Secret Identity 1241-1250


Chapter 1241

Hearing the old lady's words, Ma Lan was stunned and upset.

      Someone was really investing in the Xiao family?Crazy, right?

      How many of the Xiao family's ragtag fish and shrimp can make it to the stage?

      With them, it's strange that the Shaw Group can do it!

      Wouldn't investing in them be money to burn?

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.He'll burn incense if he doesn't ruin his family fortune!"

      Ma Lan's words also spoke to Old Lady Xiao's sore spot.

      Although the Xiao family now had Wu Donghai's investment, it in no way meant that the Xiao family could rest easy in the future.

      After all, Wu Donghai's money only helped the Xiao family solve their survival problems, but the Xiao family still needed someone capable to lead them if they really wanted to grow.

      However, it was true that the Xiao family did not have much talent that could be taken on.

      Xiao Changqian's own ability was mediocre, and Xiao Hailong was even more of an eye candy loser who was very good at eating inside out, so it would be really hard for him to find a way to help the company make some money.

      It's been a few years since he joined the Xiao Group, but basically he hasn't accomplished a single business.

      As for Xiao Weiwei, needless to say, after graduating from Pheasant University, she was idle every day.

      When she first fell in love with Wang Yunfei, she spent money or spent money every day, and after breaking up with Wang Yunfei, she fell in love with Xiao Yiqian and then with Wei Changming, and now not only does she have little ability to run a business, even her own reputation is completely notorious, and she can't count on it.

      However, Mrs. Xiao is getting old herself, and she can't do many things herself.Fastest Update

      Therefore, although she was here to mock Ma Lan, she actually wanted to use her crushing advantage to make Ma Lan yield to her again, and once Ma Lan yielded to her again, she would help herself to persuade Xiao Choran to return to the Xiao Clan.

      If Xiao Choran was willing to come back, she would definitely give her a director's position, so that she could lead the Xiao Group back to life and create glory again.

      Old Mrs. Xiao had also learned about Xiao Churan's current situation before, her studio scale was small, but she had many orders in hand.

      The Empire Group gave her quite a few design orders, and the Song family, Wang family, and Qin family also gave her quite a few orders.

      These orders, Xiao Churan was now slowly making them, if she could be allowed to return to the Xiao Group, wouldn't she be able to bring them all back as well?

      When she thought of this, Mrs. Xiao endured her anger and said to Ma Lan, "Ma Lan, we don't have any deep hatred between in-laws and daughters-in-law, so why do you have to stick to it?In my opinion, we might as well put aside our prejudices and work together, don't you think?"

      Ma Lan said with annoyance: "Don't you dare to give me a dose of ecstasy here, old woman.Have you forgotten how you broke my leg?Just you wait for me, you old thing, sooner or later I'm going to smash both your legs off!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao pointed at this new Bentley Continental and said seriously, "Ma Lan, if your family is willing to come back, I'll buy an identical Bentley for your family, what do you think?"


In Old Madam Xiao's eyes, Ma Lan was the woman who was most vain and loved to take advantage, if she really gave their family a Bentley, she would definitely try to persuade Xiao Choran.

      However, the old lady's calculations overlooked another characteristic of Ma Lan's character, which is: to hold a grudge!

      Although Ma Lan loves to take small advantages, she herself is also extremely grudging.

      Previously, she had been advising Xiao Churan to return to the Xiao Group because she had no grudge against the old lady, it was just a little conflict between in-laws and daughters-in-law.

      In front of money, a little quarrel naturally wouldn't have any effect on Ma Lan.

      However, the situation was different now!

      Ma Lan has a bone-deep hatred for Old Mrs. Xiao!

      When she was in the detention center, she took Zhang Guifen to torture Ma Lan to death, not only torturing Ma Lan to death, but also breaking Ma Lan's leg when she left, Ma Lan hated the old lady to death.

      Even if the old lady gave her a Bentley, it would not dilute her hatred for her.

      What's more, Ma Lan is learning to be smart now, she knows that the person she can't offend now is actually her son-in-law Ye Chen, otherwise, she might be kicked out of this luxurious villa by Ye Chen.

