Secret Identity 1201-1210


Chapter 1201

In Kong Delong's eyes, the Rejuvenation Pill that Ye Chen took out was indeed an inconspicuous vigorous pill.

      Even if it was the Niu Huang An Gong Pill that was being speculated to sky-high prices in the traditional Chinese medicine world, the most expensive extreme one was only a few hundred thousand.

      Stepping back ten thousand steps, even if Ye Chen's so-called rejuvenation pill was the Niu Huang An Gong Pill, what could it do?

      Compared to your own ruby, which is worth nearly 130 million RMB, that's a real difference.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      So at this time, Kong Delong's eyes felt that he had already won Ye Chen.

      After Kong Delong arrogantly finished that speech, he had wanted to accept the praise of the crowd, but he didn't expect that everyone would look at him as if they were caring for a retard.

      He couldn't be blamed for this, as he was the only one in this birthday banquet today who didn't know what the Rejuvenation Pill was worth.

      Although everyone present felt that Kong Delong was a retard, he was, after all, the third young master of the Yanjing Kong family, so no one dared to reveal it very directly.

      However, Kong Delong could still see a hint of it in everyone's eyes.

      He couldn't help but wonder, what was the situation?Is this so-called rejuvenation potion really worth a lot of money?Impossible. How much can a piece of junk like this be worth?

      At this time, Ye Chen looked at him with a slight smile and said, "Young Master Kong, how much do you think this pill of mine is worth?"

      Kong Delong snorted and said in a despicable manner, "In my opinion it's worth 100,000 at most!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "In that case, we might as well improvise a small auction right here!"

      Condron frowned and asked, "An auction?What do you mean?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "It's here, let's take our two items out for auction and see which one of them ends up with the higher price, what do you think?"

      Kong Delong snorted, "What the fuck are you joking with me, this ruby necklace of mine is to be given to Miss Wan Ting as a birthday gift, how can I sell it?"

      Ye Chen said, "Alright then, and decided that this necklace of yours is really worth $20 million, according to our bet, is it true that as long as I sell this pill more expensive than your necklace, that means I win?"

      Kong Delong laughed, "Surnamed Ye, you're not [Pencil Fiction] trying to auction off that whatever rejuvenation pills you have here?Do you really think you can sell more than $20 million for this bullshit rebirth pill?"

      Saying that, Kong Delong mocked, "And you're such a dirty person, even if this rejuvenation pill is worthless, it's still your birthday gift to Miss Wan Ting, so how can you put it up for auction?That's a shameless way to play, isn't it?"

      Song Wanting became anxious when she heard this, and with barely more than a subconscious thought she blurted out, "Kong Delong, I forbid you to speak of Master Ye like that!"

      Everyone present was shocked, no one thought that Song Wanting would directly contradict Kong Delong in order to defend Ye Chen.

      Kong Delong's expression was also very startled, Song Wanting was on the wrong fucking medication, right?People give her this crap, and she defends them like this!

      She gave her such an expensive ruby necklace by herself, and she didn't give herself a single good face ah.

      However, Kong Delong didn't even know how grateful Song Wanting was to Ye Chen at this moment.



Seeing her beloved being ridiculed and sarcastic by Kong Delong, Song Wanting naturally had to speak up to defend her.

      At this time, Ye Chen smiled calmly and pulled out another rejuvenation pill from his bosom and said with a smile, "Look, I have plenty of this, the rejuvenation pill that I gave to Miss Wanting, naturally I can't bring it out for auction again, what I want to auction is the one I have now!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen stood up and said to everyone around him, "I'm sure you all know what the Rejuvenation Pill is, I won't introduce it here, so let's just simply and brutally start the auction."

      As soon as the crowd present heard that they were actually going to auction off the Rejuvenation Pill, the expressions of each and every one of them were already near maniacal.

      This was an unattainable miracle pill that was dreamed of, and Ye Chen had never taken it out to sell even one, so it was simply priceless.

      Who wouldn't want to seize this opportunity to buy a Rejuvenation Pill to regain their youth?

      So one by one, everyone was already eager to try, and everyone was thinking in their hearts that even if they had to pay even a great price, they would buy this rejuvenation pills back.

      At this time, Ye Chen looked at Kong Delong and asked with a smile, "Young Master Kong, the current exchange rate of RMB to the US dollar should be around 7 RMB to one US dollar, which means this ruby necklace of yours is worth 140 million RMB, right?"

