Secret Identity 1211-1220


Chapter 1211

Song Honor was in an extremely depressed mood at this time.

      He really didn't expect that his grandfather, even at the risk of offending Kong Delong, would want to curry favor to please Ye Chen.

      Song Honor was no fool, he could tell that the reason why the old man thought so highly of Ye Chen was because he was somewhat addicted to the Rejuvenation Pill.

      In other words, the old man gave up the olive branch thrown by Kong Delong and the Kong family in favor of pleasing Ye Chen, which proved that in his eyes, he no longer cared about how much money the family had, what he cared about was how many years he himself could live.

      Otherwise, he would never give up the Kong family to choose Ye Chen.

      This made Song Honor very unhappy deep inside.

      First of all, if the old man gave up the Kong family, then the Song family would have lost a good opportunity to soar to great heights .

      Secondly, the old man is pleasing [New PEN] Ye Chen, in case Ye Chen gives him another rejuvenation pill, wouldn't he have to live as an old demon?

      If he never dies, when will his own father, when will he inherit the Song family?

      If your own father can't inherit the Song family, when will you inherit the Song family?Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      He didn't want the old man to live for another 30 or 40 years, then he would be completely devastated.

      He was already almost thirty this year, and Dad was already in his early fifties, so if he waited 30 years before the old man died, then Dad would be in his eighties by the time he inherited the Song family.

      If Dad lived for another 10 years and 8 years, and then handed over the Song family to himself, he would probably be in his 60s and 70s.

      This was something he couldn't accept no matter what.

      He would hate for the old man to die today, so that he would have much more power when Dad inherited the Song family.

      He would survive under Dad's hand for another 10 years or so, and then he would fool him into retiring early and giving himself the headship of the family.

      However, the rejuvenation pills are too hateful.

      With this thing here, who knows when the old man will die?

      Song Honor's father, Song Tian Ming, was also irritated.

      He had long been ready to inherit the family business, and before the old man's eyes were sick and dying, he was still secretly happy, feeling that he was finally going to make it.

      But never in his wildest dreams did he expect that Song Wanting would find a Ye Chen to come over.

      Then things turned out to be out of control.

      Just at this time, Old Master Song suddenly stood up and said with a smile, "All of you, today coincides with the birthday of my granddaughter, old man, there is something that I want to announce in public."

      Everyone looked at Old Master Song, wondering, what exactly was the matter he wanted to announce in public.

      Master Song sighed and said, "Wan Ting's life is very bitter, when she was very young, her parents had already died one after another, it was me and my deceased old man who raised her."

      Song Honor and Song Tian Ming looked at each other, both of them didn't know what kind of medicine was in the old man's gourd.



Master Song then said, "Wan Ting has always been very filial and has also been very attentive to the family's affairs, which is something I am very pleased about.And some time ago when I was seriously ill and bedridden, and all the doctors declared that my days were numbered, Wan Ting invited Master Ye Chen Ye for me, and it was Master Ye who cured me and pulled me back from the gates of hell, and then it was also Master Ye who gave me a rejuvenation pill so that I could experience being 20 years younger again."

      At this point, the old man paused, bowed slightly to Ye Chen, and added, "I am grateful to Master Ye in my heart, and of course I am also grateful to this good granddaughter, so today, on the occasion of her birthday, I would like to make an announcement, and this is: the old man has decided that from tomorrow, Wan Ting will officially take over the position of the head of the Song family, and also from tomorrow, the old man will officially retire!"

      The words were like a bomb that exploded throughout the scene.

      No one thought that Master Song would let a female inherit the Song family.

      After all, there had never been a family, especially a large family, that had given the position of family head to a young female.

      Moreover, Master Song had several sons and a bunch of grandchildren, and his eldest son, Song Tian Ming, had already been preparing to inherit the Song family's headship, and the outside world had originally speculated that Master Song would pass on his headship to his eldest son in the next few years.

      It was also unexpected that not only did he not give it to his eldest son, nor to his eldest grandson, he gave it to his own granddaughter!

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor's father and son's hearts were also filled with hatred at this point!

