, it was still the same.

    Zhang Wenya suddenly regretted so much, perhaps, she should have really listened to her parents' admonition and found an honest person to marry and live an ordinary life.

    The end of snobbery and gold worship was destined to be incomparably miserable!

    "Why don't you get out of here?"

    Eventually, Zhang Wenya was kicked out by the security guards.

    The farce had come to a complete end at this point.

    "I don't know where those two idiots came from, but Mr. Chu also dared to offend?"

    "900 million, give me a good investigation."

    "Find out who let these two idiots in, and when you find them, I will not spare them!"

    Even though Ye Fan had already forgiven those two, that was still Li Er's anger.

    After all, he was the one who had prepared this wedding, and now that it had gone wrong one after another, Li Er was naturally annoyed.


Hearing Li Er's words, Shen Fei's entire body was undoubtedly guilty, and his forehead lowered even deeper, fearing that someone would notice something different about him.

    "Rest assured, Second Master, I will definitely look into this matter."

    "When the time comes, not only you, Second Master, I, Shen Jiuyi, will also not let him go."

    Shen Jiuyi responded in a deep voice.


    Shen Fei couldn't hold back, and the tea that reached his mouth directly spat out.

    "Well, what happened?"

    "Impudent thing, if you don't want to eat, get out of my face?"

    Shen Jiuyi turned his head to glare at his son and reprimanded him sternly.

    The frightened Shen Fei is even more silent, fart did not dare to let out a word.

    But in the heart is howling, old father you must not pit your son ah.

    "Alright, it's almost time, let's start the feast."

    Ye Fan didn't pay any more attention to these, but waved his hand, signaling the feast to officially begin.

    Soon, a large amount of wine and vegetables were served by the waiters.

    On the high platform, Ye Fan stood proudly as he embraced the beauty with one hand and raised the turbid wine with the other, toasting the full house of guests.

    "Thank you all for coming all the way here to attend my wedding to Mu Orange."

    "I'll drink this wine first!"

    In a muddled voice, Ye Fan immediately tilted his head back and drank the full cup of turbid wine.


    "Mr. Chu is very courteous."

    "If Mr. Chu hadn't saved us from the battle at Taishan, I'm afraid the Jiangdong people would have perished at the hands of Wu He Rong."

    "It's us, Jiangdong, who have been blessed by Mr. Chu."

    "If you want to toast this cup, let's toast it."

    Among the crowd, Li Er was the first to stand up.

    He laughed and at the same time filled his cup with turbid wine, full of respect, and toasted to Ye Fan.

    "On this day of Mr. Chu's great joy, I, Li Er, toast for Mr. Chu!"

    "This cup of wine is a toast to Mr. Chu for saving his life, a toast to Mr. Chu for knowing the zephyr, and a toast to Mr. Chu for being a newlywed!"

    Li Er spoke a few words in a row, and the sound of respect echoed throughout the hall.

    And as Li Er walked out, Lei Laosan and Wang Jiexi, both of them, also rose to toast one after another.

    "I, Lei Lao-san~"

    "I am Wang Jiexi~"

    "And to Mr. Chu, happy new marriage!"

    In a split second, it was like a boulder falling into the sea, creating a thousand layers of waves.

    As Li Er and the others walked out one after the other, the full house of guests also all rose up and raised their cups together, toasting forward.

    "We, congratulate Mr. Chu, on his auspicious marriage."

    "Here's to Mr. Chu, marital harmony and family happiness!"


    "Congratulations, Mr. Chu, on your new marriage~"


    "I wish Mr. Chu, an early birth to your son!"


    Rushing up to the sky, it gathered into a stream and impacted the entire world.

    At this time, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were mighty and proud.

    Just like a king, looking down upon the world!

    Qiu Mu Orange, on the side, saw the man in front of her who was congratulated by ten thousand states and worshipped by groups of males, but in her eyebrows, there was only deep shock and boundless overflowing colors.

    She only felt that the Ye Fan in front of her, dazzling, was like a sun.

    Light, ten thousand feet!