      Kong Delong said with a proud face, "Looks like you're good at math!That's right, it's 140 million RMB, you've probably never seen so much money in your life, right?Are you scared?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "It's impossible to be afraid, I Ye Chen will never be afraid in my life."

      After saying that, Ye Chen didn't pay any more attention to Kong Delong, but looked around and said to the crowd around him, "Gentlemen, let me briefly explain the auction rules, didn't Young Master Kong think that my No Rejuvenation Pill wasn't as expensive as his ruby necklace?In that case, my starting price will be set at 150 million RMB."


      When Kong Delong heard that Ye Chen was going to set the starting price of the Rejuvenation Pill, at 150 million RMB, he stared at it with wide eyes and cursed out of his mouth, "Surnamed Ye you're sick in the head, with that shit of yours, you dare to sell it for 150 million RMB, do you think everyone else is a fool?"

      As soon as the words left his mouth, Master Song immediately raised his hand and said, "Master Ye, I'm willing to offer 150 million!"

      After hearing this, Kong Delong was instantly confused.

      He looked at Master Song and asked in a cold voice, "Grandpa Song, you are deliberately trying to defend this Ye and have a hard time with me, aren't you?I came to the Song family this time with full sincerity, if you're so insincere, then don't blame me for turning my back on Kong Delong!"

      Master Song's expression was embarrassed, he wasn't trying to defend Ye Chen before making a bid, he really wanted this Rejuvenation Pill.

      He was the one who had personally felt the miraculous medicinal power of rejuvenation, to him, no amount of rejuvenation pills was too much, not to mention 150 million or 1.5 billion he was willing to buy, and he was willing to buy even ten of them clean in one go.

      1.5 billion a piece, buy 10 of them is only 15 billion RMB, for the Song family, it's not enough to injure their muscles and bones, but this 15 billion spent to send the old man may be able to live for several more decades, in that case, then the Song family doesn't know how much more money they can earn, so this deal is definitely worth more than it can be.

      But once he heard Kong Delong's words, he was also a bit indecisive because he didn't want to directly offend Kong Delong publicly, after all, that would be like making a strong enemy for the Song family.

      At this time Ye Chen smiled and said, "Master Song, in order to avoid suspicion, you shouldn't participate in the auction for this pill, it's better to have someone from outside the Song family participate, so that Young Master Kong doesn't think that you're cheating for me."

      Master Song, seeing that Ye Chen had said so, he could only say with regret and respect, "Since Master Ye has ordered, then the old man will not participate in this auction."

      Kong Delong's expression softened a bit, it seemed that the Song family was still sensible and besides the Song family, it was believed that no one else would be interested in this pill with a starting price as high as 150 million.

      Just when he was just relieved, the richest man at the same table, Li Tailai, the richest man in Hai Cheng, raised his hand in great excitement and said, "Master Ye, since Master Song abstained then Li is willing to bid 150 million!"


Kong Delong had just thought that he was sure to win, there was no way that anyone would be willing to pay 150 million for this rejuvenation pill, but he didn't expect Li Tailai to hit him in the face with his actual actions.

      He looked at Li Tailai with a surprised face and asked through clenched teeth, "Mr. Li, what do you mean?"

      Although Li Tailai also knew that Kong Delong came from an extraordinary background, the Rejuvenation Pill was too much of a temptation for him, and even if he offended the Kong family, he would take this miracle pill.

      Who would cross such a magical chance as being 20 years younger!

      Don't say that Kong Delong stopped the front, even the oldest son of the Heavenly King couldn't stop Li Tailai from bidding.

      So Li Tai Lai looked at Kong Delong and said indifferently: "Sorry Young Master Kong, Li has been longing for Master Ye's rejuvenation pills for a long time, today is such a good opportunity, Li will never miss it easily, if I'm offended, please forgive me!"Fastest Update

      Kong Delong's expression became extremely ugly as he knew that with Li Tailai's bid, he had lost to Ye Chen.

      Losing to Ye Chen not only meant that he was going to lose face in front of so many people, but it also meant that he was going to swallow the ruby necklace in front of so many people.

      Just when he had an extremely ugly expression and thought that Li Tailan was deliberately working against him, someone else on the table next to him spoke up, "I'll pay 151 million!"

      Someone even bid a million dollars higher for Lee Taylor, is this a clear-cut bid?