      Never in their wildest dreams did they think that Song Wanting would be able to become the head of the Song family.

      At this time, their hearts were filled with extreme hatred for the old master and for Song Wanting!

      Isn't that a little too biased for the old man!

      200 billion dollars of family fortune, and Song Wanting is at the helm?

      How can a mere 26-year-old woman be in charge of the $200 billion Song family!

      Song Wanting was also stunned at this point.

      She used to only think of serving the Song family well, and bowing to the best of her ability before she married.

      But she had never had the extravagant hope that she would be able to inherit the Song Family's headship.

      At this moment, Song Wanting's heart was very excited, she was also a very ambitious and career-minded woman, hearing that she was about to inherit the Song family's headship, the joy in her heart was overflowing.

      Song Honor was somewhat unable to hold back at this point, he stood up and took off, "Grandfather!How can you give the head of the family to Wan Ting?She's just a woman, she's going to marry in the future, once she's married she's an outsider, can you see the Song family's fortune fall into someone else's hands?"

      Master Song looked at him and said in a cold voice, "Wan Ting is also surnamed Song, no matter what she is still a member of the Song family, and I believe that the entire Song family, in terms of ability, no one can compare to Wan Ting, it would be perfect for Wan Ting to take over the Song family's headship."

      Song Tian Ming said expressionlessly at this point, "Father, this matter, I think it is indeed inappropriate, please think twice!"

      Master Song, the other sons also stood up and spoke up, "Father, please think twice!"

      None of them could accept Master Song handing over the Song family to Song Wanting to be in charge.

      Master Song said indifferently, "What's wrong with that, this family business today was also founded by me alone with my bare hands, not by anyone I inherited it from, so I have absolute control over the Song family, and I gave it to Wanting after careful consideration, because Wanting will definitely be able to make the Song family better and stronger!"Fastest Update

      Saying that, Master Song looked around and said to the entire Song family, "All the children and descendants of my Song family have the right to receive a generous share of the dividends from the Song family.So even if the headship of the family is held by Wan Ting, all the descendants of the Song family will be able to be well fed and clothed, and you must not forget that it doesn't matter who inherits the headship of the Song family, what matters is who can lead the Song family to become stronger and stronger."

      After a pause, the old man said again with a dignified face, "Take Lao San and his family for example, they can get ten percent of the dividends from the Song family every year, and if they pay five billion in dividends a year, their family can get five hundred million, but if there is someone who can lead the Song family to pay ten billion in dividends a year, then their family can get one billion a year.A more capable man leading you to make more money?"


As soon as Master Song said this, those who were still somewhat opposed to Song Wanting inheriting the Song family's headship, shut their mouths in good sense.

      They figured out the truth that there was no chance for themselves and their children to inherit the family headship anyway, and as such, they would definitely prefer that the family headship be given to someone with more ability to inherit it.

      This was because the more capable the family head was, the more money everyone would be able to share.

      Although Song Honor was also not bad in every aspect, but when it came to true ability, he was still a far cry from Song Wanting.

      Don't look at Song Wanting's young age, but in fact, Song Wanting could take care of and take care of any business of the Song family.

      Even the Li Jiacheng family in Hong Kong thought that she was very lucky, and took the initiative to come over to work with her.first publication

      It could be said that in terms of strength, Song Wanting surpassed all the offspring of the Song family, even these great uncles and uncles of hers.

      If she was to inherit the Song family, everyone was honestly convinced.

      Thinking of this, these people immediately sat back down in their seats.

      A few of Song Wanting's uncles even said, "Since it's father's decision, then we have no problem with it."

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor had truly never expected that the other families would instantly compromise!

      All of a sudden, he made his father and son isolated.

      And the old man's words were too hurtful, weren't they?

      What do you mean?

      Is it possible that we, father and son combined, are not as capable as Song Wanting?

      Song Tian Ming gritted his teeth and said, "Father, according to our Chinese custom, the position of head of the family has always been passed down from male to female, so if you give the position of head of the family to Wan Ting, then it will definitely become the laughing stock of the entire high society."

      "Oh?"Master Song asked casually, "Most of the guests here today are from the upper class, how come I didn't see them laughing at my decision?"

