Secret Identity 1221-1230


Chapter 1221

Ye Chen recalled how he had met Song Wanting and also felt really wonderful.

      That time if he didn't go with his father-in-law to the Jiqing Hall, then he naturally wouldn't have the chance to obtain the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

      If he didn't have the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, then at most, he would be Young Master Ye instead of Master Ye.

      In comparison, he still preferred the title of Master Ye, because Master Ye was three words that he had used his own strength to get back, and as for Young Master Ye, that was just his own background, and what was behind the word Young Master Ye was not his own ability, but the family's ability.

      Therefore, he felt that these were all destinies.

      He was fated with Song Wanting, and he was also fated with the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

      So he said to Song Wanting with a serious face, "People say that if you know each other, it's fate, but in fact, many things are already predetermined in the underworld."

      Song Wanting's pretty face blushed beautifully and asked in a small voice, "Master Ye, you mean that the two of us are destined to have destiny, right?"

      "Yes."Ye Chen smiled, "It takes a hundred years to cultivate the same boat, but the same boat is only a fate of acquaintance.From acquaintance to becoming friends, it takes two or three hundred years of destiny, right?"

      Song Wanting gently nodded her head and softly said, "Master Ye, you always speak very mysteriously, do high people like you especially believe in things like fate and destiny."

      Ye Chen smiled, "I didn't believe in them before, but after I encountered something, I slowly started to believe in them."

      Saying that, Ye Chen waved his hand, "It's better not to talk about this, it's not very interesting, tell me about you, you're the head of the Song family now, what's your next plan?"

      Song Wanting said seriously, "I have become the head of the family, there are still many people who are not convinced, so I need a period of time to continuously consolidate my position as the head of the family, then I also need to lead the family forward, if the family can have rapid development under my leadership so that the other family members can earn more money, then I'm sure they will also support me."

      Ye Chen slightly nodded his head and said seriously, "You're right in this way of thinking, for most people, they just want to make more money."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Now is a good opportunity for the Song family, the Wu family is clearly not working anymore, the number one family in the south of the Yangtze River has been vacated, I think now is a good opportunity for the Song family to rise."

      Song Wanting said, "I also want to go out and run around more during this period of time to see if I can expand the Song family's business outward, preferably to find some new partners."

      Ye Chen asked, "Is there anything you need my help with?If you need my help, you can feel free to say so."

      Song Man Ting busily said, "Master Ye, you have already helped me so much, and I can't say anything more than that, on the contrary, if there is anything you can use Wan Ting for in the future, please feel free to ask, Wan Ting really wants to have the opportunity to repay your kindness!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "You don't need to keep talking about repaying me, if I need your help in the future, I definitely won't be polite to you."

      Song Wanting nodded gently and said, "Okay Master Ye, Wan Ting knows."

      Ye Chen mmmed, "Wan Ting, when you go back, just give that rejuvenation pill directly to your grandfather, so he will be very happy."

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Wanting understands!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at the time and said, "Alright, it's getting late, let's go, I'm sure Master Song is waiting for you to return now."

      Song Wanting was very reluctant in her heart, she had never had this kind of, the opportunity to be able to spend time with Ye Chen in private.

      Especially still in one of the places she had loved coming to since she was a child.

      Right now, she wanted so much to take the initiative to hold Ye Chen's hand and tell him her feelings.

      However, when she thought of the fact that Ye Chen was now a married man with a wife, that impulse in her heart was immediately suppressed again.

      So she could only say softly, "Okay Master Ye, in that case, let's go back."

      The two of them returned to the stone steps they had walked down at that time, Song Wanting's heart was again like a deer bumping around, and she wondered if Ye Chen would still be holding her hand.

      She really enjoyed the feeling of being held by him.


It was possible to make oneself sincerely feel happy.

      Because this stone step was really steep, Ye Chen didn't think much about it, so he just reached out his hand to her and said, "It's better for me to hold you up."