      Now that her husband wants to divorce himself, and her daughter can't help her much, of course she can't offend Ye Chen, otherwise, if she really pisses Ye Chen off and gets kicked out of the house, won't she be left to wander the streets?

      Moreover, how cruel this dead old woman's heart was, Ma Lan knew better than anyone else that if she fell for her trap, she might be trapped by her in the future.

      Therefore, she had decided that she couldn't say anything to be compelled by the old woman again.

      So, she raised her eyebrows and mocked: "Old thing, I've told you, this stupid Bentley is not even one tenth of my son-in-law's car, how can I look down on this kind of trash?It's only your family that has never seen anything in the world that treats this piece of shit as a treasure and lick your face to drive it to my doorstep, how shameless!"

      Xiao Hailong blurted out, "Ma Lan, don't you dare be ungrateful here, Granny gave you a chance to bow your head and admit your mistake, but instead of taking it, you're still bragging here?If you miss this opportunity, you won't have any tears to cry!"

      Ma Lan laughed, "You, a little bastard who doesn't know who made it up, are calling me a bragger?Wait, I'll show you now, what a real luxury car is!"

      After saying that, Ma Lan immediately pulled out the remote control key of the courtyard gate and pressed the open door button.

      In order to facilitate the owners to drive in and out, the villas of Thomson One are equipped with remote controlled electric gates, so that the owners can directly use the key to remotely open the gates without getting out of the car to operate the gates.

      As soon as Ma Lan pressed the key, the opposite gate began to open slowly outwards, and facing the gate were Ye Chen's two top supercars.

      At this time, he was sitting in that Aston Martin, and had just given Xiao Churan a detailed description of the operating procedure of this supercar, and was about to take her out for a run to try it out.

      So, he pressed the red button to start the engine, and then the 7.3-liter v12 engine roared like 12 wildly roaring beasts.

      Old Mrs. Xiao, as well as the rest of the Xiao family, were all shocked by the huge sound that suddenly came from the yard.

      When everyone fixed their eyes, they saw that a supercar with a face as fierce as a beast had been started and was slowly driving towards the open door!


Ye Chen originally wanted to take his wife out for a walk in his car, but he didn't expect that the gate would open by itself when he really wanted to open it remotely with the key.

      He didn't know it was Malan's work, but he was wondering, and saw a black car parked in front of the door, and there was an old lady standing next to the car.Fastest Update

      A closer look revealed that the old lady was actually Xiao Choran's grandmother!

      Xiao Choran was also surprised, not understanding why the grandmother was in front of her house.

      Ye Chen did see that next to the old lady was a car, a Bentley Continental.

      He was surprised in his heart, how did the Xiao family have money to buy a Bentley?Could it be from Wu Donghai?This grandson was really willing to put in effort to disgust himself.

      At this time, Xiao Hailong, who was sitting in the cab, was so shocked that he couldn't speak when he saw an Aston Martin driving out of the courtyard of Ye Chen's villa!

      After a few seconds, Xiao Hailong only looked unhappy and angry, "Damn, this son of a bitch Ye Chen can even drive an Aston Martin, how come this car has to be three or four million?It doesn't look any worse than this Bentley of ours."

      When Xiao Weiwei was with the young master Wang Yunfei before, she hadn't missed hearing Wang Yunfei talk about various supercars, so she immediately recognized this car as the famous Aston Martin one77!

      So she was busy and said, "Brother, this Aston Martin is no ordinary Aston Martin, this is Aston Martin's most expensive one77, and one costs tens of millions of dollars."

      "What the hell?!"Xiao Hailong's entire body was struck by lightning, and he subconsciously shouted out, "You said this car is an Aston Martin ONE77?"

      Vivian Siu nodded.

      The average person looking at an Aston Martin could only recognize its more distinctive shark face, but what was the specific difference between each Aston Martin, most people couldn't tell from the front of the car.

      Unlike Mercedes-Benz, the cheapest Mercedes-Benz was just over 200,000, but the most expensive one needed to be a few million larger or even higher, but just by looking at the front face of the Mercedes-Benz, it was hard for anyone to tell at a glance what kind of car it was.