      Song Tian Ming said forcefully, "That's because they're all guests, how can they laugh at the host's decision in public?"

      Master Song smiled and said seriously, "Tian Ming, I know what you're thinking, I'm sure you're not convinced inside that I'm handing over the family headship to Wan Ting, but I'm still saying the same thing I just said, it doesn't matter who is the head of the family, what matters is who can help the Song family make more money!"

      "Wanda has not been involved in family operations for very long, but her results, her accomplishments, are there for all to see!"

      "Other than that, if it wasn't for Wanting, how could we have worked with Hong Kong Li Ka Shing?"

      "You have to know that Li Jiacheng and his two sons, all of their overt and covert assets add up to at least RMB 800 billion, and we are bound to improve and progress greatly in the future by working with them now!"

      "These can be brought to the Song family by Wan Ting!"

      Master Song said sentence after sentence, and pointed at Ye Chen, saying seriously, "Including Master Ye, our Song family is able to know Master Ye, and it's all thanks to Wan Ting!Tell me, why can't Wan Ting be the head of the Song family?"

      Song Tian Ming was dumbfounded by Song's old man's question as well, and he knew very well that Song Wanting was indeed strong in every aspect, stronger than his own son and even stronger than himself.

      But even so, he couldn't endure the decision to make Song Wanting the head of the Song family.

      He couldn't help but curse in his heart, "You Song Wanting is just a mere girl, do you really think you're some strong business woman?"

      "It's fine to be a strong woman if you want to be a strong woman, just get out of the Song family and go out there and be your own whatever strong woman, don't get in my way at the Song family!"


By the time he thought of this, Song Tian Ming had begun to gnash his teeth, killing intent rising in his heart.

      Old Master Song seemed to have sensed the discontent in his eldest son's heart, so he looked towards Ye Chen and said with great respect, "Master Ye, the old man has an unkind request, and I hope that you will accept it."

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and spoke, "Please speak, old master."

      Old Master Song said, "I hope that you will become the second heir of the Song Family Master, if anything happens to Wan Ting in the future?And with Wan Ting leaving no children behind, there is you at the helm of the Song family, if you agree, the old man can make a promise now that 30% of the net profit of the Song family will all go to you in the future, and it will be valid forever."

      The reason why he said this was because Master Song was indeed worried that his eldest son's family would be unfavorable to Song Wanting as well.

      But he was not willing to give up his plans because of this.

      Master Song knew very well in his heart that if the Song family wanted to soar in the future, the first and foremost thing was to make Song Wanting the head of the family.

      If he could make Ye Chen become Song Wanting's husband and enter the Song family, it would simply be perfect.

      Even if Ye Chen didn't want to join the family, it didn't matter, as long as he had a child with Song Wanting, that child would have the bloodline of the Song family, and it didn't matter to him whether his surname was Song or not.

      What's more, if Ye Chen became his granddaughter-in-law, he himself could benefit endlessly in the future.

      Having lived until now, he had long since stopped putting monetary benefits first, instead putting his health as well as his longevity first.

      So passing on the family headship to Song Wanting was just one of his plans.

      Making Ye Chen become Song Wanting's husband was what he wished for the most.

      Ye Chen didn't know that Master Song still had thoughts of himself as his granddaughter-in-law in his heart.

      He just felt that Master Song must have said that because he was worried that Song Wanting would be disadvantaged in the future, and that was why he wanted to bind himself to Su Wanting so that he could guarantee Song Wanting's safety.

      After all, if he was the second heir of the Song family's head, it would be pointless for others to try to do anything unfavorable to Song Wanting because even if they killed Song Wanting there would still be themselves.

      Moreover, even if someone in the Song family wanted to covet the position of the family head, then he would have to weigh up whether he could afford to mess with him.

      Master Song was also really considered to be very sincere, giving 30% of the entire Song family's revenue at once, which was really a very big gesture.

      But Ye Chen himself didn't lack money, nor did he care about money.

      What he cared about was Song Wanting's safety and future.

      In Ye Chen's heart, Song Wanting's status was second only to his wife, Xiao Churan.