      Song Wanting, her heart overflowing with the shyness and excitement of a little woman, happily stretched out her hand and let Ye Chen hold her.

      She herself, on the other hand, was good enough to follow Ye Chen's back and walked up step by step.

      Back in the car, Song Wanting's pretty face was still blushing.

      Because of her nervousness and shyness, her heartbeat was much faster than usual.debut

      She started the car in a panic and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, then Wan Ting will take you home now."

      Ye Chen nodded, and Song Wanting drove the car back to the main road.

      The car crossed the Yangtze River and arrived at the entrance of the villa area of Tomson.

      After the car stopped Ye Chen said to Song Wanting, "Thank you for sending me back."

      Song Wanting busily said, "Master Ye you don't have to be so polite."

      Ye Chen instructed, "Drive slowly on the way back."


      Song Wanting nodded reluctantly, seeing that Ye Chen was about to push open the car door to get off, her heart moved and she hurriedly said, "Master Ye, you wait a moment."

      Ye Chen withdrew the hand that was about to open the car door and asked her, "What's wrong?Anything else?"

      Song Wanting said shyly, "I have another gift I want to give you."Updated fastest.

      Ye Chen smiled, "Today is your birthday, why are you preparing a present for me?"

      Song Wanting said in a somewhat twisted manner, "It's a rather special gift, I've actually always wanted to give it to Master Ye, but I never had the chance."

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Alright, then I'll thank you first."

      Song Wanting said shyly, "In order to maintain the mystery, please close your eyes, Master Ye."

      "Good."Ye Chen didn't think much about it, always thinking that this should be the kind of ritual unique to girls, so he closed his eyes.

      A moment later, Ye Chen suddenly felt that a pair of soft lips actually steadied his mouth.

      Those lips were not only soft, but also had a bit of sweetness to them, and after kissing himself, he didn't immediately dodge, but remained so close to his lips.

      Ye Chen was shocked, subconsciously opened his eyes and saw Song Wanting's pair of beautiful eyes that were now close to him.

      He really did not expect that Song Wanting had kissed herself ......

      At this moment, he instinctively wanted to dodge, or gently push Song Wanting away.

      However, in the depths of his heart, there were sensations of incomparable struggle and tangling.

      This struggle and tangle made him not make any movements for a while.

      This proactive kiss from Song Wanting lasted for a full minute ......


Ye Chen did not expect that Song Wanting would take the initiative to kiss him.

      In his heart, although he was the young master of the Ye family and the Master Ye that everyone in Jinling respected, he really didn't have much experience with women.

      Before this, the most intimate contact he had with a woman was that light kiss with his wife, Xiao Churan.

      However, that time was nothing more than a slapdash, superficial kiss.

      In contrast, Song Wanting's kiss was much more realistic and the tenderness of it could be appreciated more.

      Ye Chen was also a little panicked all of a sudden, so panicked that he didn't know what to do.

      Song Wanting was perhaps too tired to turn around and straddle the center console to kiss Ye Chen, and after a minute, she really couldn't hold on any longer, so she sat back in her seat with a red face.

      At this time, Song Wanting's pretty face was already so red that it could drip blood.

      Even the roots of her ears that were hidden in the blue silk were red.

      Song Wanting didn't dare to look at Ye Chen and just stared at the steering wheel, nervous and not knowing what to do.

      Ye Chen, on the other hand, was equally nervous.

      In the carriage, there was an awkward silence for a while.

      Still Song Wanting was the first to break the silence, she whispered to Ye Chen, "Master Ye just now was just me getting excited, please forgive me if I have offended you ......"

      Ye Chen coughed twice and said, unable to hide his embarrassment, "This ......Wan Ting ......I ......"

      At this point, Ye Chen was clearly hesitant.

      He didn't want to hurt Song Wanting.

      Well, and couldn't bear to hurt her either.

      So, he could only sigh and said, "Wanting, I've already been married, you know that ......"Fastest Updated.

