Secret Identity 1191-1200


Chapter 1191

After making a promise with Qin Aoxue that he would definitely go to watch her match, Ye Chen brought her back to the banquet scene.

      At this time, the banquet scene had some more guests and the atmosphere was getting lively.

      When Master Song heard that Ye Chen was here, he also rushed out to greet her, but by the time he came out, Ye Chen had already gone out with Qin Aoxue.

      As soon as Ye Chen returned, Master Song welcomed him and said happily, "Oh my Master Ye, I haven't seen you for many days!"

      Ye Chen looked at Master Song and smiled slightly, "Master Song, your spirit still looks robust, your health is still good lately, right?"

      Old Master Song said with a grateful face, "Master Ye, thanks to you, my dying old man can regain his second spring."

      Saying that, he asked Ye Chen, "Master Ye, how have you been?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "I'm not bad, everything is the same as always."

      Master Song said obscurely, "Master Ye, you seemed to be a bit unhappy with the Wu family before, since that birthday banquet, the Wu family has not made things difficult for you, right?"

      Ye Chen smiled: "They are just making things difficult so what can they do, it's just a bunch of clowns."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Master Song's expression was exultant.

      He knew that Ye Chen had a good skill in the sky, and although the Wu family was the number one family in Jiangnan, it still couldn't do anything to Master Ye Chen Ye.

      Just at this moment, Song Honor came over and whispered in the old man's ear, "Grandfather, Young Master Kong of the Yanjing Kong Family is here."

      Master Song looked surprised and said, "Young Master Kong is really here?"

      "Right."Song Honor said, "Young Master Kong's car, just entered the villa area, it's expected to arrive soon."

      Master Song nodded and said, "Call Wan Ting, we'll all go out to greet it."

      After saying that, he turned around and said to Ye Chen with an apologetic face, "Master Ye, please forgive the old man, poor greeting, there is another noble guest who came all the way from Yanjing, I will go out to greet him."

      Ye Chen didn't take it seriously and nodded lightly.

      Rather, Chen Zekai on the side was a little surprised, he whispered to Ye Chen, "Young Master, the Kong family is a sub first class family in Yanjing, the overall strength can be ranked sixth or seventh in Yanjing, although it is far inferior to the Ye family, but their family's combined assets are 500 or 600 billion, the Song family is only just a hundred billion out, it is reasonable to say that the Kong family should not look down on the Song family, know thatWhy would their young master even come here."

      Ye Chen smiled lightly and said, "Although I don't understand what the Kong family is exactly, with this kind of strength, in a place like Yanjing where hidden dragons and tigers are crouching, it's really hard to go any further, what do you think they will do if they can't get in locally?"

      Chen Zekai thought carefully and said, "If we can't advance locally, then we can only develop and spread to the surrounding area."

      Saying that, he asked in surprise, "Young Master, do you mean that the Kong family might want to develop in Jinling?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Jinling is just a springboard, the Kong family must have realized that this is a good opportunity to move south."

      "Because the Wu family has already given up its position as the first family of the south of the Yangtze River, the key now is who exactly will be the first family of the south of the Yangtze River, the Song family is a little weaker, but it's not without a chance."

      "If I were the steward of the Kong family, then I would definitely find a family with a better strength in Jiangnan and then join forces with him to help him become the number one family in Jiangnan, as well as making him loyal to myself and become an outside force."

      "In this way, you would be like already extending your tentacles into Jiangnan, while also laying a foundation in Jiangnan."

      Chen Zekai said, "Young Master, I understand what you mean, it seems that this is the Confucius family, which should be interested in the Song family and want to cooperate with it."

      Ye Chen nodded, "The Kong family came to attend Miss Song's birthday party at this time, I guess they have deeper thoughts, they might even want to marry with the Song family."


Chen Zekai frowned and said, "Young Master, the Kong family may not be able to look at the Song family if they were to marry."

      Ye Chen smiled, "It depends crucially on what status this young master Kong sent by the other party has in the Kong family, if he is the eldest son and grandson of the Kong family, then the possibility is indeed a bit small, but if he is just one of many descendants and probably the one who doesn't show his face too much, then the Kong family won't lose anything if he is sent to intermarry with Song Wanting, right?"