      He didn't know exactly why, but he just felt that Song Wanting was really a girl who was so good that she was an impeccable woman.

      Not only did he like her, but he also had the right temperament and style of acting with her.

      It wouldn't be too much to say that they were close friends.

      When I was drinking with Song Wanting, I had heard that Song Wanting had confided in me and knew that she was from a poor background and as a girl from a gentry family, she didn't even have the power to decide her future marriage.first issue.

      So he also hoped that Song Wanting would become the head of the Song family.

      That way, no one could force her to do what she didn't want to do in the future.

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Don't worry, Master Song, from now on I will make sure that Wan Ting's personal safety."


At this time, Ye Chen regarded Song Wanting as a good friend and was naturally willing to protect her personal safety.

      On the other hand, the father and son of Song Tian Ming, Song Honor, had a murderous heart in their hearts at this time.

      They father and son peeped that the position of family head had been for many years, and they said that they could not accept that Song Wanting had gotten this position.

      But both father and son were clear in their hearts.If they wanted to take back the position of heir, it was bound to be a vicious battle.

      Therefore, if this matter didn't move, it would have to be victorious.

      This birthday banquet, Song Wanting was without a doubt the happiest, most surprised, and most happy person in the room.

      And right now, in Song Wanting's heart, her gratitude and love for Ye Chen reached a pinnacle.

      How could a woman as intelligent as her not be clear about Ye Chen's intention in sending himself the rejuvenation pills?

      What kind of person would be able to use the rejuvenation potion?Of course it was an old man, and a very old man at that.

      I was only 26 years old this year, there was no use at all to ask for this rejuvenation pill, the only use was to lend it to grandpa.

      And grandpa was obsessed with the rejuvenation pills, he should have decided on the spot that he wanted to pass on the family headship to himself after seeing Ye Chen give himself this rejuvenation pill so easily.

      So this matter, it could be said that Ye Chen had helped himself much, much more.

      Song Wanting had now become the head of the Song family, so this birthday banquet felt a little more grand.

      As the banquet was coming to an end, the Song family's servants launched a huge birthday cake.Fastest Updated.

      There were 26 candles on the birthday cake, and the moment the lights went out, Song Wanting stood in front of the candles alone, the swaying candle light reflecting her beautiful face, so beautiful that it was impossible to describe.

      Song Wanting placed her hands together in front of her chest, closed her eyes, and made a silent wish.

      Then, she opened her eyes and looked at Ye Chen with an imploring look.

      At this moment, she felt that Ye Chen was the sun and moon in her heart.

      Ye Chen didn't notice the way Song Wanting looked at her.

      She was in the darkness when the lights went out with the lights, so he quietly observed Song Tian Ming and Song Honor and his son with his superhuman first-class vision.

      At the moment when the lights went out, both father and son, who had been feigning calmness and forcing a smile, had expressions that were cold and gloomy for a moment, then, became incomparably gloomy.

      It was too difficult for them to hold back their hatred for Song Wanting in front of everyone.

      So when the light was all gone, they all involuntarily removed the disguises on their faces.

      Then the lights came on and the applause thundered.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Song Wanting personally cut the birthday cake and personally filled two portions, one was handed to her grandfather and the other was handed to Ye Chen.

      After eating the cake, the birthday party was declared over.

      This birthday banquet, by and large, could be said to be a happy occasion for the hosts and guests.

      The other Song family members who had figured it out did not have any opinions about Song Wanting inheriting the position of head of the family.

      Only Song Tian Ming and Song Honor and his son had an incomparable haze in their hearts.

      Paul, who was sitting at the other tables, saw that the banquet was over, so he stepped forward to Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Master Ye, it's better for me to send you back."


Ye Chen was about to say yes, but then he saw the beautiful and attractive Song Wanting suddenly appear in front of the two of them, and with a slightly red face, she opened her mouth and said, "Paul, don't bother sending Master Ye off, I'll do it myself."

      Paul was very smart, so he knew at first sight that Song Wanting must be very fond of Ye Chen deep inside.

      After all, today was her birthday and the first day she became the heir of the Song family, but she took the initiative to ask to send Ye Chen home after the banquet was over.