      Song Wanting nodded her head repeatedly and said in a low voice, "Master Ye and Madam, Wan Ting has heard of the matter."

      After saying that, she summoned up the courage to look at Ye Chen and said incomparably seriously, "Master Ye, Wan Ting sincerely likes you and also sincerely wants to be with you, Wan Ting knows that Master Ye has already been married, and it is indeed not moral enough for Wan Ting to do so, but Wan Ting feels that everyone has the right to pursue love, and Wan Ting is the same ......"

      Ye Chen said with emotion, "You are indeed a good girl, but it's also true that I have been married."

      Song Wanting said somewhat stubbornly, "Master Ye, Wan Ting heard that your wife and you were married for more than three years and did not have a conjugal relationship, you and your wife were also arranged by your wife's grandfather to get married in the first place, Wan Ting really can't understand, why do you want to hold on to a marriage that has not had a conjugal relationship for more than three years and not let go?"first issue

      She said, getting emotional, with red eyes, "From the moment she met Master Ye, she felt aggrieved for you. Everyone in Jinling respects you as the true dragon on earth, because everyone knows that you have extraordinary strength, far beyond these ordinary people in Jinling.Where's the son-in-law?"

      Ye Chen smiled bitterly and said, "Choran has been kind to me, how can I leave her just because I have some power?"

      When Song Wanting heard this, tears sprang up in her reddened eyes and she said, "Whatever your wife can give you, Wanting believes she can give you; what your wife can't give you, Wanting can still give you ......"


At this point, she turned her face and looked at Ye Chen seriously, shedding tears as she said emotionally, "Master Ye, if you can accept Wan Ting, Wan Ting is willing to surrender herself and the entire Song family to you, from then on you will be the Song family will become the Ye family, you will be the head of the Ye family, Wan Ting doesn't want anything else in her life, she only wants to be your lover and serve by your side, if you like to travel around.Wan Ting will give up the whole Song family and wander around with you, if you like children, Wan Ting will give you more, as long as you are happy, Wan Ting can do anything ......"The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful doxology to read.

      Ye Chen's heart was inevitably moved.

      No matter how one looked at it from any angle, Song Wanting was a one in a million or even one in a million superb beauty.

      Not only was her appearance outstanding, but her personality was also very pleasing, and she had received a very high-end aristocratic education since childhood, and her abilities were also extraordinary.

      It could simply be said that she was a model of virtue and virtue among the rich girls.

      Even those big families in Yanjing might not be able to cultivate such an excellent girl.

      Therefore, it was one's own good fortune that such an excellent girl could fall in love with him.

      But unfortunately, he was indeed a married man and still had very deep feelings for Xiao Churan in his heart, so for him to leave her like that, he could never do it.

      However, seeing Song Wanting cry into tears, he was also very unbearable in his heart.

      He didn't want to see Xiao Choran hurt, but he also didn't want to see Song Wanting hurt.

      For a while, he was in a complete dilemma.

      Song Wanting then kept looking at him with deep affection, expecting a reply from him.

      Ye Chen was silent for about two or three minutes, sighed and said, "Wanting, I know your feelings and I'm very grateful, but I really can't leave Choran, so I ask for your forgiveness."

      The tears that Song Wanting had just stopped instantly came back to her eyes.

      Those red eyes stared at Ye Chen and said with deep affection, "It doesn't matter Master Ye, I know that it might be hard for you to accept me, but I'm willing to keep waiting, even if I have to wait until the sea is dry and the heavens are empty."

      Ye Chen sighed, "Why waste your great youth on me.There are plenty of men in this world who are better than me, so don't joke with your lifelong happiness, and don't get carried away."

      "No."Song Wanting said categorically, "This is definitely not being emotional, and I don't think there could be a better man in this world than Master Ye!Since I was a child, my personality is especially stubborn, whether I fall in love with something or someone, as long as I fall in love, I will never change."

