Secret Identity 1231-1240


Chapter 1231

The doctors and nurses of the Confucius Family Hospital were well aware that the Confucius Family, with its extraordinary strength, would do everything they could to please the Confucians whenever they had any chance.

      This little nurse never dreamed that she would be able to win the Third Young Master's favor today, it's like flying up a branch and turning into a phoenix.

      The third young master will not treat you badly even if you just accompany him for one night of spring night.

      If you are able to conceive the third young master's child in the course of the night, you will be able to become a better mother and a better son.

      There are a lot of actresses who want to be the mistress of a tycoon, or get pregnant and give birth to a child, just to be able to soar to the sky, aren't they?

      This little nurse immediately nodded almost without thinking, while using an incomparably pasty voice, she coquettishly said, "Third Young Master, whatever you want, people are willing to do!"

      As soon as Kong Delong heard this, he lusted after her and immediately pulled the female nurse over and pressed her down.

      It's also good that the ruby necklace, right now hasn't had any substantial effect on him, so before undergoing surgery, Kong Delong's ability to do that aspect is completely fine.

      That little nurse was naturally very proactive as well, and the two of them immediately lit up with a dry fire.

      But just as the two of them were forgetting about the battle, the ward door was suddenly pushed open.

      Kong Delong was shocked, turned his head to look at the door, and was even more frightened out of his wits.

      He never dreamed that his parents and grandparents would be standing at the door, staring at him in stunned silence.

      Kong Delong's grandmother screamed and failed to stand still for a moment, sitting on the ground.

      Immediately after, the old lady gave an ouch, obviously feeling full pain.

      Kong Delong panicked and pulled over the bed sheet, wrapped himself up, and asked nervously, "Grandpa ......Grandma ......Dad ......Mom, you guys ......How did you guys get here so fast?!"

      "You son of a bitch!"

      Kong Delong's father, Kong Ling Ce, cursed angrily and immediately went to assist the old lady.

      As a result, he was just about to help the old lady up, the old lady screamed out in pain: "Oh no, hurt the tailbone pain too much, hurry up and let the doctor come ......"

      The old man of the Kong family was also furious, pointing at Kong Delong's nose and scolding him, "You unworthy grandson, as a descendant of the Kong family, how can you get together with this kind of woman?If you let this kind of woman conceive an heir of our Confucius family, our Confucius family's face will be disgraced!"

      Kong Delong was terrified, how could he have imagined that his parents would have arrived at the hospital not ten minutes later.

      The first thing you need to know is that you're not going to be able to do anything about it, and that you're not going to be able to do anything about it.

      In the event that you're looking for a way to get rid of your old man, you'll be able to find a way to get rid of your old man.

      Kong Lingze said angrily, "You son of a bitch, in vain your grandparents cared so much about you and came over specifically to see you, I didn't expect you son of a bitch to be so uninvolved, you really pissed me off."

      After saying that, he snapped, "Can't you see that your grandmother is injured?Come over here and take a look!"

      Kong Delong knew that he had made a big mess and his first thought was to quickly shrug it off, so he pointed at the female nurse and took off, "Dad, it's all because of this vixen who seduced me ......"


The female nurse held a pillow to block her body and said grievously, "Third young master, you can't spill blood ah, if not for the third young master you want, how could I do this kind of betrayal of my boyfriend, the boyfriend's feelings are very gracious ......"

      Kong Delong angrily scolded, "You still have a fucking boyfriend?"

      That female nurse said with tears in her eyes, "My boyfriend and I have been together for several years, I was going to get married this year, if I have to let him know about this matter, I won't be able to be a human being in the future ......"

      Kong Delong was so angry that he gritted his teeth, while his father, Kong Lingze, now had a black face and said to the female nurse, "I'll have someone give you five million, hurry up and get out of this room and this hospital."

      As soon as the female nurse heard that she was given five million dollars, she nodded her head in excitement and immediately wrapped up her nurse uniform and ran out happily.

      At this time, the doctor had also rushed over and sent the old woman who had fallen to the ground to be examined.

      Kong Delong's grandfather and Kong Delong's father both followed, leaving Kong Delong's mother, Dong Xiuhua, in the hospital room.

      Dong Xiuhua looked at him angrily at this moment, accusing him, "Why is this child so ignorant?You can't do that kind of thing anywhere, you have to do it in the hospital, do you know how angry your grandfather would be to see that?"