      The one who shouldn't be out to see off the guests tonight was her, the birthday girl.

      What's more, there were so many dignitaries here today, she didn't send anyone off, but only Ye Chen, which was more than enough to show how much she valued Ye Chen in her heart.

      So Paul said with a sense of humor, "And I just remembered that I have some things to do, and I'm not on the right track with Master Ye, so I'll trouble Miss Wanting to help give Master Ye a lift!"

      Song Wanting nodded her head and smiled, "You go busy with your work, I'll take care of Master Ye here."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Your grandfather asked me to take care of you, but now you're taking care of me."

      Song Wanting threw out her tongue in a rare and playful way, and with a voice that was extremely gentle, she said with a blush of shame, "It's rare to have the opportunity to take care of Master Ye for once, Master Ye, you mustn't refuse oh."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said: "So then it will be hard for Miss Wanting to make a trip."

      At this time, Li Tailai stepped in front of Ye Chen, bowed respectfully and said, "Master Ye, I have been longing for the Rejuvenation Pill for a long time, thank you for giving me this heaven-sent opportunity today!"

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Master Li doesn't need to be so polite with me, this Rejuvenation Pill was won by you in the auction, of course, so there's no need to thank me."

      Li Tailai still bowed his body and said with immense respect, "Welcome Master Ye, come to Hai Cheng for a gathering some other day, be sure to give me a chance to entertain Master Ye wholeheartedly."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "If there is an opportunity in the future, I will go."

      Saying that, he asked Li Tailai, "By the way, Mr. Li, is my orphanage's hairdresser, good brother Zhao Hao, currently working as your assistant?Is he here today?"

      Li Tailai nodded and said, "Old Zhao is now my full-time driver, this person is very down-to-earth and honest and reliable, and I have to thank Master Ye for introducing me to such a reliable person!"

      Li Tailai was worthy of being the richest man in Hai City, and he spoke very technically.

      In fact, he promoted Zhao Hao, who had a monthly salary of only a few thousand yuan, to become his assistant with an annual salary of 2 million yuan, which in itself was selling Ye Chen a face.

      However, he didn't dare to take credit like that in front of Ye Chen.

      So he in turn, said that Ye Chen introduced himself to a reliable person, but also to thank Ye Chen again, from which it can be seen that this person's love quotient is quite high.

      Once Ye Chen heard that the good brother had also come over today, he hurriedly asked, "Where is Zhao Hao?"

      Li Tailai said, "The Song family concentrated on arranging a banquet for the driver, it's in the side hall, he should be waiting for me in the car by now."

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, "Just go out with me, and I'll say hello to Zhao Hao by the way."

      At this time, Zhao Hao was completely devoid of that failed hangdog look from the beginning.

      He was wearing a very decent high-end suit and white gloves, sitting in Li Tailai's custom-made, limited edition Rolls-Royce.

      Seeing Li Tailai walk out of the villa, he hurriedly got out of the car and opened the back door, ready to respectfully welcome Li Tailai into the car.

      At this time he suddenly saw his good brother, Ye Chen, walking right beside Li Tailai.

      His eyes were incomparably happy.

      These days, Zhao Hao had been very grateful to Ye Chen and always wanted to find a chance to thank him properly, but because he had to accompany Li Tailai to travel around every day, he didn't have the chance to come to Jinling again.

      Now, I didn't expect to see a good brother here.


Zhao Hao was full of excitement and came to Ye Chen excitedly, about to greet him, but suddenly realized that he was now Li Tailai's driver, so he couldn't be so rude.

      So he hurriedly put away the excitement on his face and said to Li Tailai very respectfully, "Mr. Li!"

      Li Tailai patted his shoulder and said with a smile, "Little Zhao, you don't have to be so polite in front of me, you're Master Ye's brother, that's my brother, even though I'm a few dozen years older than you, we can still be forgetful friends!"

      Zhao Hao was flattered and nodded hurriedly.

      At this moment, Ye Chen smiled and asked him, "How's Rat, are you still adjusting to your new job this time?"