      Xiao Weiwei didn't really know much about cars, but the knowledge related to supercars was something she had passively accepted.

      After all, she had also been Wang Yunfei for several years, and Wang Yunfei, the second young master of a rich family, usually liked to study the hobby of sports cars the most, so Xiao Weiwei could be said to be more proficient in sports cars.

      As soon as Xiao Hailong heard that this Aston Martinone77 was even worth tens of millions of dollars, her heart was immediately sour and hateful.

      Damn, I thought I could come and ridicule Ye Chen's family properly by buying a Bentley Continental, but I didn't expect that people Ye Chen would come out with a sports car worth tens of millions of dollars ......

      At this time, Xiao Hailong saw that there was even a sports car parked in the courtyard, and he recognized the sports car brand that all the boys dreamed of, and he exclaimed in shock, saying offhandedly, "Fuck!Isn't that a Bugatti next to it!Bugatti is at least 20 million, right?"

      Xiao Weiwei took a look at it and said with a complicated expression, "Brother, that car is a limited edition launched by Bugatti and Hermes, and the price is also going to be over 50 million."



Xiao Hailong only felt as if he had suffered a series of heavy blows.

      He said in a dumbfounded voice, "How in the world did that stinking hangman Ye Chen get such an expensive car?And one is even, but he has two!"

      Xiao Changqian's face was also ugly: "I guess this Ye Chen has gone out to fucking cheat again!I don't fucking get it. Have these rich people in Jinling got their fucking brains kicked in?Why does everyone believe so much in Ye Chen, the stinking hangman?!"

      Xiao Hailong was also miserable and exasperated, saying, "I want to know too!Mom, I've been waiting for this son of a bitch Ye Chen to thunderstorm, but he's still alive and well to this day."

      Xiao Weiwei's eyes reddened and she said grievously, "If it wasn't for Ye Chen, Brother Yunfei and I would have gotten married long ago, our family wouldn't have been so miserable, and Mom wouldn't have been sent to the black coal kiln to suffer so much."

      Xiao Chang Qian said angrily, "Don't mention that bitch!"

      At this time, Mrs. Xiao saw Ye Chen and Xiao Churan drive a strange-looking car to the front, so she stepped forward next to the cab, looked at Ye Chen in the car, and said arrogantly: "I thought your family had bought some kind of awesome car, just such a piece of junk, what's the difference between looking like a Ford Mondeo?The captain of the Shaw Group security team used to drive this car, isn't it 200,000?"

      Aston Martin has been acquired by the Ford Group, so the Ford Group has applied the most classic shark face to the Aston Martin model on the Mondeo that has been introduced over the years.

      So the Ford Mondeo was also dubbed the Aston Mondeo.

      And the Ford Mondeo is selling quite well and can be seen everywhere on the street.

      But Aston Martin, as a top sports car brand, actually had a very low exposure in front of the common people, so over time, most people were more familiar with the Ford Mondeo car, and there would even be situations like the old lady Xiao, who mistakenly identified Aston Martin, as Mondeo.

      When Ye Chen heard her say that, he didn't bother to be familiar with her in general, so he said to her, "Never mind if my car is 200,000 or 100,000, you're blocking the door of my house now, move the car quickly, I want to go out."

      Upstairs on the terrace, Ma Lan looked at Old Mrs. Xiao and despised her shame: "You old thing is really not long-sighted, which is what Ford Mondeo, this is called Aston Martin, don't even know this, still have the face to come out to show off."Updated fastest.

      The old lady Xiao looked up at Ma Lan and cursed, "Ah you mother Ding, I've been here for so many years, what kind of good car have I not seen?I don't believe a little car like that can cost more than my Bentley!"

      Although Xiao Hailong usually liked to pretend the most, at this time he also knew that pretending so forcefully was not only meaningless, but also self-defeating.

      So, he hurriedly pushed the door and got off the car, supporting the old lady and whispering, "Grandmother, let's go home quickly."

      "Go home?Back to what home?"Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "Today is a good day for the rebirth of our Xiao Group, a great day for the re-emergence of our Xiao family, I want this family to see clearly, don't think that now living in a set of Townsend's villa, they have become an adult, compared to us, they are still far from it!We're all in Bentleys now. Where are they?Can't even afford to drive a BMW anymore, driving this little piece of junk and only two seats, enough for what?"