      Right at this moment, the night time with a smiling face opened his mouth and said, "This gentleman, just now I forgot to explain that the starting price is 150 million, the minimum single increase is 10 million, we don't want 1 million 1 million, it's too petty and meaningless to add."

      The man nodded hurriedly and said off the cuff, "Since Master Ye has said so, I'll bid 160 million!"

      "Fuck!"Kong Delong's eyes were about to fall to the ground.

      Such a damn thing, the starting price of 150 million, not only someone auctioned it, but also someone raised the price, are these two people in the head in shit?

      Before Kong Delong could return to his senses, another person at another table stood up and said with an excited face, "I am willing to pay 170 million!"

      Kong Delong's expression was worse than eating shit, and he couldn't help but rage inside, "Fuck, are these people all fucking psychopaths?!"

      Without waiting for Kong Delong to accept the offer of $170 million, Li Tailai simply waved his hand, "I'll pay $200 million!"

      The place was in an uproar!

      Li Tailai was really ambitious about this rejuvenation pill.

      So a mere two hundred million was just a warm up for him, it was simply a mere dime.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Qin Gang hadn't said anything, but he was already a bit impatient inside.

      Rejuvenation Pill ah!

      Master Ye's rejuvenation potion!

      Although himself and his daughter had received two divine pills from Master Ye, that divine pill was still much worse than the Rejuvenation Pill.

      So naturally he didn't want to miss this good opportunity.

      So he raised his hand and said, "I am willing to offer 210 million!"

      "Fuck!"Condron's face was green!

      It's 200 fucking million dollars and someone's still going to raise it?

      Just thinking of this, Wang Zhenggang spoke up, "I am willing to offer 220 million!"

      After saying that, Wang Zhenggang looked at Qin Gang apologetically, arched his hand and said, "Brother Qin, I'm sorry."

      Qin Gang also understood Wang Zheng Gang's thoughts very well, everyone was someone who had seen Master Ye Chen Ye's magical means and knew how precious this rejuvenation pill was.

      Master Ye had never taken out a rejuvenation pill for auction before, and this was the first time, and it could be the last time.

      If one did not seize this opportunity, it was possible that they would pass by the Rejuvenation Pill for the rest of their lives.

      Therefore, no one was willing to give up easily.

      Li Tailai also came to his senses and opened his mouth with a wave of his hand, "250 million, sorry brothers, please forgive me if I have offended you more!"

      Another person at the next table shouted, "Then I'll offer $260 million!"


"Two hundred and seventy million!"

      "Two hundred and eighty million!"

      "Two hundred and ninety million!"

      Qin Gang raised his hand again, "I'll offer three hundred million!"

      The few times the price was called, it was basically as soon as someone finished calling, someone immediately raised the price.

      Everyone was raising and raising 10 million one by one in order to grab this rejuvenation pill, basically without stopping.

      The entire scene has been boiling, even if the person's possessions are only about 1 billion, at this time, they do not hesitate to follow up the call for price, everyone knows that money is precious, life price is higher.

      Kong Delong felt that every time someone else called for a price, they were madly smacking his face.

      He had never been so humiliated in his entire life.

      However, this was only the beginning.

      What was most difficult for him was how exactly he was going to get off the stage later.

      Was he really going to let himself eat this ruby necklace?

      At this moment, the bidding was still going on and was still incredibly enthusiastic.

      Li Tailai, Wang Zhenggang, and Qin Gang were all unwilling to give up this great opportunity, while the others were also biting their teeth to keep up.

      Soon, the price had exceeded 500 million RMB.

      At this time, a few tables next door, only two or three people were still following the bidding, and everyone else could only abstain because the price was so high that it was beyond what they could actually afford.

      However, even though the price was already at 500 million RMB, the bidding continued.

      The price climbed all the way up and soon exceeded 600 million.

      The only people still bidding now were Li Tailai, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang and the other three.

      The three of them had a good relationship and were all familiar with Ye Chen. In fact, they didn't want to make a mess, but this pill was too precious to give up, so every time they called for a price, the one who called for a price would apologize like the other two.The first

      The scene suddenly turned very magical.

      When Wang Zhenggang finished reporting 600 million, he immediately cupped his fists and said, "I'm sorry, two brothers, if I've offended you, please forgive me."

      When he got to Qin Gang, after reporting 600 million 10 million, he also cupped his fists and said, "I'm sorry, two brothers, if I've offended you, please forgive me."