      Saying that, she raised her wrist, revealing the old bracelet that her mother had left her, and said seriously, "Just like this bracelet, there are countless bracelets at home that are better than it, more luxurious than it, and more valuable than it, but I don't like any of them, I only like this one, and I like it for the rest of my life, and I will never give up halfway or change my first thoughts!"

      Ye Chen said sincerely, "Wan Ting, you're twenty-six today, in a big family, you've already reached the best age to get married, in the next two to three years, you should find a willing husband to marry, it's not worth it to put your heart on a man like me, not to mention I'm still a married man."

      Song Wanting took off, "Wanting is willing to wait!"

      Ye Chen sighed, "What are you waiting for me for?Should I wait for my divorce?But what if I don't get a divorce in the future?"

      Song Wanting stubbornly said, "Wanting is willing to wait!"

      Ye Chen was helpless: "Even if I get divorced, even if I get divorced, aren't you afraid that people will laugh at you for marrying me, a second married man, even if you're a Miss of the Song family?"

      Song Wanting shook her head and said, "No fear!As long as Master Ye doesn't dislike Wan Ting, I'm not afraid of her being your lover!As long as I can be with you, even if the whole world comes to poke at Wan Ting's spine, Wan Ting is not afraid!"


Ye Chen felt quite helpless towards Song Wanting.

      I didn't expect that she could be so attentive to herself, but at the same time, I didn't expect that she was so stubborn.

      I didn't want to provoke her into wrongdoing, but I had no intention of stabbing the willow into the shade.

      Now that she is using such deep affection for herself, she is not without responsibility.

      But he himself is also very clear in his heart that such things as feelings can never be resolved overnight.

      So Ye Chen could only persuade her and said, "Let's talk about this matter later, let's give each other some time."

      Song Wanting looked at him nervously and asked softly, "You won't be willing to take care of Wanting from now on, will you?Will you deliberately alienate Wan Ting in the future?"

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "How so?I'm not that kind of person either, there's no way I'm going to alienate you just because you say you like me."

      Only then did Song Wanting let out a sigh of relief and spoke up, "Actually, Wanting has already done her best to realize this dream in a very long time, not to mention 10 years and 8 years, even 20 years is not that long in Wanting's eyes, Wanting only has one request, and that is no matter what, but don't intentionally alienate Wanting, even if you don't like Wanting, please treat Wanting as your friend just like before."

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Don't worry, I will never alienate you, what we were before, we are still like now."(first post)

      Song Wanting nodded gently.

      Ye Chen sighed and spoke, "Alright, it's getting late, I have to go home, you should go home early as well."

      Song Wanting gave a hmmm and said, "Goodnight then Master Ye, thank you for your appreciation of today's face and the rejuvenating pill you gave to Wanting!"

      Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand, "No need to be so polite, I'm going back first, you drive slowly."

      Saying that, Ye Chen pushed open the car door and prepared to get off.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Song Wanting hurriedly called out to him, "Master Ye!"

      Ye Chen turned back to her, "Anything else?"

      Song Wanting's pretty face was red and she said shyly, "It's nothing, Wanting just wanted to tell you that that was Wanting's first kiss ......"

      Even Ye Chen was blushing a bit at her words.

      He didn't expect that Song Wanting still had her first kiss and had given it to herself.

      It was said that it was hardest to take the grace of a beautiful woman, especially for a loving and righteous man like him.

      He all of a sudden didn't know what to say in response to Song Wanting, was silent for a moment, and said from the bottom of his heart, "Thank you ......."

      Song Wanting smiled shyly and sweetly and said, "Master Ye, then Wanting will be leaving first ......"



After getting out of the car, she watched as Song Wanting drove away from Thomson One, standing in place for more than ten seconds before turning around and entering the door of Thomson One.

      When she returned to her own home, her wife, Xiao Churan, had already washed up and was lying in her bedroom reading a book.

      Seeing Ye Chen return, Xiao Churan smiled and asked, "How was your friend's birthday party?"