      "Mom, I was wrong ......"

      Kong Delong was now bowing his head, aggrieved like a child.

      Dong Xiuhua couldn't help but sigh and said, "It's not like you don't know, your grandfather values the bloodline of the Kong family the most, in this male heir of your Kong family, whoever makes an outside upstanding and unsophisticated woman pregnant with a child of the Kong family, then he will never be able to get the old man's heavy use, the youngest son of the third uncle's family, what will happen to the second son of your fourth uncle's family, you don't know."

      Kong Delong knew very well that the youngest son of the third uncle's family and the second son of the fourth uncle's family had been driven out of Yanjing by his grandfather after they both messed around outside and got pregnant by women who couldn't make it on the outside.

      Now these two have been sent to the south, each running a small industry that is not up to par, simply not qualified to return to Yanjing Kong family, self in the use of the Kong family's resources, can be said to have been abandoned by the Kong family.

      The old man had been immensely proud of the bloodline in him all his life.

      Because their lineage of the Confucius family, back then was born from reading the holy books, in the palace as a big official.

      In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, many princes were educated and trained by their ancestors.

      In the old man's opinion, the bloodline of the Confucius family can only be propagated and inherited by a lady's daughter who is knowledgeable and sensible.

      If you let those women outside who can't afford to be on the outside ruin the children of the Confucius family, it's a great insult to the bloodline of the Confucius family and something the old man can't stand.

      Therefore, deep inside, Kong Delong was also afraid of the aftermath.

      It was fortunate that parents and grandparents appeared early, otherwise, in case he didn't have any protection and finished with that nurse and unfortunately made her pregnant with his seed, he would be finished.

      So he piously said to Dong Xiuhua, "Don't worry mom, I'll never be like this again ......"

      Dong Xiuhua sighed and said seriously, "It's useless for you to say this to me, wait until later and tell your grandfather properly, be sure to let your grandfather forgive you, understand?"

      "Understood mom ......"Condron nodded his head like garlic, while also being incredibly depressed and asked, "Mom, how did you guys get here so fast?I thought you guys would have to wait at least another 20 minutes."

      Dong Xiuhua glared at him and said in exasperation, "We were going to drive here, but after your grandmother heard about it, she was worried about your safety, so she suggested coming by helicopter, who would have thought that after coming here and meeting this kind of thing, you should quickly change your clothes and go over to see how your grandmother is doing."


 ??Condron was now inordinately chagrined, and nodded hurriedly and repeatedly at his mother's words that he should go see his grandmother.

      ??Dong Xiuhua turned around at this point and spoke up, "Get dressed now, quickly!"

      ??Condron only then hurriedly put his clothes back on.

      ??Dong Xiuhua opened her mouth to ask him, "What exactly is going on this time you went to Jinling?Why did you come back so quickly? And I heard you swallowed a necklace of rubies?Is it the necklace I picked out for you to give to the Song girl?What's it all about?"

      ??Faced with a series of questions from his mother, Kong Delong sighed and said, "Mom, don't mention it, I went to the Song family in Jinling this time, but I didn't expect to meet a stinky hangman named Ye, and I lost a bet with him, so I swallowed that ruby necklace."

      ??Dong Xiuhua frowned and said, "How did you mess with someone surnamed Ye, is it someone from the Ye family in Yanjing, we can't afford to mess with the Ye family!"

      ??Kong Delong was busy saying, "Either it's someone from the Yanjing Ye family, or it's a backwards son-in-law and stinking hangman from Jinling surnamed Ye... Damn, what kind of ghost pills can he practice, just to coax that family surnamed Song into a daze."

      ??Dong Xiuhua asked again, "Then have you spoken to the person in charge of the Song family about the cooperative marriage?Your father was counting on you to use this to impress your grandfather."

      ??Kong Delong said in exasperation, "That family surnamed Song doesn't know any good at all, and also Song Wanting has been browbeating that hangman surnamed Ye, I seriously doubt that they are having an affair!"

      ??"No way!"Dong Xiuhua shook her head and said, "I've investigated that Miss Song's situation, she's a very nice girl, and I can say that so many lady's girls in Yanjing may not be able to compare to her!Besides, I got a private detective to tell me that that Song Wanta hasn't been in love since she was a kid."