      Chen Zhaichai said thoughtfully, "According to you, that is indeed not a loss, the Kong family seems to be quite prosperous, they should have six or seven male heirs in this generation of young sons."

      Ye Chen said, "This intermarriage is also like a field horse race, just because the other party's overall strength is stronger than yours, it doesn't mean that each of his horses is stronger than your best one, maybe his inferior horse isn't as good as your superior horse."

      Richard Chen nodded his head repeatedly, "Young Master, what you said is very reasonable, I am taught!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled, "You've been cultivating in Jinling for many years, I'm sure you can still understand this point, even if you didn't think about it for a while, you'll be able to figure it out if you order a sentence."

      At this time, Paul, who was not far away by himself with a wine glass and doing nothing, was really impressed with Ye Chen.

      He felt that Ye Chen had refreshed his impression of him again.

      Because he had never expected that the entire high society people of Jinling would have incomparable respect for Ye Chen.

      The one who was now following Ye Chen and whispering to him was the spokesman of the Ye family in Jinling.

      Even he was so respectful to Ye Chen, which showed how influential Ye Chen really was in Jinling.

      At this time, someone in the banquet hall suddenly shouted, "The third young master of the Yanjing Kong family is here!"

      This one sentence caused the entire banquet hall to be in an uproar.

      The Kong family, in Yanjing, could be ranked in the top 10 in terms of strength, with total assets of over 500 billion yuan, the family background was deep and the strength was superb.

      In terms of asset size alone, the Kong family was at least five times the size of the Song family.

      The third young master of the Kong family even came to Jinling to attend the birthday banquet of the Song family's eldest daughter, which made the crowd feel a hint of something unusual.

      Some people even exclaimed in shock, "Does the Kong family want to marry the Song family?"

      Others said, "It's quite possible, Miss Song is so beautiful and so capable, but in the eyes of the big families in Yanjing, she's definitely one of the best daughters-in-law!"

      Zekai Chen said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, this third young master of the Kong family is actually in a good position."

      Ye Chen asked with great interest, "How so?"

      Richard Chen explained, "The Kong family had a total of four males in the last generation, each of them had, at least two children, and each of them had a son, this third young master is the only son of the second oldest son of the Kong family, although his age is ranked third, but his strength and influence can be ranked second."

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "It seems that the Kong family is trying to use their medium horses to take on the Song family's superior horses."

      Chen Zekai smiled slightly and said, "I don't think Miss Song may be able to see him."

      Ye Chen curiously asked, "Why do you say that?"

      Chen Zekai said seriously, "Young Master, you shouldn't fail to see it, Miss Song's eyes have always only glittered at you, a male, I'm sure Miss Song must like you very much, compared to you, not to mention the third young master of the Kong family, even if all the young masters of the Kong family put together, it's not as good as you Wangyi."

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "Don't say anything like that in the future, Miss Wan Ting is not yet a match, and I am a married man, if such words from you spread out, it will have an impact on her reputation."

      "Understood."Richard Chen nodded his head with an educated face and said, "Young Master, don't worry, I will only say such words to you."


Soon, a well-dressed young man, surrounded by the Song family, stepped in.

      Song Honor and his father, Song Tian Ming, had been following the young man around, appearing very attentive.

      Master Song and Song Wanting also followed along, but Song Wanqing's expression was slightly colder.

      Ye Chen looked at the young man, around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, and his expression was arrogant.

      At the side, Chen Zekai said indifferently, "I see this Third Young Master of the Kong Family, it seems like he feels like a dragon has come to the fish pond, he definitely wouldn't have thought that Young Master you, the true dragon, is inhabiting this small fish pond in Jinling."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, not commenting on his words.

      Ye Chen actually didn't care that others were putting up a front in front of him.

      No matter how big someone else's display was, it was someone else's own business, and as long as he didn't provoke his head to pretend as much as he wanted, he didn't care about him.

      The crowd let out a burst of screams, who [PEN] did not expect that the third young master of the Kong family would actually come.

      There was no lack of some of the hanging families who wanted to get in touch with the Kong family, and the way they looked at the third young master of the Kong family was like a greedy cat seeing meat.

      The Song family accompanied the third young master of the Kong family into the banquet hall, and Master Song was the first to bring him in front of Ye Chen and introduced him respectfully, saying, "Third young master, this is the famous Master Ye Chen Ye of Jinling, the savior of someone from Song, just like you, he is a young and talented young man, a dragon and a phoenix among men."One Second Remember on your mobile phone provides you with a wonderful doxology novel to read. First Published.