    Qiu Mu Orange knew very well that if it wasn't for Ye Fan, it would have been difficult for her to stand at the highest place in Jiangdong and accompany Ye Fan, ruling the world, as she did now, after all her life!

    "Mu Orange, congratulations."

    "Congratulations, you've found the right person."

    Among the crowd, Su Xi, who attended the wedding as a bridesmaid, looked at Qiu Mu Orange, who was bathed in glory, but her eyebrows were overflowing with the light of envy.

    Her heart was even more like an overturned bottle of five flavors.

    Back when Ye Fan was still the door-to-door son-in-law of the Qiu family, everyone looked down on him.

    Everyone thought that he wasn't good enough for Qiu Mu Orange.

    She, Su Xi, was even more unworthy for her best friend, Mu Orange, and repeatedly persuaded Qiu Mu Orange to divorce, and also felt that her best friend was too stupid to trust her life to a wimp son-in-law.

    But who would have thought that the son-in-law, who was despised by everyone back then, would now become the all-powerful dragon.


    "What a foolish blessing."

    "I never thought that this silly ninny, Mu Orange, would be able to win Mr. Jiang Dong Chu's affection."

    Thinking of this, Suzy was filled with bitterness and envy.

    Heroes loved beautiful women, and how could a beautiful woman not worship a hero?

    This was true for Autumn Mu Orange, and even more so for Susie!

    From the very first moment she saw Mr. Chu at the foot of Mount Tai, Suzy had been deeply infatuated with the all-powerful Mr. Chu.

    She had worked so hard to investigate Mr. Chu's identity and find his residence.

    However, fate plays tricks on people.

    However, she never dreamed that the man she admired and respected would be her best friend's husband.

    When she learned of all this, Su Xi only felt that the sky had fallen.

    Even though it's been a long time now, but every time I think about it, it's still hard for me to stay calm.

    When she was startled and distracted, Shen Fei, who was not far away, looked at the scene in front of her and felt her heart boiling.

    All a man wanted in life was nothing more than power and a woman.

    But Ye Fan, at the age of twenty, he finished the road that was difficult for him to finish in his lifetime.

    The supreme power, the most beautiful woman.

    What other people dream of, Ye Fan has at his fingertips!

    Seeing the end, Shen Fei couldn't help but sigh with emotion, "A great man, when he is as well!"

    However, just as the atmosphere of this wedding banquet had reached its peak.

    The door of the restaurant, however, was suddenly pushed open by someone.

    Only a vicarious middle-aged man, with panic and anxiety, directly banged open the restaurant's door.

    "Mr. Chu, go!"

    "You should go~"

    He shouted anxiously, his terrified voice shaking the hall.

    At that moment, the crowd heard the words, but they all turned pale!



    At the same time, in a cafe a thousand meters away from Haiyuan Pavilion, a man in a suit, leaning against the window, was quietly reading a newspaper.

    However, every now and then, the man would look up and out the window, looking as if he was waiting for something.

    Finally, after an unknown amount of time, a vehicle stopped outside the door.

    Soon, a man entered the cafe, walked straight to the window, and reported in a deep voice, "Wu City, we've gotten word that they, they've arrived outside of Yunzhou City."

    "In a few minutes, they will be in the city."

    "Good, the king's division, have they finally arrived?"Wu Weitao put away the newspaper and smiled coldly, while, once again, he ordered, "Go, and tell them where Ye Fan and the others are, according to what I said before."

    "Yes, Wu Shi.Subordinate will go do it."

    This person, who came suddenly, left swiftly.

    After this person left, Wu Weitao picked up his coffee and walked to the window, but he looked forward.

    There, I saw that the Sea Source Pavilion towered high, and the cloud lake's smoke rippled.

    "Man is not for himself, and the heavens are killing him."

    "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry."

    "If you want to blame it, blame it on the people you've provoked and shouldn't have provoked."

    Wu Weitao smiled coldly, and there was dense heat in the cup.

    Through the dense heat, it was as if Wu Weitao had already seen that soon, Ye Fan would lose his life under the Sea Source Pavilion.


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