      Ye Chen's heart was a little unnatural and replied, "The banquet ah, not bad ......"

      Xiao Churan didn't know that it was Song Wanting who was celebrating her birthday tonight, this was mainly because Ye Chen didn't want her to think too much in the first place, so she didn't say anything.

      Xiao Churan did not find anything wrong with Ye Chen, she put down the book in her hand, looked at Ye Chen and said somewhat not too kindly, "Honey, can I ask you for one thing?"

      Ye Chen was busy: "What's so polite to do with your husband, you can just say whatever you want."

      Xiao Chu Ran said, "I have a high school classmate who is getting married in a while, she is coming to my studio today to give me an invitation, can you accompany me along then?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Of course, male and female?"

      "Female."Xiao Churan said, "We were tablemates for a while when we were in our senior year of high school."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Since it's a table-mate wedding, it's definitely a go!"

      Xiao Churan fidgeted and said, "That, husband, I have another thing I want to ask you ......"

      Ye Chen said, "You can say it."

      Xiao Churan said seriously, "This high school classmate's life is not too good.The family has always favored sons over daughters and doesn't care much about her, and she is getting married this time, so her in-laws aren't very impressed with her, and she wants to beg me to drive my BMW to give her a head start today.So I want to beg you, can you lend her one of those two luxury cars that Mr. Wang and Mr. Qin had before to be her head car ......"

      Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Borrowing a car is no problem, I haven't driven one since that car show, but, wife, ah, I've only heard of a wedding convoy, I've never heard of a wedding convoy, ah, what kind of rules are these?"

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to ensure that its products and services are of the highest quality......."

      Ye Chen couldn't help but frown, "This groom's family is doing too much, people are pregnant with his child, and when they get married, they don't even go to the house to receive the marriage?"

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two decades.The in-laws, the family or her own mother's family, all have a problem with her, it's quite pitiful."

      At this point, Xiao Churan hugged Ye Chen's arm, a vigorous shaking, and begged, "Honey, I know you're the most capable, and I also know that you're usually a low-key person, but can you help me, my classmate's wedding day, drive a sports car to give her a wedding?I also want to give her a long face so that her in-laws won't bully her too much in the future, please husband ......"First Published Fastest Updated.

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said with a spoiled smile, "Since it's your high school classmate, how is driving one enough?Why don't we just keep both of them, and then I'll drive one myself and you'll drive one and you'll drive that classmate of yours, are you happy with that arrangement?"

      Xiao Choran was overjoyed and immediately hugged him, kissed him on the lips and said happily, "Satisfied!So satisfying!You really are the best husband in the whole world!"

      Ye Chen was suddenly stunned on the spot.

      What was wrong with himself today?Are you having a stroke of luck?


At this moment, Song Wanting had driven back to the Song family mansion.

      On the way back, she recalled the bold kiss she had just sent to Ye Chen, and her heart was still shy and embarrassed.

      Song Wanting was actually not a woman who was very active in her feelings.

      There were countless people who had pursued her since she was young, but she had never made a move on any of the men who pursued her.

      Not only that, she hadn't even liked anyone before she met Ye Chen.

      But she herself didn't expect that after falling in love with Ye Chen, she would be so out of control.

      If what had just happened was spread out, her own title of the first family's eldest daughter in Jinling would soon become the laughingstock of the entire Jinling.

      After all, in the eyes of the general public, how could a girl be so unreserved.

      Moreover, what she took the initiative to give to Ye Chen was still the first kiss that she had kept for twenty-six years.

      However, Song Wanting had no regrets at all in her heart.

      At the same time, she also decided in her heart that she would use time and practical actions to prove to Ye Chen that everything she said was from the bottom of her heart and that she would wait forever if she said she was willing to wait for him.

      When she returned home, as soon as Song Wanting drove her car into the courtyard, Yu Bo rushed forward and said respectfully, "Miss, just park your car here, I'll help you park it in the garage."(first post)

      Song Wanting said: "No need Yu Bo, I can stop by myself, you go busy with your work."