      The third young master of the Kong family's eyes sized up Ye Chen's body and thought that this kid didn't look anything remarkable, and his dress was nothing more than an ordinary person.

      This third young master of the Kong family was about to ridicule Ye Chen with a few words of contempt, but he didn't expect to see Chen Zekai with a glance of his remaining light.

      The third young master of the Kong family naturally knew Chen Zekai, after all, Chen Zekai was a member of the Ye family.

      Moreover, the Ye family was far more powerful than the Kong family, and even the Kong family was bent on sucking up to the Ye family, so he was shocked when he saw Chen Zekai here.

      He then looked at Ye Chen and suddenly felt that Chen Zekai was even here, and this kid was surnamed Ye, so could he be the young master of the Ye family?

      Thinking of this, the third young master of the Kong family politely said to Ye Chen, "Oh my, so it's young master Ye, I've been looking forward to seeing you for a long time.Some time ago, I wanted to visit the Ye family, but I haven't been able to do so, I didn't expect to see young master here."

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and spoke, "This gentleman should be mistaken, I'm not the young master of the Ye family, I just happen to be surnamed Ye."

      The third young master of the Kong family hurriedly looked towards Zekai Chen and asked with a bit of respect, "Mr. Chen, you are a member of the Ye family.Is this not the young master of the Ye family?"

      Zekai Chen smiled, "You've heard Master Ye say that he just happens to be surnamed Ye."

      The third young master of the Kong family nodded his head, his eyes already filled with some disdain as he looked at Ye Chen.


A so-called chicken-haired leaf master who dared to compare himself to himself, what the hell was he?

      Thinking of this, he didn't bother to pay any more attention to Ye Chen, he cupped his fist to Zekai Chen and smiled, "I didn't expect Mr. Chen to be here today, I was going to pay a visit to Shangri-La tomorrow."

      Zekai Chen said indifferently, "Third Young Master is courteous, I wonder how Third Young Master has the time to come to Jinling?"

      The third young master of the Kong family looked at Song Wanting and said with a smile, "My sister and Miss Wanting were classmates abroad back then, this time I came to Jinling, originally I was looking for the Song family's old man to discuss some cooperation, originally I planned to come back in two days, but I heard that today is Miss Wanting's birthday, so I came over early."

      Saying that, he pulled out a very beautiful gift box from his pocket, and after opening it, it revealed a shining ruby necklace, and said to Song Wanting, "Miss Wanting, this necklace was handpicked for you by me, and it is set with a natural ruby from Africa."

      Everyone looked towards the box, and saw that it contained an incomparably beautiful necklace, as well as an almost egg-sized, crystal-clear ruby inlay.

      Many people in the audience involuntarily let out an exclamation of surprise.

      Everyone was also knowledgeable and knew that this ruby was worth a fortune.

      When the third young master of the Kong family saw that everyone was shocked by his ruby necklace, he smiled proudly and said: "Miss Wanting should also know that ruby is the most expensive of all the gems, the public price of one carat in the international market will sell for tens of thousands of dollars, especially this kind of ruby is extremely pure, and it is 26 carats, I have asked Tiffany's best chief jewellery master!Having polished this gemstone by hand and completed the setting, the price of this one is over twenty million dollars, and I hope Miss Wan Ting will like it."

      Many people were envious, their eyes were about to fall out.

      To receive a gift of 20 million US dollars for a birthday was unimaginable.

      However, Song Wanting didn't seem interested in the necklace in the slightest, she said with a calm expression, "Third Young Master, this necklace is too valuable, I can't accept it."(first issue)

      "What can't we take?"The third young master of the Kong family smiled and said, "It's nothing more than a string of necklaces, to our Kong family, it's just a drop in the bucket.I also think that this necklace is really compatible with Miss Wanting's temperament, that's why I bought it specifically to give it to you, so Miss Wanting doesn't need to be polite to me, just accept it."

      Song Wanting shrugged it off with a serious face, "Young Master, you're too polite, as the saying goes, no merit, no gain, how can I accept such a valuable gift from you for nothing?I accept your kindness, but please take this necklace back."