      Xiao Hailong was bashful and said, "Grandma, his car is much more expensive than ours!It's a supercar, it's worth tens of millions!"

      "What?"Old Mrs. Xiao shivered and blurted out, "Tens of millions for such a small thing?Is it made of gold?"

      Xiao Hailong's face was hot as he pulled her towards the car and whispered, "Not only is this one he's driving tens of millions of dollars, there's one parked in the courtyard that's also tens of millions of dollars, and these two cars combined are almost a hundred million."


As soon as Old Lady Xiao heard that the two cars together were estimated to be over 100 million, she shivered violently.


What the fuck is the concept of two cars adding up to more than 100 million?These two cars are almost as good as a set of Townsend's villas.


One of their own cars only cost 3 million or so, and they already feel very impressive, then according to this, Ye Chen this car will have to top himself more than 30 cars.


The old lady's heart that difficult ah.


I thought I was coming over to humiliate someone else, but I didn't expect it to be self-inflicted.


The key is that there are really people who spend so much money to buy such an expensive car, neurotic? This is not.


A car made of pure gold is only this price, right?


The old lady Xiao was indignant in her heart, and Xiao Hailong, who was afraid that she was asking for trouble, hurriedly helped her to walk back to the Bentley.


Ma Lan stood on the terrace and said with a sneer, "Aigoo, dead old woman, why are you not arrogant?What's wrong with you?You're not the one who's a bull in a Bentley?"


Old Mrs. Xiao turned her back to Ma Lan, feeling like a mane in her back.


She didn't need to look back to know how sarcastic and despicable Ma Lan would look at herself now.


This was really her own initiative to stick her face out to others and let others beat her.


Had she known this, she would have avoided their home far away.


Why come and touch this bad luck?


And, for no reason at all, a pot of cold water was broken by this bitch, Ma Lan.


I was thinking of hurrying home to change my clothes, but I didn't expect that suddenly another basin of cold water would be thrown down.


This basin of water not only splashed Old Mrs. Xiao with a cold heart, but also poured Xiao Hailong into a mess.


If it were usual, Xiao Hailong would have had a scolding fight with the other party, but this time, he really didn't have the face to scream at Ma Lan.


After that, he himself panicked and got into the cab and drove away hastily.


Old Mrs. Xiao sat in the car and cursed at her mother, but this time, she was really taking advantage of the situation and returning with a facepalm.


Xiao Changqian, who was on the passenger side, was also depressed and said, "This Ma Lan is really wretched, she always uses the matter of Qian Hongyan to squeeze me.After today, I don't know how she will change her ways to squeeze us in the future!"


Old Mrs. Xiao was also bored out of her mind, originally Wu Donghai gave them the mission to disgust and make Ye Chen miserable, but she didn't expect that from the time she moved into the Townsend, her own family had been squeezed and calculated by Ye Chen's family, especially the last time she cut foreign water fairy dumplings and almost threw half her life into it.


Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, couldn't help but sigh, "Grandmother, if we can't always get an advantage over Ye Chen's family, will Wu will lose confidence in us and drive us out ah?"


"Yes Grandma!"Xiao Hailong also hurriedly said, "This villa was never ours in the first place, moreover, the money Wu Donghai invested in our Xiao Group is also conditional, he Wu Donghai can ask us to return the money to him at any time, if we can't afford to pay him back, he will then sue the court and seize us again, we will still be bankrupt and will still have nothing."


Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head very seriously.


She knew that her grandson and granddaughter were right, if she was late in helping Wu Donghai with his worries, then Wu Donghai would most likely give up on her.


Thinking of this, she gritted her teeth and said, "We still need to think of a way to quickly frustrate Ye Chen."


Xiao Chang Qian asked, "Mom, do you have any good ideas?"


Old Mrs. Xiao shook her head.


In this situation now, she really couldn't think of any good solutions.


Xiao Weiwei said, "Grandmother, why don't we use the Xiao Clan to properly suppress Xiao Choran's studio!"