      Uncle Yu panicked and said, "How can that be made, Miss, you are now the master of the Song family, so you can just leave many things to our servants from now on."

      Saying that, Uncle Yu whispered again, "Eldest Miss, Grandfather is still waiting for you."

      Upon hearing that grandfather was still waiting for her, Song Wanting hurriedly nodded her head, left her car with Uncle Yu, picked up her bag, and stepped into the house.

      At this time, inside the Song family's living room, all the Song family members were sitting at attention.

      Although Song Wanting's birthday party was over, Master Song didn't say anything about leaving, no one dared to leave.

      And anyone who was interested noticed that Master Song didn't even sit on the main seat this time.

      The Song family's living room was similar in design to the conference room of a large company, with a main seat right in front of it, and on the left and right side of the main seat, there were eighteen seats on each side.

      Usually, Master Song would definitely sit on the only main seat, but this time, he actually chose to sit on the right hand side of the main seat.

      It was clear to everyone that he was reserving that main seat, for Song Wanting.

      Song Honor and his father, Song Tianming, sat expressionlessly opposite the old man.

      Tonight's encounter was like a nightmare for father and son.

      And this nightmare has yet to wake up, nor is it possible to wake up.

      Master Song was determined to help Song Wanting take the throne, and even if they father and son wanted to stop him, they didn't have the ability to stop him.

      After all, the current Master Song was physically strong and mentally very good, and not only had strong judgment, but also a strong ability to control.

      In this situation, even if father and son had a strong opinion, they would not be able to disobey the decision made by the old man.

      As long as he was there, Song Wanting had a strong reliance on him.


And what made them even more desperate was that Old Master Song had been terminally ill before, but was now as healthy as a middle-aged man.

      This meant that the old man had at least ten to twenty more years to live.

      Although Song Wanting's wings were not yet plentiful, but the old man helped her on her horse and did his best to escort her, and in a few years, Song Wanting would be able to establish herself as the true head of the Song family.

      It would be very difficult to screw Song Wanting at that time.

      It was well known that when emperors fought for power like in ancient times, the best time to rebel was when the new emperor was on the throne and his foundation was unstable.

      Just like the Ming Dynasty's King of Yan, Zhu Di, took advantage of the fact that Emperor Jian Wen's foundation was just unstable to rise up in rebellion and seize power in one fell swoop.

      However, the problem at hand is that Song Wanting is not the Jianwen Emperor.

      When Emperor Jianwen ascended the throne, the old man Zhu Yuanzhang was already dead, and if Zhu Yuanzhang were still alive, he wouldn't have succeeded in his rebellion even if he had been given ten guts.

      Now, the old master Song was alive and well.

      This made Song Tian Ming and Song Honor very depressed.

      There was no way they could change the old man's decision at this point, so they could only hold back for now and look for another opportunity in the dark.

      As soon as Song Wanting came in, Master Song smiled and said, "The new generation of our Song family's head is back!Wanta, come on, sit on the throne!"

      Su Wanting thought that only grandpa was waiting for her, but she didn't expect the entire Song family to be waiting for her, and she didn't even expect that grandpa would give up the main seat to her, which made her a little flattered all of a sudden.

      So Song Wanting hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Grandpa, it's better for you to sit on the main seat, I'll just sit next to you."

      Master Song smiled and said, "I'm no longer the head of the family, so how can I sit on the main seat of the family?That would be like eating with a corpse?"

      Saying that, he stood up and pulled Song Wanting to the main seat and had her sit down, before laughing loudly, "God bless my Song family, not only do I have a godly man like Master Ye behind my back to help my Song family, but I also have an outstanding descendant like Wanting to guide the family to greater glory, I believe that in a few years, the Song family's strength will be able to make great strides."

      Other than Song Tian Ming and Song Honor's father and son, the other Song family members present applauded enthusiastically.