      Zhao Hao said gratefully, "Ye Chen, my good brother, I really don't know how to thank you!Without you, how could I be where I am today, Zhao Hao!You are the precious person in my life!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Everyone will meet noble people in their lives, you feel that I am your noble person, but I also feel that Auntie Li is a noble person for both of us."

      "Everything is actually karma, you and I did good deeds in our last life, so in this life, we have a good person like Auntie Li to save us and give us a home."

      "Maybe you did more good deeds in your last life than I did, so you met me again in this life, giving you a chance to change your life, it's possible that all of this is already destined to be good, so what you should be more thankful for is yourself."

      Ye Chen suddenly talked about the topic in such a grand manner that the other people were suddenly unable to keep up with the pace.

      Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen, her eyes glowing with streams of light, she carefully savored what Ye Chen had just said, and suddenly thought to herself, then did she save the galaxy in her last life, and that's why she had the chance to meet Master Ye in this life?

      Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel a little lost within her again.

      Because she felt that if she had saved the galaxy in her last life, then wouldn't Master Ye's wife, Xiao Choran, have saved the entire universe in her last life?

      Zhao Hao's heart was moved when he heard Ye Chen's words.

      This was the good brother that he had grown up with since childhood, and even though he had helped himself so much, he didn't feel that he really owed him anything, but traced it all back to his last life.

      Although he had lived a poor life for more than twenty years before, but with such a brother who was a dragon and phoenix among men, the twenty years of hardship was not in vain.

      At this time, Ye Chen looked at the time and said to Zhao Hao, "Rat, Li, there's still something tonight, so you drive Li back first, and when there's a chance in the future, I'll go to Haicheng or you come to Jinling, and our brothers will meet again."

      When Li Tailai heard this, he waved his hand and said, "Master Ye, then there's nothing wrong tonight, you and Zhao continue to catch up, don't mind me!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously, "Have you forgotten the Rejuvenation Pill you just bought?Hurry back, take a good bath then take the medicine, get a good night's sleep, and when you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll find that you've undergone a transformative change."

      Li Tailai's heart immediately became excited!

      That rejuvenating pills had been talked about, kept close to his body in the inner pocket of his suit.

      He had always wanted to find a chance to eat this rejuvenation pill, but he felt that today was on the Song family's territory, and it was the birthday party of the Song family's eldest daughter, Song Wanting, so it would be noisy for him to take it here on the spot.

      That was why he had been holding back preparing to quickly take this rejuvenation pill after returning to his villa in Jinling.

      When he heard Ye Chen say that, he cupped his fist in gratitude and said, "Master Ye is so grateful to be so considerate of Li!Since that's the case, then Mister Li will take his leave today!"

      Ye Chen nodded and hugged his good brother gently, seeing them off in the car.


Song Wanting then said softly, "Master Ye, then let's go too."



      Song Wanting drove her red Bentley and drove Ye Chen out of the Song family villa.

      At this time, Song Wanting's heartbeat was racing, she had never been so nervous in front of Ye Chen as she was now.

      The atmosphere in the car was a bit silent, so Song Wanting was busy looking for a topic and spoke up, "Master Ye, today I am really thankful to you, I really didn't expect that you would give me such a valuable gift as the Rejuvenation Pill."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "I won't hide it from you, the reason why I am giving you the Rejuvenation Pill is actually to give you a chance to borrow a flower to present to the Buddha, with this Rejuvenation Pill, Master Song will be able to live at least until he is a hundred years old, he will definitely especially want this pill that I am giving you, but Master Song himself is a person with clear rewards and punishments, and is a compassionate and righteous person, so once he really wants your Rejuvenation Pill, thenHe will definitely give you great rewards."

      Song Wanting nodded her head movingly, "Master Ye, you have everything in mind for Wan Ting, Wan Ting is so grateful, in this life, if Master Ye has any request for Wan Ting, as long as Master Ye has your word, Wan Ting will not dare to disobey!"first issue

      Ye Chen smiled, "I don't have any requirements for you, you just need to take care of yourself in the future."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "I didn't expect that Master Song would be so straightforward as to just pass on the family headship to you at this birthday party, I had thought that he might softly and slowly resolve this matter in the future."