"It's pointless."Old Mrs. Xiao said seriously, "Xiao Churan got all the lists from the Emperor Group, the Wang Family, and the Qin Family, how are you going to suppress her?"


"That's ...... true."


Xiao Weiwei was very annoyed in her heart.


All along, she had been variously compared to Xiao Choran.This caused her to develop a full hatred for Xiao Churan in her heart.


Unexpectedly, not only did Xiao Choran and Ye Chen's days not thunderstorm, but they became more and more popular, which made her heart very uncomfortable.


She hated Xiao Churan to the bone when she thought that just now, in Ye Chen's house, there were two top-notch luxury cars that even Wang Yunfei could only dream of, and she hated Xiao Churan to the bone.


Why on earth could she live such a good life?


And now you're the infamous mistress of the Jinling?


At first, I was forced to follow Xiao Yiqian, and then I was dumped by Xiao Yiqian to Wei Changming.


Following Wei Changming was just fine, but when following Wei Changming, not only did he not get any benefit from Wei Changming, but he also followed him and licked an entire row of urinals at the Splendid Club, and that incident made him completely disgraced in Jinling.


Now, she was a laughingstock in Jinling, not knowing how many people were poking her spine behind her back.


Xiao Weiwei felt that it was all thanks to that cousin of hers, Xiao Churan!


Therefore, more than anyone else, she wanted to see Xiao Choran lose everything.


So a vicious scheme suddenly sprouted in her heart and spoke, "Grandmother, I have a good idea, if we can do it, General Manager Wu will definitely be very pleased, and may even greatly reward us."


"Oh?"Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly asked, "What kind of scheme?Hurry up and say it and listen to it!"


With a cold face, Xiao Weiwei said incomparably grimly, "Isn't Ye Chen's favorite, Xiao Choran?It seems like he and Xiao Churan have never been husband and wife, in other words, Xiao Churan should still be a virgin now, if we set up a game to find someone to sleep with Xiao Churan and then shoot a video and upload it on the Internet, then wouldn't Ye Chen be devastated?Wu will be very happy when the time comes!"


The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product, and you'll see that it's a good idea," she said, "but you have to think carefully."


Xiao Chang Qian also said with a frightened face, "This must not be done, Wu Donghai must also know that Xiao Choran is Ye Chen's destiny, why doesn't he do something to Xiao Choran?Must be afraid that Ye Chen is crazy enough to seek revenge on him!"


"Have you forgotten that just because his brother-in-law abducted children, Ye Chen sank more than a dozen of his brother-in-law's people in the river, and if anyone messes with Xiao Choran, he'll be killed by his entire family?"


"Yes!"Xiao Hailong also panicked and blurted out, "Weiwei, are you out of your mind?If we did this kind of thing, we'd definitely be sunk in the river too!"


Xiao Weiwei's face was also full of fear once she heard her family say that.


She just hated Xiao Choran too much, so she hated to destroy her.


Just thinking of Ye Chen's vicious methods, she couldn't help but feel a chill on her back as well.


At this time, Xiao Chang Qian suddenly said excitedly, "Right, although we can't do anything to Xiao Churan, we can do something to Ma Lan!"


What Xiao Changqian hates the most is not Qian Hongyan who put a cuckold on himself, but Ma Lan who insulted him repeatedly and made him hate him to the bone.

      When you think of the 20 green hats on Ma Lan's balcony, Xiao Changqian can't wait to chop Ma Lan into pieces.

      Every time those 20 green hats fluttered in the wind, it was a merciless flogging to him.

      So he felt that if he wanted to take revenge, then it would be natural to do it from Ma Lan, it would be perfect.

      And most importantly, retaliating against Ma Lan would not cause Ye Chen's hatred.

      Otherwise, if everyone did it to Xiao Churan, it would be like touching Ye Chen's backlash and would probably invite death.

      Even Wu Donghai didn't dare to make a move against Xiao Choran, so naturally, his own family couldn't cause that trouble either.

      Xiao Chang Qian's proposal was instantly approved by the whole family.

      All this time, Ma Lan always spared no effort to mock their family, which had deeply angered everyone, finding a breakthrough from her and finding a way to fix her would also relieve the whole family of their hatred.first post.