      They had also figured out the reasoning behind it.

      They knew that Song Wanting must be deeply fond of Ye Chen, otherwise Ye Chen would never have helped her so many times and gave her two of the rejuvenation pills just for her face.First issue.

      You know that this one rejuvenation pill was sold to Li Tailai for 2 billion RMB, and two rejuvenation pills would be worth at least 4 billion just in real terms, right?

      Now that Song Wanting was the head of the family, Ye Chen was bound to help her even more in the future, and the Song family would naturally get better and better with Ye Chen's help and promotion.

      Song old man felt incomparably pleased when he saw everyone applauding eagerly.

      His greatest fear was that Song Wanting would not be able to convince the public after becoming the head of the family.

      Once the people below had a rebellious and rebellious mentality towards Song Wanting, it would be a big trouble for Song Wanting.

      But the good thing was that she had the blessing of Grandmaster Ye Chen Ye's aura, and with herself here to calm the scene for her, she would definitely be able to do a very solid job as the head of the family.

      Thinking of this, the old man couldn't help but smile and lament, "In my opinion, it won't be long before our Song family may become the number one family in Jiangnan, if Wan Ting has this luck and can become Master Ye's wife, then my Song family will definitely be able to rise up with the same wind in the roc and rocket up to 90,000 miles!"

      Song Tian Ming, who hadn't said anything, said with a worried face at this point, "Dad, don't forget, we've provoked the Kong family's Kong Delong today, and we still don't know what the Kong family will do to us next!"

      Master Song said coldly, "With Master Ye here, I won't panic even if I offend the old man of the Kong family, let alone just a third young master of their family!"


At this moment, late at night at the Yanjing International Airport.

      The private plane that Kong Delong was flying landed at the Yanjing Airport.

      All this way, he was on edge because he had swallowed that ruby necklace.

      He was afraid that the necklace would cause an intestinal obstruction in his stomach and intestines, in which case even the Da Luo Jin Immortal wouldn't be able to save him.

      The good news was that he finally landed safely in Yanjing.

      As soon as the plane landed, it immediately skidded to the hangar where an ambulance was already waiting.

      The Kong family had extraordinary strength in Yanjing, with assets starting at least 500 billion yuan, so they already had more than just their own team of healthcare doctors and experts, they even had their own private hospital.

      The ambulance that came to pick him up at the airport was sent by the Confucian hospital.

      The ambulance arrived together with the hospital's vice president and a number of intestinal experts.

      The experts at the Confucius Family Hospital were all nervous when they heard that Third Young Master had swallowed a ruby not much smaller than an egg and had a necklace with him.

      Because swallowing a foreign body is a very dangerous thing.

      Especially if you swallowed something large and complicated in shape, the danger factor would be even greater.

      The necklace this kind of thing is not like a mere stone, if only swallowed a ruby, and the stone is polished and more rounded, then basically it will not be a big problem, but under the stone there are inlaid platinum base or attached to a series of white gold necklace, this time it will be a big trouble, easily blocked in the intestines, normal defecation can not be discharged, I'm afraid it can only be operated.

      Kong Delong was lying in the ambulance, and when he heard about the possibility of surgery, his face immediately became very ugly.

      He couldn't help but ask the expert: "Is there no other way than surgery?I've never undergone surgery in my entire life."

      The specialist hurriedly said, "Young Master you don't worry, we'll go back to the hospital and do a CT to see where the necklace is now, if it hasn't reached the intestines then we can wait a little longer to see if it will drain itself or not; but if it's already in the intestines and doesn't look like it will drain itself then we'll have toTake surgery now."

      Condron was depressed to the core and asked, "If you really need surgery, how long will it take to recover before it's as good as new?"The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      The expert thought about opening his mouth, "If you were to take something out of the intestines, let you be absolutely bedridden for at least half a month after the surgery, and only after the wound has healed can you get out of bed and move around, and you can't move around vigorously, it will take at least three months for all of it to recover."