      ??Saying that, Dong Xiuhua lowered her voice again and whispered, "To tell you the truth, I also had someone investigate that Song Wanting's medical records at a high-end private hospital some time ago, and the records show that she's still a yellow-flowered lady!"

      ??"Huh?!"As soon as Kong Delong heard this, a vicious wolf-like gaze appeared in his eyes again!

      ??He subconsciously said off the top of his head, "Song Wanting is still a virgin?!"

      ??Dong Xiuhua scolded in a low voice, "How many times have I told you not to speak so vulgarly, in case your grandparents hear you, your impression will be bad again!"

      ??Kondragon's panicked explanation: "I'm sorry ahh mom, I just can't believe it at the moment."

      ??Dong Xiuhua said, "From my analysis, Song Wanting is really a one in a million good girl, like your grandfather who is so focused on bloodline, so focused on the female side, status as well as cultured, I believe that if you can marry Song Wanting, your grandfather will be very pleased, otherwise why would mom let you go all the way to Jinling?"

      ??Said Dong Xiuhua, and then whispered, "I'm telling you, Song Wanting is a chance for you now."

      ??"Your grandfather has been trying to get your uncle's big brother to pursue the Ye family's Fourth Miss, but the Ye family's Fourth Miss doesn't even look up to him, and your grandfather doesn't know how many times he's scolded him for being incapable."

      ??"The second brother of your uncle's family, the Miss Xuan of the Yanjing family that he's looking for, has a high status, but that girl is a bit too good-looking to be on stage, and she doesn't look good with plastic surgery."

      ??"And that girl has a very wild temperament and a big grin, she doesn't have any ladylike appearance, and your grandparents aren't very happy with her, if you can find a nice girl like Song Wanting at this time, your grandparents, I don't know how happy they would be!By that time, you'll probably be number one in your grandparents' eyes!"

      ??It was only then that Kong Delong realized what Song Wan Ting meant to him.


??He was frustrated and said, "Had I known that, I would have pursued her when I was studying abroad everywhere ......"

      ??Dong Xiuhua asked back, "Then why didn't you pursue her then?"

      ??Kong Delong sighed, "At that time, I just thought foreign girls were better, and I was looking for all foreign girls during those years abroad.

      ??Saying that, he remembered something and busily said, "Mom, I've lost so much face in front of Song Wanting this time, I guess Song Wanting doesn't have a good impression of me, what should I do?"

      ??Dong Xiuhua sighed and said, "You need to think of a way to see how to redeem the bad impression you gave her this time, anyway, chasing girls is not something that can be successful for a while, you need to be prepared to fight a long battle."

      ??Kong Delong said: "The doctor told me that after my surgery, I may have to stay in bed for 15 days, and I won't be able to go to Jinling for a while ......"

      ??Dong Xiuhua said, "What is there to worry about for 15 days?She's been single for 26 years, Song Wanting!"

      ??As soon as Kong Delong heard this, he beamed with joy and said with a smile, "Mom, I'm much more confident when I hear you say that."

      ???Dong Xiuhua nodded and asked him again, "By the way, did you go to Jinling to see Ruo Lin this time?"

      ??Condron was busy saying, "How could I care to look at her?When you get off the plane, you'll just hurry to the airport from Song's house, then you'll fly back."

      ??Dong Xiuhua said, "The next time you go to Jinling, remember to go see her, she went to Jinling quite a long time ago and never came back."

      ??Kong Delong nodded, but was very surprised and asked, "Mom, why would Ruo Lin go to that shitty place in Jinling?"

      ??Dong Xiuhua said, "I heard your grandmother say that the Ye family bought a company in Jinling some time ago called the Empire Group, it seems to have been given to a young master of the Ye family to run, your grandmother wants Ruo Lin to go over there to try and see if she can develop a bit with the young master of the Ye family."

      ??Kong Delong frowned again, "There really is a young master of the Ye family in Jinling?Not likely. ......"

      ??As he said that, he thought of Ye Chen in his head again.

      ??Could this Ye Chen be the young master of the Ye family?

      ?It's not like that, Richard Chen has denied it, and the guy is a hanging son-in-law, it's still said that he's inducted into an obscure hanging family in Jinling, there's no reason for him to be the young master of the Ye family!