      So, Xiao Hailong hurriedly pursued, "Dad, what's the best way to do it, tell us about it!"

      Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth and said, "We need to find a chance to make her fall into disrepute, make her the laughingstock of the whole country, and let her feel the feeling of being poked in the backbone by countless people!"

      Speaking of which, Xiao Changqian added, "And!It's best to get her an STD too!"

      Xiao Hailong said in surprise, "Dad!You're not going to do it yourself, are you?"

      When Xiao Chang Qian heard this, he became furious and slapped a slap across the face, cursing angrily, "Get the hell out of my face!A dog's mouth can't produce ivory!You want me to do it myself?Barbra Ma?She deserves it too!"

      In fact, Ma Lan and Qian Hongyan are both mature women with a lot of charm.

      However, the situation of these two women is a bit miserable nowadays.

      Qian Hongyan has just had a miscarriage and is still suffering from STDs. She is now being beaten by her husband and is lying in the hospital, being treated for her injuries and STDs.

      Ma Lan is also miserable, with her broken leg in a plaster cast and her two front teeth broken, how can she still have the same charm?What man can't even mention interest in looking at it.

      Xiao Hailong received a slap and said somewhat aggrieved, "Dad, it was you who said you wanted her to catch a venereal disease, that's why I thought you were going to do it yourself ......"

      Xiao Chang Qian scolded, "Can't you find someone else to do it?"

      Xiao Hailong said, "Who are you looking for?"

      "How the hell should I know!Look for it, look for the young and strong one, preferably one with a disease!"

      Xiao Hailong said awkwardly, "This is really impossible to find ......"

      Xiao Chang Qian smacked his lips and said, "I'll search for it, even if I can't find one with a disease, I have to find someone to do her!"



The following day, Xiao Choran's high school classmate got married.

      The couple drove a supercar by themselves at dawn, and set off from Tomson to Five Rivers County on the outskirts of Jinling City.

      Five River County is about 60 kilometers away from the city center, although it is a bit far, but the good thing is that there is a highway that goes straight to it.

      This high school classmate of Xiao Churan's lived in the suburbs of the county seat of Five Rivers County, and only when the two followed the navigation to the community where the other lived did they discover that it was an old community with houses that were at least twenty or thirty years old.

      All of the houses in this neighborhood were no more than six stories, and they were built so densely that the green paint originally applied on the outside of the houses had become mottled, revealing the color of concrete.

      The entrance to the neighborhood is very narrow, and there are also relatively high speed bumps, plus at a glance you can see that the inside is occupied very seriously, either garbage bins occupy the road, or whoever's tricycle bicycles, motorcycles or broken cars, parked against the road, so the inside is very narrow.

      Ye Chen drove that Bugatti in the front, took a look at the entrance of the community, then called [New PEN] to the wife Xiao Churan in the back of the car, and said: "Honey, the road conditions in this community are too complicated, I guess our sports car chassis is so low, it's impossible to drive in, or we can park the car on the side of the road and walk in."

      Xiao Churan said, "Okay, you stop first, I'll stop after you."

      Ye Chen leaned his car against the side of the road quite well, so his wife Xiao Churan also followed and parked right behind him.

      The two people got off the car, early morning passers-by, seeing these two top luxury cars suddenly come to this kind of small county town of economic decadence, have stopped to take pictures with their mobile phones.

      Ye Chen didn't want to be too ostentatious, so he pulled Xiao Churan into the community first.

      Good thing the two came early, so there are not too many passersby now, otherwise, I'm afraid it would have been surrounded by a sea of people.

      It was only 7:40 in the morning, after Xiao Churan entered the community with Ye Chen, she couldn't help but sigh, "I came to her house once when I was in high school, her family lived here then, I didn't expect that their family was still living here after so many years."

      Ye Chen looked at the dilapidated building and couldn't help but sigh, "The house shouldn't look much bigger, right?"

      Xiao Churan hmmmed and said, "Their home is just a 2-bedroom set that adds up to more than 60 square feet."

      Ye Chen asked curiously, "How can four people live in a two-bedroom?Didn't you say she had a brother?"