      Then there was Li Tailai, who opened his mouth to directly report 650 million, but also still cupped his fists and said, "I'm sorry, two brothers, if I've offended you, please forgive me."

      The others had been stupid, what was the relationship between these three people?Everyone calls the other two brothers, so who is the brother and who is the brother?

      It no longer mattered who was the older brother and who was the younger brother, what mattered was that now these three were simply unwilling to give up, chasing each other and pushing the price higher and higher.

      In the blink of an eye, the price had been pushed up to 980 million.

      Kong Delong had been blinded.

      980 million ah.

      That necklace of their own was only worth 140 million, and this had already pulled several fucking times that!

      What the hell is this rejuvenation potion?How can it be worth so much?

      Just thinking of this, Li Tailai spoke directly, "I'll offer 1 billion!"

      Wang Zhenggang felt that if the game goes on like this, it's basically headless, in terms of assets, he may be able to compete with Qin Gang, but not with Li Tailai.

      So, if it's still a little bit up, it's hard to carry over Li Tailai in the end.

      So he simply bit his teeth and said off the top of his head, "I'll offer 1.1 billion!"

      Raising the price by a hundred million dollars in one breath, everyone in the room had been stunned by this bravado of his!


After Wang Zhenggang called for 1.1 billion, Qin Gang also felt that he had to show some means, otherwise he would probably lose touch with this Springback Pill as well.

      So he bit his teeth and spoke, "Since Brother Wang has already bid up to 1.1 billion, I'll bid up to 1.2 billion."

      Li Tailai didn't care too much, he himself was even richer than Qin Gang and Wang Zhenggang combined, so whether it was 1.2 billion or 1.5 billion, it didn't make too much difference to him.Updated fastest.

      But this Rejuvenation Pill, he was determined to win it.

      So he opened his mouth with a calm face and said, "In that case, I'll just offer it to 2 billion."

      As soon as the words fell, the scene was boiling.

      From 1.2 billion to 2 billion, this was simply the most unbelievable and generous auction that everyone had ever seen.

      What concept was 2 billion in cash?If the monthly pocket money is 10 million, then 2 billion is enough to spend nearly 17 years.

      If the 2 billion were deposited in a bank, with an annual interest rate of 5, the interest alone would be 100 million per year.

      So calculated, a monthly interest eating alone is more than 8 million.

      This was simply an astronomical figure that was unimaginable to ordinary people, even to the average rich man.

      But for a billionaire like Li Tailai, this was nothing more than twenty to thirty percent of his own assets.

      Li Tailai had struggled for half of his life to make money for enjoyment, to live a better and more unrestrained life, so 2 billion to buy a rejuvenation pill was simply too good a deal for him.

      So when he quoted this price, he didn't feel distressed at all.

      But Wang Zhenggang and Qin Gang, at this moment, felt a deep powerlessness in their hearts.

      Behind these two was a sizeable family, and each family's immediate and collateral relatives added up to dozens of people, that was dozens of mouths waiting to be fed.

      Take Qin Gang for example, the Qin family's assets were less than 10 billion in size, it wouldn't be impossible to take 2 billion out and bite the bullet, but the assets of the Qin family didn't just belong to Qin Gang alone, if he used 2 billion to buy a rejuvenation pill, his own money wouldn't be enough, he had to use the family's money.

      In that case, the family would definitely have a big problem with it.

      After all, there was only one of these rejuvenation pills, and it couldn't be shared among everyone.

      So he could only give a helpless hug to Li Tailai and spoke, "Mr. Li is truly extraordinary, I admire him."

      Wang Zhenggang's situation was no better than Qin Gang's, and even in terms of strength, the Wang family was a fraction weaker than the Qin family.

      Moreover, the two descendants of the Wang family, Wang Yunfei and Wang Yunkai, had offended Ye Chen and lost their eligibility to work with the Emperor's Group, which also caused the Wang family to lose a lot.

      Therefore, the current Wang family could only balk at the 2 billion price tag.

      Seeing that there was no one to steal from him, Li Tailai breathed a sigh of relief.

      However, he was not half proud, nor did he reveal his joy, it was at Wang Zhenggang and Qin Gang cupped their fists and said modestly: "Brother Wang and Brother Qin, thank you two for cutting your love, some other day Li will definitely come to the door to express his gratitude."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Wang Zhenggang and Qin Gang also spoke very humbly, "You're very polite, it's Li who has extraordinary strength, the two of us can hope for nothing more."