      ??At this time, Dong Xiuhua also had some doubts and said, "I also thought at first that the chairman of that Emperor Group could be the young master of the Ye family, but according to Ruo Lin, she has never seen this chairman's face, so I suspect that even if the chairman is the young master of the Ye family, this young master of the Ye family is not in Jinling, it is possible that he is still remotely directing from Yanjing, or even just hanging out as a chairman.The position, actually not even bothering to manage things, after all, the Ye family is such a big family, the district of an imperial group, can't get into their eyes."  ??Kong Delong was surprised and asked, "Then what's the point of having Ruo Lin there?Don't get her back yet."

      ??Dong Xiuhua said, "Your grandmother did want her to come back, but she didn't want to, so your grandmother just let her go."


The relationship between the great families of Yanjing is very intricate. a

      ??They were like the Eight Banners nobles of the Qing Dynasty, very closely intermarried with each other.

      ??After all, every family had both male and female members, and when the male and female members were old enough to get married, they were bound to get married, but the big families had very high standards, so it was impossible for them to choose a son-in-law or daughter-in-law from ordinary families, so they would only look for suitable partners among the big families.

      ??It could be said that there was no extended family that did not marry with other extended families, and there were some thriving extended families that would marry with multiple extended families in one breath.

      ??It's very much like the royal families of Europe, in those old-school monarchies where their kings and queens are related to each other, due to the fact that royal families all over Europe are one large family formed by a long period of intermarriage.

      ??Kong Delong's mother, Dong Xiuhua, is the daughter of the Dong family and Dong Ruolin's aunt.

      ??She had married Kong Delong's father, Kong Ling Ce, 35 years earlier.

      ??When the Kong family and the Dong family married in the first place, the Dong family was even a little stronger than the Kong family.

      ??But over the years, the Dong family has been going downhill and the Kong family has been going uphill, so the gap between the two families has gradually widened.

      ??But the old man and old lady of the Kong family had always been very partial to Dong Xiuhua, mainly because after Dong Xiuhua had married into their family back then, the Dong family had really helped the Kong family quite a bit as well.First post.

      ??After marrying Kong Ling Ce, Dong Xiuhua gave birth to three daughters before having Kong Delong in her fourth child, so she doted on Kong Delong.

      ??The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to get a new one.

      ??She first searched a large circle of big families in Yanjing, but she hadn't been able to find a satisfactory match.

      ;The Su Family and Ye Family's daughter was of high worth and status, and each family was eager to marry them, compared to the Kong Family and their strength was still far from it.

      ??As for those families with similar status and strength as the Confucius family, their girls of marriageable age are either already known to the owner, or they really can't get into Dong Xiuhua's eyes.

      ??The first thing you need to do is to find a girl from a wealthy family with a good family background and a strong ability, but with a superior appearance.

      ??However, most of the big family's daughter is the kind of girl whose advantages are very obvious and disadvantages are also very obvious, the advantage is that the family is very rich and powerful, but the disadvantage is that other than being rich, everything else is very mediocre.

      ??For example, some of the thousand girls are simply uneducated and have only been spending money since they were young, and although they also graduated from the world's top prestigious university, that was all donated by spending money.

      ??Like Pan Shiyi, who donated $15 million in order for his son to attend Harvard.

      ??Most of such rich second generation is basically gold and silver.

      ??Don't say those rich girls, even Kong Delong is, this kind of middle-aged embroidered pillow.

      ??Don't get her back yet."

      ??So don't look at him as the third young master of the Confucius family, in fact, in terms of personal ability, he is much worse than those students who are serious about their studies.

      ??Dong Xiuhua also didn't want her son to find a straw bag like that in the future, so she picked and chose Song Wanting's head.

      ??But she didn't expect her son to be so useless, going to celebrate Song Wanting's birthday, but he was also able to start an argument with someone else, and even swallowed a ruby necklace in public because of a bet.

      ??Right now, she also felt helpless in her heart.

      ??But seeing that her son was about to undergo surgery, Dong Xiuhua didn't show her disappointment too obviously, just waited for her to get dressed and took her to see the old lady who had fallen and injured herself first.


The old lady did indeed hurt her bones, and the doctor gave her an emergency checkup, but thought she should stay in bed for at least a week.

      ??Because the old lady was in pain, the doctor also gave her a closed injection and a pain-killing injection.