      The third young master of the Kong family's expression was suddenly somewhat gloomy and asked her, "Miss Song, why are you and I so polite?This time, I came not only for your birthday, but also to be able to cooperate with your Song family in depth.If you're so polite from the start, then how can this cooperation continue?"

      Song Honor at the side was busy, "Wan Ting, what are you thinking about?Third Young Master has given you such a nice gift, how can you slacken off on Third Young Master's painstaking efforts?Don't take it yet!"

      Song Honor's father, Song Tian Ming, also nodded repeatedly, "Wan Ting, you don't look, who would give such a generous gift on a birthday, it's only Third Young Master who would be so generous."

      Song Wanting stubbornly said, "Knowing that Third Young Master's gift is very generous, I'm also very grateful, but I really can't accept such an expensive gift, please forgive me, this is a matter of my personal principles, not an opinion on Third Young Master or this necklace, please Third Young Master, don't misunderstand."

      Master Song also came out at this time to round things off, "Third Young Master, your gift is indeed a bit too valuable, it is normal that she is embarrassed to accept it, so please forgive me."

      The third young master of the Kong family frowned and asked, "Master Song, are you and Miss Wanting looking down on me, or on our Kong family?"


The third young master of the Kong family suddenly opened his mouth to make a problem, making Master Song feel quite difficult to do.first issue

      He knew that the Song family's strength was no match for the Yanjing Kong family, which was why he was careful and polite in every way, but being polite was only out of courtesy, not really wanting to take this opportunity to climb up the relationship with the Kong family.

      The old man had seen everything in his life, so he could tell at a glance what the third young master of the Confucius family wanted to do today.

      Regardless of how the Kong family wanted to cooperate with the Song family, this third young master of the Kong family must have some idea about his granddaughter Song Wanting.

      If it were in the past, if the Confucius family really wanted to marry the Song family, he would have been too excited to do so.

      But now he really had no interest in them.

      Because in Master Song's eyes, the best candidate for a granddaughter-in-law was the unassuming Grandmaster Ye Chen Ye next to him.

      If Grandmaster Ye Shen Ye could become his own granddaughter-in-law, then even if he were to give himself the richest man in the world, he wouldn't be willing to change.

      And what was even more rare was that this granddaughter of his was also devoted to Master Ye.

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      So in Master Song's eyes, there was no one in the world who could compare to Ye Chen.

      Because what Ye Chen could bring to himself was precious life.

      The Song Tian Ming beside him, once he saw this, was afraid that his father had offended the young master Kong, so he hurriedly came forward and said: "Oh my, thank you so much young master Kong, this gift is so valuable, I'm sure that Wan Ting must also like it, but this child's character is rather dull and not very good at talking, so I, as an uncle, took her to accept this gift, and also thanked young master Kong on her behalf!"

      Song Wanting still wanted to speak, but Master Song at the side gave her a wink.

      Master Song whispered in her ear, "Listen, reach out and don't hit the smiling face, we'll take it for now and just return it to him privately after the banquet."

      When Song Wanting saw her grandfather say that, she could only nod her head.

      The third young master of the Kong family then entered the banquet hall and took his seat, accompanied by Song Tian Ming, Song Honor and his son.

      The third young master of the Kong family was above all else, and had a heart for everyone and didn't care, but greeted Chen Zekai, "Mr. Chen, sit with us?"

      Chen Zekai subconsciously wanted to look at Ye Chen, but then he remembered that Ye Chen didn't want to reveal his identity, and he really wasn't fit to have too many open interactions with him.

      Just as he was about to reject the third young master of the Kong family, Master Song on the side said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, come along!"

      There were six tables in the banquet hall, but one of them was the guest of honor.

      As the name implied, the guest of honor table was for the host to entertain the most distinguished guests.

      The Song family's old man, with Song Tian Ming, Song Honor, and Song Wanting, sat at the ten-seat guest of honor table.

      The remaining six seats were ranked according to the strengths of the people present.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, father and son, naturally invited the third young master of the Kong family to take a seat, and the old master Song invited Ye Chen to take a seat at this table as well.

      The remaining four seats were then given to Chen Zekai, Wang Dongxue, Li Tailai, and Qin Gang.

      Although Wang Zhenggang's strength was also not bad, he was a bit inferior to Qin Gang, so he couldn't sit at the main table.