      The crowd did not all marvel at the harmony between these three.

      A Rejuvenation Pill with a starting price of 150 million yuan had been flipped by the three of them all the way up to 2 billion yuan, but these three were still able to not blush or be anxious, and even each of them was quite everyone's style, which was truly praiseworthy.

      At this time, Li Tailai looked towards Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Master Ye, since there is no one else bidding with Li, then this rejuvenation pill of yours, Li will boldly take it."

      Ye Chen nodded lightly and directly handed the Rejuvenation Pill to him and spoke, "In that case, this Rejuvenation Pill is yours!"


Li Tailai didn't dare to take the rejuvenating pills, and hurriedly said, "Master Ye, I haven't paid yet, and I'm ashamed to accept it, I'll call the company's finance right now and immediately put the money into your account."

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, pulled out his black card and handed it to Li Tailai, saying, "This is my card, just put the money into this card."

      Kong Delong was stunned by this card, wasn't this Citibank's top black card?

      It seems like there are no more than five people with this card in the country.

      And Citibank, which is very, very protective of the privacy of its top black card customers, what is this Yeh Chen's story?How did he get this card?

      At this time, Ye Chen suddenly looked at Kong Delong and said with a smile, "Young Master Kong, your necklace is worth 20 million US dollars and my rejuvenation pills are worth 2 billion RMB.Who's higher and who's lower, I don't think I need to say it, right?"

      Condron's expression was extremely ugly.

      What kind of a bunch of fucking birds are these?2 billion to buy a Powerball, is it sick in the head?

      But cursing wouldn't do any good, after all, he had just let his words out, and now he had no idea how to end it.

      Do you really want yourself to swallow this bullshit ruby necklace?

      It's easy to swallow, but what if it gets stuck in your intestines and you can't pull it out?

      But if you don't swallow, how are you going to end up today?

      After all, those harsh words were spoken by themselves, they can't go back on their word in public.

      But if you think about it, there is nothing wrong with breaking your word in public, since you don't know anyone in Jinling anyway, you are not afraid of these people gossiping behind your back.

      But on second thought, he still planned to develop with Song Wanting, if he lost so much face in public today, and he reneged on his promise, then I'm afraid it wouldn't be so easy to impress Song Wanting in the future.

      Just as he was hesitating, Chen Zekai suddenly shook the phone in his hand and spoke, "Young Master Kong, I have recorded the whole thing just now, if you, the Third Young Master of the Kong Family, all go back on your word, then I will send this video to the Yanjing circle, and I hope that Young Master Kong will weigh it himself."

      Kong Delong looked at Chen Zekai in stunned anger and said, "Mr. Chen, I have no quarrel with you, why do you want to mess with me like this?"

      I have always been fair, I always help reasoning, not helping my own family. Today's incident was provoked by you first, and the matter of the bet was also agreed between you and Master Ye.Just because you're the third young master of the Kong family, does that mean you can't keep your word?I remember your father, Kong Lingyong, and your ancestor, Kong Xiangyan, were famous for keeping their promises for decades, and they were all famous for keeping their promises, so did you really start to go downhill after you, the German generation?"

      As soon as Kong Delong heard this, his face turned incredibly ugly.

      I didn't expect Chen Zekai to know his father, his grandfather so well.

      The Kong surname is after the saint, even the whole world is unified, modern Kong clan more common character generation, generally is "Qing prosperity auspicious order de".

      Kong Delong is the first generation of the character for virtue.

      And Kong Lingyong is his father.

      The fact that the Yanjing Confucius family has come so far is closely related to the unremitting efforts of the ancestors who preceded Kong Delong.first published

      Moreover, their ancestors, even up to his father's grandfather's generation, were especially concerned about credibility, and had always spoken out of turn.

      Kong Delong knew very well that if Chen Zeqianzhen spread this video to the Yanjing circle, the Kong family would definitely lose face and become a laughing stock.

      Once his own breach of trust today was known to the Kong family, he would be finished, and his grandfather would definitely punish his family law, and would even lock himself up in the family for two to three years.

      Thinking of this, he was incomparably indignant.

      At the same time, he also regretted it!

      As the saying goes, if you knew it would be today, why did you do it?


Deep inside Kong Delong's heart, he was already remorseful at this moment.

      I shouldn't have compared with this Ye Chen who had a more expensive gift.

      Under this comparison, he had to perform a raw ruby swallowing, he had really lost his wife and his army.