      ??Kong Delong shamefully followed his mother to the old lady's hospital room.

      ??The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.Fortunately, your grandmother is fine, otherwise I'd have to cut you to pieces!"

      ??Kong Delong had never been beaten since he was a child, but suddenly he was slapped by his father in such a way that his entire body was blindsided and his heart was grieved.

      ??Once the old lady saw him hit her grandson with her hands, she was somewhat distressed, so she spoke up, "Okay orderly, Xiaolong is still young, this kind of thing is not too glorious, but it's understandable."

      ??Master Song wasn't as generous as the old lady, glaring at Kong Delong, he said coldly, "Even if he's still young, he's already an adult, an adult who can't even control himself, what do you expect him to do?"

      ??Kondragon's legs were swinging when he heard this.

      ??He wasn't afraid of his father hitting himself a little, but he was afraid of his grandfather saying such negative words.

      ??Because if grandpa really had a big problem with himself, it would have a big impact on his future position in the family.

      ??As soon as he heard that his dad had said such words, he was even more angry at this unfilial son, so he waved his hand and slapped him again, scolding him harshly, "No, you bastard, if I find out that you have a next time, I will have to break your legs!"

      ??Kong Delong covered both sides of his face.Choking with grievance, he said, "Grandpa, Dad, I really know I was wrong, I will never make such a mistake again!"

      ??The old man snorted, "I'm not like your grandmother, she spoils you grandchildren the most, but I've always been a person with strong principles, if you do it again, then leave Yanjing and never come back!"

      ;?Kong Delong nodded incessantly and said respectfully, "Grandpa, don't worry, it really won't happen again."

      ??The old man's expression only softened a little bit at this point.

      ??The old lady said with some grumbling, "You masters and fathers are also really, one beats the child, the other scolds the child, the child will soon need surgery!"

      ??Kong Delong saw his grandmother so defend himself, aggrieved flow, a few tears walked to the old lady's bed, half squatted down, held the old lady's hand, said: "Grandmother I'm sorry, it's all Xiaolong's fault ......"

      ??The old lady hurriedly reached out her hand to help him wipe away the tears, and said: "There is nothing wrong with knowing your mistakes, grandmother doesn't blame you."

      ??At this time, the gastroenterologist stepped in and spoke, "Master, sir, young master is going to prepare for surgery."

      ??Kong Ling Ce nodded and said to Kong Delong, "This is just a small operation, go with the doctor yourself, I want to stay here with your grandmother."

      ??Kong Delong hurriedly nodded and obediently agreed.

      ???Once the old lady saw this, she hurriedly said to Dong Xiuhua, "Xiuhua, don't stay here to guard me, hurry up and follow."

      ??Dong Xiuhua was also not too worried about letting her son go to the surgery alone, so she was busy saying, "Okay mom, I'll go over with Xiaolong."

      ??After the mother and son followed the doctor, Kong Lingze said to the old man with a face of shame, "Dad, I'm really sorry, it's my fault for teaching ......"

      ??The old man waved his hand expressionlessly and spoke, "Xiaolong is almost 28, it's time for him to stabilize, if a man doesn't get married, he'll never grow up, find him a suitable girl and get married quickly!"

      ??Kong Ling Ce hurriedly said, "Dad, Xiuhua and I have found a suitable candidate for him, a daughter of the Song family in Jinling, that girl is not only beautiful and generous, she is knowledgeable and reasonable, but also very capable.Our forces have grown in Jiangnan as well."

      ??The old man nodded, "Bypassing Yanjing, the deep, dark, forty-nine city, and going to Jiangnan for development is a great idea, so push it forward!"


It was only after an operation that the miserable Kondragon finally removed the ruby necklace from his own intestines.

      ??What awaited him was 15 days of absolute bedrest, so he was left to lie honestly in the intensive care unit of his own hospital.

      ??The pain pump was removed on day 2 of his surgery as it could not be used all the time and could cause damage to his body.

      ??Thus, he was ushered into constant pain in bed.

      ??The more intense this pain came, the more he hated Ye Chen in his heart.

      ??He couldn't wait to recover his health quickly and then kill his way to Jinling to settle the score with Ye Chen, it would be best to cut him into pieces, otherwise he would really be sorry for his name as the third young master of the Kong family.