      "Now that he has suddenly announced it, this will definitely be a very big blow to your uncle and your cousin, and will even bring you a great deal of hatred, so you must be extremely careful in the future to act with great care and caution."

      Song Wanting said seriously, "Master Ye, don't worry, what you said, Wan Ting understands all these truths in her heart."

      Ye Chen sighed lightly and said, "It may be that the Rejuvenation Pill is too attractive to the old master, so the old master may be a little under consideration in this matter, what I am worried about now is your personal safety in the future, if someone in the Song family is unhappy with you inheriting the position of the head of the family, then they will most likely be unfavorable to you."

      Song Wanting smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you for the reminder, Master Ye, don't forget, Wanting still has a divine pill you gave me in the first place, didn't that divine pill say that it has a life-preserving effect in critical times?"

      Ye Chen curiously asked, "Where did you put that medicine?"

      Song Wanting blushed and said, "The medicine you gave ......Wan Ting has always ......It has always been ......Stored close to ......"

      When it came to the 4 words of close storage, Song Wanting was already too shy to look at Ye Chen.

      Previously, Song Wanting had hidden the pill in her car, but she felt that it was too unsafe to keep such a valuable thing in her car, so she had kept it close to her body since then.

      And because it was a gift from Ye Chen, keeping it close to her would give her the feeling of being taken care of by Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen didn't notice the girlish shyness on Song Wanting's face.

      He was only vaguely worried from the bottom of his heart for Song Wanting's safety.

      Thus, he spoke, "Right, some other day, you can help me find a good piece of white jade from Jiqing Hall."

      "White jade?"Song Wanting hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, what kind of white jade do you want?"

      Ye Chen said calmly, "The whitest, purest, unadulterated white jade, I'll make you an amulet when I arrive, you can keep yourself safe by wearing it close to your body."


Hearing that Ye Chen was going to make an amulet for himself, Song Wanting leapt to her feet.

      She didn't know what kind of thing Ye Chen's amulet was or what kind of effect it had.

      But she knew that it was something that Ye Chen was going to make for himself, and he was going to make it with his own hands, and just the reason that Master Ye was making it with his own hands was enough reason for her to be thankful.

      So her eyes turned red with gratitude and she said, "Master Ye, you are so good to Wan Ting, I don't even know how to repay you!"

      As she said this, Song Wanting's inner monologue was, "If I could, I would really like to repay Master Ye's kindness to me by accompanying him and serving around him for the rest of my life."

      However, how could such words be said by a proud lady of a big family like her.

      Ye Chen was very indifferent about it.

      It was because he himself was a person who valued righteousness and knew how to repay kindness.

      Although Song Wanting was not his benefactor, she was his friend, and she was a friend whose character was trustworthy and worthy of friendship.

      To such a friend, he was naturally full of sincerity.

      What's more, Ye Chen always had a vague feeling that Song Wanting's meaning to him seemed a little different from that of an ordinary friend.

      In Ye Chen's heart, he appreciated Song Wanting's personality and her style of acting.

      Moreover, he felt that Song Wanting's fate was similar to his own, both coming from famous families, but with parents who died early.

      However, her life is a little better than his, at least she didn't leave her family and ended up in another country.

      Just because she appreciated Song Wanting's character and sympathized with her, it was a natural feeling in Ye Chen's heart to want to take care of her a little more.

      Song Wanting purposely didn't drive the car very fast so that she would have more time and be able to be alone with Ye Chen in the car.

      The Song family villa was separated by the magnificent Yangtze River from the Townsend where Ye Chen was staying, so when Song Wanting drove her car near the Yangtze River Bridge, she suddenly turned to Ye Chen and said with anticipation in her eyes, "Master Ye, if you're not in a hurry to get home, can you accompany me to the river for a walk?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and spoke, "Good."

      Song Wanting said with joy, "Great, I know of a place that is particularly quiet and not many people go there, so we can take a walk on the river bank and blow the wind."

      With that, Song Wanting drove the car to a small road along the river.