      "Yeah."Xiao Chu Ran said, "The family couldn't afford a big house, so she and her brother lived in the same room since they were young, then she went away to school, and by the time she graduated from college, her brother was also a big young man, and the two of them really couldn't live in the same room anymore, so this classmate of mine went to work hard and rented a room in Jinling on her own."

      Saying that, she sighed and said, "Isn't she going to get married today, according to the rules, she has to send a wedding from her mother's house to get married, so she only came over last night, waiting to send a wedding over this morning."

      Ye Chen lightly nodded his head and said, "At that time, if there was someone marrying a lady inside any community, they would at least get a rainbow door or something at the entrance of the community, and write on it the joyous blessings of their beloved daughter coming out of the pavilion and so on, why didn't this student of yours get one at home?Walking into this section it's completely unreadable that someone is getting married today."

      Xiao Choran said helplessly, "Her mother's family doesn't want her to marry because they don't pay the bride price, but isn't she pregnant?So there was nothing else to do, I heard her say that her mother's family was very angry and didn't treat her well at all, and that the whole family wouldn't be there today when she got married, so if she wanted to leave, let her go alone."Fastest Updated.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but say, "That's a bit too much, how come she's her own daughter and is getting married, her parents and brother can't even go, right?It's also too impersonal."

      Xiao Choran said with some sympathy, "This classmate of mine is especially pitiful, her parents have long told her that no matter who she marries, as long as she can get 300,000 bride price money for the family, so that she can buy a suite for his brother."

      "But the man she had to marry, her in-laws wouldn't give her the bride price money, so her parents and brother wanted her to abort the baby and go find a man who could pay the bride price."

      "But she stubbornly refused, so her parents especially hated her, even her brother, and if we don't come to help her today, I guess she'll have to get married by herself."


Hearing this, Ye Chen curiously asked Xiao Churan, "What?Did she inform an old school friend of yours about her wedding today?"

      "Yeah ......"Xiao Choran said, "She wanted me to help her, otherwise she can't really carry it alone, I originally also wanted her to get a few more of her old classmates from the beginning to come over and help, even if it's just to hold the show, but she didn't want to."

      Ye Chen said helplessly, "I guess it's also because she doesn't want to lose face in front of so many classmates, understandable."

      Xiao Churan nodded her head and said, "I have never seen her so pitiful, on such an important day as her marriage, her mother-in-law's family is giving her a hard time ......"

      Saying that, Xiao Churan couldn't help but sigh, "Ye Chen, actually I really think it's quite good to marry you, if I'm really asked by my family to marry some rich family's young master, then I don't know how I'll be bullied by my mother-in-law's family."The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Ye Chen's expression was a little embarrassed.

      This wife of his still didn't know that this waste of a husband she married was the young master of one of the top families in the country.

      Xiao Choran saw that his expression was not quite right and thought that he was angry, she was busy explaining, "Ye Chen you can't think too much, I don't mean anything else, I just want to say that it's quite good to marry you!"Fastest Update

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled and asked her, "What would you do if I became the young master of a rich family one day?"

      Xiao Choran laughed, "What you said doesn't hold true, because you are an orphan, you can't be the young master of a rich family."

      Ye Chen said, "I'm just making an analogy, what if I were?"

      Xiao Choran smiled, "If you really are the young master of some rich family, then I'll divorce you."

      Ye Chen asked in surprise, "You're not serious, are you?"

      Xiao Choran giggled, "Just kidding, hurry up, it's this building, let's go upstairs!"

      Ye Chen helplessly shook his head and followed behind her into that old staircase unit.

      What surprised him was that today was the wedding day of his wife's classmate, and as a result, they had all walked to the door of the unit, and this family still hadn't even posted a happy word, so it seemed that they hadn't made any preparations for their daughter to get married.

      The couple walked up the stairs together, and when they got to the 3rd floor, they heard someone upstairs arguing and yelling.

      "You lose money, you're really prepared, you don't want a penny to marry into their family ah?If you marry like that, I'll be poked and prodded to death in the future."

      The speaker was a middle-aged woman with a voice that sounded spirited and was a match for Mashiro.