      However, with Richard Chen here, he really didn't dare to go back on his word and say, "I, Kong Delong, have always been willing to gamble and lose!"

      He looked towards Song Wanting and said with an extremely depressed expression, "Miss Wanting, please bother to lend me the ruby necklace I gave you."

      When Song Wanting heard this, her face was extremely ugly.Fastest Updated.

      What do you mean, I'm borrowing it? Do you want me to return it when you're done?

      Feeling nauseous, she hurriedly handed the gift box to him and said incomparably seriously, "Young Master Kong.Please take the gift back."

      Kong Delong also realized at this time that he had said the wrong thing, but he was going to swallow this necklace in public, no doubt he could only pull it out after swallowing it, he couldn't pull it out himself and then wash it and return it to Song Wanting, right?

      When he thought of this, his expression was extremely ugly, but he could only say, "I'm sorry, Miss Wanting, I'll look for a more valuable gift for you again some other day, please be able to forgive me."

      Song Wanting waved her hand in succession and said, "No need Young Master Kong, I accept your kindness, but the gift need not be given again."

      Kong Delong knew that he had been disliked and his expression was very depressed.

      At this time, Ye Chen smiled lightly and urged, "Young Master Kong, everyone is waiting for you to finish your performance and eat, so don't dawdle here."

      Kong Delong blackened his face and bit his teeth, looking at the large ruby necklace, his heart was tense.

      It was probably difficult to swallow this thing raw, and it would probably be better if he could eat more oil.

      So he spoke to Master Song, "Grandpa Song, please ask the chef to get me some olive oil."

      Master Song nodded gently and instructed his butler, Yu Bo, "Go to the back kitchen and bring a bottle of olive oil for Young Master Kong."

      Uncle Yu quickly came over with an unopened bottle of olive oil and respectfully handed it to the third young master of the Kong family.

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "Looks like Young Master Kong still knows his stuff!Knowing that drinking more oil in can lubricate your esophagus and intestines, so that this twenty million dollar ruby necklace of yours can go in and out more freely."

      When the crowd heard Ye Chen say this in and out freely, one by one, they couldn't help but endure it.

      As soon as Kong Delong heard this, his face also turned extremely ugly.

      This Ye Chen was really ungrateful, and he was so deadly.After this is over, he will definitely want his life.

      Chen Zekai reminded impatiently at this time, "Young Master Kong, I can't wait any longer, if you don't eat this connected, then I'll send the video to the Yanjing circle."

      As soon as Kong Delong heard this he said in succession, "Don't worry Mr. Chen, I'll eat it!"

      Afterwards, he opened the bottle of olive oil through his teeth, took a deep breath and drank half of the bottle into his stomach first.

      Then, he poured out some oil in the palm of his hand and rubbed the necklace to a shiny shine before closing his eyes and stuffing it into his mouth.

      Everyone was staring at him with rapt attention, and some good people had even taken out their cell phones to film the whole process of him swallowing the necklace.

      When he felt some difficulty in swallowing, he poured the remaining half bottle of olive oil into his mouth.

      Then, with the lubrication of the olive oil as well as the flushing effect, the necklace was finally swallowed into his stomach.

      Ye Chen was the first to applaud and said with a smile, "Young Master Kong is truly gifted, and I am incomparably impressed."

      Kong Delong's expression was dry, so he hurriedly stood up and asked Master Song, "Grandpa Song, where is the bathroom?"


At this time, Kong Delong's first thought was to go and urge vomit and spit out this necklace.

      If you could spit out the necklace, it would be much better than pulling it out, right?

      Yu Bo hurriedly said, "Young Master Kong, please come with me, I'll take you to the bathroom."

      Kong Delong immediately stood up and took a step and followed.

      When he reached the bathroom, Kong Delong gouged his throat, forcing through a wave of nausea and constantly urging him to vomit.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Several times, he could feel the necklace, to his throat, but he just couldn't die to vomit.

      Condron tried several times, each time holding him back to the point where his face was red and even black and purple.

      In the end, his throat, his entire esophagus hurt like hell, and his entire body lost the strength to keep pushing to vomit.

      Helplessly, he was forced to give up.

      At the thought of this thing not being able to vomit and possibly having to pull it out, Kong Delong felt fuzzy all over again.

      He even wondered if it would be blocked in his intestines.

      So he immediately pulled out his cell phone and called his family doctor.