      As soon as Kong Delong heard that he had to be absolutely bedridden for half a month and recover for three months, he became extremely annoyed!

      He asked through clenched teeth, "How long before I can have intercourse?"

      The expert said awkwardly, "Intercourse is a strenuous exercise, and the main exercise area is the waist and abdomen, after your abdominal surgery, the most important thing to avoid is intercourse, at least after three months."


      Kong Delong was incomparably depressed.

      This kid is an authentic lecher, usually in Yanjing every day travel among the flowers, often in various clubs and various model stars and peripheral women, every day to spend days and nights, the most exaggerated time, even night Royal several women.

      But once he heard that he might not be able to have intercourse in the next three months, how could he accept it in his heart?

      It was like telling a heavily addicted smoker that he absolutely couldn't smoke for the next three months, which felt worse than killing him.

      At that moment, the expert in front of him couldn't help but ask him, "Third Young Master, how did you swallow such a large necklace?Was it swallowed by mistake?Or what's going on?"


Condron was even more annoyed when the expert asked about it!

      He thought again of Ye Chen's smug face at that time and could not wait to kill him immediately!

      And that Richard Chen.

      Damn it, so disrespectful, he even made a video to threaten himself and force himself to swallow that ruby necklace.

      If it wasn't for his threats, he wouldn't have made the decision to swallow it.

      Isn't this son of a bitch relying on the Ye family to back him up?Do you really think you're invincible?

      Fuck, what an outrageous thing to do.

      So, Kong Delong angrily shouted at that expert, "Don't fucking ask things you shouldn't ask, and if you talk fucking nonsense, I'll kill you!"

      The expert could only be conscious of the fact that he kept his mouth shut, the third young master in the Kong family was not the strongest one, but he could not provoke him after all.

      The ambulance flew to the hospital, and upon arriving at the hospital, it was immediately pushed into the ct room.

      The advanced CT equipment was opened and a full range of shots were taken of Kong Delong's abdomen.The fastest update.

      The film taken through the ct gives the experts a clear view of the striking ruby necklace in his stomach.A second to remember on your phone provides you with a wonderful \fiction to read.

      The key is that the necklace has become stuck in the bend of his intestines, the ruby and the necklace itself formed a bend, according to this, the possibility of trying to defecate out on his own is minimal.

      And that ruby is really big, in the intestinal tract has already occurred a large blockage, if we continue to consume, let other food residues into the intestinal tract, there is a possibility that the blockage will cause intestinal obstruction.

      So after discussing and discussing, the experts made a decision that the ruby necklace must be surgically removed immediately.

      As soon as Kong Delong was carried off the CT machine, he heard the terrible news and was in great pain.

      But he wasn't a fool, he knew that he absolutely couldn't joke with his own life at a time like this, so he could only bite his teeth and say, "In that case, let's arrange for surgery as soon as possible."

      An expert spoke up, "Third Young Master, Mr. and Mrs. are already on their way here and will be here later, we will first send the person to the ward to wait while we prepare the surgical instruments and make the surgical plan, just as you can wait for Mr. and Mrs. to arrive and meet with them before entering the operating room."

      Condron asked, "They're coming?"

      "Right."The specialist said, "It has left to arrive."

      Condron could only nod his head.

      He was then sent by the nurse to the intensive care unit.

      In the intensive care ward, the pretty little nurse was busy in front of him, changing his hospital gown and wiping his body later on.

      Seeing this nurse so pretty, Kong Delong immediately had evil thoughts.

      It's estimated that it will take half an hour for Mom and Dad to rush over, and I won't be able to do my business for the next three months, so I might as well take this opportunity to have a go with this pretty little nurse first!

      While the little nurse was changing her clothes, he grabbed the little nurse's hand and said with a lecherous smile, "What's your name, little beauty?Do you want to stay with me before I go into surgery?Don't worry, I definitely won't treat you badly!"


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