      ??But Ye Chen didn't take him seriously at all.debut

      ??The first time I was in the room, I was in the bathroom, and the second time I was in the bathroom, I was in the bathroom, and the third time I was in the kitchen.

      ??As soon as Qin Gang heard that Master Ye was finally going to use these two cars, he immediately arranged for someone to drive the trailer and deliver the two luxury cars to his house.

      ??The limited edition Hermes model Bugatti Veyron, as well as the Aston Martin one77, any one of them can bring extremely high turnout when driven on the street, and these two cars are extremely rare in China, and no one in the entire Jinling can use these two cars as wedding cars.

      ??After the car is delivered, even if it's parked in a top villa area like Tomson's, it's also a flock of cranes, making numerous rich people look drooling.

      ??When Ma Lan saw these two cars parked in her yard, her entire body was confused.

      ??She looked around these two cars for several laps and asked Xiao Chu Ran excitedly, "My good daughter, where did you get these two cars?That's too much!"

      ??Xiao Churan said, "Mom, these two cars were borrowed by Ye Chen from General Manager Qin, and it just so happens that I have a classmate getting married tomorrow, so these two cars are borrowed for her to use as a wedding car."

      ??"Momma!"Lan Ma exclaims, "When will our family have a luxury sports car like this ......"

      ??After saying that she looked at Ye Chen again and asked with a flattering face, "Good son-in-law, can't you ask those earthly friends of yours to give us a car like this?Your mother has never been in such a luxurious sports car in my entire life!"

      ??Ye Chen actually didn't have any extra feelings towards cars, in his eyes it was just transportation, it was not good to be too flamboyant, so he didn't really have any good feelings towards these two cars, nor did he feel that it was a great honor to drive them out, which was also the fundamental reason why he hadn't driven them.

      ??So, Ye Chen said to Ma Lan, "Mom, these two cars look good, but they are too expensive to keep, take this Bugatti, it costs more than 100,000 yuan for one tire, 500,000 to 600,000 yuan for four tires combined, tens of thousands of yuan for random maintenance, if it scratches a little, just one paint might cost more than 100,000 yuan, how can our family afford to drive it."

      ??As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she sighed in disappointment and said, "With this money to raise this contraption, I might as well have my teeth set."

      ??Saying that, she reached out and touched her socket and complained, "I've lost my front teeth for so long, I don't know when I'll be able to plant them."

      ??Xiao Chu Ran said, "Mom, don't worry, I've made an appointment with the dentist in advance, as soon as your leg is better, I'll take you to get your teeth implanted and make the best porcelain teeth."

      ??Only then did Ma Lan nodded her head in satisfaction.

      ???Xiao Chu Ran said to Ye Chen, "Honey, which one are you going to drive tomorrow?"

      ??Ye Chen said, "I'll do whatever, you choose one and I'll drive the rest."


Xiao Churan was a little nervous and said, "I'm afraid that I won't be able to drive well, these two cars are extremely powerful, I'm afraid that if I'm not careful and have an accident, it'll be troublesome if I touch and scratch someone's car again."

      ??Ye Chen smiled, "It's fine, don't have such a big mental burden, just treat these two cars as if they are our own."

      ??Xiao Churan said, "You'd better give me an introduction on how to operate it."

      ??Ye Chen nodded and said, "Okay, then I'll give you an introduction to this Bugatti."

      ??At this moment, a brand new Bentley Continental drove into the Townsend Villa area.

      ??The one driving the car was Xiao Hailong, who was dressed in a suit and looked like a dog.

      ??The one sitting on the passenger side is his father, Xiao Changqian.

      ??In the back seat, there is the old lady of the Xiao family, as well as Xiao Weiwei.

      ???Recently, the money that the Wu family invested in the Xiao family arrived in the accounts, the Xiao group repaid the loan owed to the bank, so the bank also unsealed, the Xiao group also unsealed the seized Xiao family villa and antique relics.

      ??The Xiao family is incomparably excited by the resurgence of the Xiao Group.

      ??It has been a long time since Xiao Hailong has truly experienced the life of a rich second generation, so he urges the old lady to buy a luxury car from the company's allotment in the hope that she will be able to fill the facade.The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with exciting \ fiction reading.

      ??In the past, the best car in the Xiao family was the Mercedes Benz s450 that the old lady sat on, priced at around one and a half million, Xiao Changqian's car was an Audi a8, and Xiao Hailong's car was an old BMW.