      As soon as he opened his mouth he asked the person, "Dr. Liu, I swallowed a ruby necklace and now I can't get it out with the urge to vomit, so if it gets into my intestines, it won't kill me, right?"

      The other party immediately asked, "Third Young Master, how big is that ruby necklace?"

      Condron said, "The eggs are smaller.Bigger than a quail egg."

      The other asked again, "Are there any sharp points?"

      Kong Delong thought about it and said, "That's not true."

      To Convenience: "In that case, it would be a good idea to observe it for a day and see if it can be excreted naturally."

      Saying that, the other added, "It would be best to buy some more laxatives and take them, so that they can promote intestinal peristalsis and excrete them faster."

      Kong Delong asked him, "What if you can't excrete it?"

      The other party said, "If within 24 hours, you still can't excrete it, then it should be taken seriously, because if you can't excrete it all the time, it's very likely to cause intestinal obstruction, and intestinal obstruction is an acute disease that could be fatal."

      Saying that, the other party said, "Why don't you come over now, Third Young Master, and observe it at my place, once you find discomfort, you have to operate in time, otherwise if it triggers intestinal obstruction, then it will be really dangerous."

      As soon as Kong Delong heard that he couldn't pull it out if he swallowed it, and that it might also kill him, he shuddered with anger.

      What the fuck is this called?Making a bet, not only did he lose his face, but he also put his life in fucking danger.

      Thinking of this, Kong Delong hated Ye Chen with a great hatred and wanted to kill him immediately.

      But the biggest problem at the moment was the safety of his own life, if something really happened and he gave his life away because of the little matter of betting, then he'd be a big fucking loss!

      So Kong Delong immediately pulled out his cell phone and called the captain of his private jet, "Captain Chen, where are you now?"

      Kong Delong had only arrived from Yanjing this afternoon on his father's private plane, and since he had planned to stay in Jinling for a few days, the captain was going to fly the plane back this evening.

      After all, it was Kong Delong's father who used the plane most of the time.

      What Kong Delong was thinking was that if the plane hadn't returned to Yanjing yet, he would hurry back along with it.

      He said that he couldn't let this string of ruby necklaces in his stomach kill him.


At this moment, the captain of Kong Delong's family's private jet was in line for takeoff at Jinling Airport.

      When he received a call from Kong Delong, he immediately said, "Young Master, I'm in the queue right now, preparing to take off back to Beijing."

      Kong Delong took off, "You immediately apply to the tower for a delayed takeoff, then take the plane back to the business jet apron and wait for me, I'm going back to Yanjing tonight."

      The captain was surprised and asked, "Didn't you just come over this afternoon?I thought we were going to stay here for a few days, so why are we going back now?"

      Kong Delong said impatiently, "Don't you worry about it, take the plane back to the business apron and wait for me, I'm going to the airport now."

      The captain hurriedly said, "Okay, young master, I'll apply with the tower now."

      When Kong Delong came out of the bathroom with a black face, Yu Bo was waiting at the door, and when he saw him come out, he hurriedly asked respectfully, "Young Master Kong, how are you feeling?"

      "Not good!"Kong Delong snorted and spoke, "Speak to your master, I'm going back to Yanjing first."

      Yu Bo exclaimed, "What?Master Kong, are you going back already?The party hasn't even officially started yet."

      "What the fuck?"Kong Delong was furious inside and spoke out, "Tell your family's old man that I originally came this time to give the Song family a great opportunity.It's a pity that your Song family is just too un[penchant] upstanding!"

      Saying that Kong Delong directly bypassed the banquet hall and prepared to leave.Fastest Update First Release

      Yu Bo knew that Kong Delong must be very angry, so he hurriedly returned to the banquet hall to report to Old Master Song.

      As soon as Master Song heard that he was leaving, a trace of regret flashed in his expression, but he quickly returned to normal and said calmly, "Since Young Master Kong wants to leave, let him go."

      Song Honor was suddenly anxious and said out of his mouth, "Grandpa, Young Master Kong is coming this time, but he wants to work with us in depth, how can we let him go like this."

      Master Song asked him, "If he wants to leave, can we force him to stay?"

      "Oops ......"Song Honor said with a face full of anxiety, "Grandpa you are confused, you are such a far-sighted person, can't you still guess the purpose of Young Master Kong's visit to our house this time?"

      When Song Wanting heard this, she said off the cuff, "Brother, how can you say that about Grandpa!"