      Little Pepper, Qin Ao Xue though also wanted to follow her father and sit at the same table with Master Ye Chen Ye.


But since the seats were already full, she could only sit with Chen Xiaozhao.

      Before opening the banquet, the old master stood up and gave a speech of thanks.

      As soon as the thank you speech spoke of thanking the guests present, Master Song came up and said, "Thank you very much, Master Ye, for your presence today at the birthday party of someone's granddaughter Song!"

      As soon as Master Song said this, the third young master of the Kong family, who was sitting at the guest of honor, his expression immediately darkened.

      What the hell?

      Is the old man of the Song family so insolent?He doesn't even put himself in the position of thanking her for coming to her granddaughter's birthday party?

      When he thought of this, he couldn't help but look at Ye Chen at the same table.

      This kid looked bland and unexciting, and had no idea why the old man of the Song family was so polite to him.

      The shoe thanked Wang Yecheng before thanking the third young master of the Kong family.

      As soon as he saw that he had been robbed of the c-position by an unknown hangman like Ye Chen, the third young master of the Kong family was furious.

      Just at this moment, Master Song finished his speech, so he asked Song Wanting to go up and thank him as well.

      The dignified and majestic Song Wanting, like Master Song, was also the first to thank Ye Chen when she thanked the guests.

      As soon as they said their big talking eyes looked at Ye Chen with emotion, they said seriously, "Thank you very much Master Ye for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend my birthday banquet, I'm flattered."

      After thanking Wang Yecheng, Song Wanting said, "Apart from thanking Master Ye, Wanting would also like to thank all the friends who are present today for your presence."First post.

      After saying that Song Wanting bowed to the crowd.

      The third young master of the Kong family's nose was about to be crooked.

      Although Master Song had ranked himself second, he had at least thanked him by name for his appreciation.

      But when it came to Song Wanting, he didn't even mention his own name and completely lumped himself in with the others, which really made him angry.

      At this time, he asked Song Honor beside him in a low voice, "What exactly is that Ye Chen's origin?"

      Song Honor had been very unhappy with Ye Chen, but just didn't dare to slow him down, at this time, seeing that the third young master of the Kong family seemed, discontented with Ye Chen, so he went along with it and said: "This Ye Chen is one of our more famous door-to-door sons-in-law in Jinling, and also a more famous feng shui master, seems to know a little Chinese medicine, so people call him Master Ye."

      After hearing this, the third young master of the Kong family couldn't help but skim his lips, "What kind of bullshit Master Ye, who knows a little Feng Shui and Chinese medicine, dares to call himself a master?This kind of water goods placed in Yanjing, I don't know how many times they've already been fucked to death."

      Song Honor hurriedly said, "Third Young Master is right, our Jinling is a small place, but don't look at the place, but this temple is small with a big gale, and the water is shallow with many bastards, what kind of people would dare to presume to call it a true dragon in this pool."

      "Presumptuously call it a true dragon?"The third young master of the Kong family snorted coldly and asked with a raised eyebrow, "Does this Ye Chen claim to be a true dragon?"

      Song Honor said in a low voice, "I don't know if he calls himself that, but the rivers and lakes in Jinling call him Master Ye of the True Dragon on Earth."

      The third young master of the Kong family sneered, "He's the True Dragon on Earth?I, Kong Delong, am also a dragon, and the Dragon of the Yanjing Kong Family, I would like to see today who is the true dragon on earth!"

      Song Honor hurriedly flattered, "Ye Chen really is so inferior to you that I'm afraid he can't even compare to you by a hair."

      "That's natural."The third young master of the Kong family, his nostrils pointing to the sky, glanced at Ye Chen and laughed coldly in his heart: "A stinky hanging silk from a small place, he even dares to steal my limelight, today, this young master fierce dragon will first take a knife at you, and also let these old bastards of Jinling have a long look, to know, who is the true dragon on earth!"