Then another middle-aged man was heard coldly shouting, "This Sun family is also really a bully, the child is conceived to them, but they don't even give a penny for the bride price, aren't they afraid of beating up the child?"

      A young male counted down, "Only the Sun family is not afraid, they would like my sister to beat up the child, because they don't even look down on my sister, they always think that my sister is backstabbing their family."

      After saying that, he said, "Sister, why do you think you are so devilishly obsessed that you had to marry that Sun surname?The son of a bitch family are bad, you ask around in our neighborhood, who is the daughter of the wedding, the other party does not give the bride price?My good buddy Shunzi his sister, married to an ordinary family in the next county, the family also gave a bride price of 280,000 yuan, Shunzi has now paid a down payment to buy a house in the county, that down payment is to take his sister's bride price to pay, decoration his sister also 50,000 yuan, if you marry that surname Sun, I can do later!"

      "Exactly!I don't mind if you're too far away to be ashamed of yourself, but you should think about your brother, right?Your brother is 22 years old. It's time for him to get married. How picky are the girls these days?What girl would want to be with him if the family didn't have a house ready for him?"

      At this point, I heard a woman grievously say, "I am truly in love with Sun Hongwei, and I don't want his money when I'm with him."

      "Truly love each other?"The middle-aged woman sneered and said harshly, "I pooh!If that bastard Sun really loves you, how could he do this to you?Not even a penny of the bride price will be given to you, not even to pick up the bride, which is miles away, can't let you go by yourself, right?Is this a fucking human affair?"

      The young man cried out, "That doggy day surnamed Sun completely just doesn't look down on us, he thinks our family is poor and can't match their family, that's why he doesn't put our family in his eyes, he doesn't come to pick up the bride on her wedding day, I haven't heard of such a thing since I grew up."

      After saying that, he said, "Sister ah!If you marry today in such a muddled manner, I and my parents will lose all our face in Five Rivers County!"first issue

      The woman said, "You all don't need to say anymore, I've already made up my mind, I'm definitely going to marry him today, even if I have to take a taxi to go by myself."

      After saying that, she added: "Hong Wei is really not as bad as you think, he just can't be his mother's family, everything in his family is his mother's decision, he was indeed willing to pay the bride price at first, but his mother did not agree, Hong Wei also said, after the marriage, his finances will be separated from his mother, then he will save more money, save enough to 300,000 to make up for you guys, thenYou'll be able to buy a house for your brother!"

      "What?Wait two years?"The middle-aged woman scolded, "Your brother is 22 this year, wait two more days to 24, we're still thinking we're going to have grandchildren next year, do we have to wait another two years back because of him?"

      "Besides, I simply don't believe anything Sun says, and what if he says he won't make up the money in two years' time?By then you'll be married and have children, and you'll be a worthless second hand, so what will your father and I do to buy a house for your brother?"

      The young woman said, "Mom, I've been with Hiro for a few years now, I know what kind of person he is, and he'll do what he says he's going to do."

      "Screw Hong Wei."The middle-aged woman said angrily, "I'll tell you Zhang Xiaoman, the three of us will never allow you to marry Sun Hongwei, if you still recognize our family, you can beat the child and break up with that surnamed Sun completely, but if you dare to leave the family today, then the three of us will sever all ties with you, and from now on you will be cut off from our family once and for all!"

      The middle-aged man said coldly, "You heard your mother's words, your mother's words are my words and your brother's words, if you want to go out of this door today, weigh it yourself, if you go out, don't ever come back!"

      The young woman cried, "Dad, Mom, Peaks, are you trying to force me to die?Even if you guys don't feel sorry for me, you have to feel sorry for the baby in my belly, right?"

      The young man said, "Sister, do you want to be so motherly?You're only two months pregnant. What kind of child are you carrying?It's just a fertilized egg, isn't it?"

      Xiao Choran sighed when she heard this, "The one who spoke is my high school classmate's family, it seems that their family doesn't want her to marry today ......"

      Ye Chen nodded, "I heard that, that brother of hers is waiting for her bride price money to buy a house, in his eyes, his sister is his money tree, how can they just let her go for nothing."


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