      Song Wanting grew up fatherless and motherless, and in her eyes, Master Song played not only the role of grandfather, but also the role of parent.

      Therefore, Song Wanting couldn't allow anyone to show the slightest disrespect to Master Song, even if it was her own cousin.

      There was a trace of hatred in Song Honor's eyes as he looked at Song Wanting, and he said with a regretful face, "Sister, grandfather, the reason why the Kong family, the reason why he wants to come to our Song family must be because the Wu family's strength is now declining so badly that the seat of the number one family in Jiangnan has been vacated, and the Kong family must hope to get in on it.Joining forces with us, the Confucius family supports us to become the number one family in Jiangnan, and we are also attached to the Confucius family in the future, which is equivalent to having a strong backing in Yanjing, it's a great thing to have the best of both worlds!"

      In fact, Master Song had already guessed the true intentions of the young master of the Kong family in coming here.

      An old baron like him who started from scratch, even though he was already very old, his grasp and understanding of the situation was still very old and profound.

      He had long realized that with the gradual decline of the Wu family, the pattern between the big families in Jiangnan would definitely be reshuffled.

      The old king retreated and the new king came forth, this was an even more ancient truth of history.

      However, he had never thought that the Song family would have the opportunity to become the new king of the Jiangnan families.

      After all, the Song family was very strong in this mu of land in Jinling, but it was indeed still weak in the entire Jiangnan.


This time Kong Delong came over, he also saw Kong Delong's general intentions.

      Kong Delong must be coveting his granddaughter's beauty and wanted to take his granddaughter for himself while drawing in the Song family and making the Song family a lackey of the Kong family.

      In the past, even if he had seen through all this, he wouldn't have refused his olive branch.

      After all, such a good opportunity didn't come along often, there were so many families in Jiangnan who wanted to work for the big families in Yanjing, even as slaves and dogs, only that the big families in Yanjing didn't look down on them at all.

      There were many hidden families in Yanjing, and the wealth behind them was simply not something that these families in Jiangnan could understand.

      Take the Yanjing Ye family for example, because the Ye family had a very powerful strength and background, none of the Ye family was on any of the rich rankings in this world, as long as the Ye family didn't want to appear on the rankings, then there wasn't any rich rankings that would dare to put their name on it.

      Therefore, no one knew how much money the entire Ye family had.

      The entire Ye family's entire extended family, there were dozens and hundreds of people in the immediate family, the poorest of these dozens and hundreds of people were worth billions of dollars, the richest were even worth hundreds of billions of dollars, if you added up the real strength of this family was staggering.

      This is only the top families in China, if it was those big families in Europe and America with more than two or three hundred years of history, the money in their hands would be even richer.

      And like the Ye family, they were also extremely low-key, never letting their names appear on any rich list.

      The Rothschild family had operated for hundreds of years and had countless descendants, but none of them could be found on the list of rich people.

      After all, rich people were just rich, and compared to rich and powerful people, it was a lot worse.

      After all, the Kong family wasn't considered a top family in Yanjing, which was why they focused on the Jiangnan area.

      If it were the Ye family, no family in Jiangnan would have been able to get into their eyes.

      So if it was put in the past, Master Song would never have given up such a good opportunity to befriend the big Yanjing families.

      But now he had already seen it clearly.

      What this family and that family had no meaning to himself.

      What was truly meaningful was at the dinner table, this Master Ye Chen Ye who no one knew how deep his strength really was.

      Whether it was out of selfishness for himself, for the future of his family, or out of consideration for his granddaughter, he wanted Song Wanting to be with Ye Chen.

      Because he knew that if he wanted to live for a long time, he had to have a good relationship with Ye Chen.debut

      There was no point in paying lip service to Master Ye, because everyone revered him as Master Ye.

      Only by turning him into his own granddaughter-in-law could he truly turn him into a member of his own family.

      And he also knew that if he truly wanted the Song family to go farther and longer and be a dog for everyone in Yanjing, it would be far better to recruit Master Ye Chen Ye into the family as his son-in-law!

      What's more, he also knew what he was thinking, he was a precious granddaughter, proud of his life, never really liked any man, only Ye Chen.

      He, as a grandfather, spoiled her and watched her grow up, how could he not want her to have a perfect homecoming?

      So no matter how you looked at it, Kong Delong's weight was a hundred and eighty thousand miles worse than Ye Chen's.


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