      ??Originally the family was going to give him a better car, but I didn't expect that then the family had a change of heart, not only did they not replace the car, but even that old BMW was also lost to the bank.

      Xiao Hailong knew very well that if he wanted to become a rich second generation again and make others look up to him again, he first had to have a good car.

      ?After all, he can't carry the villa of Thompson on his back, and when he goes out, what others really look at him is what kind of car he drives.

      ??Old Mrs. Xiao had lived such a long hard life, and her heart couldn't wait to be high profile, so she immediately clapped her hands and bought a three million Bentley Continental.

      ??Xiao Hailong he has never driven such an expensive car, so the car bought back this journey he was more excited than anyone else.

      ??At this time, Mrs. Xiao was sitting in the luxurious back of the Bentley, touching the hand-crafted pure leather interior and exclaiming, "This good car really is good, this Bentley is much better than that Mercedes I used to have."

      ??Xiao Hailong said, "Grandmother, actually Bentley is still a bit worse than Rolls Royce, why don't we buy another Rolls Royce later?"

      ??The old lady said, "A Rolls Royce costs seven or eight million, it's still too early to buy a Rolls Royce, our priority now is to quickly get the Xiao business back up."

      ??Xiao Hailong hurriedly said, "Grandmother, I also mean to properly frustrate Ye Chen's family, don't look at the fact that they can live in a villa in Tomson, but the car their family drives is still two bullshit BMW 5 series, both of them combined are less than one million, less than a third of our Bentley, if we drive a seven or eight million Rolls Royce, we'll just drive it to their doorstep!Go poke their family in the spine!"

      ??Xiao Weiwei said, "Brother, poke the spine of their family of stinky hangers-on and use a Rolls Royce?This Bentley is enough too!"

      ??"Exactly!"Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and said, "O Hailong, drive straight to their house, I want to mock and ridicule this family!They were told to go back to the Xiao Clan before, and they were dead reluctant to do so, but now that the Xiao Clan is alive and well, I'll see if they regret it afterwards!"


When I begged them to death to come back, no one took them seriously, and now that I've gotten a huge investment from the Wu family, I don't need to take their family seriously at all.

      And the old lady felt that Ye Chen's family was simply outwardly strong.

      It looked like they had a set of Townsend's villas, but it was nothing more than that.

      Both Ye Chen and Xiao Changkun had no jobs and were idle at home and had no income.

      Although Xiao Churan had opened a studio, it was very small and the income situation would not be too optimistic.

      So the old lady was convinced that their family was in Townsend, that is, barely able to afford to live, but really speaking how much money they had they definitely couldn't compare to their current self.

      At first, she needed them to come back and went to their family to plead with them all sorts of things, losing face, but they looked down on her and refused to go back to the Xiao family, and now that the Xiao family had tided over the hard times, it was just time to go and get back all the face they had lost before!

      The Bentley Continental stopped in front of Ye Chen's villa, Xiao Hailong looked to the old lady beside him and asked, "Grandmother, do you want me to go down and knock on the door?"

      "No need."Old Mrs. Xiao sneered, "Honk the horn and let Ma Lan out."

      When Xiao Chang Qian looked up, he found that there were still more than twenty green hats hanging on Ma Lan's balcony, and said in exasperation, "Ma Lan, this son of a bitch is addicted to hanging green hats, it's been so many days, and he still hasn't taken them down, damn it!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said indifferently, "She's willing to hang it up, just let her hang it up, but it's just a cuckold, I advise you not to be too concerned about it, now that Qian Hongyan that bitch has knocked that bastard out, you shouldn't take this matter too seriously."Fastest update.

      "Mom, easy for you to say!"Xiao Changqian said angrily, "Not only is this bitch pregnant with someone else's wild seed, she also infected me with a venereal disease, I still have to go to the hospital every day to get six bottles of fluids, the doctor said I should get enough for at least a month, it's all because of her!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said disdainfully, "If you always take her to heart, people will always have something to use against you, like Ma Lan's green hats.At the end of the day, you're still the one who left a hole for someone, so don't complain when they fix you up and embarrass you."

      Once Xiao Chang Qian heard this, he sighed in anger.