Kong Delong wanted to compare Ye Chen in public, so he spoke up directly at the guest of honor and asked, "Master Ye, right?I've heard that you have a nickname called the True Dragon on Earth, is that true?"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly and said without caring, "The so-called True Dragon on Earth is just a nickname given by some friends in the world."+

      Kong Delong sneered and said with a bit of sarcasm, "Master Ye, Kong someone is curious as to what birthday gift you have prepared for Miss Wan Ting today?A true dragon on earth like you must be unusual when you do it, right?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "To be honest, I didn't even know Miss Wan Ting before, I'm going to hold a birthday banquet today, and after learning about it temporarily, I also prepared a little gift in a hurry, it's just a small expression of my feelings, it can't be compared to Mr. Kong."

      The more modest Ye Chen was, the more Kong Delong wanted to hit him in the face in public.

      So he clung to Ye Chen and asked after him, "Why is Master Ye so humble?I'm just wondering what kind of gift you have prepared, so why don't you tell or show it to everyone?"

      Saying that, Kong Delong added, "Right, since Master Ye is a Feng Shui master, let me take a guess first, could it be that the gift that Master Ye gave to Miss Wan Ting is a talisman paper that has been enlightened by you, or an amulet?"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Mr. Kong is really smart, it's very close oh."

      As soon as Kong Delong heard this, he immediately laughed shamefully, "There is a servant in our family, the family is in the Yiwu small commodities, I heard him say that the Yiwu small commodities market, the wholesale of those amulets, one is just a few cents, I don't know how much Master Ye's wholesale is one, if Master Ye's wholesale is more expensive, then I can introduce this servant to you, to provide you with aA cheaper source of goods."

      Song Honor smiled at these words, and his father Song Tian Ming also felt somewhat tolerant, but the expressions of the others at the table were somewhat ugly.

      Ye Chen, after all, had always been revered by everyone, and in everyone's eyes he was an incomparable and blasphemous existence to ordinary people, whether it was Master Ye or Young Master Ye.

      Now this Kong Delong actually dared to get upset with Ye Chen as soon as he arrived, making everyone feel a little unhappy.

      Chen Zekai almost subconsciously wanted to directly slap Kong Delong.An ungrateful dog thing, pretending to behave with his own young master with his eyes open, what a fucking blind eye.

      But on second thought, he resisted the impulse.

      It was very simple to smoke this Kong Delong, but once he was here and smoked Kong Delong on the spot, then it was very likely that Ye Chen's identity would be guessed.

      Ye Chen was instead full of smiles at this time.

      He didn't put Kong Delong in his eyes at all.

      If Kong Delong was a little more sensible and didn't offend his own well water, but he might as well let him pretend to be here.

      But this guy even has eyes without pearls to mess with him, then he will have to give him some color.

      So Ye Chen quietly instructed Chen Zekai to take out his cell phone to secretly record the video, before looking at Kong Delong and said with a smile, "Young Master Kong is truly a dragon and phoenix among men.The first time I saw it this day, I felt that Young Master Kong was very different, and the generosity of Young Master Kong's hand also really made me very amazed."

      Hearing Ye Chen complimenting himself, Kong Delong's face smiled even more, and he thought that Ye Chen had conceded to him.

      But he didn't expect that Ye Chen would then ask, "Young Master Kong just said that the necklace you gave away was worth 20 million dollars, I don't know if that's true or not."

      Kong Delong arrogantly and coldly said, "My Kong family is also a top 10 top ranked family in Yanjing, a mere 20 million dollar necklace isn't worth me making a false claim."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Then Young Master Kong, guess how much my gift to Miss Song will be worth?"

      Kong Delong scoffed, "Although I didn't see what you gave away, I'm guessing it definitely won't be more than 10,000 yuan."

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Ye Chen smiled, "Young Master Kong, to tell you the truth, the gift I gave you not only exceeded 10,000 yuan, but it's also much more expensive than your necklace."

      Kong Delong's entire body went up in flames upon hearing this, "Where the fuck did you come from, you stinky hangman, how dare you act in front of me?"

      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "If the gift I gave you is really more expensive than your necklace, then what do you say?"

      Kong Delong snorted coldly, "With so many people present to witness this, if your gift is really more expensive than the necklace I gave you, I'll eat this necklace on the spot."

      Ye Chen clapped his hands and smiled, "Very good, then it's settled."

      Kong Delong frowned and said, "Master Ye, what if the gift you gave me is not as expensive as mine?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "If it's not as expensive as yours, I'll eat the set of cutlery in front of me."

      When Kong Delong heard this, he laughed and said, "This set of cutlery can be bone china, so what if you can't eat it?"