      After driving out for a kilometer or two, she parked the car at the side of the road and said to Ye Chen, "There's a road down this way, let's get off here."

      Ye Chen nodded and pushed the car door open and walked down.

      The weather was getting colder now, but it didn't matter to him.

      Song Wanting was wearing a furry jacket, while inside was the noble and elegant evening dress she had worn at the birthday party, and she was also holding a red Hermes handbag in her hand.

      A cold wind came, her long, flowing hair danced with the wind, and a few strands of green silk whipped her face, looking quite charming.

      There are no front and back here, no people and no cars, Song Wanting welcomed the wind, took a deep breath, smiled and said, "When I was a child, I always liked to be by the river, but when I grew up and got busier I didn't have time."

      Saying that, she said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, let's go down."


Ye Chen responded and said, "Good, but this staircase is a bit steep, you need to be careful when you go down."

      Song Wanting shyly stretched out her soft hand and handed it to Ye Chen and said softly, "Master Ye, can you help me with difficulty?Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll fall ......"

      Actually, it wasn't that she was afraid of falling, but she wanted to take this opportunity to be more close and intimate with Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen saw that this stone staircase was really long and quite steep, extending from the bank to the river bank, Song Wanting was a girl, if she really slipped and fell down, the consequences would be unthinkable.

      So, he took Song Wanting's soft jade hand and led her carefully down the stone steps.

      At this time, the river bank was also empty, the river occasionally a few lighted ships passing by, rumbling diesel engines, the sound is very loud, but in this empty river did not feel very noisy.

      After arriving on the riverbank, Ye Chen let go of Song Wanting's hand and smiled against the Xu cold wind on the river, saying, "This place is really nice."

      Song Wanting smiled slightly, stroked the blue silk between her ear temples and spoke, "I loved coming here when I was little, when my father was busy at work, so it was my mother who brought me here every day."

      Saying that, she gave a somewhat forlorn and sad sigh and added, "At that time, mom would drive me, park the car at the same place, and then take the same stone steps down, just like you just did, so carefully holding my hand."

      Ye Chen nodded lightly.

      When he himself grew up in the orphanage, he also often thought of his parents.

      When they were little, they weren't as strong as they are now, and whenever they thought of them themselves, they would hide in their nest, or hide in a corner and cry.

      But after a long time, he slowly got used to it.

      The hard life back then had taught him many valuable lessons.

      Such as the dead are gone, such as the sad things that happened in the past, let it pass quietly.

      At this time, Song Wanting, who was beside him, sighed, "This morning, when I went to visit my parents' graves, I couldn't believe that they've been gone for more than ten years, and all the past of my childhood is still vivid in my eyes, I often have the illusion that I feel as if I'm still living at the age of eight or nine."

      Ye Chen laughed to himself and sighed lightly, "You can still go visit your parents' graves, I don't even know where my parents are buried now."(first post)

      "Huh?"Song Wanting asked in surprise, "Is it that you can't find it?Or did something change back then?"

      Ye Chen smiled bitterly, "When my parents died, I was just eight years old, and at that time, I couldn't take care of myself, I didn't even know where to settle for a full meal, so I wasn't able to handle their funeral, and then I couldn't find them when I wanted to look for them."

      Said Ye Chen, "But it is possible that their ashes were brought back by Grandpa's family, but I'm not sure about the details."

      Song Wanting couldn't help but ask him, "Master Ye, do you still have relatives in this world?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Yes, but I'm not ready to meet them yet."

      Song Wanting gently nodded her head, her pretty eyelashes blinking, and said, "Master Ye, let's take a walk along the river."

      "Good."Ye Chen readily agreed and strolled side by side with Song Wanting along the riverside.

      Song Wanting then smiled and said, "Right Master Ye, do you still remember how we first met?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Of course, at that time in Jiqing Hall, my father-in-law broke one of your antique vases by mistake."

      Song Wanting nodded and said, "At that time, I was shocked by the way you repaired the vase, thinking that how could a young man master a lost restoration technique, this man is too powerful.But at that time, I never dreamed that that was actually just the tip of the iceberg for you, Master Ye, and I never thought that you would help me so and so much ......"


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