      He had now broken up with Qian Hongyan in one shot, and the reason why he hadn't divorced her yet was also because Wu Donghai of the Wu family wouldn't allow it, if he continued to treat this as a huge disgrace, he was bound to keep leaving holes for his opponent in the future, just like what mom said.

      Thinking of this, he bit his teeth and said, "Mom, I understand what you mean, let Ma Lan, the bitch, hang on, I'll just forget about it."

      Only then did Old Mrs. Xiao nod her head in satisfaction and said to Xiao Hailong, "Hailong, honk the horn and get Ma Lan out!"

      "Okay Grandma!"

      With a smug smile on his face, Xiao Hailong pressed the car horn.

      A loud siren sounded outside of Ye Chen's villa.

      Xiao Churan and Ye Chen, who were sitting in the extremely soundproof sports car, didn't hear the sound too clearly, but Ma Lan, who was upstairs in the bedroom, became irritated when she heard the sound.


The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new Bentley, which is parked right in front of your house.

      The first time I saw a Bentley, I saw it was parked in front of my house and it was honking its horn.Why are you honking in front of someone's house?"

      Xiao Changqian was in the car through the window and saw Ma Lan standing on the terrace fence calling out, smiling and saying, "Mom, look, Ma Lan's shrew is out scolding the street!"Fastest Update

      "Haha!"Old Mrs. Xiao was overjoyed and said, "Ma Lan, this stinking bitch loves money the most, if she knows that we are now slowing down, she will definitely be jealous and miserable, then I will give her the illusion that I am willing to let them back into the Xiao family, she will definitely lick her face and beg me, then I will humiliate and shame her!"

      She was about to get out of the car to show off with Ma Lan, but she didn't expect that a basin of cold water would be poured down on her head.

      She lifted her wet head to look up and saw Ma Lan proudly holding a wash basin.

      The old lady raised her head and cursed, "Ma Lan, you damn dog!Why are you pouring water on me!"

      Only then did Ma Lan recognize the old lady Xiao, and skimmed her lips, "Yo, I thought it was whoever bought a broken car and honked in front of my house, but it was you, an old immortal!What?Your daughter-in-law's making a fortune working part-time in a black coal mine?You've got money for a new car?What kind of broken car ah, looks like it's quite bluffing."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and scolded, "Insensitive thing!It's a Bentley!Bentley Continental!Original British import, over three million!"

      Ma Lan was lying on the railing and said with a face of disdain, "Yo, driving a car of more than three million, is not powerful you?Do you know what kind of car my daughter and son-in-law drive?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao sneered, "Isn't your daughter just a BMW 520?I'm telling you, I could buy her ten of these cars!"

      Ma Lan barked and said, "Look at this old thing, you're so proud of it, it's only a three million Bentley, it's nothing?My son-in-law has two top-notch luxury cars, any one of them is forty to fifty million, buy your ten still cornered, look at that unseen face of yours."

      Xiao Hailong also put down the window at this time, peeked out from the driver's seat, looked at Ma Lan and mocked in a cold voice, "Ma Lan, you're so fond of bragging even though your fucking front teeth are gone?How can that Yeh Chen drive a car worth 40-50 million?He doesn't even deserve to be touched!"

      Ma Lan spat a few pieces of melon seed shells at Xiao Hailong and said despicably, "Hailong, don't try to be a hero with your second aunt here, if you have the time, you should quickly go to a hospital and find out if you're the Xiao family's seed or not, after all, your mother is a watery woman, it's possible that she cuckolded your father more than twenty years ago."

      "Don't you fart!"Xiao Hailong heard her make fun of her mother's cheating again, and scolded in a fury, "If you keep talking nonsense, I'll cut your tongue out."

      Ma Lan spit out her tongue and said, "Come on, you cut it out, little bastard, the powerful one is not you anymore."

      Xiao Hailong was so angry that he pushed open the door and jumped to his feet to curse the street.

      The old lady stopped him at this time and said, "Hailong, you keep quiet, I'll talk to her!"

      Only then did Xiao Hailong shut his mouth in anger.

      The old lady said with a arrogant face, "Ma Lan.I'm telling you, the Xiao family is not what it used to be!With the $80 million investment in hand, the Xiao family has survived the debt crisis and is now ready to reopen!Are you jealous?If you beg me nicely, perhaps I will show mercy and let Xiao Choran and Xiao Changkun go back to work for the Xiao Group, and then your pension will be restored."


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