      Ye Chen said calmly, "If I really lose, then even if this set of utensils is smashed, I'll eat it piece by piece."Updated fastest.

      Once Song Wanting heard this, she hurriedly went to persuade Ye Chen, "Master Ye, why do you need to be so familiar with him?Even if you did give a piece of paper to Wan Ting, it would be worth a thousand gold in Wan Ting's eyes."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Miss Song doesn't need to worry, I, Ye Chen, have always been fully confident in doing things."

      Kong Delong saw Song Wanting defending Ye Chen in such a way, he was annoyed inside.

      Then, he slapped the table and stood up to applaud, "Good!Master Ye really has the style of a master, there are so many people present today, so let's let them bear witness, if your gift to Miss Song is really more expensive than mine, I will swallow the ruby necklace I gave you, but if your gift is not as expensive as mine, this set of utensils, you can't swallow even one less piece of porcelain!"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "In that case, please ask Miss Song to take out the gift I gave her."

      Song Wanting was a little worried and took out the small gift box that Ye Chen had given to her.

      She hadn't opened this gift box yet, so she didn't know what exactly was in it.

      Ye Chen was a little apologetic and said to Song Wanting, "Miss Wanting, I'm sorry to give you a gift, but I'm going to let you open it in person and show it to everyone."

      Song Wanting said respectfully, "Master Ye, you're too kind."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Then, please bother Miss Wanting to open this gift box in public."

      As soon as Kong Delong saw the gift box in Song Wanting's hand, which was smaller than a ring box, he sneered and said, "Such a small size, even if you put diamonds in it, my ruby is expensive."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Diamonds are just carbon elements, in my eyes there is no essential difference between a diamond and a piece of coal, so why would I give such a vulgar gift to Miss Wanting?"

      When Kong Delong heard Ye Chen's words, he became annoyed inside.

      This brat Ye Chen, this was clearly scolding himself for being vulgar ah.

      So he coldly snorted, "Don't try to play trash talk here, quickly let everyone see what the hell this gift of yours is!I can't believe that something in such a small box could cost more than a $20 million ruby!You're going to fucking eat this bone china set!"


At this moment, most of the people present were in cold sweat for Ye Chen.

      Although everyone knew that Ye Chen was very powerful and even had more attainments in mysticism, but this kind of thing that was purely more than money, they really didn't believe that Ye Chen could compare to Kong Delong.

      The strength of the Kong family was indeed much stronger than these families in Jiangnan, and if you look at the scale of assets, Kong Delong coming to Jinling would be a fierce dragon crossing the river.

      Because in Jinling, no one could compare to Kong Delong.

      No one could even compare to him in the entire Jiangnan.

      Moreover, a $20 million ruby necklace was almost top-notch in ruby necklaces.

      Even a diamond the size of an egg might not be worth that much.

      So everyone was speculating what was in this little box that Ye Chen gave Song Wanting that could make Ye Chen so confident that it would be more expensive than $20 million.

      Song Wanting carefully unwrapped the gift box at this time.When the small four-sided gift box inside was revealed, the hearts of the people present became even more worried.

      This kind of gift box didn't look like anything high-grade, because the really good things, the gift boxes used for that packaging, were also very exquisitely made.

      But this one of Ye Chen's looked like he was in a gift shop, buying one at random, and the value was at most a few hundred dollars remarkable.

      At this time, everyone thought that Ye Chen was sure to lose.

      After Kong Delong saw this gift box, he also scoffed with a face of disdain, "Master Ye, isn't something worth over 20 million dollars a little too cheap to put inside such a broken box?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "The value of a thing is not determined by its packaging, so although Young Master Kong is well-dressed, your value may not be higher than those who are dressed in ordinary clothes."

      Kong Delong snorted and questioned, "What do you mean, surnamed Ye?Do you mean to say that this young master is not as valuable as you, the hangman?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Just an analogy, if you really want to think that way, then I can't do anything about it."

      Saying that, Ye Chen spread his hands with a helplessly confident face.

      Kong Delong was furious, but he was too lazy to fight with him, so he said in a cold voice, "Hurry up and let everyone see, I'm still waiting to see how you eat these utensils."

      Song Wanting's expression was somewhat worried as she looked towards Ye Chen, at this time, she didn't know whether she should open this gift box or not.

      But Ye Chen gave her a reassuring expression and smiled calmly, "Miss Wanting, since Young Master Kong is so eager to see what's inside, let's open it and let him take a look."

      Only then did Song Wanting nod her head and gently flipped the top lid of the gift box open.

      This opening didn't matter, a strange fragrance immediately came from this gift box.

      Master Song, who was sitting next to Song Wanting, was struck by lightning as soon as he smelled this smell!

      He was all too familiar with the smell, because this was the magical rejuvenating potion that made him at least 20 years younger!

      And then, there were people at other tables who exclaimed, "My God, it's really a rejuvenation pellet!"

      "Master Ye is really too generous, Miss Wan Ting's birthday and he gave a rejuvenation pill?!"

      "So jealous of Miss Wanting, to be able to receive such favor from Master Ye!"

      Many of the people who came to Song Wanting's birthday banquet today had also attended the Song family's old man's birthday banquet.

      On that day, everyone had witnessed with their own eyes the miraculous scene that happened when Master Song took the Rejuvenation Pill.

      At that moment, everyone was filled with extreme desire for the Rejuvenation Pill.

      There was no doubt that everyone was rich, even if they weren't as rich as the Kong family, at least they all had a lifetime of inexhaustible glory and wealth to spend.


Even Li Tailai at the table was speechless with shock!

      He was the richest man in Ocean City, and in terms of wealth, he was not much worse than the Song family.

      And this year, he had also entered old age, and could clearly feel that all aspects of his body were much worse than before.

      This was something that no amount of money spent could salvage.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      So he dreamed of having the chance to have a rejuvenation pill, even if it made him take out a tenth of his assets, he would have no regrets.

      Because he knew that apart from the rejuvenation pill, even if he took out billions of RMB, he couldn't buy back 20 years of his youth.

      Stanley Ho, the king of gamblers in Macau, is really a very rich super tycoon, but at the age of 90, he has no way to buy back his youth.

      The only thing he can do is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to the hospital to save his life.

      But what about the time bought from the hospital, which can only delay death for two more years, three more years, or even five more years?

      Spending a few billion more to buy back these five years would only be a continuation of his life, it wouldn't change his dying physical state.

      If he could regress his body backwards, five years or more back to a younger state, it would be worth it to him, not to mention spending billions, even if he spent ten billion.

      At such times, what everyone saw in their eyes was no longer money, but those things that were more important than money.

      Like time, like youth, like health, and also like life expectancy.

      So there was nothing more exhilarating to them than the Rejuvenation Pill.

      A single pill could instantly make one twenty years younger, and even a dying person could recover their health and live longer, this was simply too rare.

      Even Song Wanting herself was staring at this Rejuvenation Pill, so shocked that she couldn't say a word!

      Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Ye Chen would give himself such an expensive gift!

      In his own eyes, this rejuvenation pill was worth 10, 20, or even a hundred times as much as Kong Delong's ruby necklace!

      Song Wanting's eyes were instantly blurred by tears.

      She looked at Ye Chen with eyes full of affection and choked out, "Master Ye, how could Wanting dare to accept such a precious gift from you ......"Fastest Updated.

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said calmly, "If I give it to you, you can take it, what is there that you dare or dare not take?"

      Master Song, who was on the side, was already so excited that he was about to faint.

      After taking a Rejuvenation Pill, his thirst for it became a hundred times more intense.

      There were some things that one could only know how miraculous they really were after possessing them.

      After taking one Rejuvenation Pill, Master Song felt his entire body rejuvenated, and since then, while enjoying the magical taste of a body 20 years younger, he was also looking forward to the opportunity to further rejuvenate his body.

      At the same time, he was also worried that if after 20 years, he became that old man on the verge of death again, would he be able to get another rejuvenation pill from Master Ye.

      After all, it was a 20-year lifespan, and anyone would go crazy over it.

      And now, Master Ye had even given another rejuvenation pill to his granddaughter.

      If he were to treat his granddaughter better, perhaps she would be willing to give this rejuvenation pill to him!

      Kong Delong found that everyone was shocked at that one grey pill.

      So he snorted heavily with his nose and sneered, "Surnamed Ye, where did you get such a Herculean pill?With this piece of junk, you dare to say it's more expensive than my ruby necklace?!"


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